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Issue 8, Jan-Mar 2008

MSA a ains gender balance
AISTS welcomes 36 new MSA participants in Lausanne, Olympic Capital
       ITH the onset of the
W      New Year, 36 ambitious
individuals from 15 countries
started their pursuit for the
Master in Sport Administration
and Technology (MSA) at the
International Academy of
Sports Science & Technology
(AISTS) in Lausanne.
   The MSA class of 2008 has
managed to achieve gender
balance with slightly above
50per cent representation of
women, coming from four
continents, multilingual, with     MSA 2008 par cipants on the snow day at La Tsoumaz in the Valais region.
diverse educational back-          president of the AISTS and          students to take advantage of       ment of Lausanne, repre-
grounds, work experience, and      vice-president of the EPFL, Dr      the opportunity to exchange         sented by Nicolas Pasquini,
of course a strong passion for     Claude Stricker, the executive      and share their knowledge           took the opportunity to wel-
sport.                             director of the AISTS, Prof         with their classmates and the       come the class and introduced
   Among the group there are       Daniel Oyon, chairman of the        students on the EPFL and            them to the MSI and its sport
international and national         MSA scientific committee, and       UNIL campuses.                      organisations.
sporting champions as well as      several other scientific com-          Dr Stricker pointed out that        Matt Smith, executive di-
successful sports managers,        mittee members were present         the Olympic Capital offers a        rector of FISA (Intern. Rowing
coaches and other experts.         to welcome the new MSA par-         unique sports environment           Federation) headquartered at
AISTS continues to serve as the    ticipants at the Maison du          with the presence of several In-    the MSI, gave the students a
international melting pot for      Sport International (MSI) in        ternational Sport Federations       first-hand introduction to the
sports managers.                   Lausanne on January 7.              and the IOC itself.                 environment of the Interna-
   Prof Jan-Anders Månson,            Prof Månson encouraged the          The sports services depart-      tional Federations.

2008 Profile Brochure available                                         Farewell to Paola Simone
   IN a bid to support the inte-                                          AFTER four years of dedi-        here at the
gration of the MSA class of                                            cated service, the AISTS office     AISTS and
2008 into the international                                            manager, Paola Simone, de-          the EPFL ac-
sports community based in                                              cided to move ahead at the          knowledge
Lausanne and globally, the                                             start of the new season. Paola      her signifi-
AISTS for the first time came                                          was instrumental in facilitating    cant contri-
out with a participant profile                                         the massive steps the MSA has       bution to the
brochure.                                                              taken, after joining the AISTS      development
   By offering a profile           able at Hard-        in 2004.                            of the ‘soul’ of the MSA,” said
brochure to the sport organisa-    copies will be distributed to all      “We are deeply thankful to       Dr. Claude Stricker, Executive
tion, the AISTS aims to pro-       sport organisations in Lau-         Paola for all that she has          director of AISTS.
vide them with an efficient        sanne and surroundings.             brought to the AISTS and to            Paola’s service-minded atti-
and effective tool to identify        They can be also be ob-          the MSA. She has largely con-       tude made her quite popular
and contact talented and dedi-     tained from the AISTS office        tributed to the quality of the      among MSA students. “It has
cated sport managers for up-       on request (contact Karin           administrative support of the       been a wonderful journey. My
coming projects or research        Gross,,       MSA, but above all, she             good wishes are with AISTS
projects. The brochure is avail-   phone: +41 (0)21 693 8593).         brought a great spirit. All of us   and the students,” said Paola.
                                                                Inside MSA                                                Jan-Mar 2008         2

From ‘Wondergirl’ to top manager
              BY ADITYA KUMAR

                   T 13, she became the first
            A      ever South Korean girl to
             win a gold medal at the 1990
Asian Winter Games in Sapporo, Japan.
Eighteen-years down the line her unstint-
ing appetite to be the first has only grown,
it is this zeal to set new standards that has
brought Korean So-Hee Kim all the way to
the Olympic capital for the MSA at the
    What started as a mere fascination for
gliding on ice soon became a passion backed
by dogged determination, and this trans-
formed the unassuming teenager into a
world beater athlete in no time.
    The ‘wonder-girl’ of short-track speed
skating announced her arrival at the big
stage in the best possible style winning
three gold medals in 1000m, 1500m and
3000m short track categories at the World
Championships in Denver, USA in 1992.
So-Hee was also voted the best athlete at
the Championship capping a brilliant streak
of domination.                                     Double Olympic medalist and MSA 2008 par cipant So-Hee Kim is all
    The icing on the cake arrived however in       grace on her favourite hun ng ground
1994 in form of the two medals (3000m relay
gold and 1000m bronze) at the Lillehammer             “Joining AISTS was a logi-
Winter Olympic Games in Norway.                    cal move for me. Here was a pro-         ROLL OF HONOUR
    What followed the high of 1994 is some-        gramme that offered practical -Gold and bronze at Lillehammer Winter
thing that almost every top level athlete goes     learning on all the subjects
through in their career. Marred by recurring                                         Games (94’)
                                                   linked with sports through lead-
back injury, So-Hee’s international partici-       ers of sports industry and that -Three golds at Denver Speed Ska ng
pation became restricted. Although she             too at Lausanne, which is the World Championship (92’)
went on to win two more gold medals at the         home of IOC”                     -2 golds Universiade (95’ and 97’)
1995 (3000m) and 1997 (1000m) Universi-
ade in Jaca, Spain and Mu-Ju and Jun-Ju,           sports management programme at the                resentative on the board. And we came tan-
South Korea respectively, but her back in-         Western Illinois University,” she added.          talizingly close to winning the bid but un-
jury never really allowed her to make a se-        So-Hee went back to Korea to take over as         fortunately things did not fall in place and
rious bid to retain her Winter Games titles.       the first female coach of Korean national         Sochi pipped us for the bid,” said So-Hee.
    A distraught So-Hee decided to hang her        short track speed skating team.                      But Pyeongchang failure only strength-
boots at the age of 22. Standing at the cross-        “I have been very fortunate to have quite      ened So-Hee’s resolve and she decided to join
roads, the strong-willed Korean made a de-         a few ‘firsts’ to my credit. I was even invited   AISTS to iron out the chinks in her armor.
cision to find her footings in sport               by the International Skating Union to be             “Joining AISTS was a logical move for
administration.                                    part of the management commission for the         me. Here was a programme that offered
    “I was completely lost, when I decided to      short track speed skating World Cup and I         practical learning on all the subjects linked
call it quits. I had lost track of studies since   remain a member to date,” she said.               with sports through leaders of sports indus-
I started participating in international              So-Hee went on to join the marketing           try. And to add to that it is based in Lau-
events at a very early age. But motivation         team of the Korean Olympic Committee              sanne, a city that sets the pulse of global
from my family members especially my sis-          (KOC), but her next big challenge arrived         sports industry. This was reason enough for
ter, who at that time was studying in USA,         when she was taken on board for KOC’s             me to choose AISTS. And so far it has only
helped me in making a conscious career             ambitious bid for the 2014 Winter Olympic         exceeded my expectations,” said So-Hee.
choice,” recalled So-Hee.                          Games.                                               The Korean is hopeful that the learning
    “The next challenge was to resume stud-           “I was appointed as the bid and publicity      at AISTS will help her gain a rounded vi-
ies. It was a daunting task, it took me a          commissioner for the 2014 Pyeongchang             sion of global sports scenarios and a much
while but eventually everything fell in            Olympic Winter Games Bid Committee. I             needed platform for networking.
place. I completed my bachelor’s degree and        was also responsible for designing the               (The author is a journalist and is
then went to the United States to pursue a         Olympic village. I was also the athlete’s rep-    presently an MSA 2008 candidate)
8th Issue, Winter 2008                                    Inside MSA                                              Jan-Mar 2008         3

Marketing sport the idealist way
WHILE the sporting world is          ‘A sport manager is                                                ways changed my attitude to-
singing tunes of professional-                                                                          wards sports,” recalls Won-Jae.
ism, there are some who are        just a facilitator and                                                  The modesty that one asso-
humming a different note.          the athlete is the ful-                                              ciates with Koreans is more of
   “Professionalism in some        crum around which                                                    a career approach for Won-Jae.
sports has become so en-                                                                                “A sport manager is just a facil-
trenched that pleasure one as-     the entire machinery                                                 itator and the athlete is the ful-
sociates with sports has largely   revolves and we tend                                                 crum around which the entire
evaporated. Nowadays the           to forget that’                                                      machinery revolves. At KOC
stakes are so high that you                                                                             that is the strategy we adopt
have to plead to the players to    to market sports in a way                                            and so far we have been pretty
enjoy sports,” says Won-Jae        where the sport is not over-      Won-Jae Lee                        satisfied with it,” he added.
Lee, who is a marketing man-       shadowed by the paraphernalia                                           Won Jae was in charge of
ager with the Korean Olympic       surrounding it,” adds Won-Jae.    Korea, joined the marketing        sports sponsorship, brand strat-
Committee (KOC) , and                 Won-Jae and his wife So-       committee of the KOC as assis-     egy, brand renewal and brand
presently pursuing the MSA at      Hee Kim were a part of Korea’s    tant manager in February 2004      positioning of KOC.
the AISTS.                         bid for hosting the 2014 Win-     after finishing a three-and-a-        “Although I already have an
   Coming from a marketing         ter Games in Pyeongchang. So-     half year stint with the Navy.     MBA and I was working for
manager, the above statement       Hee, a member of the KOC             “My first involvement with      the KOC, I decided to join
definitely makes one ponder        was in charge of designing the    a mega sporting event was in       AISTS because I am convinced
over the extent to which           Games village, while Won-Jae      2002 as an athlete village man-    that this is the programme that
money has made inroads in the      was instrumental in formulat-     ager at the Busan Asian Games.     will put me at the pulse of
minds of sportsmen.                ing the marketing strategy for    It was a great firsthand experi-   global sport movement and
   “I do sound like an idealist,   the bid.                          ence of working with volun-        being in Lausanne, it would
but without undermining the           Won–Jae, a management          teers, athletes and the police.    offer the ideal platform to net-
value of money, I would want       graduate from the University of   And that brief stint in many       work ,” said Won-Jae.

MSA participants to carry out team projects
ONCE again the MSA partici-        Allianz Suisse Open with the      Swiss Laboratory for Doping        tocyclisme” (CFM) for FIM
pants are all set to carry out a   objective of enhancing the fan    Analyses remain on the cutting     (Fédération Internationale de
wide range of projects with        experience                        edge of science testing and        Motocyclisme) and propose
clients spread across the inter-   Team: Raphael Bohli, Joyce        knowledge                          new innovative ideas of how to
national sports world. Follow-     Chiang, Sachiko Tanaka            Team: Xavier Dafflon, So-Hee       further raise women’s profile
ing is a list of topics and the                                      Kim, Irene Koshy                   within the sport
groups working on them.            Identify ways of raising aware-                                      Team: Srinivas Bankapalli,
                                   ness about Pelote Vasque          Develop and implement proj-        Amandine Bousigue, Anuradha
Organisation of an open sports     within Switzerland, as well as    ect management controlling         Namashivaya
day for International Federa-      creating a concept of an inno-    tools to support the executive
tions and selected sport organi-   vative and realisable infra-      and steering committees of the     Identify and understand what
sations to facilitate              structure to support an           World Gymnaestrada 2011            impacts and challenges public
communication with the inter-      increased interest in the sport   which will be held in Lau-         authorities of a host city of the
national sport community in        Team: Paola Bueno Carvajal,       sanne, the Olympic Capital         EURO 2008 along several sec-
and around the Lausanne region     Marely Flores, Jeffrey Pownell    Team: Julie Parker, Emilie         tors (transportation, tourism,
Team: Marion Gebistorf, Eleni                                        Reist, Wanda Rozwadowska           security & health, Fan Zone)
Magli, Aidan Mifsud, Sever         Create the concept of one of                                         Team: Lucas Ammann, Dora
Tudor                              the hours of a 24-hour urban      Develop the Geneva                 Danics, Michael Kraus, Sandra
                                   event, depicting daily urban      Marathon’s knowledge man-          Kühni
Perform a situational analysis     life within the city as well as   agement tools by creating an
of the International Moun-         encouraging participation from    event guide and managing the       Measure brand exposure at
taineering Federation (UIAA)       the general public to enhance     implementation of an informa-      Olympic Games and IF Cham-
and propose a five-year strate-    the profile of Flon in down-      tion system where knowledge        pionships, comparing them
gic plan.                          town Lausanne                     can be stored and easily ac-       across different axis and
Team: Gurdeepak Ahuja,             Team: Olivier Delapierre,         cessed                             analysing the results for the
Alexander Keller, Prashant         Nicole Freeman, Nathália Rasi     Team: Benjamin Cohen, Efe          World Federation of Sporting
Menon, Katlyn Moore                Baptista                          Elci, Catherine Maher              Goods Industry (WFSGI)
                                                                                                        Team: Aditya Kumar, Won-Jae
Develop and implement a new        Develop a long-term and mid-      Assess the progress of the         Lee, Jose Alberto Merida Ve-
concept for a side event at the    term strategic plan to help the   “Commission Femmes et Mo-          lazquez
                                                Events & Seminars                                                           Jan-Mar 2008 4

Sports experts to share best practices
THE “Sustainable De-                and consumers in                    WHEN: June 10, 2008                     present and promote environ-
                                    general. The social                 WHERE: EPFL Campus                      mental sustainability best prac-
sign in Sport Forum” is             and economic im-                    HOW: Through registra on at             tices, solutions and strategies
a platform for knowl-               pacts of sports and                                  that are of direct relevance to
edge exchange organ-                the sporting goods                                                          the sports industry and to en-
ised by the AISTS, in               industry sector are                 sanne) to make it happen.               gage all participants to address
                                    significant and far                    The forum will feature in-           the following key issues:
collaboration with                  reaching. Addition-                 ternationally renowned speak-           -How are the sport technology actors ad
ISEA, EPFL, and the                 ally, materials and processes       ers from:                                dressing environmental sustainability?
City of Lausanne                    used for sports products carry      -International Olympic Committee        -How can sports technology perform-
                                    with them potential environ-        -International Tennis Federation         ance drive environmental perform-
By MATT DOLF                        mental risks.                       -International Mountaineering Fed.       ance?
                                       It is estimated that around      -Ford Europe                            -How can sport be used as a vehicle for
   TODAY, more people are           80% of the environmental bur-       -World Fed of Sporting Goods Industry    change on environmental issues?
participating in sports than        den of a product is determined      -Wilson Sports                             Sustainable solutions repre-
ever before and sport has           during the design stage.            -Nüssli                                 sent the core elements of good
evolved into a global business.        Hence, environmental impact      -ECODESIGN                              governance and good business.
According to the WFSGI, the         and sustainability issues in gen-      The day will encourage an            The forum will serve as a plat-
world sporting goods market         eral must be given high priority.   interactive and stimulating at-         form of knowledge transfer for
(incl. footwear, apparel, equip-       This will be the first edition   mosphere throughout and will            the sports industry stakeholders.
ment and bicycles) in 2007 is       of this forum and the AISTS         bring together major stake-             Whether you are already doing
estimated at US$267 billion.        has received the support of the     holders in sports technology            something in this area or are
   The sporting goods industry      ISEA (International Sports Engi-    from the sporting goods indus-          interested in learning more, we
has diversified over the years to   neering Association) the City of    try, research and education,            hope to see you there with
accommodate the different in-       Lausanne, and the EPFL (Ecole       and the international sports or-        fresh ideas and a willingness to
terests and needs of the athletes   Polytechnique Fédérale de Lau-      ganisations. The objective is to        make a difference.

                                                                        Forum to mull sport ethics
                                                                        By PAUL-HENRI REY                       William Gaillard (UEFA
                                                                                                                spokesman), Prof. Denis
                                                                            THE AISTS, in collaboration         Müller (Professor of Ethics,
                                                                        with the ethical committee of           University of Lausanne) and
                                                                        the FC Lausanne-Sport, the              Mr. Claude Ryf (U-18 Swiss
                                                                        City of Lausanne Sport Depart-          national football team coach).
                                                                        ment and the Canton of Vaud
                                                                        Sport Department, is pleased to                  PROGRAMME
                                                                        announce the Symposium
                                                                        “L’éthique dans le football”.              09.00 –11.40 Plenary session
                                                                            The day-long symposium                11.40 – 12.30 Round table
                                                                        will be held at the Olympic               12.30 – 13.30 Lunch
                                                                        Museum on April 28 from 9am               13.30 – 14.00 Plenary session
                                                                                                                  14.00 – 16.15 Workshops
                                                                        to 18:30pm.                               16.45 – 17.30 Conclusion and
                                                                            The symposium aims to sen-            a look at the future
                                                                        sitise football stakeholders to           17.30 – 18.30 Cocktail
                                                                        the importance of ethical values
                                                                        in sport and to reinforce the              Please note that the sympo-
                                                                        importance of ethics in football        sium will be addressed exclu-
                                                                        and sport in general.                   sively in French.
                                                                            Among the key speakers at              Fee: CHF 80 (incl. refresh-
                                                                        the convention will be: Mr.             ments, lunch and cocktail)
                                                                        Jacques Antenen (examining              Detailed programme and regis-
                                                                        magistrate of the Canton of             tration form can be found on
                                                                        Vaud), Mr. Yvan Cornu (head    or mail
                                                                        of refereeing at UEFA), Mr.             to
8th Issue, Winter 2008                                Mandates & Research                                           Jan-Mar 2008         5

Dr. Stricker on AIBA’s selection panel
AISTS executive director is one of the four appointed members of the AIBA Boxing
Academy Selection Committee that will hand over its final report on August 7
AFTER Claude Stricker’s active
role in the reforming efforts of        BIDDING COUNTRIES
AIBA as member of the Re-
                                       Africa (3): Cameroon,
forming Committee and his
                                       Morocco, South Africa
academy’s work in the concep-
                                       America (3): Canada,
tion process for the AIBA Box-
                                       Trinidad and Tobago,
ing Academy project last year,
the international boxing body
                                       Asia (4): China, Iran,
has approached him yet again to
                                       Kazakhstan, India
become a member of its Boxing
                                       Europe (4): Azerbaijan,
Academy Selection Committee.
                                       Croatia, Russia, Spain
    “It is a great honour and
                                       Oceania (1): Samoa
pleasure for me to continue my
involvement in the AIBA Box-
ing Academy project. With its           The goal of the AIBA Boxing
integrated approach, the AIBA        Academy is to create five cen-
Boxing Academies will take the       tres of excellence, one on each
                                                                        A blueprint of the proposed state-of-the-art AIBA
educational and training aspect      continent that will offer the
                                     best integrated educational and    boxing academy. (source - AIBA)
of boxing to the next level,” said
Claude Stricker.                     physical training programmes       from the overwhelming interest     continent.
    Mr. Stricker will join the       leading the development of         shown by countries to house           “It will be an exciting period
elite company of IOC member          boxing around the world.           one of the AIBA Boxing Acade-      not only for the candidate cities
Sir Craig Reedie, who will head         The AIBA Boxing Academy         mies.                              but also for the Selection Com-
the four-member committee as         targets not only athletes,            As many as 15 countries (as     mittee,” said Mr. Stricker.
chairman, Andrew Ryan,               coaches, referees and judges but   of January 16) have expressed         The finalists will make a
ASOIF director, and Ho Kim,          also ringside physicians, sport    their interest for hosting the     presentation to the Selection
AIBA executive director, a short     managers and administrators.       academy (see box). The Selec-      Committee on July 17, while
list will be provided to the            The concept has been            tion Committee will meet           the committee will submit its
AIBA Executive Committee for         welcomed with open arms by         on April 17 to select the two      final report to the AIBA Execu-
final decision in August.            the sport world, as is evident     final candidate cities for each    tive Committee on August 7.

Vaud gets CHF 200m boost through sport: Study
The preliminary results of           tions (such as the IOC, the
the AISTS study on the               Court of Arbitration in Sport,
economic impact gener-               the World Anti-Doping
                                     Agency, etc.), the Canton of
ated by the international            Vaud is accommodating a mul-
sport organisations lo-              titude of sport organisations on
cated in the Canton of               a small area, making Lausanne
Vaud reveal an impressive            not for nothing the Olympic
economic impact of 200               Capital when it comes to sport
million Swiss francs per             administration.
                                        In a study executed by the
year                                 AISTS, the economic impact of       The target region of AISTS study: Canton of Vaud
                                     those sport organisations is
   MANDATED by the Canton            quantified. First results indi-    sport organisations. The 200       duced effects are generated by
of Vaud and the City of Lau-         cate that those organisations      million Swiss Francs consist of    continuous spending of the
sanne, the AISTS is investigat-      account for 200 million Swiss      primary income and induced         primary income in the Vaud
ing the economic impact              Francs of a yearly economic        effects. The primary income        region.
generated by the international       impact in the Vaud region. The     includes expenditure directly         The study will be published
sport organisations located in       economic impact calculates the     paid out as salaries, taxes, etc   in the coming months once all
the Canton of Vaud. With 23          net economic change in the         and indirect expenditure in the    information from the Interna-
international sport federations      Vaud region that results from      form of orders placed at local     tional Sport Federations is
and 20 other sport organisa-         spending of the international      companies for example. In-         complete.
                                                                ALUMNI                                                   Jan-Mar 2008         6

  ‘Be meticulous and apply yourself’
MADALINA Diaconu, MSA                                                     as a judge and lawyer helped         revenues; and on the other
student 2004, currently work-                                             you work in the world of             hand, some forms of gambling
ing at the International                                                  sport?                               (such as sports betting) rely on
Olympic Committee’s NOC                                                   My work at the IOC is cer-           sports to provide them with
Relations Department, talks                                               tainly centred on sports, but it     content. On a larger scale,
about her experience. The for-                                            remains in the boundaries of         both gambling and sports are
mer judge recounts her jour-                                              the legal profession, and for        part of a social phenomenon
ney from the legal battlefields                                           this my previous experiences         which take enormous impor-
in Bucharest, Romania to the                                              serve me well. On a general          tance in these times: popular
domain of sports world. Fol-                                              level, I believe that practicing     recreation and entertainment,
lowing is the excerpts from an                                            law is an excellent way to get       ensuring the ludic side of peo-
interview                                                                 to know the real world               ples’ lives.
What was your motivation for                                              around us, to self discipline
coming to Lausanne to do the                                              and to develop a rigorous and
                                                                                                               What sports do you practice
MSA course?                                                               methodical approach of rea-
                                                                                                               and / or watch?
                                    Madalina Diaconu                      soning, which is helpful in all
In 2003, when I was looking to                                                                                 For me gymnastics comes un-
apply for a sports management       tions?                                                                     questionably first. Among the
course, the AISTS had just          In 2004, I volunteered to do                                               other Olympic sports, boxing is
                                                                          You will also be the first per-
been created. It was based in       my internship and personal                                                 also one of my favourites. I dis-
                                                                          son to complete a PhD follow-
the Olympic capital, Lausanne,      project for the IOC NOC Rela-                                              covered it when I was a stu-
                                                                          ing the MSA course; could you
it featured an excellent syl-       tions Department. Getting to                                               dent and member of the
                                                                          tell us a little bit more about
labus and lecturers, and the        know the people in this de-                                                University of Bucharest’s
                                                                          your motivation to do this and
AISTS was endorsed by the           partment and witnessing the                                                women boxing team. Then,
                                                                          what are you planning to do
IOC. So I didn’t think twice        internal functioning of the                                                moving to non-Olympic sports,
                                                                          with your new degree?
and I applied for this course.      IOC was a great experience.                                                hiking and climbing on a nice
Time has proved that it was a       I would simply advise all new         I started my PhD research just       sunny day remain a very mind
good move.                          students to first decide the spe-     after finishing the MSA              relaxing activity.
                                    cific field they would like to        course. My thesis relates to         Although I am now in Switzer-
                                    work in, and then to follow           gambling, which for me is a          land, I kept my membership of
As the first MSA Alumni to get                                            fascinating subject. Its rela-       the Romanian Alpine Club,
                                    consciously and patiently the
a position in the IOC, what ad-                                           tionship with sports is com-         who does a great job in involv-
                                    chosen path. Be meticulous
vice could you give to the stu-                                           plex: on one hand, many sport        ing young people and preserv-
                                    and then apply yourself.
dents dreaming of working in                                              organisations rely on lotteries      ing the wild beauty of the
prestigious sports organisa-                                              and sports betting for their         Carpathians.
                                    How your previous experience

New MSA Alumni Committee                                                                         Alumni portal on the
    WITH the MSA alumni                                                                          AISTS website
community growing in                                                                                 SINCE the end of 2007, the AISTS website
size and importance, the                                                                         features an Alumni portal with restricted ac-
need for an active alumni      From le , Astrid, Chris an, Jo, Ma , Magali and Denis             cess for the MSA alumni only.
committee became perti-                                                                              Through this section the AISTS provides
nent. In 2007, a new MSA       batch of 2003, Christian         board.
                               Baumann (2004) presently           The MSA Alumni com-            its alumni with several additional services.
Alumni Committee was                                                                             Along with a contact list of all the MSA
formed, charged with the       with UCI, Denis Marc-            mittee can be contacted
                               hand (2007) with IOC, Jo         by sending an e-mail to          alumni, the portal also offers access to recent
mission of holding annual
                               Juvet (2006) with UEFA,   personal projects and team projects.
social and educational
                               Magali Louis (2005) UCI,                                              As of March 2008, the portal also has a new
events, offering services to
its members, and commu-        and Matt Dolf (2006) with                                         job board feature. On the job board, the
                                                                     INTERESTING STATS
nicating about new oppor-      AISTS.                                                            alumni will find the current open positions but
                                  The alumni also have a          132 graduates representing
tunities in sport. The                                                                           also links to cooperation partners and other
                                                                  40 countries from all 5 con-
committee aims to chan-        new website located                tinents                        important sport recruitment websites.
nel the burgeoning re-         within the           4 Olympic Athletes (1 gold,        Those who have forgotten/lost their pass-
source pool of experienced     site that is accessible to all     2 silvers, and 1 bronze        word can request for a new one on the web-
sport managers passing         former MSA participants.           medal)                         site or address Matt Dolf (
out of the MSA.                This site contains profiles        Oldest graduate 56 years old
                                                                                                     Organisations that want to post job vacan-
                               on all alumni with a pow-          The MSA is four for four in
    The MSA Alumni                                                the EPFL University Soccer     cies on the Alumni portal are kindly re-
Committee comprises of         erful filter function, news,
                                                                  League                         quested to contact AISTS (
Astrid Redier from the         a digital library, and a job
8th Issue, Winter 2008                                        ALUMNI                                               Jan-Mar 2008        7

MSA’07 graduates spread around the globe
ELIZAVETA BRACHT-                                                      TARUN CHAUDHRY                     of interna-
TISHCHENKO, Russian                                                    Indian, Sports Marketing Asso-     tional federa-
Sponsorship and Event Promo-                                           ciate, Dentsu Media, New           tions (IAAF,
tion Coordinator, UEFA,                                                Delhi, India                       FINA, IOC,
Nyon, Switzerland                                                                                         FIFA) and also
                                                                       “After the MSA I decided to        has strategic al-
“The MSA 2007 year was an                                              return to my home country          liances with
exciting year for me. Being a                                          India. Here I have the exciting    other sport business giants (In-
professional volleyball player,                                        opportunity to spearhead           front, Publicis, World Sports
                                   Event Promotion Coordinator
the year in Lausanne provided                                          Dentsu India’s foray into sports   Group). My task as sports mar-
                                   in the Commercial Department
me with the possibility to do                                          marketing. Dentsu Media,           keting associate is to use
                                   of UEFA in Nyon. My main re-
an internship with IOC in its                                          which is part of Dentsu Global     Dentsu’s global expertise to
                                   sponsibilities currently include
Sports Department and to                                               Network, carries out media         help sporting bodies and or-
                                   the promotion of the Euro Ex-
work on a personal project                                             planning and media                 ganisers to maximise their
                                   perience Tour and all sponsor-
with Infront to see the world                                          buying/operations for both the     business and sports objectives,
                                   ship issues concerning the Fan
of sport through the eyes of                                           agencies and their clients. Its    and to help the clients to use
                                   zones of the upcoming EURO
different stakeholders. This is                                        sports marketing business glob-    sport effectively to connect
                                   2008. From 2009 onwards, my
now helping me a lot in my                                             ally is just behind IMG and In-    with their customers through a
                                   responsibilities will include re-
new job. Since January I am                                            front in terms of turnover. It     focused strategy on
                                   lationship management of
working as a Sponsorship and                                           works closely with a number        marketing through sports.”
                                   sponsors for the EURO 2012.”

JOHN CHANDY                        year in management, technol-        KATARINA STASTNY                   Colorado to start working with
Indian, Sports Manager, Inter-     ogy, law and sociology texts, I     Canadian/Slovakian                 Além International Manage-
national Boxing Association        am now working at the Inter-        Account Manager, Além Inter-       ment as Account Manager.
(AIBA), Lausanne, Switzerland      national Boxing Association         national Management, Denver,       Além custom designs and pro-
                 “Having repre-    (AIBA) as the ‘Sports Man-          USA                                duces events in several indus-
                 sented India in   ager’. The responsibility puts                                         tries, such as sporting (we’re
                 basketball and    me in charge of all the amateur     “After an ex-                      best known for the Olympic
                 having worked     boxing tournaments like the         citing year                        Torch Relays) and corporate,
                 across profes-    Olympic Games, World Cham-          in Lausanne                        inspiring people to actively en-
                 sional tennis     pionships and also in the plan-     with the                           gage and participant in the
                 (ATP tour),       ning and execution team for         MSA 2007                           world around them.
fashion weeks, international       the newly proposed AIBA             classmates                          Currently, I am working on
cricket and golf, representing     World League. I am sure that it     and the in-                        an around the world car race
IMG, in India I wanted to          was AISTS that provided me          ternship                           which is not only exciting but
equip myself with a cutting        the launch pad into the highest     with the In-                       also gave me the possibility to
edge academic qualification in     level of sports administration.     ternational Olympic Commit-        meet with old MSA friends in
sports business. And that          It offers one of the best sports    tee (IOC), I got the chance to     Lausanne at the beginning of
bought me to the MSA. After a      programmes in the world’’.          return to the beautiful state of   March.”

YVES VONLANTHEN                    working for                         ABIMBOLA ILO, Nigerian             turning to Nige-
Swiss, Administrative and          the IIHF as                         Independent Sports Consult-        ria, I have been
Legal Manager/Assistant to the     Administrative                      ant, Nigeria                       engaged as the
President, Intern. Ice Hockey      and Legal                                                              exclusive sports
Federation (IIHF), Zurich,         Manager. In                         “I embarked on the MSA post-       consultant at
Switzerland                        December I                          graduate programme to gain         Connect Mar-
                                   was also ap-                        the required expertise and first   keting, a top tier sponsorship,
“Before I joined the AISTS to      pointed assistant to the Presi-     hand contacts across all areas     and marketing communica-
pursue the MSA I was already       dent Réne Fasel, who is also        within the sports management       tions agency. I am also the sec-
involved in sport management       President of AIOWF and an           domain. I really liked the fact    retary of the Lagos Triathlon
next to my studies in law in       IOC member. What I like most        that the broad scope of the        Association, and sit on the
Fribourg but only at a local       about my job is the variety of      course offered me an opportu-      board of directors of the Or-
level. For me the MSA served       tasks I am responsible for. This    nity to truly appreciate the di-   ganising Committee of the
as a mean to professionalise my    makes it quite challenging and      versity of issues involved in      Nigeria Police Games.
knowledge in sports manage-        exciting. Along with adminis-       the sports industry and, of        Aboveall, the MSA programme
ment and as a door opener to       trative management, I also          course, being in Lausanne, the     has equipped me with the req-
the international sport world.     handle HR, insurances and real      Olympic capital, has its own       uisite skills to deliver innova-
Since September 2007 I am          estate management.”                 allure. After graduating and re-   tive solutions to my clients”
                                                     MISCELLANEOUS                                             Jan-Mar 2008   8

The final hurrah....

The successful candidates from the MSA batch of 2007 at the convoca on ceremony held at the Olympic Museum
in Lausanne in December 2007. Patrick Baumann, president of FIBA and IOC member presided over the ceremony
where the future managers were conferred with the MSA degree.

New faces in AISTS team                                                                                AISTS FOUNDING
    HE AISTS team has been                                          Karin Gross (top), marke ng       Interna onal
T   bolstered by the addition
of two new full-time members
                                                                    and communica ons manager,
                                                                    and Dominique Gobat (bot-
                                                                                                      Commi ee
in form of Ms. Karin Gross and                                      tom), scientific collaborator &   IMD Business
Mr. Dominique Gobat.                                                project administrator             School
   Ms. Karin Gross takes over                                       Commerce in Information Sys-
as the marketing and commu-                                         tems from the University of       Ecole Polytechnique
nications manager while Mr.                                         Cape Town, South Africa in        Fédérale de Lausanne
Dominique Gobat takes the                                           addition to the Master of Ad-
role of new scientific collabo-                                                                       University of Geneva
                                                                    vanced Studies in Sports Ad-
rator & project administrator.                                      ministration and Technology       University of
   Karin was previously em-                                         that he received in 2007.         Lausanne
ployed at McKinsey & Com-                                               Dominique is a triathlete
pany in Germany. She holds a                                                                          Swiss Graduate
                                                                    and did his MSA internship        School of Public
Master in Business and Eco-                                         last autumn for Swimming
nomics from the University of                                                                         Administra on
                                                                    Queensland, the most success-
Ulm, Germany. She graduated                                         ful state swimming federation     University of
from the Master of Advanced                                         in Australia.                           ^
Studies in Sport Administra-
tion & Technology (MSA) in                                                                            University of Applied
2007 and was awarded the
                                    gymnastics.                      AISTS                            Sciences Western
                                       Dominique Gobat, also a       PSE-C, EPFL
ASMS Best MSA Student                                                                                 Switzerland Valais
                                    passout from MSA in 2007, was    1015 Lausanne
                                    previously an Information
   Her personal project for the                                      Switzerland                      City of Lausanne
                                    Technology consultant work-
MSA was on the Corporate
                                    ing for several multinational
                                                                     Ph: +41 21 693 8593
Image of International Sport                                         Fax: +41 21 693 8594
                                    companies including tobacco
Federations. Karin was also                                          E-mail:
                                    manufacturers Philip Morris.                                      Canton de Vaud
previously an athlete in artistic                          
                                    Dominique holds a Bachelor of

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