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2009/10 Carnegie Sport Volunteer Programme: Placement Opportunities by OGp49t8


									                                  Carnegie Sport Volunteer Programme:
                                    2010/11 Placement Opportunities

If you are interested in any of the below placements, please complete an application form
(available to download from the Carnegie Sport Volunteering webpage), and submit to:

Sarah Humphreys
Sports Participation Officer
Room G04, Carnegie Sports Centre,
or at
Tel: 0113 812 4851


Placement:                RFL Assistants
Ref No:                   R001
Area:                     RFL (Yorkshire Region)
Supervisor:               Either Leon Crick ( or
                          Danny Scott (
Roles & Responsibilities:                  Throughout the year a number of one-off volunteering
                                           opportunities are available within the RFL. These opportunities
                                           include both regional and community events, which can transfer
                                           into longer term placements and involvement for the keener
                                           applicants. We are also able to offer longer term opportunities to
                                           suit individual’s needs/career path. Examples include:
                                           - recent students ‘re-branding’ a community club,
                                           - physiotherapy placements within community clubs and the
                                           professional environment,
                                           - a student placing a funding bid and then using the bid to
                                           organise a tag tournament in their local area,
                                           - event organisation at various venues across Yorkshire.
                                           We pride ourselves on being an innovative sport, therefore if you
                                           have any ideas or projects you could run as a volunteer, or other
                                           ways you could become involved, please get in touch.
Requirements:               Enthusiasm is essential! A knowledge of Rugby League is preferred for some roles,
                            but not essential in many. Volunteers must be hard-working, motivated and
                            reliable. A placement will be decided upon successful application.

Placement:                  Netball Match Day Volunteers
Ref No:                     R017
Area:                       University Sport - Netball Superleague Programme
Supervisor:                 Geraldine Plant – - 0113 812 4859
Roles & Responsibilities:                      To offer match day support for our home Superleague and NTL
                                               games. This role would include the following tasks:
                                                    Meet and greet the visiting teams and match officials,
                                                        showing them to changing rooms, playing hall, etc
                                                    Looking after visiting teams and helping with any
                                                        requests they have e.g. preparing ice bath whilst game is
                                                    Selling tickets and programs on match days
                                                    Videoing of games.
Requirements:               Volunteers need to be committed and reliable, with excellent communication
                            skills and be willing to help with a variety of tasks, which may occur on match


Placement:                  Gymnastics Coaches & Assistants
Ref No:                     R004
Area:                       Gymnastics England (Yorkshire)
Supervisor:                 Sharon Gott – (07787 502073)
Roles & Responsibilities:                     GymMagic are looking for helper coaches and volunteers for their
                                              club based in the Pudsey are of Leeds. Anyone who is a qualified
                                              coach, is interested in doing some gymnastics coaching or wants
                                              to help out in any way within a gymnastics club, should apply.
Requirements:               A CRB disclosure as well as British Gymnastics insurance is essential, as well as
                            being a reliable and motivated individual.

Placement:                Assistant Junior & Mini Tennis Coaches
Ref No:                   R005
Area:                     Carnegie Junior Tennis Club
Supervisor:               Angela Crossley-Tennis Co-ordinator (
                          Louise Assioun – Tennis Manager
Roles & Responsibilities:                   Carnegie Junior Tennis is part of Leeds Metropolitan University
                                            and is based at Carnegie Sports Centre on our Headingley
                                            Campus, where children can access some of the finest tennis
                                            facilities in the country, within the safety of the University
                                            grounds. We provide high quality coaching, providing
                                            opportunities for players of a young age, to develop their game in
                                            an enjoyable environment, allowing players to be introduced to
                                            the game and achieve their full potential.
                                            There currently are opportunities to be part of a dynamic
                                            coaching team by working with children from the age of 4-16
                                            years through teaching both Mini and Junior tennis.
                                            A great chance to get practical experience of working with
                                            children, within a mentored program, to be part of the Tennis
                                            Volunteer Personal Development Program, and also to gain
                                            additional tennis qualifications with subsidised costs.
Requirements:             Enthusiasm is essential! A knowledge of Tennis is preferred, but not essential.
                          Volunteers must be good with children, possess good communication skills, be hard-
                          working, motivated and reliable. A placement will be decided upon successful
                          application. All applicants must hold a CRB certificate.

Placement:                  Netball Coach Assistant
Ref No:                     R015
Area:                       St Aidan’s School, Harrogate
Supervisor:                 Shelley Wadhams – – 07717 847650
Roles & Responsibilities:                    We are looking to recruit a willing and enthusiastic sports coach
                                             who is capable of further developing a strong Netball programme
                                             within the school. The school has been to National Finals and
                                             County Championships for the past several years, and also have 2
                                             to 3 teams for each year group. Ideally we are wanting someone
                                             to assist with a year group team once a week after school for
                                             practice and maybe a match every two weeks.
Requirements:                Must be CRB checked and have experience in coaching Netball (qualifications are
                             desirable but not essential). The volunteer must be willing to dedicate
                             themselves to the programme between September to Easter, and help out on the
                             odd Saturday where possible. Excellent communication and organisational skills
                             are essential.

Placement:                  Lead Sports Coach
Ref No:                     R019
Area:                       Fitzwilliam Primary School, Pontefract
Supervisor:                 Susan Harrison – – 01977 722235
Roles & Responsibilities:                    Fitzwilliam Primary School is looking for a well-motivated and
                                             enthusiastic volunteer to run extracurricular sporting activities for
                                             5-7 year olds twice a week for 45 minutes. The school is flexible in
                                             what sports are delivered, providing they are inclusive and cater
                                             for large groups.
Requirements:               Volunteer must hold a CRB check, although NGB qualifications aren’t essential.
                            Must be available Monday and Tuesday afternoons from 3.30pm for 45 minutes.
                            Volunteer must also be well committed to the role and willing to travel to

Placement:                  Assistant Sports Coaches
Ref No:                     R020
Area:                       Leeds YMCA
Supervisor:                 Amy Latimer – – 0113 261 2484
Roles & Responsibilities:                    Volunteers are required to assist with lead coaches in delivering
                                             the YMCA’s sports programme in both football and gymnastics.
                                             Volunteers will be expected to assist with sessions to the level of
                                             his/her coaching experience/qualifications, help with equipment
                                             management, and assist at competitions and events where
Requirements:               Volunteers must be CRB checked, able to make regular time commitments, be
                            motivated to help young people develop new skills, and be able to communicate

Placement:                  Rugby League Coach
Ref No:                     R022
Area:                       West End Primary School, Horsforth
Supervisor:                 Andrew Kelsey –
Roles & Responsibilities:                   A volunteer is required to train Year 4,5 and 6 (ages 9-11), boys
                                            and girls, to play rugby league in terms of skills, rules and conduct
                                            on the pitch. The after school session runs every Tuesday from
                                            3.30pm to 4.30pm until the end of November, and will restart
                                            from February. The volunteer will be expected to plan, deliver
                                            and run the programme.
Requirements:               The volunteer must be knowledgeable of rugby league and have some coaching
                            experience, although qualifications aren’t essential. A CRB check is preferable,
                            although the session will be supervised by the PE Coordinator. Only enthusiastic
                            and committed volunteers need apply.

Placement:                  Rugby League Assistant Coach
Ref No:                     R024
Area:                       East Leeds ARLFC
Supervisor:                 John Harrison – – 07545 381672
Roles & Responsibilities:                    A volunteer is required to assist in coaching rugby league with the
                                             Under 13’s at East Leeds Rugby League Club. Training takes place
                                             on Monday and Thursday evenings, 6pm-7.30pm, at Fearnville
                                             Leisure Centre, with matches take place on Saturday mornings.
Requirements:               The volunteer would not be required to have any coaching qualifications or a CRB

                            check (although it can be arranged through the club if necessary). The only
                            requirement is that the volunteer be committed to assisting with both training
                            sessions (match days are optional).

Placement:                  Football Coaching Assistant
Ref No:                     R025
Area:                       Greenside Primary School
Supervisor:                 Elizabeth Rogers – – 0113 257 4509
Roles & Responsibilities:                   A volunteer is required to help establish an after school football
                                            club for 5 and 6 year olds. Times of the club are Tuesday’s and
                                            Thursday’s from 3.15pm to 4.15pm.
Requirements:               No coaching qualifications are necessary, however, the volunteer must have a CRB
                            check and be committed and reliable.

Placement:                  Netball Coach
Ref No:                     R026
Area:                       Cookridge Primary School
Supervisor:                 Scot Gamble – – 0113 386 2500
Roles & Responsibilities:                      The school is running a Netball club and is looking for a student
                                               with an interest in delivering sessions to Years 5 and 6. The club
                                               runs every Tuesday from 3.05pm to 4.15pm.
Requirements:               No formal qualifications are required, but experience in Netball coaching is
                            essential, as is a CRB check. The volunteer must enjoy working with children and
                            be very committed and reliable.

Placement:                  After School Club Assistants
Ref No:                     R027
Area:                       Chapel Allerton Primary School
Supervisor:                 J.Singh – – 0113 262 4851
Roles & Responsibilities:                    Volunteers are required to assist with running after school clubs
                                             in a number of different sports and activities. The different clubs
                                             run throughout the week, from 3.20pm to 4.20pm.
Requirements:               Volunteers must be reliable and committed to helping run the clubs, and a CRB
                            check is compulsory. Qualifications aren’t essential, but volunteers must have a
                            variable knowledge of some sports.

Placement:                  Coaching Assistants
Ref No:                     R028
Area:                       Various Leeds based schools
Supervisor:                 Katy Streets – – 07976 904376
Roles & Responsibilities:                     Volunteer assistant coaches are needed to help increase the
                                              number of primary school pupils engaging in extracurricular
                                              sports in a number of schools throughout west Leeds. There are a
                                              variety of sports on offer, including football and netball.
Requirements:               All volunteers would need to be CRB checked, and able to get to the schools on
                            weekday afternoons. Volunteers would be assisting Pro Skills coaches to deliver
                            the sessions.

Placement:                  Sports Coaches
Ref No:                     R029
Area:                       Little London Primary School
Supervisor:                 Jill Wood – – 0113 244 2457

Roles & Responsibilities:                    Sports coaches are required to lead after school sports sessions
                                             to primary school pupils on either Tuesday’s or Thursday’s, or
                                             both if possible, in a variety of sports.
Requirements:               All volunteers would need to be CRB checked, be committed and reliable. Sports
                            coaching qualifications aren’t essential, but good communication skills are.

Placement:                  Activity Coordinators
Ref No:                     R030
Area:                       Fieldhead Carr Primary School
Supervisor:                 Mike Walls – – 07804 433350
Roles & Responsibilities:                    Fieldhead Carr Primary are looking for knowledgeable and
                                             motivated volunteers who can help expand the lunchtime
                                             sporting opportunities to the pupils of the school in a variety of
                                             different sports, including football, athletics, dance, basketball
                                             and rounders.
Requirements:               Volunteers must be CRB checked, but coaching qualifications aren’t essential. A
                            good knowledge of one or more sports is required, as is commitment and

Placement:                  School Sports Assistants
Ref No:                     R031
Area:                       City of Leeds School
Supervisor:                 Simone Yacoby – – 07747 443367
Roles & Responsibilities:                    A range of volunteers are required to assist with both lessons and
                                             extracurricular sporting activities to KS3 and KS4 pupils. All sports
                                             and experience are considered, with particular focus on
                                             developing football. Where possible, fixtures between schools
                                             will also be arranged and opportunities exist for further
                                             development of the sports programme.
Requirements:               Coaching qualifications aren’t required, however a CRB check is essential.
                            Experience is preferable, and volunteers must be committed and enthusiastic.

Placement:                  Netball Coordinators
Ref No:                     R032
Area:                       Variety of primary schools in Leeds
Supervisor:                 Andrea Miles – – 07709 470080
Roles & Responsibilities:                    Volunteers are needed to coach Netball to a range of primary
                                             school pupils in the Leeds area in order to increase their playing
                                             ability ready for secondary school. Fixtures will also be scheduled
                                             depending on numbers.
Requirements:               Volunteers must have a CRB check and have some experience of coaching netball.
                            They must also be reliable and able to travel to different schools.

Placement:                  Football Coaches
Ref No:                     R033
Area:                       Middleton Park FC
Supervisor:                 Dan Robinson – – 07956 813527
Roles & Responsibilities:                    Middleton Park FC have vacancies for coaches across all their age
                                             groups, and are particularly looking for female coaches as they
                                             expand their girls’ teams.
                                             They are based in South Leeds and training takes place on
                                             Wednesday and Thursday evenings for U8s, U9s and Open Age.
                                             All other age groups train and play matches on a weekend.
Requirements:               Experience is desirable but not essential as the Club operates a mentoring

                            programme and is also able to contribute towards the cost of coaching

Placement:                  Club Coordinators
Ref No:                     R035
Area:                       St. Peter’s Primary School, Bramley, Leeds
Supervisor:                 Emma Caygill –
Roles & Responsibilities:                    Volunteers are required to come into school in lunchtime periods
                                             to run some sports clubs for the pupils for around 30 minutes.
                                             After school clubs are also an option. Coordinators are needed to
                                             coach football, dance, dodgeball and/or tennis.
Requirements:               Volunteers must be enthusiastic, reliable and possess a CRB check. The days in
                            which the clubs can run are flexible.

Placement:                  Cricket Assistants
Ref No:                     R038
Area:                       Woodhouse Cricket Club
Supervisor:                 Dave Hallam – 07833 755744 –
Roles & Responsibilities:                    Woodhouse Cricket Club has developed a link with City of Leeds
                                             School, and are now looking to expand their junior section to
                                             U15. They have entered a team into a local league, and need
                                             volunteers to help with coaching the sessions, and also umpiring
                                             and scoring for the games.
Requirements:               Coaching sessions begin after the Easter Holidays on Tuesdays, 4.30-5.30pm, and
                            matches will take place from May/June time on Sunday mornings. Volunteers
                            must be extremely reliable and knowledgeable on the laws and skills of cricket.
                            Coaching qualifications aren’t essential, but a CRB check is mandatory.


Placement:                  Intramural Basketball Coordinator
Ref No:                     R036
Area:                       University Sport – Campus Sport Programme
Supervisor:                 Sarah Humphreys – – 0113 812 4851.
Roles & Responsibilities:                    A volunteer is required to help run the weekly Intramural
                                             Basketball sessions and mini-league. Volunteers will be required
                                             to lead some skill sessions (not to a particularly high ability),
                                             coordinate teams, and umpire fixtures. For the exceptional
                                             volunteer, there will be opportunities available to undertake
                                             coaching and umpiring qualifications as part of the role in
                                             association with the West Yorkshire Basketball Development
Requirements:               The volunteer must be reliable, have excellent communication skills and available
                            on Sunday evenings. He/she must also be comfortable with leading sessions and
                            on the rules of basketball.

Placement:                  Club Assistants
Ref No:                     R011
Area:                       University Sport – American Football
Supervisor:                 Paul Wake –
Roles & Responsibilities:                    This title covers a multitude of roles, all intended to help the
                                             Carnegie American Football Programme reach its full

                                            potential while you experience many facets of the sport and
                                            organisation. Among the many varied tasks are game/practice
                                            filming, running structured training activities, marketing
                                            initiatives, squad support tasks and gameday management. The
                                            post is as varied and as in depth dependent on how much you
                                            want to commit to it. There are 4 team activities a week, but
                                            attendance at each one is not mandatory.
Requirements:               Volunteers do not necessarily have experience in American Football, but must be
                            committed, reliable and flexible with their time.

Placement:                  Healthy Lifestyles Activator
Ref No:                     R037
Area:                       Weetwood Primary School
Supervisor:                 Caroline Harms –
Roles & Responsibilities:                    Volunteers are needed to work in the school during lunchtimes to
                                             promote walking, cycling and healthy lifestyles as part of the
                                             Sustrans Project between Leeds Met, Leeds Uni, Leeds Trinity,
                                             Leeds City Council and NHS Leeds.
Requirements:               Volunteers would need a CRB check, have great communication skills and be
                            innovative with ideas and activities. Must also be available some weekday


Placement:                  Yoodo Sports Member or Buddy
Ref No:                     R034
Area:                       Leeds area
Supervisor:        – 0845 6 717 173
Roles & Responsibilities:                      Yoodo Sports is for anyone who is disabled or has a long term
                                               health condition and wants to get more active; and also for
                                               anyone with or without a disability, who wants to volunteer as a
                                               buddy. You can participate in sports and activities at your nearest
                                               leisure centre, community club, or even the local park.
Requirements:               It’s very easy to join and take part. Male or female, young or old, anybody over 18
                            years old can be a Yoodo Sports member or buddy, whatever your ability or
                            fitness levels.


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