Fact Sheet: America's Competitiveness through Adult Math

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					                  U.S. Department of Education
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                  Adult Basic and Literacy Education
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         America’s Competitiveness through Adult Math Instruction
Mathematical skills are a gatekeeper for entrance into post-secondary education and training programs
for adults of all ages, and significantly affect employability and career options. Recognizing the
importance of math education, former President George W. Bush signed an Executive Order in June of
2006, establishing the National Math Panel (the Panel), an important part of the American
Competitiveness Initiative. The Panel published its synthesis of research on K-12 mathematical
education, in February 2008.

The Office of Vocational and Adult Education (OVAE), in collaboration with MPR Associates, Inc. (the
primary contractor); Rutgers University’s Center for Mathematics, Science, and Computer Educations;
the University of Tennessee Center for Literacy Studies; and, Technical Education Research Centers
(TERC); convened a group of subject matter experts to analyze the findings and recommendations of the
National Math Panel (NMP) report. This work will result in a publication summarizing the evidence-
based principles for adult numeracy instruction.

Project collaborators will apply these principles to enhance the existing Teachers Investigating Adult
Numeracy (TIAN) professional development model. The newly enhanced TAIN professional
development model will then be field-tested in two States. Based upon the field-test results, OVAE will
be provided with recommendations for making the TIAN professional development model available to
all States. The timeframe for this project is, October 2007 to September 2010.

Project Milestones
    Conducted initial planning meeting , September 2007
    Identified subject matter experts in the field of mathematics education, adult cognitive learning,
       and adult numeracy, November 2008
    Developed the TIAN professional development instrument that will be used to assess the
       effectiveness in teacher delivery and the research to practice , December 2008
    Conducted the first planning meeting with the experts, February 2009
    Created a work plan, March 2009
    Prepared and submitted the data collection package to the Office of Management and Budget for
       clearance , March 2009
    States will be invited to participate once the OMB package has been approved (TBA)
    Field test in selected states through May 2010

Outcomes and Products
    An evidence-based professional development model for adult numeracy educators.
    A publication summarizing the principles of adult numeracy instruction.

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