MRC Meeting
09 September 2010

                          COMMITTEE MINUTES

Minutes of a meeting of the Council Membership and Representation Committee held on
23 June 2010 at RCN Headquarters Cavendish Square, London, W1G 0RN.

Members Present
Tracey Budding                  Chair, Council Member (West Midlands)
David Miller                    Vice Chair, Council Member (East Midlands)
Gill Cort                       Council Member (East Midlands)
Anne Kennedy                    Council Member (Yorkshire & the Humber)
Ann Marie O’Neill               Council Member (Northern Ireland)
Anne Wells                      Council Member (Eastern)
Cate Woolley-Brown              Council Member (Northern)

Staff (full or part of the meeting)
Sue Antrobus                    Learning and Development Manager
Peter Carter                    Chief Executive & General Secretary
Jane Clarke                     Director of Governance Support
Chris Cox                       Director of Legal Services
Janet Davies                    Director of Nursing and Service Delivery
Tanis Hand                      Health Care Assistant Adviser
Kevin Hasler                    Director RCND
Josie Irwin                     Head of Employment Relations
Jacqui Jablaoui                 Member Support Services Manager
Carolyn Munton                  Head of Marketing & Business Development
Janice Smyth                    Director, RCN Northern Ireland
Mairead O’Siochru               L&D Facilitator - Representing & Influencing

Joe Thornton                     Governance Adviser

Lors Allford                    Council Member (South West)
Michael Brown                   Council Member (Scotland)
Gaynor Jones                    Council Member (Wales)
Harvey Morgan                   Student Council Member

10/19 Introductory Remarks and Apologies for Absence

1.   The Chair welcomed everyone to the meeting in particular Tanis Hand, the Health
     Care Assistant Adviser, Chris Cox, Director of Legal Services and Mairead
     O’Siochru attending on behalf of Sue Antrobus. Also welcomed to the first part of
     the meeting was Jacqui Jablaoui, Member Support Services Manager

2.   Apologies were received from Lors Allford, Michael Brown, Gaynor Jones and
     Harvey Morgan. Tom Sandford and David Cooper were also unable to attend.

MRC Meeting
09 September 2010

10/20 Declarations of Interest

3.    None were declared.

10/21 Minutes of the Previous Confidential Meeting

4.    The minutes of the meeting held on 17 Feb 2010 were agreed as a correct record.

10/22 Matters Arising From the Previous Confidential Minutes

10/04 Matters Arising

5.    Jane Clarke reported that a successful Diversity workshop had taken place on 18
      June. Those attending had been encouraged to put themselves forward for the
      new Diversity Committee, selection for which would be under the new
      appointments process.

6.    It was further reported that the first meeting of the new Committee would take
      place on 1 October 2010.

7.    It was agreed that the nomination form and timeline for the appointment of the new
      committee would be circulated to MRC members.

10/05 Trade Union Governance Group

8.    It was confirmed that Michael Brown and Anne Kennedy would represent the
      Committee on the new Trade Union Governance Group (TUGG)

10/10 Case Management

9.    Janice Smyth briefly updated the Committee on the ongoing Case Management

10.   She also confirmed that Steve Flanagan, North West Regional Director, would be the
      link with Ann Wells in her capacity as Council link on the Case Management project.

10/11 WING

11.   Jane Clarke reported that there had been a good attendance at the diversity
      workshop from members of WING and that two of the new Foundation trustees had
      strong disability experience.

12.   Jacqui Jablaoui briefed members on the WING meeting at Congress and on
      progress with setting up the new advisory group. It was agreed that Jacqui’s
      presentation would be circulated to the Committee.

MRC Meeting
09 September 2010

10/23 Terms of Reference

13.       The Committee noted that the amended terms of reference had been agreed by
          Governance Support Committee and would be signed off by Council in July.

10/24 MRC Ways of Working

14.       The Committee discussed the way the new task and finish groups would be set up
          and would work.

15.       It was noted that the groups would undertake defined pieces of priority work on
          behalf of the Committee.

16.       The Committee also noted that it would approve the terms of reference,
          membership and timeline for all task and finish groups reporting to MRC and
          agreed that it was important that all the groups had the widest possible breadth of
          skills and experience and representation from across the UK.

17.       It was agreed to hold a workshop as part of the September meeting to look at the
          way the Committee should work in the future. The meeting would take place at
          RCND in Cardiff in order that the Committee could have a demonstration of the
          RCN’s membership systems and processes.

10/25 2011/12 Council Priorities

18.       Janice Smyth introduced a discussion on what the priorities for the Committee
          should be for 2011/2012.

19.       The Committee agreed its priorities for 2011/2012 to be fed into the Council priority
          setting process for the year ahead were

              the recruitment and retention of members
              ensuring there was adequate support and protection for, and engagement
               with activists
              the impact of the current economic environment on pay and conditions
              the protection of pensions and myth busting about ‘gold plated’ pensions
              ensuring there was adequate facilities time and sufficient representatives for
               members at a time when they were most needed; and
              the membership review and the position of HCA’s in the organisation

21.       The Committee also agreed that explaining its role and responsibilities to members
          was a priority for them.

10/26 2010 Congress

22.       Jane Clarke introduced a paper setting out the new process and documentation
          around the 2010 Congress items.

MRC Meeting
09 September 2010

23.   It was agreed that the Congress items 2010 schedule would be re-circulated to
      Committee members so that they could review which of the items they wished to
      be involved with.

24.   The Committee welcomed the new process and documentation and agreed that it
      would help to get more members involved in the work and keep them informed
      about progress throughout the year.

10/27 HCA current activity

25.   Tanis Hand introduced the paper updating committee members on the current
      activity of the Health Care Assistant Team.

26.   Some of the key areas highlighted included the work ongoing to establish a
      network of HCAs and APs by the RCN, production of a film on accountability for
      use by RCN Officers and plans to increase the numbers of HCAs joining forums.

27    Tanis also reported on the research commenced by the NMC into the issue of
      regulation of HCAs.

28.   The Committee agreed that HCAs should be fully integrated into the governance
      structure of the RCN in a similar way to students. It was pointed out by Jane Clarke
      that members would be voting on amended constitutional documents at the AGM
      in October that would allow Council to take action to this effect.

10/28 Membership Review

29.   Members were updated on progress with the membership review.

30.   It was noted that the 2010 AGM proposals, if approved, would enable changes to
      be made to the definition of a full member if, and when, the membership agreed
      that such a change was appropriate.

31.   The Committee noted that the key issue raised at the fringe event at 2010
      Congress on the membership review had been the need for greater clarity about
      the voting rights of the different membership categories.

32.   It was noted that at its September meeting the Committee would be looking at the
      proposals coming out of the staff work to date and how the review fitted with the
      Legal and Governance Review.

10/29 Working with the new Government

      The future for UK pay bargaining

33.   Josie Irwin introduced the paper which discussed how a new RCN strategy for
      negotiating pay could be best developed and implemented in the current economic
      and political climate, particularly in light of the recent emergency budget that had
      seen a two-year ‘pay freeze’ for public sector workers earning above £21,000 per
      annum announced.

MRC Meeting
09 September 2010

34.   Peter Carter spoke of the importance of the soon to be launched Frontline first
      campaign that would empower members to speak out against the cuts that impact
      on patient care, highlight where they see waste and innovations/new ideas.

35.   After a discussion the Committee agreed that the current set of principles
      underpinning the RCN’s approach to pay bargaining needed to be reviewed and
      that a task and finish group should be set up to recommend to the Committee a
      new set of principles and the desired outcomes of a new strategy.

      Independent sector strategy

36.   The Committee supported the RCN employment strategy for the independent
      sector and agreed the governance and operational model for the strategy.

37.   It was agreed that a task and finish group be set up to oversee the implementation
      of the strategy.

38.   Committee members would be asked to express an interest in chairing these two
      task and finish groups. When the Chairs of each group had been appointed by the
      Chair of the Committee, the Committee would then agree the composition of each
      task and finish group by email.

10/30 UK Committees/Trade Union Governance Group

39.   The proposed terms of reference for and the composition of the new trade union
      governance group were agreed by the Committee along with the revised terms of
      reference for the UK Committees.

40.   Subject to the terms of reference being approved at the meeting of the Joint
      Committees at the joint reps conference in Leeds, it was agreed that work would
      begin to establish the TUGG group in time for it to meet for the first time later on in
      the year.

41.   The Committee asked for a paper to be prepared for the September MRC meeting
      on the way staff should work with Committee members and how staff groups
      should report into MRC/TUGG.

10/31 Future Activist Update

42.   Sue Antrobus introduced the summary of the April UK Committee for Activists
      Learning and Development (UKCALD) minutes.

43.   She explained that UKCALD was a staff group responsible for implementing the
      RCNs Future Activist Programme.

44.   It was agreed that at the workshop on ways of working at the September meeting
      of the Committee should look at how UKCALD should report into MRC in the

MRC Meeting
09 September 2010

10/32 Extending the RCN Legal Advice and Assistance Scheme

45.   The Committee supported the proposal to extend the Legal Advice and Assistance
      scheme in relation to personal injury claims for non-work related accidents. This
      came after Chris Cox explained that this extension of the scheme would mirror
      benefits provided by other trade unions and had the potential to generate more

10/33 Action and Communications

46.   It was agreed that an action list would be circulated to the Committee members as
      soon as possible.

10/34 Date of Next Meeting

47.   The next meeting of the Committee would take place on 8/9 September 2010 in

10/35 Future Meetings

48.   Friday 26th November 11-4pm

End of meeting


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