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8104 Glistening Glen Ave., Las Vegas, NV 89131
+1 (702) 461-9748

SUMMARY               I am a web designer and developer well versed in areas of information architecture, design strategy, and user
                      interfaces seeking design-conscious, ethical, forward-thinking opportunities in web development.

TECHNICAL             (X)HTML                                   CSS                               JavaScript

                      PHP                                       MySQL                             MVC Frameworks

                      Windows                                   Linux                             Subversion

EXPERIENCE            Web Developer for Scooterbay Publishing, Inc. (Jan 2010 – Present)

                      Scooterbay Publishing, Inc. is a parenting and toy publishing company. I manage all aspects of web-related
                      projects including project management, front-end coding, back-end coding, MySQL and Linux Server
                      Administration (Plesk).

                      Programming Manager for Property Line International, Inc. (Sep 2008 - Jun 2009)

                      Property Line is an online commercial real estate marketing and listing company. As the Programming Manager,
                      I was responsible for overseeing all major projects assigned to the Web Development Team and coordinating
                      with the different departments such as Sales, Customer Service and Billing, and the Company Directors. My
                      duties include:

                        Provide research on projects to ensure all the needs of the departments involved are met.
                        Facilitate the team's feasibility assessment of new web development projects.
                        Review projects to ensure the best possible user experience.
                        Manage bug fixes, updates and all other changes to company website.
                        Serve as back up on all aspects of web development such as front-end & back-end development, site/update
                         deployment, minor server/database issues, and project management.
                        Perform managerial duties such as employee management and assessment, hiring, status reporting, and

                      Sr. Web Developer (Jul 2007 – Aug 2008), Web Developer (Oct 2006 – Jun 2007)
                      for Property Line International, Inc.

                      My primary role was to manage all the client web development projects. My duties include:

                        Assess feasibility of client projects — from pricing, design and programming.
                        Manage all tasks involving all websites.
                        Provide quality assurance for the best user experience.
                        Perform maintenance and updates on client websites and the company's main site.
                        Front-end, back-end coding and back-up designer for websites, newsletters etc.

                      PHP/MySQL Programmer for Rapid Response Marketing / (May 2005 – Jul 2006)

             is an online affiliate marketing company. My role was to manage the leads system and database for in-
                      house online ad campaigns and offers. I created reporting and notification systems for campaigns, leads
                      statistics, affiliate and client records. My duties include:
             Create additional modules that arise from the company's needs. These include a URL Availability Checker and
               Notification System, Suppression File Uploads System, Suppression List Manager, Leads Import, Forms for
               data collection and a content parser for campaign management.
             Monitor and setup online campaigns through an online application called DirectTrack, and in-house
             Review campaigns to comply with the Federal Trace Commission guidelines.
             Provide technical support and general client assistance.

EDUCATION   University of the Philippines, Manila (2000 - 2004)

            Undergraduate – Computer Science

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