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Want to have a sharp memory despite advanced age? Add the eggs and chicken as your daily
menu. Scientists found that a diet rich in choline can protect the brain from aging longer.
Nutrients from the vitamin B family is widely found in foods such as chicken, eggs, fish and
legumes such as kidney beans. Researchers at Boston University found that people who
mengasup choline in the diet had a better memory tests than those who lack this diet.
Meanwhile, the shortage of this material in the brain associated with the tendency of
dementia (dementia).
The findings add new evidence that diet affects all ages will age a person's brain. However,
senior researcher Dr. Rhoda Au, reminding one nutrient is not the only way to ward off
dementia. "I think the message is to eat foods that are healthy and balanced at the age of
middle-aged is very important," he said.
Previous studies have found a Mediterranean-style diet, which includes fish, vegetables and
olive oil, may have a protective effect on the brain.
For his study, Dr. Au combing the long-term health survey. A total of 1400 adults aged 36-83
years answered a diet questionnaire between 1991-1995. Then, between 1998-2001, they
underwent tests of memory and other cognitive abilities and brain MRI scans.
 The study found, men and women who have the highest intake of choline perform better
tests, with consideration of factors including education and the fat and calorie intake. They
also proved to have fewer white areas on parts of their brains.
At the age of reaching middle-aged, in regions of the brain, high intensity white area of the
brain are considered signs of vascular disease which is a signal of increased risk of stroke or
dementia.Dr Au said, people who do not consume choline is not going to see the 'difference'
means. However, the findings underscore that low choline intake is more likely to lead people
in mental decline. Experts generally recommend that men need 550mg of choline per day,
while women must mengasup 425mg. more info

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