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									                                                                                                  MINUTES                                  1 (3)

                                                            Minutes Implementation Group Meeting “Optimizing the
                                                            use of interconnectors – SwePol Link and Baltic Cable”,
                                                            February 13th, 2007
                                                            Participants            Energy Markets Inspectorate (EMI): Margareta Bergström
                                                                                    (chair), Henrik Gåverud, Tony Rosten, Johan Roupe, Björn
                                                                                    Hagman from Hagman Energy (participated as a consultant for
                                                                                    EMI) and Ulf Öberg from Öberg & Associés (participated as a
                                                                                    consultant for EMI)

                                                                                    Baltic Cable AB: Jan Brewitz, Håkan Feuk and Berit Flagstad.

                                                                                    Bundesnetzagentur: Andrea Korr and Dr. Frank-Peter Hansen

                                                                                    Danish Energy Regulatory Authority (DERA): Peter

                                                                                    E.ON Netz: Thorsten Dietz

                                                                                    PSE Electra: Maciej Olejniczak

                                                                                    PSE Operator: Bronislaw Nowinski

                                                                                    Energy Regulating Office Poland: Agniesika Panek

                                                                                    SwePol Link: Björn Forsberg

                                                                                    Svenska Kraftnät: Björn ter Bruggen and Tania Pinzon

                                                                                    Nord Pool Spot: Rickard Nilsson

                                                                                    Vattenfall: Bo Wahrgren

                                                            §1          Welcome
                                                                        Margareta Bergström welcomed the participants. All participants
                                                                        introduced themselves.

                                                            §2          Approval of the agenda
                                                                        The draft agenda was approved without any comments.
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§3   The legal situation – short introduction by legal consultant Ulf

     Ulf Öberg, consultant from Öberg and Associés, gave the group a brief
     presentation over his judgement as regards the legal situation of the
     Baltic Cable and SwePol Link.

     The group discussed the topic and it was clear that it is not easy to make
     a definite judgement of the legal situation for the cables.

§4   The legal situation – comments and discussion
     Vattenfall and Svenska Kraftnät presented the outcome of separate legal
     studies over the legal situation that pointed out different judgements
     than Ulf Öbergs conclusions. (The studies will be distributed together
     with the minutes.)

     Margareta Bergström promoted the group to try to find “the spirit
     behind the legislation” instead of trying to interpret the wordings in

§5   Short information regarding the work in RCC
     Peter Hoffmann gave a short update regarding the work in RCC.

§6   Power exhanges – short presentation about the view of the
     situation and possible future capacity allocation solutions
     Rickard Nilsson announced that a complete presentation will be made at
     the IG Kontek meeting in Copenhagen the 14th of February and that he
     therefore did not want to make the full presentation in advance.

§7   The March report
     Tony Rosten presented the proposed table of contents in the March
     report and no objections were made by the members of the group.

     A draft will be sent out to all members within approximately 3 weeks.

§8   Plans for furher work
           Report to RCC on descriptive and analytical tasks, March 2007.
            This report will include the situation today regarding the cables,
            the EU legislative framework, interpretation of the legal
            situation for SwePol Link and Baltic Cable and the division of
            work. Draft will be sent out within 3 weeks.
           The planned meeting on the 6th of March will be cancelled. A
            common workshop for this implementation group, the
            implementation group “Optimizing the use of interconnectors –
            Kontek and Germany-DK West” and stakeholders is planned
                                 2011-12-06                          3 (3)

                  during late spring of 2007
                 Final report including “proposal”, December 2007

         Forthcoming meetings:
             Implementation group meeting in Stockholm, May 9th.

Keeper of the minutes             Confirmation of the minutes

Tony Rosten                       Margareta Bergström

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