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Review Your Credit Report to Correct Inaccuracies


A credit report is the key in deciding whether an individual should be given financial assistance, such as loans. Flaws in it can be a reason that hampers him or her from getting suitable monetary aid. It is desirable to get any credit report errors corrected.

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									                  Review Your Credit Report to Correct Inaccuracies

Get the benefit of good credit with a sound credit report. This is a vital document
portraying a person’s financial management. Its accuracy is highly desirable to have an
excellent image in the eyes of creditors and lenders. After acquiring your free credit
reports from the three official agencies, one should sit down to verify the information in

When you grab your free credit report, keep an eye out for following areas, as these are
vitals parts of the report.

Reviewing personal information

This is the most basic and essential thing to verify. Check your name and if it is spelled
correctly, as your report may contain a misspelling or an incorrect maiden name. Next,
the big thing to monitor is your address, social security number, date of birth and phone
number. There are big opportunities for discrepancies due to similar names or security
numbers, so carefully scrutinize them to get the errors corrected. Flaws or outdated
details can also cripple employment information.

Detecting account information

Investigate your credit file to make sure that you are aware of the listed creditors. Due to
identity theft crimes, there is the chance that accounts you did not know about were
opened by hackers. There can also be errors from mechanical or clerical errors. There can
be duplicity in accounts, ex spouse accounts or errors in unpaid taxes, liens, judgments,

Closely monitoring account history

Your payment history contains details and it has to be reviewed closely to boost the
score. You should check whether paid items are displayed as unpaid or actually on time
paid payments are reporting as late payments. Your history can be spotty due to wrongly
reported bankruptcies or collections and can ruin a credit report.

Investigate credit balances and credit limits

Credit checks help review inaccuracies in the card balance on each credit card. An
individual should establish the correct reporting of limits.

Monitor unauthorized inquiries

Your credit is pulled but you are not aware of it; in this case, there are big chances for
identity theft, as it can be a hacker’s trap to steal your personal information. A credit
check can save you from being victim of identity theft.
Check about good accounts on your credit reports

Due to any number of reasons, you may observe absenteeism of good accounts, which is
a reason to boost your credit scores. To get it corrected, you can ask the creditor to report
the change to the bureaus.

Check your credit report for any errors at with unlimited access to
your report and credit scores for 30 days, the credit monitoring service, credit alerts and
much more support on your credit reporting from the three credit bureaus.

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