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									Alex Pedersen
104 W. Michigan
Clinton, MI 49236
Phone: (517) 402-3695

OBJECTIVE: To obtain a teaching position in physics and/or mathematics at the high school level. I
                would also like to be involved in extracurricular school activities such as football and

        April 2007   Michigan State University, Teacher Certification
                     Secondary certification in Physics and Mathematics
        May 2006     Michigan State University, Bachelor of Arts
                     Major: Physics
                     Minor: Mathematics

       September 2006 - April 2007
                     Teaching Internship (Grand Ledge High School, Grand Ledge, MI)
                           Created and taught instructional units in physics and geometry in alignment
                             with Michigan Curricular Framework.
                           Created and implemented laboratory work and project-based assignments.
                           Maintained a website that summarized central ideas in each lesson, recorded
                             weekly assignments and major objectives.
                           Integrated technology to aid student learning.
                           Developed multiple strategies of classroom management by observing
                             veteran teachers.
                           Held a long-term subbing position in Physics where I was responsible for
                             all classroom activities for duration of two months.
                           Served as adult supervisor for school weight room.
       September 2005 - April 2006
                     Classroom Aide (Sexton High School, Lansing, MI)
                           Taught multiple full class lessons.
                           Observed classroom activities.
                           Tutored students that were not achieving to their potential.
        January - April 2004
                     Tutor (Success Academy, Lansing, MI)
                           Tutored multiple students in an alternative school setting.
                           Observed classroom procedures in an alternative setting.
       January – April 2003
                     MSU HOSTS Program
                           Tutored middle school students with reading difficulties.
                           Participated in field trips.

        Summers 2004-2005
                   Raspberry Island Remote Camps, Maintenance/deck hand
                   Kodiak, Alaska
                        Responsible for lawn care, trail maintenance, fish processing and general
                           camp maintenance.
                        Deck hand on a charter fishing boat and a gear packer on select outings.
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      January 2003 - present
                   Michigan State University Police and Public Safety, Parking Enforcement
                   East Lansing, MI
                         Assisted motorists while enforcing campus parking regulations.
                         Student Supervisor responsible for training new employees and ensuring
                             customer satisfaction while regulating over thirty student employees.

                           Michigan State University Dean’s List, 2003
                           High School varsity athlete: 3-years football, 3-years track, 4-years
                           Varsity Scholar-Athlete Award, 1999-2002

                           National Science Teachers Association, 2007
                           Attended the Mathematics Education Colloquium, Michigan State
                            University, February 2007.
                           Assisted in adapting science courses as part of a school-wide change from
                            semester to trimester schedule at Grand Ledge High School for the 2008-
                            2009 school year and beyond.

               Jeff Hackborn, Mentor Physics Teacher
               Grand Ledge High School
               820 Spring Street
               Grand Ledge, MI 48837
               Main Phone: (517) 627-5194

               Gordon Aldrich, Assistant Principal
               Grand Ledge High School
               820 Spring Street
               Grand Ledge, MI 48837
               Main Phone: (517) 627-5194

               Dawn Mazur, Parking Coordinator
               MSU Department of Police and Public Safety
               87 Public Safety
               East Lansing, MI 48824
               Phone: (517)353-5298

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