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									                                       PSC Tasmania

This Calendar outlines professional learning opportunities for eligible child care services,
IPSU project workers and ISF’s offered by PSCTas. It shows the scheduled events
including Hub Groups, Workshops and Leaders Breakfasts.

           Professional Development
          September to December 2009

        Limited parking is available for the workshops facilitated at LGT, Glenora, 229
        Campbell Street, but this must be booked prior to attending.

        Parking is available at the Frederick Street and Burnie Venues.


Head Office and Southern
Zara Gowrie Library/Resource Centre
Lady Gowrie Tasmania
229 Campbell Street

Northern Resource Library
Margaret Dixon Library/Resource Centre
Lady Gowrie
Frederick Street
56 Frederick Street,

1800 647 718
                              PSCTas is a program of Lady Gowrie Tasmania funded by the Australian Government
                          through the Minister of the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations
                                    under the Inclusion and Professional Support Program.
                                     PSCTas 2009
                                                          •   Implement strategies that encourage social
                                                              justice and participation in child care services;
Lady Gowrie Tasmania is the Professional                      and;
Support Coordinator for Tasmania and is •                     Respond to the expectations and demands of
funded by the Australian Government under                     parents as consumers.
the Inclusion and Professional Support
Program (IPSP).                           Play-based curriculum
                                                          •   Implement ongoing planning and evaluation of
The objectives of the PSC are to provide                      learning programs and the proposed Early
professional development opportunities                        Years Learning Framework;
                                                              Develop programs and curricula, including how
that are based on evidence and good •                         to interpret and work effectively with current
practice in order to:                                         and emerging theories on how young children
                                                              learn and develop;
•     Lead professional practice and drive quality        •   Provide a quality environment that supports
      improvement.                                            learning and development, guiding children’s
•     Support services to implement the new Early             behaviour, including supervision of children;
      Years Learning Framework (EYLF) and to                  managing challenging behaviours; and working
      attain or exceed the quality standards set by           with diverse family expectations;
      the Government.                                     •   Organise the physical environment to engage
•     Enhance and update child care practitioners             children in learning experiences;
      knowledge and skills on existing and n e w          •   Be informed of new developments, innovation
      areas of practice.                                      and change in the child care sector; and
•     Deliver professional development and support        •   Implement environments and opportunities for
      that enables the inclusion of children from             children to enable them to participate in
      diverse backgrounds, including Indigenous               learning and development that is culturally and
      children, children with a disability and children       linguistically inclusive.
      from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse
      (CaLD) backgrounds.                                 National Quality Framework and other
•     Prepare and support child care practitioners for    mandatory requirements
      their changing roles under the National Quality
                                                          •   Implement mandatory requirements, including
      Framework and Early Years Learning
                                                              those to be developed under the National
                                                              Quality Framework and the national Child Care
The National Priorities are:                                  Management System (CCMS)
                                                          •   Assist Indigenous child care services funded
Leadership and management                                     under the Budget Based Funding program in
•    Support the development of organisational sys-           meeting compliance requirements.
     tems that enable service governance, commit-
     ment to       continuous improvement, planning
     and evaluation, and business management
     (finance, human resources and organisational PSCTas works in collaboration with the Inclusion
     arrangements); and                                 Support Agencies in each of the three (3) regions and
•    Support child care service directors in their role the Indigenous Professional Support Unit.
     as leaders, particularly those who are new to
     their position.
                                                        For more information how PSCTas can support your
Relationships and partnerships                          service contact;
•     Develop positive and meaningful interactions
                                                      1800 647 718
      between staff and children and the engagement
      of children in the program;
•     Implement approaches for promoting the
      engagement of families in the development and
      delivery of programs, and the development and
      maintenance of links to the community more
•     Implement strategies for working with families,
      especially Indigenous families, families from
      CaLD backgrounds and families with children
      with disabilities;
                    Frequently Asked Questions
                                                           My service requires an invoice before we
How Do I book into courses?                                can pay. What do I do?
                                                           All participants registering for a session will be sent a
1.    Internet                                             tax invoice. It is preferred that payments are received
      Book online at:                                      prior to the session. Fully paid enrolments receive                                    priority bookings. Please do not hesitate to contact
2.    Fax                                                  1800 647 718 to discuss any payment concerns.
      If you cannot access the internet please
      complete the registration form and fax to What is the cost?
      62306811                                  All sessions in the calendar have the cost detailed
                                                with the session title. Most courses are $10 per hour
3.    Post                                      up to a maximum of $65.00 a day. A small number of
      Alternatively, mail it to:                sessions are priced differently. Services booking in
      Lady Gowrie Tasmania                      bulk can contact PSCTas on 1800 647 718 to discuss
      PO Box 263, North Hobart. 7002            a fee rate.

How will I know you have received my Why do we pay?
booking?                             The Commonwealth Government has contributed
Please book early to avoid missing out on sessions. funding through the Inclusion and Professional
All places will be allocated on a ‘first come first Support Program for these training programs, but
served’ basis.                                          services are required to contribute towards the cost of
                                                        professional development.
Shortly after receiving your registration a tax invoice
or receipt will be sent which is confirmation of the This contribution has been kept at an affordable level.
booking. Please do not hesitate to contact 1800 647
718 if you are concerned that the registration has The session I wanted to do is booked out:
been received.                                          What can I do?
                                                         Please call and place your name on a waiting list.
How far ahead do I need to book?                         Depending on numbers, some sessions can be
Some sessions are very popular and book out quickly. repeated.
If you decide to make a booking at the last minute,
please call to make sure that places are still available Will a session be cancelled?
and the session is going ahead as planned.               PSCTas reserves the right to cancel or alter
                                                           arrangements. If a session is cancelled you will be
Do I need to send payment?                                 advised as soon as possible and offered an
If you register online payment can be made by credit alternative.
card or you can request an invoice to be sent. A
cheque can be forwarded when you receive the What happens if I can’t attend?
invoice. If the registration form is sent via fax, the If you are unable to attend a session due to sickness
same options apply. If you post your registration form, or other unplanned events another can be sent from
a cheque can be sent at the same time or you can fill the service. If you need to cancel completely you must
in the credit card details. A tax invoice will be provided notify PSCTas by email, phone, fax or mail, five (5)
regardless of the payment, whichever way you book. working days in advance. A refund of the fee will be
Payments can also be made by credit card by made, less $10 to cover the cost of administration.. If
phoning 1800 647 718. Please note: Payments a cancellation is less than five (5) working days
cannot be taken by training facilitators at the time of notice, or you do not attend, a refund will not be
the session.                                               provided and the full fee invoiced.

Will there be more training offered in my Will there be food on the course?
area in addition to the calendar?         If your course is a full-day, morning tea and lunch will
The training listed is the planned training on offer for   be provided. If it is a shorter course a snack and tea
the period September to December 2009. Services            or coffee will be provided. Please advise of any
can access customised training on a fee for service        special dietary needs.
basis. Call 1800 647 718 for additional information
and/or to discuss what the PSC can provide in terms        Other Questions?
of professional learning and support. Additional           If you have any further question please call us on
training may also be organised throughout the year         1800 647 718.
and flyers will be forwarded to services detailing the
dates and session titles.
                         Accreditation Support

Not sure what is happening with Accreditation?
PSCTas is aware that services are uncertain about what changes will be implemented to
the accreditation systems. Consultations have occurred in relation to the Regulation Impact
Statement (RIS) for Early Childhood Education and Care Quality Reforms. PSCTas expect
that there will be additional information within the next six months. Until this is available,
PSCTas will continue to offer a range of accreditation sessions for services which can be
tailored to meet individual needs (e.g. Accreditation cycle).

Are you preparing a Self Study Report, waiting for the Validation visit, awaiting an
Accreditation Decision or having a short breather before you start the whole process again?
No matter where you are up to in the cycle, PSCTas can provide support either through
consultation and/or customised training session/s.

Because of the differences in the Quality Assurance systems for each service type,
separate sessions are facilitated for Family Day care Services, Out of School Hours Care
Services and Long Day Care Services.

Please call 1800 647 718 for further information and/or to arrange a individualised
session to meet services needs.

                       One World For Children
Professional Support Program—Workshops Online

The Inclusion and Professional Support Program (IPSP) ensure that all Australian
Government approved child care services, regardless of their geographical location, have
access to quality professional support, appropriate to their needs.

One World for Children’s innovative online workshops are a great addition for those working
or studying in children’s services, or for anyone wishing to increase their knowledge. The
introduction of a number of exciting and new live sessions added to the current scope, this
form of professional development is invaluable.

Cost: $35.00 (This cost is partially subsidised through PSCTas).

Register via the PSC Website or call 1800 647 718 for

Please note: Positions for online workshops are limited.

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