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									Richard Przybylski
197 Wheeler Rd, lot 41 • Florida, NY 10921 • PHONE (914) 789-6945
HOME (845) 651-4162

December 6, 2011

Dear Recruiter,

In the interest of exploring challenging new opportunities with Your Firm, I have
enclosed my résumé for your review and consideration in response to your recent
advertisement for Employment as a Project Manager.

You will note experience on both PC and Mainframe with significant experience
in Dreamweaver, Flash 4 (beginning training on newly released Flash 5),
Fireworks, MS Office 2000, MS Project, WebShop, Webtricity, Java, JavaScript,
like to point out my strong ability to diagnosis structure, and reengineer
applications to attain operational excellence.

Excellent organization and planning skills, using tools such as MS Project, allow
me to choose priorities successfully and tailor activities to meet specifications and
deadlines. Well-developed communication skills enhance my ability to quickly
establish effective and persuasive rapport with individuals of diverse background.

As a result, I am confident in recommending myself as a potential asset to your
organization. I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss with you, in person,
how my qualifications meet your needs. I am certain I can identify additional
areas in which I can contribute as an integral member of your company's team.

Thank you for your time and consideration. During the day you may reach me at
(914) 789-6945, or perhaps via e-mail, we can schedule a mutually agreeable time
to talk. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Richard Przybylski

Encl.: Résumé
Richard Przybylski                                                           PROJECT MANAGER
197 Wheeler, Lot #41 • Florida, NY 10921 • Phone (914) 789-6945 • Home (914) 651-4162
                                          URL: Personal Web Site

My immediate goal is to attain a position as a Project Manager, Project Lead,
Programmer/Analyst or Web Developer. My company, military, business, and educational
background qualify me to maximize contributions toward productivity and profitability.


Year 1991 Community College of the Air Force - Davis-Monthan AFB, Arizona
Degree: AS Avionics Systems Technology
         Electronic Warfare and Computer Maintenance

Pima County Community College - Tucson, Arizona
Computer Science
Languages: Assembly language (MS-DOS), Java, JavaScript, HTML, COBOL, FORTRAN,

Years Attended 4
     Tutor COBOL
     Other training: Program analysis, Novel, Windows NT

Year 1980 Buffalo State University College - Buffalo, New York
Education, Industrial Electronics
Years Attended 3
     Other training: Creative Problem Solving

     Programmer/Analyst skills in COBOL/COBOL II and Natural 2.0+ in all
      environments for Developmental, Maintenance and Y2K except Unix
     Web experience includes extensive Java, HTML and Java Script programming
     Proficient in Microsoft Office 2000, Dreamweaver, Flash 4, Fireworks and Adobe PhotoShop
     Extensive experience with computer and network-oriented hardware
     Windows NT Server and Workstation Experience in installation as well administrative
     Project Management using MS Project, MS Office 2000, and CM.
Richard Przybylski                                                             PROJECT MANAGER
197 Wheeler, Lot #41 • Florida, NY 10921 • Phone (914) 789-6945 • Home (914) 651-4162


June 2000 - Present
Lockheed Martin, Tarrytown, New York
Senior Web Developer/Project Manager
     Manage, develop, modify and update web developments
     Manage the Development of integration programs to link the web with an existing mainframe
     Design architecture to show complete flow and master programming requirements for both
      hardware and software.

January 1993 - Present
Computer Consulting and Design, Florida, NY
OWNER/Project Manager/TECHNICAL SUPPORT/Web Development
     Manage all business needs for a small profitable business.
     Perform all buyer functions such as purchasing, setting up special warehouse accounts, and
      setting pricing on all sold items.
     Perform all diagnostic testing of computer systems, hardware and software.
     Upgrade systems when necessary. Instruct computer usage with an assortment of applications
      and operating systems.
     Design and build web pages for local business using FrontPage 2000, Dreamweaver, Flash 4,
      Fireworks, Java, HTML and Java Script (To include ASP). We also have a sample         E-
      commerce page on the net, which can be altered to the specifications of the client to include
      any logo development or advertisement required meeting the needs of the company and the
      customer, enhancing their performance and profitability.
     Non-Profit Sales of Computers and related hardware to college students
     Technical support, to include tutoring software and installation of new hardware

Professional Sites:
I am currently working on a timecard system which will link the web with any mainframe timecard system.

January 2000 - May 2000
RCM Technology, Bethesda, Maryland
     Modify and update billing programs for the Cable and Wireless system using Natural ADABAS,
      COBOL, JCL and Endeavor.
     Develop conversion programs to update files with new charges.
     Design new maps to replace the original maps incorporating the new charges.
Richard Przybylski                                                              PROJECT MANAGER
197 Wheeler, Lot #41 • Florida, NY 10921 • Phone (914) 789-6945 • Home (914) 651-4162

January 1999 - October 1999
Cue Data Services, Hingham, Massachusetts
Project Lead/Analyst Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V) Team
         Develop Y2K Validation Reports on the Y2K conversions of programs and databases on the
          EPA mainframe completed by SAIC.
         Project 2000 data conversions using Natural and COBOL. (DB2, ADABAS, VSAM)
         Change EPA Project programs to reflect Y2K Changes on reports

May 1998 - January 1999 Technisource, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
PROGRAMMER Project 2000
         Data conversions using Natural and COBOL. (DB2, ADABAS, VSAM)
         Development of three programs was the highlight of the project. These programs ranged from
          invoice reporting to human resource file conversion.
         A special ADABAS call from COBOL date routine was another piece of the project.

May 1998 - September 1998
Technisource, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
           Project 2000 data conversions using Natural and COBOL. All programs for update were
            changed to accommodate the new file conversions. These programming changes were all
            related to the NASA Pay and Personnel System (NPPS) that is used by NASA worldwide.
            More than 100 reports, sorts and update programs were changed for the Y2K effort.

February 1998 - April 1998
Maxim Group, Louisville, KY
           Texas Pharmacy Claims Conversion using VS COBOL II (Panvalet) and multiple file merges
            to include multiple cross-referencing files and unusual formatting to build a new special
            Humana format for Pharmacies. This program can be used for the future to develop other
            conversions of similar nature.

August 1997 - February 1998
Technisource, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
         Project 2000 data conversions using Natural. All programs for update were changed to
          accommodate the new file conversions. These programming changes were all related to the
          Time Card System that is used by NASA worldwide.
         Begin Oracle and SQL Training

March 1997 - August 1997
ANSTEC, McLean, Virginia
         Project 2000 data conversion and maintenance of COBOL, COBOL II, CICS, and Natural
          programming (DB2, ADABAS, VSAM). In relation to operation of State of North Dakota and the
          Century date conversions
         Created conversion program for ADABAS files
         Trained in Natural Programming in 4 Days
         Updated Legislative Programming
Richard Przybylski                                                                 PROJECT MANAGER
197 Wheeler, Lot #41 • Florida, NY 10921 • Phone (914) 789-6945 • Home (914) 651-4162

October 1996 - January 1997
Pima County Community College, Tucson, Arizona
     Examine data files for validity. Repair any damaged files or unreadable files. Insure all data files
      meet specifications supporting the Director of Assessment Research.
     Clean all data files using a personally designed COBOL (VAX/VMS) software tool insuring
      that all are ASCII Text.
     Completed Data Cleaning Operation on schedule

July 1994 - November 1996
Hughes Missile Systems Company, Tucson, Arizona
     Product test on electronic components related to the Sparrow Missile System and the Phalanx
      Close Air Support Program using related test equipment and automatic test stations.
     Aids Product test engineers in the troubleshooting phase of test.
     Troubleshoots to the component level all related hardware in the two systems. Radome Optic
      Tuning is also performed. Mechanical and thermal stress testing.
     New Optic taping technique for missile radomes.
December 1993 - March 1994
Remedy Temporary Staffing, Tucson, Arizona
     Thermal stress Test and repair to the component level voice mail circuit card assemblies.
     Testing of all boards tested.
     Performed final functional testing, alignment, assembly analysis and word processing for
      documentation, computer maintenance of all office and production systems
January 1974 - January 1993
USAF, 355 CRS/CRVW, Tucson, Arizona
     Swing shift Supervisor of more than 20 people.
     Control all maintenance on critical aircraft inn the Air Force inventory.
     Perform substitute shop chief function and night shift squadron supervisor functions.
     Test, maintain, calibrate and repair Electronic Warfare Equipment.
     Troubleshoot to the component level analog and digital electronic circuit board assemblies to
      include aircraft troubleshooting.
     Develop and design test equipment needs for diagnostics and testing.
     HPL Basic programming knowledge for test equipment setup and line repairable units to
      support an error free environment
     Perform as the deployment night supervisor for 'Desert Storm' and "Desert Shield.'
     Achievement Medal for outstanding service
     Development of automatic test station program to calibrate the FRTS
     Received 2 Commendation Medals for outstanding service.
     Suggestion award for repairing software
     Supervisor of Desert Storm Deployment
Richard Przybylski                                                           PROJECT MANAGER
197 Wheeler, Lot #41 • Florida, NY 10921 • Phone (914) 789-6945 • Home (914) 651-4162
August 1980 - January 1982
BOCES Erie #1, Lancaster, New York
     Teach juniors and seniors in High School Industrial Electronics.
     Inventory control, to include purchasing.
     Student counseling on advancement and special needs.
     Development of Futuring Vocational Teaching Method


International Kart Federation

     Fortran 90                                                Java
     COBOL (PC)                                                Visual J++
     MS Project 98/2000                                        Flash 4/Freehand
     Novel 3.X and 4.X                                         Dreamweaver Ultra Dev
     COBOL II (VS and MVS, VAX                                 WebShop 5.0 /E-Commerce
      and IBM)                                                  Fireworks
     NATURAL (2.0 through 2.28)                                Webtricity
     JCL                                                       FrontPage 2000
     CICS                                                      Microsoft Office 2000
     Assembly (MS-DOS)                                         TSO Usage (OS370 and OS390)
     Netscape Communicator                                     Windows NT 3.5.1/4.0
      Pro/HTML Publishing
                                                                Windows 2000 Professional and
     HTML 4.0                                                   Advanced Server
     O-scope digital or analog
     Network Analyzer
     Digital Voltmeter
     Frequency Generator
     Power Supplies
     Automatic and Semi Automatic Test Stations (ALM-126, ALM-195, ALM-233, ALM-173)
     ALQ-119, ALQ-122, ALQ-125, ALQ-184, ALQ-195
     ALL Compass Call EC-130H (RF) equipment
Richard Przybylski                                                                 PROJECT MANAGER
197 Wheeler, Lot #41 • Florida, NY 10921 • Phone (914) 789-6945 • Home (914) 651-4162

     Apply strong written and oral communications skills. Clear and articulate speaker; concise and
      effective writer. Quickly establish and maintain effective rapport with individuals of diverse
     Adept at translating the results of research into applicable action plans. Research and present
      briefings and analysis on technical and non-technical information for diverse audiences and public.
     Focus on "teamwork" in supervising staff. Execute employee relations programs. Develop
      employees into management.
     Accomplished in informal and formal instructional techniques and methodology. Assess
      learning levels and deficiencies. Develop lesson plans.
     Apply innovative solutions to complex issues and problems by identifying root cause of
      difficulties. Divergent thinker; strong brainstorming skills.
     Supply high-spirited enthusiasm in leadership roles with demonstrated ingenuity and focused
      imagination. Develop a personalized commitment to any undertaken project that assures success
      through a sense of ownership.

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