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									CMS Real Choice Systems
Change Grants
   CMS wants States to support persons with
    developmental disabilities to create a life and
    relationships in their community
   Individuals live in the community
       Choose where they live
       Choose providers
       Choose type of supports
       Choose how supports are provided
       Get quality services

DDD’s CMS grant to build a Quality
Management System: What….Why….

   What—CMS has awarded a three year grant
    to New Jersey DDD to support its process of
    System Change
       Why—CMS wants to help States build their
        infrastructure for long-term supports in the
       New Jersey will implement three goals with
        accountability for specific products within set
       Consumers, family members, providers, DDD staff,
        advocates and the people in each consumer’s
        every day life will all be involved in insuring
        Quality                                         2
Strategy for Quality Grant
   Partner with Boggs Center to bring Best Practice in Essential
    Lifestyle Planning to NJ and make it even better
   Partner with Clinical Services Management to produce an
    interactive & cost-effective training CD and Leader’s Guide to
    move training to every community
   Involve the whole DD community in a Quality Management
    Steering Committee built on CMS’s vision of a Quality
   Automate the data input for Quality Management as part of
    DDD’s IT strategy
   Partner with NJACP to assist providers to upgrade their IT

Quality Assurance & Quality
Improvement in HCBS
   Build quality into design of program
   New Jersey barriers to Quality
       Facility-based culture
       Fragmented QA/QI system
       Paper systems—not automated
       Need more family and participant input

Goal 1: Training CD & Leader’s Guide to move
culture to person-centered thinking

   Customized training CD
   Teach competencies in Person-centered
    Planning for Real Life Choice
   Test competencies
   Leader’s guide
   Training in the community
   Score actual plans for compentencies
   Identify strengths and areas for Quality
    Improvement in person-centered planning
   Retrain
Train providers, participants, families, DDD staff
in person-centered planning

   Training for waiver participants
   Training for family members
   Custom Leader’s Guides
   Products reviewed by QM Steering
   Feedback from training participants

Goal 2: Create a QM system
linked to IT strategy
   Transform the Steering Committee
   Data-driven process
   Committee meets quarterly
   Focus Groups & Work Groups work
    between meetings
   Review current data input
   Design new data set with more focus on
Improve data collection and
   Develop applications to enter data
    through the Internet to a secure
   DDD has one database for all data
   Rules for timely & accurate data
   Alerts for missing data or errors
   Automation makes work easier

Involve families and
consumers in Provider Review
   Present to Steering Committee a new
    Quality Review Process for licensed and
    qualified providers that involves
    families, waiver participants and other
   Pilot and implement new Quality Review
    of providers

Goal 3: Use website to involve
the entire DD community
   Post materials on the website to
    support QM Steering Committee
   Post rules for eligibility, assessment,
    access for everyone to see
   Post information on supports &
    services—traditional and self-directed
   Provide easy to find information on
    typical questions and concerns

Survey families & participants
via web browser
   Survey participants in waivers and their
    families for their satisfaction and ideas
   Provide results to QM Steering
   Post results on website
   Get consumers and families involved at
    all stages of System Change and Quality

Technical Assistance
   Provide training to family members and
    consumers so they can find information and
    give DDD their feedback
   Help people find free access to the website in
    their communities
   Help providers save with cost-effective
   Budget for money to help providers with IT
   Provide low-cost training for provider staff to
    improve their IT capabilities                12

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