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					   A note                                                                                                               October
                   from Marlene                                                                                         table of contents
   Dear friends,
                                                                                                                        2        A Note from Marlene
   I’m excited this month to host one of my favorite people,
   Jeffrey Smith, who’ll be speaking on a topic that really gets                                                         3       From the Editor’s desk
   me upset – the unchecked spread of genetically modified
                          organisms (GMOs), in our food supply.                                                         4-5      From Peru with love: An Equal
                                                                                                                                 Exchange of education and
                         Jeffrey will be at our Federal Way store
                         the evening of Tues., October 18 at
                         7 pm.* He is the world’s most outspoken                                                        6-7      The Tie that Binds: A community’s
                         authority on GMOs and has put a                                                                         fabric is restored with traditional
                         huge amount of effort into educating                                                                    weaving arts
                         the public and even our government
                         representatives about what it means if                                                         8        Focus on Fair Trade: Marlene’s
                         GMOs are not stopped.                                                                                   Mercantile
   Many countries have banned the use or importation of GMOs and U.S. shipments of GMO
   foods are routinely rejected at ports of call. What’s holding the U.S. back from eliminating –                       9        Meet our advertisers!
   or at least labeling – GMOs?
                                                                                                                        10-11 October speakers & classes
   I spent a number of years working with my friend, the late Craig Winters, to get GMOs
   labeled. Jeffrey Smith is carrying on that battle and I’m sure we will eventually win it. But                        12-19 In-store Sales & Specials
   there are some tough forces to be reckoned with in the meantime. Therefore, I have
   decided to give a good portion of Marlene’s Market & Deli’s donation money to the Organic                            20       The Umcka® story
   Consumers Association and others who are working to stop the proliferation of GMOs in our
   soil and food. You, too, can send a donation to OCA to help with the difficult work they are                         21       Fighting arthritis pain Naturally
   doing on our behalf. They offer five ways to donate at or call
   them at (218) 226-4164.                                                                                              22-23 Take 5: The magic of beans and

                                                                                                                        24-25 Focus on Fair Trade: Marlene’s
                                                                                                                              Body Care
                               October is International Fair Trade Month, a cause we have
                               supported since the beginning. Be sure to read what our two store                        26       A consumer’s guide to GMOs
                               managers, Kim and Francesca, write about their recent journey to
                               Peru, where they visited one of Equal Exchange’s fair trade coffee                       27       Chemical Cuisine, Part 2
                               plantations. Their stories are a real treat to read. On Tues., October
                               25, they’ll show slides of their trip and share samples of coffees                       28-29 Focus on Fair Trade:
                               from the region they visited. See Speakers & Classes on pages 10-11                            Marlene’s Grocery
   or                          visit us at
                                                                                                                         30      Broadening your pumpkin path
                               *Tuesdays are normally our night for lectures in Tacoma, but
                                due to expected attendance for Jeffrey, his talk will be at                             31       October Calendar of Events
                                Marlene’s-Federal Way.

   Marlene’s Sound Outlook October 2011

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   From the
                          editor’s desk
Treasured friends and extended family of   needs of human beings. You see, all the       to coincide with these and World Food
Marlene’s,                                 issues above are related. When you buy        Day on October 16. Activists and
                                           fairly traded goods at Marlene’s you are      concerned consumers all
I’d love to print an issue devoted to      voting for sustainable wages. When you
healthy Halloween foods, but you and I     eat organic food, you are voting for the      over the planet will be hosting
need to discuss something far more scary. topsoil. When you support local growers,       potlucks, screening films,
                                           you are practicing homeland security and      participating in marches and
If you’re reading this, I’ll assume you’ve supporting your community.                    calling congressional members
made the connection between the natural                                                  all month long. Let’s tell them
world and your own health. You know        But just the opposite is being touted
if our soil is depleted of nutrients and   in major media outlets. The money             we want real food, grown with
full of poison, our food will be, too. You behind “Big Ag” – those responsible for       real seeds, on real soil, by
understand that if we dump         toxins  the factory farms that now supply much        people who receive respect
into the water supply, we’ll                                  of the country’s food -    and equitable remuneration for
all end up drinking them.                                      constantly threatens to   their efforts.
You grasp that if people                                      drown out those who
are oppressed on one side                                     oppose it.                 Give this issue of Sound Outlook to
of the planet, we aren’t                                                                 your (other) neighborhood grocery store
really free over here.                                       One corporation in          and talk to them about GMOs. Tell your
                                                             particular spends           child’s teachers about the fair trade
To say it another way,                                       millions every year to      fundraisers on page 29. Host a potluck of
we may feel protected                                       convince us the very         GMO-free food and invite your friends.
against the damage from                                     future of agriculture is     Write a letter to the editor. Make some
a smokestack if we aren’t                                   at stake and that only       calls to the White House at 1-202-456-
directly downwind of                                        by patenting seeds and       1414 (I keep ‘em on speed dial). And
its deathly plume. But                                     forcing farmers to buy        remember to join us on Tues., October
what happens when                                         them can we continue           18 for Jeffrey Smith, ardent anti-GMO
there’s nowhere else to                                   to eat! The genetically        spokesperson and founder of the Institute
run? When there’s no corner of the earth                  altered plants this company    for Responsible Technology. Read more
without dirty air or contaminated water    has introduced into our food supply           on page 26.
or non-GMO food? What if the only          have been linked in early studies with
products available for sale in the future

are forced to perpetuate practices that
                                           reduced fertility, weakened immunity,
are produced by underpaid workers who massive die-off of essential insect life,
                                           and much more. But those studies don’t
destroy the environment? How far could     make the evening news.
we run then? The old slogan still says it
best: We all live downwind.                Not yet. If we raise our voices
                                           together, though, maybe we can turn
So now we’re asking you to make            the tide. October is World Fair Trade         Lori Lively is Education Director at
another connection – the one between       Month and Non-GMO Month. Join us              Marlene’s Market & Deli stores and
smaller “economies of scale” and the real for the many special events planned            Editor of Sound Outlook magazine.

                                P.S. GMO Free Seattle is hosting several events for Non-GMO month, including a public
                                panel discussion on GMOs with representatives from every major natural foods retailer
                                in our state at the Ballard Library on Thurs., October 6. “Like” them on facebook at
                       This group runs entirely on donations and
                                volunteers. Call them if you’ve got time, energy or other resources to share. Together,
                                let’s STOP GMOs!

                                                                                                                                OCTOBER 3
            from Peru with love:
                an Equal Exchange of e
                               By Kim Love, Store Manager, Marlene’s-Federal Way

   For several years now I’ve enjoyed my morning cup of Mind, Body and Soul, but until May
   I didn’t realize what went into my favorite cup of coffee! I have long supported Equal
   Exchange because they are a fairly traded company and they roast delicious organic
   coffee, but since touring one of their co-operatives recently, I have a new perspective on
   fairly traded goods. I also hold a special place in my heart for Peru.

  Equal Exchange relies on their
  resource partners to send retailers   Our trip started with 10+ hours on a
  the best coffee possible. With        plane and 6 hours by bus and mini-
  the help of Tom Wilde, Equal          van over 20,000 foot ranges in the
  Exchange’s West Coast sales           Andés mountains - single lane roads
  manager, Francesca and I and a        and hairpin turns (partly dirt and
  handful of other Equal Exchange       partially paved) with the Urabamba
  retail partners were able to visit    River running alongside. When driving
  COCLA, Agrarian Co-operative of       around the turns the drivers would
  La Convención and Lares, Ltd. #281-   honk their horns to let oncoming
  outside Cusco, Peru.                  traffic know we were there and many
                                                                                   times we came nose-to-nose with another
                                                                                   vehicle. At this point one of the vehicles
                                                                                   would have to back up while the other
                                                                                   one passed and with no room for error on
                                                                                   the edge of the cliffs. We finally arrived
                                                                                   in Quillabamba (Quechuan for Plains of the
                                                                                   Moon), all of us alive and well.

                                                                                   On the first actual day of the trip we
                                                                                   toured the COCLA production facilities
                                                                                   (guarded very securely by very high steel
                                                                                   walls) and met with board members. We
                                                                                   had a “cupping” session to learn how the
                                                                                   coffee is checked for acidity, body and
                                                                                   flavor. We also learned the importance of
                                                                                   the humidity being at the proper level for
                                                                                   transporting the beans to the stores. The
                                                                                   meeting gave us a chance to ask questions
                                                                                   about how the co-op helps farmers and
                                                                                   their families. The support farmers and
                                                                                   their families receive through educational
                                                                                   programs and fair wages is incredible.
education and gratitude
 Later that day and over the next few                             dry in the sun. What a job - these bags
 days we met some of the farmers and                              were probably close to 150 lbs. each!
 their families. I have never met a more
 gracious group of people, all of whom                            In addition to spending a good amount
 who welcomed us into their homes, fed                            of time with the farmers and the co-op
 us, and were so hospitable! Some of the                          we traveled by train to Aguas Calientes,                        greater understanding of the love,
 meals they served included colorful raw                          where we rode up the hill to visit one                          commitment, and work that goes into
 salads, chicken in plantain soup, trout,                         of the Seven World Wonders, Machu                               its growing, harvesting, processing
 and potatoes prepared several different                          Picchu. The ruins of Machu Picchu                               and distribution, I appreciate my
                                                                  are so breathtaking that I don’t think                          daily coffee much more. I feel good
                                                                  anyone can ever completely understand                           knowing the people behind the
                                                                  its beauty unless they’ve stood there                           scenes receive a fair price for their
                                                                  among the Alpacas and the stones.                               crops, have better working conditions,
                                                                                                                                  and a higher standard of living. I think
                                                                  After Machu Picchu and another                                  of them when I sip my daily cup of
                                                                  beautiful train ride along the river, we                        Mind, Body & Soul.
                                                                  arrived at the gorgeous old city of
                                                                  Ollantaytambo, where we stopped to
                                                                  take in the view before heading back
                                                                  to Cusco. In our last few days in Peru
                                                                  we were able to do some shopping and
 ways. Guinea pigs gathered around the                            discovered a fabulous textile market
 warm stoves in the kitchens we visited,                          which sells merchandise from the fair
 and although we were never served cuy,                           trade textile co-ops.
 it is traditional Peruvian fare.
                                                                  One of our last stops was at
 In the jungle outside of Quillabamba,                            Sacsayhuaman (pronounced
 in Aguilayoc, we harvested the coffee                           “sexywoman”), known as the “House                                Join Kim Love, Francesca Siena, and Tom
 cherries with the farmers. We helped                             of the Sun”. It sits just on the outskirts                      Wilde on Tues., October 25 when they talk
 unload the bags at the processing area,                          of Cusco, an ancient Incan fortress                             about their trip to Peru and share slides of the
 weigh the cherries, dump them into                               that has seen many battles. The city                            COCLA coffee operations there. The event is
 a vat to be put through a de-hulling                             of Cusco was built in the shape of a                            free to the public and all attendees will sample
 machine and then into another area                               puma, a sacred animal in Peru, and                              Equal Exchange coffee and chocolate during the
 for the overnight fermentation process.                          Sacsayhuaman is the head of the puma.                           presentation.
 We actually worked to push the green
 beans through the channel and out to                             We returned home, tired but filled with
 be scooped into a wheel barrow and                               the memories of our experiences. I now
 dumped onto a patio to be spread out to                          realize fair trade is far more complex
                                                                  than I imagined. Because I have a

 Clockwise from left: Macchu Picchu at dawn; author Kim Love transferring green coffee beans to dry after fermenting; green
 coffee beans drying in the sun in Aguiloc; a Peruvian child sits contentedly amidst the chickens while the adults eat; coffee
 cherries just in from the farm are readied for dehulling; typical Peruvian kitchen with guinea pigs hovering nearby for warmth

                                                                                                                                                                           OCTOBER 5
                                                  The Tie that Binds:
                                                                                                       A community’s

It’s a brisk morning in Cusco; either the date or the temperature is wrong. It’s June
7, 2011 and the heart of winter in Peru. As we scout the city for souvenirs, we have
no sense of the opportunity awaiting us. Eric Stromberg, Store Manager at the Davis
Food Coop in California, has made himself a note to visit Centro Textile, a store on
Avenida del Sol. Knowing Eric’s passion for textiles and trusting his instinct for quality,
I follow him eagerly, though in the busy morning traffic, crossing Avenida del Sol is a
task requiring both courage and concentration.
When we find the store front windows,             filled with textiles run from floor to ceiling.   Oh lovely Chinchero! This small Andean
the colors, display,s and variety pull us         Baskets of all sizes offer belts and wallets.     village is about 20 miles from Cusco. The
in. We enter and realize immediately how          Purses swing from wooden hangers.                 air is thin at 7500 feet altitude, and yet it’s
luxurious and beautiful the weavings are.         Another basket nests on the top of a pole,        little lower than Cusco, which sits at the
Toward the back of the room, speaking             requesting donations in exchange for              lofty 8000 mark. To get there we travel
softly in their native Quechua language,          pictures. The place is quietly alive, every       the soft, green valley outside the main city,
three artisan women wearing traditional           fiber and thread whispers its story.              winding down gentle slopes. The beautiful
                   clothing are weaving from      I am immediately attracted to a manta, a          countryside is proportioned to human
                     a central pole. I wish I     traditional shawl. Looking for a price tag, I     size. Fields are still tilled by farmers using
                     had my tape recorder!        find myself lost in the details of the design     traditional methods, employing animals
                     A cool breeze comes          and its beautiful chromatic arrangement.          instead of machines. Because of this, the
                     through the open door        Instead of a price tag, I find a booklet with     hills look soft rather than scarred by agro
                     and the air is filled with   a portrait of the artisan in her traditional      farming.
                     the heartfelt satisfaction   attire, complete with her name and date           The air is crisp and the light golden. The
                     of creating an exquisite     of birth. The shawl is made using 100%            people go about their day productively
                     art piece. I know I          natural dyed colors, 90% sheep’s wool and         and seemingly without stress. I credit the
                   am in trouble when I           10% alpaca wool. I learn it took Maria Ester      creative driving skills of our Peruvian
                   instinctively calculate the    Quispe Quispe four days to weave the              driver, Honoria, without whom getting
                    balance of my checking        manta.                                            from Cusco to Chinchero would have been
                   account…                                                                         too mellow a ride for an Italian tourist like
                                                  I am approached by a Peruvian woman
                  Our group quickly               and explain in my broken Spanish that             me.
                  disperses. Wooden racks         I would like to purchase the manta. She           The coop faces the Sunday market
                                                  looks at me, startled that I have picked          square and we enter from the side street,
                                                  that particular shawl among so many. It           squeezing through a group of children.
                                                  was her creation! Maria Ester points at her       We are welcomed by the center’s Director,
                                                  photos, explaining that these days she            Marcelina Callanupa and are immediately
                                                  doesn’t weave as much anymore. We laugh           offered a cup of coca leaf tea. The building
                                                  together, take a picture and relish in the        is new yet traditionally designed, two
                                                  serendipity of the moment.                        stories opening on a courtyard. Marcelina
                                                  Meanwhile Tom Wilde, our team                     explains that before it was possible to
                                                  leader with Equal Exchange, is deep               build the current space, the coop was
                                                  in conversation with Nilda Callanupa              renting a building just across the street that
                                                  Alvarez, Store Manager. Nilda notices our         belonged to her father.
                                                  enthusiasm and offers us a tour of the co-        The new building houses a meeting room,
                                                  op in Chinchero where the training, dyeing        a room for children, a kitchen, storage,
                                                  and weaving take place. We gladly oblige,         plus the spacious store on the main floor.
                                                  and hop on the van right after lunch.             All weaving takes place in the courtyard

fabric is restored with traditional weaving arts
                                                                             By Francesca Siena, Store Manager, Marlene’s-Tacoma

 where women gather on sheepskins to             processes only are allowed: lemon, lime         busy life of Western society, we miss out
 weave their beautiful creations. Children       and salts do the work of stabilizing the        on warm, spontaneous correspondences
 from the age of 7 are taught the art of         colors so they do not bleed or run. The         that life offers us. I for one came home
 spindle and weaving after school during         most expensive dye is indigo, which             refreshed and hopeful that I can make
 the week. One side of the courtyard is          requires long fermentation time and more        room in my life for more meaningful
 covered to allow for protection during          tending.                                        connections.
 rainy days, and stretches into the dyeing       Women of all ages are gathered in the
 area where a hot cauldron of herbs awaits                                                       Join Francesca Siena, Kim Love and Equal Exchange
                                                 courtyard. They sit across one another          representative Tom Wilde on Tuesday, Oct. 25 at 7
 to transform the wool by the alchemy of         and together decide chromatic sequences
 natural dyes.                                                                                   pm in Tacoma, when they’ll share coffee from and show
                                                 and designs. There is no “drawing then          slides of their recent trip to Peru. See page 11 for details.
 About thirty years ago, men and women           weaving” - everything comes out of
 from Chinchero were travelling daily to         the women’s experience, creativity and
                                                 memory. They draw from archetypal               Sketches are from the journal Francesca kept on her trip.
 larger cities to earn higher wages. Weaving
 was quickly being forgotten and there           figures that belong to the Inca tradition:
 were fewer and fewer apprentices to             the Inca Cross, representing the tiers of
 receive the traditional knowledge. More         our worlds, the Condor, Snake and Puma
 importantly, the entire village’s way of life   representing respectively the messenger
 was in danger of being transformed. The         of the gods, wisdom, and courage. The
 urgent need of preserving this ancient craft    mountain, being a sacred icon, also shows
 and creating a viable income alternative        up in many designs.
 that would support Chinchero’s families         Most mantas are finished with a special
 was clear. Marcelina tells us textile weaving   thread called “the eyes of the Queen”,
 is again Chinchero’s pride, thanks to           something everyone must see! Some of
 efforts to preserve traditional weaving         these pieces are woven so tight they are
 skills and techniques from disappearing         waterproof. A test of extreme quality
 in the Andean mist. The Chinchero co-           in hat weaving is to reverse the woven
 op is owned and operated exclusively by         piece: if it’s done properly there will be no
 women. Although there are many men              noticeable difference. Most of the pieces
 weavers, the mission of the organization        we saw took four days to complete. To
 is to preserve the art and create a space       make bedspreads, five or more pieces are
 for women to earn wages and become              sewn together by artisan’s agreement.
 independent. The wages are often used
 to send the children to school beyond           What a sight, to see women working
 elementary, as education becomes more           together in such a peaceful environment
 and more expensive after grade school.          while their children play in the grass. I
                                                 know of many cultures (in countries we
 We are shown how the wool is washed             deem “third world”), where the working
 quickly using a local starchy root called       conditions are more natural than ours.
 mais morado, which is grated and mixed          Family integration is still a big piece of
 in water. The clean wool is then moved          Peruvian society, at least in the rural areas
 to a container of herbs from which most         we visited.
 of the natural dyes are obtained. Many
 of these herbs were on the verge of             The experience of visiting Chinchero
 disappearing along with the craft, and          reminded me of how exploration and
 their reintroduction has impacted the           open mindedness brings opportunity for
 environment in a positive way. The              cooperation. This privilege often occurs
 natural dyes bubble away and then the           more easily on vacation than in everyday
 wool is transferred to another pot where        life, when we are sucked dry by busy
 the fixators come in. Here also, natural        schedules and appointments. Living the
                                                                                                                                               OCTOBER 7
                                              Focus on
                              FAIR TRADE
                     Marlene’s Mercantile
                                             Aloha Bay – Global Village Goods
                                             (that are also non-GMO!)
                                             Buyers at Aloha Bay work with fair            JUSTA - Justice & Unity in Sustainable
Village Care International –                 trade partners in Pakistan, India, Brazil,
You can make a difference                                                                  Trade for Artisans
                                             Indonesia, and Malaysia to source             This visionary group gos its start when
In Uganda, 37% of the population             certified organic palm wax for their
lives below the poverty line. In the                                                       Jessi Long, keenly interested in women’s
                                             candles as well as for essential oils, wild   rights, observed how receiving consistent
remote village of Lugazi, a small group      crafted herbs, and naturally occurring
of women work to create beautiful                                                          wages empowered poor Guatemalan
                                             Himalayan salt. The candles are made in       women, who, she noted, were also
necklaces from recycled paper. Village
Care International, Inc. works to                                                          concerned with issues of health care
protect the women’s ability to sell their                                                  and independence. Overcoming many
necklaces at a fair price in the United                                                    hurdles, the women of JUSTA have
States. With the profits the necklaces                                                     learned to work creatively together
provide, the Lugazi ladies are better able                                                 and trust their choices. The beautiful
to rise out of poverty and support their                                                   handmade jewelry is a testament to how
families and community.                                                                    creativity flourishes when individuals                                                                        are given the space, the wage, and the
                                                                                           support needed to express their talents.
                                                                                           All JUSTA profits directly benefit the
FeelGoodz –                                                                                Guatemalan artisans.
Natural, Comfortable, Ethical
Feelgoodz’s vision is to become a
global lifestyle brand that uses sales of                                                  Andes Gifts – Linking us all through
conscious products to create positive                                                      Alpaca threads
social change around the world. The                                                        At Marlene’s we’ve watched this
tree rubber for their flip-flops is                                                        company grow from a small selection
sustainably farmed on small family-                                                        of basic wool items like hats and gloves
owned plantations. Feelgoodz oversees                                                      to an expanded array of scarves, socks,
every aspect of production in order to                                                     finger puppets and other creative
create and maintain the highest quality                                                    weavings. Year after year, the same
of life for their rubber farmers and flip-                                                 families knit the products we offer, an
                                             a factory in Indonesia which is owned         expression of the relationship with the
flop manufacturers.                          and managed by native Indonesians.            artisan that goes well beyond business.
                                             The workers enjoy fair wages, medical         Because the owners are passionate
Feelgoodz is not fully certified as fair     benefits, paid vacations and maternity
trade yet, but are in the process of fair                                                  about building a better world, the
                                             leave.                                        products come straight from the source
trade certification by following the
same practices in the work place and                                                       with no interruptions or middlemen.
                                             Most of the employees at the Aloha Bay        New designs are explored and offered
providing a fair wage for their farmers      salt lamp factory in Pakistan are Afghan
and factory workers. Feelgoodz flip-                                                       by the artisans every year while still
                                             refugees who fled the Taliban regime.         keeping the good-old classics in stock
flops will be the first fair trade rubber    Working at the base of the Himalayas,
producers in the U.S.                                                                      at a fair price. Enjoy another season of
                                             the craftsmen in this factory are             warmth with Andes Gifts.
                                             employed year ‘round and enjoy good
                                             working conditions, wages and benefits.

                                                                                                                   The Healing Power
                                                                                                                   Of Gentle Touch
                                                                                                                  Craniosacral: Cervical Injuries (whiplash)
                                                                                                                     Myofacial & other healing therapies.
                                                                                                                        Relieves tension & improves
                                                                                                                             whole body health.

                                                                                                                            Now accepting clients in Gig Harbor

Susan Smiley Burgoon                                                                                                         Mt. Rainier Clinic
       Brennan Healing Science Practitioner                                                                                  Jim Eustace NC/LMT

           Graduate of Barbara Brennan
           School of Healing (Europe)
                                                                    Meet our
                                                                                                                         Fridays 10 am to 5 pm
                                                                                                                       Saturdays by appointment
         (360) 628-8846                                                                                                 Please call for additional times:
2616 Bush Avenue NW, Olympia, WA 98502                                                                                     253-853-8853

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                                   Holistic Focus, High- Tech Approach, Beautiful Result
                                                                                            A Holistic Approach to Your Dental Health
                                              No more allergies,                              • Conscious Sedation • Mercury Free Dentistry
                                              asthma or chronic
                                               sinus infections                              • Biological Root Canals - Don’t lose your teeth
                                           A holistic, non-pharmaceutical
                                          treatment for upper respiratory
                                             infections & ear infections.                          • Digital X-rays • Dental Implants

                                                                                                   • Laser Fillings - no drills, no shots
                                                   Guilt Free
                                               Dental Experiences                                    • Functional Orthodontic Care
                                         We will never lecture or ridicule
                                           our patients for their past
      VELscope                                    dental history.                            •TMJ, Headaches & Craniofacial pain treatment
   1st FDA approved oral                 WE’RE HERE TO HELP YOU
  tissue cancer screening.
  Every hour of every day
                                          FROM TODAY FORWARD.                              •Treatment for Sleep Apnea- an alternative to CPAP
 someone in America dies                                                                        OCTOBER 9
        of Oral Cancer.

   Member: IAOMT - Holistic Dental Assoc.                                             
                                                                                                                                                      OCTOBER 9
October speakers & classes
Principles of Weston Price,                  peri-menopausal symptoms without           the entire process. Kerri is a licensed
Part Two: All Diets Contain                  knowing what’s behind them. Join           Holistic Aesthetician with over 20 years
Salt                                         respected clinician and naturopathic       experience in natural cosmetics and
with Susan Blake                             physician Dr. Karen Hurley to hear         skincare. Please wear your “grubby”
Tues., October 4                             how others’ experiencesof this mid-        clothes to class in case of spills and
7 pm, $5                                     life transition and to receive healthy     remember to pre-register at least two
Tacoma                                       lifestyle and nutrition tips to help       days before class.
This month we continue                       you power through peri-menopause
with the second of 10 classes discussing     yourself. Dr. Hurley manages female        Support Your Local Immune
the principles of Weston A. Price. With      hormone-related complaints and age-        System: Minimize Your
so much negative press about salt            related health issues at Federal Way       Susceptibility to Acute and
intake, the principle “All diets contain     Naturopathic Clinic in Federal Way.        Chronic Disorders
salt” may at first sound controversial.                                                 with Herb Joiner-Bey, ND
Let’s re-examine how to use this                                                        7 pm, FREE
                                             Fair Trade Day
nutritional element with a whole food                                                   Federal Way
                                             Sat., October 8
diet, and explore how it is used for food    11 am – 3 pm                               The immune system is vital
preservation and storage. We’ll also look    Tacoma & Federal Way                       for our survival and immune imbalance
at the health benefits of salt and compare   Join us for education, samples,            and incompetence are major contributing
traditional and modern sources. Students     demos, and speakers celebrating the        factors to disease susceptibility. Each
will taste and take home a recipe for        achievements of the global Fair Trade      new generation seems to be more
crispy nuts using salt for preparation and   Movement!                                  vulnerable than their predecessors and
flavor. Please pre-register for class.                                                  conventional medicine has little to offer.
                                             10 am in Tacoma: Meet Yochi Zakai of       Fortunately, naturopathic medicine
Peri-menopause: It’s                         JUSTA: Justice & Unity in Sustainable      offers numerous ways to fortify your
Power Time!                                  Trade for Artisans, who’ll be on hand      immunity and establish a new foundation
with Karen Hurley, ND                        to talk about the fair trade cooperative   of wellness. Herb Joiner-Bey, ND is a
Thurs., October 6                                                                       naturopath, Doctor of Homeopathy, and
                                             he helped establish and the
7 pm, FREE                                                                              adjunct professor at Bastyr University.
                                             Guatemalan women behind JUSTA’s
Federal Way
                                             exquisite woven textiles.
Are you unusually irritable                                                             Why We Must Stop
or weepy? Are your cycles                                                               Proliferation of GMOs
                                             Introduction to Soap
longer, heavier, disrupted? Does your                                                   An evening with Jeffrey
hair seem to be thinning or your skin                                                   Smith
                                             with Kerri Merrill
suddenly drier? Women in their forties                                                  Tues., October 18
                                             Tues., October 11
are likely to experience these and other                                                7 pm, FREE
                                             6 pm, $40
                                                                                        Federal Way
                                                                                         Marlene’s is privileged to
                                             In this fun hands-on
     Optimal Nutrition                       workshop, students will
                                                                                         welcome Jeffrey Smith, founder of the
       & Wellness                            learn to make homemade soaps with
                                                                                         Institute for Responsible Technology, to
                                                                                        his first engagement at Marlene’s. The
                                             natural ingredients. Kerri, longtime
                   TRISH CARTY               aesthetician at Radiance Herbs in
                                                                                        leading consumer advocate promoting
                Owner, Professional Chef                                                healthier non-GMO choices, Smith’s
                & Expert in Fermented &      Olympia, will guide students in how to
                                                                                        meticulously researched books document
                  Cultured foods in the      safely handle lye and will instruct them
                                                                                        how biotech companies continue to
                 Lacto-Fermented Style.      in choosing from various essential
                                                                                        mislead legislators and safety officials to
                                             oils to create their blends. After
                                                                                        put the health of society at risk, and the
          Private and Group                  curing for about three weeks under
                                                                                        environment in peril. His second book,
                                             Kerri’s watchful eye, students will be
           Cooking Lessons                                                              Genetic Roulette: The Documented Health Risks of
                                             notified that their soaps are ready and
                                                                                        Genetically Engineered Foods, the authoritative      can be picked up at Marlene’s. All
                                                                                        work on GMO health dangers, links
                                             materials are supplied and students
             253-670-4898                                                               GMOs in our food to toxic and allergic
                                             will receive detailed handouts covering
                                                                                        reactions, infertility, and damage to
             Please pre-register for all classes requiring payment at least 48 hours before class date. Class refunds issued with 24
            hour notice. For full class registration policy, email us at, call us at (253) 839-0933,
                                          or go to and click on “classes”.

virtually every internal organ studied           educational column, has a free online              on the community? Tom Wilde, Equal
in lab animals.                                  weekly health newsletter, and hosts                Exchange West Coast sales manager who
                                                 a weekly internet talk radio program,              coordinated their trip, be here with Kim
A sought-after keynote speaker, Smith            Terry Talks Nutrition. Please arrive early to      and Francesca to answer questions about
has lectured in 30 countries and has             reserve your seat for this talk.                   Equal Exchange, fair trade, and Peru.
been quoted by world leaders and                                                                    Join us to hear the story, see the video,
hundreds of media outlets including,             Living Foods for the                               taste the foods, and admire the beautiful
The New York Times, Washington Post, BBC         Holidays                                           handicrafts Kim and Francesca brought
World Service, Nature, The Independent, Daily    with Karen Fahey                                   back from the heart of the Andes!
Telegraph, New Scientist, The Times (London),    Sat., October 22
Associated Press, Reuters News Service, LA       10 am – Noon, $15                                  Traditional Holiday Foods from Weston
Times, Time Magazine and Genetic Engineering     Federal Way                                        A. Price Foundation
News. Mr. Smith is also a popular                 Change is in the air. Perhaps                     with Trish Carty
guest on influential radio shows and              you are considering a                             Thurs., October 27
television programs, such as the BBC,             shift in your holiday fare? If so, this           7 pm, $20
NPR, Fox News, Democracy Now and the              class is for you. Students will enjoy             Federal Way
Dr. Oz Show. Please arrive early, no              the refreshing flavors of live food as            In this mouth-watering
reservations will be taken                        prepared by Marlene’s own popular raw             new class, Trish Carty,
                                                  food instructor, Karen Fahey. Chosen              chapter leader and owner
                                                  according to seasonal availability, our           of Optimal Nutrition
Stop Pain Naturally and
Safely                                            menu will include hors d’oeuvres or               and Wellness, LLC in Federal Way,
with Terry Lemerond                               dips, a dish suitable for serving as a            demonstrates a variety of Thanksgiving
 Thurs., October 20                               main course, at least one side dish, and          recipes with a healthy twist inspired
7 pm, FREE                                        a dessert. Join us for this delicious,            by Weston A. Price and Sally Fallon’s
Federal Way                                       inspiring, step-by-step class and enjoy           Nourishing Traditions cookbook. Trish will
 In addition to impacting                         the camaraderie just as at any holiday            discuss (but not cook onsite) the proper
 quality of life, all forms                       gathering. Please pre-register at least           way to cook a grass-fed turkey from
 of chronic pain have something else              two days in advance for this class.               brining to making the best bone broth
 in common – inflammation. Yet                                                                      for gravy, and will whip up gluten
 effective relief for inflammation is             Equal Exchange Coffee                             free side dishes and lacto-fermented
 challenging, since most over-the-                Adventure                                         condiments including cranberry-orange
 counter and prescription drugs are               with Tom Wilde, Francesca                         and apple beet relishes. The finale,
 linked with serious side effects.                Siena & Kim Love                                  pumpkin kefir cheesecake, will inspire
                                                  Tues., October 25                                 students in time for Thanksgiving.
 Terry Lemerond brings over40 years’
                                                  7 pm, FREE
 experience in the natural supplements                                                              Remember to pre-register for this class!
 industry to Marlene’s in his straight-
                                                  Store managers Kim Love

                                                                                                     NAET Allergy
 from-Wisconsin, one night only talk.
                                                  and Francesca Siena recently joined
 Lemerond has personally created
                                                  EE’s 10th anniversary trip to live and
 over 400 health formulations and was
 instrumental in the development of
                                                  work with the fair trade coffee farmers            Desensitization
                                                  of Aguilayoc, «The Land of the Eagles»                    vEffective 30 minute treatments
“standardized” active ingredients in                                                                         Saturday and evening sessions
                                                  in Cusco, Peru. How has life changed                      v
 herbal formulations, now accepted in                                                                       v16 years clinical experience.
                                                  for farmers in the past decade? What
 the industry as a reliable indicator of
                                                  impact has 10 years of fair trade had               Mary Clement, RN, ND
 herbal potency. He writes a weekly                                                                                              Call for an initial
                                                                                                                                    60 minute
                                                                                                                                 appointment with
                       We are now offering American Sign Language interpretation for                                          Dr. Mary Clement
                      the hearing impaired for some of our classes and seminars. Please                                           (Griffith)
                      notify us two full weeks in advance if you would like an interpreter
                              for a particular lecture by emailing our class host at:                                        (253) 265-8388 Gig Harbor

                                                                                                                                               OCTOBER 11
                                                   GARDEN OF EATIN’                                     CASCADIAN FARMS
                                                     Tortilla                                            Organic
                                                      Chips                                               Cereal
                                                                             5 oz                                            9 - 17 oz.
    NATURE’S PATH                                               Assorted varieties                                   Assorted varieties

    Organic                                                            Reg. 3.95                                            Reg. 5.25

                                                                          5                                              2
    Eco-Pac                                                                                                                      99
    Cereal                                                       2$                                                  $
    29.1 - 32 oz.
    Assorted varieties

    Reg. 8.89
                                                   HONEST TEA                                           EQUAL EXCHANGE
    $           39                                 Organic                                        Organic
                                                     Tea                                     Fair Trade Coffee
                 NATURE’S PATH                                             16 oz.                                               12 oz.

                                                                Assorted varieties                                   Assorted varieties
                                                                       Reg. 1.65                                            Reg. 11.09

                                                                     1       19                                      $
                                                                                                                         7       99
                         Assorted varieties

                             Reg. 5.19 lb.

                                     15                                                      off
                          $                                           In-store prices reflect discount

                                       lb.          MUIR GLEN                                           ENDANGERED SPECIES
    Organic Gluten-free
                                                   Organic                                                Chocolate
    Envirokidz Cereal                             Tomatoes                                                  Bar
    Bars                                                                   28 oz.                                             2.25 oz.
    6 oz.                                                       Assorted varieties                                   Assorted varieties
                                                                       Reg. 3.55                                            Reg. 3.39

    Assorted varieties

    Reg. 4.25
    $      79                                                    $           19                                       $

                                              FOOD SHOULD TASTE GOOD                                        LIVING HARVEST
                 WALNUT ACRES
   Organic Pasta                                      Tortilla                                               Tempt
           Sauce                                       Chips                                               HempMilk
                                    32 oz.                                   5 oz.                                              32 oz.
                         Assorted varieties                     Assorted varieties                                   Assorted varieties

                                Reg. 5.09                              Reg. 3.25                                            Reg. 4.39

                                                                   2                                                     2
                           $         49                                      39
                                                                 $                                                    $          99
      PACIFIC FOODS                        KETTLE BRAND
     Non-Dairy                               Potato
     Beverage                                Chips
                            32 oz.
                 Assorted varieties                 Assorted varieties
                                                           Reg. 3.05

                         4                               1
                        Reg. 2.89

                                                                                                       5 - 6 oz.

                 2      $                             $                                       Assorted varieties

                                                                                                     Reg. 2.19

                 for                                                                            $         69
     R.W. KNUDSEN                            R.W. KNUDSEN
 Simply Nutritious                       Cider ‘n Spice
       Juice                               Beverage
                            32 oz.
                                                               32 oz.
                 Assorted varieties                         Reg. 3.59
                        Reg. 4.09
                                                                               Juice &

                    $        69
                                                    for     5                Smoothies
                                                                                                 12 oz.
                                                                                      Assorted varieties
                                                                                             Reg. 3.29

    Dishwashing                       Organic Coconut                                     $         29
       Liquid                              Milk
                            25 oz.                          13.66 oz.
                         Reg. 4.35                  Assorted varieties
                                                           Reg. 2.49

                    $        99                       $

                                        ANCIENT HARVEST
                                                         1      79       ODWALLA
         Dry Cat                          Quinoa                         64 oz.

                                                                         Reg. 6.29
                            47 oz.
                        Reg. 16.19
                                                                 8 oz.
                                                    Assorted varieties
                                                           Reg. 3.15
                                                                          4          99

              10                                         1
             $               99                       $         89

                                                                                                    13 - OCTOBER
                                                                                                      OCTOBER 13
                                                        WHITE WAVE                                        ORGANIC BISTRO
                                                     Silk Organic                                           Frozen
  DR. BRONNER’S                                        Soy Milk                                              Meal
  Liquid                                                                       64 oz.
                                                                      Plain or vanilla
                                                                                                                                  10 oz.
                                                                                                                       Assorted varieties
  Castile                                                                 Reg. 4.79                                           Reg. 6.09

                                                                    3                                                    4
  Soap                                                                         45                                       $          69
  32 oz.
  Assorted varieties

  15              %                                     RUDI’S                                            STONYFIELD FARM
                                                      Organic                                               Organic
                  off                                  Bread                                                Yogurt
         In-store prices reflect discount
                                                                            22 oz.                                                32 oz.
                            ALL TERRAIN                          Assorted varieties                                    Assorted varieties

                First Aid &

                                                                        Reg. 5.09

                                                                                                                              Reg. 4.49

                      Hand                                        $            45                                       $          19
                  Sanitizer                                                                    off
                                                                        In-store prices reflect discount
                       Assorted varieties & sizes
                                Reg. 2.99 - 6.99
                         Sale price 2.09 - 4.89
                                                       AMANDE                                                 HELIOS

                         30                 %       Almond Milk                                            Organic
                                                       Yogurt                                               Kefir
                                             off                              6 oz.                                               32 oz.
                                                                 Assorted varieties                                    Assorted varieties
                In-store prices reflect discount                         Reg. 1.59                                             Reg. 4.65

  Conditioner or
  Body Lotion                                          BROWN COW
                                                                       1       15

                                                                                                          AMY’S KITCHEN
                                                                                                                         3         59

  11 - 12 oz.
                                                      All Natural                                           Meal
  Assorted varieties
  Reg. 9.95- 11.95
                                                        Yogurt                                            in a Bowl
  Sale price 7.95 - 10.95                                                   32 oz.                                             9 - 10 oz.

                                                                 Assorted varieties                                    Assorted varieties
                                                                        Reg. 3.85
                                                                                                                              Reg. 5.79


                                                                  $            79                                       $          45
         In-store prices reflect discount
              MAROMA                                       AUBREY ORGANICS
    Natural Soap,                                        Hair & Body
Fragrance & Bath Salts                                      Care
                        Assorted varieties and sizes                            Assorted varieties               ANDALOU NATURALS
                                  Reg. 3.49 - 11.69
                             Sale price 2.95 - 9.95                                                                             Face

                              15                                           20
                                               %                                              %                             Cleanser
                                                                                                                             6 oz., Assorted varieties

                                                                                                                                           Reg. 12.95

        In-store prices reflect discount
                                               off       In-store prices reflect discount
                                                                                              off                                    $              69
          GENUINE HEALTH                                          HUGO
       Supplements                                     Bath Salts &
                                  Assorted varieties
                                            & sizes
                                                       Body Scrub                                       Andalou Naturals Scrub or Mask
                                                                                                        1.7 oz., Assorted varieties, Reg. 14.95.........11.19
                                                                          9 oz., Assorted varieties
                                                                                  Reg.9.99 - 12.99
                                                                          Sale price 8.49 - 10.99

                             30                                             15
                                               %                                              % Hand Sanitizer,
                                                                                                      Soap, Body
                                               off                                            off Care & Bath
        In-store prices reflect discount                 In-store prices reflect discount
        CANUS VERMONT                                  HIMALAYAN INSTITUTE
       Goat’s Milk                                       Neti Pot                                     Assorted varieties
                                                                                                      Reg. 1.99 - 11.99

        Bar Soap                                         Products                                     Sale price 1.39 - 8.39

                                              5 oz.                      Assorted varieties & sizes
                         Original or Fragrance free                             Reg. 2.95 - 34.95
                                                                          Sale price 2.19 - 26.19                            %

                                          Reg. 2.99

                                  $          25
                                                        In-store prices reflect discount
                                                                                                      In-store prices reflect discount


                                                                                                  Natural Face &
                                                                                                    Body Care
  Our products donate to                                                                                   0.15 - 7 oz., Assorted varieties
                                                                                                                  Reg. 3.99 - 29.99

                                                                                                              Sale price 3.19 - 23.99

  a breast cancer charity.                                  In-store prices reflect discount
                                                                                                         In-store prices reflect discount
                                                                                                                                              15 -OCTOBER
                                                                                                                                               OCTOBER 15
                                                                                                 SOUND OUTLOOK
                                                       RIDGECREST                                         BARLEAN’S
                                              Clear Lungs                                       Fresh Pressed
                                             Extra Strength                                   Olive Leaf Complex
                                                                               60 caps                                                   NEW!
                                                                             Reg. 21.99                                             Throat spray
                                                                                                                                     Reg. 12.99

                                                                 16                                                               8
                                                                                  99                                          $             99


     Stress-Relax                                           Natural Health International
      Formulas                               select items
                                                            We listen to you, our products listen to your body™
     For a calmer day and a restful night.

           30                 %
       In-store prices reflect discount
                                                                                              Natural Health International
                                                                      In-store prices reflect discount

                                                                                                          NORDIC NATURALS
                                                                                                         Vitamin D
                                                                                                         Assorted varieties & sizes

                                                            In-store prices reflect discount                 25                 %
                                                                                                               In-store prices reflect discount


                    Cod Liver Oil
                 Liquid or Soft Gels

                               Assorted varieties & sizes

                            In-store prices reflect discount

                            RENEW LIFE                                       RENEW LIFE
                           Flush &                            Cleanse Smart
                             Be Fit                                     Kit
                                       2 week                       30 day total body cleanse -          Holiday
                                                                                                        Open House
                           Program for women                            the first & still the best!
                                   Reg. 29.99                                        Reg. 31.99

                       19                                                19
                       $                 99                            $                   99
                                                                                                        Sat., November 12
                                                                                                          11 am to 3 pm
    LILY OF THE DESERT                                          RAINBOW LIGHT                             Federal Way &
     Aloe Vera                                                   Probio                                      Tacoma
       Juice                                                    Active 1B 1 billion
                                       Gallon                             Probiotics & prebiotics
         All Lily of
        the Desert                  Reg. 26.29                          No refrigeration required    demos &

                       17                                                  13
       preservative                                                                    Reg. 19.95

                                         99                                                  79 holiday delights...
         free Aloe
       Vera on sale
        in October     $                                                $
                                                                                                 don’t miss out!

                                                                                                     There’s no more enjoyable way
                                                                                                     to build immunity against colds
 AROMATHERAPY ON THE GO!                                                                             and flu, relax and rejuvenate the
                                                                                                     nervous system, refresh and cleanse
                                                                         LATIO                       the mind, brighten mood and
  Keep them handy in your                                           INHA                             promote feelings of well-being.
         * purse * car

                                                                 11           49
                                                                                                     Pure essential oils in convenient
       * desk * gym bag                                         $                                    inhalers. Our healing scents are
                                                                                                     easy to use and come in
                                                                                                     specially-capped inhalers to keep
                                                                                                     your fingers clean of oils!
                                                                                                                              17 - OCTOBER
                                                                                                                               OCTOBER 17
                                                                                                                                       SOUND OUTLOOK
                   Unable to fall asleep, waking                                           HERBS ETC.                                                                      HERBS ETC.
                     up frequently during the
                             night with                                          Deep Sleep                                                                      Deep Sleep
                   difficulty returning to sleep,
                    waking up too early in the
                    morning or experiencing
                                                                                                120 ct.                                                              Alcohol free formula
                        unrefreshing sleep.                                                   Reg. 44.99                                                                    2 oz.
                                                                                                                                                                         Reg. 24.99
                    Deep Sleep re-educates the

                                                                                       29                                                                               16
                   brain sleep center and creates
                    positive sleep patterns. It is
                   not habit forming, has no side                                   $                                99                                               $             99
                   effects and does not interfere
                       with REM (rapid eye
                         movement) sleep.

                   NUTREX                               ex
                                               All Nutr on

                BioAstin                       p roducts e
                                               sale for of
                                                                                            Saturday, October 8
                                                                                    Fair Trade Event
                                                  month r!
                Supreme                            Octobe

                                              60 soft gels
                                               Reg. 29.99
                                                                                                  Federal Way & Tacoma
                                20                   99

                                             In-store prices reflect discount
                                                                               Demos, sampling, giveaways
                                                                                                          11 am to 3 pm
                                                                                                                                                                               NEW CHAPTER
                                                                                     lifeshield Whole Life-Cycle
                                                                                          Activated Mushrooms
                                                                                   Whether you’re looking to support immune function,
                                                                               lung function, vitality or detoxification, for many people the     Assorted varieties & sizes

                                                                           bottom line is potency. New Chapter LifeShield Mushrooms are the
                                                                             first and only full line of mushrooms that can assure a minimum
                                                                               15% level of beta-glucans. Beta-glucans are one of the most
                                                                           researched components of mushrooms and have been shown to play
                                                                           a significant role in activating key cells that are part of the immune
                                                                                              system’s first line of defense.*
                                                                          * These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are
                                                                                             not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

              GARDEN OF LIFE                                       GARDEN OF LIFE                                                                         GARDEN OF LIFE
        Raw Protein                                            Raw Meal                                                                                Raw
                                      622 gr
                                  Reg. 39.99
                                                              Replacment                                  1130 gr
                                                                                                                                                   Perfect Food                         250 gr

                    23                                                            32                                                                                           23
                                                                                                        Reg. 54.99                                                                  Reg. 39.99

                   $                    99                                      $                               99                                                         $            99

The Umcka® Story
In 1897, Englishman Charles Stevens went to South Africa hoping to cure himself
of a respiratory illness. While there, an African tribal healer gave him a remedy
made from Pelargonium sidoides roots (a plant native to the coastal regions of
South Africa). Fully recovered, Stevens brought the remedy back to England
where it became popular as Stevens’ Consumption Cure.

In 1920, Dr. Adrien Sechehaye learned of Stevens’ cure. Over the next nine years
he treated more than 800 patients in Switzerland with a homeopathic preparation
of P. sidoides roots (EPs 7630). But with the advent of synthetic drugs, the remedy
was forgotten by Western medicine until its recent rediscovery by European

 This is where the modern story of Umcka begins. The formula is a clinically
 proven preparation of EPs 7630, and the name is derived from the African word
“umKhulkane” (meaning respiratory infection). Now a leading medicine in Europe,
 Nature’s Way brings the effectiveness of Umcka to America. Much of our supply
 of EPs 7630 is grown on our own farms in South Africa. From the time of planting
 to harvesting, it takes 3-5 years for the roots to be ready for medicinal extraction.

How Umcka® Works
Unlike other cough, cold and sinus remedies that simply mask symptoms, Umcka
ColdCare is a breakthrough natural medicine that actually helps you recover faster.

A New Kind of Medicine
Umcka ColdCare is a 1X tincture of Pelargonium sidoides (EPs 7630), a medicinal
plant unique to South Africa. In clinical studies, EPs 7630 not only relieves
symptoms associated with common colds, but also shortens the duration and
reduces severity of throat, sinus and bronchial irritations. It also helps loosen
mucus, making coughs more productive and naturally relieves congestion, cough,
headache, hoarseness and minor aches.

Studies suggest that the active ingredients in Umcka works on the immune system
to help support the body’s own natural antiviral defense mechanisms and acts as
an antimicrobial agent. Additionally, it provides mucolytic actions.

                                   The Results                                                nature’s way

Shortened Duration               Reduced Severity of            High Satisfaction          Umcka
Adults with acute
bronchial symptoms were
                                 EPs 7630 reduces severity
                                                                In an evaluation study,
                                                                over 90% of patients      Products
able to return to work           of cough, congestion,          and doctors rated EPs     Assorted varieties & sizes

nearly two days earlier          headache, sore throat          7630 as an effective
with EPs 7630.                   and other common
                                                                treatment for colds
                                                                and upper respiratory

                                                                                           In-store prices reflect discount

     tips from

Fighting arthritis pain naturally
By Terry Lemerond
We see a lot of advertising hawking prescription drugs for arthritis, but the side effects from these drugs – including death –
make them a big risk. There are much better options out there to relieve your pain and even prevent arthritis, naturally. Let’s
look at a smarter way of relieving pain: curcumin, boswellia, DLPA and nattokinase.
Natural Pain Relievers                                      Omega 3s                                                     Healthy knees and joints
Curcumin is one of the best natural pain and                The well-known benefits of omega-3s for                      For damage to the cartilage between the
inflammation fighters out there. Because                    inflammation and arthritis pain make fish oil                joints I absolutely recommend some of the
curcumin doesn’t absorb easily I recommend                  seem like a natural choice to relieve pain.                  same special pain and inflammation fighting
a curcumin extract with the essential oil of                But it isn’t.                                                ingredients mentioned above plus vitamin D3
turmeric for up to 10 times the absorption                                                                               and a form of boron called fructoborate in
                                                            By the time fish oil is bottled, it has been
of standard 95% curcumin extracts. Avoid                                                                                 a combination targeted specifically to knees
                                                            processed so much that it bears little
extracts that blend curcumin with piperine –                                                                             and joints.
                                                            resemblance to the omega-3 fatty acids
it interacts poorly with most medications and               you would get from eating fish. This has                     Although well known for preventing
can have very negative effects on the liver.                bothered me for some time, so I was                          osteoporosis, some exciting new research
Research shows boswellia is especially                      thrilled to find a new method from Europe                    shows a relationship between arthritis, joint
potent at reducing arthritic joint pain. Make               which uses a patented, gentle, cold water                    health, and vitamin D deficiency. In fact,
sure you look for boswellia that is low                     and enzyme process to extract from                           vitamin D deficiency was noted in 69% of
in β-boswellic acid (which interferes with                  salmon naturally occurring omega-3 fatty                     the patients with inflammatory joint diseases
beneficial activity) and has high levels of                 acids DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) and                         or connective tissue diseases, 77% with soft
acetyl-11-keto-β-boswellic acid (AKBA).                     EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) bound to                         tissue rheumatism, 62% with osteoarthritis,
                                                            phospholipids, rather than the triglyceride                  75% with back pain, and 71% with
The amino acid combination DLPA (D,L-                                                                                    osteoporosis.
                                                            bonds in traditional fish oils. This creates
phenylalanine) inhibits the breakdown
                                                            a supplement that is much closer to nature                      Fructoborate, a form of boron found naturally
of enkephalins (related to endorphins,
                                                            and how people were meant to absorb and                         in fruits and vegetables, has been clinically
and associated with positive mood),
                                                            use these nutrients. Even more exciting?                        shown to reduce joint pain in 79% of
improves mood-elevating chemicals in
                                                            Researchers have found that the omega-                          volunteers suffering from mild to moderate
the brain (dopamine, epinephrine, and
                                                            3s naturally bound to these whole salmon                        osteoarthritis. Additionally, it helps the body
norepinephrine) and relieves muscle pain.
                                                            phospholipids are up to 50 times better                         absorb and use Vitamin D3, which helps
The enzyme nattokinase helps promote
                                                            absorbed than fish oil.                                         build bone and reduce potential problems
blood flow so that other compounds that are
carried in the bloodstream (such as curcumin,                 The phospholipid form of omega-3 is                           with joint pain. It also boosted levels of
boswellia, and pain-killing endorphins) can                    equivalent to taking 4 to 6 grams of fish oil                DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone), a hormone
reach the areas where they are needed the                     (about 12 capsules per day) in just one tablet. that supports the adrenal glands and can
most.                                                         All this without fish burps, too.                             boost energy levels and generally help you
                                                                                                                            feel healthier.
Terry Lemerond has over 40 years of experience in the health food industry. Terry has created more than 400 formulations, has a local talk radio show on Sunday mornings from 10-11
on WTAQ, 1360 AM or 97.5 FM, and writes a weekly educational column covering a variety of health topics.

                                                                                                                                                                     OCTOBER 21
take 5                                                        The magic of
                                                              beans and grains
                and five benefits of eating them
                                                                                             By Debra Daniels-Zeller

                               October 1st, World Vegetarian Day, kick-offs Vegetarian Awareness
                               Month, a celebration initiated by the North American Vegetarian Society
                               to promote vegetarian diets. I can’t think of a healthier way to celebrate
                               October than to add more whole grains and beans to your meal

What’s so special about beans and grains?                      The good news is that it isn’t necessary to eat beans and grains
Consider this: an entire plant lives in just one seed or       at the same meal to get the benefits of the amino acids they
bean. Feeding a family from one bean that grows into a         both offer. Why not enjoy oatmeal for breakfast, baked beans
plant and sprouts beans is a miracle to watch. Germinate       for lunch and tofu or nuts and grains for dinner?
a bean or grain and tiny sprouts appear. Green shoots
push through the soil; the bean splits and miniature           And for a sustainable diet for the planet, cut back on animal
leaves unfold. Jack and the bean stalk come to mind.           products for one or two meals per week.

It’s the same story with whole grains that contain             Grains and beans have worked together since the dawn of
major nutrients needed by the body - carbohydrates,            agriculture, providing complimentary essential amino acids that
protein, essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. No      make up the protein we need.
other foods in history have been as vital in nourishing
traditional civilizations. Grains and beans can sustain        There’s just one little problem with beans for many people:
more people than meat and dairy products as                    digestion. Various peoples and cultures around the world
documented in the 1971 classic book Diet for a Small Planet    have traditional remedies for this problem. Here are a few
by Francis Moore Lappé.                                        suggestions:
                                                                •	 Eat small portions of beans on a regular basis. Gradually
Legumes (peas, lentils and beans) were first mentioned in          increase the amount.
the Bible. Before that, broad beans were gathered from          •	 Soak beans overnight. Pour off the soaking water and cook
wild plants in the foothills of Himalayas. The first ancient       for a long time on low heat
domesticated bean consumption in the New World was              •	 Add half a strip of kombu to the cooking water. It speeds
discovered in caves in Peru. Everywhere beans went,                cooking time, tenderizes beans, making them more
grains followed; or maybe it was the other way around.             digestible. Look for this dried Asian seaweed on the
                                                                   International aisle.
Vegetarian staples                                              •	 Try Beano, a product with enzymes that break down the
Whole grains and beans provide a healthy food base for             complex sugars in beans that cause gas. According to
 •	 Vegans (no animal products, including honey)                   reviews, it works for most people.
 •	 Vegetarians (no meat fish or poultry but can include
    dairy, eggs and honey)
 •	 Carnivores who want to cut back on animal products

Another reason many people don’t rely on beans and grains is
they can’t think of creative ways to use them. Here are a few
  •	 Go international - most ethnic cuisines incorporate beans
       and grains in traditional dishes.
                                                                           Fiesta Warm Black Bean
  •	 Think soup, a perfect option for grains and beans. Check                   and Corn Salad
       my blog for many soup ideas: (http://foodconnections.             (Serves 4)
  •	 Blend beans into dips and spreads.                                  1/2 cup           millet or quinoa
  •	 Try a salad with beans and grains served warm for dinner,           1 cup             water
       cold for lunch and spread on tortillas for breakfast.
                                                                          pinch            sea salt
Five reasons to add beans and grains to your diet

                                                                         1/4 cup           raw apple cider vinegar
          Improves cholesterol levels. Dried cooked beans                1 to 3 Tbs        extra-virgin olive oil
          consumed every day and just a cup of oatmeal lowers            1 Tbs             lime juice
          cholesterol up to 24 percent. Phytonutrients and fiber in
                                                                         1 tsp             chili powder
          amaranth and barley also lower cholesterol.

                                                                         1/2 tsp           cumin
          Reduces risks of cancer. The American Cancer Society            pinch            organic sugar
          says, “If you want to lower your risk of cancer, eat            cayenne          to taste
          more legumes,” including peas, beans, lentils. As for
                                                                         1 can             drained black beans
          whole grains, the fiber in them pushes food through the
          digestive track faster, moving carcinogenic compounds           2 cups           fresh or frozen cooked corn

          out of the body faster.                                        1/2 cup           finely chopped onion
          Regulates functions of the colon. Good sources
          of insoluble fiber, beans and many grains relieve                   1.   Bring water to a boil in a small
          constipation by sweeping the digestive track as they go.                 saucepan. Add millet or quinoa and
          Most Americans don’t get enough fiber, so adding beans                   a pinch of salt. Reduce heat and

          and grains is a health bonus.                                            simmer 15 minutes or until water is
                                                                                   absorbed and grain is soft.
          Helps balance blood sugar levels. Blood sugar means
          the amount of glucose in your blood, and the fiber in               2. Combine next six ingredients for
          beans and grains helps balance blood glucose levels.                   dressing. Set aside. Combine black
          Whole grains and beans score low on the glycemic                       beans, corn, onion and cooked
          index and they won’t spike your blood sugar levels.                    millet or quinoa. Pour dressing over

                                                                                 ingredients black beans and grains.
           Reduces your carbon footprint. Beef, poultry and dairy                Gently mix and garnish with cilantro.
           products use the most energy since they are often
           raised on grains that suck up soil nutrients and require
           lots of water. Petroleum products are used in shipping        Bottom line is beans and grains make a successful
           and processing. Grains, beans, and locally grown              marriage. Together they offer health benefits and
           produce use the least amount of energy and make for a         serve as savory sustainable testimonials for the planet,
           more sustainable diet plan that can help feed the world.      your health and your wallet.

                 Debra Daniels-Zeller is author of The Northwest Vegetarian Cookbook: 200 Recipes That Celebrate the
                 Flavors of Oregon and Washington (Timber Press, 2010). She is a regular contributor to Vegetarian Journal
                 magazine and writes a delightful food blog at She can be reached at
                (425) 776-4689.
                                                                                                                     OCTOBER 23
                                                                                                                     OCTOBER 23
     Maroma is a fair trade certified company that employs
     only adults (mostly women) from local villages near
     Auroville in Southern India to make natural, plant-based
     soaps and incense. To encourage schooling, they are
     required to complete their education prior to working.
     Salaries are higher than the local standard and benefits
     include a pleasant work atmosphere, reasonable hours,
     health care facilities, hygiene programs, nutritional
     snacks and savings plans. Positions at Maroma
     are much sought after by the area’s residents and
     employees tend to stay with the company for many
     years. Maroma is the largest industry in Auroville and
     returns 40% of its profits annually to the community.

                                          Focus on
                                        FAIR TRADE
                                        Marlene’s body care
                                               Natural unrefined shea butter has the potential to change the lives of women
                                               in rural areas where the tree grows in abundance. Lack of training on quality
                                               standards and market access has long been a hindrance to the women shea
                                               producers. Shea Radiance has partnered with eight shea butter cooperatives
                                                            in Northern Nigeria to buy their handcrafted unrefined shea butter.

                                                            The women of rural northern Nigeria have endured a cycle of
                                                            poverty spanning generations. Lack of education and widespread
                                                             illiteracy have kept them unaware of how to place the true
                                                             value on their handcrafted shea butter. The fair trade shea butter
                                                              industry in Africa is still in its infancy and social entrepreneurs
                                                              who are willing to fund initiatives are needed. As part of a
                                                               joint project with the Sustainable Economic Development in
                                                                Nigeria (SEDIN), Shea Radiance has provided training and
                                                                labor saving production equipment to assist these women in
                                                                 producing a premium grade of shea butter suitable for the
                                                                  cosmetic industry. In the summer of 2011, Shea Radiance
                                                                  spent several weeks training and working closely with eight
                                                                   cooperatives in northern Nigeria. With training support and
                                                                   the provision of locally manufactured technology, we will be
                                                                    teaching women how to add value to their labor by producing
                                                                    the best quality shea butter.

Evanhealy is committed to sourcing plant oils and waters
from the family-owned farms and women’s co-operatives of
the world.

Our raw unrefined shea butter, featured in our Whipped
Shea Butters, comes to us from the Tapko Widows Group, a
small village community of women in northern Ghana. This
remarkable group of women hand-harvest and process the
shea nuts into shea butter using labor-intensive, traditional
methods that have been handed down over centuries. The
Tapko Widows are paid a premium price and a percentage of
sales goes to a micro-credit project in their support.

                                                                Our hand-pressed certified organic argan oil,
                                                                featured in our Light Moisture Replenishing Fluid, is
                                                                exclusively produced by the small, self-governed
                                                                Berber Women’s Co-operatives of Morocco.
                                                                During the last decade, indigenous Berber women
                                                                created these cooperatives to produce traditionally
                                                                handcrafted, renewable and sustainable argan oil from
                                                                the seeds of this wild-growing thorny evergreen – a
                                                                tree that can be traced back twenty million years. For
                                                                the women of the cooperative, the argan tree is holy,
                                                                and is said to bless their village, providing strength,
                                                                pride and the means to survive in their semi-arid

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, too! In 2009, about 40,170 women died from breast
cancer in the United States. Even in men, 1,910 new cases are projected in 2009, with 440 deaths. Learn more
below about what natural body care companies are doing to support research on breast cancer.

                                                                      As a member of the Campaign for Safe
All of us have family and friends affected by                         Cosmetics, Crystal has pledged that all products
this tragic disease and it is ACURE’s ultimate                        they manufacture will meet the standards and
goal to lobby for a cure in our time.                                 deadlines set by European Union Directive
For each Argan Oil and Oil                                            76/768/EEC to be free of chemicals that are
Control Day Cream sold,                                               known or strongly suspected to cause cancer,
ACURE donates $1.00 to                                                mutation, birth defects or other harms. The
Bright Pink®. They also                                               Environmental Working Group conducted a
donate 5% to provide free                                             safety assessment on over 7,000 ingredients
mammograms to at-risk                                                 found in personal care products. For the
women.                                                                Deodorant Category, Crystal Body Deodorant®
                                                                      was ranked number one: the safest deodorant
                                                                      on the market. Crystal products have been
                                                                      endorsed by numerous Breast Cancer &
                                                                      Oncology Treatment Centers in the USA. We
                                                                      donate generously, both products and money,
                                                                      to cancer fighting causes throughout the US.
                                                                                                             OCTOBER 25
                                                                                                             OCTOBER 25
A consumer’s guide to GMOs                  What’s a GMO?
                                            A GMO (genetically modified organism) is the result of a laboratory process of taking
                                            genes from one species and inserting them into another in an attempt to obtain a desired
                                            trait or characteristic, hence they are also known as transgenic organisms. This process
                                            may be called either Genetic Engineering (GE) or Genetic Modification (GM); they are
                                            one and the same.

                                       But haven’t growers been grafting trees, breeding animals, and hybridizing
                                       seeds for years?
                                       Genetic engineering is completely different from traditional breeding and carries unique
risks. In traditional breeding it is possible to mate a pig with another pig to get a new variety, but is not possible to mate a
pig with a potato or a mouse. Even when species that may seem to be closely related do succeed in breeding, the offspring
are usually infertile—a horse, for example, can mate with a donkey, but the offspring (a mule) is sterile.

With genetic engineering, scientists can breach species                   Before the FDA decided to allow GMOs into food
barriers set up by nature. For example, they have spliced fish            without labeling, FDA scientists had repeatedly
genes into tomatoes. The results are plants (or animals) with             warned that GM foods can create unpredictable, hard-
traits that would be virtually impossible to obtain with natural          to-detect side effects, including allergies, toxins, new
processes, such as crossbreeding or grafting.                             diseases, and nutritional problems. They urged long-
                                                                          term safety studies, but were ignored. Since
Current field trials include:                                             then, findings include:
   •	 Corn engineered with human genes (Dow)                                •	 Thousands of sheep, buffalo, and
   •	 Sugarcane engineered with human genes (Hawaii                            goats in India died after grazing
      Agriculture Research Center)                                             on Bt cotton plants
   •	 Corn engineered with jellyfish genes (Stanford                        •	   Mice eating GM corn for the
      University)                                                                long term had fewer, and
                                                                                 smaller, babies
   •	 Tobacco engineered with lettuce genes (University of
      Hawaii)                                                               •	   More than half the babies of
                                                                                 mother rats fed GM soy died
   •	 Rice engineered with human genes (Applied                                  within three weeks, and
      Phytologics)                                                               were smaller
   •	 Corn engineered with hepatitis virus genes (Prodigene)                •	 Cooked GM soy contains
Genetically modified foods… are they safe?                                     as much as 7-times the
The American Academy of Environmental Medicine (AAEM)                          amount of a known soy
doesn’t think so. The Academy reported that “Several animal                    allergen
studies indicate serious health risks associated with GM food,”             •	   Soy allergies
including infertility, immune problems, accelerated aging,                       skyrocketed by 50%
faulty insulin regulation, and changes in major organs and the                   in the UK, soon
gastrointestinal system. The AAEM asked physicians to advise                     after GM soy was
patients to avoid GM foods.                                                      introduced

              Information on this page permission of
              the Institute for Responsible Technology.
              Don’t miss founder and CEO of IRT
              Jeffrey Smith Tues., October 18 at
              Marlene’s-Federal Way. The event is
              free to the public and begins at 7 pm.
              No reservations will be taken so please
              plan to arrive early.
                                                  Chemical                                                 Mt. Rainier
                                                   Cuisine:                                                Clinic for
                                                                      Do you really                        Wholistic
                                                                        know what                          Rejuvenation
                                                                     you’re eating?
                                                                                 Part 2 of 2
                                                                                                         Services Offered
                                                     by Gloria Gilbère, DA, HOM, Ph.D, DSC               • IV Chelation / Nutrition
                                                                                                         • Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
                                                                                                         • Naturopathy / Chiropractic
                                                                                                         • Wholistic Rejuvenation
Do you know the actual identity and                                                                      • Nutrition / Health Education
                                                                                                         • Physiotherapy / Massage
health consequences of the following                                                                     • Detoxification / Cleansing
                                                                                                         • Colon Hydrotherapy
food ingredients?                                                                                        • Womens’ Health / GYN
Sulfites                                                                                                 • Cardiovascular Disease
Compelling evidence exists that high levels of these neurotoxic preservatives                            • Digestive Disorders (Leaky Gut)
lead to chronic degeneration of your nervous system including depression,                                • Fibromyalgia / Inflammation
panic attacks, anxiety, seizures, migraines, impaired learning and memory, and                           • Chemical Sensitivities / Allergies
                                                                                                         • Bio-identical Hormone Therapy
                                                                                                         • Neurological (Brain) Disorders
                                                                                                         • Stroke Recovery / Burns
Unfortunately, sulfites suppress the protective antioxidant enzymes in the brain,
                                                                                                         • Environmental Health
such as glutathione – one of the most important antioxidants in your brain – found
in all brain cells. Those with Parkinson’s disease demonstrate very low levels of                        • Russell Kolbo, DC, ND
glutathione. What this means is that eating a diet containing sulfites can greatly                       • Karl Peterson, DC, ND
increase your risk of developing Parkinson’s disease. And those who already have                         • Gloria Gilbère, DAHom,
Parkinson’s or other neurological diseases could deteriorate faster. Additionally,                         PhD, EcoErgonomist,
many studies have shown that sulfites can trigger inflammation, a condition at                             Wholistic Rejuvenist
epidemic levels related to many diseases, including cancer, diabetes, heart disease,                     • Milagros Arocho, MD, GYN
arthritis/fibromyalgia/Scleroderma, and autoimmune diseases.                                             Collectively, the doctors
                                                                                                         exceed 100 years in the
Carrageenan                                                                                              practice of natural health.
Carrageenan, a seaweed, is used as a food additive to replace fat and gelatin for
thickening. In its natural state it’s healthy; in its processed state using solvents, it’s                The Integrative
highly antagonistic to humans.                                                                            Medical Clinic of
                                                                                                          the 21st Century
Glutamate                                                                                                 Total Wholistic Health
Glutamate is a dangerous chemical that can legally be added under a multitude of
aliases including hydrolyzed vegetable protein and yeast extract, to name a few.

                  Gloria Gilbère, D.A.Hom., Ph.D., D.S.C., EcoErgonomist, Wholistic Rejuvenist,
                  and Health Detective, is internationally respected as a natural-health practitioner,    6712 Kimball Drive NW
                  researcher and investigative. She can be reached at Mt. Rainer Clinic for Wholistic     Gig Harbor, WA 98335
                  Rejuvenation at (253) 853-8853. For more information visit       Hwy #16, Exit #11

                                                                                                                                         OCTOBER 27
                                                     Focus on                FAIR T
    In 1986 Equal Exchange broke ground selling fair trade coffee
    from Nicaragua. They’ve now grown to be the largest fair trade
    coffee importer in the U.S. Learn more on Tues., October 25 when
    Tom Wilde, west coast sales rep for Equal Exchange, talks about the
    company’s fair trade coffee program (details on page 10).

    Equal Exchange’s Interfaith Program partners with faith-based
    relief, development and human rights organizations and works with
    communities of faith as they learn about and promote Fair Trade.
    People of faith are living out their values through their consumer
    choices, and farming communities are providing for their families,
    greening our planet and building a better future.

    Equal Exchange’s Interfaith Program offers 100% fairly traded coffee,
    tea, cocoa, chocolate and nuts at wholesale pricing to congregations
    and faith groups.
   • Serve and sell Equal Exchange products after worship and at
      community events, holiday bazaars and farmers’ markets.
   • Fundraise for your youth, women’s or other groups using Equal
     Exchange products.
   • Educate your congregation about Fair Trade, small farmers and
    environmental sustainability.

    Our very own Theo Chocolate is the country’s only Organic, Fair
    Trade, Bean-to-Bar chocolate factory in the United States. They are
    passionate about acquiring the highest quality fair trade ingredients
    possible. Tours of Theo’s chocolate processing facility in Seattle are
    a popular attraction for visitors and residents alike. The one hour
    tours begin with an interactive talk covering the story of cacao: the
    history, farming, ecology and politics of chocolate. Guides how
    explain how the equipment works to transform cacao fruit into
    chocolate and discuss the social and environmental issues relating
    to cacao and cacao farmers. Best of all, tour guests try amazing
    organic, fair trade chocolate products throughout tour experience!
    Due to their popularity, the $6 per person tours are often booked
    up 3-4 weeks in advance. Learn more at

                   The espresso has landed!
                   Marlene’s-Tacoma is now serving fairly-traded,
                   organic, shade-grown espresso!
                   Stop by the deli today and try one of our rich
                   regular or Swiss Water Process decaffeinated
                   espresso drinks. We’ve got plenty of milk choices,
                   too: Organic Dairy, Soy, Almond, Rice & Hemp

TRADE Marlene’s grocery
            Third Street Chai of Boulder, Co sources as many of its
            ingredients as possible through Fair Trade programs. The easy to
            make chai tea concentrates are blended in a 100% wind powered
            facility in Boulder, Colorado. Third Street Chai also composts all
            their by-products for local farmers.

            Guayaki, bottlers of Yerba Mate, became the world’s first Fair
            Trade Yerba Mate company in 2009. They are dedicated to
            working with suppliers that offer fair wages, practice sustainable
            farming, and are involved in socially responsible projects.

             Alter Eco is one of the newest Fair Trade additions to Marlene’s
             shelves. Alter Eco is founded on the belief that fair trade is a
             viable and successful alternative to conventional commerce which
             can gradually close the gap between the so-called industrialized
             countries and developing countries. Alter Eco also believes
             product quality and human development go hand in hand and
             that consumers can not only benefit from a production process
             that is sound to the planet and its people but that they can also
             be empowered by such a system.

             Sarah McLachlan, co-founder of the Lilith Fair Music Festival, donated
             $1 from every ticket sold to the [i4c]Campaign which in turn
             donated the money to socially and environmentally responsible
             businesses including Alter Eco. Learn more about this website
    contains a wealth of information and facts
             about Fair Trade around the world.

            Customer Fave!
            Luna and Larry’s Vegan Fair Trade Coconut Bliss vegan “ice
            cream” is produced just down the road in Eugene, Oregon, by
            Larry and Luna Kaplowitz. Their company, Bliss Unlimited, LLC,
            is dedicated to creating unique and exquisitely delicious desserts,
            consciously prepared from the most nutritious and wholesome
            organic ingredients available, and bringing them to market in ways
            that express their reverence for both people and the planet.

                                                                            OCTOBER 29
                                                            October Deli
                                                         Recipe of the Month:
  Broadening Your                                        Pumpkin Empanadas

     Pumpkin Path                                     Dough
                                                      1 ½ cup
                                                      8 oz
                                                                      unsalted cold butter
                                                                      cold cream cheese
                                                      2 cups          unbleached flour
             By Mary Walukiewicz,                     4 Tbs           organic cane sugar
             Food Services Director at Marlene’s

             When people think of pumpkin,            • Combine all ingredients in a food processor
             they often are reminded of the            and pulse until dough comes together.
             same things… jack-o-lanterns,            • Form into a ball, cover and refrigerate for 1
             pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread. Far           hour or up to a day.
             fewer have crossed the pumpkin           • If you do not have a food processor, use a
             threshold and tried any of the            pastry blender or box grater to cut the butter
             thousands of recipes out there.           and cream cheese into pea sized pieces
             Being a fruit, pumpkin lends              and mix in the flour, sugar and salt using your
             itself to both sweet and savory           hands until you form a soft dough.
             applications, so break out of your       • Use one egg and turbinado sugar as
             shell and try something a little          needed for brushing the empanadas before
             different this fall.                      baking

             While my recipe for empanadas
             isn’t too daring, it is something that   Pumpkin Filling
             you don’t see every day. If you          4 cups          canned pumpkin (drain
             like this (and I’m pretty sure you                       excess moisture)
             will), then follow a different path      2               eggs
             next time - try making pumpkin           1 cup           turbinado sugar
             curry soup or pumpkin ravioli with       1 tsp           sea salt
             sage butter. Your culinary path of       2 tsp           ground cinnamon
             discovery may take you to some           ½ tsp           cloves
             amazing places, but they always          1 tsp           vanilla extract
             lead back home to a slice of             • Combine all filling ingredients and put off to
             pumpkin pie                               the side.
                                                      • Divide cream cheese dough into 12 equal
                                                       pieces and roll each one out to a 5 inch
                                                      • Place 1/3 cup of pumpkin filling in the
                                                      • Fold the dough over to create a half moon
                                                       or turnover.
                                                      • Use a fork or your fingers, crimp the edges
                                                       together firmly so the filling will not leak out.
                                                      • Brush the tops of the empandas with a
                                                       beaten egg and sprinkle with turbinado
                                                      • Place on a foil or parchment lined sheet
                                                       pan and bake in a pre-heated 350 degree
                                                       oven for approx. 20 minutes or until golden

                                                 OCTOBER 2011                                                      calendar of events
                  Sunday            Monday                          Tuesday                Wednesday        Thursday                Friday                Saturday

                                              Did you know...seniors 65 and older
                                                   receive 10% off vitamins
                                                    every day at Marlene’s?

                                                                                                                                                     In-store Celebration
                                                                  Food Prep                                                                       Fair Trade Day at Marlene’s
                                                           Principles of Weston Price,                           Lecture
                                                                                                            Peri-menopause:                       Sat., October 8, 11 am – 3 pm
                                                                    Part Two                                                                       Join us for samples, demos,
                                                                with Susan Blake                            It’s Power Time!
                                                                                                         with Karen Hurley, ND                      and educational programs
                                                                    7 pm, $5                                                                       to help raise awareness and
                                                                     Tacoma                                   7 pm, FREE
                                                                                                               Federal Way                         celebrate the achievements
                                                            Pre-registration required                                                                 of the global Fair Trade
                           2                           3                              4            5                            6            7              Movement.    8
                                                             Hands-on Workshop                                  Lecture
                                 Uniform Tuesday                                                           Support Yout Local
                                                           Introduction to Soapmaking
                               10% off all purchases            with Kerri Merrill                           Immune Syatem
                                for our uniformed                   6 pm, $40                           with Herb Joiner-Bey, ND
                                military, police and                 Tacoma                                   7 pm, FREE
                                                                 Pre-registration                              Federal Way
                       9                          10                                11             12                        13              14                          15
                                                                Special Guest                                                                            Food Prep
                                                              Why We Must Stop the                                                                   Living Foods for the
                                                              Proliferation of GMOs
                                                                                                           Special Guest                                   Holidays
                                                           An evening with Jeffrey Smith                  Stop Pain Naturally                         with Karen Fahey
                                                                Of the Institute for                           and Safely                              Sat., October 22
                                                             Responsible Technology                      with Terry Lemerond                         10 am – Noon, $15
                                                                Tues., October 18                            7 pm, FREE                                  Federal Way
                                                                    7 pm, FREE                                Federal Way                          Pre-registration required
                                                                 FEDERAL WAY
                       16                          17                               18             19                        20              21                          22
                               24                                                                              Food Prep
             23                                                   Slide Show                            Traditional Holiday Foods
                                                           Equal Exchange Fair Trade                      from Weston A. Price
                                                                Coffee Adventure                                Foundation
                                                           with Time Wilde, Francesca                        with Trish Carty
                                                               Siena & Kim Love                                  7 pm, $20
                                                                  7 pm, FREE                                   Federal Way
                                                                     Tacoma                                  Pre-registration
                       30                          31                              25              26             required  27               28                         29

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                        2951 So. 38th St., Tacoma
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                       •                                                                                       Ready” herbicide to be added to 90% of
          38th. St.
                                                                                                                the meat and other foods you eat that
                                                                    So. Steele
                             So. Pine

                                                         So. Fife

                                                                                                                 contain sugar, corn, soy, or canola?

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            Mon-Fri: 9 am-8 pm                                                                                 sponsors in a month of activities designed to turn the
    Sat: 9 am-7 pm, Sun: 10 am-6 pm                                                                            tide against Genetically Modified Organisms including
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