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                                                         n t Society


                                                                                                 adopt child to educate

HEAD OFFICE :                                                                                          BREAD initiates a program to
Secretary, BREAD : Shri Ramamohan Rao Kakani
8 - 3 - 320 / 1 / 16, Yellareddyguda,
                                                                                                       unearth the rare gems of this earth
Hyderabad - 500 073.

Phone: 040-55667177 / 27622166
E-mail :                                                                       “mattilo manikyalu”
  Ten-point oath for the youth of the nation
1. I will pursue my education or the work with
   dedication and I will excel in it.
2. From now onwards, I will teach at least 10 persons to
   read and write those who cannot read and write.
3. I will plant at least 10 saplings and shall ensure their
   growth through constant care.
4. I will visit rural and urban areas and permanently
   wean away at least 5 persons from addiction and
5. I will constantly endeavor to remove the pain of my
   suffering brethren.
6. I will not support any religious, caste or language
7. I will be honest and endeavor to make a corruption
   free society.
8. I will work for becoming an enlightened citizen and
   make my family righteous.
9. I will always be a friend of the mentally and physically
   challenged and will work hard to make them feel
   normal, like the rest of us.
10 I will proudly celebrate the success of my country and
   my people.
                            About BREAD                                    Andhra Pradesh, Tamilnadu, Karnataka, Rajasthan, North Eastern States
                                                                           and Orissa. The TANA Foundation has sponsored 45 fresh scholarships
                                                                           in Andhra Pradesh. Interviews were conducted to select the new
Basic Research, Education and Development Society was established          scholars. During the year, 185 scholarships of the previous year were
in 1989 as a registered society in Hyderabad with the primary objective    also renewed. In addition, merit awards were given in specific
of helping bright and indigent students attain their maximum potential     institutions at the behest of donors.
through education by awarding scholarships.
                                                                           About ACE (Adopt a Child to Educate)
Funding Agencies
                                                                           In 2003-04,BREAD designed 'Project ACE', a comprehensive education
The North South Foundation (NSF) of the USA with a similar mission has     program, to help bright and indigent students pursue higher education.
been raising funds from NRIs for educational purposes by collecting        ACE scholars are selected from students of government schools
donations and conducting various contests. The NSF has been funding        passing SSC with 85% marks (80% for rural and girl students) and
most of BREAD scholarships till 2001-02, save a few scholarships           pursuing higher studies in government or aided institutions.
funded by the Forum For Excellence (FFE) of the USA. From 2002-03          Scholarships will continue to be awarded up to post-graduation level if
onwards, the TANA Foundation, USA has also started funding BREAD           the academic performance is satisfactory. Scholarship assistance per
scholarships in Andhra Pradesh.                                            annum is Rs.2000 for intermediate, Rs.3000 for undergraduate and
Scholarships (1989-2003)                                                   diploma (polytechnic, teacher's training, pharmacy etc.), Rs.6000 for
                                                                           post-graduate/B.Ed and Rs.8000 for professional courses.
Over 1800 scholarships were awarded during the above period of 14
years to more than 500 scholars for pursuing higher education in           Selection Process - Andhra Pradesh
engineering, medicine and polytechnic courses in nine chapter areas of     A list of meritorious students from government schools securing 85%
Hyderabad, Bangalore, Kolkata, Bhavnagar, Chennai, North Eastern           marks and above in SSC in 2003-04 was obtained from SSC Board.
States, Bhubaneshwar, Pune, and Jodhpur, to which the program was          Head Masters of 550 schools were approached to pass on BREAD's
extended gradually over time.                                              application forms to eligible students. A press conference was held in
Eligibility Criteria.                                                      Hyderabad and a Press note highlighting the salient features of ACE
                                                                           project was published in all the important newspapers of Andhra
BREAD's new Managing Committee (MC) constituted in August 2002             Pradesh. Following this procedure, 55 students fulfilling all the eligibility
has revised eligibility criteria for selection of scholars from 2003-04    criteria were selected and awarded ACE scholarships.
onwards, to include all branches of education for scholarship
assistance and to identify indigent students who have studied in           Basic Facts about ACE scholars- Andhra Pradesh
government institutions where the education is free or the fees (if any)   1.   90% are from rural areas. More than 50% of them are girls.
are low.
                                                                           2.   The geographical spread is from Sivaramapuram (Chittoor Dt.) in
Regular Scholarships -2003-04                                                   the south to Boath (Adilabad Dt.) in the north and from Kotturu
The NSF has sponsored 63 fresh scholarships in chapter areas of                 (Srikakulam Dt.) in the east to Yemmiganur (Kurnool Dt.) in the
3.   Average family income is well below Rs.12000 per annum.                    5.   Awareness about the various avenues open to ACE scholars for
                                                                                     higher studies needs to be created so that they could pursue
4.   All sections of the population irrespective of caste, creed and
                                                                                     courses of their choice.
     community are represented.
                                                                                6.    For most of ACE scholars, the teacher is the role model. Teachers
5.   Fathers of 15% of ACE scholars are no more.
                                                                                     have promised to mentor scholars and monitor their progress.
6.   25% of the fathers and 50% of the mothers are illiterate. Another
                                                                                6.   To sum up, BREAD has only been able to touch the fringe of hidden
     50% of fathers and 30% of mothers have elementary education.
                                                                                     human resource wealth available among the deprived sections of
     65% of siblings of scholars have education only up to secondary
                                                                                     the society.
                                                                                The Credit for the program to take off from the drawing board to actual
Field Visits to Project ACE - Andhra Pradesh
                                                                                implemetnation should go to Dr.Prasad Choudary Kakarala, the then
Interaction with ACE scholars, at a personal level, is a felt need since        Chairman of TANA Foundation who agreed to take up a nascent project
the scholars were selected on the basis of records without conducting           and also to Mr. Yugandhara Rao Vallabhaneni who took it forward amd
interviews. Secretary undertook field visits spread over the two months         implemented it. We are grateful to the Trustees of TANA Foundation
of January and February 2004; covering 44 of the 50 TANA Foundation             who by contributing to most of the 50 ACE scholoships in its inaugual
sponsored ACE scholars. Government Junior Colleges (GJCs) where                 year showed immense faith in BREAD's ability to make it a success. We
the students are studying and their homes were visited. A questionnaire         are also grateful to Dr. N. Bhaskar Rao, former President of BREAD, for
was canvassed with scholars, parents, principals and lecturers to elicit        his generous support to the ACE project by his sponsorship of 5 ACE
information. The following facts emerged as a result of these visits and        scholars in Andhra Pradesh. Our sincere thanks we also due to NSF for
interactions.                                                                   sponsoring 24 ACE scholars in Orissa. We acknowledge our grateful
1.   More than 40% scholars live in very remote areas and spend about           thanks to Mrs. Chandana Chakravarthy, renowned wirter and activists
     4 hours daily on travel to college.                                        for the thorough revamping of the write-ups, which has brought clarity
                                                                                to the observations.
2.   In view of the inherent talent that the ACE scholars are endowed
     with, continuation of higher education, surmounting all difficulties,      Donations to BREAD society are eligible for exemption under income
     is the way out of poverty for the families.                                tax section 80 (G). Cheques may be drawn in favour of BREAD and
                                                                                mailed to 8-3-320/1/16 Yellareddyguda, Hyderabad 500073.
3.   Teaching in government educational institutions has its own
     drawbacks. Contract lecturers are often appointed towards the end          April 2004
     of September 2003 for a period of five months, in lieu of the full         Ramamohan Rao Kakani
     year, against cumulative vacancies caused due to retirement of                                                       Secretary, BREAD Society
     teachers. Even out of these five months, one month is lost in
     festivals of Dasara, Deepavali, Christmas, Sankranthi, etc.
4.   The teaching faculty of all institutions has appreciated the ACE program
     unanimously. Many teachers have volunteered to work for BREAD.
Dr.P.M.Bhargava                                              Anveshana
                                                             Furqan Cottage
                                                             Lane No.1, Street No.3
                                                             Hyderabad - 500017.
          Father: a worker in a rice mill. Mother: an illiterate labourer. Total family
income: less than Rs.1000=00 per month. But the son, Ananda Babu, scores 84
percent in high school. His sister had to discontinue education after doing very
well in the 7th standard, for the parents could not afford it.

          Another case. Father: doing nothing. Mother: a maid- servant. Total
family income: less than Rs.500=00 per month. But the daughter, Mubeentaj,
scores 86 percent in SSC.
  And many others. This little book documents the cases of some such young
people. They probably represent a very small percentage of those whose
brilliance shines like diamonds in a sea of mud. It underscores the point that                           5. Scholar:                 Miss Polem Dhanalakshmi
there are enormous number of talented young people in our country who, if
given an opportunity, would have given a tough competition to those occupying                               Address:                 D/o Mr. P. Radhakrishnaiah,
high positions in the country. In my estimate, there is 30 times more merit and
talent that has been totally untapped than what we are able to tap through the                                                       Chintamakulapalle Gannemitta(V),
existing educational system.                                                                                                         K. V. Palle (M), Chittoor Dt. 517213
          What a loss to the nation - not being able to use over 96 percent of our
gene pool! And not only that. A consequence of this situation is that a lot of our                          High School:             ZPHS, K.V.Palle
positions in every sector are occupied by those who would have never got there,                             SSC %age:                85      Id: TAD 03055
if they had to compete with the untapped gene pool. That is why there is so
much mediocrity in every sector in our country. And that is why Indians working                             College:                 SPWJC, Tirupati
in India have not received even one Noble Prize in the last 80 years in science,                            Course studying:         Inter (BiPC)
literature or economics, even though four Indians living abroad have done so in
the last 40 years. Mediocrity has an uncanny way of pulling down excellence.                                Principal:
The famous Indian crab syndrome!
The only way to remedy this situation would be to provide opportunities for the
talented unprivileged: opportunities for education, which is the primary key to                             Father:                  Farmer (10 th )
success. BREAD (Basic Research, Education And Development Society)
endeavours to do exactly this. It spots talented young boys and girls at the level                          Mother:                  Housewife (illiterate)
of high school and above. Young people who have done well in spite of most                                  Annual income:           Rs. 11000

adverse circumstances. Young boys and girls who have shown extraordinary grit
and determination to fight adversity. BREAD makes it possible for such people                               Siblings:                2 Brothers - Education not known
to continue their studies.                                                                                                           one sister- one year old
          More information about BREAD is given at the end of this booklet. But                             Aspiration of scholar:
it would be ungrateful on the part of BREAD not to say straight away that the
real credit for what BREAD has been able to do must go to North South
Foundation and TANA Foundation, both of the USA, who provide the financial                Observations of field visit: Could not visit.
support for the above activities of BREAD.
          Ask your conscience. If it weeps for the highly talented but extremely
underprivileged young people who could transform this country if given an
opportunity, please help BREAD.

April 2004                                                (P M Bhargava)
                                                         President, BREAD

                      Sponsor: Mrs.Uma Devi Kakarala (Housewife).
                      Sponsored: 4 scholars
                      Address: 66 Harvest Lane, Tiffin, OH 44883, USA,
                      Ph: (419)-447-0270

     ( )(          1. Scholar:

                     High School:
                     SSC %age:
                     Course studying:
                     Annual income:
                                           Mr. I. Ananda Babu
                                           S/o Mr. Gangu Naidu, Kothapeta, Ward1,
                                           Kowthavaram, Krishna Dt. 521356
                                           SERM HS, Gudlavalleru
                                           SERM JC, Gudlavalleru
                                           Inter (MPC)
                                           Mr. D. V. Subba Rao
                                           Mr. B. Shankar Rao (Chemistry)
                                           Ricemill worker
                                           Labourer (illiterate)
                                           Rs. 11000
                                                     Id: TAD 03018

                                           Sister - discontinued after securing
                                           1 st   Dvn. in
                     Aspiration of scholar: To continue studies

    Observations of field visit: Ananda Babu lives in his
    parents' thatched hut, partitioned and shared with his
    paternal uncle. His father has gone to Orissa in search of
    work. His mother and sister having lost their livelihood, have
    moved to his maternal grandmother's home at Vijayawada.
    His father sends him small sums of money on and off.
                                                            7 th
                                                                    (5 th )


                                                                                                    3. Scholar:

                                                                                                      High School:
                                                                                                      SSC %age:
                                                                                                      Course studying:
                                                                                                      Annual income:
                                                                                                                            Mr. Sk. Saleem
                                                                                                                            S/o Mr. Sk. Ieamam Saheb,
                                                                                                                            Chandarlapadu (V &M), Krishna Dt. 521185
                                                                                                                            ZPHS, Chandarlapadu
                                                                                                                            80      Id: TAD 03053
                                                                                                                            KVRC, Nandigama
                                                                                                                            Inter (MPC)
                                                                                                                            Dr. V. Satyannarayana Prasad
                                                                                                                            Mr. Md. Iqbal
                                                                                                                            Coolie (illiterate)
                                                                                                                            Housewife (illiterate)
                                                                                                                            Rs. 11000
                                                                                                                            3 Sisters (illiterate)
                                                                                                      Aspiration of scholar: M.Sc

                                                                                    Observations of field visit: Saleem's father is a mason's
                                                                                    underhand. Saleem himself works as a labourer during
                                                                                    holidays to supplement the family income and to support his

    Anands' paternal grand mother looks after him .

1                                                                                                                                                                54
Think big & beyond.                                                                                          Sponsor: Dr.N.Bhaskar Rao (Media Specialist),
                                                                                                             Chairman, Centre for Media Studies, New Delhi.
        Be an example.                                                                                       Sponsored: 5 scholars
                                                                                                             Address: Research House, B-14 Community Centre, Saket,New Delhi.
                                                                                                             Phone: 011-26851660

      ( )(
                      Vinay Kumar (mentor), Indria Priyadasini, Neelima &
                      V. Koteswara Rao, principal

                   3. Scholar:                   Miss Davuluri Neelima                                     1. Scholar:                Mr. L. S. R. P. Kiran
                     Address:                    D/o Late DVV Rama Rao, 3-252 Opp.                           Address:                 S/o Mr. LSR. Anjaneyulu, Movva (P&M),
                                                 Shivalayam, Vakavari St. Vuyyuru,                                                    Krishna Dt. 521135
                                                 Krishna Dt.521165                                           High School:             SMKZPHS, Movva
                     High School:                VRKMHS, Vuyyuru                                             SSC %age:                82.7   Id: TAD 03051
                     SSC %age:                   84.2     Id: TAD 03018                                      College:                 KGJC, Movva
                     College:                    AG & SGS College, Vuyyuru                                   Course studying:         Inter (MPC)
                     Course studying:            Inter (MPC)                                                 Principal:
                     Principal:                  Mr. V. Koteswara Rao                                        Mentor:
                     Phone:                      08676-235900 (0)                                            Father:                  Petty shop (10 th )
                     Mentor:                     Mr. G. J. P. Vinay Kumar                                    Mother:                  Housewife (10 th )
                     Mobile:                     98480-12864                                                 Annual income:           Rs. 11000
                     Father:                     Deceased                                                    Siblings:                Sister- Inter 1 st year

                     Mother:                     Housewife (10 th )                                          Aspiration of scholar:
                     Annual income:              Rs.30000
                     Siblings:                   Two sisters- Inter 2 nd yr & 8 th class
                     Aspiration of scholar: B.Sc (Computers)
                                                                                           Observations of field visit: Could not visit.
    Observations of field visit: Since Neelima's father's death in a
    road accident three years ago, the family has been getting a pension
    of Rs.2500 p.m. from her father's employers. They live in a rented
    house. As the pension amount is not sufficient to meet the house
    rent and other household and educational expenses, her maternal
    uncle helps them. Neelima's college (aided) is very good and it
    provides regular extra coaching.

3                                                                                                                                                                         52
                    Sponsor: Dr. Harish Kakarala (Physician)
                    Sponsored: 2 scholars
                    Address: Lethbridge Lane, Copley, OH 4431, USA

     ( )(
                     C. Nagaparvathi with her parents and brother, Mulagapudi, E.G.

                  1. Scholar:                   Miss C. Naga Parvathi                                    5. Scholar:              Miss Bevara Kesamma
                    Address:                    D/o Mr. Kondal Rao, Mulagapudi Po, Via                      Address:              D/o Late Jaganmohan Rao, Thamminaidupeta,
                                                Shankavaram, Rowthulapudi (M),                                                    Rottavalasa, Srikakulam Dt. 532190
                                                EG Dt. 533446                                               High School:          ZPHS, Rottavalasa
                    High School:                ZPHS, Mulagapudi                                            SSC %age:             85.6       Id: TAD 03037
                    SSC %age:                   84.7    Id: TAD 03035                                       College:              GJC for Women, Srikakulam
                    College:                    SRVBSJB Maharani College, Peddapuram                        Course studying:      Inter (BiPC)
                    Course studying:            Inter (BiPC)                                                Principal:            Mrs. Vijayalakshmi
                    Principal:                  Mr. K. S. R. Murthy                                         Phone:                08942-224618 (O) & 224310 (R)
                    Phone:                      08858-241212 (O) & 241788 (R)                               Mentor:               Mrs. M. Krishnaveni (Botany)
                    Mentor:                     Mr. M. Ramesh (Botany)                                      Father:               Deceased
                    Father:                     Coolie (5 th )                                              Mother:               Coolie (illiterate)
                    Mother:                     Housewife (illiterate)                                      Annual income:        Rs. 8600

                    Annual income:              Rs. 11000                                                   Siblings:             Elder sister (illiterate), younger sister
                    Siblings:                   Three brothers - two are coolies                                                  (10 th )
                                                and one studying 2 nd yr. degree
                                                                                                            Aspiration of scholar: Could not meet her
                    Aspiration of scholar: MBBS or M.Sc

    Observations of field visit: Naga Parvathi's family is                               Observations of field visit: Kesamma commutes
    very poor. They live in a remote area. Her mother runs a                             to college by bus. Because of the strike by the
    petty shop at home to supplement the family income. Her                              Students Federation boycotting buses, she could not
    family was counseled not to discontinue her studies in                               attend college on the day of the visit. Could not visit
    the face of such hardship as she can help them overcome                              the family as the village was far away. The Principal
    their poverty if she completes her education.                                        promised to motivate the scholar to study well.

5                                                                                                                                                                             50
                      Sponsor: Mr. Ravitej Kakarala (Senior Applications Specialist, NASA)
                      Sponsored: 2 scholars
                      Address: 4234 W.Pioneer Dr. Apt. # 2082, Irving,TX 75061, USA

      ( )(
                      Dhanalaxmi & Swetha, Vja.                                                                 Siva Reddy with members of extended family

                   1. Scholar:                    Miss M. Swetha                                             3. Scholar:                 Mr. R. Siva Reddy
                     Address:                     D/o Mr. Prasada Rao, 61-8/11-1/5                             Address:                  S/o Mr. R. Rami Reddy, Kotha Indlu,
                                                  Krishnalanka, Satyanarayana Nagar,                                                     Sivaramapuram Po, Chittoor Dt. 517425
                                                  Vijayawada                                                   High School:              ZPHS, Sivaramapuram
                     High School:                 KSRZPHS, Patamata lanka                                      SSC %age:                 86.5    Id: TAD 03012
                     SSC %age:                    82      Id: TAD 03039                                        College:                  GJC, Santhipuram
                     College:                     SDMS Mahila Kalasala, Vijayawada                             Course studying:          Inter (MPC)
                     Course studying:             Inter (MPC)                                                  Principal:                Mr. A. Mahalingam
                     Principal:                   Mrs. R. Rama Devi                                            Phone:                    08570-279488
                     Phone:                       0866-2470912                                                 Mentor:                   Mr. K. Baleeswar Reddy
                     Mentor:                      Mrs. G. Arunasree/Mrs. Santhi                                Father:                   Marginal farmer (5 th )
                     Father:                      Odd jobs (8 th )                                             Mother:                   Housewife (10 th failed)
                     Mother:                      Housewife-stitching clothes   (5 th )                        Annual income:            Rs. 11000

                     Annual income:               Rs. 21600                                                    Siblings:                 Elder brother-ITI-Works at Bangalore
                     Siblings:                    Brother-7 th , Sister- 8 th                                                            Sister - 8 th Studying
                     Aspiration of scholar: B.SC (Computers)                                                   Aspiration of scholar: B.Sc (Maths)

    Observations of field visit: Swetha did not do too well in                               Observations of field visit: Siva Reddy's family livesn
    the half-yearly examinations probably because of her shift                               dismal conditions in a drought-stricken area i. College being
    from Telugu to English medium. Her mother works hard on                                  far away and resources being too low, Siva is not only poorly
    the sewing machine to supplement the family's income.                                    fed but also spends six hours commuting to college. Of the
    Swetha's father, an unskilled worker, does not hold a regular                            15 Km he travels, part of it he walks to save Rs.30 a month.
    job. He takes up any work that is available from time to time.                           Under nourishment has been taking its toll through frequent
                                                                                             illness and poor eyesight.

7                                                                                                                                                                                48
                      Sponsor: Dr. Prasad C Kakarala ( Physician)
                                                                                        Think big & beyond.
                      Sponsored: 2 scholars
                      Address: 66 Harvest Lane, Tiffin, OH 44883, U.S.A
                      Phone: (419)-447-0270
                                                                                                Be an example.

      ( )(
                       K. Ganesh Gupta with mother, Kothapadu, W.G.

                    1. Scholar:                 Mr. K. Ganesh Gupta                                      2. Scholar:            Mr. C. Lokanadha Reddy
                      Address:                  S/o Late Mr. Satyanarayana, Kothapadu                      Address:             Present address not known
                                                PO, Iragavaram (M), W.G.Dt 534217                          High School:         ZPHS, Thalambedu
                      High School:              ZPHS, Iragavaram                                           SSC %age:            87.3    Id: TAD 03011
                      SSC %age:                 89.2     Id: TAD 03049                                     College:             PCRGJC, Chittoor
                      College:                  SMVM Polytechnic, Tanuku                                   Course studying:     Inter (MPC)
                      Course studying:          DEEE                                                       Principal:           Mrs. G. Syamala Devi
                      Principal:                Mr. K. Srirama Murthy                                      Phone:               08572-229886
                      Phone:                    08819-224087 (O) & 224130 (R)                              Mentor:              Mr. S. Kannaiah
                      Mentor:                   Principal himself                                          Father:              Marginal farmer (Illiterate)
                      Father:                   Deceased                                                                        Mother:       Housewife (5 th)
                      Mother:                   Housewife-stitching clothes (5 th )                        Annual income:       Rs. 10000
                      Annual income:            Rs.10000                                                   Siblings:            Brother (10 th)

                      Siblings:                 Brother- Studying DECE                                                          Sister (10 th discontinued)
                                                (Pratibha Scholarship)                                     Aspiration of scholar: Not known
                      Aspiration of scholar: Wants to do a job

    Observations of field visit: Ganesh's father succumbed to                            Observations of field visit: Lokanadha Reddy's family
    cancer five years ago. His mother does odd tailoring jobs.                           has migrated to Bangalore in search of work giving up his
    Though they live in a decent ancestral house, making both ends                       education. He left even before his scholarship reached him.
    meet is tough for them. Ganesh is frail and under-nourished.                         Another scholar has been substituted in his place. Yet,
    Yet, he travels 24 Km to and fro to college by cycle in order to                     another student discountinued Intermediate at SERMJC,
    save Rs.100 per month. on bus fare. Given an opportunity,                            Gudlavalleru, Krishna Dt. due to marital discord between his
    Ganesh's innate capabilities will no doubt flower.                                   parents left for Challapalli with his mother.

9                                                                                                                                                                46
                      Sponsor: Mr.Yugandhara Rao Vallabhaneni                                            Sponsor: Dr. Anjaneyalu Gunda
                      (Business, Pharmaceuticals)                                                        Sponsored: 1 scholar
                      Sponsored: 2 scholars                                                              Address: Findly, Ohio, USA
                      Address: Kristina Way, Flemington, NJ 08822, USA

       ( )(
                   1. Scholar:                Miss A.Rajitha                                          1. Scholar:              Mr. S. Srivatsava
                     Address:                 D/o Mr. Sammaiah, Suraram PO,                              Address:              S/o Mrs. Lakshmi, 15-171 Ashok Nagar,
                                              Mahadevpur (M), Karimnagar Dt. 505504                                            Thiruvuru, Krishna Dt. 521235
                     High School:             ZPSS, Suraram                                              High School:          ZPHS, Thiruvuru
                     SSC %age:                87.5   Id: TAD 03036                                       SSC %age:             87      Id: TAD 03014
                     College:                 GJC, Mahadevpur                                            College:              GJC, Thiruvuru
                     Course studying:         Inter (BiPC)                                               Course studying:      Inter (MPC)
                     Principal:                                                                          Principal:            Mr. Bhaskar Rao
                     Mentor:                                                                             Phone:                08673-252130 (O)
                     Father:                  Marginal farmer       (7 th )                              Mentor:               Mathematics lecturer
                     Mother:                  Housewife (illiterate)                                     Father:               Deceased
                     Annual income:           Rs. 5000                                                   Mother:               Works in STD Booth (10 th )
                     Siblings:                Brother-   8 th   class                                    Annual income:        Rs. 11000

                     Aspiration of scholar:                                                              Siblings:             Younger brother (10 th )
                                                                                                         Aspiration of scholar: M.Sc

     Observations of field visit: Could not include visit in                          Observations of field visit: After Srivatsava's father died
     January and February schedule and March being the                                three years ago, his family moved to Thiruvuru from
     preparatory holidays and examination period, the visit would                     Hyderabad. With his mother's meager income from working
     have been futile. Incidentally, this is a very remote area.                      in a STD booth along with some financial support from his
                                                                                      maternal uncle, they manage to keep body and soul
                                                                                      together. Srivatsava is a bright student and isl liked by his

11                                                                                                                                                                 44
                      Sponsor: Ms. Purnima Vallabhaneni                                                               Sponsor: Mr. Babu R Vadlamudi
                      Sponsored: 2 scholars                                                                           Sponsored: 1 scholar
                      Address: 192, Jonathan Place, Somerset, NJ 08873, USA                                           Address: 30075 Bristol Lane, Bingham Farms, MI 48025, USA

       ( )(
                       Harnatha Reddy (Principal), GJC Kalikiri, with Bhagyalaxmi &                                    Dr. M. Ramesh Kumar (Principal), Lal Bahadur College, Warangal.
                       (mentor) Padmakar                                                                               Scholar: M. Ramesh with mentors Ramachari & Ranga Reddy

                    1. Scholar:                   Miss M. Bhagyalakshmi                                             1. Scholar:                  Mr. Musuku Ramesh
                      Address:                    D/o Mr. Ramachandraiah, 3-9/1                                       Address:                   S/o Mr. Lasumaiah, Banjarupally Vill
                                                  Pottekulavaripalle, K. R. Palle, Kalikiri Po,                                                  Mudhigonda Po, Warangal Dt. 506122
                                                  Chittoor Dt. 517234                                                  High School:              APRS, Bandarupalli
                      High School:                ZPGHS, Kalikiri                                                      SSC %age:                 85.5     Id: TAD 03024
                      SSC %age:                   85.2     Id: TAD 03032                                              College:                   Lal Bahadur College, Warangal
                      College:                    GJC, Kalikiri                                                       Course studying:           Inter (MPC)
                      Course studying:            Inter (BiPC)                                                        Principal:                 Dr. M. Ramesh Kumar
                      Principal:                  Mr. M. Haranadha Reddy                                              Phone:                     0870-2523318 (O) & 2450840 (R)
                      Phone:                      08586-257233                                                        Mentor:                    Mr. Ramachari & Mr. Ranga Reddy
                      Mentor:                     Mr. K. Padmakar (English)                                                                      (Chemistry)
                      Father:                     Tailor (7 th )                                                      Father:                    Labourer (illiterate)
                      Mother:                     Housewife        (10 th )                                           Mother:                    Labourer (illiterate)

                      Annual income:              Rs. 10000                                                           Annual income:             Rs. 13000
                      Siblings:                   One sister- 8 th class (Scored 535/600 in 7th )                     Siblings:                  Brother-7 th
                      Aspiration of scholar: B.V.Sc or B.Sc. Nursing                                                  Aspiration of scholar: M.Sc

     Observations of field visit: Bhagyalakshmi's parents own                                       Observations of field visit: Ramesh, a simple and
     a small house. She is very focused. She plans to prepare for                                   innocent boy, lives with his maternal uncle in a neighbouring
     EAMCET by borrowing her cousin's books during the summer                                       village of Warangal since his own village is far away. His
     vacation. It is heartening to see such enthusiasm.                                             father, a regular farm hand (Paledu), was convalescing after
                                                                                                    a minor surgery at Warangal.

13                                                                                                                                                                                       42
                       Sponsor: Barrington Chemical Corporation                                          Sponsor: Mr. Jagadeesh Pamulapati
                       Sponsored: 2 scholars                                                             Sponsored: 2 scholars
                       Address: Mamaronick Ave, Harrison, NY 10528                                       Address:

       ( )(
                                                                                                         GJC Chittoor, Shamala Devi, Principal, Kannaih (Mentor)
                        Damodaram with mother, elder brother & tricycle                                  Scholars: Syed Mubin Taj, Uday Kumar & Krishna Kumar

                     1. Scholar:                  Mr. K. Damodaram                                    1. Scholar:                   Mr. R. S. Uday Kumar
                        Address:                  S/o Mr. Venkatesh, Gobillakotur                        Address:                   S/o Mr. Suresh Babu, 1-435 Eswara koil
                                                  Palamaner Po, Chittoor Dt. 517408                                                 St. Kattamanchi, Chittoor, Pin: 517001
                       High School:               GHS, Palamaner                                         High School:               MHS, Chittoor
                       SSC %age:                  85.4     Id: TAD 03008                                 SSC %age:                  87.5    Id: TAD 03003
                       College:                   GJC, Palamaner                                         College:                   PCRGJC, Chittoor
                       Course studying:           Inter (BiPC)                                           Course studying:           Inter (MPC)
                       Principal:                 Mr. K. Chandrasekhar
                                                                                                         Principal:                 Mrs. Syamala Dev
                       Phone:                     08586-257233
                                                                                                         Phone:                     08572-229886 (O)
                       Mentor:                    Principal himself
                                                                                                         Mentor:                    Mr. S. Kannaiah
                       Father:                    Coolie (illiterate)
                                                                                                         Father:                    Car driver (10 th )
                       Mother:                    Housewife (illiterate)
                                                                                                         Mother:                    Housewife (7 th )
                       Annual income:         Rs. 10000
                                                                                                         Annual income:             Rs. 18000

                       Siblings:              Sister - 9 th Class discontinued
                                              Elder brother-B.Com.-2 nd yr.-wants                        Siblings:                  Elder brother- Intermediate
                                              to join Army                                                                          Younger brother - 5 th class
                       Aspiration of scholar: B.Sc., B.Ed.                                               Aspiration of scholar: M.Sc. (Also Rly. Service Commission)

     Observations of field visit: Such is Damodaram's determination
     that his polio-affected legs do not deter him from walking 8 Km                  Observations of field visit: Uday Kumar's family owns a
     with the help of crutches. It takes him four hours to commute to                 small house. Uday Kumar's elder brother, who did not do
     college daily. He could not draw his scholarship, as he did not have             too well academically, is now learning 'pourohityam' to be
     the initial deposit money for opening a Bank account. BREAD has                  able to lead his life. The family is pragmatic and is keen to
     since sent him a Demand Draft for the scholarship amount and for                 get Uday educated. Only recently, they bought a TV on hire
     repairing his tricycle. The Principal took personal interest to get the          purchase basis.
     bank account opened and the tricycle repaired.

15                                                                                                                                                                           40
                      Sponsor: Package All Corp.,                                                           Sponsor: Ms. Anupama Kosaraju
                      Sponsored: 2 scholars                                                                 Sponsored: 2 scholars
                      Address: 655 Church St. Bayport, NY 11705, USA                                        Address: 1544 Hamlet Dr., Troy, MI 48084, USA

       ( )(
                    1. Scholar:             Mr. T. Govinda Rao                                            1. Scholar:             Mr. Boddu Sai Babu
                      Address:              S/o Mr. Bhaskara Rao, Penubarthi Vill                           Address:              S/o Mr. Venkateswar Rao, 4-88 DNR
                                            Tadivalasa Po, Srikakulam Dt. 532484                                                  Colony, Chintalathota, Kanuru,
                      High School:          ZPHS, G.Singadam                                                                      Vijayawada, 520007
                      SSC %age:             87      Id: TAD 03022                                           High School:          ZPHS, Kanuru
                      College:              GJC for Boys, Srikakulam                                        SSC %age:             85.7   Id: TAD 03015
                      Course studying:      Inter (MPC)                                                     College:              Andhra Loyola College, Vijayawada
                      Principal:            Mr. Telugu Suri Babu                                            Course studying:      Inter (MEC)
                      Phone:                08942-224719 (O) & 226784 (R)                                   Principal:            Fr. Peter Raj
                      Mentor:               Mr. K. V. S. Prasad (Maths)                                     Phone:                0866-2746082
                      Mobile:               94405-13637                                                     Mentor:               Fr. Anthony, Vice-Principal
                      Father:               Marginal farmer (illiterate)                                    Father:               Mason (illiterate)
                      Mother:               (illiterate)                                                    Mother:               Ayah (illiterate)

                      Annual income:        Rs. 4000                                                        Annual income:        Rs. 15000
                      Siblings:             Brother- B.Sc,   sister-8 th   discontinued                     Siblings:             Elder brother-SSC-Works as mechanic,
                      Aspiration of scholar: Could not meet                                                                       Sister-married
                                                                                                            Aspiration of scholar: C.A.- through Foundation Course
     Observations of field visit: Mr.KVS Prasad, lecturer in                              Observations of field visit: Although poor, Sai Babu's
     mathematics volunteered to help BREAD in its activities in                           family is fortunate to have two members, his mother and
     Srikakulam district. Govinda Rao could not attend college                            brother, with regular jobs though with small salaries. His
     on the day of the visit due to the boycott of RTC buses                              father's work is seasonal. Sai Babu is very focused.
     organised by the Students Federation.

17                                                                                                                                                                       38
                      Sponsor: Dr.Paruchuri Anjaneyalu (Physician)                                              Sponsor: Mr. Yarlagadda Krishna Prasad
                      Sponsored: 6 scholars                                                                     Sponsored: 2 scholars
                      Address: 160 Oak tree Lane, Bloomfield Hills, MI 48304, USA                               Address: 609 Weybridge Dr., Bloomfield Hills, MI 48304, USA
                      Phone: (248)-852-8027

       ( )(
                      GJC Vayalpadu, Govindu Naidu, OB Reddy (Chem), G.Venkaiah
                      (Principal), Dhanjaya Reddy (Maths), Madhavi

                   1. Scholar:                 Mr. G. Govindu Naidu                                          1. Scholar:              Mr. Alla Baksh
                      Address:                 S/o Mr. Kesavulunaidu, Diguvapalem PO,                           Address:              S/o Mr. Pyarejan, 3- 358 Rajiv Gandhi
                                               Via Tharigonda, Vayalpad (M), Chittoor Dt.                                             Nagar,Jandamatam St. Oldpet,
                      High School:             ZPHS, Marripadu                                                                        Palamaner 517408 Chittoor Dt.
                      SSC %age:                86      Id: TAD 03002                                            High School:          GPHS, Palamaner
                      College:                 PVCGJC, Vayalapad                                                SSC %age:             86      Id: TAD 03007
                      Course studying:         Inter (MPC)                                                      College:              GJC, Palamaner
                      Principal:               Mr. G. Venkaiah                                                  Course studying:      Inter (MPC)
                      Phone:                   08586-272501                                                     Principal:            Mr. K. Chandrasekhar
                      Mentor:                  Mr. D. Dhananjay Reddy (Maths)                                   Phone:                08579-254358
                      Father:                  Marginal farmer     (5 th )                                      Mentor:               Principal himself
                      Mother:                  Housewife (3 rd )                                                Father:               Petty trader (5 th )
                      Annual income:           Rs.7000                                                          Mother:               Housewife (illiterate)

                      Siblings:                Elder brother   (10 th )   discontinued, Two                     Annual income:        Rs. 9000
                                               elder sisters- 7 th discontinued.                                Siblings:             Elder sisters-5 th & 4 th discontinued,
                      Aspiration of scholar: M.Sc                                                                                     Brother-2 nd
                                                                                                                Aspiration of scholar: Could not meet him.
     Observations of field visit: In Govindu Naidu's college, the                             Observations of field visit: A close relative of the family
     performance of all students in chemistry in the half-yearly                              passed away and hence Alla Baksh and his family was not
     examinations was very poor. Although the reason cited by the                             available. The Principal assured that he would talk to the
     chemistry lecturer was the shift from Telugu to English                                  father about the importance of consistent good performance
     medium, that does not appear to be the sole reason as their                              by All Baksh for his scholarship to continue.
     performance was poor in one subject only.

19                                                                                                                                                                              36
Think big & beyond.                                                                                 Sponsor: Dr.Praveen.N.Mummaneni (Physician)

        Be an example.                                                                              Sponsored: 2 scholars
                                                                                                    Address: 2959 Sequoyah Dr., Atlanta, GA 30327, USA

      ( )(
                   3. Scholar:             Mr. K. M. Arun Kumar                                  1. Scholar:                 Mr. K. Pramod
                     Address:              S/o Mr. Lakshmanna Setty, 1-1427 HBS                     Address:                 S/o Mr. Narasaiah, Pochera Vill, Boath
                                           Colony, Yemmiganur Po,                                                            (M), Adilabad Dt. 504304
                                           Kurnool Dt. 518360                                       High School:             ZPHS, Kowtha
                     High School:          ZPHS, Yemmiganur                                         SSC %age:                85     Id: TAD 03001
                     SSC %age:             86     Id: TAD 03019                                     College:                 GJC, Boath
                     College:              GJC, Yemmiganur                                          Course studying:         Inter (BiPC)
                     Course studying:      Inter (MPC)                                              Principal:
                     Principal:                                                                     Phone:
                     Phone:                                                                         Mentor:
                     Mentor:                                                                        Father:                  Labourer (illiterate)
                     Father:               Clerk (B.Com)                                            Mother:                  Labourer (illiterate)
                     Mother:               Housewife (illiterate)                                   Annual income:           Rs. 11000

                     Annual income:        Rs. 12000                                                Siblings:                Brother-Degree (2 nd Year), Sister-8 th Class
                     Siblings:             Sister- B.Com, brother-2 nd B.A.                         Aspiration of scholar:
                     Aspiration of scholar: Not known.

     Observations of field visit: One of the few places                           Observations of field visit: One of the few places that could
     that could not be visited.                                                   not be visited.

21                                                                                                                                                                       34
Think big & beyond.                                                                                         Sponsor: Ms. Suneetha Gogineni

        Be an example.                                                                                      Sponsored: 2 scholars
                                                                                                            Address: 178 Thatchers Hill Rd, Flemington, NJ 08822, USA

       ( )(
                                                                                                            Kishna Kumar with parents & elder brother

                    5. Scholar:                Miss M. Kavitha                                           1. Scholar:                  Mr. C. Kishan Kumar
                      Address:                 D/o Pratap Reddy, Dattaipally PO,                           Address:                   S/o Mr. Prakash, Kokavallavur,
                                               Turkapalli (M), Nalgonda Dt. 508115                                                    Murakambat PO, Chittoor Dt. 517127
                      High School:             ZPHS, Dattaipally                                           High School:               ZPHS,M.Agraharam
                      SSC %age:                85.3   Id: TAD 03047                                        SSC %age:                  86       Id: TAD 03005
                      College:                 Sri Bhuvana Junior College, Turkapally,                     College:                   PCRGJC, Chittoor
                                               Nalgonda Dt.                                                Course studying:           Inter (MPC)
                      Course studying:         Inter (MPC)                                                 Principal:                 Mrs. G. Syamala Devi
                      Principal:                                                                           Phone:                     08572-229886 (O)
                      Phone:                                                                               Mentor:                    Mr. S. Kannaiah
                      Mentor:                                                                              Father:                    Marginal farmer (6 th )
                      Father:                  Ag. Labourer (3 rd )                                        Mother:                    Housewife (5 th )
                      Mother:                  Housewife (illiterate)                                      Annual income:             Rs. 12000

                      Annual income:           Rs. 11000                                                   Siblings:                  Elder brother- Inter 2 nd year- aspires to
                      Siblings:                Brother- B.Tech studying                                                               do B.Com
                      Aspiration of scholar:                                                               Aspiration of scholar: M.Sc. B.Ed.

     Observations of field visit: One of the few places                                  Observations of field visit: Marginal farmers like Kishan's
     that could not be visited during this period. This is                               father have not been able to till their lands due to severe
     also the only case where a student studying in a                                    drought conditions over the last three years. Kishan's father who
     private college is being supported. Kavitha's                                       has kept the family together so far by joining telephone cables
     scholarship was approved taking in to account the                                   as a casual labourer, values education. He wants to ensure that
     fact that the nearest government junior college was                                 his children complete their education in order to look after
     25 Km away and Kavitha fulfilled other requirements.                                themselves better than what he has been able to provide.

23                                                                                                                                                                                 32
                      Sponsor: Mr. Srinivas Paruchuri (Ph.d student)
                                                                                            Think big & beyond.
                      Sponsored: 1 scholar
                      Address: 160 Oak tree Lane, Bloomfield Hills, MI 48304, USA
                      Phone: (248)-852-8027
                                                                                                    Be an example.

       ( )(
                       Anjaneya Murthy ith Principal, GJC, Makkavarapalem

                    1. Scholar:                  Mr. M. Anjaneyamurthy                                      2. Scholar:                Miss B. Vijayabharathi
                      Address:                   S/o Mrs. Benamma, PP Agraharah Po,                           Address:                 D/o Mr. Adinarayana, c/o K. Bhushanna,
                                                 Makavarapalem (M),                                                                    Near Gandhi Centre, Chagalamarri Po,
                                                 Visakhapatnam Dt. 531113                                                              Kurnool Dt. 518553
                      High School:               ZPHS, Gidutur                                                High School:             ZPHS for Boys, Chagalamarri
                      SSC %age:                  81      Id: TAD 03023                                        SSC %age:                86      Id: TAD 03046
                      College:                   GJC, Makavarapalem                                           College:                 SVMVSR Jr. C, Chagalamarri
                      Course studying:           Inter (MPC)                                                  Course studying:         Inter (MPC)
                      Principal:                 Dr. G. Krishna Rao                                           Principal:
                      Phone:                     08932-222475                                                 Phone:
                      Mentor:                    Principal himself                                            Mentor:
                      Father:                    Deceased                                                     Father:                  Deceased
                      Mother:                    Agricultural labourer (illiterate)                           Mother:                  Coolie (illiterate)

                      Annual income:             Rs. 9000                                                     Annual income:           Rs. 6000
                      Siblings:                  Brother- Intermediate-works in a factory                     Siblings:                Brother -9 th class
                                                 in Hyderabad. Sister-5 th & married                          Aspiration of scholar:
                      Aspiration of scholar: M.Sc
     Observations of field visit: Anjaneyamurthy's father died                               Observations of field visit: One of the few places that could
     and his mother works as an agricultural labourer. They live                             not be visited.
     on the fringes of a forest. The dedicated Principal, a double
     gold medalist himself from Andhra University, testified
     Murthy's sincerity and commitment. On a surprise visit to
     his house one day, the Principal found him studying seriously
     while his mother was away at work.

25                                                                                                                                                                              30
Think big & beyond.
        Be an example.

      ( )(
                      Indumathi with mother at Ammavaripalli                                                Syed Mubin Taj with Parents

                   2. Scholar:                  Miss Y. Indumathi                                        3. Scholar:                  Miss Syed Mubeentaj
                     Address:                   D/o Mr. Nadamuninaidu, Ammagaripalli,                       Address:                  D/o Mr. Chanbaasha, 1-243 Puthalapattu Po,
                                                Chinakalikiri Po, Chittoor Dt. 517124                                                 Chittoor Dt. 517124
                     High School:               ZPHS, Puthalapattu                                          High School:              ZPHS, Puthalapattu
                     SSC %age:                  85.5    Id: TAD 03027                                       SSC %age:                 86       Id: TAD 03028

                     College:                   GJC, Puthalapattu                                           College:                  PCRGJC, Chittoor

                     Course studying:           Inter (MPC)                                                 Course studying:          Inter (MPC)

                     Principal:                 Mr. K. Venkatesu                                            Principal:                Mrs. G. Syamala Devi
                                                                                                            Phone:                    08572-229886
                     Phone:                     08572- 270878
                                                                                                            Mentor:                   Mr. S. Kannaiah
                     Mentor:                    Mr. B. G. Balagangadhar Tilak
                                                                                                            Father:                   Idler (10 th )
                     Father:                    Mason (PUC)
                                                                                                            Mother:                   Maid-servant (illiterate)
                     Mother:                    Housewife (illiterate)
                                                                                                            Annual income:            Rs. 5500

                     Annual income:             Rs. 10500
                                                                                                            Siblings:                 Elder sister-7 th failed twice- works as
                     Siblings:                  Elder sister- M.A (English)-1 st yr-may
                                                                                                                                      servant maid, Brother - 10 th Studying
                                                join B.Ed, Younger Sister-8 th
                                                                                                            Aspiration of scholar: B.Sc B.Ed
                     Aspiration of scholar: M.Sc. B.Ed

     Observations of field visit: Indumathi is hard working.                              Observations of field visit: Mubeentaj's father speaks little
     She travels 5 Km to her college on the bicycle she got                               and has never done any work in his life. Her mother and sister
     through a government scheme. Her maternal grandmother                                work very hard as domestic help in various houses to feed the
     finances her sister's education, as her father, a mason,                             family. Mubeentaj travels 15 Km all the way to Chittoor which
     cannot afford it.                                                                    has a better college than the one at Puthalapattu.

27                                                                                                                                                                                 28
                       Sponsor: Dr.Rao. M.Chalasani (Senior Engineer, General Motors)                       Sponsor: Dr.Sai Ramesh Bikkina, M.D., (Physician)
                       Sponsored: 2 scholars                                                                Sponsored: 3 scholars
                       Address: 4936, Season's Dr.,Troy, MI 48098, USA                                      Address: 1057 Suncrest Dr., Suite B Lapeer, MI 48446, USA
                       Phone: (248)-952-5874

       ( )(
                       Pushpavathi with family at Peddammavaripalli

                    1. Scholar:                  Miss M. Pushpavathi                                     1. Scholar:              Mr. M.Suresh Babu
                      Address:                   D/o Yarram Reddy, Peddammagaripalle,                       Address:              S/o Mr.Narasimhulu Naidu, Devalapalli PO,
                                                 K. Odepalli B.O. Via Penumur,                                                    Kalakada (M), Chittoor Dt. 517236
                                                 Pakala (M), Chittoor Dt. 517126                            High School:          ZPHS, Kona
                      High School:               ZPHS, K.Odepalli                                           SSC %age:             86.5   Id: TAD 03006
                      SSC %age:                  90       Id: TAD 03004                                     College:              Sri Venkateswara Jr. College, Tirupati
                      College:                   GJC for Girls, Pakala                                      Course studying:      Inter (MPC)

                      Course studying:           Inter (MPC)                                                Principal:            Mr. J.Kumaraswamy Raju

                      Principal:                 Mrs. P. J. Kumari                                          Phone:                0877-2203530

                      Phone:                     08585-223100 (O)                                           Mentor:               Mr.A.Sarangapani
                                                                                                            Phone:                0877-5563721(R)
                      Mentor:                    Mrs. K. Reshma (Maths)
                                                                                                            Father:               Marginal farmer (Inter)
                      Father:                    Marginal farmer cum labourer
                                                                                                            Mother:               Housewife (Illiterate)

                                                 (10th failed)
                                                                                                            Annual income:        Rs. 18000
                      Mother:                    Labourer (illiterate)
                                                                                                            Siblings:             Sister- studying 9 th standard
                      Annual income:             Rs.4800
                                                                                                            Aspiration of scholar: IPS
                      Siblings:                  Two brothers in 8 th and 2 nd classes
                      Aspiration of scholar: B.Tech or B.Sc B.Ed
                                                                                         Observations of field visit: Suresh's father trades in fruit
     Observations of field visit: The village is very remotely located                   saplings, besides working on the land. Suresh stays in the
     close to a forest. The family is impoverished due to scanty rains                   hostel as his village is in a remote area. Not used to his new
     over the last three years. They live in a tiny thatched house. Yet,                 environment, he often complains of stomach problem and
     they are undaunted and want to educate her at any cost.                             goes home which comes in the way of his performance. He
     Pushpavathi is also highly motivated. They all shun the idea of                     has been introduced to a Medico BREAD scholar who would
     getting her employed after Intermediate.                                            help him out.

29                                                                                                                                                                            26
                      Sponsor: Ms.Sudha Chalasani (Business Executive, Ford Motors)
                      Sponsored: 1 scholar
                      Address: 4936 Seasons Dr., Troy, MI 48098, USA
                      Phone: (248)-952-5874

       ( )(
                       GJC Bommasmudram, Ram Murthy (Principal), Gopal Reddy (College
                       Committee President), Vaishnavi (Scholar), Markandeya Naidu (Maths),
                       Markonda Mandadi (sarpanch)                                                                         Ramdas & Lalitha Chittapur, Manchal Mandal, Parents of P. Srinivas

                    1. Scholar:                  Miss R. Vaishnavi                                                      6. Scholar:                   Mr. Paladhi Srinivas
                      Address:                   D/o Mr. Rajendran, Kottor (Vill),                                        Address:                    S/o Mr. Ramdas, 1-212 Chittapur, Manchal
                                                 Bommasamudram Po, Chittoor Dt. 517132                                                                (M), RR Dt. 501508
                      High School:               KMRGHS, Bommasamudram                                                    High School:                ZPHS, Manchal
                      SSC %age:                  85.5    Id: TAD 03030                                                    SSC %age:                   83.2    Id: TAD 03021
                      College:                   GJC, Bommasamudram                                                       College:                    GJC, Manchal
                      Course studying:           Inter (MPC)                                                              Course studying:            Inter (MPC)
                      Principal:                 Mr. D. Ramamurthy                                                        Principal:                  Mr. A. Seetharama Rao
                      Phone:                     008572- 258338                                                           Phone:                      08414-253995
                      Mentor:                    Mr. T. Markandeyanaidu                                                   Mentor:                     Mr. Narasanna (Chemistry)
                      Father:                    Labourer (Inter    2 nd   yr)                                            Father:                     Farmer (Illiterate)
                      Mother:                    House wife (SSC failed)                                                  Mother:                     Weaver (Illiterate)
                      Annual income:              Rs. 10000                                                               Annual income:              Rs. 12000

                      Siblings:                  Two sisters- Inter    2 nd      yr. &   7 th   class                     Siblings:                   Three sisters-one married, 2 nd TTC &
                      Aspiration of scholar: B.Sc                                                                                                     D.Sc and 3 rd B.Sc 1 st Yr.
                                                                                                                          Aspiration of scholar: M.Sc.

      Observations of field visit: Vaishnavi's father is a labourer                                     Observations of field visit: Although Srinivas's father
     in a liquor factory. Drought has added to their difficulties.                                      along with his four brothers hold 5 acres of land, he does
     Vaishnavi's poor performance in the half yearly examinations                                       not seem to have any significant income from the land. His
     can be explained by the woeful conditions in which she lives                                       mother weaves cotton sarees and earns about Rs.1000
     and the lack of encouragement. She now has a mentor who                                            p.m. Yet, the family manages to get on with the education
     has promised to help.                                                                              of the three children with the help of paltry scholarships
                                                                                                        they receive.

31                                                                                                                                                                                               24
Think big & beyond.
        Be an example.

       ( )(
                       GJC Palamaner, Principal CHandrasekhar with scholar Nawaz (Left)
                       & Damodaram

                    2. Scholar:                  Mr. S. Navaz                                                           4. Scholar:             Mrs. M. Manjula
                      Address:                   Mr. Ismail, 7-105 Mahammadiya St.                                        Address:              D/o Mr. Sami Reddy, Katrapally Po,
                                                 Baireddipalli Po, Chittoor Dt. 517415                                                          Sangam (M), Warangal Dt. 506330
                      High School:               ZPHS, Baireddipalli                                                      High School:          ZPHS, Sangam
                      SSC %age:                  86.5     Id: TAD 03009                                                   SSC %age:             85.2   Id: TAD 03026
                      College:                   GJC, Vayalapad                                                           College:              GJC, Sangam
                      Course studying:           Inter (MPC)                                                              Course studying:      Inter (HEC)
                      Principal:                 Mr K. Chandrasekhar                                                      Principal:            Mr. V. Venkateswarlu
                      Phone:                     08579-254358                                                             Phone:                0870-2867341
                      Mentor:                    Mr. T. Markandeyanaidu                                                   Mentor:               Mr. Kumaraswamy (History)
                      Father:                    Labourer (Inter    2 nd   yr)                                            Father:               Marginal farmer (illiterate)
                      Mother:                    House wife (SSC failed)                                                  Mother:               Assists on farm (illiterate)
                      Annual income:              Rs. 10000                                                               Annual income:        Rs. 10000

                      Siblings:                  Two sisters- Inter    2 nd      yr. &   7 th   class                     Siblings:             Two brothers- degree & 5 th , sister-9 th
                      Aspiration of scholar: B.Sc                                                                                               studying.
                                                                                                                          Aspiration of scholar: M.A

     Observations of field visit: Three yaear of drought has                                            Observations of field visit: Manjula was married while studying
     impoverished Navaz's family. His father, a marginal farmer, now                                    SSC. She was keen to continue her studies and therefore joined
     works as a labourer. As annual fee of Rs. 3500 in a local private                                  college at her mother's village. In order to balance married life and
     college was unaffrodable. Hence Navaz travels 22km by bus to                                       studies, she has been running home in one village and attending
     the nearest government college.                                                                    college mostly during examination time in another village. Her in-
                                                                                                        laws were requested to get her transferred to a college closer to
                                                                                                        their place after the 1st year. They agreed to do so. Interestingly,
                                                                                                        her husband failed in SSC and now helps in farming.

33                                                                                                                                                                                          22
Think big & beyond.                                                                                  Think big & beyond.
        Be an example.                                                                                       Be an example.

       ( )(
                       Krishnaveni GJC, Chittor, Rajagopal Reddy, Principal, Geetha with                                 Parents of Md. Gani Sheik at their res in Turka Palem, Medikondur
                       Samanthkamani, Mentor                                                                             mandal, Guntur Dt.

                    2. Scholar:                       Miss D. Geetha                                                  2. Scholar:                   Md. Gani Sheik
                      Address:                        D/o Mr. Prabhakar Reddy, Sarakallu (Vill),                        Address:                    S/o Abdul Salam Sheik, Turkapalem Po,
                                                      Thavanampalle (M), Chittoor Dt. 517126                                                        Medikonduru (M), Guntur Dt. 522438
                      High School:                    APSWRS, Palamaner                                                 High School:                ZPHS, Medikonduru
                      SSC %age:                       85.2      Id: TAD 03029                                           SSC %age:                   87       Id: TAD 03013
                      College:                        Krishnaveni GJC, Chittoor                                         College:                    AC College, Guntur
                      Course studying:                Inter (MPC)                                                       Course studying:            Inter (MPC)
                      Principal:                      Mr. Rajgopal Reddy                                                Principal:                  Mrs. D. M. Sujatha
                      Phone:                          08572-240218                                                      Phone:                      0863-2322046
                      Mentor:                         Mrs. Samanthakamani                                               Mentor:                     Mr. K. Moses (Maths)
                      Father:                         Food packer in a mess                (7 th )                      Father:                     Coolie (3 rd )
                      Mother:                         Housewife (illiterate)                                            Mother:                     (illiterate)
                      Annual income:                  Rs. 11000                                                         Annual income:              Rs. 11000

                      Siblings:                       Brother     -7 th   class                                         Siblings:                   2 sisters illiterate and married. Three
                      Aspiration of scholar: B.Tech or M.Sc                                                                                         brothers 10 th , 4 th & 5 th discontinued.
                                                                                                                        Aspiration of scholar: Could not meet him as he was away to
                                                                                                                                                    attend tuition classes.
     Observations of field visit: Geetha's polio-affected father                                      Observations of field visit: Md.Gani Shiek's family lives
     works in a private mess as a helper to make both ends meet.                                      in sub human conditions. The unmarried brother, a
     She is allowed to stay in a Social Welfare Hostel because of her                                 stonecutter, looks after his parents and him. Counseled the
     father's condition. The Principal knows Geetha's parents                                         family, including the married brothers, not to discontinue
     personally and has confirmed that they are very poor.                                            Gani's studies as he can pull all of them out of poverty.

35                                                                                                                                                                                               20
Think big & beyond.                                                                        Think big & beyond.
        Be an example.                                                                             Be an example.

       ( )(
                                                                                                                Class room in GJC Piler, Lamamma Reddy, Lecturer

                    2. Scholar:              Miss S. Madhavi                                                 2. Scholar:                 Miss S. Gurulakshmi
                       Address:              D/o Mr. Vasantha Rao, Kadirayacheruvu Po,                          Address:                 D/o Mr. Ravindra, Yeddalavaripalle,
                                             Kalakada (M), Chittoor Dt. 517297                                                           Medikurthi PO, Chittoor Dt. 517237
                       High School:          ZPHS, Papireddigaripalle                                           High School:             ZPHS, Medikurthi
                       SSC %age:             87      Id: TAD 03034                                              SSC %age:                86       Id: TAD 03033
                       College:              PVC GJC, Vayalapad                                                 College:                 GJC, Pileru
                       Course studying:      Inter (MPC)                                                        Course studying:         Inter (BiPC)
                       Principal:            Mr. G. Venkaiah                                                    Principal:               Mr. P. V. Ramanaiah
                       Phone:                08586-272501                                                       Phone:                   08584-244634
                       Mentor:               Mr. D. Dhananjay Reddy (Maths)                                     Mentor:                  Mrs. N. Reddy Lakshmamma (Botany)
                       Father:               Works in FP shop of uncle (HSLC)                                   Father:                  Marginal farmer (10 th )
                       Mother:               Housewife (illiterate)                                             Mother:                  Housewife (6 th )
                       Annual income:        Rs. 12000                                                          Annual income:           Rs. 12,000

                       Siblings:             Two sisters-one married & second    10 th -                        Siblings:                Two brothers-7 th & 3 rd , two sisters-2 nd
                                             one brother 8 th                                                                            & UKG
                       Aspiration of scholar: B.Sc                                                              Aspiration of scholar: B.Sc. B.Ed

     Observations of field visit: Madhavi's parents almost                                  Observations of field visit: Gurulakshmi resides with
     discontinued her studies since their village is in a remote area far                   her paternal aunt in Piler as her village is in a remote area.
     removed from the college. It was only at the last minute when a                        As the picture shows, most government colleges do not
     relative agreed to put her up in their house at Vayalapad that                         even basic amenities such as tables and chairs for
     Madhavi was admitted to the college. The Principal promised to                         students, and classes are sometimes held in the shade of
     speak to Madhavi's parents to continue her education beyond                            trees.

37                                                                                                                                                                                     18
Think big & beyond.                                                                        Think big & beyond.
        Be an example.                                                                             Be an example.

       ( )(
                       P.D. Varghese, F/o Jancy, Vja.                                                          Jhansi Bharatam (Top) with her parents & elder sisters

                    2. Scholar:                   Miss P. Jancy Verghese                                    2. Scholar:                   Miss Jhansi Baratam
                      Address:                    D/o Mr. P. D. Verghese, 21 SBH Colony,                      Address:                    D/o Mr. Narasinga Rao, Raja St. Near MRO
                                                  Near Saibaba Temple, Vijayawada-520008                                                  Office, Kotturu PO, Srikakulam Dt. 532455
                      High School:                Nirmala High School, Vijayawada                             High School:                APRS(G), Vamaravalli
                      SSC %age:                   85     Id: TAD 03041                                        SSC %age:                   87.5     Id: TAD 03048
                      College:                    Maris Stella College, Vijayawada                            College:                    GJC, Kotturu
                      Course studying:            Inter (BiPC)                                                Course studying:            Inter (MPC)
                      Principal:                  Sr. Theresa                                                 Principal:                  Mr. Nageswara Rao
                      Phone:                      0866-2472332 (O)                                            Phone:                      08946-258436 (O) & 223223 (R)
                      Mentor:                     Principal herself                                           Mentor:                     Mr. B. Govinda Rao, Lecturer
                      Father:                     Petty tea shop   (10 th )                                   Father:                     Ag. Labourer (5 th )
                      Mother:                     Housewife (8 th )                                           Mother:                     Housewife (3 rd )
                      Annual income:              Rs. 18000                                                   Annual income:              Rs.8600

                      Siblings:                   Brother-BCA, sister- studying DCA                           Siblings:                   Two sisters-both discontinued after
                      Aspiration of scholar: M.Sc                                                                                         Intermediate
                                                                                                              Aspiration of scholar: B.Sc. B.Ed

     Observations of field visit: Jancy is very dynamic and                                 Observations of field visit: Kotturu is remotely located on
     articulate. The family runs on the income from the teashop run                         the edge of a forest. Jhansi's two elder sisters discontinued
     by her father and from the salary of her brother. Father's ill                         their education after Intermediate, as outside Kotturu was
     health and the education expenses of the three children have                           unapproachable for undergraduate education. However, both
     pushed them in to debts.                                                               her sisters are now appearing for the entrance test for
                                                                                            Teachers' Training course as this course has greater job
                                                                                            potential. Jhansi holds great promise.

39                                                                                                                                                                                    16
Think big & beyond.                                                                     Think big & beyond.
        Be an example.                                                                          Be an example.

       ( )(
                      Padmavathi, Ravishankar, Venkateshwar Rao, Kankipadu

                   2. Scholar:                 Mr. V. Ravi Shankar                                      2. Scholar:             Miss Sk. Razia Begum
                      Address:                 S/o Vundi Venkateswarrao, Gannavaram                        Address:             D/o Sk. Abdul Rehman, Priyadarshini Nagar,
                                               Road, Kankipadu PO, Krishna Dt. 521151                                           3rd St., Flora school Road, Vuyyuru,
                      High School:             ZPHS, Punadipadu                                                                 Krishna Dt. - 521 165
                      SSC %age:                82.5    Id: TAD 03017                                       High School:         VRKMHS, Vuyyuru
                      College:                 Andhra Loyola College, Vijayawada                           SSC %age:            87.5     Id: TAD 03043
                      Course studying:         Inter (MEC)                                                 College:             Maris Stella College, Vijayawada
                      Principal:               Fr. Peter Raj                                               Course studying:     Inter (BiPC)
                      Phone:                   0866-2746082 (O)                                            Principal:           Sr. Theresa
                      Mentor:                  Fr. Anthony, Vice-Principal                                 Phone:               0866-2472332
                      Father:                  Photo framer    (9 th )                                     Mentor:              Sr. Theresa
                      Mother:                  Housewife (10 th )                                          Father:              Ex-employee of KCP Ltd (M.Com)
                      Annual income:           Rs. 18000                                                   Mother:              Housewife (6 th )

                      Siblings:                Younger brother -8 th standard                              Annual income:       Rs.24000
                      Aspiration of scholar: MBA                                                           Siblings:            Brothers 9 th & 5 th studying.
                                                                                                           Aspiration of scholar: MBBS

     Observations of field visit: Living in a thatched single room                       Observations of field visit: Razia lives in a hostel at
     house, Ravi's mother struggles to make both ends meet by                            Vijayawada and her parents live in a rented house in
     stitching clothes at home. Ravi won several awards in science                       Vuyyuru. Her father, compelled to take voluntary retirement
     exhibitions and for elocutions at the district level. His mother                    started a STD Booth, but failed to make good. Presently
     dreams of seeing her son complete MBA.                                              unemployed, he is the only post-graduate among the parents
                                                                                         of 'ACE' scholars.

41                                                                                                                                                                           14
                      Sponsor: Mr. Ramakrishna Kancherla (Financial services)
                                                                                    Think big & beyond.
                      Sponsored: 1 scholar
                      Address: Burlington, Ontario-Canada                                   Be an example.

       ( )(
                                                                                                       GJC Nandavanam, Principal, V. Siddhaiah Naidu

                    1. Scholar:             Miss V. Deepthi                                         2. Scholar:                  Miss D. Sowmyakrishna
                      Address:              D/o Mr.Satyanarayana, Pedakomera                          Address:                   D/o Mr. Narasimhulu Chetty, 1-83/1 K. K. Peta
                                            Gampalagudem (M), Krishna Dt. 521 403                                                Po, Pulicherla (M), Chittoor Dt. 517172
                      High School:          ZPHS, Gampalagudem                                        High School:               ZPHS, Yellankivaripalli
                      SSC %age:             86.6    Id: TAD 03040                                     SSC %age:                  86.2    Id: TAD 03031
                      College:              GJC, Gampalagudem                                         College:                   GJC, Nandavanam
                      Course studying:      Inter (MPC)                                               Course studying:           Inter (MPC)
                      Principal:            Mr. Arora                                                 Principal:                 Mr. Siddaiah Naidu
                      Phone:                08673-274313                                              Phone:                     08585-249863 (O)
                      Mentor:               K.V. Rama Rao (Maths)                                     Mentor:                    Mr. R. Doraiswamy Naidu
                      Father:               Cycle repair shop (9 )   th
                                                                                                      Father:                    Cloth stores (10 th )
                      Mother:               Tailoring (8 )                                            Mother:                    Housewife (Inter)
                      Annual income:        Rs. 11000                                                 Annual income:             Rs.11000

                      Siblings:             Younger sister   -9 th                                    Siblings:                  Elder sister- B.Sc- 2 nd year
                      Aspiration of scholar: M.Sc                                                     Aspiration of scholar: B.Sc

     Observations of field visit: Deepthi's father wanted to stop                    Observations of field visit: In spite of the college being
     her education after Intermediate since she would have to                        located in a very remote area and being ill equipped, two
     travel 20 Km to the nearest Degree college. His income from                     students of the first batch of Intermediate (2003) scored
     repairing bicycles and his wife's from stitching clothes would                  over 90% and one of them was awarded TANA Foundation-
     not be enough to take care of her further education. When he                    BREAD scholarship for UG studies. This was largely due to
     learnt that her scholarship would take care of travel expenses                  the dedication of the Principal.
     also, he relented.

43                                                                                                                                                                          12
                       Sponsor: TANA Foundation
                                                                                     Think big & beyond.
                       Sponsored: 6 scholars
                       Address: Kristina Way, Flemington, NJ 08822, USA                      Be an example.

       ( )(
                       V. Rafi (Scholar) with lectureres at GJC Ramasamudram                             GSR Satyaveni’s mother, Vijayawada

                    1. Scholar:                  Mr. Vontela Rafi                                     2. Scholar:                 Miss G. S. R. Satyaveni
                      Address:                   S/o Mrs. Chotimabee, Digivapeta,                       Address:                  D/o Mr. Nuka Raju, 33-18-189 Chalasani
                                                 Ramasamudram Chittoor Dt. 517417.                                                Venkata Krishna St., Suryaraopeta,
                      High School:               ZPHS, Ramasamudram                                                               Vijayawada - 520 002
                      SSC %age:                  86.3    Id: TAD 03010                                  High School:              KRMCHS, Vijayawada
                      College:                   GJC, Ramasamudram                                      SSC %age:                 88      Id: TAD 03050
                      Course studying:           Inter (CEC)                                            College:                  GPT for Women, Kakinada
                      Principal:                 Mr. GVSK Prasad                                        Course studying:          DECE
                      Phone:                     08581-276835                                           Principal:                Mr. V. V. L. N. Murthy
                      Mentor:                    D. Muralidhar                                          Phone:                    0884-2341742 (O) & 2344770 (R)
                      Father:                    Divorced                                               Mentor:                   Mrs. P. Subbalakshmi, DECE chief
                      Mother:                    Teaches urdu to kids (knows urdu)                      Father:                    Ice fruit rickshaw (2 nd )
                      Annual income:             Rs. 3600                                               Mother:                   Housewife (illiterate)

                      Siblings:                  None                                                   Annual income:            Rs.10800
                      Aspiration of scholar: M.Sc (Hindi)                                               Siblings:                 Sister- 10 th discontinued, Brother Inter-
                                                                                                                                  discontinued and both doing petty jobs.
                                                                                                        Aspiration of scholar: To do a job after completing Diploma
     Observations of field visit: Rafi is visibly hurt when speaking                  Observations of field visit: Satyaveni is a bright girl. Her
     about the injustice his father has done not only to his mother but               mother works as a servant maid. They live in a partitioned
     also to his step mother and her children. In fact, he confessed                  shanty with several other families paying a rent of Rs.400
     that he had stated in the original application for scholarship that              per month. They do not even have the basic amenity of a
     his father is dead. His maternal uncle looks after them. Rafi's                  common toilet. Her mother was encouraged to let Satyaveni
     single-minded determination might bring him and his family better                continue her studies.

45                                                                                                                                                                             10
Think big & beyond.                                                                            Think big & beyond.
        Be an example.                                                                                 Be an example.

       ( )(
                       Dhanalaxmi D. with her parents                                                              Indira Priyadarshini’s parents & elder brother in their shop cum res.

                    2A. Scholar:                 Miss Dantla Dhanalakshmi                                       2. Scholar:                    Miss K. I. Priyadarshini
                      Address:                   D/o Mr. Nuka Raju,                                                Address:                    D/o Vijaya Rao, Sivalayam St., Near Water
                                                 14-10-01 Botchavari Veedhi, One Way Traffic                                                   tank, Vuyyuru, Krishna Dt. 521165
                                                 Down, Anakapalle (PO), Visakhapatnam Dt.                          High School:                VRKMHS, Vuyyuru
                      High School:               Municipal School, Anakapalle                                      SSC %age:                   89.5     Id: TAD 03042
                      SSC %age:                  85.5    Id: TAD 03011S                                            College:                    AG & SGS College, Vuyyuru
                      College:                   Sri Adinarayana Junior Mahila Kalasala,                           Course studying:            Inter (MPC)
                                                 Anakapalle                                                        Principal:                  Mr. V. Koteswara Rao
                      Course studying:           Inter (BiPC)                                                      Phone:                      08676-235900
                      Principal:                 Ms. P. Bharathi                                                   Mentor:                     Mr. G. J. P. Vinay Kumar
                      Phone:                     222700 (O) & 224246 (R)                                           Mobile:                     98480-12864
                      Mentor:                    Mrs. G. Adiseshu (Botany)                                         Father:                     Petty kirana shop (Inter)
                      Father:                    Bicycle repairer (7 th )                                          Mother:                     Housewife (6 th )

                      Mother:                    Petty shopkeeper (7 th )                                          Annual income:              Rs. 12000
                      Annual income:             Rs. 9000                                                          Siblings:                   One brother Inter -discontinued
                      Siblings:                  One younger sister-5 th standard                                  Aspiration of scholar: M.Sc
                      Aspiration of scholar: M.Sc
     Observations of field visit: Dhanalakshmi is a bright girl                                 Observations of field visit: Priyadarshini's family lives in a
     highly commended by her Principal. The family's subsistence is                             small tiled ancestral house where they also run a petty shop.
     on a paltry income from the cycle repair shop her father runs                              Her brother has given up studies and helps run the shop.
     and from the vegetable and groceries her mother sells. Yet,                                Given her commitment and drive, Priyadarshini is most likely
     Dhanlalakshmi's spirit is undaunted.                                                       to excel in her studies.

47                                                                                                                                                                                         8
Think big & beyond.                                                                 Think big & beyond.
        Be an example.                                                                      Be an example.

       ( )(
                   4. Scholar:            Mr. BSVGSS Achary                                          2. Scholar:             Miss K. Sandhya Rani
                     Address:             S/o Mr. Suryaprakasa Rao, 21-10/2-103                        Address:              D/o Mr. Panduranga Rao, Aswaraopalem PO,
                                          Budameru Bridge, Vijayadurganagar,                                                 Avanigadda (M), Krishna Dt.
                                          Vijayawda, Krishna Dt. 520011                                High School:          SKRM GHS, Avanigadda
                     High School:         GSRMCHS, Vijayawada                                          SSC %age:             87.3   Id: TAD 03038
                     SSC %age:            85.6    Id: TAD 03016                                        College:              GJC, Avanigadda
                     College:             SRR & CVR College, Vijayawada                                Course studying:      Inter (MPC)
                     Course studying:     Inter (MPC)                                                  Principal:            Mr. V. Venkateswarlu
                     Principal:           Mr. Prasada Reddy                                            Phone:                08671-272161
                     Phone:               0866-2435279 (O) & 2552083 (R)                               Mentor:               Mrs. D. Lakshmi (Physics)
                     Mentor:              Mr. Jagadish (Maths)                                         Father:               Ag. Labourer (5 th )
                     Father:              Carpenter (7 th )                                            Mother:               Ag. Labourer (illiterate)
                                                                                                       Annual income:        Rs. 10000

                     Mother:              Housewife (illiterate)
                     Annual income:       Rs. 18000                                                    Siblings:             Two sisters - one (TTC), another studying
                     Siblings:            Brother -7 th -discontinued- works in a                                            TTC & brother 7th class
                                          bookshop as assistant                                        Aspiration of scholar: B.Sc. B.Ed or TTC
                     Aspiration of scholar: Not known
                                                                                     Observations of field visit: Sandhya Rani has not done
     Observations of field visit: Achary's family owns a
                                                                                     well in the half-yearly examinations. The problem could be
     small house constructed with loans on porumboke land.
                                                                                     with her shifting from Telugu to English medium. There was
     He attends private coaching classes, as the teaching in
                                                                                     also some delay in the appointment of a regular lecturer. Her
     government colleges is not adequate to secure good
                                                                                     mentor has promised to help. Her parents were away to
     marks in public examinations.
                                                                                     work and they could not be met.

49                                                                                                                                                                       6
Think big & beyond.
        Be an example.

       ( )(
                                                                                                       Nagalaxmi and her brother with their father

                   6. Scholar:            Mr. S. Sai Krishna                                        4. Scholar:                   Miss T. Nagalakshmi
                     Address:             S/o Mr. Ramesh Kumar, Papannapet (V &M)                     Address:                    D/o Mr. Damodar Rao, opposite Market yard,
                                          Medak Dt. 502303                                                                        Bunk Road, Agiripalli, Krishna Dt. 521211
                     High School:         ZPHS, Papannapeta                                           High School:                ZPHS, Agiripalli
                     SSC %age:            89.6   Id: TAD 03020                                        SSC %age:                   85       Id: TAD 03045
                     College:             GJC, Papannapet                                             College:                    MVN & YVN GJC, Agiripalli
                     Course studying:     Inter (BiPC)                                                Course studying:            Inter (MPC)
                     Principal:                                                                       Principal:                  Mr. N. Krishna Prasad
                     Mentor:                                                                          Phone:                      08656-224264 (O)
                     Father:              Farmer (Inter)                                              Mentor:                     Mr. Samuel
                     Mother:              Housewife (Inter)                                           Father:                     Insurance Agent (ITI)
                     Annual income:       Rs. 11000                                                   Mother:                     Housewife (6th)
                     Siblings:            Brother- B.A, sisters B.Com & B.Sc                          Annual income:              Rs. 11000

                     Aspiration of scholar: Not known                                                 Siblings:                   Brother -7 th class discontinued
                                                                                                                                  - ill health
                                                                                                      Aspiration of scholar: M.Sc (Maths)

     Observations of field visit: One of the few places that                        Observations of field visit: Nagalakshmi has not too well
     could not be visited.                                                          in the half-yearly examination also, shre has considerable
                                                                                    load of household work. Besides, all teaching staff lives in
                                                                                    vijayawada and travel distance 30 k.m. to the college on a
                                                                                    daily basis. She has, however, promised to do better in final

51                                                                                                                                                                             4
Think big & beyond.                                                                   Think big & beyond.
        Be an example.                                                                        Be an example.

       ( )(
                                                                                                        G. Gangadhar Rao with mother at Kandarvalli, E.G.

                   2. Scholar:             Mr. Sk. Maulali                                           2. Scholar:               Mr. G. Gangadhara Rao
                     Address:              S/o Mr. Sk. Meera Saheb,                                    Address:                S/o Mr. Nageswara Rao, Kandaravalli PO,
                                           Chandarlapadu (V &M), Krishna Dt. 521185                                            Achanta (M), W.G. Dt. 534269
                     High School:          ZPHS, Chandarlapadu                                         High School:            ZPHS, Karugorumilli
                     SSC %age:             81.5    Id: TAD 03052                                       SSC %age:               85      Id: TAD 03025
                     College:              KVRC, Nandigama                                             College:                MVRGJC, Achanta
                     Course studying:      Inter (MPC)                                                 Course studying:        Inter (MPC)
                     Principal:            Dr. V. Satyannarayana Prasad                                Principal:              Mr. T. Vijayananda Rao
                     Phone:                08678-275244                                                Phone:                  08814-236282 (O) & 08813-221707 (R)
                     Mentor:               Mr. Md. Iqbal                                               Mentor:                 Mr. Badrinath (Maths)
                     Father:               Coolie (Illiterate)                                         Father:                 Waste newspaper trader (6 th )
                     Mother:               Housewife (illiterate)                                      Mother:                 Housewife (6 th )
                                                                                                       Annual income:          Rs. 10000

                     Annual income:        Rs. 11000
                     Siblings:             Brother-   9 th                                             Siblings:               Two sisters discontinued after 5 th and
                     Aspiration of scholar: B.Sc. B.Ed                                                                         7 th class. Elder sister is married
                                                                                                       Aspiration of scholar: IAS, M.Sc or B.Sc.B.Ed

     Observations of field visit: Maulali's father is a                                Observations of field visit: Gangadhara's father, a
     mason's underhand. Maulali himself works as a labourer                            diabetic, earns his livelihood by collecting and selling
     during holidays to supplement the family income and to                            old newspapers. His mother's severe heart condition
     support his education.                                                            requires surgery but they cannot afford it. His younger
                                                                                       sister has had to discontinue her studies to take care of
                                                                                       the house. His parents' ill health does not hold much
                                                                                       hope either for future enhancement of family income or
                                                                                       for supporting his education.

53                                                                                                                                                                       2
Think big & beyond.
        Be an example.

                    4. Scholar:                Miss Avula Madhavi
                      Address:                 D/o Mr. Venkateswarlu, Swarna (V &P),
                                               Karamchedu (M) Prakasam Dt. 523170
                      High School:             ZPHS, Swarna
                      SSC %age:                88      Id: TAD 03054
                      College:                 GJC for Girls, Cheerala
                      Course studying:         Inter (MPC)
                      Father:                  Coolie (illiterate)
                      Mother:                  Housewife (illiterate)

                      Annual income:           Rs. 9000
                      Siblings:                2 Sisters 10 th and Inter discontinued
                      Aspiration of scholar:

     Observations of field visit: Could not visit.


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