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									                                   PTO Minutes
                                September 15, 2009

Attendees: Jeanice Arcos, Tina Connelly, Sue Davidson-Praschak, Lisa DiGiuseppantonio,
Katie Farrington, Jean Folker, Randi Fromkin, Christina Gebhasdt, Eiram Gonzalez, Sr.,
Joanne Gray, Donna Keosseian, Gina Kirk, Melissa Knight, John Livingood, Erin Mangan,
June McKim, Lori Morello, Eileen Provenzano, Mindy Ricca, Debby Russo, Enrdina
Sandoval, Bonny Serratelli, Lu Stierman, Andrea Stimson, Susan Trogu, Christine Young

Financial Report:
Jean Folker reviewed the current financial statement and proposed expenses – Jean will be
working with Sue Trogu to transfer the financial books.

School Support Updates:
   Assembly Programs-1) Laser Light Show ($895) and 2) Environmental ($800- possible
   to get funding from Belmar and Lake Como) planned for this year. Motion was made by
   Debby Russo for the 1st assembly- Joanne Gray second- to approve funding for the Laser
   Light Show. Motion was made by Donna Keosseian for the 2nd assembly and second by
   Lisa Digiueseppantonio. Motion voted on and approved for funding for the
   Environmental Assembly.
   Teacher Grant Program- Applications are due at the end of September and will be
   reviewed at the October meeting.
   Back To School Night- Book Fair will be open and hour before back to school night for
   parents to shop.
   Book Swap- Joanne Gray will be coordinating this event.
   50/50 – We will be doing the progressive 50/50 again this year with the drawing at the
   Spring Concert.

Fundraising Activities:
   Carnival: October 10 from 1-6 – approximately 15 games, 2 inflatables,
   hamburgers/hotdogs, cotton candy, popcorn, spin art, sand art. Will also have table for t-
   shirts and pie ordering. About 40-60 volunteers will be needed. Meeting will be held with
   volunteers prior to October 10. (Should it rain event can be moved indoors). Goal is for
   this to be major fundraiser to eliminate so many fundraisers.

    Newsletter Donna to take care of
    Bake Sales – Randi Fromkin to chair. First one will be for Lip Sync.
    Belmar Fall Festival – Erin Mangan will do a table with any left over t-shirts from the
    Sue Davidon-Praschak- suggested that their be class mom’s that are liaisons to PTO
       and volunteered to work on a directory.
    Science Night – not update at this time
    Spelling Bee – April 15th. Erin Mangan and Janise Arcos to chair.
    School Nurse – Jean will check with Mrs. Wallace to see if any items are needed.
Ongoing Programs:
   Campbell’s Labels – 12,000 points. Tina Connelly to look in catalog
   Box Tops – no update at this time

Next Meeting:
   Tuesday October 6, 2009, 7:00 pm in the Library

    PTO Contact: Jean Folker(

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