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					[00:00] <urlin2u> skin1980, got to search the web, and not compare OS's
[00:01] <w0_> szal: didn't change anything .. I did a quick googlesearch
and tried a program called startup mangager, and when I ran it it showed
my startup res as being what it was before .. also, the options *it*
gives me for resolution don't give me any widescreen res's. =| ?? any
[00:01] <w0_> meaning I did that, and it didn't change haha
[00:01] <szal> [01:54:18] <szal> w0_: and remove the hashtag in front of
the line, otherwise it won't do anything
[00:01] <w0_> I did .. lemme double check
[00:02] <urlin2u> w0_, startup manager is abad idea it will not change
the line default with kernel updates, what release are you running.
[00:03] <jmburgess> Hello I had previously disabled Intel virtualization
support in my BIOS and now I enabled it and I want to install virtualbox
and install a OS X guest. So I have installed vb and when I open up
virtualbox it says I don't have hardware virt enabled
[00:03] <jmburgess> any ideas?
[00:03] <w0_> szal -- ya. it *says* 'GRUB_GFXMODE=1920x1080'
[00:03] <urlin2u> jmburgess, we don't advise on hackentosh.
[00:04] <saquib> mine was A rooted samsung galaxy s5570
=== notapuff is now known as puffin
[00:04] <jmburgess> urlin2u: ok so if I'll try and install another guest
os. is that ok?
[00:04] * puffin tickles new2net.
[00:04] <w0_> szal: don't worry about me .. I'm gonna google for a while.
thx dood!! ;)
[00:04] <szal> w0_: hmm, then I don't know.. VGA code perhaps, though I
believe I've read somewhere that these are supposed to be obsolete when
using Grub2, plus I wouldn't know one for 1920x1080 out of my head
[00:04] <w0_> right on man =)
[00:05] <new2net> I am looking for a tcp replay too for ubuntu.
"tcpreplay" will not work- as it can not figure out the seq#s correctly
(at all).
[00:05] <new2net> 11.04*
[00:05] <devcalais> When I upgrade from 11.04 to 11.10 - will I be able
to keep all my files/settings/applications/everything?
[00:06] <devcalais> Is it just a straight dvd-in-dvd-out upgrade?
[00:06] <_ohm> trying to connect a bluetooth usb dongle, i get a
/dev/ttyUSB0, but i get nothing out of gnome-bluetooth. help?
[00:06] <szal> !oneiric | devcalais
[00:06] <ubottu> devcalais: Ubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot) will be the
fifteenth release of Ubuntu. Codename announcement here:
http://www.markshuttleworth.com/?p=646 Discussion and support in
[00:07] <urlin2u> jmburgess, for virtualbox use the oracle download and
the #vbox chanel las well, if needed, and don't patronize me .
[00:07] <KrazyKrivda> My computer does not hibernate properly anymore.
It was working until i `sudo apt-get install hibernate`.. how can i fix
[00:08] <test34> KrazyKrivda, remove it?
[00:08] <KrazyKrivda> test34: but I don't know what it "replaced" it is
removed now, but still doesn work
[00:09] <sprung> ᓯᓯ ᓯᓯᓯᓯᓯ ᓯᓯᓯᓯᓯᓯᓯᓯ ᓯᓯᓯᓯ. ᓯᓯ ᓯᓯᓯ ᓯᓯᓯᓯᓯ ᓯᓯᓯᓯ. ᓯᓯ ᓯᓯᓯᓯᓯᓯ
ᓯᓯᓯᓯ 365.2564 ᓯᓯᓯᓯᓯ ᓯᓯᓯᓯᓯᓯᓯᓯ ᓯᓯᓯᓯᓯ ᓯᓯᓯᓯ. ᓯᓯᓯᓯ ᓯᓯᓯᓯᓯᓯ ᓯᓯ ᓯᓯᓯᓯᓯ. ᓯᓯ ᓯᓯᓯᓯᓯᓯ
ᓯᓯᓯᓯ ᓯᓯᓯ ᓯᓯᓯᓯᓯ |ᓯᓯᓯᓯ| ᓯᓯᓯᓯ ᓯᓯᓯ ᓯᓯᓯᓯ ᓯᓯᓯᓯᓯ. ᓯᓯᓯᓯᓯᓯᓯᓯ
[00:09] <robin0800> KrazyKrivda, did you purge as well as remove?
[00:09] <KrazyKrivda> robin0800: no i did not
[00:10] <test34> KrazyKrivda, try to also remove "uswsusp"
[00:10] <robin0800> KrazyKrivda, well it might have left configuration
files behind
[00:11] <KrazyKrivda> test34: robin0800: but after i remove these two,
I'm assuming something was originally removed when I installed them, (aka
they must have replaced something else) so is there somethign i shuold
[00:11] <ChesterX> hi, how do i use a .ymp file? (I am trying to fix a
broken avi index with divfix++)
[00:11] <DonJuan> I need help getting Grub fixed for Ubuntu 11.04. I'm
dual booting with Windows 7 and I think Grub got hosed after a Windows
update. I don't even get to the Grub menu, the computer just boots
straight into Windows. I'm currently running off of the Ubuntu LiveCD.
[00:11] <new2net> no tcp replay tool for ubuntu... k
[00:12] <test34> KrazyKrivda, I tried to install it and it didnt ask me
to remove anything
[00:12] <KrazyKrivda> test34: ok, I will give hibernate another try now,
*fingers crossed*.. i'll be back either way
[00:12] <robin0800> KrazyKrivda, I have never had to install anything to
make this laptop hibernate
[00:13] <urlin2u> DonJuan,
[00:14] <daffy_> hello, I have a original problem the search bar in the
software center on 11.10 is misssing
[00:14] <urlin2u> daffy_, #ubuntu+1
[00:14] <test34> robin0800, it seems like he installed something and it
broke the hibernate function.. "If It's Not Broken - Don't Fix It"
[00:14] <KrazyKrivda> test34: robin0800: you both are awesome! thakn
you.. all works well, although much slower, at least functional
[00:15] <daffy_> im reporting it to launchpad at the moment
[00:15] <urlin2u> !tmi
[00:15] <ubottu> Um thanks... We *really* did not need to know that...
[00:16] <rww> urlin2u: ?
[00:16] <KrazyKrivda> how about.. my computer "suspends" and if a movie
is playing it will often not resume properly.. only the cursor will be
visible.. any fixes?
[00:16] <urlin2u> rww, sorry just uh well.
[00:16] <guldun> hey guys, trying to run Photoshop CS5 in Ubuntu 11.04, I
have googled for hours and cant find a fix, I keep getting the following
error: Runtime Error! The program has requested the Runtime in an unusual
way... really need this working asap for work
[00:16] <DonJuan> urlin2u: Thanks, nifty looking little tool. Let's see
if it works.
[00:16] <Dollz> what does this mean ? chroot SSH users !?
[00:17] <Dollz> and is it important ?
[00:17] <daffy_> i hhad installed i think cs4 in wine and it ran ok
[00:17] <Dollz> because I'm installing something that will prevent
enabling chroot SSH users again if I said no now
[00:18] <urlin2u> DonJuan, sounds like you got the sp1 in windows, the
reload of the mbr should work just read caerefully.
[00:18] <guldun> daffy_ I have tried CS5, CS5 portable, CS5.5... gonna
try CS4 now hopefully it works -.-
[00:18] <guldun> daffy_: does the installer work?
[00:18] <Dollz> I will enable it
[00:20] <Dr_Willis> chrooting a user would 'lock down' the user account
to some defree Dollz
[00:20] <Dr_Willis> degree
[00:20] <azbr00> guldun: Have you had a look at this?
[00:20] <Dr_Willis> Scary admining a system and not knowing what its
doing.. :)
[00:20] <Dollz> Dr_Willis: Ah , there is no users except me anyway :D
[00:21] <Dr_Willis> Dollz: unless you have a reason to lock them down..
i wouldent be bothering.
[00:21] <Dollz> Dr_Willis: i'm the one and only
[00:21] <Dr_Willis> Dollz: and you are doing all this stuff because?
[00:21] <guldun> azbr00: I actually followed that step by step and im
still getting the error
[00:21] <Dollz> Dr_Willis: ehm .. I'm creating a website for video
transcoding :)
[00:21] <Dr_Willis> Dollz: for you self?
[00:22] <Dr_Willis> Dollz: and whats asking about chrooting users?
[00:22] <Dollz> Dr_Willis: it's ISPConfig
[00:22] <Dollz> Dr_Willis: it seems a great alternative to webmin /
[00:22] <Dr_Willis> Dollz: for a single user system.. i dont really see
the point of using webmin/.cpanel.
[00:23] <Dr_Willis> what are you really configiging/admining.... :)
[00:23] <Dollz> Dr_Willis: yes , if that single user is good at linux :)
[00:23] <Dr_Willis> what are you really admining... you install apache..
and what do you really need to change on it?..
[00:24] <Dr_Willis> sort of like 'building a 3 story garrage to just
change your oil sounds like...'
[00:24] <Dr_Willis> :)
[00:24] <BourneSSH> how do i kill a process from another 'tty' ?
[00:24] <Dollz> hmm , I don't know :D .. but some day for sure I will
need to change something
[00:24] <kadoban> BourneSSH: kill or killall
[00:24] <BourneSSH> whats the command to list running processes ?
[00:25] <Dollz> ps
[00:25] <Dollz> ps aux
[00:25] <Dollz> :)
[00:25] <Dollz> ps -ef !?
[00:25] <Dollz> BourneSSH: only running?
[00:25] <Dollz> ps aux will show all of them
[00:26] <khkjh> top ? then 'k'
[00:27] <BourneSSH> heres my problem, i am running a python app and it
has taken over the display and i cant kill it
[00:27] <BourneSSH> so i switched to a tty and i am trying to get it
[00:27] <edbian> BourneSSH: kill -9 <pid>
[00:27] <Dollz> format your drive might solve the problem
[00:27] <Dr_Willis> BourneSSH: thats one wya I guess. :) or alt-f2 and
run xkill
[00:27] <Dollz> :D
[00:28] <BourneSSH> <pid> ?
[00:28] <DangerOnTheRangr> BourneSSH: Process ID
[00:28] <Dollz> process id
[00:28] <Dr_Willis> job controll basics. each process has an id.    :)
[00:28] <edbian> BourneSSH: process id of the python program
[00:28] <Dr_Willis> ps ax | grep python
[00:28] <Dr_Willis> should show the pid
[00:29] <DangerOnTheRangr> Dr_Willis: Multiple Python programs often run
at once on a default Ubuntu install, you know :)
=== napster is now known as Guest1019
[00:29] <Dr_Willis> yep :) i dident say it show the rght one.. just the
pid.. somewhere. :)
=== user is now known as vincentz
[00:29] <edbian> ps -e | grep python
[00:29] <edbian> This is linux
[00:29] <findit> what does it mean if ubuntu 10.04 wants to check my
disks every time i boot?
[00:29] <DangerOnTheRangr> findit: Probably you performed an unclean
[00:29] <szal> findit: business as usual
[00:29] <findit> i am also experiencing high load average, and it looks
like my cpu spends a lot of time in wait.
[00:29] <edbian> findit: It means you should investigate the disks
further :)
[00:29] <Dr_Willis> findit:   it may be its failing to unmount them
properly when shutting down.
[00:30] <Dr_Willis> or hd failing issues.. or other odditines.
[00:31] <BourneSSH> quit
[00:31] <edbian> BourneSSH: it's /quit
[00:31] <BourneSSH> lol how do i close irssi ?
[00:35] <chaospsychex> u gotta love 'tty'
[00:35] <chaospsychex> if that would of been windows i would of have to
of rebooted
[00:35] <Dr_Willis> alt-ctrl-del and hope taskmanager works.. :)
[00:36] <chaospsychex> yeah, if it comes up
[00:36] <chaospsychex> or alt-tab or something
[00:36] <Guest25323> How do you get to the Unity task launcher, when a
window has pushed it off the edge?
[00:36] <compdoc> is it possible to write several files to an iso file?
[00:37] <Dr_Willis> compdoc: you mean edit an iso files contents?
[00:37] <compdoc> create an iso file using several files on a desktop
[00:37] <Dr_Willis> theres tools to make iso files yes...
[00:38] <chaospsychex> as i was asking, why is it when i do 'sudo apt-get
upgrade python' it doesn't see 3.1? i have 2.6 installed
[00:38] <Dr_Willis> k3b, gcombust, gtoaster
[00:38] <Dr_Willis> !burn
[00:38] <ubottu> CD/DVD burning software: k3b (KDE), brasero (GNOME),
gnomebaker, xcdroast, wodim (command-line) | To burn ISO files, see
[00:38] <PatrickC_TP> how do I install the kre7?
[00:38] <PatrickC_TP> jre7*
[00:39] <iwantfroyo> @chaospsychex I'm pretty sure it's because 2.6 is
the default version. You can install python 3.1 from the Software Center,
but don't remove python 2.6. It'll mess stuff up.
[00:39] <Dr_Willis> You can have python 2.6 and 3.0 both installed at teh
same time i imagine chaospsychex is why.
[00:39] <Dr_Willis> !java | PatrickC_TP
[00:39] <ubottu> PatrickC_TP: To install a Java runtime on Ubuntu on
10.04 LTS and newer, see http://goo.gl/zwOip - For the Sun Java products
and browser plugin, search for the sun-java6- packages in the !partner
repository on Lucid (which must be enabled), or !multiverse repository on
older releases.
[00:39] <sdsds> yeahh
[00:39] <sdsds> ubuntu!
=== wilson_ is now known as Guest25385
[00:41] <chaospsychex> why will it mess stuff up if i remove 2.6?
[00:41] <chaospsychex> ubuntu uses 2.6 for stuff?
[00:41] <PatrickC_TP> Dr_Willis: I need sub-java.. and I tried to install
sun-java7-jre, but it didn't work
[00:41] <PatrickC_TP> this computer is offline though, so I can't use
[00:42] <iwantfroyo> @chaospsychex Yes. Programs written with python
might freak out. Ubuntu Forums has a lot of threads dealing with people
uninstalling 2.6.
[00:42] <chaospsychex> when i do 'python' from the terminal it's 2.6
[00:42] <cmdbbq> ubuntu is freezing up on me, like the whole shebang. I
can't even swithc to a virtual terminal. seems to happen when firefox
tries to connect to the net, but i think it has to do with video
[00:42] <chaospsychex> how do i invoke 3.1 ?
[00:43] <Pici> chaospsychex: python3 is the binary name
[00:43] <cmdbbq> please help!
[00:43] <iwantfroyo> @chaospsychex I'm not sure, but I think it's
[00:43] <yeats> cmdbbq: can you ssh in from another machine?
[00:43] <chaospsychex> yup its 'python3.1'
[00:44] <chaospsychex> ne1 in here use 'guake' ?
[00:44] <scorchgeek> chaospsychex: I have
[00:45] <chaospsychex> i freaking love it
[00:45] <iwantfroyo> @chaospsychex I've heard of it. I'm thinking of
[00:45] <chaospsychex> it's nice
[00:45] <puffin> What is it?
[00:45] <elgruntox> Hello! im trying to get my external monitor to
display its proper resolution (1080p) and for some reason ubuntu is
tellin me that the max res is 1024x768
[00:45] <elgruntox> how do i fix this :(
[00:45] <scorchgeek> I used it for a while, but I find it kind of
unnecessary because I always have multiple terminals anyway and can just
bounce to the corner of my screen to get a new one
[00:45] <cmdbbq> yeats: yes
[00:45] <scorchgeek> elgruntox: fix what?
[00:45] <yeats> cmdbbq: what does 'top' say?
[00:45] <iwantfroyo> @chaospsychex If it's the pop-down terminal thing, I
just use ctrl-alt-t instead. Opens up the terminal.
[00:45] <chaospsychex> http://guake.org/
[00:46] <cmdbbq> yeats: although the machine is not frozen right now. I
will reproduce the bug and see
[00:46] <elgruntox> scorchgeek: the. resolution
[00:46] <chaospsychex> what do you mean 'bounce' to the corner of your
screen ?
[00:46] <elgruntox> its a 1920x1080 monitor
[00:46] <scorchgeek> chaospsychex: there's a compiz thing that makes
corners "active"
[00:46] <Aszurom> So, I just installed 11.04. Got flgrx installed for my
ATI 6970 card, and oddly Compiz effects don't seem to be available. I'm
sorta newbish so I assume I'd enable them under "Appearance" but visual
effects tab isn't present
[00:46] <scorchgeek> and you can have them start a program
[00:46] <chaospsychex> oh i don't have compiz, thats the cube thing aint
[00:46] <scorchgeek> chaospsychex: and lots of other effects and options
[00:46] <scorchgeek> like that :)
[00:46] <iwantfroyo> @Aszurom install ccsm
[00:47] <scorchgeek> elgruntox: sorry, I didn't see your first post
[00:47] <elgruntox> its okay
[00:47] <iwantfroyo> @chaospsychex Compiz controls the cube thing. It
controls a lot of other stuff too.
[00:47] <chaospsychex> compiz is a WM?
[00:47] <Aszurom> iwantfroyo, thanks
[00:47] <chaospsychex> replaces meta-city when you install it ?
[00:47] <Aszurom> I'm shocked it's not defaultly installed
[00:47] <cmdbbq> yeats: the machine is frozen, Xorg is using 100% cpu
[00:47] <scorchgeek> elgruntox: as far as a solution, the only thing I
could tell you is to update your graphics driver, but I don't know if
that will help
[00:47] <iwantfroyo> @chaospsychex no it isn't. It draws the desktop
(along with nautilus). [I think]
[00:48] <scorchgeek> I also don't remember how to do that
[00:48] <elgruntox> scorchgeek: how would I go about doing that for my
intel 3000
[00:48] <elgruntox> i thought ubuntu wouldve asked me to update or
[00:48] <yeats> cmdbbq: memory full? swapping? high system load?
[00:48] <Dr_Willis> compiz is a window manager,. you use compiz or
metacity.. :L)
[00:48] <iwantfroyo> @Aszurom if you give ccsm to people who don't know
what they're doing, they usually break it. If you're using Unity, be very
careful. Very easy to break it.
[00:49] <iwantfroyo> @Dr_Willis I thought Ubuntu's wm was gnome-wm. I
didn't know compiz could act as one.
[00:49] <scorchgeek> yes, last time I played with it I managed to make
windows have no title bar, I fixed that and you couldn't drag them around
the screen
[00:49] <scorchgeek> fortunately a bit of googling fixed it
[00:49] <chaospsychex> what was the problem?
[00:49] <scorchgeek> for some reason these features are all plugins that
can be turned off
[00:49] <Dr_Willis> iwantfroyo: compiz is a window manager, as is
metacity.. theres no 'gnome-wm' its 'metacity' by default for no
eyecandy. compiz for all effects
[00:49] <puffin> Can someone help me configure lm_sensors?
[00:49] <partybros> dirty ole ubuntu, so hot
[00:49] <puffin> sensors-detect doesn't find any sensors.
=== partybros is now known as Tbay_JohnnyBlaze
[00:50] <Aszurom> iwantfroyo, yeah it's just that without compiz enabled
for some reason my windows feel chuggy moving them around
[00:50] <cmdbbq> yeats: no, no swap in use, average amount of memory in
use. system load average.
[00:50] <iwantfroyo> @Dr_Willis If you go into gconf-editor, the same
area that lists gnome-panel as the panel lists gnome-wm as the wm.
[00:50] <Tbay_JohnnyBlaze> yo yo yo im reppin tbay yo
[00:50] <iwantfroyo> @Dr_Willis I think it's a part of Gnome
[00:50] <Tbay_JohnnyBlaze> reppin hard
[00:50] <yeats> cmdbbq: so I guess it is just the X server freaking out
[00:51] <doodmang> how can I check if I have a bluetooth antenna in my
laptop through ubuntu?
[00:51] <chaospsychex> how do i use the 'cube' thing of compiz? what do i
[00:51] <iwantfroyo> @Dr_Willis Actually I think you're right. Gnome-wm
must control the theme. Sorry.
[00:51] <scorchgeek> the same as to switch virtual desktops
[00:51] <scorchgeek> but you have to set it up in ccsm first
[00:51] <xangua> chaospsychex: if you use natty, there is a guide on
omg!ubuntu! blog
[00:51] <doodmang> chaospsychex, you can use Ctrl Alt Left or Right
[00:52] <iwantfroyo> @chaospsychex Install ccsm, then activate "Rotate
Cube" and "Desktop Cube"
[00:52] <urlin2u> chaospsychex, be careful find a web link for
[00:52] <iwantfroyo> @chaospsychex to trigger it, switch desktops with
[00:52] <chaospsychex> ctrl alt left,right isnt a cube
[00:52] <Tbay_JohnnyBlaze> #list
[00:52] <chaospsychex> its 4 2d windows
[00:53] <iwantfroyo> @chaospsychex you have to activate it in ccsm.
[00:53] <cmdbbq> yeats: would there be some way to get back to the
default xserver configuration?
[00:53] <chaospsychex> ok installing ccsm
=== Tbay_JohnnyBlaze is now known as BONFIREINTEHOOD
[00:53] <BONFIREINTEHOOD> Yo we burnin up this block
=== BONFIREINTEHOOD is now known as So
[00:53] <Aszurom> what's the general vibe about Unity? Worth using or
pain in the ass?
=== So is now known as So_Gangsta_Hood
[00:53] <So_Gangsta_Hood> Blastin Them Capz Challz
[00:54] <doodmang> chaospsychex, you have to disable the other effects to
use it
=== So_Gangsta_Hood is now known as Yo_yo_yo-90
[00:54] <iwantfroyo> @Aszurom It's okay, but I prefer a normal dock. AWN
is much more developed.
[00:54] <usr13> Aszurom: I like
[00:54] <Yo_yo_yo-90> yee yeee yeee so tight broski
[00:54] <usr13> Aszurom: It's cool and new
[00:54] <doodmang> chaospsychex, like Desktop Wall and the other
workspace changing effects
[00:54] <Aszurom> iwantfroyo, what's AWN? I'm newb
[00:55] <puffin> Having trouble configuring lm-sensors, anyone around to
[00:55] <iwantfroyo> @Aszurom It's a dock like Mac OSX has. Alternatives
include Cairo-dock (most like OSX) and Docky.
=== Yo_yo_yo-90 is now known as Gingsta-Gingsta-
[00:55] <Gingsta-Gingsta-> ClackClack CLACK
[00:55] <chaospsychex> omg that is sick!
[00:55] <robin0800> iwantfroyo, please loose the @ its not needed in irc
[00:55] <Gingsta-Gingsta-> Brap Brap
[00:55] <Aszurom> brb, my menu broke when I turned jello windows on
[00:56] <iwantfroyo> robin0800: Ok. I'm just not really used to IRC. I'm
a Ubuntu Forums person.
=== Gingsta-Gingsta- is now known as Fitty-cent
[00:56] <Fitty-cent> yaw yaw yaw
[00:56] <Fitty-cent> brap brap
[00:56] <Fitty-cent> so hot guy
[00:57] <chaospsychex> what else can you do with compiz?
[00:57] <chaospsychex> besides the cube thing
[00:57] <scorchgeek> look through the settings manager and see :)
=== jason is now known as jasef
[00:57] <iwantfroyo> chaospsychex, you can do stuff like enable/disable
window snap, so on.
[00:57] <xangua> lost of things, play with it chaospsychex
=== Fitty-cent is now known as ThatNeoKid
[00:57] <chaospsychex> what is 'window snap' ?
[00:57] <ThatNeoKid> I Turned My Computer Into The Matrix
[00:57] <iwantfroyo> chaospsychex, If you look for compiz in Synaptic,
you can get more plugins that well let you do stuff like make windows
burn up when they close.
[00:58] <ThatNeoKid> hey neo, im neo
[00:58] <ThatNeoKid> stop stealing my neo
[00:58] <xangua> !ot | ThatNeoKid
[00:58] <ubottu> ThatNeoKid: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for
all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for
other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!
[00:58] <chaospsychex> iwantfroyo: sounds sick
[00:58] <iwantfroyo> chaospsychex, window snap is what happens when you
bring a window close to an edge. The borders light up with yellow, and
you can make a window fit perfectly into half a screen, or full screen by
bumping it on the top.
[01:00] <photon> windows burning up when they close? sounds just like my
real last home.
[01:01] <iwantfroyo> photon, it's an effect. You can also make them
explode, trickle, etc.
[01:01] <chaospsychex> omg cairo dock is SICK!
[01:01] <ionite> hi. anyways to disable unity?
[01:01] <photon> iwantfroyo: is this installed by default in compiz?
[01:01] <urlin2u> !classic | ionite
[01:01] <ubottu> ionite: The default interface in Ubuntu 11.04 is !Unity.
To switch back to regular !GNOME: log out, click your username, click the
Session box at the bottom of the screen, and select "Ubuntu Classic".
[01:02] <iwantfroyo> photon: No. Search Synaptic for compiz, and you
should find a package with a name similar to compiz-plugins (can't
[01:02] <photon> iwantfroyo: ok
[01:02] <photon> thanks
[01:02] <iwantfroyo> photon: It'll give you a lot of other cool stuff,
[01:02] <iwantfroyo> chaospsychex: You might also want to check out AWN
(avant-window-navigator in software center), if you get tired of the zoom
effect and small icons.
[01:03] <noah> hey
[01:03] <iwantfroyo> noah, welcome.
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[01:04] <noah> I was wondering if there is an easy way to install an xfce
theme on xubuntu
[01:04] <iwantfroyo> noah, can't you install them via Synaptic?
[01:04] <cmdbbq> so, xserver is panicking when i launch firefox and,
although I can ssh in whille the machine is frozen, i can effect only
limited change, ie the shutdown command has no apparent effect.
[01:04] <noah> I havent tried
[01:05] <iwantfroyo> @noah That's probably the best way. I don't know how
to install external themes, since I don't use XFCE, but Synaptic should
add a few themes.
[01:05] <noah> I extract them (ive only tried once) and I just keep
extracting, the package seems to be stuck as a tar.gz or as just .tar
[01:05] <chaospsychex> iwantfroyo: i installed the extra compiz plugins,
how do i configure them or turn them on ?
[01:05] <elgruntox> well poo so much for ubuntu just working for me
[01:05] <ionite> hi. is ubuntu heavy for a net book atom processory with
only 2gb of ram?
[01:05] <elgruntox> wish i could display my damn native resolution
[01:06] <xangua> noah: both xfce and gnome use gtk
[01:06] <iwantfroyo> chaospsychex, they should turn on by themselves.
Just go into ccsm, and look around.
[01:06] <noah> ok
[01:06] <iwantfroyo> chaospsychex, You should have a few new sections,
and more window management options and effects.
[01:06] <chaospsychex> yeah i see it
[01:07] <noah> Does anyone know an easy way to patch a broadcom B43
(chipset 43:12) driver for aircrack?
[01:07] <urlin2u> ionite, should not be thats what I'm using.
[01:07] <aeon-ltd> ionite: yes, but ubuntu classic less so, lubuntu or
xubuntu would be better
[01:07] <xangua> noah: you won't get aircrack support here
[01:07] <noah> where then?
[01:07] <noah> nvm, the aircrack website got some channels
[01:07] <aeon-ltd> ionite: anything processing or graphic heavy
(compiz/unity) would cause some slowdowns,
[01:07] <ionite> aeon-ltd: lubuntu and xubuntu are XFCE? what about kDE?
why would ubuntu be heavy for a netbook?
[01:08] <elgruntox> anyone else have issues with intel 3000 and external
[01:08] <Dr_Willis> lubuntu is LXDE ionite
[01:08] <iwantfroyo> ionite, Unity might be, but it'll probably default
you into Gnome Classic, which should work fine. If it doesn't default you
into there, you should probably consider trying it anyways.
[01:08] <matttheguy> hi guys is this the write room to get help with
Ubuntu? I'm having trouble connecting to my wireless network.
[01:08] <Dr_Willis> ionite: my netbook was able to run kde and gnome
just fine. some heavy eyecandy effects might bog it down a bit. but it
did work decently well.
[01:09] <iwantfroyo> ionite, lubuntu is LXDE, xubuntu is XFCE, kubuntu is
KDE. Ubuntu's default DE is Gnome with the Unity shell, which is a little
heavy for older/weaker systems.
[01:09] <Dr_Willis> ionite: for the lightest desktop = lubuntu.
[01:09] <ionite> so i guess ubuntu is not for me..
[01:09] <yeats> ionite: I run regular ubuntu on a netbook without any
problems - FYI
[01:09] <urlin2u> ionite, those are opinions your getting not actual use
I have that set up with unity and the cube runs sbapy.
[01:09] <Dr_Willis> ionite: ubuntu ran fine on my netbook.
[01:09] <urlin2u> snappy*
[01:09] <Dr_Willis> ionite: only real issue was watching HD video files.
that was a bit much for it.
[01:09] <ionite> does lubuntu gets the same support in channel ubuntu?
[01:10] <iwantfroyo> ionite, It works perfectly fine, even on the normal
Ubuntu installation (it'll put you into Gnome without the Unity shell,
which is fast, and in my opinion, better)
[01:10] <xangua> so the answer is try it yourself......
[01:10] <Dr_Willis> ionite: the layout of programs and menus are
diffent. but its   supported in #lubuntu mainly. or here.
[01:10] <iwantfroyo> ionite, If you want something really fast, try
[01:10] <elgruntox> ionite: just dont use an external monitor!!
[01:10] <urlin2u> elgruntox, wrong.
[01:10] <xangua> iwantfroyo: if you want amazingly fast use terminal ;)
[01:10] <elgruntox> right!
[01:10] <ionite> so i'll just off my unity and 3d settings right?
[01:10] <Dr_Willis> I imagine lubuntu will get more use by more people in
the future as the backlash against gnome3 and unity grows :)
[01:11] <photon> I HATE UNITY.
[01:11] <photon> had to be said.
[01:11] <iwantfroyo> xangua, I've used cli exclusively on Arch. It really
is nice, but I like being able to see the Ubuntu Forums pictures.
=== quu|away is now known as Quutar
[01:11] <valorin> I LOVE UNITY.
[01:11] <valorin> had to be said.
[01:11] <Dr_Willis> photon: its a work in progress.. in the 11.10
release - its gaining some nice features.
[01:12] * photon strongly disagrees with valorin, but respects his/her
[01:12] <iwantfroyo> photon, Unity is a relatively new project. If you
want to see a really beautiful Unity, try Oneiric (11.10). Can't
guarantee stability, however. It's in beta.
[01:12] <ionite> Dr_Willis: what's bad about gnom3 and unity?
[01:12] <Dr_Willis> ionite: forceing me to 'work' in ways i dont want
to. :)
[01:13] <ionite> so ubuntu have got a obstacle now which is unity?
[01:13] <Dr_Willis> and lots of little quirks...
[01:13] <iwantfroyo> ionite, There's nothing wrong with them. They just
use a lot of graphics resources.
[01:13] <ionite> iwantfroyo: i'm only with 256 mb.
[01:13] <photon> iwantfroyo: hmm ok
[01:13] * valorin strongly disagrees with photon, but respects his/her
[01:13] <Evollana> Jesus fucking Christ Ubuntu so FUCKING MEGA sucks.
Unity is a damn JOKE. Use Debian or Arch Linux!!!
[01:13] <iwantfroyo> ionite, graphics memory?
[01:13] <valorin> :)
[01:13] <Evollana> suck my cock faggots
[01:13] <Evollana> kick
[01:13] <Evollana> kick
[01:13] <FloodBot1> Evollana: Please don't flood; use
http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.
[01:13] <Dr_Willis> ionite:   when you have 30+ yrs of using systems..
and then suddendly they change things for ways that dont seem to make
things any better.. its an issue.
[01:14] <W3ird_N3rd> could I suggest somewhere what compiling options
should be used for software in the Ubuntu repo's? maybe I should use
brainstorm for that?
[01:14] <photon> Dr_Willis++
[01:14] <chaospsychex> iwantfroyo: i do i invoke the 3dwindow ?
[01:14] * racho disagrees with valorin and photon, but respect their
opinions while working in G-Shell
[01:14] <ionite> Dr_Willis: alright... sounds not very friendly
[01:14] <Dr_Willis> ionite: depends on what you m ean by friendly. :)
thats a vague term - always has been
[01:14] <urlin2u> Dr_Willis, it is a opinion.
[01:14] <yurgt1_> hola a todos, alguien en español?
[01:14] <iwantfroyo> ionite, They're not very customizable, so you
shouldn't go for them if you like customization. However, they are VERY
efficient, having stuff like universal searches, and so on.
[01:14] <ionite> btw how do i install p7zip package?
[01:14] <szal> !es | yurgt1_
[01:14] <ubottu> yurgt1_: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla
sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal
#ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.
[01:15] <photon> it's not just with Ubuntu. A lot of software developers
recently seem to think "Hey, we run out of ideas, so instead of making
the existing system better and bug-free, let's just invent something
completely new, just for the sake of it."
[01:15] <W3ird_N3rd> mencoder should really be compiled with twolame.. I
can encode it myself, but it would be more convenient if it was just
compiled in by default
[01:15] <Dr_Willis> Im getting so used to how my android phone works.. i
want a desktop more like it. :)
[01:15] <W3ird_N3rd> *encode=compile
[01:16] <dean> hi
[01:16] <photon> dean: hi
[01:16] <buguldey> Hmm. mdadm seems to be buggy wrt OutOfMemory
conditions. I installed a raid level 1 array /dev/md0 with 2 disks:
"/dev/sdb" "missing". Formatted as reiserFS. THEN, some apps triggered O
O M while I was sleeping. I rebooted with Ubuntu dialog for
Shutdown/Reboot. After bootup, the file system of /dev/md0 became
"Unknown" as palimpsest shows it. Something has also changed the device
name from /dev/md0 into /dev/md_d0 (I haven't commanded to do s
[01:16] <dean> where are you from?
[01:16] <iwantfroyo> photon, Unity was a project to try to make Ubuntu
stand above the crowd. In my opinion, it worked well for those who liked
it. If you didn't like the change, you should try some other DE. They're
still free and available, you know.
[01:16] <ionite> Dr_Willis: how do i install p7zip full for my unetbootin
to install ubuntu?
[01:16] <valorin> photon, I can understand that. I personally find Unity
to work the way I like to work, but I do know a number of people who
don't work the same way and prefer traditional Gnome 2. Each to his/her
own :)
[01:17] <ionite> iwantfroyo: is it possible to disable unity?
[01:17] <urlin2u> ionite, you don't need 7zip for unetbootin
[01:17] <elgruntox> so does anyone have an idea on how to fix my external
monitor issue
[01:17] <Dr_Willis> if you install the unetbootin package it should pull
in all it needs.
[01:17] <ionite> urlin2u: i was prompted so.
[01:17] <elgruntox> ive updated my graphics drivers
[01:17] <fission6> what terminal based irc clients do you guys use
[01:17] <elgruntox> still cant 1080p
[01:18] <Dr_Willis> fission6: i perfer weechat these days. over irssi
[01:18] <iwantfroyo> ionite, yes. If you don't have enough resources, it
will do that for you. If you have enough resources but don't like it, log
out, look at the bottom of the screen (there should be a drop down menu
that says "Ubuntu"), and change it to "Ubuntu Classic"
[01:18] <urlin2u> ionite, your getting alot of bogus opinions here just
frealize that.
[01:18] <elgruntox> :(*
[01:18] <urlin2u> realize*
[01:18] <fission6> Dr_Willis: ok
[01:18] <Dr_Willis> how can an opinion be bogus.. its an opinion.. :)
[01:18] <Dr_Willis> I like blue paint.. :) is that bogus?
[01:19] <IdleOne> lets stick to support please
[01:19] <urlin2u> Dr_Willis, if prefaced with my opinion that is okay I
have seen that just once, a new user may not know the difference.
[01:19] <smv> hello. I've been thinking to use GPT on a boot disk, but
I'm not sure how the partitioning should look. if anyone would pastebin a
gdisk -l /dev/sdX from a working GPT boot disk would be great...
[01:19] <iwantfroyo> ionite, Ubuntu Classic will give you the Gnome 2
without the Unity shell (which is the heavy part). Gnome 2 is quite
quick. My old circa 2000 machine works fine with it.
[01:19] <elgruntox> id love support IdleOne !
[01:19] <photon> iwantfroyo, valorin: sure, I understand, but wouldn't it
make more sense for those developers to invest their time into fixing
bugs/security holes/memory leaks, etc? I'm sure there are still a lot of
them around which are yet to be found. but instead they are doing the
same mistake as Microsoft with Windows. putting a completely new OS out
every few years. at least they have a reason, revenue, but that's not the
case with Ubuntu. it's free anyway.
[01:19] <buguldey> ionite: sudo apt-get install p7zip-full
[01:19] <Mr_Hands> IdleOne is a power hunger GEEK who sucks man cocks and
likes to get his man flower busted one a week. A NOOB at *nix. GEEK
[01:19] <urlin2u> IdleOne, accurtae support would be nice.
[01:20] <urlin2u> accurate*
[01:20] <Mr_Hands> suck it nun
[01:20] <ionite> buguldey: that was what i was looking for.. lovely.
[01:20] <elgruntox> IdleOne: do you know how i can go about getting my
monitor to use its native resolution?
[01:20] <IdleOne> elgruntox: no.
[01:20] <elgruntox> great!
[01:20] <elgruntox> open source to the rescue yet again
[01:20] <IdleOne> elgruntox: someone in here probably does.
[01:20] <racho> elgruntox, what exactly is your problem?
[01:20] <ionite> besides the environment what is the diff between KDE and
[01:20] <buguldey> ionite: you can use 'aptitude search packagename' (w/o
quotes) to search for packages
[01:21] <photon> elgruntox: have you tried installing the proper graphic
card drivers? that often fixed that problem for me.
[01:21] <urlin2u> elgruntox, have you looked in monitors/display
[01:21] <elgruntox> yes yes and yes!
[01:21] <iwantfroyo> photon, The goal with Natty was to get Unity
started. It isn't meant to be a bug-free system, or a completely stable
one. The goal is to get it bug free and stable by 12.04. In between LTS
releases, new concepts are formed and put into action. You have to expect
them to have bugs.
[01:21] <elgruntox> monitors/display only lets me set it to 1024
[01:21] <elgruntox> drivers are updated
[01:21] <buguldey> ionite: or aptitude search keyword
[01:21] <elgruntox> and my xorg.conf is empty
[01:21] <Mr_Hands> IdleOne, are you a woman. I mean you don't know dick
about *nix. AntiSec is still floating =)
[01:21] <Friar> I can't seem to get flash to work with 11.04. have it
installed from software center, but I keep ghetting messages about
installing a missing plugin.
[01:22] <racho> elgruntox, what does xrandr -q spits
[01:22] <photon> Friar: are you using Firefox?
[01:22] <iwantfroyo> ionite, The KDE version of Ubuntu is called Kubuntu,
and it comes with programs written in Qt (normal Ubuntu is GTK).
[01:22] <Mr_Hands> lol trying to do a trace
[01:22] <Mr_Hands> Get some real tools
[01:22] <urlin2u> Friar, install the restricted-extras
[01:22] <elgruntox> racho: i shall find out
[01:22] <buguldey> ok. noone answered about mdadm.
[01:23] <elgruntox> racho: it says 1920x1080
[01:23] <elgruntox> for hdmi
[01:23] <elgruntox> so im assuming its supported but i cant change it in
the monitor settings app
[01:23] <bosyak> what the difference between descktop & server if I need
install server at home with GUI?
[01:23] <ionite> so ubuntu is more rigid in softwares and less
[01:24] <Friar> photon, I am using firefox...urlin2u can I just do sudo
apt-get install restricted-extras?
[01:24] <iwantfroyo> ionite, No. Ubuntu uses Gnome by default, which is
written in GTK. GTK programs run better in Gnome, and Qt programs run
better in KDE.
[01:24] <urlin2u> Friar, yep.
[01:24] <photon> Friar: do what urlin2u said, if it does not work, I can
give you another option.
[01:24] <elgruntox> racho: any idea?
[01:24] <urlin2u> Friar, ubuntu-restricted-extras
[01:24] <iwantfroyo> ionite, You can still run Qt programs in Gnome, and
vice versa. They just won't support stuff like dragging something from
one program to another.
[01:25] <Dr_Willis> ionite: gnome progrmas tend to be designed to be
less configurable.
[01:25] <Friar> urlin2u...ah got it...didn't recognize without ubuntu in
[01:25] <racho> elgruntox, just a moment to refresh my memory with the
manpage :)
[01:25] <Dr_Willis> ionite: as a way to make them more user friendly.
[01:25] <Mr_Hands> All right ya cunts I am getting tired of your LOL
Linux noob stuff. Get a real system like Arch or BackTrack 5. Metasploit
framework and learn some RFI, OFI and XSS with some nice SQL injection
[01:25] <Mr_Hands> later
[01:25] <elgruntox> racho: you rock!
[01:25] <ionite> still puzzled in between kde and ubuntu wonder which
should i try sighs.
[01:25] <iwantfroyo> Dr_Willis, Gnome programs are plenty customizable.
Just usually behind the scenes. The options aren't right there in front
of you.
[01:25] <Friar> thanks photon, and urlin2u.
[01:26] <Dr_Willis> iwantfroyo: often not even behind the scenes...
[01:26] <urlin2u> MR-Hands sociopath or narcissist which I wonder
[01:26] <Friar> got another question about photography with
ubuntu....I've read about programs that you can use to control a nikon
d90 with your computer.
[01:26] <valorin> photon, I think part of it comes down to being
innovative. A lot of users, like yourself, are happy to use a rock solid
desktop which doesn't change, while others like to try new things and
designs. There is the "shiny" affect as well, where being new and pretty
attracts users. But I personally find the launcher and dash to be a lot
quicker and easier to use than the old menus, so I'll never go back. I
find unity better, even tho
[01:26] <valorin> ugh it's got bugs and issues, they are being resolved
and the experience gets better over time.
[01:26] <iwantfroyo> Dr_Willis, that is true. KDE has its merits, and
Gnome does too. KDE is better for customization, I agree.
[01:26] <bosyak> Dr_Willis: Please, what the difference between descktop
& server if I need install server at home with GUI?
[01:26] <racho> elgruntox, you have a laptop/netbook or desktop
[01:26] <Friar> does anyone know what that is? i'm looking to do some
night photography with my camera
[01:27] <Dr_Willis> bosyak: server has no gui.. if you dont know that
you need a server.. stick to the desktop edition
[01:27] <szal> bosyak: what do you need a GUI on a server for?
[01:27] <iwantfroyo> ionite, You can install normal Ubuntu, then install
the kubuntu-desktop package, which well let you log into whichever you
[01:27] <Dr_Willis> bosyak:   you can run services on the desktop
[01:27] <elgruntox> racho: laptop with hdmi out
[01:27] <elgruntox> toa monitor
[01:27] <iwantfroyo> ionite, I find installing KDE onto Ubuntu is easier
than installing Gnome+Unity onto Kubuntu.
[01:27] <elgruntox> im trying to set the monitors display
[01:27] <urlin2u> Friar, you're welcome.:D
[01:27] <Dr_Willis> ionite: i tend to install lubuntu, kubuntu, and
ubuntu all on my system. :)
[01:28] <Dr_Willis> wife uses lubuntu, i normally use kubuntu, sometimes
i use ubuntu.
[01:28] <X_already_in_use> hey guys, help me out here, I've always
wondered how to format a pendrive/usb flashdrive/thumbdrive on linux (my
lubuntu), in win7 all I do is rite click format on My Computer, how do I
go about this on lubuntu, just use Gparted then delete partition, add new
partition ??
[01:28] <Dr_Willis> X_already_in_use: gparted an do it.. yes.. or
command line tools.
[01:28] <iwantfroyo> Dr_Willis, Wow. That's a lot. I'm considering trying
LXDE myself (despite using Linux for years, I've never really tried it).
What do you think of it?
[01:28] <xangua> X_already_in_use: you can also right clic-format
[01:28] <Dr_Willis> iwantfroyo: lubuntu works decently well.
[01:29] <Dr_Willis> iwantfroyo: its missing a few little things.. but
nothing major.
[01:29] <iwantfroyo> Dr_Willis, Alright. Thank you. I'll try it when I
have the time.
[01:29] <fede> Hi, anyone knows hot to activate opengl on photoshop using
[01:29] <bosyak> Dr_Willis, szal I want install server (postfix, VM,
httpd,...) for test enviroment... and in the same time work like on
desktop. And I want to know what the difference between distribution
(server vs desktop)
[01:29] <darthtone> is their anyway to change the way shell reads and
puts out data size from kb to mb?    for example 7,583 kb/10,000
[01:29] <darthtone> from apt-get and such
[01:29] <Dr_Willis> bosyak: as i said.. you can install services on the
desktop install...
[01:30] <Dr_Willis> bosyak: theres no real reason for you to use the
server install just to play with some services
[01:30] <racho> elgruntox, xrandr --output *device name here* --mode
[01:30] <bosyak> Dr_Willis: ok, thanks
[01:30] * szal doesn't think there is a difference, the kernel is the
same on *buntu
[01:31] <elgruntox> hey that worked racho
[01:31] <elgruntox> do i have to do that every time i log in
[01:31] <elgruntox> or reboot
[01:31] <Dr_Willis> server i think installs a differnet default kernel..
and a few other little things.. but its easier to install services on
desktop . then install a desktop on server install..
[01:31] <photon> valorin: I guess I'm just being old-fashioned. I prefer
a stable, secure system over something brand new anytime, although I do
understand the appeal. but I honestly don't want Linux to get a lot of
users, because then black-hat hackers and malicious people will focus
their attacks more and more on Linux. You can see that starting with the
Macintosh now. And I honestly don't think that Linux is that much safer
than any other OS, yes it's architecture
[01:31] <photon> is safer by design than, say, Windows, but still. too
many bugs and security holes are still found years after an initial
[01:31] <X_already_in_use> xangua, where do I rite click format in linux?
to format the pendrive/thumbdrive
[01:31] <xangua> X_already_in_use: on the pendrive icon...
[01:31] <racho> elgruntox, i suppose it will work until reboot. but you
can always make a little script to start it automatically
[01:31] <elgruntox> racho: actualy nevermind now i can select it in the
[01:32] <elgruntox> i just clicked set default so i hope that worked!
[01:32] <elgruntox> thanks a bunch for the help
[01:32] <iwantfroyo> photon, I agree. The good thing is the code is open,
so if Ubuntu becomes really mainstream, people who need more security can
just switch.
[01:32] <racho> elgruntox, :) you're welcome
[01:32] <darthtone> is there anyway to change the way the term prints out
data size from KB to MB?
[01:32] <elgruntox> i guess the settings app didnt detect my monitor
properly or something
[01:32] <elgruntox> weird
[01:32] <X_already_in_use> xangua, i dont see the reformat option
[01:33] <photon> iwantfroyo: switch? to another distro?
[01:33] <racho> elgruntox, the answer is probably in the Xorg logs
[01:33] <X_already_in_use> xangua, im using pcman file manager
[01:33] <xangua> X_already_in_use: well in ubuntu gnome it is
[01:33] <X_already_in_use> xangua, interesting, will check that out. thnx
for the tips anyways
[01:33] <Aszurom> X-Chat Gnome is pretty weird compared to the OSX
[01:33] <iwantfroyo> photon, Yeah. Ubuntu isn't actually too different
from other distros, and some of the others are a lot more security
[01:35] <chaospsychex> !topic
[01:35] <ubottu> Please read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it
contains important information. To view it at any time after joining,
simply type /topic
[01:36] <kermit> I select "remember this application", but it doesnt, it
keeps using the previously associated application.
[01:37] <chaospsychex> !windows
[01:37] <ubottu> For discussion on Microsoft software, or help with same,
please visit ##windows. See http://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+bug/1
http://linux.oneandoneis2.org/LNW.htm and /msg ubottu equivalents
[01:37] <Dr_Willis> darthtone: that would depend on the app printing the
[01:37] <iwantfroyo> Aszurom, I've never used OS X's version, but how is
it different? I'm using X-Chat on 10.04 right now.
[01:37] <Dr_Willis> xchat is very differnt from xchat-gnome also
iwantfroyo :)
[01:38] <xangua> chaospsychex: you can play with the bot on private ;)
[01:38] <Aszurom> iwantfroyo, well, I don't have a list of people in the
room over on the right and can't seem to figure out how to summon one up
[01:38] <iwantfroyo> Dr_Willis, alright. Thank you!
[01:38] <iwantfroyo> Aszurom, I have that. Weird.
[01:38] <xangua> Aszurom: gnome xchat sucks, better try real xchat: sudo
apt-get install xchat
[01:38] <Aszurom> word
[01:38] <Aszurom> will do
[01:38] <chaospsychex> xangua: cool, i will check it out
[01:38] <iwantfroyo> xangua: Never mind. That's what I"m using.
[01:39] <xangua> ¿¿
[01:39] <iwantfroyo> xangua, sorry. That was for Aszurom.
[01:40] <asasdkasd> hi
[01:40] <MX1i> hello
[01:40] <alazare619> blah icechat blows balls
[01:40] <asasdkasd> whats the name of that application to set timers
[01:40] <alazare619> trying to find a good windows client is a bitch
[01:41] <chaospsychex> LOL u can try mIRC
[01:41] <IdleOne> !language | alazare619
[01:41] <ubottu> alazare619: Please watch your language and topic to help
keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.
[01:41] <asasdkasd> alazare619: mIRC, xchat
[01:41] <asasdkasd> alazare619: try ##windows
[01:41] <asasdkasd> damn I cant remember the name of it
[01:41] <princej88> Hey guys, I installed 11.10 beta and I selected the
gdm login screen during the upgrade. Now, How would switch to the lightDM
login screen?
[01:41] <alazare619> quassell has a windows version...
[01:42] <alazare619> so does xchat but i hate xchat...
[01:42] <asasdkasd> it's to set an application to make something
[01:42] <alazare619> i was a big konversation user
[01:42] <asasdkasd> lol
[01:42] <IdleOne> alazare619: Do you have an Ubuntu related support
[01:42] <MX1i> i just partitioned my hardrive to allow Ubuntu to have
more room, when i rebooted the bootup menu can't find my ubuntu - also
just installed Backtrack5 R1, i don't even see ubuntu on my bootup menu
either.. but gparted says its still there.
[01:42] <alazare619> sure i got one :P
[01:42] <asasdkasd> MX1i: you need to fix grub
[01:42] <MX1i> asasdkasd: how would i do that
[01:42] <alazare619> how can i make ubuntu move my home folder to a
seperate partition :P
[01:42] <asasdkasd> !grub
[01:42] <ubottu> GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since 9.10
(Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See
https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and
troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to
https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before
Karmic (9.10)
[01:43] <IdleOne> !separatehome | alazare619
[01:43] <ubottu> alazare619: Your home directory is where all of your
personal files are usually kept. For moving your home directory to a
separate partition, please see:
[01:43] <xangua> alazare619: you do that before install, not after ;)
[01:43] <MX1i> asasdkasd: thanks
[01:43] <Dr_Willis> !movehome
[01:43] <ubottu> Your home directory is where all of your personal files
are usually kept. For moving your home directory to a separate partition,
please see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Partitioning/Home/Moving
[01:43] <Dr_Willis> :)
[01:43] <Dr_Willis> alias for factoids it seems
[01:44] <princej88> Hey guys, I installed 11.10 beta and I selected the
[01:44] <princej88>                    login screen during the upgrade.
Now, How would switch to
[01:44] <princej88>                    the lightDM login screen?
[01:44] <Dr_Willis> alazare619: you could even move just specific users
to a spare partition for their home if you wanted
[01:44] <asasdkasd> Dr_Willis: can you tell me the name of that
application that allows a program to start at X day hour minute
[01:44] <asasdkasd> damn
[01:44] <szal> !oneiric | princej88
[01:44] <asasdkasd> i cant remember
[01:44] <ubottu> princej88: Ubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot) will be the
fifteenth release of Ubuntu. Codename announcement here:
http://www.markshuttleworth.com/?p=646 Discussion and support in
[01:44] <Aszurom> ah, much butter
[01:44] <Dr_Willis> asasdkasd: cron runs stuff at specific times
[01:44] <Aszurom> better even
[01:44] <photon> asasdkasd: cron
[01:44] <asasdkasd> yeah thanks!
[01:44] <asasdkasd> cron!
[01:44] <Dr_Willis> asasdkasd: not for X apps however. :)
[01:45] <asasdkasd> crontab :)
[01:45] <princej88> cool...i'll ask there
[01:45] <Aszurom> Isn't Cron the god of steel?
[01:45] * Aszurom looks for his Conan comics
[01:45] <asasdkasd> o.o
[01:45] <etfb> How do I make the Unity sidebar hide itself? It won't go
[01:45] <asasdkasd> when will Oneiric be released?
[01:46] <Dr_Willis> etfb: all the time? or are youhaveing issues with
fullscreened apps?
[01:46] <Dr_Willis> the CCSM unity plugin has settings to tweak the
[01:46] <MX1i> etfb: try rebooting into Ubuntu Classic, you want Unity
gone right? or just temperory hidden?
[01:46] <etfb> None of the apps are full-screened. SOmetimes the bar
just won't hide.
[01:46] <swaroop> hi ppl.
[01:46] <swaroop> need help with GTKPOD
[01:46] <swaroop> i have all my music on my apple ipod classic
[01:46] <freshone0> iam using ubuntu 11.04 natty narwal i have 500 gb HDD
and created a partition of 100 gb and 400 gb now my home folder is 100 gb
and i cannot use the 400 gb
[01:46] <darthtone> j
[01:46] <etfb> No, don't want Unity Classic. I just want the sidebar to
work. Unity is excellent, but buggier than a Microsoft product.
[01:46] <usr13> etfb: You can tell it to hide
[01:47] <chaospsychex> #linux-config !
[01:47] <swaroop> need to export it to my / partition on ubuntu
[01:47] <etfb> usr13, how?
[01:47] <Dr_Willis> etfb: its a work in progress.. its improved a lot in
[01:47] <swaroop> ive tried gtkpod
[01:47] <MX1i> freshone0: the 400GB is prob unallocated try - Gparted
[01:47] <freshone0> what should be the mount point for the 400 gb so that
i can use it..
[01:47] <swaroop> but im unable to select all the tracks :/
[01:47] <swaroop> & kit keeps crashing on me :/
[01:47] <swaroop> *it
[01:47] <freshone0> mount point is /
[01:47] <dean> hi guys was wondering how you install gnome-shell in
ubuntu 11.10 beta 1
[01:48] <freshone0> should it be something else
[01:48] <etfb> Dr_Willis, it's already excellent. I'm a refugee from the
great KDE 4 debacle, so I know a well-handled roll-out when I see it.
[01:48] <usr13> etfb: Well, I'm not sure how I did it, but....well I
think my wife did.
[01:48] <freshone0> and if one does not want a partition will it work
[01:48] <swaroop> is there an easier way to export all 5000 songs to my
Ubuntu root ?
[01:48] <nac-godfather> anyone know how to get xscreensaver to run under
[01:48] <swaroop> !gtkpod
[01:48] <Dr_Willis> etfb: i would not use the term execellent. :)
[01:49] <etfb> Dr_Willis, as I said - after KDE4, everything looks good.
[01:49] <swaroop> does ipod get mounted?
[01:49] <usr13> Oh, it's because she uses full screen mode I guess.
[01:49] <hsantiago> hi, my glxgears is not working. i get this message:
"Xlib: extension "GLX" missing on display ":0.0"." i removed my nvidia
card and now im using onboard video. how can i fix it?
[01:49] <Dr_Willis> etfb: i find kde4 very useable right now
[01:49] <swaroop> pardon my ignorance
[01:49] <etfb> Dr_Willis, probably is - it's what, two years since it was
made standard in Kubuntu? Three? Long enough for it to finally be
[01:50] <swaroop> hmmmm
[01:50] <Dr_Willis> etfb: and in 3 years. unity may be muchbetter. :)
[01:50] <Dr_Willis> or it may be a dead project.
[01:50] <usr13> I think it's because she toggles back and forth with F11
[01:50] <etfb> Oh certainly. I look forward to the day that the icon bar
up the top works properly with XChat, Skype, etc, the menus in
LibreOffice are integrated, the bloody sidebar hides when it's supposed
[01:50] <freshone0> what should ber the mount location or point for the
400 gb partition?
[01:50] <swaroop> in 3 years Ubuntu maybe the best OS ever
[01:51] <swaroop> i mean better than OS X
[01:51] <xangua> swaroop: already is
[01:51] <swaroop> dont agree
[01:51] <xangua> recently osx copied all it's features
[01:51] <swaroop> my Ubuntu still crashes
[01:51] <swaroop> when i use firefox + Facebook
[01:51] <xangua> but that is offtopic here ;)
[01:52] <swaroop> to me Ubuntu rules
[01:52] <swaroop> but the UI can be better
[01:52] <swaroop> anyways....
[01:52] <Dr_Willis> swaroop: odd never had facebook crash my ubuntu
[01:52] <swaroop> could i get help with my ipod classic?
[01:52] <etfb> UI is hard. Adding features is always the fun part of
programming; getting the existing features to work is boring.
[01:52] <swaroop> i asked like 3 times already :/
[01:52] <Dr_Willis> freshone0: mount it whever you want. dependign on
your needs
[01:52] <racho> freshone0, is it the rootfs or separate partition?
[01:52] <alazare619> just an fyi nettalk is probably the nicest windows
client out there
[01:53] <swaroop> UI is what normal customers like
[01:53] <swaroop> err users even
[01:53] <swaroop> they want the bells & whistles
[01:53] <swaroop> me included
[01:53] <fede> Gnome Shell rocks!
[01:53] <wildgoose> !ipod
[01:53] <ubottu> For information on how to sync and add tracks to your
iPod, see the guide at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IPodHowto - For
the iPhone and the iPod Touch, see
https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PortableDevices/iPhone - See !RockBox
for information on liberating your iPod
[01:53] <IdleOne> !enter | swaroop
[01:53] <ubottu> swaroop: Please try to keep your questions/responses on
one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!
[01:53] <freshone0> i just want a single home file with all my 500 gb
[01:53] * racho agrees with fede
[01:53] <swaroop> IdleOne, i need to copy my tracks to /
[01:53] <swaroop> all 5000 songs
[01:53] <racho> !home | freshone0
[01:53] <ubottu> freshone0: Your home directory is where all of your
personal files are usually kept. For moving your home directory to a
separate partition, please see:
[01:54] <swaroop> i tried gtkpod but it crashes.............. :/
[01:54] <Dr_Willis> freshone0: a home 'file' ?
[01:54] <Aszurom> I'm seeing sysadmin jobs in RTP area posting like 4 to
1 Linux vs Windows. So I thought I'd get with it, install Ubuntu and
force myself to use it at home
[01:54] <Dr_Willis> how are you going to get 500gb when you said it was
[01:55] <racho> Dr_Willis, i suppose he parted his drive 100Gb /home and
the rest /
[01:55] <billybigrigger> !RockBox
[01:55] <ubottu> rockbox is an open source firmware replacement for audio
players from Archos, iRiver, Apple (iPod), and iAudio. See
http://www.rockbox.org/ to get started!
[01:55] <usr13> Aszurom: Welcome aboard
[01:56] <usr13> Aszurom: It's really a nice ride
[01:56] <Aszurom> these new style scroll bars freak me out
[01:57] <Aszurom> can I revert them to more windows/mac like?
[01:57] <swaroop> !rockbox
[01:57] <ubottu> rockbox is an open source firmware replacement for audio
players from Archos, iRiver, Apple (iPod), and iAudio. See
http://www.rockbox.org/ to get started!
[01:57] <mssever> Aszurom: right on. I hate them, too
[01:57] <swaroop> !pod
[01:57] <xangua> Aszurom: check how on omg!ubuntu! or google ;)
[01:57] <swaroop> !ipod
[01:57] <ubottu> For information on how to sync and add tracks to your
iPod, see the guide at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IPodHowto - For
the iPhone and the iPod Touch, see
https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PortableDevices/iPhone - See !RockBox
for information on liberating your iPod
[01:57] <Aszurom> yeah, don't disappear interface elements for god sakes
[01:57] <wildgoose> !triggerhappy
[01:57] <swaroop> thanks for all the help guys
[01:57] <swaroop> bye & all the best :)
[01:58] <Dr_Willis> Aszurom: its a trivial change.. if Apple had done
it.. everyone would be gushing abouthow innovative it is...
[01:58] <Aszurom> Xangua omg!ubuntu! ?
[01:58] <xangua> not that i promote omg!ubuntu! blog but almost all you
are asking is there
[01:58] <MX1i> im currently tri-boot Win7, Ubuntu, Backtrack5 R1 my Grub
is F****D'up, how do i repair it?
[01:58] <xangua> Aszurom: is a blog
[01:58] <Aszurom> I assume it doesn't have bangs in the url
[01:58] <Dr_Willis> Aszurom: the webupd8 blog site has unity tweaks.
check my links at http://delicious.com/dr_willis
[01:58] <freshone0> i donot want any partitions...
[01:59] <freshone0> how does one achive that?
[01:59] <szal> lol
[01:59] <wildgoose> !grub | MX1i
[01:59] <ubottu> MX1i: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since
9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See
https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and
troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to
https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before
Karmic (9.10)
[01:59] <Dr_Willis> MX1i: boot to one of the ubuntu/linux's and rerun
update-grub - so it can refresh them grub menus.. ubuntu should be able
to handle them all.
[01:59] <mssever> Dr_Willis: That may be, but they decided to promote a
few use cases and make the others impossible. Now I can no longer click
on the bar to scroll a screenful or middle click to scroll to that point
[01:59] <Aszurom> this is why I like Ubuntu... because years ago all
you'd get in the * Linux channels was "RTFM! go away!"
[01:59] <kernelpanicker> exit
[01:59] <hsantiago> hi, my glxgears is not working. i get this message:
"Xlib: extension "GLX" missing on display ":0.0"." i removed my nvidia
card and now im using onboard video. how can i fix it?
[01:59] <alazare619> whats oftc's server info
[01:59] <usr13> freshone0: What do you mean? You don't want any
partitions. You have to have partitions.
[01:59] <freshone0> i donot want any partitions... how does one achive
[01:59] <alazare619> so i can join #debian
[01:59] <mssever> freshone0: You can't
[01:59] <Dr_Willis> Aszurom: and now a days we actually have good docs
to read,. and no one bothers. :)
[02:00] <Aszurom> lol
[02:00] <mssever> freshone0: Do you mean you want everyuthing on a single
[02:00] <Dr_Willis> freshone0: why are you not wanting parittions?
[02:00] <rww> alazare619: just /join #debian. freenode's is bigger
[02:00] <alazare619> free nodes is bigger then the official #debian on
[02:00] <photon> hsantiago: have you installed the latest nvidia drivers?
[02:00] <freshone0> ok then i want to be able to use the 400 gb it is
mounted at / . what does that mean
[02:00] <rww> alazare619: yes
[02:00] <alazare619> hmm ironic
[02:01] <hsantiago> photon: yes, before i remove my card it was
everything ok
[02:01] <Dr_Willis> freshone0: if its mounted to /     then you are using
[02:01] <alazare619> they just need to convert over the freenode then lol
[02:01] <Aszurom> my only real regret is the lack of a spotify client -
[02:01] <mssever> freshone0: Is /home currently on a separate partition?
[02:01] <usr13> freshone0: DO you realize that it is impossible to use a
storage device without partitions?
[02:01] <Dr_Willis> Aszurom: i think ive seen guides on gettting it
working in wine very well.
[02:01] <freshone0> i mean i cannot copy or store a file in the 400 gb
[02:01] <MX1i> Dr_Willis: http://pastebin.com/6QERL9xK - where is my
/sda3,/sda5? or does that look right?
[02:01] <Aszurom> oh wait, they DO have one
[02:01] <Aszurom> dizzam
[02:01] <freshone0> yes a separate 100 gb
[02:02] <mssever> freshone0: Why not?
[02:02] <mssever> freshone0: Not enough space?
[02:02] <Dr_Willis> MX1i: sda5 is /
[02:02] <freshone0> home is separate 100 gb
[02:02] <mssever> freshone0: wrong filesystem type?
[02:02] <asasdkasd> installed love, downloaded
http://stabyourself.net/dl.php?file=nottetris2/nottetris2-linux.zip ran
it and all I see is a blackscreen.
[02:02] <mssever> freshone0: missing permissions?
[02:02] <freshone0> yes
[02:02] <MX1i> Dr_Willis: alright, brb ill reboot and see if it worked,
[02:03] <Dr_Willis> bbl. off to work
[02:03] <mssever> freshone0: Making a single partition won't solve that
problem. You need to work on permissions
[02:03] <freshone0> i do not know of the file system may be it is ext4
[02:03] <usr13> freshone0: sudo fdisk -l | pastebinit #And send resulting
URL. Let us have a look.
[02:03] <Tinfoyle> Where would the file for adding the usb adress to let
ubuntu recognise usb? Forgot...
[02:03] <mssever> freshone0: I recommend creating a directory on / and
giving your user write permissions there
[02:03] <mssever> freshone0: Then, you'll be able to save files there
[02:04] <hsantiago> photon: should i reinstall noveau or something like
this? im trying but without success
[02:04] <freshone0> Disk /dev/sda: 500.1 GB, 500107862016 bytes
[02:04] <freshone0> 255 heads, 63 sectors/track, 60801 cylinders
[02:04] <freshone0> Units = cylinders of 16065 * 512 = 8225280 bytes
[02:04] <freshone0> Sector size (logical/physical): 512 bytes / 512 bytes
[02:04] <freshone0> I/O size (minimum/optimal): 512 bytes / 512 bytes
[02:04] <freshone0> Disk identifier: 0x0009b95f
[02:04] <alazare619> whats wrong hsantiago
[02:05] <FloodBot1> freshone0: Please don't flood; use
http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.
[02:05] <alazare619> hsantiago
[02:05] <alazare619> grr
[02:05] <alazare619> this client is hard to figure out
[02:05] <lolcat> FloodBot1: Huh?
[02:05] <freshone0> usr13: see
[02:05] <photon> hsantiago: you can try. I always used System >
Administration > Additional Drivers and installed the driver from there.
[02:05] <hsantiago> alazare619: my glxgears is not working
[02:05] <mssever> freshone0: Example: sudo mkdir /some_dir; sudo chown
youruser:yourgroup /some_dir
[02:05] <usr13> freshone0: sudo fdisk -l | pastebinit #And send resulting
URL. Let us have a look.
[02:05] <alazare619> hsantiago
[02:05] <photon> hsantiago: there's also nvidia-current, not sure how
that is related.
[02:05] <alazare619> grr
[02:06] <alazare619> hsantiago the app in general to show your fps? it
wont load
[02:06] <hsantiago> alazare619: hi, my glxgears is not working. i get
this message: "Xlib: extension "GLX" missing on display ":0.0"." i
removed my nvidia card and now im using onboard video. how can i fix it?
[02:07] <Pici> !floodbots | freshone0
[02:07] <ubottu> freshone0: FloodBot1,2,3, and 4 are all bots, please
direct your questions to the channel.
[02:07] <mssever> freshone0: usr13 : Just to clarify, the issue is being
unable to write files to someplace on /, right?
[02:07] <Emanon> 11.10 comes out late oct right?
[02:07] <mssever> Emanon: yes
[02:07] <freshone0> yes
[02:07] <usr13> mssever: Yes, but would be good to know what fs he is
[02:08] <photon> Emanon: beta is out already.
[02:08] <rww> freshone0: FloodBot1 is not sentient. Please stop talking
to it :(
[02:08] <Emanon> Thanks couldn't remember if it was early or late oct.
[02:08] <Emanon> photon: yea was thinking about checking out the daily.
[02:08] <rww> !schedule-#ubuntu+1
[02:08] <ubottu> A schedule of Oneiric Ocelot (11.10) release milestones
can be found here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OneiricReleaseSchedule
[02:08] <usr13> freshone0: sudo fdisk -l | pastebinit #And pastebinit
[02:09] <freshone0> usr13: do i paste the whole line into the terminal?
[02:09] <Emanon> Wow 13th awesome
[02:09] <usr13> freshone0: The URL
[02:10] <mssever> freshone0: yes
[02:10] <usr13> the URLs
[02:10] <racho> the / is meant to be closed for writing files freely.
you've got your /home for that stuff
[02:10] <IdleOne> usr13: probably best to have them install pastebinit
[02:10] <tony_>
[02:10] <usr13> sudo fdisk -l | pastebinit ; pastebinit /etc/fstab
[02:10] <Pici> tony_: don't do that.
[02:10] <mssever> racho: but if there's insufficient space in /home,
there's no problem adding an additional directory under /
[02:10] <tony_> k bye
=== ALessonZaire is now known as AlessonZaire
[02:11] <freshone0> usr13 : done
[02:11] <freshone0> now what?
[02:11] <usr13> Paste resulting URLs here
[02:11] <andre_pl> is there a java installer yet?
[02:11] <andre_pl> seems ferramroberto's ppa has removed sun-java6 now
[02:11] <jrib> andre_pl: there always has been...
[02:11] <jrib> !java | andre_pl
[02:11] <ubottu> andre_pl: To install a Java runtime on Ubuntu on 10.04
LTS and newer, see http://goo.gl/zwOip - For the Sun Java products and
browser plugin, search for the sun-java6- packages in the !partner
repository on Lucid (which must be enabled), or !multiverse repository on
older releases.
[02:11] <freshone0> sudo apt-get install pastebinit
[02:12] <freshone0> prasad@DIMAC-X:~$ sudo apt-get install pastebinit
[02:12] <freshone0> Reading package lists... Done
[02:12] <freshone0> Building dependency tree
[02:12] <freshone0> Reading state information... Done
[02:12] <freshone0> The following packages were automatically installed
and are no longer required:
[02:12] <FloodBot1> freshone0: Please don't flood; use
http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.
[02:12] <racho> mssever, true but he can always repartition for more
space @ /home
[02:12] <Aszurom> Man, linux sure has come a long way since I hand-rolled
Gentoo back in 2003
[02:12] <Emanon> Also racho if you use lvm you can resiE your partitions
later if you need to.
[02:12] <usr13> freshone0: stop
[02:12] <usr13> freshone0: sudo apt-get install pastebinit
[02:12] <usr13> do    ^^^
[02:12] <mssever> racho: That's true, too. More than one way to skin a
[02:12] <andre_pl> jrib: it was removed from the partner repositories
[02:13] <Emanon> Who skins cats you nazi?
[02:13] <Emanon> :-)
[02:13] <mssever> racho: another option is to use something like GParted
to resize currently-existing partitions
[02:13] <jrib> andre_pl: showing it here. What version of ubuntu are you
[02:14] <andre_pl> jrib: maverick
[02:14] <freshone0> usr13: $ sudo apt-get install pastebinit
[02:14] <freshone0> Reading package lists... Done
[02:14] <freshone0> Building dependency tree
[02:14] <freshone0> Reading state information... Done
[02:14] <freshone0> pastebinit is already the newest version.
[02:14] <freshone0> The following packages were automatically installed
and are no longer required:
[02:14] <FloodBot1> freshone0: Please don't flood; use
http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.
[02:14] <Emanon> Keep in mind however resizing with a partition manager
is not dangerous than resizing an lvm partition
[02:14] <mssever> freshone0: Don't paste large amounts of text here
[02:14] <usr13> freshone0: In your terminal, type: sudo apt-get install
[02:15] <andre_pl> jrib: when did you update last? it was pulled a few
weeks ago.
[02:15] <jrib> andre_pl: 2 seconds ago
[02:15] <usr13> and hit enter
[02:15] <Pici> andre_pl: It is there right now.
[02:15] <Pici> freshone0: do NOT paste text to the channel like that
[02:15] <freshone0> done that and i have pasted the result to you
[02:15] <swaroop> guys............
[02:15] <swaroop> my iPod won
[02:16] <swaroop> *won't mount :/
[02:16] <usr13> freshone0: In your terminal, type: sudo apt-get install
pastebinit and hit enter. Ok?
[02:16] <mssever> usr13: Already done?
[02:16] <Pici> usr13: it looks from that output that it is already
[02:16] <usr13> o
[02:16] <swaroop> and gtkpod crashed for the zillionth time :/
[02:16] <Pici> !enter | swaroop
[02:16] <ubottu> swaroop: Please try to keep your questions/responses on
one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!
[02:16] <usr13> sudo fdisk -l | pastebinit ; pastebinit /etc/fstab
[02:16] <Emanon> If you past it to pastebin you can just link it to us in
one line freshone0
[02:17] <usr13> freshone0: ^^^^^^ send resulting URLs
[02:17] <yeats> freshone0: paste the output here: http://goo.gl/ixcN9 and
share the link that is created
[02:17] <swaroop> how do i mount my ipod?
[02:17] <swaroop> 5.5 Generation ipod video.....
[02:17] <usr13> freshone0: Paste them here. Only the URLs
[02:17] <yeats> learning pastebinit may not be worth the trouble ;-)
[02:17] <Emanon> Anyways thanks for the release info, bye all.
[02:17] <mssever> swaroop: If the suggestions that have been given aren't
working for you, you might be out of options
[02:18] <usr13> yeats: pastebinit IS worth the trouble.
[02:18] <swaroop> :/
[02:18] <swaroop> i even did a reboot !
[02:18] <swaroop> no luck
[02:18] <swaroop> my fdisk -l shows errors :/
[02:18] <yeats> usr13: I agree, generally, but it may not be in this case
[02:18] <usr13> pastebinit is an awesome tool.
[02:18] <yeats> usr13: no arguments here
[02:18] <mssever> swaroop: If gtkpod is crashing, you might have to
diagnose the crash before continuing
[02:19] <M452s> how do i install flash 64bit? just apt-get install flash?
[02:19] <Benwin> G'day folks. :)
[02:19] <Aszurom> I have some notification icons appearing to the right
of the power (|) button in the upper menu bar. How to I correct this?
[02:19] <swaroop> how do i post my fdisk -l msg via pastebin?
[02:19] <|NeXuS|> M452s> how do i install flash 64bit? just apt-get
install flash? theres a flash plugin for firefox that you can use
[02:19] <usr13> swaroop: sudo fdisk -l | pastebinit
[02:19] <mssever> swaroop: fdisk -l | pastebinit
[02:20] <yeats> heh
[02:20] <Benwin> I need to have my router (running Ubuntu 10.04) forward
all requests to some.domain.com to an IP within the local network. (IE:
irc.mydomain.net to
[02:20] <usr13> and send resulting URL
[02:20] <Benwin> And I'm not sure how, or how to phrase the question
properly to google it.
[02:20] <racho> swaroop, do you have a point dir for mounting? have you
edited /etc/fstab and see if it works??
[02:20] <|NeXuS|> anyone know why people lose video play back in ubuntu
[02:20] <|NeXuS|> ?
[02:20] <usr13> Benwin: Well, first off, put an entry for it in
[02:21] <mssever> Benwin: I think the best approach is to either edit
/etc/hosts on all machines or if there are too many, set up a DNS server
[02:21] <ChrisRJersey> install iTunes in wine
[02:21] <IdleOne> M452s: this is the method I use. sudo add-apt-
repository ppa:sevenmachines/flash && sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get
install flashplugin64-nonfree
[02:21] <tarelerulz> I have ipod touch want to make so I don't need
router ssh into the ipod ? what are my options ?
[02:21] <Benwin> mssever: there are 14 machines behind the router, so the
router needs to be updated if possible.
[02:21] <Benwin> It's a LAN center of sorts.
[02:21] <Benwin> so it's not feasible to alter all computers behind the
[02:22] <mssever> Benwin: My recommendation would be to set up BIND9 or
some other DNS server on one machine, then configure your router to hand
out that machine's IP for the DNS server instead of your ISP's
[02:22] <swaroop> http:/paste.ubuntu.com/683035/
[02:22] <swaroop> guys
[02:23] <mssever> Benwin: I've done something similar in the past and it
worked well
[02:23] <usr13> Benwin: Then put nameserver
[02:23] <racho> M452s, or download the beta from adobe.com and put in
[02:23] <usr13> in /etc/resolv.conf
[02:23] <|NeXuS|> when i play videos on ubuntu 10.10 some times they
crash the media player and i cant seem to play videos anymore on any
player any ideas ?
[02:23] <racho> M452s, assuming you're with FF
[02:23] <swaroop> any help guys?
[02:23] <mssever> Benwin: usr13 nameserver will break your
[02:24] <M452s> racho: yeah im using ff
[02:24] <yeats> |NeXuS|: run a video player from the command line and see
if there is error output?
[02:24] <photon> M452s:
[02:24] <mssever> Benwin: usr13 You need to use your local DNS server's
external IP (probably 192.168.something)
[02:24] <|NeXuS|> flash-aid firefox : firefox plugin that installs flash
for you
[02:24] <photon> M452s: Place the .so file in /usr/lib64/mozilla/plugins/
and you're off.
[02:25] <usr13> mssever: No it wont
[02:25] <IdleOne> use the sevenmachines PPA
[02:25] <IdleOne> no need to copy/move files
[02:25] <rickup> Benwin, you can run a local forwarding cache on http://cr.yp.to/djbdns/run-cache-home.html
[02:25] <mssever> usr13: It'll only work on the machine that's running
the nameserver
[02:25] <mssever> usr13: not the rest of the network
[02:25] <usr13> correct
[02:25] <rickup> Benwin, or you can use Google's public DNS
[02:25] <g8tor> i'm trying to enable remote conn to mysql. opened port
3306 and changed the bind-address to restarted mysql and I still
cant connect am I missing something
[02:26] <Benwin> these all seem overly complex.
[02:26] <usr13> mssever: Ok. You tell him how to do it then.
[02:26] <Benwin> Its core is Ubuntu
[02:26] <|NeXuS|> im trying to get the video player to crash again
[02:26] <Benwin> the front-end is Zentyal
[02:26] <|NeXuS|> i use smplayer
[02:27] <usr13> mssever: I know it works because I do it.
[02:27] <meway> I installed an old netgear wireless card after installing
lubuntu, How do I make this work?
[02:27] <meway> Also the machine has no other way of connecting to the
internet but I have a usb flash drive
[02:27] <meway> Is there a way to check what the name of my device is?
all I know its a netgear
[02:27] <rickup> Benwin, "there are 14 machines behind the router, so the
router needs to be updated if possible" What is the OS/brand/config of
this router
[02:28] <Benwin> Um
[02:28] <|NeXuS|> lspci
[02:28] <|NeXuS|> shows hardware
[02:28] <Benwin> 3.06 ghz dual-cpu Xeon
[02:28] <Benwin> 6gb of ram
[02:28] <aaronsnoswell> I'm sorry, but I'm just a little to excited not
to share this: elucidatedbinary.com/2011/09/open-gedit-in-the-current-
[02:28] <Benwin> quad 73.6gb SCSI Ultra320 drives
[02:28] <meway> ty Nexus
[02:28] <rickup> the OS is Ubuntu Benwin?
[02:28] <Benwin> 10.04
[02:29] <rickup> ok
[02:29] <Benwin> I have SSH and console access.
[02:29] <rickup> is it the DHCP server?
[02:29] <Benwin> yes
[02:29] <rickup> cool
[02:29] <rickup> what is its IP?
[02:29] <Benwin> .254
[02:29] <rickup> on the clients
[02:29] <Knuxgen> even ubuntu 11.10 can't see my sata 3 disk :/
[02:29] <Benwin> Que?
[02:29] <rickup> sorry let me get a complete thought ready
[02:30] <rickup> So the router is online yes? it can piong google?
[02:30] <meway> Ok so I have a Ethernet controller: Marvell Technology
Group Ltd. 88w8335 [Libertas] 802.11b/g Wireless (rev 03)
[02:30] <meway> how do I get this to work?
[02:30] <Benwin> I'm talking to you through it. :)
[02:30] <rickup> yay
[02:30] <Benwin> It's *fully* functional.
=== das is now known as Guest73276
[02:30] <Benwin> It has been for three months now.
[02:30] <Benwin> I just need to change this *one* tiny little thing.
[02:30] <Benwin> I'm hosting a minecraft server in-house
[02:31] <rickup> ok on each DHCP client should get DNS automatically
(windows boxes?)
[02:31] <Benwin> so I need mc.thedomain.com to resolve to
(which is the LAN IP of the minecraft server)
[02:31] <Sanvean> Benwin, is that deadly ?
[02:31] <racho> Knuxgen, maybe change from BIOS from IDE to AHCI
[02:31] <rickup> I knew I was missing something... obvious
[02:31] <Benwin> IT's a LAN center.
[02:31] <Benwin> I can't control all machines connecting out
[02:31] <Benwin> So if they have a custom DNS
[02:32] <|NeXuS|> meway what distro you got 10.10 ?
[02:32] <Benwin> So I just need the router box to snag all requests to
mc.thedomain.com and forward them to .5
[02:32] <rickup> Benwin, how often do the 14 hosts get swapped out
changed or otherwise reconfigured
[02:32] <meway> |NeXuS|: actually its the latest Lubuntu but it seems to
be vertually the same thing
[02:32] <kbhtech> k, Im trying to mod an xbox, but facing a problem...
[02:32] <rickup> you can make a hosts file entry on each client
[02:32] <meway> kbhtech: ??
[02:32] <Benwin> right now, there are 14 DHCP leases active.
[02:33] <rickup> I do this all the time with less than25 hosts
[02:33] <tarelerulz> Is there any way to make my laptop like the router ?
so I can hook up wireless to other pc ?
[02:33] <Benwin> 8 of those machines are owned by people that aren't me.
[02:33] <Benwin> So I can't control their hosts file.
[02:33] <kbhtech> I cannot find slayers products.
[02:33] <rickup> ahhh ok
[02:33] <Benwin> So I need the router to snag all traffic to that one
[02:33] <Benwin> lol
[02:33] <meway> kbhtech what kind of mod?
[02:33] <rickup> you need a split horizon DNS server is what you need
this other thing I am struggling to remember the name of
[02:33] <freshone0> usr13: i have installed pastebinit
[02:33] <freshone0> now what?
[02:33] <rww> !ot | kbhtech
[02:33] <ubottu> kbhtech: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all
Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other
topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!
[02:34] <rickup> let me log on mine and get it
[02:34] <rickup> brb
[02:34] <kbhtech> Well currently trying to through xmbc on the drive, but
rather using a disc image.
[02:34] <racho> meway, what was your card again
[02:34] <meway> Ok so I have a Ethernet controller: Marvell Technology
Group Ltd. 88w8335 [Libertas] 802.11b/g Wireless (rev 03)
[02:34] <|NeXuS|> dose he need the windows wireless card drivers ?
[02:35] <kbhtech> who knows of a mod channel for xbox, xbins is no longer
[02:36] <Benwin> I have to go for about 30 minutes, rickup. I'll be back
around 11:15 eastern time. Sorry.
[02:36] <freshone0> i need to get permissions to use the 400 gb partion
out of my 500 gb HDD my home is the remaining 100 gb
[02:36] <rickup> Benwin, I will be herer
[02:36] <freshone0> i need the home to be 400 gb
[02:36] <meway> kbtech view my query
[02:37] <tarelerulz> can you connect to pc wireless with out router or
switch box ?
[02:37] <racho> meway, it seems you need mwl8k which *might* support your
[02:37] <Benwin> rickup, apparently I have about 5 minutes, lol.
[02:38] <Krenair> Will gnome-session-fallback still be in the repo when
11.10 is released?
[02:38] <|NeXuS|> anyone got any tweaks for ati video cards in Ubuntu ?
[02:38] <rickup> phone brb
[02:38] <meway> rachohow would I get this for lubuntu from a flash drive
being the only way to get anything from the internet onto this computer?
[02:38] <Aszurom> by default, Tweetdeck wants to install into /Opt. Is
that really where I want it?
[02:39] <meway> racho*
[02:39] <rww> Krenair: 1) #ubuntu+1 for oneiric discussion and support,
please. 2) Yes, as far as I know.
[02:39] <Pici> Aszurom: Thats probably fine. I personally preferred to
install adobe air and use tweetdeck's air app. It worked fine for me.
[02:39] <Aszurom> Pici, that's where air is putting it, I mean
[02:40] <racho> meway, the two ways are 1) NDISwrapper 2)get the linux
drivers from
[02:40] <freshone0> PIci: i have installe dthe pastebinit
[02:40] <freshone0> please tell me what to do next?
[02:40] <justyellowboy> yo brosephs
[02:41] <israelito_solito> hi. I'm having problems with aMsn. i get a
wrong password message but the password is correct
[02:41] <RTYGY45> hi
[02:41] <justyellowboy> I'm in OpenOffice right now and I want to format
a single specific page to have a color border along the edge. Can I get
some help? Much love. <3
[02:41] <freshone0> justyellowboy: i have a 400 gb partition which i
cannot use?
[02:41] <israelito_solito> any help would be great
[02:41] <justyellowboy> Hm?
[02:41] <|NeXuS|> use Pidgin
[02:41] <usr13> sudo fdisk -l | pastebinit ; pastebinit /etc/fstab
=== RTYGY45 is now known as MIke021
[02:41] <|NeXuS|> amsn ....
[02:42] <usr13> freshone0:   ^^^]
[02:42] <justyellowboy> freshone0: Nice. You can't use it?
[02:42] <MIke021> what's the difference between desktop and server ubuntu
[02:42] <israelito_solito> i am using pidgin but all my contacts are gone
[02:42] <justyellowboy> Server ubuntu is designed to be used in servers.
[02:42] <|NeXuS|> hmm
[02:42] <justyellowboy> I mean, that's obvious, but, it's probably thus
less user-friendly.
[02:43] <usr13> freshone0: SEND resulting URLs
[02:43] <justyellowboy> Any of you guys experts in OpenOffice?
[02:43] <|NeXuS|> it kinda sounds like a ssl handshake error on known ssl
[02:43] <|NeXuS|> maybe
[02:44] <usr13> justyellowboy: what do you need?
[02:44] <|NeXuS|> not sending the friend list is odd
[02:44] <justyellowboy> usr13: You know how a textbook has a table of
contents page, for example, just a specific page? Sometimes they have
this neat colored border on the left edge of the page formatted onto it.
I'd like to replicate that.
=== greenwolf is now known as penguin
[02:45] <meway> racho: is there a direct link?
[02:45] <israelito_solito> i guess i'll have to go to windows :-( but I
got a virus there, don't know how to fix it
[02:46] <justyellowboy> Maybe I can simply set the margins of the
specific page to the edge and add a background... I'll try that.
[02:46] <|NeXuS|> virus ?
[02:46] <meway> racho: you kind of through me into a page I know nothing
[02:46] <usr13> justyellowboy:
[02:46] <webirc1234> is mirrors.kernel.org down?
[02:46] <webirc1234> I can't seem to be able to apt-get irssi anymore
[02:47] <justyellowboy> Thanks
[02:47] <freshone0> usr13: when i copy any file into the cdrom0 (400 gb )
partion it still says permission denied
[02:47] <Pici> webirc1234: yes, they are having issues, switch to a
different mirror.
[02:47] <webirc1234> Pici: is this related to the recent security issue?
[02:47] <webirc1234> I thought that was only kernel.org
[02:47] <|NeXuS|> chmod ?
[02:47] <racho> meway, i suggest you get the NDISwrapper and windows
drivers.This way it will work for sure
[02:47] <justyellowboy> How do I apply the backgrounds to just one page
and not all of them?
[02:47] <usr13> freshone0: Show us your partitions and /etc/fstab file.
Pastebinit it and send URLs. Let's have a look.
[02:48] <Pici> webirc1234: It seems to be intermittantly affecting
mirrors.kernel.org as well. I just switched off of it myself because I
was tired of seeing errors in my cron logs.
[02:48] <meway> racho: how do I get Ndiswrapper? btw keep in mind my only
way of file transfur is a flashdrive
[02:48] <usr13> freshone0: sudo fdisk -l | pastebinit #send resulting
[02:48] <rickup> Benwin, u still here?
[02:48] <webirc1234> Pici: so right now, I only mave mirrors.kernel.org
is there a list for stuff to stuf finto /etc/apt.list ?
[02:48] <grom358> I'm tryign to compile PDO_IBM on 11.04 and when I do
make test it says unable to load module cause it couldn't load PDO module
[02:49] <rickup> brb
[02:49] <usr13> freshone0: pastebinit /etc/fstab     #Send resulting URL
(paste it here.)
[02:49] <grom358> Cannot load module 'pdo_ibm' because required module
'pdo' is not loaded in Unknown on line 0
[02:49] <usr13> freshone0: cdrom0 is a cdrom
[02:50] <freshone0> http://paste.ubuntu.com/683048/
[02:50] <Pici> webirc1234: You can look for other mirrors here:
https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+archivemirrors , but I just did: sudo sed -
i 's/mirrors\.kernel\.org/us.archive.ubuntu.com/g' /etc/apt/sources.list
[02:50] <freshone0> it says that
[02:50] <justyellowboy> Wait, err, can a cdrom have a partition? s:
[02:50] <webirc1234> Pici: I like the sed solution. Thanks :-)
[02:50] <webirc1234> Pici: looks like you also appreciate how fast
mirrors.kernel.org used to be :-)
[02:50] <freshone0> i have a 500 gb hdd and my home folder is only 100 gb
[02:51] <freshone0> i want home to be the largest partition
[02:51] <usr13> freshone0: sudo fdisk -l | pastebinit #send resulting
URL (paste it here)
[02:51] <Pici> webirc1234: Yeah, it was very nice. I'll be switching
back as soon as things are reslved.
=== brandon is now known as BrandonBolton
[02:51] <freshone0> prasad@DIMAC-X:~$ pastebinit /etc/fstab
[02:51] <freshone0> http://paste.ubuntu.com/683048/
[02:51] <Lasers> It'd be cool if the client have API that allows
something like "sudo fdisk -l | pastebinit | irssi" -- but the abuses....
[02:52] <BrandonBolton> exit
[02:52] <freshone0> usr13:prasad@DIMAC-X:~$ pastebinit /etc/fstab
[02:52] <freshone0> http://paste.ubuntu.com/683048/
[02:52] <usr13> freshone0: sudo fdisk -l | pastebinit #send resulting
URL (paste it here)
[02:52] <BrandonBolton> Hello, if the chat likes to support charities I
recommend using GoodSearch.com :)
[02:53] <freshone0> prasad@DIMAC-X:~$ sudo fdisk -l | pastebinit #
[02:53] <freshone0> [sudo] password for prasad:
[02:53] <freshone0> http://paste.ubuntu.com/683047/
[02:53] <freshone0> prasad@DIMAC-X:~$ pastebinit /etc/fstab
[02:53] <freshone0> http://paste.ubuntu.com/683048/
[02:53] <freshone0> prasad@DIMAC-X:~$ sudo fdisk -l | pastebinit #
[02:53] <FloodBot1> freshone0: Please don't flood; use
http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.
[02:53] <usr13> freshone0: sudo fdisk -l | pastebinit #send resulting
URL (paste it here)
[02:53] <qin> Lasers: /help exec (in irssi and xchat)
[02:53] <rww> freshone0: I am getting a bit tired of your inability to
use a pastebin.
[02:53] <freshone0> i did that
[02:53] <rww> BrandonBolton: No, we don't, sorry :\
[02:53] <usr13> sudo fdisk -l | pastebinit
[02:53] <Lasers> qin: That's true! I was thinking something on the
terminal side. :)
[02:54] <justyellowboy> usr13: He did that. He pastebin'd it.
[02:54] <justyellowboy> http://paste.ubuntu.com/683048/
[02:54] <justyellowboy> It's right here.
[02:54] <freshone0> http://paste.ubuntu.com/683050/
[02:54] <justyellowboy> Err that now hahaha
[02:54] <usr13> freshone0: Thanks
[02:54] <BrandonBolton> rww: I am just letting the community know about
GoodSearch.com It costs nothing, all you have to do is just search and
use your Gmail account or Yahoo account with it. :)
[02:54] <freshone0> ohh i got it now
[02:54] <freshone0> iam sorry
[02:55] <rww> BrandonBolton: #ubuntu is for Ubuntu technical support, not
website advertising ;)
[02:55] <qin> Lasers: some perl, some bash, and it can be done, /j #irssi
[02:55] <freshone0> now what?
[02:55] <justyellowboy> You're trying to establish a partition in a CD-
Rom right?
[02:55] <BrandonBolton> rww: I thought this was the general chat one.
Sorry about that. I have no association with the website just a member.
[02:56] <freshone0> no i want my" home " to be the larger partition
[02:56] <freshone0> out of 500 gb it is only 100 gb
[02:56] <freshone0> and i do not have permission to use the 400 gb
[02:57] <justyellowboy> Ohhh you are creating a filesystem and trying to
resize your home partition.
[02:57] <freshone0> yes
[02:57] <freshone0> the 400 gb partition is mounted on /
[02:57] <freshone0> is it ok or do i need to change it
[02:57] <BrandonBolton> freshone0, Go to terminal and type in sudo apt-
get install gparted I just gparted for all of my partition needs. :)
[02:58] <justyellowboy> That means that the root filesystem is on the 400
gb partition.
[02:58] <dr-willis> not sure of the proper wsy to shrink a primary and
add it to an extended and logical.
[02:58] <justyellowboy> You would have to eliminate that entire partition
to add it to your current home partition.
[02:58] <justyellowboy> And then
[02:58] <Lasers> freshone0: There are no ideal solutions -- just
preferences. My preference was using two HDD. 20GB HDD for / -- and 300TB
for ~/
[02:58] <justyellowboy> you'd have to find a new place to put the root
[02:58] <justyellowboy> You follow me so far, right?
[02:59] <justyellowboy> I believe that's the case.
[02:59] <dr-willis> it may take some work in gparted to resize them.
[02:59] <freshone0> how does on e acess a file on / ?
[02:59] <usr13> freshone0: You need to shrink your / partition
(/dev/sda1) and increase size of /home (/dev/sda5)
[02:59] <dr-willis> same as any other location freshone0
[03:00] <justyellowboy> Oh okay, I thought you couldn't shrink the /
partition. o:
[03:00] <BrandonBolton> freshone0: Why didn't you just edit the partition
table during the installation?
[03:00] <dr-willis> usr13: he may need to grow theextended fiirst then
the logical
[03:00] <usr13> freshone0:    The root partition (/dev/sda1) can be as
small as 30G
[03:00] <justyellowboy> He probably assumed 100 gb was enough
[03:00] <freshone0> how does one use a partition mounted on/
[03:00] <justyellowboy> You boot it.
[03:00] <Lasers> Through fstab?
[03:01] <Lasers> That's for automatic stuffs.
[03:01] <dr-willis> freshone0: you will want to be ysing a live cd with
gparted on it for this work
[03:01] <usr13> freshone0: dr-willis is correct /dev/sda2 has to be
enlarged. (Because /dev/sda5 is logical partition on /dev/sda2)
[03:01] <freshone0> i mean i can only store files in the home partition
how do i access the rest
[03:01] <usr13> freshone0: Yes, that is how it works
[03:02] <justyellowboy> Being able to store files in the home partition
is a good thing, majorly.
[03:02] <dr-willis> cd /     then ls. you are acessing it..
[03:02] <usr13> freshone0: You just need to change your partition sizes
to match your needs.
[03:02] <freshone0> yes
[03:02] <justyellowboy> Agh I should at least know the answer to that
question aljfkffs I suck at helping
[03:02] <freshone0> tell me what to do
[03:03] <justyellowboy> fstab has a friendly interface, right?
[03:03] <usr13> freshone0: The root partition / (/dev/sda1) can be
small. 20-30G is plenty
[03:03] <Lasers> Nope.
[03:03] <justyellowboy> Hahaha okay
[03:03] <dr-willis> freshone0: get a live cd that has gparted for
starters. backup imporntant files also.
[03:04] <usr13> freshone0: Increase size of /dev/sda2 (and in turn
/dev/sda5) to about 400G
[03:04] <Lasers> It's just a line. Add a line. Make sure it's properly
formatted (and correct numbers of valid parameters)
[03:04] <BrandonBolton> freshone0: Here, follow this link.
http://www.wikihow.com/Use-Gparted It's to learn how to use Gparted.
After you learn go to terminal and type 'sudo apt-get install gparted'
without the qoutes of coures :)
[03:04] <freshone0> dev/sda1 is 372.53 gib
[03:04] <usr13> freshone0: Yes, that is way too big
[03:04] <freshone0> according to gparted
[03:05] <usr13> freshone0: Home needs to be that big (or bigger)
[03:05] <usr13> freshone0: As dr-willis suggests, fire up the liveCD and
use gparted
[03:05] <freshone0> and dev/sda5 is 92.23
[03:05] <dr-willis> you could just move home to the / and not use a
seoerate home partitiin
[03:05] <freshone0> yes
[03:05] <freshone0> what do i do
[03:05] <chaospsychex> who would do such a thing as that
[03:06] <usr13> freshone0: shrink /dev/sda1 and take up the space on
/dev/sda2 (and in turn /dev/sda5, the logical partition).
[03:06] <justyellowboy> Probably people who don't want to have the hassle
of partition resizing, although it sounds simple enough in this case~
[03:06] <dr-willis> then delete the sda2. and resize sda1 and remake
sda2. move home back
[03:06] <freshone0> live cd is the cd i used to install ubuntu
[03:06] <justyellowboy> Yes, that LiveCD.
[03:06] <freshone0> so i just put it and then what?
[03:06] <justyellowboy> Use that.
[03:06] <justyellowboy> Then
[03:06] <justyellowboy> I got this!
[03:07] <chaospsychex> he will have to chroot
[03:07] <BrandonBolton> freshone0: Yes, that is the live cd. Just choose
the try Ubuntu link.
[03:07] <dr-willis> justyellowboy: rhw use of a extended logical makes
it a little harder
[03:07] <BobManiaBr559> ola
[03:07] <justyellowboy> Insert the LiveCD and reboot. You can use a key
(F11 works) to boot from CD. Then you will be using the LiveCD OS.
[03:07] <freshone0> ok why not the install?
[03:07] <freshone0> ok
[03:07] <dr-willis> freshone0: is this a new install?
[03:08] <chaospsychex> freshone0 what did you do? partition incorrectly ?
[03:08] <freshone0> yes
[03:08] <usr13> dr-willis: Yes, that is totally un-necessary. should be
just sda1 and sda2 and sda3
[03:08] <accel> first five peopel to join #startups-offtopic gets op
[03:08] <Pici> accel: do not advertise channels here.
[03:08] <BobManiaBr559> ola
[03:08] <usr13> dr-willis: I notice he doesn't even have a swap
[03:08] <justyellowboy> o:
[03:08] <dr-willis> freshone0: backup imporntant stuff and reinstall and
use primary partions size as needed will be faster
[03:09] <BobManiaBr559> Plug-in Java 1.6.0_27
[03:09] <usr13> freshone0: While you are at it, create /dev/sda6 for
swap. About 4G     Okay?
[03:09] <freshone0> there is no data stored it is a new coputer
=== Beastmode is now known as Dasda
[03:09] <justyellowboy> That makes it super easy then! C:
[03:09] <freshone0> ok
[03:09] <chaospsychex> freshone0: why didn't you choose use entire disk
[03:09] <terr_> I just used k3b to burn kubuntubalh.iso to the cd. I
moutned it and I see the .iso file. I didn't do this right? right?
arrghh. How?
[03:09] <freshone0> what should be the mount point
[03:09] <chaospsychex> you tried to manually create the partitions ?
[03:10] <dr-willis> freshone0: you wull want 3 primary partitiins. /
swap and /home
[03:10] <chaospsychex> are you installing from the live cd?
[03:10] <chaospsychex> all you do is choose USE ENTIRE DISK
[03:10] <freshone0> i will now
[03:10] <justyellowboy> He is repartitioning from the LiveCD.
[03:10] <chaospsychex> why is he repartitioning?
[03:10] <justyellowboy> Because he sized the home partition too small and
the / partition too large.
[03:10] <freshone0> where is the option to use entire disk?
[03:10] <chaospsychex> when you launch the installer
[03:10] <dr-willis> chaospsychex: his / is 300gb and home 100gb
[03:11] <usr13> freshone0: /dev/sda1=20G    /dev/sda2=380G
/dev/sda5=376G   /dev/sda6=4G (swap)
[03:11] <usr13> something like that   ^^^
[03:11] <chaospsychex> just reinstall,will be alot easier for you
[03:11] <justyellowboy> Mmyeah.
[03:11] <chaospsychex> manually partitioning is not for noobs
[03:11] <freshone0> i want to reinstall as the pc has no data
[03:11] <dr-willis> id use all primaries in this case
[03:11] <chaospsychex> then reinstall and choose USE ENTIRE DISK
[03:11] <usr13> Oh wait, that is a 500G drive, not 400. Well you get the
[03:12] <chaospsychex> if you don't want a dual-boot
[03:12] <chaospsychex> are you planning on putting windows on this
computer as well?
[03:12] <freshone0> usr13: will do that
[03:12] <usr13> freshone0: /dev/sda1=20G    /dev/sda2=480G
/dev/sda5=476G   /dev/sda6=4G (swap)
[03:12] <justyellowboy> He doesn't. He's using a separate device to host
[03:12] <chaospsychex> or just ubuntu
[03:12] <chaospsychex> oh
[03:12] <freshone0> where is the option to use entire disk?
[03:12] <chaospsychex> use entire disk
[03:12] <chaospsychex> when you launch the installer
[03:12] <usr13> justyellowboy: Oh ok... I take that back.
[03:13] <dr-willis> time to play with the 'somthing else' cystome
partitiin section of the installer
[03:13] <chaospsychex> when you launch the installer
[03:13] <daniel__> hello
[03:13] <freshone0> ya
[03:13] <chaospsychex> its the option at the top
[03:13] <daniel__> i wonder i there is any norwegian channels?
[03:13] <chaospsychex> when it gets to disk setup
[03:13] <chaospsychex> partitioning
[03:13] <dr-willis> or just not make a seperate home ;)
[03:13] <freshone0> will try this out
[03:14] <freshone0> thanks
[03:14] <hullo> hello my home directory just went read onlu
[03:14] <hullo> only
[03:14] <dr-willis> theres prob youtube videos on this.
[03:14] <chaospsychex> lol
[03:14] <justyellowboy> Step 1: Insert LiveCD. Step 2: Reboot and press
F11 or whatever key will allow you to choose to boot from CD. Step 3: Use
Gparted. Step 4: Use entire disk.
[03:14] <hullo> i accidentally ran fsck for a second
[03:14] <justyellowboy> Step 5: Add a swap partition, too.
[03:14] <chaospsychex> you don't need to use gparted
[03:14] <justyellowboy> No?
[03:14] <justyellowboy> Okay.
[03:14] <hullo> idk if that has anything to do with it
[03:14] <chaospsychex> how much ram does this system have
[03:14] <chaospsychex> freshone, how much ram u have
[03:14] <dr-willis> justyellowboy: you mean yse installer..
[03:14] <justyellowboy> Step 3: Choose "reinstall" hahaha
[03:15] <dr-willis> ;)
[03:15] <justyellowboy> Unless it just says install.
[03:15] <usr13> dr-willis: You mean on partitions?
[03:15] <justyellowboy> Glad to be of obstruction to your guidance,
awesome guys. :)
[03:15] <chaospsychex> lolololol
[03:16] <hullo> my /home went read-only suddenly, any ideas?
[03:16] <dr-willis> for a beginner. may as well just let the installer
auto partitiin and not use a seperate /home
[03:16] <usr13> .. we shure took up a lot of space just figuring out a
simple partition sceme
[03:16] <justyellowboy> Isn't your /home supposed to be read-only?
[03:16] <dr-willis> hullo: check dmesg output.
[03:16] <chaospsychex> hullo: man chown
[03:16] <usr13> dr-willis: I don't know, separate /home is nice to have
[03:17] <hullo> [ 8029.135065] EXT4-fs (sde1): Remounting filesystem
[03:17] <hullo> [ 8029.135680] EXT4-fs error (device sde1) in
ext4_delete_inode: IO failure
[03:17] <hullo> [ 8273.717039] EXT4-fs error (device sde1): ext4_remount:
Abort forced by user
[03:17] <usr13> justyellowboy: no
[03:17] <justyellowboy> Oh, sorry, then. c:
[03:17] <chaospsychex> hullo what is your home folder called?
[03:17] <justyellowboy> The separation of partition allows for
organization. It might even be safe, maybe.
[03:17] <usr13> justyellowboy: df
[03:17] <hullo> lol home
[03:17] <hullo> im not a noob or anything, just havent seen this
[03:18] <daniel__> is it possible to take control over fanspeed etc in
[03:18] <chaospsychex> what is your username on the machine
[03:18] <usr13> hullo: What does df say? What does df -i    say?
[03:18] <dr-willis> hull the hd may be failing.. i would back it up soon
[03:18] <hullo> usr13: what line?
[03:19] <usr13> hullo: Open a terminal and type   df     #Tell us what it
[03:19] <dr-willis> io failure - bad sign in dmesg
[03:19] <usr13> hullo: And then, open a terminal and type   df -
#Tell us what it says.
[03:19] <usr13> df -i
[03:19] <usr13> sorry
[03:19] <hullo> df looks normal, not out of inodes either
[03:19] <hullo> /dev/sde1            29786112 1562436 28223676    6% /
[03:20] <hullo> 6% used
[03:20] <hullo> /dev/sde1            469018124 399551512 45641820 90% /
[03:20] <dr-willis> hullo io-failure - disk has issues. time to make
backups now...
[03:20] <usr13> dr-willis is prolly right hullo
[03:20] <MorphineDrip> hull: just did a quick read. if you have the
ability i would run 'gsmartcontrol' and see what it says about your
[03:21] <MorphineDrip> reading the smart data from the drive always helps
[03:21] <usr13> hullo: the sceond one, is that output of df -i      ?   It
says 90%
[03:21] <hullo> cant install anything bc root is read only
[03:21] <Lasers> hullo: If you want to preserve your data, better
shutdown the computer and don't turn it on until you come back with a new
hard drive. :)
[03:21] <hullo> the second one is drive space
[03:22] <MorphineDrip> i hear ya. caught between a shit and a fart
[03:22] <usr13> hullo: sde1 is root?     Do you have separate /home
[03:22] <hullo> JUST installed a software raid on this box i think i got
lucky here
[03:22] <hullo> no seperate /home
[03:22] <daniel__> mine is 1%
[03:22] <MorphineDrip> too many cooks in the kitchen. i'
[03:22] <MorphineDrip> i'll hang back in the weeds
[03:23] <hullo> time to copy everything over to: /dev/md0
8.1T 275G 7.4T     4% /media/moria ;)
[03:23] <usr13> hullo: Which line up there is from df    and which is from
df -i ? (One says 90%).
[03:23] <daniel__> is 1% good? for / it is 29%
[03:24] <dr-willis> use ubuntu one. :)
[03:24] <hullo> usr 90% drive space full
[03:24] <hullo> 6% inodes used
[03:24] <usr13> hullo: Ant the other says 6%
[03:24] <simpleblue> does anyone know how i can decrease the amount that
my mouse button scrolls?
[03:24] <simpleblue> its scrolling about 1.5 pages per notch
[03:25] <chaospsychex> LOL
[03:25] <usr13> hullo: Oh ok
[03:25] <chaospsychex> simpleblue: LOLOLOLOL
[03:25] <justyellowboy> 1.5 pages?! Good lord!
[03:26] <simpleblue> thats the default for me... all i want is to use my
mouse scroll wheel
[03:26] <justyellowboy> Which program is this, anyway?
[03:26] <chaospsychex> some people can't even scroll 1.5 pages with like
2 minutes of scrolling
[03:26] <simpleblue> any program
[03:26] <justyellowboy> Any program. Are you using xfcs?
[03:26] <chaospsychex> LOLOL
[03:26] <daniel__> is there any offtopic channels?
[03:26] <justyellowboy> or Gnome?
[03:26] <usr13> simpleblue: Are you using /etc/X11/xorg.conf file?
[03:26] <simpleblue> gnome, unity 11.04
[03:27] <m4v> daniel__: yeah, #ubuntu-offtopic
[03:27] <chaospsychex> 0.o
[03:27] <simpleblue> i'll check usr13
[03:27] <chaospsychex> 11.04
[03:27] <justyellowboy> >xfce
[03:27] <daniel__> tnx
[03:27] <justyellowboy> wat
[03:27] <justyellowboy> God I can't type, I meant to type xfce but typed
[03:28] <justyellowboy> In OpenOffice, I want to format a specific page.
Just one, not all of them.
[03:28] <hullo> you folks think i should try to restart???
[03:28] <Roasted> Are there any OCR apps out there for Ubuntu?
[03:28] <simpleblue> i don't see that directory usr13
[03:28] <justyellowboy> hullo: See if that works, sure.
[03:28] <justyellowboy> But everything that I do to reformat the page
results in *all* of the pages reformatting.
[03:29] <elgruntox> stupid monitor bs ugh
[03:29] <elgruntox> anyone know why I cant mirror screens and keep my
monitors resolution
[03:29] <elgruntox> or if theres a way to do this
[03:29] <justyellowboy> elgruntox: Hold the monitor up to a mirror. <3
[03:29] <justyellowboy> I'm sorry, that was mean.
[03:29] <simpleblue> i just plugged in another mouse and this mouse works
[03:29] <soreau> elgruntox: What do you mean?
[03:30] <simpleblue> problem solved i guess
[03:30] <elgruntox> soreau: well right now to use my monitor i either
have to mirror the desktops
[03:30] <elgruntox> or use a two monitor setup dealy
[03:30] <elgruntox> for the two monitor setup I cant view the unity bar
or anythign since it appears on my laptop screen
[03:30] <elgruntox> which is always closed
[03:31] <elgruntox> and for mirroring the desktops it sets the resolution
to 1024x768 and i cant change it
[03:31] <chaospsychex> can someone help me? my screen keeps rotating
[03:31] <chaospsychex> flipping upside down and stuff
[03:31] <daniel__> just a QQ, when i run linux in a emulator, why can't i
edit the resolution?
[03:31] <chaospsychex> and wtf is my display B&W ?
[03:31] <X_already_in_use> I installed/activated Nvidia Driver thru
'Additional Drivers' after I reboot I check and see-    This driver is
activated but not currently in use.      How do I make my computer use
[03:32] <elgruntox> arrrgh
[03:32] <soreau> chaospsychex: intel gpu with nvidia drivers installed
might cause that when running compiz
[03:32] <elgruntox> cmon you stupid god damn thing
[03:32] <elgruntox> i just want a working monitor why is that so hard
[03:32] <chaospsychex> i don't have nvidia card
[03:32] <Lasers> X_already_in_use: Reboot, probably.
[03:32] <soreau> elgruntox: nvidia?
[03:32] <soreau> chaospsychex: I said intel gpu
[03:32] <chaospsychex> !nvidia
[03:32] <ubottu> For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see
[03:32] <elgruntox> soreau: intel 3000
[03:32] <a7i3n_> Hello all
[03:32] <chaospsychex> with nvidia drivers u said
[03:32] <X_already_in_use> Lasers, I already rebooted
[03:32] <chaospsychex> i dont have nvidia drivers installed
[03:32] <daniel__> does it work in emulators?
[03:32] <soreau> chaospsychex: You can still have nvidia drivers
installed on any machine regardless if it has no nvidia chip
[03:33] <chaospsychex> well not on this machine
[03:33] <simpleblue> mouse physically died, problem still exists :(
[03:33] <hullo> how do i make the ps/2 port read a keyboard i didnt boot
[03:33] <chaospsychex> there are no nvidia drivers isntalled
[03:33] <soreau> chaospsychex: Can you pastebin your /var/log/Xorg.0.log
file to pastebin.com?
[03:33] <chaospsychex> how do i hook my toaster up through usb?
[03:33] <elgruntox> is there some intel 3000 update or something
[03:33] <elgruntox> for 11.04
[03:33] <elgruntox> cause ugh
[03:34] <justyellowboy> You know what's the most annoying thing in the
[03:34] <justyellowboy> When you are trying to accomplish an effect on
purpose but the program randomly does it automatically without your
understanding of what you did to make it happen.
[03:34] <elgruntox> ubuntu not having working monitor support
[03:34] <Lasers> X_already_in_use: I didn't see that. "sudo nvidia-
xconfig" to generate /etc/X11/xorg.conf
[03:34] <usr13> hullo: unplug the USB one and plug in the ps2 one and it
should just work.
=== fishwithapipe is now known as f|shy
[03:35] <simpleblue> now both mice don't work
[03:35] <usr13> hullo: In other words, just plug it in.
[03:36] <simpleblue> sigh, brb
[03:36] <poNIX> hi guys,i'm having a problem with my ubuntu box
[03:36] <usr13> Lasers: You probably need to trun off the X server
[03:36] <elgruntox> soreau: do you have any idea how to fix this
[03:36] <elgruntox> or should i just reinstall windows ugh
[03:36] <soreau> elgruntox: Can you pastebin your /var/log/Xorg.0.log
file to pastebin.com?
[03:37] <Lasers> usr13: Maybe. It's hit-or-miss. X_already_in_use, try
doing it while X11 isn't running or use Nvidia GUI Settings.
[03:37] <terr_> when I mount a livecd what should I see? an .iso? or
the files in the .iso?
[03:37] <usr13> elgruntox: What?
[03:37] <poNIX> i just installed 11.04 and my display is 'garbled', how
can i fix?
[03:37] <soreau> terr_: After it's mounted, you should see the content
[03:37] <terr_> poNIX: likey /etc/XII/XF86Config
[03:37] <poNIX> terr_: ???
[03:37] <elgruntox> http://pastebin.com/5YfGaAFp soreau
[03:38] <terr_> soreau: I used K3B so I screwed that up! Nuther toaster
[03:38] <usr13> Lasers: Yes, turn off the X server and try again.
[03:38] <simpleblue> its working now. i think the problem is that when i
have my controller plugged in it messes with the mouses settings
[03:39] <chaospsychex> yeah
[03:39] <poNIX> i just put 11.04 of meh pc and display is borx
[03:39] <poNIX> fix?
[03:39] <chaospsychex> ?
[03:39] <usr13> Lasers: sudo service gdm stop
[03:40] <soreau> elgruntox: Now pastebin the output of xrandr
[03:40] <Lasers> usr13: Please redirect your support to X_already_in_use.
Make sure he understand how to use tty or he may lost his Xchat (or
whatever client he's on).
[03:41] <daniel__> i need help to edit my screen resolution for linux in
my emulator
[03:41] <daniel__> it says unknown screen to me
[03:41] <elgruntox> http://pastebin.com/Z93Pm1X5 soreau
[03:42] <elky> daniel__, nobody is going to know which emulator you're
referring to
[03:42] <usr13> yes, Ctrl-Alt-F6 will give you tty console terminal
below tty7
[03:42] <daniel__> virtualbox is the name on it
[03:42] <soreau> elgruntox: So your hdmi monitor and other screen are
plugged and both at 1024x768. What do you want it to be?
[03:42] <elgruntox> soreau: i want 1080p
[03:42] <X_already_in_use> Lasers, I'm using laptop, and the one im
having prob is a desktop pc.
[03:43] <elgruntox> when i go and disable my laptops monitor my main
monitor goes black
[03:43] <elgruntox> and i have to reset my computer
[03:43] <meway> how do I use ndiswrapper
[03:43] <usr13> !ndiswrapper | meway
[03:43] <ubottu> meway: Wireless documentation, including how-to guides
and troubleshooting information, can be found at
[03:44] <soreau> elgruntox: Try xrandr --output HDMI1 --mode 1920x1080
[03:44] <elgruntox> ive tried that soreau and
[03:44] <elgruntox> it puits both screens on my desktop
[03:44] <elgruntox> so i have a tiny 1024 screen n the top left corner
[03:44] <elgruntox> and behind that my 1080p
[03:44] <Lasers> X_already_in_use: Okay. That's relief. To get a console,
press "CTRL+ALT+F1" -- Log in. "sudo service gdm stop" -- then -- "sudo
nvidia-xconfig" -- then "sudo service gdm start" -- Try that.
[03:44] <elgruntox> two task bars too
[03:45] <soreau> elgruntox: That's strange. Maybe try asking in #intel-
[03:45] <usr13> meway: You install ndiswrapper and then download the
firmware. Read
[03:45] <usr13> etc
[03:45] <terr_> soreau: how am I suppose to use K3b to burn an ISO onto a
CD. Clearly I did it wrng
[03:46] <usr13> terr_: New data project, drag and trop .iso to project.
(Have blank CD in)
[03:47] <usr13> terr_: Be sure and run md5sum against .iso file first
and compare
[03:47] <soreau> terr_: Instead of data disc, use the Burn Image to Disc
[03:47] <meway> usr13: I'm trying to install drivers for Marvell
Technlogy Group Ltd. 8w8835 [Libertas] 802.11b/g wireless (rev 03)
[03:47] <a7i3n> ?
[03:47] <usr13> meway: Actually, k3b will run md5 for you.
[03:48] <daniel__> nobody knows?
[03:48] <usr13> meway: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuHashes
[03:48] <usr13> terr_: Actually, k3b will run md5 for you. See:
https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuHashes for comparison
[03:49] <xxx> foxyy987
=== xxx is now known as foxyy987
[03:49] <X_already_in_use> Lasers, after I did what you said, I logged
back in but it says I'm already log in but i logged in anyways type my
pw, then when im on the desktop it told me a message:    Error The panel
encountered a problem while loading
"IndicatorAppletFactory::IndicatorApplet". Do you want to delete the
applet from your configuration?     Dont Delete / Delete
=== Aszurom is now known as Asz
[03:49] <terr_> usr13: I see the burn option but it gives me the data
project. Where do I find burn image and why doesn't it warm me?
[03:49] <elgruntox> ugh
[03:50] <elgruntox> guess ill go reinstall windows now this is hopeless
[03:50] <SIFTU> daniel__: you need to install the virtualbox additions
[03:50] <meway> usr13: you must be way ahead of me cause I don't have a
clue what you just gave me
[03:50] <usr13> terr_: That's it. data project
[03:50] <soreau> terr_: In k3b, just right clight and select more options
or whatever, then find Burn Image...
[03:50] <usr13> meway: Sorry, that was for terr_
[03:50] <foxyy987> I just put my sata laptop hard drive into my desktop
and I cannot mount it, the hd has several different partitions, and has
grub installed to the mbr, i think grub is the problem
[03:50] <terr_> usr13: well that is what I did and when I mount it I see
[03:50] <meway> usr13: kk
[03:51] <X_already_in_use> Lasers, btw I check the Additional driver, it
still says: This driver is activated but not currently in use.
[03:51] <soreau> usr13: He shouldn't be creating a data project. He needs
burn image to disc
[03:51] <daniel__> additions?
[03:51] <usr13> terr_: what is the name of the iso image you are trying
to burn?
[03:51] <terr_> usr13: I'm punch drunk.. been at this for 13 hours! I
hate computers.
[03:51] <terr_> kubuntu-10.10-desktop-i386.iso\
[03:51] <soreau> terr_: Open k3b and just right click toward the bottom
[03:52] <daniel__> guest additions?
[03:52] <terr_> soreau: bottom of what?
[03:52] <usr13> terr_: is that \ actually part of the file name?
[03:52] <SIFTU> daniel__: yes
[03:52] <soreau> terr_: More Actions
[03:52] <terr_> no. typo
[03:52] <soreau> terr_: More actions...>Burn Image...
[03:53] <usr13> terr_: Did the md5sum come up with:
da50a1ddb22060a2abda6823c9d1148d ?
[03:53] <terr_> soreau: start at the top please. I don't see it. This
is an old k3b
[03:53] <soreau> terr_: old k3b??
[03:53] <daniel__> it does the linux to identify one of the screens?
[03:53] <terr_> usr13: I did that yesterday or this morning and the MD5
was correct.
[03:53] <soreau> terr_: Then just use 'wodim -v /path/to/image.iso'
[03:53] <chaospsychex> everyone needs to spam ##windows for being god
forsaken idiots
[03:53] <usr13> terr_: What is the OS you are on?
[03:54] <usr13> terr_: lsb_release -a
[03:54] <SIFTU> daniel__: yes the additions include the virtual box
video driver
[03:54] <terr_> 0.11.20 on woody. I'm trying to u/g
[03:54] <chaospsychex> they just told me that limiting access to the
filesystem is UNSECURE
[03:54] <chaospsychex> LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL
[03:54] <soreau> chaospsychex: That doesn't have anything to do with
[03:54] <usr13> terr_: Is k3b running md5sum for you?
[03:54] <daniel__> ok i will try that, thank you so much for help this is
important to me :)
[03:54] <soreau> terr_: Why are you using ancient ubuntu?
[03:55] <terr_> 0.11.20 on sarge. I'm trying to u/g Sarge is borked
because the U/G from woddy really phuced up
[03:55] <soreau> terr_: Those are debian distros..
[03:55] <soreau> terr_: And this is #ubuntu...
[03:56] <terr_> soreau: 1) because it works good enough so far and 2)
because since its borked I'm afraid to touch it and 3) because I'm trying
to get a new machine booted with a new HDD so I can do a fresh install
[03:56] <usr13> terr_: Are you on Ubuntu 4.10
[03:56] <usr13> Warty Warthog
[03:56] <usr13> ?
[03:56] <terr_> soreau: because I'm goiung to ubuntu
[03:56] <Roasted> How can I make adobe reader my default for PDFs? For
some reason it doesn't appear under the open with tab and inkscape wants
to take over for some reason
[03:56] <terr_> usr13: I wish!
[03:56] <soreau> terr_: Install ubuntu before asking for support here
[03:56] <usr13> terr_: Oh, well, I don't know then. That is old.
[03:57] <terr_> soreau: I need a boot media to do it!
[03:57] <usr13> terr_: just a sec.
[03:57] <soreau> terr_: So ask in #debian
[03:57] <soreau> terr_: I already gave you a CLI way to do it
[03:58] <terr_> soreau: I've been trying to create a boot USB or a boot
CD and I think maybe I should be able to get TFTPD running on one of
these servers! Failed at that too but it was running about 10 years ago!
[03:58] <terr_> soreau: I suspect I tried it... also you have been very
helpful and I thank you.
[03:58] <soreau> <soreau> terr_: Then just use 'wodim -v
[04:00] <terr_> soreau: you won't beleive it. not available in sarge
[04:00] <soreau> terr_: I do believe it. You better take this up in
[04:00] <usr13> terr_: cdrecord -scanbus #And see what it says.
[04:01] <w0_> does anyone have a good link for a how-to on making a
bootable usb drive (11.04) ??
[04:01] <usr13> terr_: Look for the line that identifies your cdrom drive
[04:01] <Roasted> What terminal command would give me a % usage rating
per folder? I know "df" will doi t by disk but I want to see whcih folder
is taking up whcih %
[04:02] <terr_> usr13: can't open the SCSI device so nothing. However it
does work.
[04:02] <soreau> Roasted: du -hs /folder
[04:02] <bastidrazor> Roasted: look at 'du'
[04:02] <Roasted> ah, du
[04:02] <Roasted> thanks guys!
[04:02] <usr13> terr_: and then: cdrecord -v dev=0,0,0 kubuntu-10.10-
desktop-i386.iso   #Where 0,0,0 is what is on the line that contains make
and model of your burner.
[04:03] <terr_> usr13: I'm quitting for the nirte. Its now 14 hours. I
can't even see a USB stick on this old beast.
[04:03] <usr13> terr_: Ok well, good luck.
[04:03] <terr_> usr13: thanx but I'll do it with a clear head. at least
I know it can be done... and I prefer to do it that way
[04:04] <usr13> terr_: Save this URL for tomorrow:
[04:04] <w0_> running ubuntu 11.04 here, wondering how to make a bootable
usb drive with 11.04 so I can tinker with grub .. anyone have any links?
[04:04] <usr13> terr_: It is really pretty easy.
[04:04] <Sidewinder1> !unetbootin | w0_
[04:04] <ubottu> w0_: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB
flash drives, see
https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a
persistent live USB install, see:
[04:04] <usr13> terr_: Probably just: cdrecord -v dev=0,0,0 kubuntu-
10.10-desktop-i386.iso    will do the job.
[04:05] <usr13> or   sudo cdrecord -v dev=0,0,0 kubuntu-10.10-desktop-
[04:05] <w0_> sidewinder1: thankya much!! =)
[04:05] <Sidewinder1> NP
[04:05] <terr_> usr13: what I di was D/L the kubuntu iso and copied it to
my OpenBSD server which has modern USB and tried to use DD to make a
bootable stick. I don't even know if that athlon Xp 2300+ machine can
boot from a stick
[04:06] <usr13> terr_: Then use a CD
[04:06] <terr_> usr13: I also went out and bought a USB CD/?DVD
[04:06] <terr_> usr13: never needed USB b4
[04:06] <usr13> terr_: cdrecord -scanbus #And see what it says.
[04:06] <terr_> usr13: did that. tomorrow I'll take it up
[04:06] <usr13> ok
[04:06] <usr13> Good Night
[04:07] <terr_> usr13: in general.. if a machine can boot from a USB-CD
or USB-FDD then what of a USB stick?
[04:07] <casey> Is there any reason why I can't make a custom launcher in
Natty? Such as "Right click on desktop, create new launcher" and so on
and so forth. For me it just doesn't do anything. Any ideas?
[04:08] <usr13> terr_: You will find instructions here:
[04:09] <usr13> casey: What kind of Launcher are you wanting?
[04:09] <w0_> usb vs netbootn -- anyone?
[04:09] <w0_> usb creator rather
[04:09] <casey> usr13: One for Vuz/Azurus
[04:10] <casey> usr13: But just to point out the dialog wont even load.
=== Kasjopaja23111 is now known as Kasjopaja
=== Kasjopaja is now known as Guest38637
[04:11] <terr_> usr13: the issue is I've read it. I did D/L the right
ISO. The problem is how to create a bootable USB-Stick from it. I
should be able to pick up the MBR from the ISO (has to be secotor 0) and
them copy the 2'nd stage boot sectors which should live in visible files
in the .ISO and copy them to the USB-Stick and modify the mbr with the
right offset and use dd to re-write the MBR and I should be done.
[04:11] <w0_> I'm gonna shuttup. anyways thanks all for being cool!
[04:11] <casey> usr13: *vuze
[04:12] <terr_> usr13: I've built many multi boot machines b4. Just not
with usb
[04:12] <usr13> terr_: I thought you were trying to burn a CD
[04:12] <terr_> usr13: what does a usb stick look like to the bus? an
fdd? hdd? cdrom? somethingelse?
[04:13] <terr_> usr13: last try. LOL
[04:13] <casey> Is there any reason why I can't make a custom launcher in
Natty? Such as "Right click on desktop, create new launcher" and so on
and so forth. For me it just doesn't do anything. Any ideas?
[04:13] <usr13> terr_: /proc/scsi/scsi
[04:13] <terr_> usr13: I should be able to use a usb-usb patch cord and
let a netbook serve the boot
[04:14] <usr13> terr_: Depends on how old that system is.
[04:14] <terr_> usr13: so it looks like a SCSI device in target mode.
[04:14] <terr_> usr13: I have the Adaptech HIM code here for the 2940
series cards.
[04:15] <usr13> terr_: tail -f /var/log/messages #Plug it in and see
what /var/log/messages says about it.
[04:16] <tripelb> Do I have to boot up ubuntu to make an install-flash-
drive? This for a macbook
[04:16] <terr_> usr13: did that. all as expected.
[04:17] <terr_> usr13: I saw the device.. was able to access it on the
OpenBSD machine... just didn't know how to manipulate the .iso... on
linux I couild mount it but I could not find the grub loader which is
[04:17] <usr13> terr_: dd if=kubuntu-10.10-desktop-i386.iso of=/dev/sdb
#Where /dev/sdb is actually the USB drive.     sudo fdisk -l   should
tell the story.
[04:17] <terr_> usr13: I found initrd and vmlinuz
[04:18] <casey> Is there any reason why I can't make a custom launcher in
Natty? Such as "Right click on desktop, create new launcher" and so on
and so forth. For me it just doesn't do anything. Any ideas?
[04:18] <usr13> terr_: See:
[04:19] <Lasers> X_already_in_use: Sorry. I was away. (Walking the dog).
[04:19] <tripelb> what's a launcher?
[04:19] <terr_> usr13: it did. purged the origonal F/S and replaced iwth
with a CD9660 image which I can mount... 100%.
[04:19] <terr_> usr13: this SHOULD be bootable.
[04:19] <Lasers> X_already_in_use: IndicatorAppletFactory -- That's just
an applet. Apparently you don't like it very much and didn't want to
install indicator
[04:19] <usr13> Lasers: You should describe your situation? What are you
trying to install?
[04:19] <nbros652> Anyone here: is there a way to do an scp with
predefined/full permissions to be set on the receiving computers?
[04:19] <Lasers> usr13: I have no situation. I'm helping him.
[04:20] <terr_> usr13: maybe the damn puter can't boot from a USB stick.
[04:20] <usr13> Lasers: Oh, sorry.
[04:20] <Lasers> usr13: No problem! Thank you. :)
[04:20] <usr13> that nic is confusing
[04:22] <|NeXuS|> whats the best linux distro out there ?
[04:22] <usr13> |NeXuS|: Mine
[04:22] <rww> |NeXuS|: You're in #ubuntu, so... Ubuntu!
[04:23] <rww> |NeXuS|: (see also ##linux for general Linux questions)
[04:23] <terr_> |NeXuS|: depends on what you want to do. I liked debian
but they really broke it. I'm going to ubuntu
[04:23] <casey> Is there any reason why I can't make a custom launcher in
Natty? Such as "Right click on desktop, create new launcher" and so on
and so forth. For me it just doesn't do anything. Any ideas? Please help.
This is really annoying.
[04:23] <usr13> |NeXuS|: and then, you will ask 25 different people and
get 25 different answers.
[04:23] <Lasers> terr_: That's funny. It usually work the other way
around for me. :)
[04:24] <terr_> usr13: no.. likey 25^2 answers if they are professionals
[04:24] <usr13> quite possibly
[04:25] <w0_> I'm running ubuntu 11.04 and would like to make an ubuntu
11.04 bootable usb drive .. does anyone have a good link?
[04:25] <Lasers> !usb | w0_
[04:25] <ubottu> w0_: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB
flash drives, see
https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a
persistent live USB install, see:
[04:25] <usr13> |NeXuS|: To tell the truth, you pick the one that has the
package management system you like the best. That is what it boils down
[04:26] <Lasers> w0_: As for bootable disc -- See !remaster -- but how do
you put it on usb? I'm thinking dd could do the job. Unsure.
[04:26] <w0_> lasers: that link seems outdated .. having trouble getting
usb-creator to work ..
[04:27] <w0_> lasers: it's made for old ubuntu, gnome, should it work on
[04:27] <usr13> Creating USB install? You will find instructions here:
[04:27] <terr_> usr13: I can likley make my life more easy. I take an
old FDD and install it and find an old cd and install it. Or I get tftpd
[04:28] <rww> jsjgruber_natty_: Hi. Your IRC client is /quitting
repeatedly. Please fix that now.
[04:28] <casey> Anyone know why my "create launcher" dialog box does not
open when I "Right Click on the desktop and then choose create new
launcher"? If it matters, I am using Natty. Please help. There is no
information on Google that I can find.
[04:29] <usr13> terr_: What kind of PC are you installing on? Does it
have an IDE controller?
[04:29] <w0_> argh!! someone else checkout ubuntu.com/download, and the
instructon for creating a usb disk FROM ubuntu is outdated, all the
screen shots are from 10.04
[04:29] <usr13> terr_: If it does, plug an IDE CDROM drive in it, cram
the kubnutu CD in and away you go.
[04:30] <Lasers> w0_: The screenshots are outdated -- yes -- but did you
try it yourself?
[04:30] <w0_> I did and I just found it !! =)
[04:30] <|NeXuS|> i use Ubuntu
[04:30] <usr13> w0_: Improvise
[04:30] <w0_> lesse here
[04:31] <terr_> usr13: its a shuttle-X with a athlon 2300+ cpu and cards
to support 6 heads. has a gb of ram. I don't have a spare IDE CD. I
have likely 10 SCSI CD's and 100 exabytes and 200 SCSI HDD's and a
DLT7000 (SCSI) and some 3490's (SCSI) and opticals as well.
[04:31] <w0_> moreapps > installed > startup disk creator -- that's gotta
be it!!
[04:32] * w0_ is a dumbass.
[04:32] <w0_> hey guys thanks for sittin with me
[04:32] <terr_> usr13: puppy has a USB. it can boot from a usb-fdd. I
should be able to stick in a stick
[04:32] <w0_> ubuntu rocks... keep it real!!
[04:34] <casey> Anyone know why my "create launcher" dialog box does not
open when I "Right Click on the desktop and then choose create new
launcher"? If it matters, I am using Natty. Please help. There is no
information on Google that I can find.
[04:35] <Cuchulainn> hi all...any data recovery people here?
[04:37] <terr_> casey: its actually because the programmers didn't put in
proper debugging.
[04:37] <wildbat> !anyone | Cuchulainn
[04:37] <ubottu> Cuchulainn: A high percentage of the first questions
asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask
your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq,
and !poll.
[04:37] <terr_> casey: I'm a programmer and I've been saying this for a
very long time
[04:37] <cubevanbaby> hello, I am having the classic sound not working
problem. I have gone through several of the forums and the
troubleshooting guide but with no luck. I am running ubuntu 11.04 64bit
with an HP Pavillion p6218f
[04:38] <terr_> wildbat: because sometimes its hard to figure otu the
right question
[04:38] <cubevanbaby> anyone able to help per chance?
[04:38] <Cuchulainn> trying to recover a ntfs system with a hosed
mbr...trying to make sure that i'm doing it right?
[04:38] <terr_> Cuchulainn: seagate is geared up
[04:39] <tripelb> from the community documentation I am understanding
that ubuntu on a macbook 2.1 does not support the built-in wireless
(airport) - there is a picture with a lock on it. Is this true? (
[04:39] <casey> terr_: Really? That's not good. Well thank you for
replying. Is there any way around this? Also do you know anything about
why Vuze crashes anytime I try to search?
[04:39] <terr_> Cuchulainn: mbr should only affect boot.
[04:39] <terr_> casey: I've never heard of VUSE
[04:40] <casey> terr_: It also goes by azreus.
[04:40] <casey> terr_: Previous name I should say.
[04:40] <terr_> casey: only way I know is politcal. Like I've told
programmers I spervised and managed that they have time to put in proper
errror checking and at the end of the day they didn't!
[04:41] <chaospsychex> how can i start a irc server?
[04:41] <chaospsychex> what program do i use
[04:41] <Cuchulainn> terr_, and that's the probl...tried ntfsfix...no
avail...can't ultimately read mft's...so created an image with ddrescue,
and then using scalpel to carve out each file type into a directory...is
this the bes/preferred course of action?
[04:41] <daniel__> is it possible to use 4G on ubuntu?
[04:41] <casey> terr_: Oh ok. Well is this going to be corrected in
[04:41] <adamix> chaospsychex: inspircd
[04:41] <terr_> chaospsychex: I asked that question 10 years ago and was
asked why I want to?
[04:41] <simpleblue> does ubuntu 11.04 come with C++0x installed by
[04:41] <chaospsychex> i have my reasons
[04:42] <chaospsychex> inspirecd? what is that
[04:42] <adamix> irc server daemon
[04:42] <tripelb> casey I just came in on this. I used transmission with
no problems. I hope that helps. (I failed with Vuze/azurus)
[04:42] <chaospsychex> whats the package name of the daemon /.
[04:43] <terr_> Cuchulainn: I'd make a disk image with dd and then send
the drive to seagate. its like $100 and they will tell you the bill and
its under $2000
[04:43] <casey> tripelb: Is there any search features with transmission,
because that's what i'm really looking for. From what I saw, it's just to
download and upload torrents.
[04:43] <tripelb> casey, please be more specific. Do you want to search
the internet to look for torrents?
[04:44] <casey> tripelb: lol of course not. I can do that with any
browser of my liking. I'm looking for a torrent downloading software that
will search certain sites for me: such as frostwire, vuze, qb, etc.
[04:44] <tripelb> casey if that's what you mean, I have good success with
isotorent and google. (it'would be great but I get so many results that
want me to pay for their site that I get fruestrated from time to tome)
[04:45] <casey> tripelb: Same here. That's why i'm looking for an app
that will do that such as the ones listed above.
[04:45] <terr_> Cuchulainn: Only way I'd take on the NTFS issue is if
someone will pay $100 per hour after I figure out how to do it.
[04:45] <wildbat> Cuchulainn: how you messed you ntfs? ~ there are more
and better tools for Windows for NTFS then linus. or you can try
testdisk/ photorec.
[04:45] <daniel__> if it's possible to use 4G in ubuntu, do i need som
package for it??
[04:45] <tripelb> casey, I dont understand about that so that's my limit.
If you want to explain to me you can pm me (since it is off topic) or
tell me to go to #ubuntu-offtopic
[04:46] <casey> tripelb: its ok. But thank you for trying. I may have
found my answer :).
[04:46] <tripelb> casey, what do you search them for?
[04:47] <urlin2u> daniel__, not without a router/modem/phone
[04:47] <Cuchulainn> terr_, wildbat , ty for the advice...meshes with
what i'd already found, but unfortunately not apropos for this job....
[04:47] <tripelb> casey I'll go look myself) and you are welcome.
[04:47] <jinu_> I install ubuntu 10.04 server on IBM TPM machine.how to
test my TPM module from OS?
[04:48] <daniel__> i have a 4G mobile broadband but ubuntu dont know hot
to use it i think
[04:48] <terr_> Cuchulainn: where do you live? I'm asking what resources
you have available and what you face
[04:48] <Cuchulainn> *sigh*; it's true that only users lose drugs...
[04:48] <nac-godfather> anyone here familiar with rubygems?
[04:49] <urlin2u> daniel__, what is the 4G mobile broadband
[04:49] <daniel__> samsung
[04:49] <Cuchulainn> terr_, just a personal favor that i took on, and if
it's gone, it's gone; but would be a shame, as is pictures of his 13
grandchildren...and 2gs wouldn't be a problem for him, if he didn't have
at least 13 grandchildren...
[04:50] <urlin2u> daniel__, so is this 20 questions here can you give
specifics it is you that needs the help here.
[04:51] <Cuchulainn> terr_, if that makes sense at all..
[04:51] <daniel__> it's only "4G samsung", its the only print on it. its
a usb device
[04:53] <urlin2u> daniel__, well I'm not going to search google with just
that get the device model.
[04:54] <Cuchulainn> terr_, in NorCal, with lots of resources, but at
relatively exorbitant cost...
[04:55] <w0_> I'm having a helluva time getting my 11.04 to make an 11.04
usb drive. all the how-tos are for windows... plz don't make me boot
windows!! -- anyone??
[04:55] <Cuchulainn> Cuchulainn, raises his glass to not booting
[04:55] <solofight> people whats the default pdf software to view pdf
files in ubuntu ? can i have the same on my windows machine ?
[04:56] <hiatus> whats that channel plus1?
[04:56] <Axlin> solofight: Evince, and it's for Linux only
[04:56] <w0_> I got so CLOSE with 'startup disk creator' (in ubuntu
11.04) and it died at the end.
[04:56] <Cuchulainn> windows=adobe reader
[04:57] <rww> hiatus: #ubuntu+1?
[04:57] <hiatus> rww: thats it
[04:57] <Cuchulainn> w0_, is your bios setup to read usb?
[04:59] <poridgez> is it possible to set it up so new users don't have
access to ls etc other peoples home folders?
[04:59] <propman> w0_: http://www.pendrivelinux.com/
[04:59] <w0_> cuchulainn: I haven't gotten that far. =| .. I found the
startup disk creator in 11.04, and tried to run it, but I got an error at
the end .. lemme run again to see what it says...
[04:59] <w0_> propman: checking .....
[05:00] <gcmt> im trying to install ubuntu 11.04 on a macbook pro..
followed the instructions on the site so far, im trying to make a
bootable usb but it doesnt show up in the refit menu or while holding
down the option key on startup... can anyone help?
[05:01] <Cuchulainn> w0_, so what are you trying to do again?...i may
have misunderstood, or spoken out of turn, in either case, if that's the
case, i apologise profusely...
=== penguin is now known as greenwolf
=== greenwolf is now known as penguin
[05:02] <Cuchulainn> gcmt, prolly not...only done it the other way
[05:02] <solofight> Cuchulainn: adobe reader aint allowing me to print
files as pdf, not allowing me to open multiple pdf files side by side
[05:02] <w0_> I run ubuntu 11.04 -- would like to make a bootable usb
drive with 11.04 -- all the how tos I can find are for making 11.04 from
[05:02] <gcmt> Cuchulainn: other way round?
[05:03] <w0_> when I use startup disk creator (comes with 11.04) IU get
an error
[05:03] <orangey> hello all!
[05:03] <orangey> can ubuntu one do calendars yet?
[05:03] <urlin2u> w0_, use unetbootin, althopugh if the disc creator
fails something else is going wrong.
[05:03] <urlin2u> although
[05:04] <Cuchulainn> gcmt, install macosx under ubuntu with pc
[05:04] <gozpel> hello
[05:05] <Cuchulainn> solofight, adobe reader under windows, right?
[05:05] <solofight> Cuchulainn: yes
[05:05] <dyess002> sorry about the caps
[05:05] <Cuchulainn> solofight, and what are the err msgs that you get../
[05:06] <solofight> Cuchulainn: error messages for what ? when i try to
access multiple pdf files its not opening in seperate windows instead it
gets opened in the same window overriding the existing which i dont want.
And when i print anything there is no option to print the file as pdf
[05:06] <solofight> no error messages as such
[05:07] <gozpel> Ny netwrk intruders here?
[05:07] <urlin2u> solofight, do you see tabs in adobe reader, are you
sure that the first is gone?
[05:08] <solofight> urlin2u: one min, will update the software and
confirm it
[05:08] <nac-godfather> how do you delete a pkg log. Like where my
packages are stored so if I completely removed and --purged a package,
but the new reinstallation of it continues to get the same configuration
[05:10] <Cuchulainn> solofight, so you're on 7, with the new 'quick'
version of reader then?
[05:10] <elizabeth> i need help getting my web cam to work on my
operating systems for skype
[05:10] <Cuchulainn> elizabeth, which os'?
[05:11] <elizabeth> ubuntu. i dk my grandpa just gave me a rebuilt compaq
presario 700 with this stuff and told me if i have any questions to get
on here and ask
=== joe75_ is now known as joe75
=== skoef_ is now known as skoef
[05:12] <AlessonZaire> elizabeth you have such a nerdy grandpa O.o
[05:12] <FloodBot1> !netsplit
[05:12] <ubottu> netsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network
(like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop
seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy
the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit
[05:12] <AlessonZaire> I wish my grandfather were cool like that lol
[05:12] <elizabeth> no i have a very odd grandpa.
[05:12] <tensorpudding> how kind of floodbot to inform us of what
netsplits are
[05:13] <tensorpudding> elizabeth: it's a built-in webcam?
[05:13] <elizabeth> it was very sweet of him cause i am going to school
in a different state and i needed a computer
[05:13] <elizabeth> no its not its a blue eyeball web cam
[05:13] <AlessonZaire> The old man knew what he was doing when he told
you to ask things here XD
=== spacebug is now known as spacebug-
[05:13] <elizabeth> yeah
[05:14] <solofight> elizabeth: so you have your web cam on ;) ?
[05:15] <TheEvilPhoenix> !offtopic | solofight
[05:15] <elizabeth> yes i think its plugged in and earlier when i was
playing with the camera just seeing the quality of picture it didnt need
to flip any switches or anything
[05:15] <ubottu> solofight: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for
all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for
other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!
[05:15] <TheEvilPhoenix> oh nevermind
[05:15] <Cuchulainn> elizabeth, holy cr*p, you have the webcam working
[05:15] <elizabeth> what?
[05:16] <Cuchulainn> nevs..
[05:16] <elizabeth> why cant i use it on skype?
[05:16] <elizabeth> i dont have it running in the back ground and i just
want to be able to get it working before i leave for school. lol.
[05:16] <elizabeth> i tried to open skype and share video but it doesnt
do anything
[05:17] <AlessonZaire> Sure sure educational purposes at 1am, just keep
asking at conventional time and someone will eventually know how to help
[05:18] <zHammeRz> myself I would wait until 3am, and then call grandpa
and say the chat channel says they don't know to call you. :)
[05:18] <tensorpudding> elizabeth: probably a driver issue
[05:18] <pooky> I can't seem to get thunderbird to launch, is this the
appropriate place to ask?
[05:18] <w0_> YAYAYY -- I got ubuntu 11.04's startup disk creator to
work! I just had to be here when it asked my password a few times ..
guess it got bored waiting for me.
[05:18] <w0_> keep linux alive! PEACE
[05:19] <elizabeth> what does the driver issue mean?
[05:19] <elizabeth> and how do i fix it?
[05:19] <elizabeth> please
[05:20] <tensorpudding> elizabeth: well, the driver might not work with
[05:20] <elizabeth> i dk anything about the workings of a computer i just
know how to use the internet and programs for the most part lol. he told
me that he had it working earlier with skype but i am not sure if he
tried the web cam out
[05:21] <AlessonZaire> He got rid of the webcam drivers on purpose to
avoid misuse lol
[05:21] <elizabeth> yeah i doubt it. hes a little odd my grandpa
[05:22] <tensorpudding> elizabeth: using ubuntu may be difficult then
=== dex__ is now known as dex_777
[05:22] <elizabeth> gee thanks lol i will call him in the morning.
[05:24] <tensorpudding> elizabeth: if you want to fix the issue
[05:24] <tensorpudding> elizabeth: you'll have to get some information
[05:24] <elizabeth> what information?
[05:24] <tensorpudding> elizabeth: you'll need to open a terminal, and
type some commands
[05:24] <elizabeth> open a terminal?
[05:24] <tensorpudding> elizabeth: yes
[05:24] <tensorpudding> it's a program
[05:24] <elizabeth> how do i do that?
[05:24] <tensorpudding> it's called Terminal
[05:24] <tensorpudding> you'll find it in applications
[05:25] <AlessonZaire> control+alt+T
[05:25] <laiboo> why i can't install PDFLaTex and LaTeX ?
[05:25] <elizabeth> ok got the terminal
[05:25] <tensorpudding> elizabeth: okay, type 'lsusb'
[05:25] <elizabeth> then what
[05:26] <tensorpudding> hit enter
[05:26] <tensorpudding> elizabeth: it'll write a bunch of stuff,
information about all the parts of your computer, including your webcam
[05:26] <elizabeth> it wrote three devices
[05:26] <tensorpudding> elizabeth: do you know what version of ubuntu you
[05:27] <elizabeth> no but i have skype 2.0 on here that he downloaded
for me
[05:27] <elizabeth> if that helps any
[05:27] <kwixson_u> Dumb question: how do I mount a SD card I just stuck
into my netbook?
[05:27] <tensorpudding> elizabeth: do you see your webcame there?
[05:27] <tensorpudding> elizabeth: in the devices
[05:28] <elizabeth> yes i saw the webcam name there. well not the actual
web cam name but its a device called webcam
[05:28] <tensorpudding> elizabeth: okay
[05:28] <kwixson_u> It sometimes just pops up on my desktop. This time it
[05:28] <tensorpudding> what's the ID
[05:28] <elizabeth> 0ac8:3420
[05:28] <tensorpudding> elizabeth: it'll look like four characters, then
a :, then four numbers
[05:28] <milamber> kwixson_u: this will tell you where the filesystem is:
sudo fdisk -l
[05:28] <tensorpudding> huh
[05:29] <milamber> kwixson_u: then you will have to create a directory
and mount the fs there
[05:29] <tensorpudding> that should be supported by skype
[05:29] <tensorpudding> which version of skype do you have
[05:29] <elizabeth> 2.0
[05:29] <tensorpudding> open skype and check the about
=== Vladislas is now known as zay
[05:29] <tensorpudding> having a newer version is better
[05:29] <elizabeth> ok can i get it on this lap top that is from 1999?
[05:29] <elizabeth> lol
[05:30] <tensorpudding> i need a more detailed version
[05:30] <tensorpudding> like,
[05:30] <tensorpudding> i think it would be in the help -> about, or
[05:30] <tensorpudding> i don't use skype
=== JoFo_ is now known as JoFo
[05:30] <kwixson_u> when doing the sudo fdisk -l command how do I
distinguish between devices/drives
[05:31] <tensorpudding> if it doesn't say, well, maybe it's just not new
[05:31] <tensorpudding> skype is up to 2.2
[05:31] <milamber> kwixson_u: the easiest way for you will probably be
the fs type
[05:31] <elizabeth> so can i get a newer version of skype for this
ancient computer? or
[05:32] <RvPup> anyone on tonight thats good with install foulups?
[05:32] <tensorpudding> elizabeth: probably
[05:32] <tensorpudding> elizabeth: what version of ubuntu is it
[05:32] <elizabeth> i still dont know that
[05:32] <tensorpudding> elizabeth: open up System Monitor
[05:32] <elizabeth> how do i find that one out?
[05:32] <elizabeth> where is system monitor?
[05:32] <milamber> kwixson_u: you can also run the command: df to compare
the devices listed to the mount points. and the fs on the card is
probably going to be some sort of fat vs the ext3/4 linux
[05:32] <tensorpudding> elizabeth: it should be under applications
[05:33] <tensorpudding> if your laptop is that old, your grandfather
might have put a rather old version of ubuntu on it
[05:33] <tensorpudding> you might want a newer one
[05:33] <elizabeth> i wish i knew how to get a newer version of it.
[05:33] <elizabeth> i cant find a system monitor.
[05:33] <ActionParsnip> !upgrade
[05:33] <tensorpudding> depending on which version you have, you might
easily upgrade
[05:33] <ubottu> For upgrading, see the instructions at
https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also
[05:34] <elizabeth> so what version do i want?
[05:35] <ActionParsnip> elizabeth: what cpu and ram does the system have?
[05:35] <kwixson_u> milamber: The df command shows me only the native
filesystem and one of the two (the one that is always in this netbook) SD
cards I have stuck into the machine.
[05:35] <tensorpudding> elizabeth: i think it's under Applications ->
[05:35] <elizabeth> cpu? ram?
[05:35] <milamber> tensorpudding: lsb_release -r ??
[05:35] <kwixson_u> No mention of the 2nd.
[05:35] <milamber> kwixson_u: can you pastebin the output of sudo fdisk -
l and df?
[05:36] <AlessonZaire> It might be not so wise to upgrade at this moment,
some people are complaining the newest kernel version is having battery
problems with notebooks
[05:36] <tensorpudding> elizabeth: given the age of your machine, it's
not going to be able to run the newest
[05:36] <elizabeth> so what does that mean?
[05:36] <tensorpudding> elizabeth: did you find System Monitor in the
System submenu of Applications?
[05:36] <crash1hd> Can anyone tell me what the limitations are for a wubi
[05:37] <crash1hd> if any
[05:37] <ActionParsnip> Elizabeth: how fast is the cpu? How much ram does
it have? If it has a make and model then what is it and we can use that
to find out :-)
[05:37] <milamber> kwixson_u: then the fs (usually sd something) that is
listed on the fdisk, but not the df is the one that still needs to be
[05:37] <AlessonZaire> crash1hd none :D
[05:37] <tensorpudding> ActionParsnip: she doesn't know about computers,
it's a compaq presario 700
[05:37] <AlessonZaire> <- is on a wubi install now
[05:37] <crash1hd> Would I be able to use wine without issue?
[05:37] <tensorpudding> ActionParsnip: they used amd durons, and had
about 256 MB of RAM in default config
[05:37] <AlessonZaire> crash1hd yes, I use wine perfectly on a wubi
[05:37] <AlessonZaire> It even runs world of warcraft lol
[05:37] <crash1hd> Cool
[05:37] <ActionParsnip> crash1hd: same as a regular install. The ubuntu
drive is just stored in a f
[05:38] <kwixson_u> http://paste.ubuntu.com/683134/
[05:38] <crash1hd> how about if I choose to give it dedicated hdd space
later? can I transfer it or do I have to reinstall?
[05:38] <tensorpudding> elizabeth: if you can't find system monitor, try
typing lsb_release -r into the terminal you have open, and tell me what
it says
[05:39] <UbuN2> damn
[05:39] <ActionParsnip> crash1hd: you won't be able to access the ubuntu
data from windows but the wubi will be able to access the windows data
from /host
[05:39] <kwixson_u> http://paste.ubuntu.com/683135/
[05:39] <elizabeth> it said no lsb modules are available
[05:39] <crash1hd> ActionParsnip, ahh that makes sense
[05:39] <AlessonZaire> crash1hd the only difference is that you'll have
the ubuntu data and windows data at the same partition, which I find to
be quite convenient, but it's always your choice
[05:40] <tensorpudding> elizabeth: what about lsb_release -a
[05:40] <ActionParsnip> crash1hd: there is a wubi to real install method,
I've not done it personally
[05:40] <arooni-mobile> help! inserted a microsd card via sd card
adapter into my thinkpad t420 running 11.04 ubuntu. nothing happens and
i'd like my photos! :P
[05:41] <elizabeth> i have ubuntu 11.04
[05:41] <crash1hd> ActionParsnip, good to know :)
[05:41] <crash1hd> thanks
[05:41] <UbuN2> nice!
[05:41] <tensorpudding> elizabeth: really?
[05:41] <ActionParsnip> Elizabeth: or:   cat /etc/lsb-release
[05:41] <elizabeth> yeah is that good
[05:41] <tensorpudding> elizabeth: that's the newest version
[05:41] <kwixson_u> arooni-mobile: getting help with essentially the same
problem myself.
[05:41] <elizabeth> well crap why isnt my cam working? lol
[05:41] <tensorpudding> elizabeth: so it's somewhat strange
[05:41] <milamber> kwixson_u: it doesn't look like the machine recognizes
it at all. can you eject and reinstall, then run dmesg ?
[05:41] <tensorpudding> elizabeth: i think the version of skype available
in ubuntu 11.04 is newer than the one you say you have
[05:42] <ActionParsnip> arooni-mobile: does it pick up if you boot with
it all plugged in?
[05:42] <UbuN2> did u install a .deb file elizabeth ?
[05:42] <tensorpudding> UbuN2: she didn't install it, her grandfather
[05:42] <arooni-mobile> ActionParsnip, havent tried that
[05:42] <UbuN2> ah!
[05:42] <elizabeth> it says skype 2.2 beta for linux.
[05:42] <tensorpudding> elizabeth: try opening the Ubuntu Software
Center, and search for skype
[05:42] <UbuN2> then its latest
[05:43] <elizabeth> where do i find the software center
[05:43] <tensorpudding> elizabeth: you said 2.0 earlier
[05:43] <elizabeth> lol
[05:43] <ActionParsnip> elizabeth: if you install and run cheese, do you
see yourself?
[05:43] <tensorpudding> elizabeth: it's a program
[05:43] <tensorpudding> elizabeth: it'll be under applications
[05:43] <chris4916_> NICK chris4916
[05:43] <tensorpudding> elizabeth: you want to search for and install a
programm called cheese, it's an alternative to skype
[05:44] <solofight> thanks guys adobe 10 has corrected this error of
replacing the opened file with the new one
[05:44] <UbuN2> wht happens when elizabeth executes skype ?!
[05:44] <ActionParsnip> Except doesnt make calls
[05:44] <elizabeth> exactally what happens when i get rid of skype? and
can i talk to people on skype with cheese?
[05:44] <tensorpudding> yes, it can use your webcam to do other things
[05:44] <tensorpudding> no
[05:44] <ActionParsnip> solofight: adobe 10 doesnt exist
[05:44] <tensorpudding> but it does use your webcam
[05:45] <UbuN2> does skype work ?
[05:45] <tensorpudding> if cheese works and skype doesn't it might tell
us what the issue is
[05:45] <elizabeth> well my family only has skype.
[05:45] <elizabeth> oh ok so i have to find cheese program thing to try
it out
[05:45] <elizabeth> where do i find that
[05:45] <kwixson_u> milamber: http://paste.ubuntu.com/683139/
[05:45] <solofight> ActionParsnip: what ! just now i installed Adobe
acrobat X
[05:45] <tensorpudding> you need to open the software center, like i said
[05:45] <UbuN2> does skype work ? <=== elizabeth
[05:45] <tensorpudding> and search for cheese
[05:45] <elizabeth> i dk where the software center is.
[05:46] <elizabeth> and yeah skype the typing part works but my cam and
mic dont.
[05:46] <elizabeth> its a usb cam
[05:46] <tensorpudding> elizabeth: it's in applications
[05:46] <ActionParsnip> elizabeth: skype is notoriously bad at stuff,
webcams will often work in other apps and not skype. There are extra
steps to take to make it work.
[05:46] <UbuN2> ^^
[05:46] <ActionParsnip> Elizabeth: sudo apt-get install cheese
[05:47] <elizabeth> i am not even seeing an applications option either. i
see accesories and thats pretty much it
[05:47] <terr_> ActionParsnip: just jumpin in. Give me something better
than skype
[05:47] <solofight> what software ubuntu uses by default to handle pdf
files ?
[05:47] <tensorpudding> elizabeth: it's at the bottom
[05:47] <elizabeth> my grandpa put a bit torrent on here would that wokr
[05:47] <UbuN2> applications > sound & video > cheese booth webcam
[05:47] <tensorpudding> no
[05:47] <elizabeth> its at the bottom of what
[05:47] <UbuN2> does it work elizabeth
[05:48] <elizabeth> does what work?
[05:48] <UbuN2> applications > sound & video > cheese booth webcam
[05:48] <tensorpudding> it's not going to work, because cheese won't be
installed already...
[05:48] <ActionParsnip> solofight: aaah. Adobe ACROBAT 10. That does
exist, however "adobe 10" does not. Do people run "Microsoft 7" as their
OS too?
[05:48] <elizabeth> where is applications at the bottom of what?
[05:48] <tensorpudding> elizabeth: it's at the bottom of the applications
[05:48] <zay> dear all
[05:48] <zay> can I put on the system configuration remastered with
[05:48] <RvPup> if i tried to do a full install to the 2nd hard drive
(sdb1) and now sda1 only has 3 files in it ....something went wrong huh?
[05:49] <elizabeth> let me put this a little more into perspective for
you. i am a blonde who knows horses not computers lol.
[05:50] <elizabeth> i cant find applications anywere
[05:50] <terr_> elizabeth: my gf knows more than you
[05:50] <tensorpudding> elizabeth: what's at the top-left of the screen
[05:50] <solofight> ActionParsnip: yes people run ms 7 as their os in
cases they want to utilize ms office 2007's excellent features
[05:50] <elizabeth> this chat window
[05:50] <ActionParsnip> Elizabeth: i gave a command to run in terminal,
did it run ok?
[05:50] <zay> I want to remaster the results can directly connect to ldap
[05:50] <tensorpudding> elizabeth: no, on the big bar on the top of the
[05:50] <zay> any body can help me
[05:50] <elizabeth> for the chat window?
[05:50] <tensorpudding> elizabeth: is there a menu saying Applications,
or is there a button with a ring-shaped logo in it?
[05:51] <tensorpudding> elizabeth: above the chat window
[05:51] <solofight> why dont somebody take her system remotely and help
elizabeth ? that would save everybody lots of time
[05:51] <solofight> ?
[05:51] <ActionParsnip> solofight: no, it Microsoft WINDOWS 7. "Microsoft
7" doesn't exist either.
[05:51] <elizabeth> there is nothing above the chat window. its just the
chat window and my background
[05:52] <solofight> ActionParsnip: forgive me for that
[05:52] <tensorpudding> oh christ, you might not even be using gnome
[05:52] <elizabeth> no it says xchat
[05:52] <tensorpudding> elizabeth: what happens when you hit the Print
Screen key
[05:52] <tensorpudding> elizabeth: it should take a screenshot of your
[05:52] <elizabeth> nothing
[05:52] <tensorpudding> okay, you're not using gnome
[05:52] <zruty> I have a SMB share defined for alocal user, how does
that user connect to it with Win?
[05:53] <tensorpudding> and unless i know what you're using it's hard to
help you
[05:53] <elizabeth> i didnt see any change when i hit prntscrn
[05:53] <tensorpudding> how are you opening programs
[05:53] <solofight> elizabeth: allow somebody here to take your system
remotely and help you, it will be over before you know it
[05:53] <elizabeth> with my start menu i dk.
[05:53] <tensorpudding> start...menu?
[05:53] <solofight> whats dk ?
[05:53] <tensorpudding> oh
[05:53] <tensorpudding> what is at the bottom left of your screen?
[05:53] <ActionParsnip> Elizabeth: copy this command: sudo apt-get
install cheese        press Ctrl+Alt+T   and paste the command into the
terminal. Type your password (you will get no feedback) and hit enter to
[05:54] <elizabeth> yeah the little circle at the bottom looks like an
airplain going throught it
[05:54] <tensorpudding> like a K?
[05:54] <elizabeth> one on its face kinda
[05:54] <elizabeth> yeah i can see how it would look like a k on its face
[05:54] <ActionParsnip> solofight: its cool, just makes support easier
when you use full product names
[05:54] <tensorpudding> okay, so you're using kde instead..
[05:55] <elizabeth> whats kde?
[05:55] <tensorpudding> does kde have the software center?
[05:55] <solofight> #kubuntu ?
[05:55] <tensorpudding> it doesn't matter
[05:56] <solofight> clear
[05:56] <tensorpudding> just go to the terminal
[05:56] <tensorpudding> and do 'sudo apt-get install cheese'
[05:56] <solofight> damn wrong window
[05:56] <UbuN2> lol
[05:56] <kwixson_u> Any love for my SD mounting problem?
[05:57] <elizabeth> its spitting out a bunch of info.
[05:58] <UbuN2> yes its getting the software
[05:58] <elizabeth> its asking if i want to continue?
[05:58] <tensorpudding> elizabeth: yes
[05:58] <tensorpudding> it'll ask for a password
[05:58] <tensorpudding> use the one that you login with
[05:58] <elizabeth> it already asked for my password
[05:58] <rodhash> Hi guys.. In lauchpad site how can I download the file
102-disable-page-flipping-v2.patch for my intel driver?
=== timj is now known as timjs
[05:59] <rodhash> I'm not finding it
[05:59] <elizabeth> ok now its done spitting out stuff and is asking for
another command
[05:59] <UbuN2> open it rodhash and click file save as on browser
[05:59] <elizabeth> like before i asked it to install cheese
[06:00] <rodhash> UbuN2: My problem is to find it
[06:01] <tensorpudding> elizabeth: okay, that means that cheese is
[06:01] <elizabeth> ok how do i run it
[06:01] <elizabeth> to see what the problem with my web cam and skype is
[06:01] <tensorpudding> elizabeth: it'll be in the menu of applications,
search for its name
[06:02] <elizabeth> ok i got cheese kinda
[06:02] <elizabeth> it took a picture of me with out me asking too
[06:02] <tensorpudding> okay
[06:02] <tensorpudding> that means the webcam works with cheese
[06:03] <tensorpudding> if it doesn't work with skype, that's probably a
skype issue
[06:03] <tensorpudding> not sure how to fix that
[06:04] <elizabeth> ok thanks anyways. i will talk to my grandpa
tomorrow. you guys have been very awesome tonight/today.
[06:04] <tensorpudding> elizabeth: np
[06:04] <tensorpudding> good luck
[06:04] <tensorpudding> sorry i didn't have the answer
[06:04] <elizabeth> thank you
[06:04] <elizabeth> its ok
[06:04] <BoomerBile> is there a way to install ubuntu on a partition
while running inside ubuntu?
[06:05] <scarleo> Hi, I cant auth in some places, like in system
settings, I know password is correct. sudo is working fine. What is
[06:05] <rodhash> Guys, any idea?
[06:07] <rodhash> How can I find and download this --> 101_copy-fb.patch
102-disable-page-flipping-v2.patch ?
[06:12] <bullgard4_> Does Ubuntu provide a DEB program package for MySQL
Workbench: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MySQL_Workbench?
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[06:14] <Krashed> http://xtronic.net/amanda <----- 2 dollar hooker, for a
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[06:14] <Krashed> http://xtronic.net/amanda <----- 2 dollar hooker, for a
free time call 734-895-3143 her name is amanda anway and she likes to
cyber and phonebone
[06:14] <FloodBot1> Krashed: Please don't flood; use
http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.
[06:15] <rodhash> How can I find and download this --> 101_copy-fb.patch
102-disable-page-flipping-v2.patch ?
[06:16] <milamber> !info mysql-workbench-gpl | bullgard4_
[06:16] <ubottu> bullgard4_: Package mysql-workbench-gpl does not exist
in natty
=== DoomsDayHQ is now known as DystaN
[06:18] <milamber> bullgard4_: then i believe not. i use the current from
their site
[06:18] <bullgard4_> milamber: Does -gpl stand for
[06:19] <z3ro3x> I used the alternate cd to install Ubuntu 11.04 into a
virtual machine (I'm experimenting here) with /boot as first primary and
everything else (swap, /, /home) in an encrypted LVM. MY question is, if
I ever want to do a fresh install in the future as opposed to a upgrade,
how do I unlock the encrypted LVM during the setup process and tell it
not to reformat /home? Normally when I do a fresh reinstall I can tell
the partition manager
[06:19] <z3ro3x> not to format /home and I'm good. But with this new
setup it's way more complicated.
[06:19] <milamber> bullgard4_: yes. i thought i got it from the repos,
but i have reported several bugs (that have been fixed). so current is
probably going to be your best bet.
[06:19] <bullgard4_> milamber: What do you mean by "their"? Do you mean
Oracle's website?
[06:21] <milamber> bullgard4_: yes(ish)
[06:22] <crash1hd> ok when dual booting windows 7 and ubuntu is it always
best to install windows first?
[06:22] <crash1hd> I want ubuntu to be the primary and windows to be the
[06:22] <Onlyodin> crash1hd, imho, yes.
[06:22] <crash1hd> where ubuntu takes up like 90% of the hdd
[06:22] <crash1hd> thanks :)
[06:22] <Nicolus> is there a tool on linux to check if two files are
identical or not ?
[06:22] <bullgard4_> milamber: I still do not know if I should download
this package because "The new {MySQL Workbnch} application however still
does not support data Migration which was a part of the old tool set."
[06:22] <Onlyodin> Ubuntu can resize your partitions - at least it did
when I installed it alongside windows.
[06:23] <crash1hd> I just want windows 7 for some games that might be
down the road that I am not able to get working on ubuntu
[06:23] <Onlyodin> Nicolus, md5sum
[06:23] <Nicolus> Onlyodin, sudo apt-get install md5sum ?
[06:23] <crash1hd> Hmm this one might be tricky but how much space should
I dedicate to windows7?
[06:23] <zHammeRz> none
[06:24] <zHammeRz> just get rid of it :)
[06:24] <Onlyodin> Nicolus, man md5sum
[06:24] <crash1hd> haha lol
[06:24] <milamber> bullgard4_: i never used the gui tools, so i don't
know what you would be missing. are you looking at a migration soon?
[06:24] <crash1hd> Like I said I want it for the few things that I cant
get wine to do :)
[06:24] <zHammeRz> can it be done in a v-box?
[06:25] <crash1hd> zHammeRz, no cause I need full hardware support for
those few things
[06:25] <Onlyodin> crash1hd, I'd leave at least 20Gb, if not 30Gb. bear
in mind Ubuntu can read a Windows/NTFS partition, but Windows wont know
what the linux partitions are
[06:25] <crash1hd> zHammeRz, or I would :)
[06:25] <crash1hd> Onlyodin, right :) thanks
[06:26] <Onlyodin> I used to have my windows partition taking up ~80% of
the drive, and I'd store crap on it, so that both environments could
access it.
[06:26] <scarleo> Hi, I cant authorize in some places, like in system
settings, I know password is correct. sudo is working fine. What is
[06:26] <milamber> scarleo: what exactly are you trying to do?
[06:26] <scarleo> milamber: editing user groups
[06:27] <bullgard4_> milamber: I'd like to migrate from my embedded
HSQLDB to a MySQL database along the lines of
[06:27] <scarleo> milamber: when I click advanced button authorization
pops up but password dowsn't work
[06:28] <bullgard4_> scarleo: Please be very careful when editing user
groups. Back up first. You may damage your system easily, and this will
be tediousl to fix.
[06:29] <bullgard4_> -l
[06:29] <scarleo> bullgard4_: ok, I will
[06:29] <milamber> scarleo: what is the error?
[06:30] <scarleo> milamber: Your authentication attempt was unsuccessful.
Please try again
[06:31] <new2net> How can I find a spare core that is not used to handle
NIC interruptions?
[06:31] <Radex> hi, somebody know how to run drbd on ec2 kernel? or if
it's possible to change kernel from ec2 to server version?
[06:31] <scarleo> milamber: and another window with: You are not allowed
to modify system configuration
[06:31] <new2net> in 11.04.*
[06:32] <scarleo> milamber: An error occured: Did not recieve a reply
[06:32] <bwright> What is the easiest way to get gcc 4.7 on ubuntu?
[06:32] <Nicolus> thanks Onlyodin
[06:32] <milamber> bullgard4_: java written database, eh? i have only
done csv export and import and it has worked pretty well for me.
[06:33] <dcg__> Hi all, anyone with .asoundrc experience about?
[06:33] <milamber> scarleo: not sure why it is doing that, but a
workaround may be to start it from the terminal w/ gksu
[06:33] <Onlyodin> Nicolus, you're welcome.
[06:33] <Nicolus> Onlyodin, see you around :)
[06:35] <bullgard4_> milamber: Yes, my old HSQLDB database is written in
Java. I have tried CSV export. This produces bad results because contents
in one table field often ends with a quotation mark.
[06:35] <xro> Hi, i have an ubuntu server 10.10 64bits... I need the LDNS
1.6.10... I installed ldns-1.6.10rc1 from http://nlnetlabs.nl/   but i
still have the ldns 1.6.4... drill -v
[06:35] <xro> drill version 1.6.10rc1 (ldns version 1.6.4)
[06:35] <xro> how can i get the 1.6.10? thanks
[06:35] <scarleo> milamber: ok, thanks anyway
[06:37] <cheenu_> can anyone tell me how to download a youtube video from
ubuntu terminal???
[06:37] <penguin> cheenu wget http://(url of youtube video
[06:38] <bambanx> how can i use wich of my apps running uses more memory
[06:38] <cheenu_> ok fine i will try and tell you
[06:38] <dcg__> bambanx: try htop
[06:40] <glebihan> penguin, cheenu_ you first have to find out the url of
the video... not an easy task
[06:40] <cheenu_> where it will get saved penguin????
[06:41] <cheenu_> i found the url
[06:42] <cheenu_> i couldnt find the downloaded video
[06:42] <glebihan> cheenu_, by default it's downloaded to the current
[06:42] <bambanx> dcg__ thanks
[06:43] <glebihan> cheenu_, you can change this with the "-P" option
[06:44] <cheenu_> glebihan : i can find only the downloaded html file
[06:44] <glebihan> cheenu_, that'w why I said you had to find the url of
the video, not the one of the page where the video is displayed
[06:45] <cheenu_> ok thanks how to find the url of the video
[06:45] <cheenu_> pls tell if u dont mistake me
[06:45] <admiralvorian> hey guys I'm having trouble getting my serial
device to act as a keyboard, anyone know how>
[06:46] <admiralvorian> softwedge just crashes :/
[06:48] <cheenu_> even if i copy the URL of the video,only html file is
getting downloading
[06:48] <dr-willis> never seen a serial keybord other then ps2 ones. ;)
[06:48] <glebihan> cheenu_, not sure actually, some firefox extensions
may help you there
[06:49] <glebihan> cheenu_, I know "Youtube enhancer" (a greasemonkey
script) allows you to download videos from youtube
[06:49] <cheenu_> Should we have to install firefox extension?
[06:50] <vehemoth> on the linux line in grub.cfg what does ro mean?
[06:50] <cheenu_> Is youtube enhancer a package????
[06:50] <glebihan> cheenu_, no it's not a a package
[06:50] <dr-willis> vehemoth: read only perhaps
[06:50] <cheenu_> then how can i download?
[06:50] <cheenu_> any web sites?
[06:50] <glebihan> cheenu_, http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/33042
[06:51] <admiralvorian> anyone know a software wedge for ubuntu?
[06:51] <dr-willis> ff extension page. ;)
[06:51] <cheenu_> ok fine
[06:52] <dr-willis> admiralvorian: not sure anyone even knows what that
[06:52] <admiralvorian> dr-willis, i have an rs232 rfid reader and I need
it to output to keystrokes
[06:53] <vehemoth> dr-willis: I don't see how that would make sense,
here's an example "linux     /boot/vmlinuz-2.6.32-5-686 root=/dev/sda2 ro
[06:53] <cheenu_> how to use youtube enhancer????need to download it???
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[06:54] <dr-willis> vehemoth: the root fs is mounted read only. rhen
remounted rw. so it can get fscked if nweded. i recall
[06:54] <cheenu_> pls give me exact detail since i am the begineer
[06:55] <dr-willis> cheenu_: if its a ff ectension. go to rhe ff
extensions web site and get it.
[06:55] <scarleo> Chromium is extremely slow on my Ubuntu machine, almost
complete unusable. It just says "Sendingg request..." forever before
loading page. Does anyone have any tips on that?
[06:56] <Lasers> What's wrong with youtube-dl?
[06:56] <vehemoth> dr-willis: okay, so if it didn't already have ro I
shouldn't add it
[06:56] <scarleo> Firefox is quick by the way so it feels if it's
chromium and not my machine
[06:56] <Lasers> cheenu_: Have you tried "youtube-dl"
[06:56] <vehemoth> dr-willis: I got that from the os-prober section
[06:57] <Lasers> scarleo: Run "htop" and see if Chromium is eating up all
the processors. That can happen. (I think because of Flash).
[06:58] <dr-willis> vehemoth: normally you dont edit grub.cfg directly.
[06:58] <scarleo> Lasers: thanks, it's not related to flash, even
google.com takes forever
[06:58] <scarleo> Lasers: but I'll check top
[06:59] <dr-willis> scarleo: try entering the ip address see if thats
also slow.
[06:59] <vehemoth> dr-willis: I know but I had to replace that part from
os-prober with a custom one so that I could use hibernate, I didn't know
which way was best so I moved the os-prober script and added to 40_custom
[06:59] <Lasers> scarleo: "ping google.com"
[06:59] <dr-willis> also test with a diffrent browser. it sounds like a
dns issue.. a weird one
[07:00] <dr-willis> vehemoth: yep thats a proper way. ;)
[07:00] <cheenu_> ya i tried youtube-dl but also its not coming
[07:00] <dcg__> admiralvorian: I believe there is serial keyboard support
available (or at least there used to be :) try searching for "linux
serial barcodescanner" and "linux kernel serial keyboard"
[07:00] <swaroop> hi ppl.
[07:01] <swaroop> i'm unable to Mount my iPod Video 5.5 G :/
[07:01] <swaroop> fdisk -l shows errors.............
[07:01] <scarleo> dr-willis: I'v already been into the dns track and
tried everything I could think of but it's the same if I try to enter ip
[07:01] <cheenu_> ERROR: no fmt_url_map or conn information found in
video info
[07:01] <scarleo> dr-willis: Firefox is working just fine
[07:01] <cheenu_> am getting the above error
[07:01] <dr-willis> !info ifuse
[07:01] <scarleo> Lasers: pinging is ok, and firefox works fine, it's
just chromium
[07:01] <ubottu> ifuse (source: ifuse): FUSE module for iPhone and iPod
Touch devices. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.1.1-2
(natty), package size 13 kB, installed size 76 kB
[07:02] <cheenu_> dr.wills suggest me an idea
[07:02] <cheenu_> still i dont find any solution
[07:02] <cheenu_> pls help me
[07:03] <Lasers> cheenu_: youtube-dl
[07:03] <Lasers> !info youtube-dl
[07:03] <ubottu> youtube-dl (source: youtube-dl): download videos from
youtube. In component universe, is extra. Version 2011.01.30-2 (natty),
package size 30 kB, installed size 156 kB
[07:03] <Lasers> Look! It download videos from youtube!
[07:03] <dr-willis> theres several youtube downloader apps and ff
extensions out there. try them all.
[07:04] <dr-willis> !info minitube
[07:04] <ubottu> minitube (source: minitube): Native YouTube client. In
component universe, is optional. Version 1.3-1 (natty), package size 445
kB, installed size 1268 kB
[07:05] <cheenu_> lasers : its not working am getting an error
[07:05] <dr-willis> often older ones dont work and need to be updated. or
use a ppa for them
[07:05] <killerscript> Hi all !
[07:05] <killerscript> somebody, can help me ?
[07:05] <cheenu_> dr-willis: pls help me
[07:05] <dr-willis> with what killerscript
=== DIFH-iceroot is now known as iceroot
[07:06] <dr-willis> cheenu_: find ppa for the app. or try other
[07:06] <dr-willis> !ppa
[07:06] <ubottu> A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate
software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories -
Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs
are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk.
See also !addppa
[07:07] <killerscript> I installed the kernel 3.03 on my ubuntu 11.04
but maybe this has a probles with video
[07:07] <killerscript> I had the kernel 2.6
[07:07] <cheenu_> am new to ubuntu...i dont know wat is ppa
[07:08] <dr-willis> dare we ask you nweded the new kernel killerscript
[07:08] <dr-willis> cheenu_: read what the bot said abve about ppas
[07:10] <killerscript> I before had compiled other kernels with
[07:11] <killerscript> I like to test the versions of new kernels
[07:11] <cheenu_> sorry....pls tell me the command to download
[07:12] <cheenu_> killerscript :its very easy
[07:12] <cheenu_> do u want to compile the kernel in linux or ubuntu?
[07:12] <killerscript> but I don't know, why with kernel 3.03 with have
probles with video and I don't start the session
[07:12] <dr-willis> there is no command cheenu_ you need to go find a
ppa for youtube-dl. or try other ff extensions
[07:13] <killerscript> yes I compiled the kernel 3.03
[07:13] <ZenMaster> I thought Ubuntu was linux. :D
[07:13] <cheenu_> then wats else ur prob?
[07:13] * lol ZZZzzz
[07:14] <ubuntu_> wie ktos jak wlaczyc polskie znaki w ubuntu?
[07:14] <killerscript> maybe, I think that would remove the new kernel
(3.03) and install it again
[07:14] <killerscript> ?
[07:15] <cheenu_> ZenMaster : but the compilation differs from linux to
[07:15] <ZenMaster> cheenu_: I think the correct terminology here would
be Distrubution.
[07:15] <ZenMaster> Ubuntu is Linux, Just like Slakware is also.
[07:16] <killerscript> what is the last version of kernel for Ubuntu ?
[07:16] <killerscript> stable ...
[07:16] <ZenMaster> How2.6.38-11-generic #48-Ubuntu SMP
[07:16] <ZenMaster> ===^ What I have.
[07:16] <killerscript> the last version of kernel for ubuntu... stable ?
[07:16] <ubuntu_> howto disable alt+letter combination to not show menu?
[07:16] <killerscript> 3 ?
[07:17] <ZenMaster> What it chose for me on my install of 11.04.
[07:17] <cheenu_> Zen : you have separate compilation for linux and
[07:17] <killerscript> I using the kernel 2.6.38 this is the last
version ?
[07:17] <ZenMaster> cheenu_: I think you either have bad english or I am
not on the same page as you. :)
[07:18] <cheenu_> wats the latest version of ubuntu?
[07:18] <ZenMaster> http://www.ubuntu.org
[07:18] <zHammeRz> 11.04 cheenu, 11.10 beta
[07:18] <ZenMaster> ===^ Many of your version questions can be answered
[07:19] <cheenu_> Zen : i am not getting you
[07:20] <ZenMaster> cheenu_: And I you.
[07:21] <killerscript> anyway... I downloaded the last version stable
for kernel the linux http://www.kernel.org/    (3.03) and compiled it on
my ubuntu with kernel 2.6.38
[07:21] <scarleo> milamber: abt my authorization problems, I can't even
authorize when trying to install something from Ubuntu software center
[07:21] <killerscript> but I have problems with the video at start
[07:24] <killerscript> how I can remove the new kernel installed and
reinstall it ? or this kernel doesn't is functional with ubuntu 11.04
[07:25] <killerscript> ?
[07:25] <Gleim> Someone knows why i get the msg error: not assignment
before grub appears? I can enter on partitions, but dunno the origin of
the error.
[07:25] <scarleo> milamber: never mind, found out user wasn't in admin
=== JoeR1__ is now known as JoeR1
[07:31] <Eliasmaster> I have a problem with Ubuntu 11.04. It won't boot
[07:31] <cracker-lee> a ha
[07:31] <Eliasmaster> I have been using it for a while now
[07:31] <bartj> how can I install g77 on ubuntu ?
[07:32] <Eliasmaster> But today, it didn't boot up. When I try to select
it from the boot menu
[07:32] <Eliasmaster> and open it, it shows just 'GRUB ubuntu(something
[07:32] <Eliasmaster> It's like a full screen terminal
[07:35] <killerscript> somebody, did install the linux kernel 3.0 on
ubuntu 11.04 ?
[07:35] <cracker-lee> no
[07:35] <cracker-lee> kernel 2.6
[07:35] <killerscript> why ?
[07:35] <killerscript> this can't do ?
[07:35] <cracker-lee> step by step
[07:36] <cracker-lee> yeah
[07:36] <killerscript> how can do it ?
[07:38] <cracker-lee> workspace 1
[07:38] <almoxarife> Eliasmaster: boot menu is grub?
[07:38] <Eliasmaster> I installed with Wubi
[07:38] <Eliasmaster> so I select Ubuntu form the windiws boot menu
[07:38] <Eliasmaster> and then normally comes the grub boot menu
[07:38] <ohmy> hi
[07:38] <Eliasmaster> but this time I just got a 'terminal'
[07:39] <ohmy> Could you please tell me what packages should be installed
to have ubuntu in arabic language (keeping the keyboard layout as it is)
[07:39] <almoxarife> Eliasmaster: ic, it's the MBR then, there is a easy
fix unless something is seriously wrong on the ubuntu side
[07:39] <Eliasmaster> Oh, great
[07:40] <Eliasmaster> I feared I lost all my files
[07:40] <Eliasmaster> what is the fix?
[07:40] <almoxarife> let me find that link
[07:42] <cheenu> how to know to latest version of ubuntu via terminal?
[07:42] <almoxarife> Eliasmaster:
_Problems:Wubi_9.10 <-- the critical part is having the wubildr that you
initially created the wubi installed ubuntu, it will make sense once you
read the link
[07:44] <Eliasmaster> "If any of the boot files is outside of the 4GB
limit, booting will fail"
[07:44] <Eliasmaster> I just downloaded a lot of files to Ubuntu, could
that be the cause?
[07:46] <almoxarife> Eliasmaster: no idea, I know I must have fixed mine
via method on link quite a few times, usually after kernel updates
[07:46] <Eliasmaster> "Warning: The solution below is only for Wubi 9.10.
It will make older versions unbootable." Can I still use it to Ubuntu
[07:47] <almoxarife> Eliasmaster: wubi is not ubuntu
[07:47] <Eliasmaster> oh, right
[07:47] <cheenu> difference between linux and ubuntu???
[07:49] <Jordan_U> Eliasmaster: almoxarife: The problem mentioned in
_Problems:Wubi_9.10 no longer exists in Ubuntu 11.04, so the work around
will not help as that is not the current problem.
[07:51] <Eliasmaster> D:
[07:51] <Jordan_U> Eliasmaster: Please run boot info script and file a
bug report, attaching the RESULTS.txt that boot info script produces to
the bug report.
[07:51] <auronandace> cheenu: linux is a kernel, ubuntu is a distribution
[07:51] <Jordan_U> !bootinfo | Eliasmaster
[07:51] <ubottu> Eliasmaster: Boot info script is a usefull script for
diagnosing boot problems. Run the script following the directions here:
http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1291280 and then look at
RESULTS.txt (or !pastebin it for others to look at).
[07:52] <cheenu> linux is an operationg system where kernel is a brain of
an operating system i guess
[07:52] <auronandace> Eliasmaster: wubi is awful, try using ubuntu in a
vm or give it a proper partition on the harddrive
[07:52] <Jordan_U> Eliasmaster: I can't help you today but if you file a
bug report and subscribe me (jordanu on launchpad) I will try to help you
[07:53] <Eliasmaster> ok
[07:53] <almoxarife> Jordan_U: replace the faulty "C:\wubildr is not the
answer? how does he run a linux script in windows?
[07:53] <Jordan_U> Eliasmaster: Also, your files can be recovered fairly
easily from a LiveCD even if you can't boot your Wubi install.
[07:53] <Eliasmaster> I was wondering that too
[07:53] <Eliasmaster> >running linux script from windows
[07:53] <Jordan_U> Eliasmaster: almoxarife: From a LiveCD/USB.
[07:54] <Eliasmaster> g2g2 to scool
[07:54] <cheenu> linux is an operating system where kernel is a brain of
an operating system....both linux as well as ubuntu are the operating
[07:54] <Eliasmaster> *school
=== himcesjf1 is now known as himcesjf
[07:55] <cheenu> eliasmaster : pls see the above statement and justify me
[07:55] <almoxarife> Jordan_U: a livecd works on a file system, a wubi
install is one file, two with swap, how does that work?
[07:55] <killerscript> somebody have a link for download scripts for
administrator ?
[07:55] <cheenu> almoxarife : wat is wubi
[07:56] <almoxarife> cheenu: try google
[07:56] <auronandace> cheenu: linux is the kernel, but people do refer to
the whole OS as linux (which is technically incorrect)
[07:57] <Jordan_U> almoxarife: I don't understand your question.
[07:57] <cheenu> almo : ok
[07:58] <cheenu> If not linux is the operating system,then wat else is
the operating system?
[07:59] <auronandace> cheenu: you really should read up on these things,
this is the ubuntu support channel
[08:00] <cheenu> ok
[08:00] <auronandace> cheenu: an operating system is more than just a
[08:00] <cheenu> ok i need the exact definition for linux and ubuntu
[08:01] <auronandace> cheenu: wikipedia
[08:01] <ZenMaster> Yeah cheenu. What is your nationality because your
english is not so good either. :D
[08:02] <ActionParsnip> cheenu: linux is the kernel only (technically)
[08:02] <chris--> i all. i have a "small" problem with my backup. i have
a backup using 500GB rdx cartridges. the cartridges are labeled with
"e2label". i use 3 cartridges. 1 for MO/WED , 1 for TUE/THUR and 1 for
FRI. i have a cronjob running on working days at 11pm. the backup works
on all days except monday. the script does following: checking label ->
mounting device -> copying files -> unmount device -> eject device. On
monday he somehow fails mount the device with follo
[08:03] <ActionParsnip> ZenMaster: english isn't a nationality ;)
[08:03] <Jordan_U> chris--: Your message was cut off at "fails mount the
device with follo".
[08:03] <chris--> fails mount the device with followin error "mount:
special device /dev/sdb1 does not exist"
[08:03] <chris--> though, on wednesday it works using the same cartridge
[08:03] <ActionParsnip> chris--: run:    sudo fdisk -l  to see available
[08:04] <Jordan_U> chris--: Are you mounting via /dev/disk/by-label/? If
not, why not?
[08:04] <susundberg> (and does the script work on WED but not on MON ..
that would sound weird .. )
[08:04] <cheenu> I am an indian...I think i have enough communication...
[08:04] <Darth_X> \O/
=== MadRobot_ is now known as OliveGreen
[08:05] <chris--> im mounting using " /bin/mount /dev/$GERAET /daten.rdx
" where $GERAET is sdb1
[08:05] <ActionParsnip> cheenu: I'd say so.
[08:05] <cheenu> Zen : tell me
[08:05] <Darth_X> I really like ubuntu, I installed it on my PC as a
second OS next to Windows7
[08:05] <ActionParsnip> Darth_X: glad you like it :)
[08:05] <auronandace> !tab | cheenu
[08:05] <ubottu> cheenu: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of
nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on
the command line.
[08:05] <Lasers> If you really like it, you'd install it over Windows7.
[08:05] <chris--> susundberg, yes, the script works on wednesday
[08:06] <Darth_X> Laser: LOL! exactly
[08:06] <cheenu> ActionParsnip, thanks
[08:06] <cheenu> ubottu, : thanks
[08:06] <ubottu> You're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)
[08:06] <Darth_X> if windows8 is like ME or VISTA, I will format it and
install ubuntu instead
[08:07] <ActionParsnip> Darth_X: you may find Ubuntu suits your needs,
regardless of how it is
[08:07] <Jordan_U> chris--: I would recommend something like "sudo mount
/dev/disk/by-label/your_label_here /mountpoint".
[08:07] <cheenu> ubottu, : ok ....am i using it correctly what u have
[08:07] <ubottu> cheenu: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm
intelligent :)
[08:08] <Lasers> Darth_X: It's hard to use Ubuntu if you have all your
personal files on Windows7. I'm speaking from my own experience. ;)
[08:08] <susundberg> chris--: I too think that what Jordan_U said about
mounting the disk via disk-by-label is good idea to avoid problems with
names sdbX
[08:08] <auronandace> cheenu: yes, you are highlighting nicks fine
[08:08] <ActionParsnip> Lasers: just restore the, from backup to your
Ext4 partition....
[08:08] <cheenu> ubottu, : y u r not intelligent????u r having alot of
talents right???
[08:08] <ubottu> cheenu: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm
intelligent :)
[08:08] <skpl> i just turned off wobblyw indows. hehe
[08:09] <auronandace> cheenu: ubottu is a bot
[08:09] <ActionParsnip> cheenu: ubottu is the channel bot, so saying
stuff to her which isn't a request for factoid will generate that
[08:09] <wildgoose> cheenu: What is your native language?
[08:09] <susundberg> chris--: or using /dev/disk/by-uuid/ is yet another
[08:11] <almoxarife> chris--: I assume you ruled out broke dick hardware?
[08:12] <new2net> what is in /usr/src/linux?
[08:12] <chris--> Jordan_U, susundberg: thanks, mounting by label sounds
like a good suggestion .. but could it be that always on monday it is
assaigned another device than sdb1 ?
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[08:14] <wnoronha> <cheenu> I am an indian...I think i have enough
communication... Not really.
[08:14] <rostayob> Probably old question, but what's a good lightweight
laptop that plays well with linux?
[08:15] <wnoronha> cheenu, you should try searching for information on
wikipedia or the ubuntu wiki before asking for question
[08:15] <wnoronha> cheenu, and drop the sms lingo
[08:15] <almoxarife> rostayob: a free one?
[08:15] <rostayob> almoxarife: how do I get a free laptop?
[08:16] <almoxarife> rostayob: wrong channel :)
[08:16] <rostayob> almoxarife: ehe
[08:17] <ActionParsnip> !hcl | rostayob
[08:17] <ubottu> rostayob: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see
https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving
hardware detection, see
[08:18] <ActionParsnip> rostayob: eeepc runs well
[08:18] <Lasers> I have a silly question. Is it possible to trigger
something based on loud voice coming from microphone?
[08:18] <rostayob> ActionParsnip: well I'd like something with a >14 inch
[08:19] <ActionParsnip> rostayob: the hcl link may help
[08:19] <Lasers> rostayob: eBay. They're pretty cheap! You can get decent
laptops for cheap price.
[08:19] <Lasers> Too many laptops so the prices are going down, I guess.
[08:19] <ActionParsnip> rostayob: dell can ship with ubuntu (afaik). Look
for companies pre-installing Linux :)
[08:20] <rostayob> ActionParsnip: yeah the links don't seem to be working
[08:20] <rostayob> anyway thanks for that list
[08:21] <ActionParsnip> rostayob:
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=== knightstalker is now known as Guest25022
[08:27] <cheenu> wnoronha, : hi wru from?
[08:27] <oCean> cheenu: this channel is for support only, social chat in
#ubuntu-offtopic channel
[08:28] <xro> Hi, i have a basic question... i installed a nagios
server... It works... but what should i install on the client? snmp?
nagios? other?
[08:28] <oCean> xro: what does their documentation tell you?
[08:28] <cheenu> oCean, : fine thanks
[08:29] <wnoronha> cheenu, india, and please head to #ubuntu-offtopic
[08:29] <xro> oCean, there is nothing about the client in the docs... or
i miss it...
[08:29] <cheenu> oCean, : tell me how to download youtube video via
=== Guest25022 is now known as knightstalker
[08:30] <urlin2u> cheenu, you can't
[08:30] <urlin2u> use minitube
[08:31] <cheenu> is minitube a package?
[08:31] <cheenu> how to use?
[08:31] <urlin2u> cheenu, it's a app in the repo's
[08:32] <cheenu> how to use it?
[08:32] <ActionParsnip> !info minitube
[08:32] <oCean> xro:
http://nagios.sourceforge.net/docs/3_0/quickstart.html under post install
modifications it reads "you'll no doubt want to start monitoring more
than just your local machine. Check out the following docs for how to go
about monitoring other things"
[08:32] <ubottu> minitube (source: minitube): Native YouTube client. In
component universe, is optional. Version 1.3-1 (natty), package size 445
kB, installed size 1268 kB
[08:32] <ActionParsnip> it's in the universe repo
[08:32] <oCean> xro: there's also a specific #nagios channel
[08:33] <xro> oki thanks
[08:33] <ActionParsnip> cheenu: install it and run it, you will see
[08:33] <cheenu_> wnoronha, :hi
[08:35] <BlackAss> apt-get search openssh-server says "E: invalid
operation search"
[08:36] <cheenu> tell me the command to install minitube
[08:37] <BlackAss> cheenu, apt-get install minitube
[08:37] <Quickrender> does intel or amd work better on linux or would it
be about the same as it works on any other system?
[08:37] <BlackAss> Quickrender, same
[08:38] <ActionParsnip> Quickrender: same
[08:38] <my_key> BlackAss: They have a guide linked on their website:
[08:38] <wnoronha> BlackAss, let him google the answers
[08:39] <my_key> BlackAss: have you tried that already?
[08:39] <Quickrender> ok thanks
[08:40] <cheenu> BlackAss, : after installing wat should i want to do?
[08:40] <zHammeRz> How do you stop the unity bar from auto hiding?
[08:40] <BlackAss> cheenu, what should i want to do? "ass question, no
=== Grepsd||BNC is now known as Grepsd|BNC
[08:41] <cheenu> BlackAss, : speak properly...dont use bad words
[08:41] <wnoronha> BlackAss, he expects more spoon feeding, hehe he
prolly wants you to give him a list of videos to watch or something
[08:41] <ActionParsnip> zHammeRz: ts set in ccsm
[08:42] <BlackAss> wnoronha, idiots from famous india, you know.
[08:42] <adamix> where is Shuttleworth?
[08:42] <adamix> lol
[08:42] <Benwin> rickup, you still here?
[08:43] <cheenu> BlackAss, : this is ubuntu support channel and so dont
be nonsense
[08:43] <urlin2u> zHammeRz, compiz unity plugin behavior never.
[08:44] <jack__> how do i create a gpg message with someones public
[08:44] <wildgoose> cheenu: Get your google on, no offense, but we don't
always hold your hand the entire time.
[08:44] <cheenu> wildgoose, : ok thanks
[08:45] <zHammeRz> it's weird only workspace 1 auto hides, the rest do
[08:45] <cheenu> people who are much brilliant should suggest the exact
path so that beginners could be benifited.....
[08:46] <wildgoose> !pgp > jack__
[08:46] <ubottu> jack__, please see my private message
[08:46] <scarleo> Is it possible to somehow prevent windows from stealing
focus when something is happening in them
[08:47] <Lloir> cheenu what is it you want to know?
[08:47] <cheenu> Is it possible for virus in ubuntu?
[08:47] <cheenu> or worms?
[08:47] <Lloir>
[08:47] <zHammeRz> I vote troll
[08:47] <Lloir> :D
[08:48] <wnoronha> Lloir++
[08:48] <Lloir> :>
[08:48] <ActionParsnip> !av | cheenu
[08:48] <ubottu> cheenu: Antivirus is something you don't need on !Linux.
except where files are then passed to windows computers (perhaps using
samba), See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Antivirus
[08:48] <Lasers> !viru| cheenu
[08:48] <BlackAss> cheenu, there is no virus in linux. are you from
mumbai, "son of raja"?
[08:48] <ActionParsnip> cheenu: not impossible, just incredibly hard
[08:48] <Lasers> Err, I... swallowed a letter s.
[08:48] <Lloir> poor s
[08:48] <Lloir> :(
[08:49] <cheenu> from chennai
[08:49] <jack__> wildgoose, i dont see how to encrypt a file with
someones elses public key
[08:49] <wildgoose> BlackAss: Easy killer...
[08:49] <cheenu> ubottu, ActionParsnip :thanks
[08:49] <BlackAss> lol
[08:49] * Lloir wonders if people actually use google these days...
[08:50] <zHammeRz> ok, weird. So I close gimp on screen 2, and the
taskbar on screen 1 stops auto hiding
[08:50] <BlackAss> cheenu, son of raja, do not search google, they troll?
[08:51] <oCean> BlackAss, cheenu please stay on topic
[08:51] <Lasers> oCean: What IRC client are you using? (For my own
[08:51] <oCean> Lasers: currently xchat, but also irssi from time to time
[08:52] <Lasers> oCean: I see. Thank you. (I was wondering how you grep
the yaris statement)
[08:54] <oCean> Lasers: that has nothing to do with the client, it's a
grep in local logfiles
=== knightstalker is now known as Knight|Lunch
[08:55] <Lasers> oCean: Yes, but sometimes clients (such as irssi) have
backlog command or such. I was just curious. Mostly.
[08:55] <Nicolus> How to rename a multitude of file extensions Eg: Change
.jpeg to .jpg
[08:56] <BlackAss> Nicolus, mv file.jpeg file.jpg
[08:56] <Lasers> ...
[08:56] <Nicolus> BlackAss, not one file .. many files .. I tried mv
*.jpeg *.jpg but it did not work
[08:57] <BlackAss> Lasers, xchat has also a log files and use grep to
search them.
[08:57] <BlackAss> Nicolus, i think u need script no idea sorry
[08:58] <oCean> Nicolus: no, that won't work. You can write a little
shell script with a for loop, but there is (or was?) also a gui tool
'bulk rename'
[08:58] <Lasers> Nicolus: I like pyrenamer for GUI client. However, for
CLI, I'm big fan of renameutils + gedit/geany
[08:58] <Nicolus> ok cool
[08:58] <oCean> Nicolus:
[08:58] <Nicolus> i dont have to rename a lot of files.. only few.. so i
will do the normal way :)
[08:58] <ActionParsnip> Nicolus:
[08:59] <Nicolus> anyways thanks :) will look at that site
[08:59] <oCean> ActionParsnip: does it still exist? The page is from 2009
[08:59] <jack__> anyone know how to encrypt a document using someones
elses gpg public key?
[08:59] <ActionParsnip> oCean: possibly
[08:59] <ActionParsnip> oCean: i'd use bash personally
[08:59] <oCean> ActionParsnip: same here
[09:00] <Nicolus> that site looks quite informative.. I will try that
solution which u guys provided me.. thanks again
[09:00] <cristian_c> Hi
[09:00] <cristian_c> I've got a keyboard called Media Wireless Desktop by
Labtec. I tried to set the keyboard shortcuts directly from the
Applications-> Settings-> Xfce4 settings manager -> Keyboard->
Applications shortcuts. I clicked on Add and for example I typed the
command 'evolution'. I pressed Ok and then the system asked me to type
the key on the keyboard.
[09:00] <cristian_c> In this case the key was correctly recognized as
XF86Mail and has been included in the list of shortcuts. But if I press
the mail key, it always happens the same problem, that instead of opening
evolution, the pc goes into stand-by. Is anyone able to understand what
the problem is due? I even tried keytouch editor and it recognized the
[09:01] <cristian_c> But after setting up the keyboard with keytouch, if
I press the 'mail' key, the PC goes always on standby for no reason
[09:02] <wildgoose> jack__:
https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/Applications/Seahorse . Try here.
[09:05] <alami> hello, how can i give a user the Privileges to run X,
because i can run X only with root or sudo cmd
[09:09] <Mumie> Hello guys
[09:09] <alami> Hello Mumie
=== manny is now known as Guest4910
[09:10] <Mumie> maybe somone can help me: I try to use the following line
"sudo echo DIGD > /sys/kernel/debug/switcheroo/switch" ... unfortunatly,
I only get "no permission" and it does not work
[09:10] <Guest4910> how do i make bitorrent work in ubuntu
[09:10] <Mumie> does anyone know a solution for this?
[09:10] <cheenu> really minitube is excellent guys
[09:11] <Mumie> Why not installing an bittorrent client?
[09:11] <Guest4910> how
[09:12] <Mumie> I do not know how the programm is called in englisch
[09:12] <BlackAss> I have a FireWire camera connected. And i cant see
anything using. e.g: $ lspci | grep FireWire
[09:12] <Mumie> software center or something?
[09:12] <Mumie> there you can choose many programs
[09:12] <Mumie> and install them
[09:12] <dr-willis> mu
[09:13] <dr-willis> Mumie: you need to make use of 'tee' when using sudo
and redirection like that.
[09:13] <Mumie> ok, I'll google for tee then
[09:14] <dr-willis> Mumie: search for the site 'a root shell in ubuntu
the right way' ut has an wxample
[09:14] <dr-willis> Mumie: or check delicious.com/dr_willis
[09:14] <Mumie> ok, thank you :)
[09:15] <amitrana> Hi, how do I add/use invest-applet in ubuntu 11.10?
[09:15] <amitrana> I cant find it using synaptic-manager
[09:15] <oCean> amitrana: support for 11.10 (beta) in #ubuntu+1 channel
[09:15] <dr-willis> whats invest-applet?
[09:16] <amitrana> It lets you track your investment (stock prices) right
on your desktop
[09:16] <BlackAss> How to know my FireWire is up or detected or not
detected? e.g: https://gist.github.com/1197070
[09:16] <BlackAss> I have also tried dmesg | grep FireWire know shows
[09:17] <dr-willis> BlackAss: you may need to load the right modules.
[09:17] <Mumie> so a working line would be: "echo DIGD | sudo tee
/sys/kernel/debug/switcheroo/switch" ? Damn, I dont know nothing about
what i am doing here xD
[09:17] <dr-willis> i dont think its called firewire. its called by the
spec #.   been ages since i messed with it
[09:18] <tdn> How do I change system language (menus and the like) to
Danish? I would really like to do it from command line if possible. And
for all users.
[09:18] <dr-willis> Mumie: looks about right
[09:18] <BlackAss> dr-willis, inside my PC > miniPCI is connected to a
external Firewire > FireWire is connected with a Camera.
[09:18] <Mumie> great, then I'll try it (hoping my pc does not explode or
[09:19] <wbednarski> how can I install Gnome 3 on Ubuntu Server 11.04?
[09:19] <Lasers> !gnome3 | wbednarski
[09:19] <ubottu> wbednarski: Gnome 3 is not currently supported on
Ubuntu. A PPA for natty is available at https://launchpad.net/~gnome3-
team/+archive/gnome3 but these packages are EXPERIMENTAL and UNSTABLE,
will break Unity and possibly other parts of your system, and cannot be
downgraded safely.
[09:19] <alami> hello, how can i give a user the Privileges to run X,
because i can run X only with root or sudo cmd
[09:19] <Lasers> wbednarski: http://gnome3.org/ -- Just use their ISO or
[09:20] <wbednarski> @ubottu and @Lasers thanks!
[09:20] <gbjk> Morning. Quick and easy question: My gnome panel has lost
it's notification area (power, wifi, sound, date-time, etc). I'm trying
to remember the name of the proces I can call that re-instates it all at
[09:20] <dr-willis> !firewire
[09:21] <Badgerpoo> for some reason, yesterday at 10am my ipv6 stopped
working. I now have a link address but no global address. My router is
performing RA fine to other PCs on the network. I have tried opening the
firewall, the network settings are set to "auto", and tcpdump shows the
RA announcments arriving at eth0
[09:21] <gbjk> Ah, Nevermind, it was "indicator-applet-complete" in add
to panel. THanks.
[09:21] <urlin2u> gbjk, which desktop?
[09:21] <hiwk> gbjk: gnome-panel?
[09:21] <gbjk> urlin2u: gnome 2, out of interest.
[09:21] <BlackAss> $ grep firewire /var/log/kern.log   ; shows known
[09:22] <Badgerpoo> $ sudo tcpdump -t -n -i eth0 -s 512 -vv ip6 or proto
[09:22] <Badgerpoo> tcpdump: listening on eth0, link-type EN10MB
(Ethernet), capture size 512 bytes
[09:22] <Badgerpoo> IP6 (hlim 255, next-header UDP (17) payload length:
80) fe80::221:d7ff:fe1c:5800.2029 > ff02::66.2029: [udp sum ok] UDP,
length 72
[09:22] <Badgerpoo> IP6 (class 0xe0, hlim 255, next-header UDP (17)
payload length: 80) fe80::221:a1ff:fe54:c800.2029 > ff02::66.2029: [udp
sum ok] UDP, length 72
[09:22] <aple> I know I'm reaching here, but is there any way to install
Ubuntu side-by-side with Windows so I can switch back and forth between
the two all willy nilly?
[09:23] <aple> I know about Wubi on boot
[09:23] <aple> But is there any way to set up my system so I can like Alt
+ Tab back and forth between Win and Ubuntu?
[09:23] <ActionParsnip> aple: you will need to reboot to get to the other
[09:23] <BlessJah> is /etc/modules deprecated (in 10.04 and 11.04)???
[09:24] <ActionParsnip> aple: you could virtualize one of the OSes in the
[09:24] <cillo564> does ubuntu have their own system tools, example open
suse have yast
[09:24] <ActionParsnip> BlessJah: no, its still used
[09:24] <BlessJah> ActionParsnip: is it possible to add module using some
magic in /etc/modprobe.d?
[09:24] <ActionParsnip> cillo564: apt-get is similar to yast
=== JoeR1__ is now known as JoeR1
[09:25] <aple> ActionParsnip: How do you virtualize? :)
[09:25] <BlessJah> ActionParsnip: /etc/modules.d*
[09:25] <ActionParsnip> BlessJah: if you want a module loading at boot
then you can add it in /etc/modules or you can add:   modprobe modulename
in /etc/rc.local
[09:25] <DJones> !vm | aple You could run one os inside a virtual machine
[09:25] <ubottu> aple You could run one os inside a virtual machine:
There are several solutions for running other operating systems (or their
programs) inside Ubuntu, while using the native CPU as much as possible:
!QEmu (with !KQemu), !VirtualBox, !VMWare, as well as !WINE and !Cedega
for Windows applications
[09:25] <aple> Ah I see
[09:26] <DJones> aple: I occasionally have windows running inside
virtualbox on ubuntu
[09:26] <cillo564> ActionParsnip: I'm looking graphical frontends for
tweaking the distro
[09:26] <ActionParsnip> aple: virtualbox is nice and simple
[09:27] <ActionParsnip> cillo564: there are settings apps in the menus,
depends what you want to tweak...#
[09:27] <aple> Are there any cons to running a VirtualBox?
[09:27] <aple> This looks perfect:
http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/virtualbox :)
[09:28] <ActionParsnip> aple: running both OSes at the same times uses a
lot of ram and cpu
[09:28] <cillo564> ActionParsnip: I was thinking is ther more graphical
tools than what comes default in gnome or kde system tools
[09:28] <ActionParsnip> aple: if you want native USB access then install
the closed source vitualbox from the virtualbox ppa
[09:28] <ActionParsnip> cillo564: I guess there are, not sure though.
What do you want to tweak?
[09:29] <ActionParsnip> cillo564: do you have ubuntu-tweak too?
[09:29] <Soothsayer> Where exactly is the list of programs that run on
startup stored?
[09:29] <ActionParsnip> Soothsayer: do you mean at boot, or at login?
[09:30] <Soothsayer> ActionParsnip, I'm not sure. When do services like
apache, mysql, mongodb, etc start? at boot or login?
[09:30] <BlessJah> ActionParsnip: thanks for help, it seems my co-worker
is idiot
[09:30] <ActionParsnip> !boot | Soothsayer
[09:30] <ubottu> Soothsayer: Boot options:
https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions - To add/remove startup
services, you can use the package 'bum', or update-rc.d - To add your own
startup scripts, use /etc/rc.local - See also !grub and !dualboot -
Making a boot floppy:
https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto/BootFloppy - Also see
[09:30] <aple> ActionParsnip: How much RAM/CPU we talkin' here? I've got
4GB RAM and some 2-3 yr old processor. Think I could run Ubuntu in a
virtualbox from Win7 and be able to dev in Ubuntu and design in Win7
without a big hinge?
[09:30] <ActionParsnip> aple: you'll be fine then
[09:30] <aple> Sweet :)
[09:30] <lboken> i need help im trying to install the gnome 3 desktop but
i get an error message
[09:31] <ActionParsnip> aple: the host OS will obviously suffer some
speed degredation but you'll be ok
[09:31] <aple> Now, can I still load my Ubuntu install from boot?
[09:31] <aple> This virtualbox stuff sounds friggin' awesome :)
[09:31] <ActionParsnip> lboken: can you pastebin your error please?
[09:31] <ActionParsnip> aple: simple yet effective
[09:31] <ActionParsnip> aple: vmware also exists
[09:32] <Soothsayer> ActionParsnip, and where's the startup script file
[09:32] <ActionParsnip> lboken: installing gnome3 on natty will more than
likely break stuff, just so you know
[09:32] <ActionParsnip> Soothsayer: /etc/rc.d afaik
[09:33] <aple> ActionParsnip: What was that bit about USB? I have an
external HD I need to access frequently but probably not from Ubuntu
(which would be in the virtualbox).
[09:34] <dr-willis> aple the usb stuff is for directly acessing a usb
device. not needed in your example.
[09:34] <chris--> susundberg, Jordan_U: hey its me again. just wanted to
say that mount by label seems to work fine :) just one more question
since i cant test it at the moment: can i also eject the device by label
then ? /usr/bin/eject /dev/disk/by-label/$LABEL ?
[09:34] <ActionParsnip> aple: then if you want access to it then you will
need to add the virtualbox ppa and install the closed source one from
there: http://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Linux_Downloads
[09:35] <lboken> ActionParsnip: :http://pastebin.com/1QHGw5re
[09:35] <ActionParsnip> !gnome3 | lboken
[09:35] <ubottu> lboken: Gnome 3 is not currently supported on Ubuntu. A
PPA for natty is available at https://launchpad.net/~gnome3-
team/+archive/gnome3 but these packages are EXPERIMENTAL and UNSTABLE,
will break Unity and possibly other parts of your system, and cannot be
downgraded safely.
[09:35] <cillo564> ActionParsnip: im looking generally what i can tweak,
is there more apps like ubuntu-tweak?
[09:35] <susundberg> chris--: afaik sure you can " The device
corresponding to <name> is ejected. The name can be a device file or
[09:35] <susundberg>        mount point, either a full path or with
the leading "/dev", "/media" or "/mnt"
[09:35] <ActionParsnip> cillo564: not sure there dude
[09:35] <susundberg>        omitted. If no name is specified, the default
name "cdrom" is used."
[09:35] <aple> ActionParsnip: But I can do that from within Ubuntu's
virtualbox right? Then just restart VirtualBox and it will recognize the
[09:36] <lboken> ok so basicly the gnome 3 is not compatible with ubuntu
[09:36] <lboken> thanks then for the information
[09:36] <ActionParsnip> aple: not sure of that, could try it. You can
always add the extra software source later and install virtualbox-4.1
[09:36] <chris--> susundberg, hehe ok, thx susu :)
[09:36] <ActionParsnip> lboken: its default in Oneiric
[09:36] <html> hi
[09:37] <lboken> k
[09:37] <lboken> when dos oneiric is due to be released?
[09:37] <qmr> so.. how come I have nautilus windows that won't respond?
the hell?
[09:37] <qmr> this should never happen. ever.
[09:37] <aple> Ok, I'm about to get downright freaky with this VirtualBox
[09:37] <lboken> k i find my info thanks anyway bye all
[09:38] <aple> Thanks so much guys, this was exactly what I was hoping
for :D
[09:38] <ActionParsnip> qmr: should is a wondeful word
[09:38] <Soothsayer> ActionParsnip, hmm that file does not exist for me.
[09:38] <ActionParsnip> qmr: kill it off
[09:38] <Soothsayer> nor can I find mongodb in bump.
[09:38] <qmr> I did.
[09:38] <Soothsayer> but it still tries to start everytime i start my
[09:38] <html> aple, "freaky"    lol ... mm i just got in here and i see
this ,,, ..mm ahhh   get a rain coat?
[09:39] <qmr> when did ubuntu become "beta test our crap on unsuspecting
[09:39] <ActionParsnip> Soothsayer: if you use the update-rc.d you can
add and remove items from bootup
[09:39] <ActionParsnip> qmr: which release are you using?
[09:39] <burg> is there any 11.10 beta available for download?
[09:39] <ActionParsnip> qmr: lsb_release -sc    will tell you
[09:39] <dr-willis> qmr every non lts is that way basically.
[09:39] <burg> is there any 11.10 beta available for download?
[09:40] <ActionParsnip> burg: yes it went Beta1 on the 1st Sept
[09:40] <qmr> "natty" I believe
[09:40] <qmr> 1104
[09:40] <qmr> dr-willis: I wish someone had given me the memo
[09:40] <aple> html: Yeah, I realized how horrible that sounded, but I
guess it matched my personality enough not to take it back... Isn't that
right Jillina? *gently pets his Japandroid-girl*
[09:40] <rnz> anybody know how to disable putting daemon scripts to
autostart on install step (configure apt or dpkg)?
[09:40] <ActionParsnip> qmr: ok can you pastebin the output of:
lsb_release -a; apt-cache policy nautilus
[09:40] <Soothsayer> ActionParsnip, oh, I found mongodb in the Bump gui..
but I can't seem to edit it
[09:40] <dr-willis> qmr been that way for ages.
[09:41] <qmr> http://paste.ubuntu.com/683318/
[09:42] <zagibu> they should rename ubuntu to SNS Linux
[09:42] <qmr> dr-willis: I've never experienced this much BS before this
current version
[09:42] <GeorgeJ> Hello folks, I've just installed virtualmin and I want
to have multiple versions of php installed. Is it possible to have
multiple versions installed? If so, could you point me in the right
[09:42] <awise12> !server | GeorgeJ
[09:42] <ubottu> GeorgeJ: Ubuntu Server Edition is a release of Ubuntu
designed especially for server environments, including a server specific
!kernel and no !GUI. The install CD contains many server applications.
Current !LTS version is !Lucid (Lucid Lynx 10.04) - More info:
http://www.ubuntu.com/products/whatisubuntu/serveredition - Guide:
https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/ - Support in #ubuntu-server
[09:43] <sgo11> hi guys, can I ask postgresql newbie question here?
nobody replied me in #postgresql ...
[09:43] <ActionParsnip> qmr: have you reported a bug?
[09:43] <qmr> I've had about 10x in last week when desktop has stopped
responding requiring multiple GDM restarts, and 3 times system has
crashed completely
[09:44] <qmr> I sent shuttleworth some hate tweets.
[09:44] <html> qmr,   bs you say ? well i do say that since 11.04 we
offically have a linux distro just like VISTA , and 11,10 is going to be
like win7 (its a toss up)
[09:45] <Soothsayer> What all are the startup script files on ubuntu?
[09:45] <qmr> html: is that good or bad? :P
[09:45] <Sidewinder1> qmr, I stick with LTS versions; unless ones hdw is
cutting/bleeding edge, for me, that's the best bet. Sorry you're having
problems w/Natty.
[09:45] <qmr> Soothsayer: /etc/rc.d/
[09:46] <Soothsayer> qmr, I don't have that file.
[09:46] <Soothsayer> I have an rc.local (file) and rc0.d , rc1.d, etc,
etc which are directories
[09:46] <qmr> well that's not quite correct. it's /etc/init.d/, and
/etc/rc[1-6].d for various runlevels
[09:47] <auronandace> !upstart | Soothsayer
[09:47] <ubottu> Soothsayer: Upstart is meant to replace the old Sys V
Init system with an event-driven init model. For more information please
see: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/
[09:47] <Badgerpoo> Anyone able to help with ipv6 issues?
[09:47] <ActionParsnip> qmr: does it happen as all users?
[09:47] <qmr> ActionParsnip: single user system
[09:47] <Soothsayer> qmr, so /etc/init.d/apache2 is what causes apache
to start at boot?
[09:48] <ActionParsnip> qmr: no, Ubuntu is a multi-user OS
[09:48] <ActionParsnip> qmr: make ANOTHER user and see if it's the same
with vanilla settings
[09:48] <qmr> Soothsayer: that's teh apache control script, it's started
from ...
[09:48] <qmr> why don't you put that in a memo and entitle it "Shit I
Already Know"
[09:49] <auronandace> qmr: seriously, watch the language
[09:49] <qmr> Soothsayer: the bit that starts apache is going to be
something like /etc/rc2.d/S20apache2
[09:50] <ActionParsnip> qmr: your settings for nautilus may be corrupted,
if the app reads them it may hang. A new user with default settings
behaving the same way as the current user will point to the app being
defective, if it is ok then it is simply your user settings which are bad
[09:50] <qmr> it's not a regularly occuring problem though
[09:51] <ActionParsnip> qmr: its worth exploring
[09:51] <uabn93> hi
[09:51] <qmr> hai
[09:51] <Sidewinder1> qmr, And if the apps defective, you could try
totally removing it and reinstalling (Nautilus).
[09:52] <Soothsayer> qmr, wow, these files go over my head. I expected
there to be just one line saying apache2ctl restart or something
[09:52] <Sidewinder1> qmr, But you probably already know that. :D
[09:52] <wh1zz0> Hello everyone, my hibernate does not work. It wored
before but it no longer works, I use Dell Vostro 1310 and i"m on natty
[09:52] <Myrtti> actuallty, sudo service apache2 start, or somesuch
[09:52] <qmr> I just need to install 10.04 or whenever ubuntu was last
[09:52] <uabn93> i downloaded the latest mupen64plus, ran install.sh in
terminal, it installed. now what? how do i run the program?
[09:53] <qmr> Soothsayer: what are you wanting to change about how apache
runs or when it runs or?
[09:53] <wh1zz0> Hello everyone, my hibernate does not work. It worked
before but it no longer works, I use Dell Vostro 1310 and i"m on natty..
Please how can I get it working again?
[09:53] <ActionParsnip> uabn93: if you run:   which muppen64plus    does
it output anything?
=== fisted_ is now known as fisted
[09:53] <Sidewinder1> qmr, 10.04 works (almost) flawlessly for me.
[09:53] <qmr> wh1zz0: tried booting old kernels?
[09:53] <Soothsayer> qmr, I want to actually change the startup
configuration used for mongodb, not apache.
[09:53] <wh1zz0> qmr: How do I do that? When it's loading I hold shift
[09:53] <wh1zz0> ?
[09:54] <Soothsayer> normally, I started it with the command sudo mongod
--dbpath /var/lib/mongodb/      but I want to see how does it start on
[09:54] <qmr> wh1zz0: when your computer starts you should see a GRUB
screen with your configured OS's listed.. old kernels will be an option
[09:54] <qmr> wh1zz0: did this loss of functionality happen after a
kernel update? Or other software update?
[09:54] <aple> ActionParsnip: So, once I make this VirtualBox, will it
save it's state or do I have to do that manually? For instance, if I
download a bunch of apps and such on the Ubuntu virtualbox, will they
load the next time I hit "Start" or do I have to save that state lest I
start off on a clean Ubuntu install every time?
[09:54] <uabn93> ActionParsnip: its in /usr/local/bin/mupen64plus how do
i go about opening it?
[09:55] <qmr> aple: the virtualbox is persistent
[09:55] <ActionParsnip> uabn93: you can make a launcher on the desktop to
run that comamnd and you can then double click the launcher
[09:55] <wh1zz0> qmr: I have just one OS .. which is ubuntu.. when my
computer starts it just shows DELL, then purple and then writes ubuntu
and heads to the login screen
[09:56] <qmr> wh1zz0: it sounds like you have timeout 0 in grub or such
[09:56] <movan2011> Hi there. I'm using "classic" Gnome (2.32) on Ubuntu
11.04 and added a drawer applet to a left-hand panel. When you first add
thing into the panel it work fine, but once you log out (or killall
gnome-panel) it doesn't show when you click it.
[09:56] <ActionParsnip> aple: you can stop systems and save state, or you
can shut them down etc. The updates and changes you make are persistent
between boots
[09:56] <qmr> wh1zz0: or try pressing shift key when your computer comes
[09:56] <wh1zz0> qmr: I'm guessing it must have happened after I
installed something, but I am not sure what because I installed a whole
lot of things on that day
[09:56] <damo22> wh1zz0: hold left shift while pc boots
[09:57] <movan2011> Eventually figured out how to get it showing but now
it seems oriented in the top left corner of the screen and I can't move
it and ubuntu seems to ignore any changes I make to its position
properties. Anyone know how to fix this?
[09:57] <wh1zz0> qmr: So which of the kernels do you sugges I boot?
[09:57] <qmr> wh1zz0: NOT whatever the highest numbered one is. go
backwards one by one until you find one that hibernates properly
[09:57] <aple> ActionParsnip, qmr: So interesting :)))
[09:58] <wh1zz0> qmr, damo22: But will this affect any setting I have or
will it roll back any installed program?
[09:58] <qmr> wh1zz0: no. this is booting a different kernel image.
you're still running the same software
[09:58] <damo22> wh1zz0: it will just load a different kernel, all the
apps stay intact
[09:59] <Brutus-> Hi
[09:59] <qmr> herro
[10:00] <wh1zz0> qmr, damo22: Great.. Thanks for this.. Will try that
[10:00] <damo22> Ave Brutus maximus
[10:01] <Brutus-> i can't find the acpid deamon listed among the
processes in the system monitor. Is acpid the name of the daemon?
[10:01] <Brutus-> damo22, :D
[10:01] <Brutus-> damo22, ave a te
[10:02] <uabn93> ActionParsnip: for some reason, creating a shortcut
doesn't open the program
[10:02] <ActionParsnip> uabn93: you can run: alacarte    and add to the
menu that way
[10:04] <damo22> there are way too many verbs in latin that mean to kill
[10:05] <damo22> and yet we use the english version to kill a system
process in linux
[10:08] <jasef> Hey uhm, I'm getting ready to fresh install 11.10 over my
11.04 installation, but I just remembered I chose to encrypt my home
folder, is there any way to reverse this so all my files are accessible
when I install 11.10?
[10:10] <damo22> jasef: make sure you know the password that encypts your
data, and preferably which algorithm
[10:11] <jasef> I know my password, but I don't know what algorithm
Ubuntu encrypts home folders with.
[10:11] <damo22> jasef: good point, neither do i
[10:12] <dr-willis> when in doubt... backup... ;)
[10:12] <damo22> jasef: is your home folder on a separate partition?
[10:13] <Brutus-> i can't find the acpid deamon listed among the
processes in the system monitor. Is acpid the name of the daemon?
[10:13] <aeplus> full disk encryption is awesome, but it does not seem to
be available on the main installation media (alternate install CD
supports it though)
[10:13] <ActionParsnip> I think its a big headache
[10:14] <damo22> ActionParsnip: i agree
[10:14] <xiami> 大家好
[10:14] <uabn93> what about truecrypt
[10:14] <xiami> 请用中文
[10:14] <xiami> 谢谢
[10:15] <damo22> i like to be free to dd a partition and remount it
without worrying about encryption algorithms
[10:15] <xiami> no
[10:15] <Sidewinder1> !cn | xiami
[10:15] <ubottu> xiami: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join
[10:15] <Dori922> whats a good guide for learning fdisk? that explains
cylinders, heads etc...
[10:15] <uabn93> ActionParsnip: i tried it all and nothing seems to work.
should i restart or something?
=== Badgerpo1 is now known as Badgerpoo
[10:16] <damo22> Dori922: cylinders/heads/sectors are not really relevant
in todays hardware as everything is logical block addressing
[10:16] <kescc> how do i "reboot your computer and select the Linux
kernel 3.0 entry on your GRUB boot loader."
[10:17] <dr-willis> Dori922: wikipedia pages on hard drives and
partitions is a good start.
[10:17] <uabn93> kescc: use your keyboard arrows
[10:17] <kescc> uabn93 what do you mean, when
[10:17] <aeplus> lol
[10:17] <damo22> Dori922: although if you are doing something strange
like rebuilding a usb-zip drive you might need it
[10:17] <kescc> uabn93 when at reboot i should use arrows?
[10:18] <kescc> uabn93 i dont even know what is GRUB, explaine please
[10:18] <aple1> How much RAM should I allocate for this Ubuntu VirtualBox
[10:18] <aple1> 4gb total
[10:18] <oCean> kescc: explain what are you trying to do? There is no 3.0
kernel in current ubuntu version
[10:18] <aple1> Doing a lot of Photoshop on Win7
[10:18] <ActionParsnip> uabn93: what will rebooting achieve?
[10:18] <damo22> aple1: probably not more than 50% of your total ram?
[10:19] <aple1> I was thinking 768mb.
[10:19] <kescc> oCean yes it is, i am trying
[10:19] <aple1> Think Ubuntu will run smoothly with that?
[10:19] <ActionParsnip> uabn93: try: cd ~/Desktop; ln -s
[10:19] <Dori922> damo22: I have a server with a 1tb drive and want to
have ~ 50gb in the server partition and 950gb in a storage partition..
then subdivide the storage partition into different logical
partitions(for different users)
[10:19] <uabn93> kescc: grub is the black screen that shows up when you
boot up your computer. when you see that screen, u get 10 seconds to
choose which operating system to boot. use the up and down arrows and
enter to select
[10:19] <Dori922> damo22: when i use fdisk it asks me about stuff like
cylinders :o
[10:19] <damo22> Dori922: thats not too hard, try gparted
[10:19] <oCean> kescc: that kernel is from a PPA, those are not supported
3rd party repositories. Be very careful when using PPA's
[10:20] <kescc> kescc i dont get that, i have only ubuntu on this machine
[10:20] <kescc> uabn93 ^
[10:20] <Dori922> damo22: isnt that a gui system? i dont have a gui on
the server :s
[10:20] <ultrixx> jasef: ubuntu uses aes+xts for harddisk encryption
[10:20] <damo22> Dori922: oh okay, then i know how to do it
[10:21] <damo22> Dori922: it will be painful from command line though
[10:21] <uabn93> kescc: if you only have ubuntu, then a list will show up
when you have more that one kernel installed
[10:21] <Dori922> damo22: if i had a gui it would be fine but i dont :P
unless i install a gnome gui and then uninstall when the partitions are
[10:21] <jasef> ultrixx, thanks. I'm thinking I might just go the easy
cheap way and copy the files out and then back in after installing 11.10
[10:22] <damo22> Dori922: perhaps you can boot the server into a livecd
and use gparted
[10:23] <damo22> Dori922: so you dont have to touch the server install,
just run the livecd temporarily while you partition the drive in a gui
[10:23] <vanquish349> how do i check systems specks
[10:23] <lng> hi! I need to install libgdk-pixbuf2.0-0, but it's not
present on my Ubuntu. Do I need to add the repo for it?
[10:23] <Dori922> damo22: can i do that -after- servers installed?
[10:23] <lng> or how do I install it?
[10:23] <ActionParsnip> lng: what is the output of: lsb_release -sc
[10:23] <oCean> vanquish349: there are several ways.. lspci, lsusb, cat
/proc/cpuinfo, cat /proc/meminfo etc. Running sudo lshw will give a
comprehensive list of your hardware config
[10:24] <damo22> Dori922: sure why not..
[10:24] <vanquish349> thanks
[10:24] <lng> ActionParsnip: I have lucid
[10:24] <Dori922> damo22: thanks :D *new*
[10:25] <damo22> Dori922: are you sure you want separate partitions for
each user, or just a partition for /home
[10:26] <ActionParsnip> lng: then you may need to upgrade to maverick, or
find a ppa with the app
[10:26] <knoppix> tendua
[10:26] <ActionParsnip> lng: mixing packages between releases is not
advised or supported
[10:27] <lng> ActionParsnip: how do I upgrade to maverick?
[10:27] <damo22> Dori922: i think its possible to set up disk quotas for
each user without giving them physical restriction by partition
[10:27] <lng> ActionParsnip: do I need livecd?
[10:27] <ActionParsnip> !upgrade | lng
[10:27] <ubottu> lng: For upgrading, see the instructions at
https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also
[10:27] <lng> k
[10:27] <lng> tnx
[10:27] <uabn93> ActionParsnip: that didn't work. is there a way to run
it without it being installed? maybe i should look for an unoff. repo
[10:27] <maalac> ssl handshake error on pidgin sipe : office communicator
[10:29] <Dori922> damo22: i need to have each partition as secure for
each user as possible ideally i want to stop them ls'ing each others
[10:29] <damo22> Dori922: you can do that with permissions
[10:29] <damo22> Dori922: on the same partition
[10:29] <Dori922> damo22: so im practicing with seperate partitions so i
can encrypt etc...
[10:29] <dr-willis> Dori922: you can just set proper modes to stop that
[10:30] <maxii> hi all
[10:30] <Dori922> dr-willis: damo22: will partitioning give no benifits
at all? :s
[10:30] <dr-willis> Dori922: i cant really think if any
[10:31] <dr-willis> unless they are on diff hds.
[10:31] <dr-willis> then you could see some speed gains i guess
[10:31] <maxii> wats new with ubuntu 11.04
[10:31] <damo22> Dori922: partitioning means you can easily back up an
encypted partition using dd
[10:32] <lng> ActionParsnip: so simple. on Gento it would took me 2 or 3
days to get all of the packages compiled, rebuit
[10:32] <Dori922> damo22: that will be handy though :P
[10:32] <uabn93> !user group
[10:32] <aple1> ActionParsnip: Sorry to keep bumming you for help, but is
there somewhere I need to put the ubuntu .iso or does it only need to
load once?
[10:32] <Dori922> damo22: might be worth the extra effort...
[10:33] <damo22> Dori922: i shudder at the thought of encrypting a whole
partition though
[10:33] <ActionParsnip> aple1: put it wherever you want
[10:33] <damo22> Dori922: you will suffer a speed loss
[10:33] <aple1> So it only needs loaded once?
[10:33] <aple1> Then I can delete it?
[10:33] <aple1> Or will the iso always need to be fetched?
[10:33] <ActionParsnip> aple1: you just tell the virtualbox to use it, be
sure you MD5 test the ISO before you use it
[10:33] <Dori922> damo22: the partitions are only gonna be ~20gb though
and they need to be as secure as possible, i have a i7 8core cpu with 8gb
ram so im hoping that keeps speed loss low
[10:34] <aple1> MD5?
[10:34] <ActionParsnip> aple1: once the OS is installed, you can delete
the instal ISO if you wish
[10:34] <jasef> md5sums are sexy.
[10:34] <ActionParsnip> !md5 | aple1
[10:34] <ubottu> aple1: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files
for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see
http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or
[10:34] <aple1> Thanks Action
[10:34] <aple1> Lemme know PM if you have PayPal and I'll send you a tip
[10:34] <Sidewinder1> Heh,.
[10:34] <aple1> Been incredibly helpful these past few nights
[10:34] <ActionParsnip> aple1: i try
[10:35] <ActionParsnip> aple1: just enjoy the OS and be cool, that's all
we ask :)
[10:35] <kvarley> Any ideas why Ubuntu will only show me the stock CPU
clock speed and not the overclocked speed which is set in the bios?
[10:35] <damo22> Dori922: if you have trouble with encrypting a
filesystem and come back for help to recover your lost partition you may
find it difficult to get any help at all
[10:36] <Badgerpoo> Anyone able to help with ipv6 issues?
[10:36] <uhm_> I've just restarted my Ubuntu box and nvidia-drivers are
not loaded: unity is not working fall back to GNOME2 sessione with awful
[10:36] <uhm_> please help
[10:36] <uabn93> Well, im outta here
[10:37] <uhm_> nvidia-drivers are installed and they are working till now
[10:37] <Hyperbyte> !anyone | Badgerpoo
[10:37] <ubottu> Badgerpoo: A high percentage of the first questions
asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask
your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq,
and !poll.
[10:37] <ActionParsnip> uhm_: try: sudo nvidia-xconfig      then reboot
[10:37] <uabn93> can't solve this crud
[10:37] <damo22> Dori922: but if you stick with proper unix file
permissions and a single partition, it should be easy to get support
[10:37] <uhm_> ActionParsnip: but I have no xorg.conf files
[10:37] <uhm_> and nvidia-drivers worked liek a charm till now
[10:37] <uhm_> *like
[10:38] <Dori922> damo22: right now its a demo system with nothing bar
the server on the whole hard drive so i can trash it as often as possible
until i know how to encrypt.. once they are connected to an account and
encrypted, im hoping there arnt many ways to go wrong(users will only be
able to read and write)
[10:38] <cheenu> hi
[10:38] <cheenu> tell me some of the most useful packages
[10:38] <Dori922> damo22: its for an online backup system though, i was
thinking encrypting the partitions would increase security
[10:39] <Hyperbyte> cheenu, most useful? kernel. :) See here:
[10:39] <Hyperbyte> cheenu, or have a look through the Ubuntu software
[10:39] <maalac> ssl handshake error on Pidgin using sipe: Office
Communicator to HP
[10:40] <ActionParsnip> uhm_: that command will make one
[10:40] <Hyperbyte> kvarley, where are you looking for your CPU speed?
cat /proc/cpuinfo ?
[10:40] <damo22> Dori922: one thing i know for sure, if there is a
physical disk error, likely you will lose the whole partition rather than
just a sector from a file
[10:40] <Badgerpoo> My Ubuntu 11.04 PC lost it's global ipv6 address
yesterday. It still has a link local address, but is now ignoring the RA
packets. tcpdump sees the RA packets arriving, and some other ipv6
traffic on eth0. The network widget has been set to "ignore" and
"automatic" but neither work.
[10:41] <kvarley> Hyperbyte: In System Monitor and cpuinfo it shows the
2.93GHz speed rather than 4GHz. The output of my cpuinfo can be found
here: http://paste.ubuntu.com/683403/
[10:42] <Hyperbyte> kvarley, /proc/cpuinfo even shows 1.2 ghz. I'd say
there is CPU scaling active on your system (to decrease warmth and power
usage of CPU), which ignores the BIOS overclock.
[10:44] <kvarley> Hyperbyte: CPU scaling running within Ubuntu or as part
of the hardware or something?
[10:44] <damo22> Dori922: in my opinion you should chop the remainder of
the terabyte in half and use one just for backups of the main one
[10:44] <Dori922> damo22: chop as in make primary partitions?
[10:45] <Hyperbyte> kvarley, which Ubuntu version?
[10:45] <kristoffer_> help me i messed up my system by following this
guide: http://news.softpedia.com/news/How-to-Install-Linux-Kernel-3-0-on-
Ubuntu-11-04-217409.shtml and i got errors so i tried to reboot but it
doesent come to the login screen just that Ubuntu loader, and then to
some text with no gUI that tells me to login and password, how can i
enter gRUB ?
[10:45] <Dori922> damo22: im just pasting this convo to my boss now see
if he still wants me to partition :P *intern*
[10:45] <kvarley> Hyperbyte: 11.04 Desktop 64-bit
[10:45] <damo22> Dori922: eg keep it simple with 1 partition for / one
for /home one for swap and one for backups
[10:45] <cheenu> Hyperbyte, : ok thanks...wru from?
[10:46] <Hyperbyte> !ot | Cheenu
[10:46] <ubottu> Cheenu: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all
Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other
topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!
[10:47] <Hyperbyte> kvarley, hrm... not sure actually. My CPU on 11.04
x86_64 is scaling too, but no idea what part of the OS (assuming for a
second it is the OS) is responsible for it.
[10:48] <skpl> can someone help me please? i installed gnome-shell but
forgot to tell my machine to load the gdm, so it's trying to logon
automatically without success
[10:48] <damo22> Dori922: then you can backup the MBR as well so you keep
the whole partition table in one place, with 4 partitions they can all be
[10:48] <Seryth> michael_p hey :)
[10:48] <michael_p> hey
[10:49] <Hyperbyte> kvarley, I suppose it could be the BIOS as well, if
you have some cool 'n quiet feature enabled. Sorry, no idea anymore. I
don't overclock, so never ran into this.
[10:49] <kvarley> Hyperbyte: It's strange isn't it. This computer came
with windows 7 on it and that also said the stock speed and not the
overclocked one. I'd like to know how to turn scaling off for when I want
to encode video or do something cpu intensive. Forums post maybe?
[10:49] <michael_p> just getting the dvd version
[10:49] <Seryth> cd*
[10:49] <Dori922> damo22: and then with permissions ill be able to keep
users as only having read/write permissions for their "home" drives(and
set quota's to stop overuse?)
[10:49] <kvarley> Hyperbyte: I bought the pc as a prebuilt custom system
which came overclocked so I guess I'll have to look! Thanks for all the
help anyway :)
[10:49] <Hyperbyte> kvarley, you could try to max out the CPU and see
what /proc/cpuinfo reports.
[10:49] <damo22> Dori922: correct (home directories)
[10:50] <damo22> Dori922: they would all be sharing one /home partition
[10:50] <Hyperbyte> kvarley, /proc/cpuinfo will always report the current
megahertz the CPU is scaled to after "cpu MHz", not the maximum. It
could be that it's scaling it to the overclocked value, while other tools
still report the stock information.
[10:51] <Hyperbyte> kvarley, so by maxing it out and seeing what
/proc/cpuinfo says you'll learn what value it's really running at when it
[10:51] <skpl> is there anyway i can get ubuntu to load the gdm from the
terminal instead of trying to login automaticaslly?
[10:52] <kvarley> Hyperbyte: All 4 cores run at 2.93GHz when encoding,
which is maxed out to the stock value...hmmmm
[10:53] <damo22> skpl: do you mean you want to disable gdm from starting
at boot, then launch it manually from the console?
[10:53] <kristoffer_> please help me i messed up my system by following
this guide: http://news.softpedia.com/news/How-to-Install-Linux-Kernel-3-
0-on-Ubuntu-11-04-217409.shtml and i got errors so i tried to reboot and
now it doesent come to the login screen just that Ubuntu loader screen
and then it freezes, and then to some text with no gUI if i go crazy on
the keyboard while the ubuntu startup screen is loading that tells me to
login and password, what
[10:53] <kristoffer_> should i do now and how can i enter gRUB, like it
sais on the guide?
[10:54] <jrib> kristoffer_: just choose the earlier kernel in grub
[10:54] <kristoffer_> jrib how do i enter it?
[10:54] <Dori922> dddbmt: okey so in /home primary partition all users
are added and in that partition their own directories are stored(ie user1
has "User1Homedir" with a 20gb disk quota and permissions to only access
that folder)..
[10:54] <jrib> kristoffer_: hold shift during boot
[10:54] <xxzz> hello where i can find netbook edition download
[10:54] <Lasers> !unr | xxzz
[10:54] <ubottu> xxzz: Starting with Ubuntu 11.04, the Ubuntu Netbook
Edition is no longer being offered as a separate install as Unity is now
standard for all Ubuntu desktop installs.
[10:54] <kristoffer_> jrib ok ill try
[10:55] <dddbmt> Dori922, huh?
[10:55] <Dori922> woops
[10:55] <xxzz> ok so i get 32 bit and install it, i trust the same should
work with kbuntu then
[10:55] <damo22> Dori922: yes
[10:56] <Dori922> thanks :D damo22 !
[10:56] <dddbmt> ;)
[10:56] <aeplus> xxzz, i got 11.04 installed on my mini9 with 4gigs of hd
space... it requires some workarounds
[10:57] <ActionParsnip> there is a 3rd party ppa for the old netbook
interface if you desire it...
[10:57] <skpl> damo22, well what i did was install gnome shell and i know
this breaks unity, so what i would like to do is select gnome-shell from
the gdm menu buit i have my computer set to login automatically, which it
is trying to do unsuccesfuylly right now, is there anyway to load gdm
without having started X yet?
[10:57] <damo22> Dori922: once you have the partitioning done and grub
installed, you should back up the MBR for your server so should you lose
the partition table you can recover the /home partition with all their
[10:57] <padi999> Hi all, I would like to ask if there exist a simple and
quick image-by-image editor for only changing image-name and meta data,
nothing else. I would like this for pix from the digicam to archive the
images correctly and not open each one individually in gimp (yes, gimp is
great but not for this kind of task. Please don't TLDR' me ^^, thx!)
[10:58] <ActionParsnip> padi999: shotwell maybe
[10:58] <xxzz> aeplus, space no issue. i have 250 gig
[10:59] <awise12> !info picasa | padi999
[10:59] <ubottu> padi999: Package picasa does not exist in natty
[10:59] <awise12> !info fotoxx | padi999
[10:59] <ubottu> padi999: fotoxx (source: fotoxx): easy-to-use digital
photo editor. In component universe, is extra. Version 10.7-1ubuntu2
(natty), package size 1064 kB, installed size 2252 kB
[10:59] <damo22> skp1: not sure what you have done im no expert on gnome
but you can try sudo service gdm stop; sudo service gdm start
[10:59] <aeplus> xxzz, oh... nm, with 250gb it sounds like a desktop
[10:59] <xxzz> aeplus, yeah
[10:59] <skpl> damo22, ok i will
[11:00] <padi999> awise12 and ActionParsnip thank you
[11:00] <xxzz> trying to get that on Eee PC 1011PX
[11:00] <aple1> ActionParsnip: Yeah, good checksum :)
[11:00] <ActionParsnip> aple1: good
[11:01] <skpl> damo22, no, that didnt bring up the login screen
[11:01] <teddyroosebelt> is it worth running dist-upgrade for the new
11.10A update?
[11:01] <jrib> padi999: try exiv2 if you want something command-line or
just use your favorite language's exif library
[11:01] <damo22> skp1: check the Xorg logs in /var/log/Xorg...
[11:01] <Dori922> damo22: thanks a mil for this :D
[11:02] <skpl> damo22, what should i be looking for?
[11:02] <damo22> Dori922: no worries
[11:02] <padi999> jrib: obviously I need to see the image I am
metatagging/renaming while I go through the images
[11:02] <damo22> skp1: (EE) or (WW)
[11:02] <jrib> padi999: so?
[11:03] <padi999> so a commandline tool does not help here
[11:03] <padi999> What I need is a program that shows me a picture and
editable metadata on the side and the name of the file, too. Then an
arrow that sends me to the next picture, simple, right?
[11:03] <jrib> padi999: it depends on how you want to do it. Just
offering you options
[11:04] <skpl> damo22, i got a fatal server error
[11:05] <padi999> This is for ehancing the workflow of the process.
[11:05] <ActionParsnip> padi999: shotwell and f-spot allow metadata
editing and renaming....
[11:05] <damo22> skp1: does the error message fit on one line?
[11:05] <padi999> ActionParsnip: ActionParsnip perfect
[11:06] <michael_p> ubuntu can except all graphics cards cause mine is a
xfx 250 gts
[11:06] <skpl> damo: xf860-openconsole vt_waitactive failed: interrupted
system call
[11:06] <padi999> ActionParsnip: Of course a lot of programs provide what
I need but I need to have easy access to that. Not having to click
through all menues on every picture
[11:06] <guest34> padi what's your interest in metatagging and renaming
[11:06] <skpl> damo22, alli wanna do is load my login screen so i can
select gnome-shell as my session
[11:07] <padi999> guest34: sorting
[11:08] <guest34> that's rather vauge. the reason i ask is because i am
very into tagging, semantics and organization.
[11:09] <skpl> damo22, when i tried restartingt the gdm it just proceeded
to log me in autmatically
[11:09] <padi999> guest34: Well, I have different people in every image
and I would like to be able to say "show all pictures containing person
[11:09] <skpl> or try to anyw3ay, i cant get in
[11:09] <burg> will ubuntu11.10 come with gnome too? or just unity?
[11:09] <aple1> How can I tell if my PC is compatible with Ubuntu 64?
[11:09] <Seryth> .__.
[11:09] <Seryth> aple1 can you run 64bit applications?
[11:10] <devcalais> How do I forcefully close an open application? Sort
of a CTRL+ALT+DEL method.. ?
[11:10] <guest34> yes padi. that's exactly what i want, for like all
information oO i am actively working to become set up for this. how
committed are you to the endeavor?
[11:10] <ActionParsnip> burg: unity will run in gnome. unity is not a DE
[11:10] <tonysan> My server constantly eats out swap, and then
thrashing. I believe it is due to mysql server tuning, how do I detect
thrashing in cron?
[11:10] <ActionParsnip> aple1: if you are using a Ubuntu guest OS, then
you need to see if your CPU will run 64bit guest OSes. Not all 64bit CPUs
can do this
[11:10] <burg> ActionParsnip, i`ve just installed 11.10 beta in virtual
machine, and i noticed that i can`t chose to login with gnome 2 (like in
[11:10] <padi999> guest34: phew, I just started browsing on the topic and
I cannot imagine noone ever wanted to do something like this. ^^
[11:11] <Badgerpoo> Fixed my ipv6 issue, when you firewall all ipv6
traffic it doesn't work! :P
[11:11] <ActionParsnip> burg: unity-2D replaces Ubuntu Classic which is
in Natty
[11:11] <Sidewinder1> devcalais, kill "the-process-name".
[11:11] <aple1> Seryth: Yeah, but when I tried to fire up an Ubuntu
virtualbox, it says, "This kernel requires an x86-64 cpu, but only
detected i686. Please use a kernel appropriate for your CPU."
[11:11] <ActionParsnip> burg: Oneiric uses Gnome3
[11:11] <aple1> ActionParsnip: That's probably the problem then.
[11:11] <Seryth> aple1 it's probably VB set up wrong
[11:11] <aple1> Seryth: O rly?
[11:11] <ActionParsnip> aple1: then you should check your BIOS has the
virtual 64bit guests feature enabled
[11:12] <ActionParsnip> aple1: check if your CPU also can perform the
[11:12] <Seryth> aple1 have you got the 64 bit version of VB?
[11:12] <damo22> skpl: did you get gnome-shell from a ppa?
[11:12] <devcalais> Whats the terminal command to find what your active
processes are?
[11:12] <devcalais> :P
[11:12] <ActionParsnip> aple1: I suggest you take the easy road and use
32bit Ubuntu
[11:12] <Seryth> devcalais have you got htop installed?
[11:12] <padi999> guest34: the suggestion by ActionParsnip to use
Shotwell is actually quite good, I'd say. Just need to find the shortcut
to "modify tags" and "renaming" and I'm good to go
[11:12] <burg> ActionParsnip, so it won`t come by default with the
classic desktop look? only this new unity?
[11:12] <damo22> devcalais: ps
[11:12] <aple1> Seryth: Yeah I got the 64bit VBox
[11:12] <skpl> damo22, yes
[11:12] <guest34> padi i feel this is one of the most pressing matters to
the computer, internet, information, searching, that hasn't been
adequately satsified. i am learning programming almost entirely for this
very matter
[11:12] <ActionParsnip> burg: yes, Unity with effects (via compiz) or
[11:13] <Seryth> aple1 Hm, make sure you set up the virtual machine right
[11:13] <aple1> ActionParsnip: I'll take your advice on this one. I don't
see what I'd use 64bit for anyway.
[11:13] <burg> ah, too bad. i don`t like unity at all
[11:13] <devcalais> htop? I'd guess not.
[11:13] <ActionParsnip> burg: if you want the classic look, I suggest you
install XUbuntu and use that
[11:13] <aple1> Seryth: I'm pretty sure I did. Is there anything I should
be particularly mindful of to make it 64bit friendly?
[11:13] <guest34> padi i request we stay in touch to have more eyes on
the matter so to speak
[11:13] <damo22> skpl:you could purge the ppa and revert to unity
[11:13] <ActionParsnip> burg: or some other DE, you can stil use Gnome
based apps in KDE / XFCE / LXDE etc
[11:13] <Seryth> devcalais don't worry. Htop is a resources
watcher/manager, sort of like win task manager (sudo apt-get install
[11:13] <kristoffer_> jrib ok i found grub and tried with all the 3 older
kernels that was on the list but it doesent go any longer than the ubuntu
startup loader then it says on my screen "no signal" and my screen turns
of, its because i uinstalled NVIDIA drivers like it said in the guide
right? what can i do now?
[11:14] <skpl> damo22, i cant get logged in
[11:14] <Seryth> aple1 considering I don't use VB, I've got no clue :P.
Just use 32 bit ;)
[11:14] <devcalais> Seryth: cheers, I'll give it browse. Time to browse
more manuals.
[11:14] <Seryth> :)
[11:14] <guest34> or combine our observations on it
[11:14] <aple1> haha dammit I was going to but you kept telling me it was
a config problem :D
[11:14] <damo22> skpl: do you have network?
[11:14] <jrib> kristoffer_: can you get to a tty? Or recovery mode in
one of the older kernels?
[11:14] <aple1> Wanted to sort that out
[11:14] <aple1> Ok, 32-bit'n this
[11:14] <Seryth> ;)
[11:14] <Seryth> bildramer was here O.o
[11:15] <Seryth> damn
[11:15] <skpl> damo22, im not sure
[11:15] <damo22> skpl: from console type ping -c 3 www.google.com
[11:15] <guest34> i'm currently working on learning rdf. linking in linux
may also have potential. i have only begun to learn linux. i also
envision some software for automatically analyzing pages for easier input
for tags
[11:15] <ActionParsnip> aple1: could use the minimal ISO and install from
the web :)
[11:16] <guest34> computer vision seems quite primitive, and i am not
about to wait until that gets sorted out. is software to more easily tag
what you are looking for?
[11:16] <kristoffer_> jrib, whats tty? i tried recovery mode and it comes
to a screen with alot of text
[11:16] <jrib> kristoffer_: install the nvidia drivers there
[11:16] <kristoffer_> jrib how do i install them?
[11:17] <jrib> kristoffer_: how did you do it before? How did you
uninstall them?
[11:17] <unicum> yet again.. any ideas as to why UBUNTU is not able to
connect to an ad-hoc network? (secured or open, doesn't matter) - ewlist
wlan0 scan does actually list the network, so does network manager.. but
stupuntu won't connect
[11:17] <aple1> ActionParsnip: The 32-bit .iso? S'what I'm doin'!
[11:18] <kristoffer_> jrib i dissabled it in the ubuntu gui
[11:18] <awise12> unicum: stupuntu ?
[11:18] <jrib> kristoffer_: use jockey-text
[11:18] <unicum> yes.. it's throwing to matching words together.. stupid
and ubuntu
[11:18] <kristoffer_> jrib and then?
[11:18] <awise12> !wisreless | unicum
[11:18] <awise12> !wireless | unicum
[11:18] <ubottu> unicum: Wireless documentation, including how-to guides
and troubleshooting information, can be found at
[11:19] <unicum> yah.. thx.. i've been through this a bazillion times
[11:19] <skpl> damo22, yeah i have networking, how do i purge the ppa?
[11:20] <awise12> unicum: i' using a wifi at the moment and it works
flawlesly ;)
[11:20] <unicum> i didn't say wireless doesn't work
[11:20] <unicum> i said connecting wireless to an ad-hoc doesn't work
[11:20] <damo22> skpl: cat /etc/apt/sources.list and find the name of the
[11:20] <Seryth> therefore wireless doesn't work
[11:20] <Seryth> lol
[11:22] <skpl> damo22, i dont see it, how do i scroll up?
[11:22] <fileserver> Hey everyone
[11:22] <damo22> skpl: shift pageup
[11:22] <fileserver> could anyone tell me how to set up a decent nas on
[11:22] <ActionParsnip> aple1: you can use the 12Mb minimal ISO which
will install using packages over the web. Very cool
[11:23] <skpl> damo22, i donts see it anywhere
[11:23] <damo22> skpl: should be a line in that file such as
[11:23] <damo22> skpl: deb http://ppa....
[11:24] <Pies> hello
[11:24] <guest34> hiya
[11:25] <Pies> when I'm trying "route del" I get "SIOCDELRT:
No such process". How i can delete that route?
[11:25] * awise12 is reading
[11:25] <th0r> Pies: using sudo?
[11:25] <Pies> running as root
[11:25] <Pies> other routes deleted without problems
[11:26] <damo22> Pies: are you sure that route still exists?
[11:26] <aeplus> pies, is that a valid route?
[11:26] <Pies> yeah, route returns it
[11:26] <_ruben> route's depreciated in favor of the 'ip' command .. and
one might need to specify the subnetmask as well
[11:26] <ActionParsnip> Pies: could restart the networking service, see
if it helps
[11:27] <damo22> Pies: i have experience with some VPN software that
stuffs up the routing table under linux
[11:28] <Pies> http://paste.ubuntu.com/683443/
[11:28] <skpl> damo22, its not there
[11:29] <Pies> ActionParsnip: /etc/init.d/networking restart ? was trying
that too
[11:29] <ActionParsnip> Pies: sudo service networking restart       is the
new way
[11:30] <damo22> skpl: ls /etc/apt/
[11:30] <Pies> I should add any params?
[11:30] <damo22> skpl: see if theres a separate file with a ppa
[11:30] <szal> "service"? isn't that Fedora?
[11:30] <ActionParsnip> Pies: should be fine
[11:31] <Pies> damo22: don't have any VPN, only wicd is managing my
network, but that shouldn't make me unable to delete route
[11:31] <ActionParsnip> szal: possibly
[11:31] <Pies> ActionParsnip: restart: Unknown instance:
[11:31] <ActionParsnip> Pies: i see
[11:31] <glebihan> szal, "service" is related to upstart, which has been
used by ubuntu for a few releases now
[11:31] <szal> the 'upstart way' would be: sudo stop networking && sudo
start networking
[11:31] <felipe__> hi!
[11:32] <kristoffer_> jrib ok i found grub and tried with all the 3 older
kernels that was on the list but it doesent go any longer than the ubuntu
startup loader then it says on my screen "no signal" and my screen turns
of, its because i uinstalled NVIDIA drivers like it said in the guide
right? what can i do now?
[11:32] <daavis> is it so hard for Ubuntu creators to make all file
supports on audacious. In my case - *.wma. There was also problems with
playing *.mkv files but luckily Totem came with support wich worked
great. File support problems are very bad thing if the target is windows
users as well
[11:32] <_ruben> Pies: sudo ip route del
[11:33] <ubuntu_> getting this with compiz --relace
:http://pastebin.com/XeVCkVNp . How to solve it?
[11:33] <Pies> _ruben: thanks!
[11:33] <Pies> it seems it worked
[11:33] <glebihan> szal, "start servicename" is a synonym to "service
servicename start"
[11:34] <ubuntu_> getting this with compiz --relace
:http://pastebin.com/XeVCkVNp . How to solve it? Using Lubuntu. same
problem with debain 6.0(LXDE)
[11:34] <ActionParsnip> ubuntu_: I'd ask in #compiz too
[11:35] <trinity> new to linux and i love it. so here is a question i
hope somene can help me with. im trying to find and ip by screen name,
or see what all ip' are used by that screen name. is it possible
[11:35] <damo22> skpl: grep -r ppa /etc/apt
[11:35] <ActionParsnip> ubuntu_: I've not seen LXDE run compiz, maybe it
needs some extra packages or settings. I'm sure the #compiz guys will be
able to help
[11:35] <jrib> trinity: define "screen name"
[11:35] <explora> .clear
[11:35] <ubuntu_> <ActionParsnip> hope so. LXDE + compiz works AWESOME in
Knoppix so inspired from it.
[11:36] <trinity> lets say frank123@yahoo.   i guess i should have said
email address
[11:36] <ubuntu_> <ActionParsnip> can you understand something from the
[11:37] <ActionParsnip> ubuntu_: coolio
[11:37] <ActionParsnip> ubuntu_: not myself, I'm not too conversant with
compiz. Only just started using it in Oneiric. I usually use LXDE +
=== Benji is now known as Guest47826
[11:38] <skpl> damo22, ok i found it
[11:38] <skpl> how do i purge it?
[11:38] <damo22> skpl: what is it
[11:38] <trinity> there are sum great tutorial in compiz on you tube very
ez to follow
[11:38] <xxzz> i cant get unetbootin to create bootable usb on asus pc
[11:38] <ubuntu_> <ActionParsnip> Oneiric.... too fast. I want to install
lubuntu on pendrive but want to use compiz also. Lets see of somebody
sees to it :)
[11:38] <damo22> skpl: ppa.launchpad.net/....?
[11:38] <xxzz> wtf
[11:39] <skpl> damo22, yeah
[11:39] <damo22> skpl: i need the actual words after that
[11:39] <ActionParsnip> xxzz: did you MD5 test the ISO you downloaded?
[11:39] <xxzz> yes
[11:40] <skpl> damo22, it says gnome3-team/gnome3./ubuntu natty main
[11:40] <jadahl> If I want to create a wiki page (or whatever) containing
information how to solve issues after installing Ubuntu on a certain
laptop, where should I go and add this?
[11:40] <ActionParsnip> xxzz: ok does unetbootin run through ok and
create the USB device ok?
[11:40] <xxzz> yes
[11:40] <xxzz> doesnt report any errors
[11:41] <damo22> skpl: okay, sudo ppa-purge ppa:gnome3-team/gnome3
[11:41] <ActionParsnip> jadahl: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/   just add an
extra word on the end and you can make the new page
[11:41] <xxzz> what needs to be done here
[11:41] <ActionParsnip> xxzz: ok and so you keep the stick in and reboot
the system, then tell the BIOS to boot USB. What happens?
[11:41] <tasslehoff> What does the start/end in "xrandr --verbose" mean
for a given timing?
[11:41] <skpl> damo22: it says command not found
[11:41] <jadahl> ActionParsnip: is this the recommended place? see, I
already did, but on help.ubuntu.com/community
[11:42] <xxzz> it boots the hard disk
[11:42] <damo22> !find ppa-purge
[11:42] <ubottu> Found: ppa-purge
[11:42] <damno> a frnd of mine sent me a folder containing some mp3
files. not as an archive. he sent the whole folder. aftr recieving, its
being shown as a tar archive and cant be open. anything can be done?
[11:42] <ActionParsnip> jadahl: Its a place, not sure about recomended,
could add it to the !hcl site too
[11:42] <damno> through IM
[11:42] <ActionParsnip> jadahl: there's also here http://linux-
[11:42] <damo22> skpl: sudo apt-get install ppa-purge
[11:43] <ActionParsnip> xxzz: did you change the boot order?
[11:43] <glebihan> ubuntu_, did you try launching compiz by using fusion-
icon ? (this has solved some issues for me in the past) Also do you have
a custom xorg.conf file ?
[11:43] <SMJ> when I log in, KDE fills my screen with all sorts of
programs I may have used days ago.. how do I disable session saving, and
why is it enabled by default?
[11:43] <ActionParsnip> damo22: tar xvf filename
[11:43] <skpl> damo22: ok
[11:43] <ActionParsnip> damo22: or install unp and use unp to extract
[11:43] <ubuntu_> <glebihan> didn't tried icon. xorg.conf file---- where
is it?
[11:44] <jadahl> maybe Ubuntu Friendly will be the future place for these
kinds of things
[11:44] <damo22> ActionParsnip: damno, not damo22
[11:44] <xxzz> ActionParsnip, yes i did
[11:44] <jadahl> or whatever it was
[11:44] <glebihan> ubuntu_, /etc/X11/xorg.conf
[11:44] <damno> ActionParsnip: aint working
[11:44] <damno> ActionParsnip: this isnt a tar archive after all
[11:44] <SMJ> okay, found it
[11:44] <ActionParsnip> damno: what is the output of:    file filename
[11:45] <ActionParsnip> damno: the file comamnd will tell you what it is
[11:45] <damno> ActionParsnip: "SPANISH GUITAR.tar: data"
[11:45] <ActionParsnip> damno: gah
[11:45] <damno> ActionParsnip: I tried opening it with nautilus didnt
=== frostie_ is now known as UbuN2
[11:45] <damno> :D
[11:45] <ActionParsnip> damno: not sure there, could ask the sender to
archive the data and resend
[11:46] <damo22> skpl: sudo ppa-purge ppa:gnome3-team/gnome3
[11:46] <Eliasmaster> Hi, I asked this question already today, but I left
for school and forgot what to do ;_;. So when I try to boot to Ubuntu (I
have installed via Wubi) from the windows boot menu, normally GRUB boot
menu comes to ask which kernel version (or something like that) I want to
use, but today it boots to this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/683453/
[11:46] <ubuntu_> <glebihan> Ok and what to do with it?
[11:46] <groundup> I just restarted my computer and now the file system
is read only
[11:46] <damno> ActionParsnip: yeah.. thats wat I hoped wont have to be
done :D
[11:46] <groundup> It's 10.10 if that makes a difference
=== jason is now known as Guest21712
[11:47] <ActionParsnip> damno: you may be able to use foremost on it and
extract files..
[11:47] <damo22> Eliasmaster: type "root (hd0,<TAB>
=== Guest21712 is now known as jasef
[11:47] <glebihan> ubuntu_, you actually have that file ? could you
pastebin it so I can have a look ?
[11:47] <damo22> Eliasmaster: sorry no "
[11:48] <Eliasmaster> aww
[11:48] <Eliasmaster> so when I select 'Ubuntu' it boots to that
[11:48] <damno> ActionParsnip: okey.. lemme try. Thanks for the help.
[11:49] <damo22> Eliasmaster: does that bring up anything?
[11:49] <groundup> When I run mount - http://pastebin.com/Ue0KxmbS
[11:49] <Sidewinder1> groundup, This may sound condisending/stupid, but
did you forget to remove the LiveCD?
[11:49] <Eliasmaster> Well actually, I will try it soon, I booted to
windows to access IRC
[11:49] <Eliasmaster> so "root (hd0,<TAB>"
[11:49] <Eliasmaster> TAB is where I press TAB
[11:50] <groundup> Not a stupid question. I will check (it is in the
server room)
[11:50] <ubuntu_> <glebihan> NO. nothing like xorg . I have xsession :(
[11:50] <damo22> Eliasmaster: <TAB> means press tab
[11:50] <BluesKaj> Hey folks
[11:50] <tux_matt> hey
[11:50] <damo22> Eliasmaster: but that wont boot anything yet
[11:51] <ubuntu_> <glebihan> using emerald and getting less errors :
[11:51] <damo22> Eliasmaster: that will bring up a list of partitions you
can boot from
[11:51] <groundup> Sidewinder1: no liveCD in there
[11:51] <glebihan> ubuntu_, does compiz launch this time ?
[11:52] <Sidewinder1> groundup, It was just a thought..
[11:52] <damo22> Eliasmaster: do you have another pc with internet you
can log into irc and do this at the same time?
[11:52] <Eliasmaster> no
[11:52] <Eliasmaster> But I have my phone
[11:52] <Eliasmaster> with internet
[11:52] <Eliasmaster> I will be the one named 'Viderizer'
[11:52] <fr0sted> hey all, anyone know any decent tools that allow you
full access to the iphone 4 from ubuntu ?
[11:53] <damo22> Eliasmaster: well youre gonna be stuck at the bootloader
for a while i think
[11:53] <ubuntu_> <glebihan> No. getting same a teminal with fallback....
need to do openbox--replace in the same terminal...
[11:53] <Eliasmaster> damo22: would it be possible just copy all my files
somehow and reinstall ubuntu?
[11:53] <ubuntu_> <glebihan> What is the error the pastebin says...?
Anything missing need to intall
=== jasef_ is now known as jasef
[11:54] <glebihan> ubuntu_, it's an error with color depth (I think it
should be 24 bits and not 32 bits) but I don't know where this should be
configured now
[11:54] <damo22> Eliasmaster: you can always boot a livecd and mount the
hard drive to back up, you should already have a backup before you play
with the pc
[11:54] <ubuntu_> <glebihan> Ok
[11:55] <ActionParsnip> Eliasmaster: why not just use your backup...
[11:55] <jasef> I just installed Gnome 3 on 11.04, kinda dissapointed
that I can't find a place to change the window theme, and my touchpad
doesnt turn back on after I turn it off even though the touchpad on
symbol comes up on the screen
[11:55] <Eliasmaster> I don't have a backup :/
[11:55] <ActionParsnip> jasef: gnome3 isn't stable in natty
[11:55] <jasef> I've noticed :P
[11:56] <ActionParsnip> Eliasmaster: why not? Your drive motor could
randomly fail....
[11:56] <Eliasmaster> I have only a backup with windows...
[11:56] <ActionParsnip> jasef: every guide you find warns you that it's
not too...
[11:56] <damo22> Eliasmaster: do you have an external drive with your
files on it?
[11:56] <Eliasmaster> no :/
[11:56] <n20> Anyone here know a thing or two about reversed zones with
[11:56] <Eliasmaster> well
[11:56] <jasef> ActionParsnip, I know, I was ready for it to not be
stable :P, I'm always downloading betas and unstable stuff, I'll be
installing 11.10 tomorrow to see how Gnome 3 works in that.
[11:56] <Eliasmaster> I did a Norton backup
[11:57] <Eliasmaster> and put the backup files to a CD
[11:57] <ActionParsnip> jasef: works fine here ;)
[11:57] <Eliasmaster> but It is just for windows
[11:57] <damo22> Eliasmaster: do you have any important files in linux?
[11:57] <Eliasmaster> No
[11:57] <Eliasmaster> I'd just hate to loose all my setups for programs
[11:58] <jasef> ActionParsnip, Awesome... I can't wait to get home so I
can finish my jigdo download and install it
[11:58] <ActionParsnip> jasef: could just use torrents..
[11:58] <damo22> Eliasmaster: do you have a ubuntu livecd?
[11:58] <Eliasmaster> damo22: no
[11:58] * Sidewinder1 Is paranoid and has back-ups of back-ups.
[11:58] <mohsen> What is the official repository Ubuntu?
[11:59] <ActionParsnip> Eliasmaster: thats why you occasionally backup
said configs, then you won't lose them is catastrophe strikes
[11:59] <sveinse> What happens if an installed file belonging to a
package is deleted? I mean, does the missing file make apt/dpkg complain
upon upgrade or uninstalls?
[11:59] <Eliasmaster> ActionParsnip: I will know that now on the future
[11:59] <ActionParsnip> sveinse: it will be reinstated next time the
package is updated
[12:00] <jasef> ActionParsnip, I could, yeah. But I haven't got any ports
forwarded to my netbook, so jigdo works just fine.
[12:00] <sivik> how does one disable ipv6 for iptables?
[12:00] <ActionParsnip> jasef: torrents work here and the only port
forwarded is the web ui port I use.
[12:00] <plouffe> ActionParsnip, is there a Ubuntu tool to backup all
[12:00] <damo22> Eliasmaster: i have 2 external usb hard drives as
separate backups
[12:00] <ActionParsnip> sivik: add the boot option: ipv6.disable=1
[12:01] <xro> Hi, i configured my nagios server/client... But i would
like to add some check... is there somewhere a list of nagios services
and also the according command for the nrpe_local.cfg file? i'm looking
for a while
[12:01] <mohsen> What is the official repository of Ubuntu for full
[12:01] <ActionParsnip> plouffe: i use cp in a cron job, the configs are
in the hidden folders in $HOME
[12:01] <sivik> ActionParsnip, is that for ipv6 or just the iptables for
[12:01] <ActionParsnip> sivik: all ipv6
[12:01] <ActionParsnip> !download | mohsen
[12:01] <ubottu> mohsen: Ubuntu installation CDs can be downloaded from
http://releases.ubuntu.com - Mirrors can be found at
http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Mirrors - PLEASE use the !torrents to download
!Natty, and help keeping the servers' load low!
[12:01] <plouffe> ActionParsnip, some aren't in home though, e.g. Apache
[12:01] <sivik> So there is to just disable the firewall rules for ipv6
without totally disabling ipv6?
[12:01] <jasef> ActionParsnip, :P I have got none forwarded, so I'll just
live with jigdo for now, I'm getting about 300kB/s anyway when it's
[12:01] <ActionParsnip> mohsen: the source is moot, as long as the file
matches the official hashes, then the source is irrelevant
[12:01] <Sidewinder1> !repository > mohsen
[12:01] <ubottu> mohsen, please see my private message
[12:02] <ActionParsnip> plouffe: then you'd need to add those to your
[12:02] <sivik> ActionParsnip, I just want to disable the iptables
portion of ipv6 and not ipv6 totally
[12:02] <ActionParsnip> sivik: gotcha
[12:03] <xxzz> hmm i tried different stick but it still doesnt work
[12:03] <Eliasmaster> damo22: I will start reinstalling Ubuntu now, as I
don't have any important files there, it seems the easiest way
[12:04] <xxzz> tried YUMI as well
[12:04] <xxzz> whats wrong with this thing
[12:04] <damo22> Eliasmaster: thats the easy way, but there might be a
way to recover
[12:05] <ActionParsnip> xxzz: tried usb-creator
[12:05] <plouffe> ActionParsnip, synaptic has an option to keep or delete
configs. Is it possible to use that to also save/backup configs?
[12:05] <xxzz> nope
[12:05] <ActionParsnip> xxzz: and the 1 2 3 application, if you are using
[12:05] <ActionParsnip> plouffe: synaptic only install packages and
updates, so I doubt it
[12:05] <xxzz> ok
[12:05] <ActionParsnip> !backup | plouffe
[12:05] <ubottu> plouffe: There are many ways to back your system up.
Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem ,
https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto ,
https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup ,
https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and
[12:05] <padi999> guest34: you have to start using my full nickname when
writing, I get a highlight only then. Otherwise I assume all the text is
not for me.
[12:05] <xxzz> let me check
[12:05] <fr0sted> hey all does anyone know of any application that i can
use ( kinda like windows explorer looking ) for ssh'ing to my iphone?
[12:06] <damo22> Eliasmaster: but support from damo22 has finished for
the day
[12:06] <ActionParsnip> fr0sted: ssh can do ssh
[12:06] <ActionParsnip> fr0sted: its in a default install
[12:06] <fr0sted> ActionParsnip: ye i know, i mean a gui app
[12:06] <sivik> any way to disable ip6tables?
[12:07] <Pici> fr0sted: nautilus can view scp/sftp 'shares'
[12:07] <fr0sted> Pici: ye i also thought of this with filezilla, but
cant seem to connect to the iphone
[12:07] <plouffe> ActionParsnip, I didn't mean from synaptic, but making
a config backup tool based on the info that synaptic has should be
[12:07] <plouffe> ActionParsnip, thanks for the link
[12:08] <fr0sted> oh nvm, got it, but thanks
[12:08] <xxzz> ActionParsnip, whats 1 2 3 application
[12:08] <ActionParsnip> xxzz: its from pendrivelinux site
[12:09] <xxzz> k
[12:09] <jasef> ActionParsnip, well, I'mma go home and set the download
for 11.10 going again... getting really annoyed with this title bar
colour :(
[12:11] <ActionParsnip> JasseT: which titlebar?
=== Vampire0_ is now known as Vampire0
[12:14] <ethanol> does ubuntu do some weird shit that makes the file
system case sensitive and not case sensitive at the same time?
[12:15] <tsimpson> ethanol: first, please watch your language. second, no
it doesn't, and it doesn't really make sense
[12:16] <IdleOne> ethanol: can you give an example of what you mean?
[12:16] <ethanol> well it's weird, cause I am checking for the existence
of files in php (which uses system calls) and I get back true, even when
it does not match casewise
[12:16] <ethanol> it says
/var/www/matthew.admin/INC/Controller/Tools/mysql.php exists, while it is
actually Mysql.php
[12:17] <ethanol> and I'm pretty sure my filesystem is case sensitive,
cause I can create both tmp and TMP in the same folder :<
[12:17] <tsimpson> did you check if PHP checks case sensitive?
[12:17] <ethanol> I asked in ##php, they say it uses information provided
by the system
[12:17] * my_key
[12:18] <javier_> Hi. I'm quite new in Ubuntu. I installed Digikam but
looked uggly and unfortunatelly instaled kubuntu-desktop to see if it
looked nice. Now I've got hundred of "k" programs, and I don't know who
to delete all them at once. Someone can help me? How to delete everything
I instaled from kubuntu?
[12:19] <ActionParsnip> javier_: remove the qt libs and everything kde
will fail deps and be marked for uninstallation
[12:19] <jrib> !puregnome | javier_
[12:19] <ubottu> javier_: If you want to remove all !Kubuntu packages or
!Xubuntu packages and have a default !Ubuntu system, follow the
instructions here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PureGnome
[12:19] <javier_> so... sudo apt-get remove pt-libs?
[12:19] <coz_> javier_, or go here
[12:20] <javier_> qt, sorry
[12:20] <coz_> javier_, however the command to remove all of kde is
quite long so get it all if you use that link
[12:20] <javier_> coz_ I found in google that link, but it didn't work
[12:21] <coz_> javier_, did you copy the etire command to remove?
[12:21] <javier_> either, when usind command "sudo aptitude remove
kubuntu-desktop" is not a large list of packages that are removed, but a
few only
[12:21] <javier_> yes, the complete command
[12:22] <damo22> how do i disable screensaver permanently? it doesnt seem
to honour the settings in the gui settings page
[12:22] <coz_> javier_, let me get the entire command and let you see it
hold on
[12:23] <IdleOne> javier_: use the command which lists all the packages
or you can do what ActionParsnip suggested.
[12:23] <coz_> javier_, see if this was the command you used
[12:23] <damo22> ive tried xset dpms force on and a number of other
[12:24] <wesley_> ]
[12:24] <wesley_> fala
[12:25] <IdleOne> !br | wesley_
[12:25] <ubottu> wesley_: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em
português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as
aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.
[12:25] <Abel> hello
[12:25] <javier_> coz_ that's it, I used that one
[12:25] <groundup> I think my read-only filesystem is because I
accidentally used the wrong command when I tried to shut it down. I used
halt instead of shutdown. Then I unplugged it. So, now it is in as stupid
sleep mode.
[12:25] <padi999> ActionParsnip: Is it possible to change Event/Date in
Shotwell? I can't seem to get this working. Some images are stated to be
from 2020 and some from 1945 ^^
[12:25] <wesley_> fala manuu
[12:25] <wesley_> como vai vcs
[12:26] <coz_> javier_, that should have removed all of kde for sure...
did you log off and back on to check?
[12:26] <javier_> what I get is a short message saying about a few
packets that are not instaled so they won't be removed, and finally
doesnt remove any
[12:26] <oCean> !br | wesley_
[12:26] <ubottu> wesley_: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em
português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as
aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.
[12:26] <snufft> hey guys
[12:26] <javier_> i didnt log off, but it didn't look like it did remove
more than just a few Megabites
[12:26] <javier_> I will try that
[12:27] <usr13> groundup: Just curring the power, or a non-clean
shutdown? That shouldn't have done it, unless it is a hard drive failure
in progress
[12:27] <ActionParsnip> padi999: not sure man, I just use it as a
viewer/storer possibly right clicking on an image and changing it.
[12:27] <snufft> i've just grabbed phpmyadmin from the respoitory. is
there a localhost entry added by default? eg, using XAMPP on windows,
localhost/phpmyadmin takes me to phpmyadmin.
[12:27] <groundup> usr13: I am stuck in read-only
[12:27] <groundup> http://pastebin.com/tZz6pA7c
[12:28] <bbbbbbbb> sometimes, about 1-2 times a day, my system (mint 11)
just freezes for no apparent reason, leaving me only to reset the damn
thing - what could cause that?
[12:28] <Pici> snufft: I believe you'll need to drop a symlink to
/etc/phpmyadmin/apache.conf in /etc/apache2/conf.d/
[12:28] <oCean> bbbbbbbb: mint is not supported here
[12:28] <coz_> groundup,   out of curiosity in terminal      df -h     see
if the drive is full
[12:28] <tsimpson> !mint | bbbbbbbb
[12:28] <snufft> Pici: no worries. thanks :)
[12:28] <ubottu> bbbbbbbb: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of
Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org
[12:29] <usr13> groundup: Have you booted to LiveCD to look at the
[12:29] <padi999> ActionParsnip: well, one can change the Event but there
is no compilation to a valid date
[12:29] <usr13> groundup: Or are you still in this session?
[12:29] <snufft> also, what's the shortcut to open terminal straight
away? i've been using Alt + F2, writing bash and telling it to open in
terminal, haha
[12:29] <darthubious> hi guys! can anyone lease recommend me some
webcamera that works with ubuntu and skype with just plug and play???
[12:30] <usr13> groundup: Yep, looks like a hard drive failure.
[12:30] <hiwk> snufft: I think the preset one is ctrl+alt+t
[12:31] <usr13> darthubious: Most of the do
[12:31] <snufft> hiwk: thanks heaps! :D
[12:32] <usr13> darthubious: I don't know how up-to-date this site is
but: http://www.linux-drivers.org/usb_webcams.html
[12:33] <[-supNow-> hello usr13 and actionparsnip: Thanks for your help
yesterday I was able to figure it out. So that you guys are aware in case
anyone else runs into this issue... In order for windows to format and
install on a disk that was previously formatted for ubuntu it has to be
the only drive plugged into the system. Strange as it sounds and as
little sense it makes it's the only thing that worked.
[12:33] <darthubious> usr13, thank you very much. I was looking at some
UVC driver compatible webcams. this will help :)
[12:33] <ActionParsnip> [-supNow-: very strange.
[12:34] <[-supNow-> yes it was I never had that issue in the past...
maybe it's natty?
[12:34] <[-supNow-> natty don't wanna leave the drive... lol
[12:34] <[-supNow-> as soon as I unplugged my other drives it loaded with
no issues with only the windoze disk
[12:34] <[-supNow-> and my ubuntu is happily installed on my other drive!
[12:34] <usr13> [-supNow-: Sorry, I guess we assumed that you knew that
MS Windows only boots (and installs to) the primary drive. Sorry we
overlooked that issue. .. Will try to remember that next time.
[12:34] <javier_> kubuntu wasn¡'t removed
[12:35] <[-supNow-> np you guys were a big help and jumped right on my
issue :0
[12:35] <[-supNow-> I gotta work but I'm gonna start idling in here as I
plan to be primarily ubuntu and have gotten about 10 people on it
already! :)
[12:36] <jinu> how to configure TPM on ubuntu 10.04?
[12:37] <usr13> [-supNow-: We try, but if we don't have specific
information about the hardware and other details, we may go of the track
in advising people. I know I do from time to time. I get the wrong idea
and start chasing the wrong issue.
[12:37] <groundup> Sorry, now I am trying to get SSH to work again
[12:37] <groundup> So I can at least work on this from my desk instead of
in a freezing cold server room room
[12:37] <usr13> groundup: What's the problem?
[12:38] <trane2> salut
[12:38] <slipttees> please help, http://pastebin.com/3B9UVHZA
[12:38] <slipttees> cd-creator problem
[12:39] <slipttees> usb-creator
[12:39] <ActionParsnip> slipttees: so you run usb-creator and it makes
that error?
[12:40] <trane2> hi, do you know a chan for french ubuntu users
[12:40] <slipttees> ActionParsnip, format usb stick
[12:40] <usr13> slipttees: sudo fdisk -l |pastebinit #Send resulting URL
[12:40] <groundup> usr13: the drive is far from full (8% usage) and I
haven't tried a LiveCD. I guess that is the next option
[12:40] <Q-FUNK> hi! how do I make apport go through all the unsent
crash reports saved in /var/crash and get around sending them?
[12:41] <slipttees> usr13, http://pastebin.com/3dDb6kMw
[12:41] <usr13> groundup: df -i
[12:42] <slipttees> usr13, have no idea?
[12:43] <usr13> slipttees: So this is a 2G flash drive?
[12:43] <slipttees> yes usr13
[12:43] <MonkeyDust> about df -i : what is 'inode information'?
[12:43] <groundup> usr13: http://pastebin.com/cSbN4miA
[12:43] <usr13> slipttees: May be just a bad stick.
[12:43] <slipttees> usr13, ipod
[12:43] <usr13> MonkeyDust: Yes
[12:44] <MonkeyDust> usr13: I mean: what does inode inforamtion mean?
[12:44] <usr13> slipttees: What exactly are you trying to do?
[12:45] <slipttees> usr13, make usb bootable e install ubuntu on ntebook
[12:46] <ActionParsnip> slipttees: delete the partition and make a FAT16
partition on it, then use the usb-creator, may help
[12:46] <slipttees> ActionParsnip, humm.. i try
[12:46] <ActionParsnip> slipttees: wait, is it an iPod?
[12:46] <slipttees> ActionParsnip, i can use gparted?
[12:46] <usr13> An inode is a data structure on a traditional Unix-style
file system such as UFS. An inode stores all the information about a
regular file, directory, or other file system object, except its data and
name. When you format a partition, the process assigns just so many
inodes. If you end up with lots and lots of very small files, it's
possible to run out of inodes and it will act as if the drive is full,
but it is really just out of inodes.
[12:47] <GeorgeJ> libapache2-mod-fastcgi or libapache2-mod-fcgid?
[12:47] <xosuitehearts> hey there guys
[12:47] <xosuitehearts> I need some help with something really quick
[12:47] <MonkeyDust> tnx usr13
[12:47] <usr13> NP
[12:47] <slipttees> ActionParsnip, YES, iPod Shuffle 2GB 3Generation
[12:48] <ActionParsnip> slipttees: not sure how ipods are with being
formatted and such, I'd hold off, see if others can advise better
[12:48] <usr13> slipttees: And it is an ipod ?
[12:48] <slipttees> usr13, yes, ipod shuffle
[12:49] <xosuitehearts> Are there any SSL plugins for Xchat?
[12:49] <slipttees> i doesnt have other stick here
[12:49] <usr13> slipttees: Humm.. well. I dono. Do you have another
flash drive? Just try another one.
[12:49] <tarelerulz> why format an ipod ? slipttiees
[12:49] <xosuitehearts> ones that i can get off the ubuntu market?
[12:49] <slipttees> tarelerulz, fat16
[12:49] <slipttees> ActionParsnip, gparted can find my stick
[12:49] <slipttees> =/
[12:49] <slipttees> cant**
[12:50] <ActionParsnip> slipttees: does it show up in:   sudo fdisk -l
[12:50] <usr13> ActionParsnip: Yes http://pastebin.com/3dDb6kMw
[12:50] <tarelerulz> From what I understand they are formatted to fat 32
. Your sounds old enough that it would be seen like external hard drive
anyways .
[12:51] <usr13> ActionParsnip: It is 2G
[12:51] <apocalyptiq> how can I check number of current console? number
in /dev/pts/
[12:51] <slipttees> ActionParsnip, http://pastebin.com/3dDb6kMw
[12:52] <usr13> apocalyptiq: exit
[12:52] <tarelerulz> If you get any ipod don't get ipod touch 2g . I
have one an had nothing but trouble.    Linux (ubuntu) don't see it at
all. I have to ssh into ipod and ssh mount it from there and that seem
to be my only option
[12:52] <usr13> apocalyptiq: or   who
[12:53] <fujikofujio> anyone here using mysql-proxy on ubuntu?
[12:54] <SimonJai> anyone running ZFS in ubuntu?
[12:54] <auronandace> !zfs | SimonJai
[12:54] <ubottu> SimonJai: For information concerning ZFS and Ubuntu,
see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ZFS
[12:54] <SimonJai> kk
[12:55] <slipttees> ActionParsnip, no idea?
[12:55] <apocalyptiq> usr13, but "who" gives me list of terminals, i want
to know which one is current :)
[12:56] <ActionParsnip> slipttees: not sure, I don't use apple rubbish
[12:56] <slipttees> :(
[12:57] <apocalyptiq> usr13, but thanks, who will be useful here too ;)
[12:58] <groundup> So, I ran mount -o remount, /dev/mapper/ubuntu-root /
and that enabled me to have a rw filesystem. When I restart, it goes back
to read-only. So, it can work for now but it won't work for long.
[12:58] <usr13> apocalyptiq: Well, one way is to estimate the time it may
have been opened, (in relation to the others). (Looking at output of
[12:59] <slipttees> ActionParsnip, apple sucks
[12:59] <slipttees> :S
[12:59] <slipttees> :(
[13:00] <TAndriamirado> hello. Anyone know how to config a Network-
Manager managed usb modem, by sending it some AT commands?
[13:00] <usr13> apocalyptiq: And also, look at what is after the time.
If is one that is logged into another terminal, it will say so, (and
specify the other's IP or hostname).
[13:01] <GunClive> hi. i am looking for software that shows my gpu
workload. thanks.
[13:01] <usr13> groundup: Sounds like a hard drive is failing.
[13:02] <usr13> GunClive: top or htop
[13:03] <SimonJai> ahhhhhhh dajhorn
[13:03] <SimonJai> no wonder
[13:03] <SimonJai> thanks
[13:05] <GunClive> usr13, thanks.
[13:06] <usr13> NP
[13:06] <P05TMAN> Hello! I just installed Ubuntu 10.10, but it is not on
the boot list; I think windows wiped grub. How can I fix it?
[13:06] <usr13> GunClive: htop is really nice I think.
[13:06] <javier_> Still with this problem: I installed Digikam but looked
uggly and unfortunatelly instaled kubuntu-desktop to see if it looked
nice. Now I've got hundred of "k" programs, and I don't know who to
delete all them at once. Someone can help me? How to delete everything I
instaled from kubuntu?
[13:07] <usr13> !grub | P05TMAN
[13:07] <ubottu> P05TMAN: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager since
9.10 (Karmic). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See
https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and
troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to
https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2 - See !grub1 for releases before
Karmic (9.10)
[13:07] <P05TMAN> Hey, thanks, usr13!
[13:07] <ActionParsnip> javier_: can you give a pastebin of the output
of: dpkg -l | grep lib | grep kde
[13:08] <photon> wth? every once in a while, especially when an error
occurs, the appearance/theme of gnome switches to what looks like an old-
style 90's layout and I have to manually switch it back. what could cause
[13:08] <ActionParsnip> photon: what is the output of: lsb_release -sc
=== evilGary is now known as Gary
[13:09] <javier_> ActionParsnip: http://paste.ubuntu.com/683518/
[13:09] <photon> ActionParsnip: I'm on natty
[13:09] <TAndriamirado> hello. Anyone know how to config a Network-
Manager managed usb modem, by sending it some AT commands?
[13:09] <ActionParsnip> javier_: sudo apt-get --purge remove
[13:09] <ActionParsnip> oops
[13:09] <ActionParsnip> javier_: sudo apt-get --purge remove kdelibs-bin
[13:10] <ActionParsnip> javier_: then run: sudo apt-get --purge
atoremove; sudo apt-get --reinstall install ubuntu-desktop
[13:10] <photon> autoremove*
[13:10] <ActionParsnip> indeed
[13:10] * ActionParsnip needs food
[13:10] <photon> ActionParsnip: any idea?
[13:11] <photon> I mean, it's really annoying. all my fonts change, the
icons, the colors.
[13:11] <javier_> ActionParsnip: I will try that, but the first command I
didn't understand it. Did you mean to write "sudo apt-get --purge remove
[13:11] <photon> javier_: no he did not.
[13:12] <Laurenceb> hi, is there a STEP viewer on ubuntu?
[13:12] <javier_> ok, that doesnt make sense :) So, from the other line.
Thanks, it's doing it
[13:13] <usr13> javier_: leave off the URL Just: sudo apt-get --purge
[13:14] <usr13> javier_: Actually just: sudo apt-get --purge remove
kdelibs-bin ; sudo apt-get --purge atoremove; sudo apt-get --reinstall
install ubuntu-desktop #Is prolly all you need.
=== dougsko_ is now known as dougsko
[13:15] <usr13> javier_: But I think he wanted you to do sudo apt-get --
purge remove before and after     sudo apt-get --purge remove kdelibs-bin
#But not sure it is neecessary to do it before.
[13:15] <photon> usr13: you copied the autoremove misspelling.
[13:15] <photon> javier_: use autoremove instead of atoremove
[13:16] <javier_> usr13: yes, I also saw that but only after doing sudo
apt-get ... kdelibs-bin. But i't doing it, so I think it's fine like this
[13:16] <javier_> photon: thanks, i noticed also :)
[13:16] <usr13> photon: Thanks for the correction
[13:16] <photon> np
[13:17] <usr13> Looking back at it. He may have been wanting you to --
purge all that is in http://paste.ubuntu.com/683518/
[13:18] <Standard> hi
[13:18] <javier_> usr13: ammm, maybe...
[13:19] <javier_> usr13: that would mean to write it manually all the
=== Aurus_ is now known as Aurus
[13:21] <javier_> usr13: I've done once again "dpkg -l | grep lib | grep
kde" and now it's only 4 files. Do you advise me to remove them=
[13:21] <javier_> ?
[13:21] <usr13> which is: kde-workspace-kgreet-plugins kdegraphics-libs-
data kdelibs-bin kdelibs5-data kdelibs5-plugins kdepimlibs-kio-plugins
libakonadi-kde4 libdebconf-kde0 libkde3support4 libkdecorations4
libkdecore5 libkdegames5a libkdepim4 libkdesu5 libkdeui5 libkdewebkit5
libkworkspace4 libreoffice-kde
[13:22] <usr13> In other words. I think the first command he wanted you
to do was:
[13:22] <usr13> sudo apt-get --purge remove kde-workspace-kgreet-plugins
kdegraphics-libs-data kdelibs-bin kdelibs5-data kdelibs5-plugins
kdepimlibs-kio-plugins libakonadi-kde4 libdebconf-kde0 libkde3support4
libkdecorations4 libkdecore5 libkdegames5a libkdepim4 libkdesu5 libkdeui5
libkdewebkit5 libkworkspace4 libreoffice-kde
[13:22] <javier_> usr13: no, some different: kdelibs5-data libkdecore5
libkdeui5 libkdewebkit5
[13:23] <usr13> javier_: Ok, well, I dono
[13:23] <javier_> usr13: yes, i think you were right. Thanks a lot for
working the command for me
[13:23] <usr13> javier_: Anyway, you got it.
[13:24] <usr13> in the end do:   sudo apt-get --reinstall install ubuntu-
[13:24] <usr13> Once you've removed all the KDE stuff. Reason being....
kde and gnome don't always play well together
[13:26] <Aurus> Considering KDE and Gnome use entirely separate runtimes
I can't imagine how they would interfere with each other at all...
[13:28] <aleks_> silversurfer
[13:29] <aleks_> hey ppl
[13:30] <cillo564> is there application that records the sound coming
from soundcard?
[13:32] <usr13> Aurus: Well, I don't know what it is, but I've seen it.
I've had a pure KDE system and instlled gnome and for a while everything
was fine. After a bit things seemed to have gotten mucked up and
couldn't find any logical reason because the only change was adding gnome
and lots of gnome apps.
[13:32] <javier_> It's done. I removed everything I installed from
kubuntu, except for one thing. When starting and stopping the laptop, I
get kubuntu11.04 blue screen, with those 5 lights that indicate that it's
charging. Algo in closing, kubuntu blue screen. Any idea how to get back
purple ubuntu one?
[13:33] <usr13> Aurus: Maybe I drew an erroneous assumption
[13:33] <Kartagis> where is PATH set?
[13:33] <TAndriamirado> cillo564: if you use pulse-audio you can easily
do that
[13:34] <usr13> Kartagis: How is it set? Or how do you add to it?
[13:34] <klawd> hi!
[13:34] <klawd> can i make ubuntu install the _latest_ version of
[13:34] <Kartagis> usr13: how do I add to it?
[13:34] <cillo564> TAndriamirado, how it can be done?
[13:34] <Kartagis> usr13: /etc/environment?
[13:35] <usr13> $PATH with no arguments will tell you what you have now.
[13:36] <TAndriamirado> cillo564: ..or use jackd2 sound daemon: it let
you simply 'connect' apps (and hardwares) so the output of a software (or
soundcard) could be routed to the entry port of any sound recorder app
[13:36] <chriswr> hey guys i need to split a iso file into multiple files
to put on 700mb cds but i have no clue on how to do that
[13:36] <usr13> PATH=$PATH:/home/user/bin    will add /home/user/bin to
your path.
[13:37] <usr13> Kartagis: I think you need to run    export PATH
[13:37] <jasonmsp> hey all. I created a symbolic link and unfrotunately
wasn't thinking and prefecade it with a / I want to delete the link now.
if I rm /linkname will that delete the files that it links to or will it
delete just the link?
[13:37] <usr13> .. for it to take effect.
[13:37] <TAndriamirado> chriswr: use 'isomaster'
[13:38] <SIFTU> jasonmsp: just the link
=== tera_ is now known as Andrew131
[13:38] <jasonmsp> SIFTU: grazie!
[13:39] <chriswr> TAndriamirado, alright. i was wondering how would i
run the iso if its split up on multiple cds?
[13:40] <ben_stein> if i use a mobile broadband isp's usb modem (CDMA)
and my mobile phone providers data plan (3G) together, i will have to
ip's? i want to do it to increase speed when travelling. how does a
program like email, skype, irc, web browsing etc. choose between the two
[13:42] <ben_stein> for some reason when i try it now, it slows things
[13:43] <Roger_the_bum> Has ubuntu, since 10.10, enabled power management
settings for wireless cards? For mine, I think it's saving power to
aggressively, as when I connect to a wireless network on battery, I
cannot reliably connect from 30 or so feet away in a not-too-dense
location. On battery, there are no problems.
[13:43] <EskimoBob> hi, what pkg installs /boot/System.map /boot/abi and
[13:43] <Roger_the_bum> I'm running xubuntu now, but on either ubuntu or
xubuntu the problem persists
[13:45] <xfce_murderer> hello, I installed ubuntu server but added xfce
because owner of the server wants to have graphic interface in case he
needed to fix something. How can I change booting so text mode would be
default and xfce was only turned on with "Xorg" commandd?
[13:45] <TAndriamirado> chriswr: this typically depends of the software
that is on the CDs (not sure I understood Ur 2nd question..)
[13:46] <lucenut> Hey guys. I want to make my windows 7 netbook dual boot
with the latest ubuntu. I am downloading the 11.04 and have a usb drive.
[13:46] <lucenut> Any tips/tricks/suggestions?
[13:46] <xfce_murderer> hello, I installed ubuntu server but added xfce
because owner of the server wants to have graphic interface in case he
needed to fix something. How can I change booting so text mode would be
default and xfce was only turned on with "Xorg" commandd?
[13:47] <xfce_murderer> sorry, hand slipped
[13:47] <Stanley00> lucenut: just looking at the install guide on
wiki.ubuntu.com :D
[13:47] <xfce_murderer> lucenut: in my case it configured grub
[13:47] <SIFTU> xfce_murderer: just dont start a display manager
[13:48] <chriswr> TAndriamirado, its a copy of a game iso , and to
rephrase that question... once i get the split iso files on the cds would
i just copy and paste the files on the cds onto my other computer? if so
how would i mount the iso since theres so many of them?
[13:48] <xfce_murderer> SIFTU: it turns on on boot, how do I disable it?
[13:48] <SIFTU> xfce_murderer: and you are probably thinking of using
[13:48] <xfce_murderer> SIFTU: thanks, I'll remember
[13:48] <SIFTU> xfce_murderer: update-rc.d
[13:49] <tdn> I have some m4a audio files that are apple lossless codec,
I think. How do I play those? Audacious cannot handle play them. I guess
I need to install some lib or codec?
[13:50] <TAndriamirado> chriswr: so it fully depends of the game. Most of
them are protected.
[13:50] <mongy> chriswr, split -d -b 700M file.iso splitfile
[13:50] <xfce_murderer> SIFTU: update-rc.d "???"
[13:51] <Andy80> jussi01: hi :)
[13:51] <chriswr> TAndriamirado, alright ill just try and see
[13:51] <lucenut> I searched bootable usb on the wiki and returned
nothing. Just "usb" returns a bunch of stuff that doesn't seem to be
about a bootable drive.
[13:51] <mongy> chriswr, cat splitfile* > file.iso
[13:51] <Stanley00> xfce_murderer: I think you should digging more in man
upstart and init, it's the first proc start when system startup...
[13:52] <TAndriamirado> chriswr: sorry ;-)) (..and you could try mongy's
tip ;-)
[13:52] <xfce_murderer> tdn: do you have restricted areas cidecs
[13:52] <mongy> chriswr, md5sum the before and after just to verify.
works for me fine tho
[13:53] <chriswr> mongy, alright , how would i merge the files back
together once i got them on my other computer?
[13:53] <mongy> chriswr, see cat
[13:53] <chriswr> mongy, my other computer is windows :/
[13:53] <xfce_murderer> tdn: do you have restricted areas cidecs
[13:54] <xfce_murderer> lucenut: it doesn't matter if it's from CD or USB
[13:54] <mongy> chriswr, split -b 700M file.iso splitfile <then> cat
splitfile* > file.iso
[13:54] <javier_> hi: how to install digikam in gnome? do I need all kde
stall, like dolphin? can't I make it use nautilus?
[13:56] <chriswr> mongy, so the "cat splitfile* > file.iso" works on
[13:56] <MonkeyDust> chriswr: mount the Windoze partition on Ubuntu and
then merge the files
[13:56] <mongy> chriswr, oh, I assumed linux
[13:56] <codemagician> im trying to run a backup python script but it
bails out because there is a file called .gvfs in my home directory which
appears to have user = ? group = ?
[13:57] <Lasers> codemagician: Exclude .gvffs
[13:57] <Lasers> .gvfs
[13:57] <Lasers> and trash while you're at it.
[13:57] <Lasers> !trash
[13:57] <ubottu> Your GUI file manager's Trash folder is located at
~/.local/share/Trash/ for files moved to trash from your hard disk and
.../.Trash-userid/ on external devices for files moved to trash from the
[13:57] <ActionParsnip> codemagician: its a special folder, take it out
of the scope
[13:57] <codemagician> ActionParsnip, who created it?
[13:58] <Lasers> Nautilus's automagically mount stuffs.
[13:58] <MonkeyDust> chriswr: or merge the files, then mount the Windoze
partition and copy the merged files to that partition
[13:58] <ActionParsnip> codemagician: its where gvfs mounts shares and
[13:58] <codemagician> ActionParsnip, it caused my backups to fail
[13:58] <codemagician> ActionParsnip, because it has no user or group
associated with it
[13:59] <lighta> why does ubuntu depot still have galileo eclipse instead
a newer one like indigo or even helios ?
[13:59] <ActionParsnip> codemagician: remove the folder from the scope
and you'll be fine
[13:59] <codemagician> ActionParsnip, just rm .gvfs
[13:59] <chriswr> MonkeyDust, the problem im having is that when i try to
mount the iso file on ubuntu it says that theres no files in it and also
its not in iso 9660 , so i used "iat" and it says "image is broken
this image is not CD image"
[13:59] <mongy> chriswr, could compress it in nautilus 'compress' and use
7z or something to make volumes, then use 7zip in windows to unpack
[13:59] <MonkeyDust> lighta: 'why' is a philosophical question, this is a
technical channel
[13:59] <ActionParsnip> codemagician: no or you will make issues
[13:59] <lucenut> I still can't find where to start on making a bootable
usb stick with 11.04
[13:59] <lucenut> Google brings up things for 8
[13:59] <ActionParsnip> lucenut: it's the same method
[14:00] <codemagician> ActionParsnip, about 10 mins ago ls -l showed
"d?????????   ? ?    ?          ?                ? .gvfs"
[14:00] <lighta> I meant technically is there a logical reason like
stability or you like to make user search more ?...
[14:00] <codemagician> ActionParsnip, now it is owned by me in devteam
[14:00] <sls> join/#als
[14:00] <ActionParsnip> codemagician: its just a container that gvfs uses
to mount stuff, theres no need to back it up and its not technically a
folder, just make your script ignore the folder
[14:00] <codemagician> ActionParsnip, actually ignore that. its still ? ?
[14:01] <usr13> lucenut: http://www.ubuntu.com/download/ubuntu/download
[14:01] <sls> the idiot is here
[14:01] <Pici> lighta: have you checked launchpad for bug reports against
that package? Perhaps there is a legitimate reason listed there. I
suspect it is because packaging it is a real pain.
[14:01] <tonysan> Could somebody provide a simple script: do some job
when swap usage is above some threshold?
[14:01] <Lasers> codemagician: Yes. You said you have a backup script.
Fix it to exclude few folders.
[14:01] <chriswr> mongy, that sounds like a good idea , if i compress it
with natilius is there somthing i can use on this linux computer to split
the compressed file into multiple volumes? or is 7zip for linux also?
[14:02] <tdn> xfce_murderer, yes I do.
[14:02] <ActionParsnip> tonysan: you will be using 'free -m' and grepping
and awking til you get the value you want, then performing some logic on
the value
[14:02] <tdn> xfce_murderer, I have those isntalled.
[14:02] <Pici> tonysan: Thats not really within the scope of this
channel. Someone in #bash might be able to help you write that, or you'd
more likely be looking for a framework that allows you to create jobs
based on system properties.
[14:02] <tdn> xfce_murderer, which one should make it work?
=== himcesjf1 is now known as himcesjf
[14:02] <tonysan> ActionParsnip: actually it is the grepping and awking
that hinders me ...
[14:02] <tdn> xfce_murderer, here is dpkg -l |grep codec:
[14:03] <mongy> chriswr, 7zip is available for most if not all
[14:03] <tonysan> ok, I'll switch to another channel, thanks
[14:04] <RamtinA> hey,i wanna delete some files , for first time , i just
clicked "delete"key . now they are in the trash
=== Seryth is now known as mang0
[14:04] <RamtinA> but when i push empty trash , don't do anything
[14:05] <ActionParsnip> tonysan: USEDSWAP=free -m | tail -n 1 | awk '{
print $3; }'
[14:05] <chriswr> mongy, awesome im sure that will work , should have
thought of it before myself , thanks
[14:05] <tonysan> ActionParsnip: thanks!
[14:05] <engrxyz> i hae a root partition and an lvm partition. i
installed mysql and transfer the datadir from /var/lib/mysql to the lvm
partition. when i do a mysql restore, i found out that the / root
partition as well as the lvm partition is growing together. any tips?
[14:05] <Kartagis> how do I fix Class PDO not found?
[14:05] <ActionParsnip> tonysan: $3 prints the 3rd value, you can get
free with: $4 and total is $2
[14:06] <mongy> chriswr, for a command it would be 7z a -v700m -mx=0
file.7z file.iso   (if you want no compression, quicker)
[14:06] <ActionParsnip> tonysan: you can then use bash to perform logic
on those values (calculate percentage etc)
[14:06] <tsaknorris> hmm... how i can add launchers to unity?
[14:06] <ActionParsnip> tsaknorris: drag them from dash is one way
[14:07] <tsaknorris> ActionParsnip, hmm it didnt work :D
[14:07] <RamtinA> anyone can help me,please?
[14:07] <tsaknorris> i dont want to use firefox and i want to replace it
with chromium
[14:07] <Stanley00> tsaknorris: just run chrome, and keep in launcher
will do ;)
[14:07] <MonkeyDust> tsaknorris: apt-get install chromium-browser
[14:07] <usr13> RamtinA: What is it?
[14:07] <ActionParsnip> tsaknorris: or run the app, when it appears,
right click the icon and select 'keep in launcher'
[14:08] <chriswr> mongy, alright , is there not a gui for 7zip , i just
downloaded it on ubuntu software center
[14:08] <somsip> Kartagis: Dom you want the #php channel?
[14:08] <MonkeyDust> ah Unity
[14:08] <tsaknorris> i didnt got any list with right button hmm...
[14:08] <mongy> chriswr, used in nautilus
[14:08] <RamtinA> tsaknorris:just install chromium,ask you for deafult ;)
[14:08] <Kartagis> somsip: they told me to ask here
[14:08] <RamtinA> usr13: i can't empty my trash :(
[14:08] <mongy> chriswr, the compression app that is, file-roller
[14:08] <ActionParsnip> tsaknorris: I use chromium, it sits on the bar
just fine
[14:08] <Lasers> chriswr: Use Gnome File-Roller. It's one GUI that will
take care of all archives.
[14:08] <tsaknorris> RamtinA, i have it already...i just upgraded to this
[14:08] <usr13> RamtinA: Why not?
[14:09] <ActionParsnip> tsaknorris: then ask in #ubuntu+1   Oneiric isn't
supported here until it is released
[14:09] <usr13> RamtinA: Does it give some sort of error?
[14:09] <chriswr> mongy, umm how do i use nautilus exactly? kinda noobish
at this , do i need to install it also or does it come preinstalled on
ubuntu 11.04
[14:09] <RamtinA> usr13: Error while deleting.There was an error
deleting Fani.lnk.
[14:09] <somsip> Kartagis: looks like its a pecl extension on ubuntu,
unless it's been changed to a php5-* package:
[14:09] <RamtinA> usr13:Failed to delete the item from the trash
[14:10] <tsaknorris> ok i will go to read my self...plaah...i only wanted
to know some basic stuff about unity...so forget...i will read it by my
self :)
[14:10] <usr13> RamtinA: Where is Fani.lnk ?
[14:10] <mongy> chriswr, the file manager. if you have 7zip installed,
select your file.iso and right click compress, 7z will be an optoin
[14:10] <ActionParsnip> do ISO files compress well?
[14:10] <chriswr> mongy, oh alright cool
[14:10] <mongy> ActionParsnip, have done , certain ones
[14:10] <ActionParsnip> I doubt it will due to squashfs being used to
store the data on the ubuntu ISO
[14:11] <somsip> Kartagis: wait - just saw this Update: it looks like
this is a result of PDO moving into the PHP code; don't try to install
PDO using PECL, just skip to the database-specific install (e.g.
[14:11] <tsaknorris> http://askubuntu.com/questions/29553/how-can-i-
[14:11] <tsaknorris> \o/
[14:11] <Stanley00> tsaknorris: well, read the manual is a good idea, I
remember that there is a prog call help on your ubuntu ;)
[14:11] <RamtinA> in my flash USB
[14:11] <mongy> chriswr, if you use terminal you can do this a lot
quicker, with no compression.
[14:11] <RamtinA> usr13:in my flash USB
[14:11] <Kartagis> somsip: I got it, some pear package upgraded php5-
[14:11] <somsip> Kartagis: cool
[14:12] <chriswr> mongy, alright can you walk me through it cause
terminal confuses me to no end
[14:12] <Kartagis> somsip: now I need to upgrade PHP
[14:12] <tsaknorris> this is also cool :)
[14:12] <tsaknorris> http://maketecheasier.com/8-really-useful-ubuntu-
[14:12] <mongy> chriswr, open it up then.,
[14:13] <somsip> Kartagis: I'd read around it first if I were you.
Thatlast "Update:" was from a site suggesting to apt-get purge php-*, and
resintall php-5 before installing PDO
[14:13] <mongy> chriswr, where is your iso file? at the root of home or
in some other folder
[14:13] <usr13> RamtinA: find /media/ -name Fani.lnk -type f
[14:14] <usr13> RamtinA: Where is it?
[14:14] <chriswr> mongy, ive alreaddy cd to that folder , it is in my
downloads folder
[14:14] <mebe> #join schizo
[14:14] <mebe> join #schizo
[14:14] <tomodachi> mebe: try adding a slash first
[14:14] <tomodachi> like this /
[14:15] <RamtinA> usr13:how can i find that?
[14:15] <mongy> chriswr, just copy paste this then. 7z a -v700m -mx=0
file.7z file.iso
[14:15] <Stanley00> say /join #schizo <= mebe, like this
[14:15] <Stanley00> /join #schizo <= mebe, like this
[14:16] <chriswr> mongy, alright , do i just make up a name for the
[14:16] <mongy> chriswr, yeah
[14:17] <usr13> RamtinA: find /media/ -name Fani.lnk
[14:18] <usr13> show us the output of ^^^
[14:18] <chriswr> mongy, alright , is that all i need to do , and itll
split it up into volumes for me in 7z format?
[14:18] <RamtinA> usr13: I find that
[14:18] <usr13> RamtinA: Where?
[14:18] <xxzz> debian-eeepc
[14:18] <usr13> show us
[14:18] <xxzz> sorry
[14:19] <mongy> chriswr, yes. then use yzip on windows to extract, using
the first in the set
[14:19] <mongy> 7zip*
[14:19] <usr13> RamtinA: Just delete it then.    Right?
[14:19] <RamtinA> usr13: your mind is find that file?i just find
/media/Ramtin (my USB) and there isn't my file (fani.lnk)anymore
[14:20] <mongy> chriswr, download 7zip now and stick it on the lsat cd
[14:20] <RamtinA> usr13: that's in trash
[14:21] <chriswr> mongy, i alreaddy have 7zip on my desktop XD
[14:21] <tab1293> anyone know of a program with a cli that can tag and
rename a large amount of musicl files?
[14:21] <mongy> chriswr, done then
[14:21] <edbian> tab1293: ex-falso
[14:22] <garymc> hi guys, ive recently installed UBUNT LTSP server, but
eth1 keeps shutting off
[14:22] <chriswr> mongy, awesome , this is definitly a life saver ,
thanks :D
[14:22] <garymc> and I cant get my thin clients to boot up, can anyone
help me out
[14:22] <usr13> RamtinA: find . -name Fani.lnk
[14:23] <tab1293> edbian, that can rename files into folders based on
[14:23] <edbian> tab1293: yes
[14:23] <ActionParsnip> tab1293:
9416.shtml    install id3
[14:23] <tab1293> ok thank you
[14:23] <edbian> tab1293: sre
[14:26] <marlun> In a new ubuntu LAMP server installation I can't do "su
www-data" to change into being www-data. What do I need to do to be able
to do that?
[14:26] <somsip> marlun: sudo -i; su www-data, if you really want to do
=== _znull is now known as znull
[14:28] <abuntu> ...
[14:28] <xxzz> anyone using Eee PC here
[14:28] <ActionParsnip> !anyone | xxzz
[14:28] <ubottu> xxzz: A high percentage of the first questions asked in
this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next
question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.
[14:28] <sipior> marlun: "sudo -i -u www-data", assuming www-data has a
real shell
[14:28] <abuntu> !poll
[14:28] <ubottu> Usually, there is no single "best" application to
perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your
preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls
in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot
in #ubuntu-bots.
[14:29] <RamtinA> usr13: Look at this:
[14:29] <sipior> marlun: sudo -s, otherwise.
[14:29] <RamtinA> usr13:i can't delete another files of my USB right now
[14:29] <marlun> Thanks somsip and sipior!
[14:30] <abuntu> my laptop wont reboot properly but shutdown is ok
[14:30] <TehAndrewRyan> hello, i have this issue in ubuntu 10.10
[14:30] <RamtinA> abuntu: What's your ubuntu ver?
[14:30] <abuntu> lubuntu
[14:30] <TehAndrewRyan> when i'm playing minecraft and i left/right
click, it loses the focus of the window, but i regain it after some few
[14:31] <TehAndrewRyan> this however causes a pretty annoying lag
[14:31] <TehAndrewRyan> is there a fix for it?
[14:31] <abuntu> latest lubuntu 11.xx
[14:31] <RamtinA> abuntu: release number?
[14:31] <noobie3> 128mb sdram, 750mhz AMD Duron, Nvidia GeForce 200 -
32mb vram, 10gb hdd. Any sugestion for what distribution of ubuntu linux?
I tried lubuntu 10.10, lubuntu 11.04, mint linux, puppy linux and
BrunoPup and always had a problem while instaling. Any suggestions?
[14:32] <xxzz> ActionParsnip, I managed parted magic usb to boot netbook,
now I see 2 partitions but cant fingure out partition type. During power
on without usb i see ASUS assistance and stuff so I guess they are using
1 partition or 2 partions. My plan is to install windows, freebsd and
Ubuntu on 250 gig but I will need 2 primary partitions for windows &
FreeBSD and 1 logical for Ubuntu. How do I find...
[14:32] <xxzz> ...out what two primary partitions are ( need to know
type). fdisk says hidden partitions and nothing more
[14:32] <EskimoBob> hi, what pkg installs /boot/System.map /boot/abi and
/boot/vmcoreinfo thank you
[14:32] <ActionParsnip> xxzz: gparted should show file system
[14:32] <TehAndrewRyan> any fix for my issue as i decribed above?
[14:32] <TehAndrewRyan> described*
[14:33] <sipior> noobie3: the ubuntu server install should work (any
[14:33] <xxzz> ActionParsnip, k will check
[14:33] <ActionParsnip> noobie3: lubuntu or tinycore will make a slick
[14:33] <ActionParsnip> noobie3: be sure you MD5 test the ISO you
download. In Ubuntu you may need to blacklist the nouveau driver with
[14:34] <slipttees> howto get Vbios dump? lvds for example?
[14:34] <abuntu> Ramtina: 11.04 sorry for the delay
[14:34] <noobie3> ActionParsnip: what version of lubuntu? I tried with
lubuntu 10.10 and i couldn't manage to install it
[14:34] <usr13> RamtinA: Close nautilus and run it as super-user and try
again.   gksudo nautilus
[14:34] <ActionParsnip> noobie3: I always advise the latest stable
[14:35] <noobie3> but latest stable is with high requariments for my
[14:35] <kate_r> hi
[14:35] <kate_r> i was given some instructions on what needs to be done
to execute my script: "Any directories en route to the script would also
need to at least the "I" set." what do they mean by "I"?
[14:35] <ActionParsnip> noobie3: the latest version has very little extra
requirements over the older ones
[14:35] <slipttees> please, howto get dump my video card?
[14:36] <RamtinA> usr13: i can't delete any file yet
[14:36] <slipttees> lvds,vga and hmdi ports
[14:36] <slipttees> ?
[14:36] <abuntu> hi im running lubuntu 11.04 and reboot doens't work but
shutdown does
[14:36] <ActionParsnip> abuntu: what happens on reboot?
[14:36] <usr13> RamtinA: Open a terminal and type ls -l     and pastebin
what it says.
[14:37] <abuntu> ActionParsnip: It looks like X is breaking up
[14:37] <TehAndrewRyan> i'll ask again then, my minecraft client loses
focus for a split second when i left or right click, and this causes a
slight lag. any idea on how to resolve it? (ubuntu 10.10)
[14:37] <kkulhavy> Hello
[14:37] <kkulhavy> My Ubuntu trashed when I tried to install Links web
browser from the Software Center
[14:37] <ActionParsnip> abuntu: is the system a laptop?
[14:37] <usr13> RamtinA: And paste the URL here.
[14:37] <usr13> let us look and see
[14:37] <abuntu> ActionParsnip: yeah a toshiba satellite
[14:38] <ActionParsnip> abuntu: are there any bugs reported for that
[14:38] <RamtinA> usr13:http://pastebin.com/HhX70rNF
[14:38] <kkulhavy> now the computer reacts very slow and windows
sometimes dont redraw
[14:38] <kkulhavy> or take ages to redraw
[14:38] <abuntu> ActionParsnip: I'll check
[14:38] <kkulhavy> how do I make Ubuntu responsive again?
[14:38] <TehAndrewRyan> i'll ask again then, my minecraft client loses
focus for a split second when i left or right click, and this causes a
slight lag. any idea on how to resolve it? (ubuntu 10.10)
[14:38] <noobie3> what is latest stable version of lubuntu?
[14:39] <ActionParsnip> noobie3: natty
[14:40] <kkulhavy> OK this is not possible
[14:40] <Emily_Spencer> has anyone here had any problems with synaptics
touchpads. the mouse cursor wiggles when my finger is resting still
[14:40] <kkulhavy> Ubuntu already screwed up 2 times without a reason and
is very slow
[14:40] <kkulhavy> I am going to swap back the disk with Debian
[14:40] <TehAndrewRyan> i'll ask again then, my minecraft client loses
focus for a split second when i left or right click, and this causes a
slight lag. any idea on how to resolve it? (ubuntu 10.10)
[14:40] <kkulhavy> kthxbye
[14:40] <ActionParsnip> noobie3:
http://lubuntu.lafibre.info/11.04/lubuntu-11.04-desktop-i386.iso    MD5:
[14:40] <abuntu> ActionParsnip: Well there are reports of not being able
to awake from sleep etc.. so i guess so
[14:41] <noobie3> ActionParsnip : I already tried that version...i had
problems with instalation...
[14:41] <ActionParsnip> TehAndrewRyan: are you using desktop effects
[14:41] <ActionParsnip> noobie3: what happens when you try?
[14:41] <TehAndrewRyan> ActionParsnip: well, i haven't done any changes,
and on visual effects it's set to "Normal"
[14:41] <abuntu> ActionParsnip: Yes it seems to be a known problem with
Toshiba Satellites, ty
[14:42] <Emily_Spencer> are you using 32 bit or 64 bit lubuntu, noobie?
[14:42] <TehAndrewRyan> ActionParsnip: i only get this with a custom
client, the regular one doesn't get affected (even though the mouse
pointer still flashes)
[14:42] <ActionParsnip> TehAndrewRyan: press ALT+F2 and run: metacity --
replace      this will disable effects, then try the game
[14:42] <tau141> 7/quit
[14:42] <usr13> RamtinA: gksudo nautilus #Didn't work for you?
[14:42] <noobie3> ActionParsnip: I had black screen after some part of
instalation, wait to see if there is photo of that
[14:42] <emery> Is internet dj console still in the repos ?
[14:42] <ActionParsnip> noobie3: yes, add the boot option:
[14:43] <TehAndrewRyan> ActionParsnip: the first thing that happened is
that my dock (docky)m ade the whole lower half of the screen black
[14:43] <noobie3> how to do that? :S
[14:43] <TehAndrewRyan> ActionParsnip: then it tells me it needs
compositing to work properly
[14:43] <ActionParsnip> TehAndrewRyan: yes, docky needs compositing
[14:43] <ActionParsnip> TehAndrewRyan: try the game
[14:43] <RamtinA> usr13: work but i can't delete file
[14:43] <TehAndrewRyan> ActionParsnip: still lag
[14:43] <ActionParsnip> !nomodeset | noobie3 same method, different boot
[14:43] <ubottu> noobie3 same method, different boot option: A common
kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic
cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash
screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to
use this parameter
[14:45] <noobie3> ubottu: thanks..i will try that now..
[14:45] <ubottu> noobie3: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm
intelligent :)
[14:45] <TehAndrewRyan> ActionParsnip: i still get the same issue with
the cursor
[14:46] <ActionParsnip> TehAndrewRyan: ok press ALT+F2 and run: compiz -
[14:47] <TehAndrewRyan> ActionParsnip: still the same...
=== raju1 is now known as genupulas
[14:47] <usr13> RamtinA: find / -name Fani.lnk   #Where is it?
[14:49] <usr13> RamtinA: And then just delete it. sudo rm
=== denis_ch is now known as nezen
[14:50] <ActionParsnip> TehAndrewRyan: thats all I know then man
[14:50] <mongy> tried acpi=off as a last resort
[14:51] <TehAndrewRyan> ActionParsnip: as i said, it's only with a custom
client called "SpoutCraft", i don't get it with the regular one
[14:51] <usr13> RamtinA: Or, if you are curious, see what it is. file
[14:51] <ActionParsnip> TehAndrewRyan: are there bugs reported for the
alternate client? Is it a known issue?
[14:51] <usr13> RamtinA: ls -l /path/to/Fani.lnk
[14:52] <lucenut> I am installing 11.04 on my HP mini alongside windows
[14:52] <usr13> And show us...
[14:52] <lucenut> I am at the screen called "Allocate drive space" and
[14:52] <lucenut> It shows 4 things under "devices" like /dev/sda...
[14:53] <edbian> lucenut: each one is a partition
[14:53] <edbian> lucenut: /dev/sda is one of your hdds
[14:53] <RamtinA> usr13: that's just in the trash
[14:53] <lucenut> Device for boot loader installation has /dev/sda ATA
Toshiba MK2556GS (250.1 GB) selected.
[14:53] <usr13> lucenut: and one or more of those you will want to
resize, (make smaller), in order to get enough free space to install
[14:54] <lucenut> I didn't know what to do so I just hit "Install Now"
but it says "No root file system is defined"
[14:54] <usr13> RamtinA: Did you find it yet?
[14:54] <usr13> RamtinA: Did you find the path to the file?
[14:54] <lucenut> OK, so if I choose "Edit" on the 250G partition...
[14:55] <lucenut> It says "Use as"?
[14:55] <mongy> ActionParsnip, got a good theme for lubuntu? I cant seem
to find a decent one...I prefer dark styles
[14:55] <xxzz> ActionParsnip, gparted doesnt detect filesystem
[14:55] <lucenut> Should I choose Fat32 file system?
[14:55] <lucenut> You can resize this later also right?
[14:56] <usr13> lucenut: You have to make room for the new Linux install.
If you want to delete all that is there, tell it to use entire disk. If
you want to do Dual Boot, resize the MS Windows partition so a smaller
size, maybe half, (depending on how much data you have in it).
[14:56] <edbian> lucenut: you should make everything for ubuntu ext4 ( or
swap )
[14:56] <edbian> lucenut: use as is something like / or swap or /home
[14:56] <edbian> lucenut: You will probably need to resize yes, unless
you have unallocated space on the drive already
[14:57] <lucenut> How do you resize?
[14:57] <lucenut> I selected swap and clicked OK.
[14:57] <usr13> lucenut: Look at how much free space you have and decide
how to allocte for Linux. Or tell us how much free space you come up with
and we will help you decide. Or, you can let the installer do the
automatic allocation.
[14:58] <lucenut> There is ~ 198G free of 250 according to windows.
[14:58] <noobie3> when trying to intsall lubuntu 11.4 i get this error
[14:58] <noobie3> any help? :(
[14:58] <lucenut> I don't understand this UI though.
[14:58] <usr13> lucenut: That is plenty, use the 198G of free space.
[14:58] <edbian> lucenut: Free space in windows means NTFS partition
space that is not filled with files / folder. Free in this installer
means this part of the drive is not a partition at all.
[14:58] <lucenut> OK, I wasn't asked anything about size/space.
[14:58] <edbian> lucenut: The fact that windows reports 198Gb free means
that you can shrink the windows ntfs partition.
[14:58] <usr13> lucenut: And let ubuntu automatically decide and re-
partition for itself.
[14:59] <lucenut> I chose "swap" and hit OK.
[14:59] <edbian> usr13: He can learn if he wants to
[14:59] <edbian> lucenut: also you probably have more than 1 'windows'
partition windows 7 usually has like 4
[14:59] <lucenut> Now in here it shows the 250G partition as Type=swap.
[14:59] <usr13> lucenut: Look at the available options and think about
[14:59] <edbian> lucenut: 1 repair partition, 1 boot partition, and one
actual windows data partition is very common
[15:00] <edbian> lucenut: How much ram do you have?
[15:00] <usr13> lucenut: You only need about 3 or 4G for swap
[15:00] <chmielsen> Hey, I have a problem. When I'm building program from
a source it is later asking me for a lot of files in directories like
/etc /var etc. How can I install it, so it would be like from synaptics?
[15:00] <RamtinA> usr13: my computer restarted
[15:00] <lucenut> Right, there is a ntfs 35MB and a fat16 33MB
[15:00] <edbian> lucenut: (that's almost definitely waaaay to much swap
[15:00] <slipttees> como extract bios dump on ubuntu?
[15:00] <lucenut> I didn't mention them because I didn't think they were
[15:01] <edbian> lucenut:    fat16 33Mb? <- I have no idea what this is.
It's pretty uselessly small
[15:01] <usr13> lucenut: You are correct, those are not important, you
can just leave them as is.
[15:01] <lucenut> OK, I highlighted the 250G and clicked "Revert" and now
instead of swap it says it's ntfs.
[15:01] <edbian> lucenut: Be careful here. It is rather easy to erase
your entire windows OS at this stage of the installer.
[15:01] <lucenut> That is why I am asking questions.
[15:01] <usr13> lucenut: How much RAM does this PC have?
[15:02] <noobie3> http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/822/12314124.jpg/
<-- anyone familiar with this kind of error?
[15:02] <edbian> lucenut: just a warning :)
[15:02] <lucenut> 1G, and that is the max for it.
[15:02] <edbian> noobie3: It's a kernel panic
[15:02] <edbian> lucenut: Then your swap should be 1Gb, what's the max
for what?
[15:02] <chmielsen> Hey, I have a problem. When I'm building program from
a source it is later asking me for a lot of files in directories like
/etc /var etc. How can I install it, so it would be like from synaptics?
[15:02] <noobie3> i could read that by myself :) anything else
[15:02] <usr13> lucenut: Then 1 or 2G of swap is fine.
[15:02] <lucenut> So here I am again at the Allocate drive space screen.
What do I do?
[15:02] <RamtinA> my ram is 512MB , and 58%of that is in use .and just my
pidgin is run :D . is it fine?
[15:03] <lucenut> Where do I "get" that swap space?
[15:03] <edbian> noobie3: They're usually very hard to figure out.
Typically they're caused by bad hardware (unless you're using the nightly
build kernel)
[15:03] <sproaty> hi since using ubuntu 11.04, Nautilus no longer
autocompletes in the location bar when SSH'd into a server; any ideas?
[15:03] <edbian> lucenut: You create a partition that is type swap on the
[15:03] <ActionParsnip> RamtinA: probably find most is use by disk
[15:03] <tab1293> mpd is not used to stream music correct?
[15:03] <ActionParsnip> RamtinA: http://www.linuxatemyram.com/
[15:03] <lucenut> So do I take some space from the 250G ntfs?
[15:03] <edbian> lucenut: You do that by shrinking partitions until you
have some unallocated space, then you right click the unallocated space
and create a new (swap) partition that is 1Gb big (1024Mb)
=== slipttees is now known as Hackintosh_BR_al
=== Hackintosh_BR_al is now known as Hackintosh_BR_FV
[15:04] <Chousuke> RamtinA: as long as you have free RAM left you don't
need to pay attention to it
[15:04] <lucenut> OK, how do I "shrink" a partition?
[15:04] <edbian> lucenut: You have to take space from some partition
probably yes
[15:04] <TehAndrewRyan> ActionParsnip: yes it has been written before,
however if i F11 the window i don't get that problem
[15:04] <edbian> lucenut: right click it and choose resize
[15:04] <edbian> lucenut: If it has a key / lock or a red ! then you
won't be able to
[15:04] <lucenut> There is no right-clicking on this installer screen.
[15:04] <Chousuke> RamtinA: and most of the time you don't need to even
when you have no free RAM left :)
[15:04] <emily_spencer> is there a setting i can edit to repair a shaky
mouse cursor
[15:05] <Chousuke> RamtinA: though with only 0.5GB you can run out if you
run too many apps at the same time
[15:05] <lucenut> I can highlight the 250G partition and click the "edit"
[15:05] <edbian> lucenut: then highlight one of the partitions on the
drive and use the resize button (perhaps it's called edit in the
[15:05] <gabyy> hello...
[15:05] <lucenut> I mean "Change" the button is labelled.
[15:05] <edbian> lucenut: You are confusing me. Your hdd is 250Gb total
[15:05] <lucenut> Yes
[15:05] <edbian> lucenut: You should have at least 1 partition that is =
or < 250Gb
[15:06] <ActionParsnip> technoviking: what desktop environment do you
[15:06] <lucenut> Yes, /dev/sda2 ntfs 2498843
[15:06] <nhocht> hi
[15:06] <lucenut> I can highlight it and click "Change".
[15:06] <usr13> lucenut: So use about half of that one.
[15:07] <lucenut> I don't know how to "use" it. :-(
[15:07] <edbian> lucenut: so you want to be editing these partitions (not
the entire 250Gb drive) the partitions each are not 250Gb so don't say
things like 'I'm selecting 250Gb and resizing' cause that's not true
[15:07] <nhocht> how to check infomation about USB3G on ubuntu?
[15:07] <lucenut> When I click "Change" I get a dialog that asks "Use
[15:07] <RamtinA> Chousuke: ok that's fine . but my computer crash around
every 18 min . and i can't run rhythmbox and Firefox together
[15:07] <usr13> lucenut: Resize
[15:07] <usr13> not change
[15:08] <lucenut> OK, the 249843 partition.
[15:08] <gabyy> i just installed ubuntu desktop, but then i don't know
what to do with it. what i should do to use it as production for digital
image editing?
[15:08] <gabyy> :D
[15:08] <edbian> usr13: In the installer it's called edit / change
[15:08] <lucenut> I thought 250 was a good round for that.
[15:08] <Stanley00> gabyy: you can use gimp and/or inkscape to edit
digital picture
[15:08] <lucenut> There is nothing on this Allocate Drive Space screen
saying "resize" anywhere.
[15:08] <edbian> lucenut: it's close but it is confusing because 250Gb
would imply you're editing the entire drive (which you're not). If you
did you would be erasing windows completely.
[15:09] <TehAndrewRyan> ActionParsnip: wtf i'm stuck, i alt+f4'ed
spoutcraft, and now my entire primary monitor is white
[15:09] <edbian> lucenut: PM me?
[15:09] <gabyy> is there no photoshop for ubuntu.
[15:09] <TehAndrewRyan> ActionParsnip: i can't open a terminal, nor
alt+tab to change window
[15:09] <Lasers> !gimp
[15:09] <ubottu> gimp is an advanced image manipulation application for
Ubuntu. See http://www.gimp.org for tutorials and more information.
[15:09] <Lasers> gabyy: That's linux alternative of photoshop, gimp.
[15:09] <usr13> Oh ok. lucenut As edbian points out, the option is edit /
change. You want to resize the parttion, (shrink it to a smaller size).
[15:09] <Stanley00> gabyy: you can install photoshop via wine or
playonlinux, but I dont recommend that
[15:10] <EskimoBob> hi can someone please tell me what pkg. installs
/boot/System.map /boot/abi and /boot/vmcoreinfo files
[15:10] <gabyy> okay, think i'm gonna give it a try. is it in the apt?
[15:10] <lucenut> usr13. I highlight the 249843 partition and click
"Change" and get an "Edit a partition" dialog. Nothing about resizing
[15:10] <Stanley00> gabyy: yes, try finding it on Ubuntu software center
[15:10] <gabyy> thanks all.
[15:10] <gabyy> ^_^
[15:11] <usr13> lucenut: If you fish around there, you should find out
how to resize (shrink) the largest partion in order to create enough free
space for the Linux install.
[15:11] <RamtinA> gabyy: there isn't photoshop.but you can use gimp
[15:12] <usr13> lucenut: Have you already allocated some space for swap ?
[15:12] <lucenut> No!
[15:12] <lucenut> I set the 249843 to swap and was told that was wrong.
[15:12] <lucenut> So I reverted it back.
[15:12] <Kingsy> guys, I have got a LONG flight coming up in a couple of
hours.. anyone recommend any addictive games I can play on my laptop that
will eat up some hours ? :)
[15:13] <EskimoBob> anyone? I have this fracked up install here and
obviously some files are missing from the boot. I like to fix this
[15:13] <EskimoBob> Kingsy: read a book
[15:13] <Kingsy> EskimoBob: reading a book is hardly a game :P
[15:13] <usr13> lucenut: Ok, well as I said, if you fish around there on
that screen, you should find out how to set aside some free space for the
linux install. Shrinking the largest partition is basically what you are
going to do.
[15:13] <EskimoBob> Kingsy: read a good book and it better than a game
[15:13] <Kingsy> ....
[15:14] <gabyy> RamtinA: okkie dookie. let me familiarize myself with
gimp. thanks
[15:14] <EskimoBob> am I on the wrong channel?
[15:14] <edbian> EskimoBob: I think so yes
[15:15] <Pici> EskimoBob: This channel is for Ubuntu support only, if
you're looking for that, then you're in the right channel.
[15:15] <EskimoBob> so where can I get the answer to my question? what
*buntu pkg. installs /boot/System.map /boot/abi and /boot/vmcoreinfo
[15:15] <usr13> lucenut: Choose that largest partition, right-click on
it, and you should come up with a context menu that offers resize as an
[15:15] <EskimoBob> Pici: this is exactly what I am looking for :)
[15:16] <lucenut> usr13 there is no context menu right-click in this
installer screen.
[15:16] <pawz> hai. i has a problem. i'm trying to install ubuntu on a
netbook with a 1024x600 screen resolution and none of the install dialogs
fit on the screen so i can't select OK or BACK etc... i wanted to try the
ubuntu netbook remix, but its been replaced now with regular ubuntu...
but how am i supposed to install it if i can't even fit the dialog boxes
on screen ?
[15:16] <RamtinA> gabyy: ok . myself do graphic and work with gimp a
little ;)
[15:17] <Pici> EskimoBob: I believe that gets copied there in the kernel
post-install tasks
=== matthew is now known as Guest41919
[15:17] <sipior> EskimoBob: in general, try "dpkg -S <filename>". the
files you're asking about are part of the kernel package, of course.
[15:18] <sipior> EskimoBob: linux-image-<version>
[15:18] <edbian> usr13: He's NOT using gparted
[15:18] <gabyy> Pawz : use alt and dragg with mouse
[15:18] <EskimoBob> spacebug-: i did install the latest version but those
are still missing
[15:18] <jessa> i'm trying to spoof my mac address and i get the error
"too many files open in system" does this mean my hardware doesnt support
mac spoofing?
[15:18] <dbugger> Hey guys. ive just installed Ubuntu Natty and I was
wondering... how could I add a background to the grub (i dont know if
what I have installed is grub, grub2 or whatever :S)
[15:19] <gabyy> pawz: hold alt + drag the installation windows up with
your mouse or touchpad
[15:19] <gabyy> pawz: you should see the buttons
[15:19] <gabyy> ^_^
[15:19] <Stanley00> dbugger: just copy it to /boot/grub and run update-
[15:20] <gabyy> RamtinA : what else you use other than gimp?
[15:20] <dbugger> Stanley00, I think I already did that, and didnt work,
but Ill give it another run
[15:21] <gabyy> dbugger : http://ubuntuguide.net/an-easy-way-to-
[15:21] <pawz> gabyy, ok thanks i'll try that
[15:21] <RamtinA> gabyy: for pixel 2d just that.
[15:21] <gabyy> dbugger : it should be grub2
[15:22] <RamtinA> gabyy: but i have Windows just for photoshop
[15:22] <gabyy> and for 3d?
[15:22] <RamtinA> gabyy: blender is great
[15:22] <dbugger> Ok, ive run it, gonna reboot. See ya sooN!
[15:22] <gabyy> RamtinA : i'm dual booting to with 7 ^_^
[15:23] <RamtinA> gabyy: i have win XP and just go there for PS
[15:23] <EskimoBob> i reinstalled (3'rd time now) and now looks OK.
starnge. thnk you for your help sipior
[15:23] <EskimoBob> bye
[15:23] <gabyy> ah blender .. the reps exceed the name
[15:24] <Kingsy> what has happened to zsnes? how come its not in the
repos anymore?
[15:24] <dbugger> well, guys, that didnt work :( I still the purple
background :(
[15:25] <ActionParsnip> Kingsy: there is snes9x on playdeb
[15:26] <Stanley00> dbugger: what's the size of your image?
[15:26] <Polah> Afternoon
[15:26] <dbugger> 640x480
[15:26] <mongy> Kingsy, its not for 64bit. if you want you can force
install the 32bit, you need ia32-libs installed. Ive done it, works ...
[15:27] <ActionParsnip> Kingsy: alternatively: sudo add-apt-repository
ppa:smaxein/ppa; sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get install zsnes; sudo
apt-get -f install
[15:27] <RamtinA> gabyy: that's good software
[15:27] <neo_> hello
[15:27] <Stanley00> dbugger: hmm, is that also the size vbeinfo give you
on grub console?
[15:28] <dbugger> grub console???
[15:28] <dbugger> vbeinfo???
[15:28] <Bucaneiro> if someone stole my nickname I can crush someone
=== macer1-zlyklon is now known as macer1
[15:29] <Bucaneiro> need help with usb drive
[15:29] <Stanley00> dbugger: when you boot up, at the OS selection
screen, press C, and you will be at grub console,
[15:29] <TehAndrewRyan> can i force a window to always be active? i'm
having an issue with minecraft that loses focus on left/right click
[15:29] <TehAndrewRyan> ubuntu 10.10
[15:29] <neo_> hello
[15:29] <dbugger> Stanley00, aha... and then?
[15:30] <neo_> i need help to portforward in ubunut... i dont have a
router and Im uusing a publice wifi... and i have port mapper.jar
[15:30] <Stanley00> dbugger: I dont know, just try to figure out why it's
not working...
[15:30] <neo_> any one can help?
[15:30] <dbugger> Stanley00, ok thanks
[15:31] <dbugger> is that size allright for a grub bg?
[15:31] <ActionParsnip> neo_: do torrents not 'just work' decent routers
support upnp
[15:31] <neo_> any one
[15:32] <Stanley00> dbugger: I dont know either, it's just say that the
image size must match the grub sreen size
[15:32] <Polah> neo_: You don't need to port forward on your system. You
just need to open that port in your firewall. Port forwarding needs to be
done on routers to forward incoming data on a port to an address behind
the router.
[15:32] <neo_> how?
[15:33] <ActionParsnip> neo_: have you ever set any rules on your PCs
local firewall?
[15:33] <dob__> hello
[15:33] <neo_> polah, thats what i wan ti do
[15:33] <dob__> cann i make a dist-upgrade von debian 5.0 (lenny) to
[15:33] <Polah> neo_: Yes, you need access to the router for that.
[15:34] <Stanley00> dbugger: and one thing more, did the update-grub
recognize the image? did it say something like "Found background image:
files.jpg" ?
[15:34] <Polah> dob__: No. You can't just move across different
distributions of Ubuntu.
=== alucardeptx-w is now known as alucardromero-w
[15:34] <neo_> we are testin ncat over the internet
[15:34] <ActionParsnip> dob__: no, you will need to clean install Ubuntu
[15:35] <livingdaylight> Hi
[15:35] <dob__> Polah: Thank u!
[15:35] <dob__> ActionParsnip: Thank you!
[15:35] <dob__> Then i will have to install squeeze.... :-(
[15:35] <ActionParsnip> neo_: did you make any local firewall rules?
[15:35] <neo_> no
[15:35] <ActionParsnip> dob__: nothing wrong with sqeeze :)
[15:35] <livingdaylight> this question is in fact about skype. But
relates to Pulseaudio. I want to disable the audio alerts, but see no
option for that in skype's options
[15:36] <ActionParsnip> neo_: then it's good to go. Get torenting
[15:36] <neo_> im checking payloads over the internet
[15:36] <livingdaylight> Is there somewhere else I can turn skype down?
[15:36] <dob__> ActionParsnip: Yes i know, but we changed our default
server distri to ubuntu last year....
[15:36] <neo_> how t get torrrenting? use a torrent software?
[15:36] <Kingsy> ActionParsnip: thanks.. got it :)7
[15:36] <ubun> can anyone help me with this--->
=== mike_ is now known as Guest70368
[15:37] <dob__> ubun: missing kernel sources?
[15:37] <ActionParsnip> Kingsy: simple websearching
[15:38] <ubun> dob_ let me check again
[15:38] <dob__> ubun: Does /usr/src/linux exist and point to your latest
[15:38] <ActionParsnip> neo_: sure there is one in the default install
=== Guest70368 is now known as pg
[15:39] <neo_> transmission is there
[15:39] <usr13> livingdaylight: Use the volume knob on the speakers
=== pg is now known as pgreen919
[15:39] <livingdaylight> usr13 that turns everything down (obviously)
which I don't want (obviously)
[15:40] <usr13> ubun: What are you trying to compile?
[15:40] <ubun> dob_: yes i have alot of folders in that dir
[15:40] <ubun> usr13: im trying to make bttv driver (video 4 linux)
[15:41] <usr13> ubun: sudo apt-get install build-essential
[15:41] <RamtinA> is there anything for optimize ubuntu?
[15:41] <ubun> usr13: ive tried that. but let me try again
[15:42] <Dr_Willis> RamtinA: optmize in what way? theres various
tweaks.. but not really doing a lot if any optmizations. :)
[15:42] <ActionParsnip> RamtinA: running a local dns and configuring
network manager to use it, like dnsmasq can make the web faster
[15:42] <usr13> livingdaylight: In skype's configuration menus there is
an option to let skype contol audio levels, disable it.
[15:42] <RamtinA> ActionParsnip: my computer is very slow
[15:42] <livingdaylight> usr13, do you know where exactly, I dug around
and couldn't find anything relevant
[15:43] <ActionParsnip> RamtinA: use LXDE instead of gnome
[15:43] <ActionParsnip> RamtinA: uses fewer resources :)
[15:43] <RamtinA> ActionParsnip: thanks
[15:43] <Dr_Willis> RamtinA: what are your system specs?
[15:44] <usr13> livingdaylight: options -> sound devices
[15:44] <ucenik17_> k
[15:45] <usr13> livingdaylight: But why change it. If it is turned down
too low, you won't hear the incoming call if you are in another room of
the house.
[15:45] <RamtinA> Dr_Willis: CPU 2 , RAm 512 ,
[15:45] <Dr_Willis> 2?
[15:45] <usr13> livingdaylight: Is it really that much louder?
[15:45] <livingdaylight> usr13, ok, and disable "Allow Skype to
automatically adjust my mixer levels" ? Will that switch off all sound
including phone ringing or just the chat notification sounds on multiple
windows which is driving me nuts
[15:46] <wynn> I have seen a lot of network traffic across my wifi
interface in the last week and think my 10.10 install might have been
infected/compromised. Is there a way to check this?
=== sgoyal is now known as sonalgoyal
[15:46] <usr13> livingdaylight: Oh no. I don't think so. Look for
another set of options
[15:46] <Dr_Willis> RamtinA: ram is your major bottleneck i imagine... i
would dig into the bargin bin sites and trash cans :) and find moar ram..
lxde/lubuntu would be the way to go with that low of ram.
[15:46] <h00k> livingdaylight: from what I get with that, that adjusts
your microphone slider up if you're quiet, and down if it's loud.
[15:46] <h00k> !virus | wynn
[15:46] <ubottu> wynn: Antivirus is something you don't need on !Linux.
except where files are then passed to windows computers (perhaps using
samba), See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Antivirus
[15:46] <roue> hola
[15:47] <usr13> livingdaylight: Notifications tab
[15:47] <wynn> I know, but I can't account for why the spike in network
traffic across my wifi interface... any ideas?
[15:47] <roue> I'm trying to find old packages, specifically eucalyptus-
cc 2.0+bzr1241-0ubuntu4.1, but I don't know where to look. This is a
standard ubuntu maverick package. I can find the current version on the
server in my sources.list, but where would I find the older version?
[15:47] <usr13> livingdaylight: Options -> Notifications
[15:47] <roue> (I need to roll back a broken update)
[15:48] <newbie|3> hi i'm newbi here
[15:48] <wynn> Virus is the only thing that makes sense (probably because
I don't know a lot about the inner workings of linux)
[15:48] <RamtinA> Dr_Willis: ok thanks but i like gnome :(
[15:48] <h00k> wynn: you could fire up wireshark and look at the traffic.
What made you notice the extra traffic?
[15:48] <newbie|3> does anybody know how to configure fingerprint
authentication on ubuntu?
[15:49] <usr13> roue: ls -ltr /var/lib/dpkg/info/*.list
[15:50] <usr13> wynn: You may have a virus on a windows box, but not on
[15:50] <wynn> hook: I'm on it. I didn't realize they made it for
linux... my bad. :)
[15:50] <roue> usr13 I don't want th elist of files in each install, I'd
like to find .debs for the older versions.
[15:50] <h00k> wynn: alternatively, I see some articles online about some
software called 'darkstat' which does similar things
[15:51] <usr13> roue: Now what exactly are you trying to do?
[15:51] <maxagaz> the zoom desktop effect of ubuntu 11.04 is not as good
as 10.10, for instance, once I do a zoom, I can't move anymore the screen
[15:51] <Dr_Willis> RamtinA: you will either want more ram.. or will
have to deal with a slow system then.
[15:51] <wynn> Well, my gf's win7 box is acting crazy and thought it may
be trying to spread itself over the lan... but when I powered my pc down
it seemed to clear up a lot of network traffic...
[15:52] <maxagaz> why did it change ? how to set it back like before ?
[15:52] <RamtinA> Dr_Willis: i know thank you so much :)
[15:53] <arooni-mobile__> help! inserted a microsd card via sd card
adapter into my thinkpad t420 running 11.04 ubuntu. nothing happens and
i'd like my photos!   how can i fix?
[15:54] <roue> usr13 I performed an apt-get update / upgrade and a
service has failed. I'd like to roll back packages to the last known good
state. I have the list of the previous versions from /var/log/apt/ and I
can apt-get install package=version, but it reports it can not find the
previous version any longer. I'd like to find those files.
[15:54] <shomon> hi, what is a good and simple to install ldap browser? I
just need to see how "granular" it is...
[15:54] <shomon> my ldap tree that is
[15:54] <roue> so the .deb for eucalyptus-cc-2.0+bzr1241-0ubuntu4.1
[15:54] <rumpe1> arooni-mobile__, check, if the card was recognized by
looking at "dmesg" or "sudo fdisk -l"
[15:55] <arooni-mobile__> rumpe1, its not seen
[15:55] <usr13> roue: what version of Ubuntu do you have? (what is the
output of lsb_release -a )
[15:56] <usr13> roue: lsb_release -sc
[15:56] <arooni-mobile__> rumpe1, does that mean the reader is broken?
[15:57] <h00k> wynn: Apparently there's a 'nethogs' package that can
help, too
[15:58] <usr13> roue: Tell us the output of:   lsb_release -sc
[15:58] <Polah> arooni-mobile__, plug it in and try lsusb
[15:58] <h00k> wynn: also, iftop, (iftop -i wlan0 -B
[15:58] <h00k> )
[15:58] <rumpe1> arooni-mobile__, not necessarily. Maybe just an
[15:59] <arooni-mobile__> rumpe1, Bus 002 Device 005: ID 17ef:1003 Lenovo
Integrated Smart Card Reader is listed
[15:59] <Polah> Ah, is it built in. I believe there's typically problems
with those, you may be able to find drivers for it (if you don't have
them already)?
[15:59] <rumpe1> arooni-mobile__, then it's the card. Maybe try different
usb-ports and watch "tail -f syslog"
[16:00] <arooni-mobile__> rumpe1, its built in i cant move it to
different usb ports
[16:00] <rumpe1> arooni-mobile__, erm... i meant "tail -f
[16:00] <rumpe1> arooni-mobile__, do you have another reader somewhere?
... or put /var/log/syslog in a pastebin so i can have a look
[16:01] <Dr_Willis> ive seen built in card readers that are not USB.
[16:01] <arooni-mobile__> rumpe1, tailing syslog shows nothing when the
card is plugged in
[16:01] <arooni-mobile__> i have suspicions it might be the micro sd =>
sd card adapter
[16:01] <arooni-mobile__> as i know other sd cards have worked with this
[16:01] <arooni-mobile__> without drivers etc
[16:01] <Polah> arooni-mobile__, have you tried with another card?
[16:02] <Dr_Willis> arooni-mobile__: you may want to check the forums
for that exact make laptop. Often theres some kernel options needed for
some special cases.
[16:02] <arooni-mobile__> Polah,
[16:02] <Dr_Willis> arooni-mobile__: ive also seen some cases where the
card Must be inserted at boot time. or else the system cant see/access
it.. (which is annoying, but thats how my netbook is)
[16:02] <arooni-mobile__> Dr_Willis, rather
[16:03] <arooni-mobile__> Polah, i will try with another card
[16:03] <arooni-mobile__> it says out of the box works here:
[16:03] <wynn> hook: thanks for the references. I'm going to look at the
network traffic.
[16:03] <usr13> arooni-mobile__: tail -f /var/log/messages
[16:03] <shomon> hello
[16:03] <arooni-mobile__> there are no /var/log/messages
[16:03] <Dr_Willis> arooni-mobile__: You are not plugging a 'sdhc' card
into a normal 'sd' slot are you?   saw that issue once. :)
[16:04] <Green13> ghj
[16:04] <shomon> I just installed luma, the ldap reader, and suddenly the
whole desktop went unresponsive, with only a mouse prompt, then it
rebooted, after I hit the right alt-sysreq magic key, and then came up
with a completely new gtk look before crashing again when I ran luma
[16:04] <arooni-mobile__> Dr_Willis, i'm plugging in a microsd hc card
into a microsd to sd adapter
[16:04] <shomon> what is so terrible about that ldap browser?
[16:04] <roue> usr13 it's maverick
[16:04] <wynn> hook: are you good with wireshark?
[16:04] <peni> hi, I just installed kde and I can't mount anything, I get
permission denied errors (even after giving my password), can you help?
[16:04] <roue> (was off in another window, sorry)
[16:05] <Dr_Willis> arooni-mobile__: ive seen where a 'sdhc' (high
capacity) card wont work on an older 'sd' slot.    how big is the card?
[16:05] <arooni-mobile__> Dr_Willis, 16gb
[16:05] <Dr_Willis> arooni-mobile__: be sure the slot says its a sdhc
slot perhaps? in system specs or printed on teh pc somewhere.
[16:05] <arooni-mobile__> Dr_Willis, slot reader should support it
according to The multi-card reader only supports SD and SDHC cards with
Ubuntu 10.10.
[16:06] <Dr_Willis> Just checking all the things ive seen go wrong in the
past. :)
[16:06] <chmielsen> Hey, I have a problem. When I'm building program from
a source it is later asking me for a lot of files in directories like
/etc /var etc. How can I install it, so it would have files in all these
places, like from synaptics?
[16:07] <usr13> roue: http://packages.ubuntu.com/maverick-updates/
[16:07] <arooni-mobile__> Dr_Willis, i think its the fault of the adatper
[16:07] <Dr_Willis> chmielsen: when you do the 'sudo make install' it
normally copies the stuff where needed... theres also ways to build a
.deb from your compiled stuff. which is a neater way of doing things.
[16:08] <Dr_Willis> arooni-mobile__: could be. I got a little mini-usb
adaptor i always use for my micro sd cards these days. i rarely use a
microsd-sd adaptor
[16:08] <arooni-mobile__> Dr_Willis, what do you mean mini-usb adaptor
[16:09] <RA_drc> hello, i cant see the top toolbar in any of my ubuntu
(11.04) windows, what is wrong?
[16:09] <Dr_Willis> arooni-mobile__: its a litlte plug about the size of
the end of your pinky. :) microsd plugs into it.. it has a usb plug on
the other end.
[16:09] <Dr_Willis> arooni-mobile__: cost me like $5 on amazon.com
[16:09] <usr13> RA_drc: I think it just stays hidden until you move the
mouse up there.
[16:10] <m4xx> i've added a network drive to fstab, the box fails to boot
if the network isn't connected is there an option to keep this from
[16:10] <Dr_Willis> global menu hides till pointer is on it.
[16:10] <RA_drc> usr13: that's not the case, i've moved my mouse up
there, and nothing shows up
[16:10] <arooni-mobile__> Dr_Willis, what would you recommend?
[16:10] <Dr_Willis> m4xx: the noauto option will stop it from auto
[16:10] <Dr_Willis> m4xx: and the user option would let the user mount
it when they wanted to.
[16:11] <roue> usr13 that seems to have eucalyptus-cc (2.0+bzr1241-
0ubuntu4.2) but I'm looking for eucalyptus-cc (2.0+bzr1241-0ubuntu4.1)
(not the trailing 1 instead of 2)
[16:11] <Dr_Willis> arooni-mobile__: I always use that usb adaptor for
mine. it always works. :)
[16:11] <usr13> m4xx: pastebinit /etc/fstab #Send resultin URL. Let us
have a look.
[16:11] <RA_drc> Dr_Willis: i'm not talking about the global menu, i'm
taking about the menu bar for individual applications - i.e., the *top*
toolbar like i mentioned earlier. whether i'm using the calculator,
terminal, or document viewer, there is no top menubar available
[16:11] <Dr_Willis> RA_drc: if the global menu thing some how crashed..
they may not be showing.
[16:11] <m4xx> gimme a sec, lemme try to get it connected to the network
[16:11] <RA_drc> Dr_Willis: how could i restart it
[16:12] <Dr_Willis> RA_drc: not sure :) log out/back in perhaps?
[16:12] <usr13> roue:
[16:12] <Polah> RA_drc: The top bar that has "File Edit" and so on in
Unity is shown on the top panel instead
[16:12] <usr13> roue:
[16:12] <RA_drc> Dr_Willis: and what do you mean by global menu thing?
there's a bar on the left hand side of the screen, and that's working
[16:13] <Dr_Willis> RA_drc: the left side thing is the panel. In unity
all the 'menus' are not in th eprograms windows any more. but in the top
[16:13] <RA_drc> Polah: i have no way of dragging/minimizing individual
[16:14] <Dr_Willis> sounds like your settings maybe all messed up
[16:14] <RA_drc> Dr_Willis: on top of the individual window, not the top
of the screen
[16:14] <Polah> Ra_drc: Do you have a border on the windows?
[16:14] <usr13> RA_drc: Alt-left-mouse-button
[16:14] <roue> usr13 thanks much
[16:14] <usr13> NP
[16:14] <RA_drc> usr13: that was helpful, thanks
[16:15] <usr13> NP
[16:15] <RA_drc> Polah: doesn't seem liek it
[16:16] <Dr_Willis> Hmm the menus have been moved from the app window to
the upper panel. thats the point of the global menu.
[16:16] <Dr_Willis> heres some videos of it.. and how to disable it.
[16:17] <Dr_Willis> Hmm. lots of videos there.. :)
[16:17] <Polah> RA_drc: You have the contents of the windows but no bar
on top with an exit button or suchlike, or a border? Sounds like your
window manager isn't functioning.
[16:17] <wynn> hook: to answer your previous question (that I just saw) I
found the network traffic from the wifi light flashing all the time, with
no net apps running an no apparent net process running...
[16:17] <RA_drc> Dr_Willis: the global menu is working fine, it's just
that there are no bars on top of the individual windows like there
normally would be
[16:17] <RA_drc> Polah: that's exactly my problem
[16:17] <Dr_Willis> RA_drc: you mean the window title bar then....
[16:18] <Dr_Willis> RA_drc: run 'compiz --replace' if its the
title/decorations that are mising. :) or 'metacity --replace'
[16:18] <Dr_Willis> compiz must have crashed.
[16:19] <valthyx> hello, is there any library for ARP? for example, a
sniffer has winpcap/libcap as it's library
[16:20] <tmus> valthyx, ldd /usr/sbin/arp
[16:20] <cheako> Hello, ne1 using mcxv with r600 DRI drivers?
[16:20] <cheako> mesa?
[16:20] <tmus> valthyx, is that what you meant?
[16:21] <valthyx> tmus, no, i means something like, a library where i
could perform numerous ARP operations like gratuitos arp, arp lookup and
so on
[16:21] <RA_drc> Dr_Willis: no, i meant exactly what i said, not what you
thought i meant. always and exactly.
[16:21] <alexd285> hello, I have the gst-keyboard-xkb id:805747 bug and I
cannot fix it, any ideas?
[16:21] <cheako> valthyx: pcap
[16:21] <RA_drc> Dr_Willis: but what you suggested worked, so thanks
[16:22] <valthyx> cheako, is it similar to winpcap?
[16:22] <cheako> should let you build and use custom packates, yeah.
[16:22] <tmus> valthyx, that *might* be the vdso library, but I'm not
really sure...
[16:22] <RobinJ> Great... I think Ubuntu's killing my battery
[16:23] <gentoo-intel> RobinJ, did you just come from windows?
[16:23] <Dr_Willis> RA_drc: the 'menubar' is not the 'title bar'
[16:23] <RobinJ> the battery's capacity is only 36% left, 2 days ago it
was stil 60%
[16:23] <tmus> valthyx, as far as i know, vdso provides some hooks into
the kernel - which might be able to help here...
[16:23] <RobinJ> gentoo-intel: no windblows here
[16:23] <poridge> how can i set it up so users don't have access to list
files in other peoples home folders?
[16:23] <gentoo-intel> RobinJ, i was only going to say that newer kernels
seem to use much more battery
[16:23] <valthyx> i am not sure if winpcap could really craft custom
packets, as far as i know, they are used for sniffing
[16:23] <RobinJ> gentoo-intel: and i mean the total energy it holds when
fully charged, not just how much it's charged
[16:24] <Dr_Willis> bbl off to the dr office.
[16:24] <Polah> RobinJ: 2.6.38 kernel has known power issues, not sure if
they've been patched or anything.
[16:24] <valthyx> tmus, ok, will check that out
[16:24] <do0> hi
[16:24] <gentoo-intel> Polah, nope kernels > 3 are even worse
[16:24] <RobinJ> Polah: not talking here about a battery wich drains
quickly on ubuntu, i mean the actual hardware
[16:25] <alexd285> RobinJ power regression is not fixed in 3.1 kernel
also. you have to w8 more
[16:25] <do0> There is a tool which compile python script like python2exe
[16:25] <RobinJ> its maximum capacity
[16:25] <RobinJ> alex__c2022: is "power regression" supposed to KILL MY
[16:25] <RobinJ> IN 2 DAYS TIME?
[16:25] <cheako> valthyx: forge.happypacket.com
[16:25] <RobinJ> it takes 2 hours to charge and only 20 to discharge
[16:26] <do0> python2exe for windows which is for Linux(Ubuntu) please?
[16:26] <RobinJ> in the beginning it was the other way around
[16:26] <and7ey> hi all, where should I ask questions about cross
compilation on ubuntu?
[16:26] <shomon> do0, "python"?
[16:26] <valthyx> cheako, will check that out
[16:26] <Polah> RobinJ: You just said you thought Ubuntu was killing. If
it's your hardware then it's not Ubuntu unless it's being misused.
=== alazare6110 is now known as alazare619
[16:26] <shomon> ah you mean something to convert a py file to an exe?
[16:27] <RobinJ> Polah: can forcing active state power management lead to
this? :s
[16:27] <Darshan_> need help with postfix
[16:27] <RobinJ> even after it has been disabled again?
[16:27] <do0> shomon, yeah script.py to script or script.exe(after
[16:27] <Polah> RobinJ: No idea. Also, you just said it was on 60% two
days ago and is now on 30%, right?
[16:27] <poridge> how can i set it up so users don't have access to list
files in other users home directories?
[16:27] <RobinJ> yes
=== dfacto is now known as dfacto82
[16:28] <Polah> RobinJ: Without being used?
[16:28] <RobinJ> nç
[16:28] <RobinJ> *no
[16:28] <RobinJ> please READ
[16:29] <do0> shomon, I think there is a tool in Synaptic but i forgot
[16:29] <Darshan_> any body
[16:29] <cheako> valthyx: pcap can be used to build custom packets.
[16:29] <RobinJ> i am not talking about "x% full", i am talking about the
maximum power it can hold when fully charged
[16:29] <Darshan_> need help with postfix mail server
[16:29] <shomon> not sure, but you could ask in #python, do0
[16:29] <RA_drc> and7ey: what is your question
[16:29] <valthyx> cheako, ok, thanks i will try to look at the
documentation again, i think i missed it
[16:29] <valthyx> thank a lot guys
[16:30] <do0> shomon, oh yeah
[16:30] <Nasked> Buenas tardes
[16:30] <tmus> valthyx, not sure at all though - could be in libc as
[16:30] <shomon> sorry not to be more help do0 - I'm sure you can do it
[16:30] <and7ey> RA_drc: I am trying to cross compile application for my
router (asus rt-n16) and it fails.. looking for right IRC channel to
resolve that
[16:30] <valthyx> okay, thanks
[16:31] <RobinJ> OMG
[16:31] <ActionParsnip> woot
[16:32] <Escherial> hey, so the "powerpoint" component of libreoffice
seems to crash everything when i open a certain pptx file, taking me all
the way back to the login screen
[16:32] <Escherial> how is that possible? if it's just libreoffice
crashing, why would it bring down the whole thing like that?
[16:32] <poridge> how can i set it up so users don't have access to list
files in other users home directories?
=== ralphholzmann is now known as ralphholzmann_di
[16:32] <Escherial> (not sure if it's the window manager that's crashing,
or X, or what)
=== ralphholzmann_di is now known as ralph_dicks
=== ralph_dicks is now known as ralphholdsmen
[16:33] <RA_drc> and7ey: you could try ##linux
[16:34] <ActionParsnip> Escherial: which libreoffice version do you have?
[16:34] <sburwood1> Is there a way to use one screen in a "split-screen"
manner to, for example, open a web browser on the left half of the screen
and LibreOffice on the other side?
[16:34] <cheako> Hello, ne1 using mcxv with r600 DRI/mesa drivers?
=== neology_ is now known as neology
[16:35] <ActionParsnip> Escherial: could try: mv ~/.libreoffice
~/.libreoffice_old    then retry, may help
=== ralphholdsmen is now known as ralphholzmann
[16:35] <Escherial> ActionParsnip: v3.3.3. let me know if you need any
more information, and thanks :)
[16:36] <Escherial> i'm mostly just surprised that a single program could
cause the os to crash hard enough to require having to log in again
[16:36] <Escherial> perhaps that's naive
[16:37] <poridge> how can i set it up so users don't have access to list
files in other users home directories?
[16:37] <ActionParsnip> Escherial: try the rename
[16:37] <Escherial> right, just tried it; let's see what happens :3
[16:38] <Escherial> if i don't respond, it's because everything crashed
again @_@
=== g__ is now known as Ruthgard
[16:39] <ActionParsnip> sburwood1: compiz has a feature which mimicks the
aero snap
[16:40] <sburwood1> ActionParsnip: Can you be more detailed? I've heard
of compiz, I have 11.04, but, as you may imagine, I'm a relative n00b at
so much
[16:40] <ActionParsnip> sburwood1: do you use desktop effects on your
[16:41] <mrskite> hello everyone, i have accidentily installed grub
legacy and now my grub menu doesn't come up and and i need to install
grub2 again
[16:41] <Escherial> ActionParsnip: yep, crashed again, taking me all the
way back to the login
[16:41] <mrskite> any help appreciated :-)
[16:41] <ActionParsnip> mrskite: you can do it from liveCD using a chroot
[16:41] <Escherial> (this is after renaming ~/.libreoffice to
~/.libreoffice_old, which incidentally caused libreoffice impress to
complain a few times of missing "BASICS" files before it crashed)
[16:42] <sburwood1> ActionParsnip: Desktop effects? I'm using the Ubuntu
desktop as opposed to the Ubuntu classic version
[16:42] <ActionParsnip> Escherial: could grab the debs for 3.4 and see if
it helps
[16:42] <poridge> how can i set it up so users don't have access to list
files in other users home directories?
[16:42] <ActionParsnip> sburwood1: yes, you can have effects with that,
like cube desktop and wobbly windows etc
[16:42] <Escherial> perhaps there's some other program i could use to
edit powerpoint files? i'm not attached to libreoffice in any way
[16:42] <miranda> hey can some one help me with this problem: when i use
my sound buttons on my keyboard the following happens: first of all the
little menu to adjust sound starts to flicker, then my menu's at the top
don't work any more, i cant type normal and can't move any windows...
please help
[16:42] <sburwood1> ActionParsnip: I haven't done anything like that. If
there something to download in the Software center?
[16:43] <Escherial> sburwood1: there's a compiz configuration tool that's
available via the package manager, lets you get at all of those
interesting settings
[16:43] <mrskite> ActionParsnip: ok thanks, how do i use a chroot?
[16:43] <belarm> Anyone had issues with X11 forwarding from 10.04.3
desktop (X11 client/"where it runs") to 10.10 desktop (X11 server/"where
it displays")?
[16:43] <ActionParsnip> poridge: sudo chmod o-rxw /home/username
this will give ONLY the owner and its group access to the data (and root
[16:43] <sburwood1> Escherial: You mean ccsm?
[16:43] <ActionParsnip> mrskite: there are guides all over
[16:44] <ActionParsnip> sburwood1: yes, ccsm is the config tool for
[16:44] <mang0> is xine like vlc? It can play almost every vid format?
[16:44] <ActionParsnip> mang0: there is a shared source of plugins, so
anything one player can play, another can
[16:45] <Uncle2> hi
[16:45] <Uncle2> where can i find a folder with my ubuntu cursors
[16:45] <Uncle2> ?
[16:45] <ActionParsnip> poridge: its good to do on multiuser systems :)
[16:45] <mang0> ActionParsnip okay cool. And which media player is
smaller (file size way)
[16:45] <poridge> ActionParsnip: thanks
[16:45] <sburwood1> ActionParsnip: Because I also saw something in the
package manager called"Simple CompizConfig Settings Manager". That is
not the same thing or what? I have one called ccsm and the thing I
mention here
[16:45] <coconutz> hey, i installed ubuntu 11.4 with 2 tb hd
[16:46] <coconutz> and i got grub error
[16:46] <mang0> !grub > coconutz
[16:46] <ubottu> coconutz, please see my private message
[16:46] <mrskite> ok, i dont understand for what kind of guide i should
be looking for
[16:46] <ActionParsnip> sburwood1: similar, if you install compizconfig-
settings-manager   you will have the full range and can enable the grid
plugin which gives the feature
[16:46] <m4xx> !grub > m4xx
[16:46] <ubottu> m4xx, please see my private message
[16:47] <sburwood1> ActionParsnip: I am in ccsm. So I look for something
called "grid" and check it?
[16:47] <miranda> hey can some one help me with this problem: when i use
my sound buttons on my keyboard the following happens: first of all the
little menu to adjust sound starts to flicker, then my menu's at the top
don't work any more, i cant type normal and can't move any windows...
please help
[16:48] <wynn> hook: Thanks. Tracked it down to a typo in my port
forwarding settings. I opened up 1000 incoming ports... oops.
=== asdasdakhul is now known as akSeya
[16:48] <wynn> h00k:
[16:48] <sburwood1> ActionParsnip: I have "grid' checked already. I do
what to do the split screen?
[16:49] <ActionParsnip> sburwood1: ok then drag a window to the left side
of the screen, see what happens ;)
[16:49] <akSeya> hi folks
[16:49] <akSeya> i have a problem with atftpd here.. when I start it,
syslog says atftpd: invalid IP address
[16:51] <belarm> akSeya, not knowing atftpd in particular, it sounds like
you probably need to set a listening IP address in your config file. Can
you paste your config file (as per the title instructions) and let me
take a look?
[16:51] <sburwood1> ActionParsnip: That's great ! Any other things that
I can do with ccsm that won't destroy the system?
[16:51] <LearnUbuntu> Ubuntu 11.04, when i apply this it shows nothing "$
sudo plymouthd; plymouth --show-splash; for((I=0;I<10;I++)); do plymouth
--update=test$I; sleep 1; done; plymouth quit" i tried this:
[16:51] <akSeya> belarm: here you are http://paste.pocoo.org/show/471398/
[16:52] <akSeya> belarm: i tried to remove the multicast IP but didn't
[16:52] <lucid_> hmm
[16:52] <ActionParsnip> sburwood1: my compiz knowledge is limited
[16:52] <akSeya> also, I have disabled my IPv6 but didn't work either
[16:53] <belarm> Are you using it to do multicast?
[16:53] <poitee> Im having a hard time getting dual monitors going with
an nvidia card.. card is a gtx 550 ti one DVI out and one HDMI out... no
video through HDMI.. it recognizes the monitor just will not display..
[16:53] <mang0> Is it possible to manage my ipod through ubuntu? Like
have all my music on ubuntu etc etc?
[16:53] <miranda> hey can some one help me with this problem: when i use
my sound buttons on my keyboard the following happens: first of all the
little menu to adjust sound starts to flicker, then my menu's at the top
don't work any more, i cant type normal and can't move any windows...
please help
[16:54] <belarm> akSeya, are you using it to do multicast?
[16:54] <akSeya> nope
[16:54] <LearnUbuntu> Is this still a bug?
[16:54] <xangua> mang0: music at least yes
[16:55] <belarm> Are you using any of its advanced features?
[16:55] <akSeya> nope
[16:56] <mang0> xangua I have an old (2nd/3rd gen) iPod nano, 2GB (!).
Would I be able to manage my photo's and music on my iPod through
ubuntu...? If so, can you point me to some helpful web pages?
[16:56] <mang0> lmgtfy doesn't count ;)
[16:56] <akSeya> belarm: I just found a strange thing... i have this
setting in /etc/default/atftpd ... in /etc/init.d/atftpd I have the
[16:56] <shadowman> swf plugins
[16:56] <belarm> Then I'd suggest a simpler server - or removing all of
the mcast-related options from /etc/default/atftpd.
[16:56] <akSeya> and nowhere in there have anything calling
[16:56] <belarm> That is strange. Does it have an xinetd entry?
[16:57] <akSeya> belarm: i have tried tftpd and tftpd-hpa but they didn't
work either
[16:57] <xangua> mang0: you can manage music with banshee, the default
[16:57] <akSeya> no xinetd
[16:57] <belarm> Do you have xinetd installed & running?
[16:58] <Escherial> anyone happen to know of an alternative to
libreoffice impress? every time i try to open this particular pptx file,
it crashes my machine
[16:59] <mang0> openoffice is an alt to libre
[16:59] <Escherial> i'm kind of curious about what's going on with it,
too...what would cause you to have to log in again?
[16:59] <Lasers> mang0: They're the same thing.
[16:59] <mneptok> Escherial: try opening it as a Google Doc?
[16:59] <akSeya> belarm: it is
[16:59] <Escherial> mneptok: not a bad idea :3 thanks
[16:59] <belarm> Actually, akSeya, I'm running tftpd-hpa without inetd.
=== pulgoki_ is now known as pulgoki
[16:59] <mang0> Lasers eh? Confused....I've got open office on one
computer, and it's the latest version, called open office. On here, it's
libre office, latest.
[17:00] <akSeya> belarm: I'll remove atftp and try tftpd-hpa again
[17:00] <akSeya> hold on
[17:00] <belarm> akSeya, I may have just found a bug report that refers
to this.
[17:00] <mneptok> FTP? really? /me checks what year this is.
[17:00] <Lasers> mang0: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LibreOffice
[17:00] <calamari> I've been at 1280x960 on this CRT, and I'm considering
a 1920x1080 LCD. I adjusted my resolution to 1920x1440 and increased the
Gnome DPI setting from 96 to 144. That got the fonts the right size but
they are kinda thick and ugly now. Am I doing it wrong?
[17:01] <mang0> Lasers: Ah, gotcha.
[17:01] * mang0 facepalms
[17:01] <belarm> tftp, actually, mneptok, and it's still very useful in
certain situations (it's needed for netbooting and distributing files &
firmware to network equipment).
=== xtor_ is now known as extor
=== coconutz is now known as Guest95854
[17:02] <akSeya> belarm: init: tftpd-hpa main process (18794) killed by
TERM signal
[17:02] <belarm> That's what you get after trying to start it?
[17:02] <mneptok> belarm: TFTP secluded to the local network is not
terrible. but as an actual userspace transfer protocol, FTP has been
[17:03] <akSeya> belarm: yeap
[17:03] <belarm> Yes, mneptok. FTP is. TFTP is, as I said, still very
useful - just not for humans.
[17:03] <belarm> Well, akSeya, that's not good.
[17:04] <akSeya> belarm: may I see your configuration file?
[17:04] <mneptok> belarm: exactly! do NOT let meat speak any sort of FTP.
silicon can somewhat more trustworthy. ;)
=== raju1 is now known as genupulas
[17:04] <p2bne> hi there.I need a little support with my new ubuntu
[17:04] <akSeya> belarm: mine is the default
[17:04] <p2bne> actually with the ati card
[17:04] <Guest95854> anyone can help ? 2tb hd install on ubuntu dont work
[17:04] <Lasers> p2bne: Ask away. Just spit it out.
[17:04] <mneptok> akSeya: how is TFTPd being invoked?
[17:05] <belarm> ...though I did recently set up an FTP server for a 4TB
file transfer from another university.
[17:05] <pzn> I have many problems in my ubuntu 11.04. something has
crashed :-) many screens are with weird chars. example clock-set-screen:
http://static.inky.ws/image/636/image.jpg how to fix this? any package
should be reinstalled?
[17:05] <calamari> oh, fixed it! changed hinting to None and it looks a
ton better
[17:05] <belarm> akSeya, I'm using the standard options, but from
/etc/default/tftpd-hpa, not inetd.
[17:05] <mneptok> akSeya: and be aware, a lot of daemons deliberately
break their default config file to ensure admins actually look at it and
edit it for their environment. you'll want to step through that file
[17:06] <akSeya> hold on
[17:06] <belarm> The issue you were originally having with atftpd seems
like it could have been caused by not specifying a --bind-address option
if you have more than one NIC.
[17:06] * lethu is away: Awwwwway...
[17:06] <belarm> mneptok, I've yet to see that behavior in an Ubuntu
[17:07] <mneptok> belarm: it's still a good idea to actually parse config
files rather than invoke the daemon with the default, IMO
[17:07] <vibhav> hi
=== [-supNow- is now known as supNow
[17:08] <bigonrice> uh hello?
[17:08] <belarm> mneptok: I agree in principle, but when you're setting
up a home/small server, simply having sane defaults for most of the
dozens of services you start with will usually suffice.
[17:09] <guest34> hi!
[17:09] <akSeya> ok.. netstat shows     udp        0      0 *:tftp
[17:09] <akSeya> but get and put say Transfer tied out.
[17:09] <mneptok> belarm: you know that line between detail-orientation
and anal-retention? it's usally somewhere behind me. ;)
[17:09] <akSeya> s/tied/timed
[17:09] <p2bne> hi, my problem is, it looks ubuntu is using sandy bridge
instead of ati graphic card
[17:10] <belarm> akSeya, which server are you currently running?
[17:10] <bigonrice> Hi everyone I have a question will Mac PC games work
on ubuntu its also linux right?
[17:10] <bullgard4_> I just did an update using UpdateManager. 180 MB
have been downloaded. I was asked to restaart the computer. Now I do not
have Internet access through my ADSL router. The ethernet connection is
functional. '~$ route' shows normal output. '~$ sudo dhclient eth0;
RTNETLINK answers: File exists.' This answer is unusual. How to proceed?
[17:10] <akSeya> tftpd-hpa
[17:10] <p2bne> how to set it up?
[17:10] <mneptok> p2bne: disable the onboard in the BIOS?
[17:10] <Escherial> ok, no idea what's going on with this thing now @_@ i
restarted completely, and it seems that it's switched to some other theme
entirely. selecting a new theme in the "appearance" control panel does
[17:11] <akSeya> belarm: here is it's config file
[17:11] <xangua> bigonrice: osx is not linux #fail
[17:11] <vibhav> bullgard4_ your intwr
[17:11] <belarm> akSeya, you read my mind.
[17:11] <p2bne> oh god, not as brute force as this?
[17:11] <bullgard4_> vibhav: I beg your pardon?
[17:11] <Escherial> actually, i take that back; it does somewhat change
things, but not completely...?
[17:11] <bigonrice> hey no reason to be rude
[17:11] <belarm> akSeya, that is exactly what I have in mine, and it
matches what netstat shows. What are you using as a client?
[17:11] <p2bne> I mean, software-side, any idea?
[17:11] <akSeya> tftp in command line
[17:11] <Escherial> brb, attempting a logout/login to hopefully resolve
[17:12] <vibhav> bullgard4_ your internet dies not work?
[17:12] <bigonrice> Anyways take care
[17:12] <akSeya> from tftp-hpa package
[17:12] <bullgard4_> vibhav: Please use better English. I do not
understand you.
[17:13] <p2bne> ubuntu actually sees the graphiccard, I justthinkthe
intel oneisselected
[17:13] <p2bne> sorry for my space bar
[17:13] <vibhav> bullgard4_ sorry , my iphone dictionary sucks
=== sergio91pt_ is now known as sergio91pt
[17:13] <Melior> I just dl ubuntu desktop from official site, but does it
have raid support? Command is not found: cat /proc/mdstat
[17:14] <belarm> akSeya, have you made any changes to the default
[17:14] <bullgard4_> vibhav: I see.
[17:14] <vibhav> !raid | Melior
[17:14] <ubottu> Melior: Tips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on
https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID and
http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO - For software RAID, see
[17:14] <belarm> akSeya: Also, does the transfer work if you connect from
the same host running the server?
[17:14] <Melior> vibhav: yes, but what am i missing? Could it be that i
run the live version?
[17:14] <Escherial> seems like things are somewhat back to normal...it's
back to the default theme, at least, and not some weird hodgepodge of
"dust" and another theme
[17:15] <Melior> or just need the alternate version?
[17:15] <pzn> what is wrong with my 11.04?
http://static.inky.ws/image/636/image.jpg this is the clock set screen.
many other screens are with the same problem
[17:15] <mang0> xangua I plugged in my iPod but I get this:
[17:15] <vibhav> Melior ....could be....
[17:17] <Melior> vibhav: i don't want to install ubuntu on raid disks. i
think that's what the alternative version is for. Just need to mount it
[17:17] <akSeya> belarm: no changes to the firewall... on the same
machine it works
[17:17] <vibhav> Melior ok....Best of luck!
[17:19] <Paolo_CT> Is there a deja dup channel?
[17:19] <Paolo_CT> When I try to recover a backup I have on my server,
which has a los of gpg's, It will erase almost everything and It leaves
me with only one backup (from almost 300 gpg's, now I only have 15)
[17:20] <Paolo_CT> *a lot
[17:21] <vibhav> g
[17:21] <ActionParsnip> mang0: do you have ifuse installed?
[17:21] <mang0> ActionParsnip No, I just plugged in the iPod and hoped
for the best :/
[17:21] <mang0> sudo apt-get ifuse?
[17:22] <ActionParsnip> mang0: sudo apt-get install ifuse
[17:22] <mang0> ActionParsnip that's what I mean :P
[17:22] <mang0> ActionParsnip done
[17:22] <vibhav> Paolo_CT i never heard of a drja dup channel....you
could use the fourms
[17:23] <ActionParsnip> mang0: it's different, ifuse is not an
instruction to apt-get, install is
[17:23] <mang0> Oh I see, okay
[17:23] <mang0> well done sudo apt-get install ifuse anyhow
[17:24] <mang0> ActionParsnip do I have to do anything else now?
=== King is now known as Guest9768
[17:24] <robertahilljr> hi all, has anyone had any luck getting a tablet
laptop combi fully working on 11.04?
[17:24] <ActionParsnip> mang0: try reconnecting the device, I only know
of ifuse, I don't use apple rubbish
[17:24] <mang0> XD
[17:25] <mang0> ActionParsnip same error as before :/
[17:25] <vibhav> robertahilljr There have been cases of people usinf the
on screen keyboard on it
[17:26] <robertahilljr> vibhav: i got all that working, only issue I have
is screen rotation
[17:26] <vibhav> robertahilljr screen rotatipn
[17:26] <ActionParsnip> mang0: try a reboot with teh device detatched,
when you connect it you should be able to access it in the left pane of
nautilus like a standard usb drive
[17:27] <MagePsycho> hi guys
[17:27] <ben_stein> oO
[17:27] <MagePsycho> i have 10 folders .. and i want to exclude 1 or 2
folder and copy rest
[17:27] <ActionParsnip> mang0: could also try banshee etc
[17:27] <MagePsycho> how do to that
[17:27] <MagePsycho> cp .... ?
[17:27] <Escherial> having a really difficult time installing libreoffice
3.4 :\ the package manager complains that it can't satisfy a dependency
for libobasis3.4-core01
[17:28] <mang0> ActionParsnip okay, thanks :)
[17:28] <ActionParsnip> MagePsycho: press CTRL+A then hold ctrl and click
the folders you don't want to copy, right cick the selection and click
[17:28] <vibhav> magepsycho use crtl - click on floders you want to copy
[17:28] <Tophat> I have a Dell GX260 trying to install Server 10.04 LTS
via CD.   Can not start install with USB keyboard/mouse
[17:28] <ben_stein> MagePsycho are you psychotic or a psychopath?
[17:28] <Tophat> I have upgraded BIOS to the latest A09 with no luck
[17:28] <MagePsycho> no i am on SSH terminal
[17:28] <MagePsycho> i can't do such copy pate
[17:28] <ben_stein> oh,i see
[17:28] <MagePsycho> cp ... ... ?
[17:29] <tom9876543> could someone help me with google earth please? it
is saying it can't connect to server
[17:29] <Paolo_CT> vibhav: OK, I will try the forum, anyways is there any
one here that understand well deja-dup, the forum will make take sometime
to get an answer, and I need to recover asap (Really important data)
[17:30] <robertahilljr> vibhav: I've got grandr installed the propriatry
drivers, but will not allow screen rotation, let alone pen aswell
[17:31] <robertahilljr> vibhav: dispite screen would rotate in 10.04
[17:32] <ben_stein> what is a good network traffic analyzer for ubuntu
[17:32] <ActionParsnip> ben_stein: ntop
[17:32] <ben_stein> for a single computer or a small network
[17:32] <ActionParsnip> yes
[17:32] <ben_stein> thanks
[17:35] <p2bne> sorry how is it possible to switch between two graphic
cards in ubuntu?
=== baggar11_ is now known as baggar11
[17:37] <natalie> hallo
[17:38] <charlos> Hello all
=== charlos is now known as Charlos
[17:39] <Charlos> who can to help me about how to command for sbnc ?
[17:40] <cmdbbq> can anyone help me with what i believe to be nvidia
driver errors?
[17:41] <poitee> cmdbbq Im in the same boat
[17:42] <MagePsycho> any command for me guys
[17:43] <MagePsycho> i have 10 folders .. and i want to exclude 1 or 2
folder and copy rest, how do to that ?
[17:43] <MagePsycho> cp * - foldernottocopy destination-folder
[17:43] <MagePsycho> ???
[17:44] <shomon> I think either cp or rsync has an exclude option, or you
could use pipes?
[17:44] <AJ_Z0> MagePsycho: cp -r dir1 dir2 dir4 dir7 ... /new/dir/
[17:44] <Charlos> how to search for sbnc ? I already install done in
[17:45] <cmdbbq> right now the box just boots to a blank screen
[17:45] <DeltaEpsilon> another question related to Ubuntu. it looks like
an gnome-panel applet crashes from time to time during startup. Does any
one experiencing this problem?
[17:45] <pzn> need a minimal hint about where to start about solving this
issue: http://static.inky.ws/image/636/image.jpg ubunbu11.4 clock set
screen, same problem on many other windows
[17:46] <sharat> when i press the Fn keys for brightness on my hp
pavilion laptop i can see the indicator changing but there is no change
in screen brightness. what must be the issue?
[17:46] <glebihan> DeltaEpsilon, it happens sometimes, it's a known bug
in gnome2 : https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=637219
[17:46] <ubottu> Gnome bug 637219 in Panel "Some of gnome applets in
panel sometimes crashes on startup" [Normal,Unconfirmed]
[17:47] <glebihan> DeltaEpsilon, unfortunately I'm not sure it will get
fixed as gnome 2 is on the way out
[17:47] <DeltaEpsilon> glebihan, it is these kind of basic features
problem that make me go back to Windows 7 every time
[17:47] <MagePsycho> i currently noticed that i have 30 folders n files
.. n i want to copy all those except one folder called: var to new
directory.. can you help me command for this guy?
[17:47] <DeltaEpsilon> win 7 is rock solid :-(
[17:48] <elgruntox> anyone know why when i turn off my laptops monitor in
monitor settings my external goes black and all I can see is the mouse
[17:48] <rhin0> is it hell
[17:48] <DeltaEpsilon> it is sad to see these small bugs still exist in
Ubuntu after so many years!
[17:48] <Arthur7x> Does somebody know a program in Linux which changes
webcam's view so you can show what you're viewing on your computer
instead of showing what the webcam is facing?
[17:48] <elgruntox> DeltaEpsilon: ya ive been trying for 2 days now to
get a damn external monitor working in ubuntu
[17:49] <elgruntox> when in windows i just plug it in and it works
[17:49] <rhin0> deltaepsilon can you get off the "anti ubuntu" diatribe
... there are no fundamental bugs in ubuntu -- there are FAR more in
[17:49] <rhin0> monitor problems will just be your laptop
[17:49] <DeltaEpsilon> rhin0, sorry, but in my experience win 7 is rock
[17:49] <Arthur7x> Does somebody know a program in Linux which changes
webcam's view so you can show what you're viewing on your computer
instead of showing what the webcam is facing?
[17:49] <rhin0> function key screen switch etc
[17:49] <elgruntox> what
[17:50] <rhin0> deltaepsilon in my experience ubuntu is rock solid
[17:50] <elgruntox> how is it just my laptop
[17:50] <blizzow> How do I config the screensaver in oneiric?
[17:50] <IdleOne> !ot
[17:50] <elgruntox> i can see the mouse on my external display
[17:50] <ubottu> #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-
related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics
(though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!
[17:50] <oCean> DeltaEpsilon, rhin0 ok, enough. Please drop the windows-
ubuntu discussion
[17:50] <elgruntox> its an ubuntu problem not a laptop problem
[17:50] <DeltaEpsilon> elgruntox, what gfx card?
[17:50] <elgruntox> intel 3000 integrated
[17:51] <DeltaEpsilon> elgruntox, I also have that card
[17:51] <DeltaEpsilon> elgruntox, what are you trying to do>?
[17:51] <elgruntox> use my external monitor as the main display
[17:51] <Arthur7x> Does somebody know a program in Linux which changes
webcam's view so you can show what you're viewing on your computer
instead of showing what the webcam is facing?
[17:52] <elgruntox> right now it only lets me set it to 1024x768 when i
click share views
[17:52] <elgruntox> or w/e in monitor settings
[17:52] <DeltaEpsilon> elgruntox, I might be able to help you with your
problem. lucky you :-) hang on
[17:52] <elgruntox> i dont want multiple screens i just want my main
monitor to be used
[17:52] <elgruntox> since the screen on my laptop is broken
[17:53] <DeltaEpsilon> elgruntox, xrandr --output VGA1 --auto --output
LVDS1 --off --primary
[17:53] <DeltaEpsilon> run that command
[17:54] <elgruntox> should i repalce vga1 with hdmi1
[17:54] <elgruntox> since im outputting over hdmi
[17:54] <DeltaEpsilon> elgruntox, yes, if you are using hdmi
[17:55] <DeltaEpsilon> elgruntox, xrandr --query     this will list the
[17:55] <elgruntox> neat that worked
[17:55] <elgruntox> now how do i make this the default
[17:55] <elgruntox> i think the refresh rate is a little off though
[17:55] <elgruntox> its pretty fuzzy
[17:56] <DeltaEpsilon> elgruntox, go to the keyboard shortcut utility of
[17:56] <DeltaEpsilon> add a shortcut by using that command
[17:56] <DeltaEpsilon> then use e.g. win key + F3 as shortcut
[17:56] <DeltaEpsilon> xrandr --output LVDS1 --auto --output VGA1 --off -
[17:56] <elgruntox> how do i change the refresh rate
[17:56] <DeltaEpsilon> that is the command to switch back to the laptop
monitor, replace VGA1 with HDMI1
=== X_ is now known as FreeNET
[17:57] <DeltaEpsilon> elgar, it should be in the screen preference tool
of gnome
[17:57] <DeltaEpsilon> elgruntox, ^^
[17:57] <elgruntox> hm
[17:57] <elgruntox> in the monitor settings it only says 60hz
[17:57] <elgruntox> and i cant change it
[17:57] <elgruntox> unless thats the wrong menu
[17:57] <DeltaEpsilon> then you can't change it
[17:58] <elgar> What should be? I wasn't chatting (that I knew of).
[17:58] <elgruntox> welp
[17:58] <DeltaEpsilon> elgruntox, why do you want to change it.
[17:58] <elgruntox> i dont know it seems a little fuzzy
[17:58] <elgruntox> like the rate is too high
[17:58] <cmdbbq> when i load grub and try to boot into recovery, i get a
list of options including clean, dpkg, failsafeX, netroot, root, etc. the
dpkg option tries to fix broken installations, but it can't resolve the
server to generate a new database. what command could i run from the
networked root prompt that would attempt the same fix?
[17:58] <elgar> ahhh, I was typo'd. Back to sleep.
[17:59] <elgruntox> DeltaEpsilon: so when i reboot will i need to redo
that command
[17:59] <elgruntox> i guess i can just make a hosrtcut for that too
[17:59] <DeltaEpsilon> elgruntox, yes, that's why I tell you to create a
[17:59] <DeltaEpsilon> it is very handy
[18:00] <rickup> Does anyone know of a away to assign a role based on
some field (CCK, Taxonomy, etc) at signup and not after ?
[18:00] <DeltaEpsilon> elgruntox, I can only help you this much. :-)
[18:00] <DeltaEpsilon> good luck
[18:01] <rickup> oops wrong windows sorry
[18:01] <cmdbbq> poitee: what are your nvidia symptoms?
=== errno is now known as errrno
[18:02] <coeos> how can I change the time format on the login screen to
be 24 hours in oneiric?
[18:03] <poitee> unable to use HDMI out as secondaryt monitor on nvidia
[18:04] <oCean> coeos: 11.10 (beta) discussion/help in #ubuntu+1 channel
[18:04] <coeos> oCean, I asked there. nothing but crickets
[18:04] <TheEvilPhoenix> coeos: patience is a virtue
[18:05] <oCean> coeos: that still doesn't make it on topic here. I have
no clue whether it's different between 11.04 and 11.10
[18:05] <cmdbbq> i do not understand how everything could fail so
completely so as to completely fsck xserver. I have reset the xorg.config
and reinstalled the driver and still it freezes!
=== James is now known as Guest68384
=== bl4ckcomb|bnc is now known as bl4ckcomb
[18:06] <coeos> oCean, okay, how does one do it in natty?
[18:06] <oCean> coeos: that was actually my point, I don't know, or I
would've told you :)
[18:07] <Guest68384> Q) has anyone added /boot-isos/.iso to
superGRUB2Disk ? im after a quick how to add files...
[18:07] <pzn> please someone help me. I need a hint about how to start...
my ubuntu is buggy! too many windows with "bugs"... it is a fresh 11.04
alternate 64bits install. see example of a window:
http://static.inky.ws/image/636/image.jpg my computer hardware is ok.
[18:07] <cmdbbq> does anyone know what NetworkManager could do to crash
the xserver?
[18:07] <Guest68384> pzn did the livecd work fine ?
[18:07] <pzn> Guest68384, yes, livecd did OK
[18:08] <coeos> oCean, thanks for the attention (can't say thanks for the
help :) )
[18:08] <MagePsycho> hi
[18:08] <MagePsycho> i tried
[18:08] <MagePsycho> cp !(_projects|_demos|_tmp|_assets) _projects/dev/
[18:08] <MagePsycho> but it didn't work
[18:08] <dr-willis> Guest68384: with the right entry in gryb.cfg it can
work. i got some links at delicious.com/dr_willis
[18:08] <Somelauw> If I have an external harddrive and I want to use it
for both backing up both linux and windows files and you want it to be
very reliable, would you either partition it as nfts or would you double-
partition it with ntfs and ext4?
[18:08] <Guest68384> pzn then there is no reason why it should not just
[18:08] <MagePsycho> jailshell: !: event not found
[18:09] <MagePsycho> cp !(_projects|_demos|_tmp|_assets) _projects/dev/
gave me the following err: jailshell: !: event not found
[18:09] <MagePsycho> any idea guys
[18:09] <Guest68384> dr-willis, im after adding the files to the
directory ie use SG2D as base then include the sub dir with a number of
iso, but i want to make it as an image with growisofs or geniso but im
not sure how.
[18:10] <Guest68384> pzn what are your bugs | issues ?
[18:10] <orazio> hi, when I try to install ubuntu server 32bit 10.04 LTS,
Installation get sstucked on "Partman: No matching phisical volumes
found" "Reading all physical volumes. This may take a long". It remains
there for more than 20 minute! I have a SSD SATA Hard Drive, Corsair F40.
Any hits?
[18:11] <pzn> Guest68384, many screens with "label empty" message... the
shutdown screen has this: "label empty/suspend/hibernate/..." and many
windows with unknown or weird chars
[18:11] <Guest68384> run sudo /etc/init.d restart from a terminal
[18:12] <Guest68384> soz forgot the gdm lol
[18:12] <Guest68384> pzn, sudo /etc/init.d/gdm restart
[18:12] <pzn> Guest68384, full machine reboot does not fix this.
[18:12] <bluj> as of about the last week or two, ubuntu 10.04 cant seem
to keep track of logged in users? e.g. running who is empty, or 'w' says
0 users. i rebooted the box and when i logged in it did work again for a
second, e.g. it should my currently logged in session (1 user). now ive
done some outbound ssh's and its 0 users again, whats up?
[18:12] <Guest68384> or maybe service gdm restart i think its changed..
[18:13] <Guest68384> pzn that just does the gdm, you are running Gnome ?
[18:13] <Guest68384> pzn, what video card you got ?
[18:13] <zteam> Hi
[18:14] <Guest68384> pzn # lspci | grep VGA
[18:14] <ProphetZ> I connect to a hidden wireless network. Any way to
make the system connect automatically upon startup? Right now I have to
select it, then provide Admin password. Not desirable for an "Internet"
[18:14] <zteam> Does anybody here knows if there is a way to restore
systray so any apps can use without changing color of the gnome panel on
the same time
[18:14] <zteam> ?
[18:15] <pzn> Guest68384, yes, running default ubuntu, that is gnome.
"00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Core Processor
Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 02)"
[18:15] <cmdbbq> ok, going through logs, and i have boot errors about
dependancy issues. can anyone help me with using dpkg to scan and repair
installed packages?
[18:16] <Guest68384> check your cable!
=== avengre is now known as avengre_Svr
[18:17] <Guest68384> dr-willis, im looking but cant find anything about
[18:17] <Guest68384> brb
[18:18] <orazio> I seem I have the same problem of the ubuntu forum!
http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1624536    9.04 supports Corsair
SSD Hard drives, whereas 10.04 no. Should be possible?
[18:18] <tasos99> i tried to fsck.ext4 my damaged filesystem from a live
CD but it says its mounted or explicitly opened for another program, what
should i do?
[18:18] <ProphetZ> Is there a good way to make Ubuntu 11.04 connect to a
hidden wireless connection upon startup?
[18:19] <Guest68384> dr-willis, something like :- growisofs -Z
[18:19] <Guest68384> growisofs -M /dev/cdr/boot-isos/ -J -R
/tmp/clonezilla-live-20110721-natty.iso, that works lol
[18:19] <zteam> Does anybody here knows if there is a way to restore
systray so any apps can use without changing color of the systray on the
same time???
[18:21] <pzn> Guest68384, check my cable? it is a notebook :-)
[18:21] <Guest68384> lol
[18:22] <Guest68384> pzn get the updates, sudo apt-get update && sudo
apt-get upgrade, or use the update manager..
[18:23] <pzn> Guest68384, already did this 2 reboots ago :-(
[18:23] <lucenut> So I downloaded easytether for ubuntu and it installed
through the software center. But I can't figure out how to start the
[18:23] <lucenut> I don't see it under Applications. In the software
center the button says "Reinstall" so it looks like it's installed.
[18:23] <mounir> Hi Joey
[18:23] <Guest68384> well i was having issues with intel driver and used
the ppa for upstream and that worked..
[18:23] <Guest68384> pzn, ^
[18:24] <pzn> Guest68384, I'll try the ppa then. thanks!
[18:24] <Guest68384> pzn https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-x-swat/+archive/x-
[18:25] <Guest68384> pzn add update install!
[18:25] <prakas> unity is so terrible. how to disable the left dock bar?
[18:25] <tasos99> i tried to fsck.ext4 my damaged filesystem from a live
CD but it says its mounted or explicitly opened for another program, what
should i do?
[18:26] <Guest68384> has anyone build a custom supergrub2disk that
included other iso on it ? how do you do it!
[18:26] <prakas> is there a way to hide the left dock bar in unity?
[18:26] <prakas> it takes a lot of space
[18:26] <kscloud> so I'm having issues with wireless in Oneiric, anyone
else having issues?
[18:27] <kscloud> (Sometimes it will slow to a crawl and won't go about
4kbps until I plug it into a line)
[18:27] <dr-willis> prakas: ccsm tool has settings for that
[18:28] <prakas> where is the ccsm tool?
[18:29] <prakas> will ubuntu really drop support of gnome 2 shell in
ubuntu 11.10 and higher?
[18:29] <ActionParsnip> prakas: its moving to gnome3
[18:29] <knightstalker> prakas,its dropped in the beta edition
[18:29] <dr-willis> prakas: it allready has been dropped in beta
[18:29] <knightstalker> but in beta edition repositories,we already have
a fall back,which is like gnome 2
[18:30] <prakas> unity is terrible. doesnt let me launch apps easily. i
have to type term in order to launch terminal
[18:30] <prakas> and the left docking bar takes a lot of space
[18:30] <ActionParsnip> prakas: there is an unofficial fork of gnome2
called 'mate' omgubuntu has a story on it
[18:30] <prakas> unity is a step behind! seriously
[18:30] <dr-willis> unuty is not terriable. ut is a work in progress
[18:30] <conathan> I was wondering, ubuntu has /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-
gnu. Where can I find the flags/patches ubuntu used to build binutils
that way?
[18:30] <knightstalker> prakas,fall back mode does the job for you
then,Unity is improved,GNOME Shell is available in repos,and you can
always try Xfce,Kde
[18:30] <mrintegrity> prakas: try gnome3 with gnome-shell.. i am using it
and really got used to it now
[18:30] <dr-willis> prakas: go try the beta.
[18:31] <mrintegrity> not tried unity though
[18:31] <ActionParsnip> prakas: unity2d replaces ubuntu classic in
[18:31] <joe__> 11.04 kills my mini battery! > 1 hour
[18:31] <prakas> does unity2d has menus that can be selected via the
[18:31] <knightstalker> prakas,no... :p,its alot like Unity
[18:31] <prakas> unity doesnt let me use the mouse to launch apps which
is annoying
[18:31] <prakas> lol
[18:32] <xyzzy___> Can I use AppArmor to block network access on a per-
application basis?
[18:32] <prakas> then it is fail!
[18:32] <ActionParsnip> prakas: there are more DEs than gnome, try an
alternative if you dislike unity
[18:32] <prakas> looking up omgbuntu
[18:32] <knightstalker> prakas,as said,use GNOME 3 Fall Back if you enjoy
classic,I am unsure if it will be in repositories of final edition of
11.10,but its in beta repositories so will probably be in 11.10
repositories =)
[18:33] <ActionParsnip> prakas: are you serious? Sure you can launch apps
with mouse
[18:33] <blanche> kiku
[18:33] <blanche> i
[18:33] <blanche> ?
[18:33] <blanche> hi
[18:33] <blanche> f
[18:33] <blanche> f
[18:33] <blanche> f
[18:33] <blanche> f
[18:33] <blanche> f
[18:33] <FloodBot1> blanche: Please don't flood; use
http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.
[18:33] <knightstalker> noob.
[18:34] <cmdbbq> so i have a boot error that says i am missing awk, but i
have mawk and gawk in synaptic.
[18:34] <Pici> knightstalker: we could do without the commentary.
[18:34] <knightstalker> Pici,k :p
[18:34] <Somelauw> If I have an external harddrive and I want to use it
for both backing up both linux and windows files and you want it to be
very reliable, would you either partition it as nfts or would you double-
partition it with ntfs and ext4?
[18:34] <F1skr> for some reason my ethernet card isn't recognized by
ubuntu, it does work if i boot up a live-cd and in windows just not under
this current installation, any ideas how i can troubleshoot this, and fix
[18:34] <ActionParsnip> prakas: click ubuntu icon in top left then drop
down the installed apps, scroll down and you will see ALL available apps.
You can drag them to the unity bar for convenience
[18:34] <prakas> ActionParsnip: yes but i have to click once then type in
the search bar the name of the app to have it displayed and then click,
in case of menus it was easier, just point and another menu pops up
[18:35] <tasos99> i tried to fsck.ext4 my damaged filesystem from a live
CD but it says its mounted or explicitly opened for another program, what
should i do?
[18:35] <urlin2u> Somelauw, ubuntu will read ntfs windows wont read ext4
easily .
[18:35] <joe__> How can I automate backing up files from my ubuntu server
to windows nas
[18:35] <ActionParsnip> prakas: no, you don't HAVE TO type, as I said
[18:35] <cmdbbq> tasos99: open disk utility from System > Administration
and unmount the HDD in question
[18:36] <prakas> ActionParsnip: or click on All Applications or drag them
to the left dock. i dislike the left dock. takes space of my 10" netbook
[18:36] <tasos99> cmdbbq: Im using a live CD, nothing is mounted at all
[18:36] <knightstalker> prakas,search for terminal once,put it in
[18:36] <urlin2u> prakas, try the applications buton in the left menu.
[18:36] <ActionParsnip> joe__: cron is one solution
[18:36] <Somelauw> I heard ubuntu can read ntfs perfectly, but I would
like it if even more people would confirm it.
[18:36] <prakas> i want to get rid of the left dock ;)
[18:36] <F1skr> i run linux 2.6.38-11
[18:36] <knightstalker> Somelauw,it does read it perfect =)
[18:36] <urlin2u> Somelauw, yes it is true.
[18:36] <cmdbbq> tasos99: it may have automounted the hdd, does it show
up at all in disk utility?
[18:37] <pzn> Guest68384, ppa did not upgrade anything :-( it is there
in sources list, but all "default karmic 11.4 64bits" packages are newer
than ppa
[18:37] <ActionParsnip> prakas: thats different and makes sense. I
suggest you switch to xfce or lxde
[18:37] <ActionParsnip> prakas: or even kde
[18:37] <Somelauw> knightstalker, urlin2u: Thanks
[18:37] <tasos99> cmdbbq: it doesnt show up at 'mount'
[18:38] <tasos99> cmdbbq: and 'umount /dev/sda6' claims that the device
isnt mounted
[18:38] <prakas> ActionParsnip: my screen is 10" and that bar doesnt hide
when an app is lauched. it takes a lot of area of my screen
[18:38] <ActionParsnip> prakas: it can be made to hide
[18:38] <prakas> how?
[18:38] <ActionParsnip> prakas: so will use zero screen
[18:38] <dr-willis> the panel can autohide. and you can make it smaller
[18:39] <ActionParsnip> prakas: its a setting in ccsm.
[18:39] <prakas> ccsm is a command line app?
[18:39] <dr-willis> ccsm tool. unity plugin settings
[18:39] <xyzzy___> Wow, I just discovered that I've switched to an OS
with *no* per-application network control! Not even 3rd party! It's all
based on blind trust that "you don't need it"!
[18:39] <prakas> i see
[18:39] <dr-willis> !ccsm
[18:39] <ubottu> To enable advanced customization of desktop effects in
Ubuntu: install 'compizconfig-settings-manager' or 'simple-ccsm'. If you
install the latter, a new option will appear in your appearance
properties - See also !compiz - Help in #compiz
[18:39] <dr-willis> time to learn sone ubuntu. ;)
[18:39] <ActionParsnip> prakas: so far i have dispelled all the things
you have said about unity...
[18:39] <cmdbbq> tasos99: and sda6 is defnitely the drive in question?
[18:40] <balr0g> hello guys, im newbie, and trying to install a software
outputs this: http://pastebin.com/rZpK6e5Y can anyone please help me to
solve it? tks
[18:40] <urlin2u> xyzzy___, you switched to windows?
[18:40] <tasos99> cmdbbq: thats what fdisk-l told me
[18:40] <cmdbbq> strange
[18:40] <prakas> :)
[18:40] <LearnUbuntu> How can i make PDF to text and count the texts?
[18:40] <balr0g> i tried to apt-get glib-2.0 but it seems doesnt work...
[18:41] <prakas> i feel i should try xubuntu instead. the menus help me
work faster
[18:41] <LearnUbuntu> prakas, LearnUbuntu
[18:41] <lucenut> OK, so I found I can start easy tether in a terminal
session with "easytether connect" but then I have to keep the terminal
window open.
[18:42] <xyzzy___> urlin2u: Per-application firewalls are standard in
Windows. I've probably been through at least 5 in my time. A week on
Ubuntu and I can't even find one. I'm watching stuff from the default
install merrily connect out as we speak
[18:42] <lucenut> How else can I start easy tether?
[18:42] <tasos99> cmdbbq: the filesystem damage tricks fsck into thinking
its already being used
[18:42] <tasos99> cmdbbq: lsof and fuser show nothing
[18:42] <xyzzy___> urlin2u: No idea who it's connecting to or why it
would need to
[18:43] <area51pilot> \join ##windows
[18:43] <ActionParsnip> prakas: thats a better reason to dislike it. I'm
kinda halfway, i can take or leave it but use it so I can support it
[18:43] <trism> balr0g: the files required to compile software are
generally in the -dev packages, in this case you need libglib2.0-dev
[18:43] <prakas> xubuntu looks much better i saw in screenshots now
[18:43] <urlin2u> xyzzy___, you have silent ports, and no danger of the
badware stuff like windows, it is a different thing. If you try to run
linux like windows you will have problems.
[18:43] <LearnUbuntu> I have my desktop screen with VGA. And from
another PC i am connected to SSH. But from another PC using SSH how can i
open Leafpad on the Screen?
[18:43] <tasos99> i tried to fsck.ext4 my damaged filesystem from a live
CD but it says its mounted or explicitly opened for another program, what
should i do?
[18:44] <ActionParsnip> balr0g: what is the output of: lsb_release -sc
[18:44] <prakas> ActionParsnip: working with unity perhaps make me like
5% slower ;) in overall without the menus
[18:45] <prakas> menus were a cool idea. curse on gnome 3 and unity!
[18:45] <urlin2u> prakas, quit complaining you just installed it and are
[18:45] <Pici> xyzzy___: I believe you could craft an apparmor profile to
restrict an application's ability to make network connections, but that
is rather in-depth.
=== Andy80 is now known as Andy80-Owl
[18:45] <ActionParsnip> LearnUbuntu: i believe it's: export DISPLAY :0:0
&& leafpad
[18:45] <prakas> urlin2u: installed it for 2 days
[18:45] <LearnUbuntu> ActionParsnip, thank you, was just googleing..
[18:46] <urlin2u> prakas, great and you are using the support channel
with abuse.
[18:46] <ActionParsnip> prakas: as i always say, there is more than gnome
[18:46] <joe__> urlin: Just boot'em
[18:46] <xyzzy___> urlin2u: That's the classic answer. I don't know what
is particularly Windows-centric about per-application network control.
Linux comes with per-port or per-IP access control in the kernel - it
strikes me that per-application is a logical third option. Windows
security people realised this 10 years ago. People in the Ubuntu forums
spent 10 years telling people it's so great already you just don't need
[18:46] <prakas> ActionParsnip: thanks for recommending xfce :)
[18:46] <ActionParsnip> LearnUbuntu: use websearch to verify, I'm not
100% on the syntax
[18:47] <erez_> ‫היי‬
[18:47] <LearnUbuntu> ActionParsnip, no worries thanks :)
[18:47] <xyzzy___> Pici: I'm not fussed about in-depth, I'd settle for
"possible" at this stage.
[18:47] <urlin2u> xyzzy___, it is classic as it is true, your using a
[18:47] <erez_> ‫ולהוריד שלי הקול כרטיס של ההתקן את לזהות יכול ניא איך‬
‫?שצריך כמו אותו ולהגדיר‬
[18:47] <joe__> How can I change my hostname via commandline ?
[18:47] <joe__> erez> ignore!
[18:47] <guntbert> !hostname | joe75
[18:47] <ubottu> joe75: Use hostname <somehostname> to set the hostname,
or to do it permanently: edit /etc/hosts to include BOTH the old and new
hostname and then change /etc/hostname to the new one. WARNING! Make sure
that your current hostname and /etc/hosts match, otherwise sudo may not
work properly.
[18:47] <urlin2u> xyzzy___, I dual boot windows but I started on open
[18:48] <guntbert> !hostname | joe__
[18:48] <ubottu> joe__: Use hostname <somehostname> to set the hostname,
or to do it permanently: edit /etc/hosts to include BOTH the old and new
hostname and then change /etc/hostname to the new one. WARNING! Make sure
that your current hostname and /etc/hosts match, otherwise sudo may not
work properly.
[18:48] <joe__> ubottu: ty
[18:48] <ubottu> You're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)
[18:48] <guntbert> joe__: that last line was uncalled for
[18:48] <prakas> urlin2u: i am not abusing the channel. i just felt i was
doing things slower since using unity. unity makes me do things slower
thats all
[18:48] <balr0g> hello guys, im newbie, and trying to install a software
outputs this: http://pastebin.com/rZpK6e5Y can anyone please help me to
solve it? tks
[18:48] <joe__> 10-4
[18:48] <ActionParsnip> joe__: you need to change both files. I suggest
you run: sudo -i then edit them
[18:48] <balr0g> i tried to apt-get glib-2.0 but it seems doesnt work...
[18:49] <guntbert> prakas: this is a support channel, ranting here
doesn't help anyone
[18:49] <trism> balr0g: the files required to compile software are
generally in the -dev packages, in this case you need libglib2.0-dev
(repost from above, sudo apt-get install libglib2.0-dev;)
[18:49] <urlin2u> prakas, #ubuntu-offtopic is where that belongs, this is
[18:49] <ActionParsnip> joe__: if a system cannot resolve its own name
then sudo will not work, hence sudo -i
[18:50] <xyzzy___> urlin2u: This "only windows heads want per-app
firewalls" reasoning sounds to me like defending Ubuntu by trying to turn
a deficiency into a feature. Again, I don't understand why it's
unreasonable to want to control network access on an application basis.
The best argument against it I've heard is basically that linux apps are
more trustworthy. I don't work at that level of face-value.
[18:50] <balr0g> trism, im trying it...
[18:50] <andre_> hi, having some trouble installing mysql thro "gem
install mysql"
[18:50] <ActionParsnip> balr0g: you didn't answer my query
[18:50] <erez_> ‫?מישהו כאן יש‬
[18:51] <guntbert> xyzzy___: please stop discussing - this channel is for
[18:51] <BarkingFish> !he | erez_
[18:51] <ubottu> erez_: ‫העברית המשתמשים לקהילת ולגישה העברית בשפה לשיחות‬
‫:הקלד אנא‬
[18:51] <ubottu> /join #ubuntu-il
[18:51] <hf> What is the channel for Oneiric?
[18:51] <xyzzy___> guntbert: Thankyou for your support. I'm going to
write myself a per-application firewall
[18:51] <BarkingFish> hf, #ubuntu+1
[18:51] <ActionParsnip> Hf: #ubuntu+1
[18:52] <dr-willis> sure you are...
[18:52] <tasos99> i tried to fsck.ext4 my damaged filesystem from a live
CD but it says its mounted or explicitly opened for another program, what
should i do?
[18:52] <erez_> ‫עזרה קצת צריך אני בבקשה‬
[18:52] <dr-willis> tasos99: check mount command. unmount it.
[18:53] <balr0g> ActionParsnip, sorry, i got a dosconnection, could you
repeat it please?
[18:53] <xyzzy___> dr-willis: It can't be that hard. Some sockets, some
interfacing with iptables...
[18:53] <tasos99> dr-willis: its not mounted, the drive contains false
data, which tricks fsck
[18:53] <andre_> Official Ubuntu Support Channel | IRC Guidelines:
http://goo.gl/cEF1w | IRC info: http://goo.gl/Pgv9o | Pastes to
http://goo.gl/ixcN9 | Release Notes: http://goo.gl/tuSz
[18:53] <xyzzy___> dr-willis: Windows folk managed it ages ago ;)
                            ‫בערוץ אחד אף .כאן לך לעזור יכולים לא אנחנו‬
‫.עברית מדבר הזה‬
[18:54] <BarkingFish> try /join #ubuntu-il
[18:54] <dr-willis> xyzzy___: whatever. i dont see the point in doing
it. they did it because they ciuldent do ut the right way ;)
[18:54] <urlin2u> xyzzy___, so if you are so unsatisfied maybe open
source is not for you. By the way your not talking with a so called
fanboy a OS is a OS to me the all have the good the bad and the ugly, be
careful with your projections..
[18:54] <BarkingFish> fail. I forgot the RTL mark...
[18:54] <tasos99> dr-willis: lsof and fuser show nothing (but are
incomplete), unmount states that the drive isnt mounted, mount hangs
[18:55] <dr-willis> i recall a few sites duscussing how rhe diff firewall
methods work
[18:55] <chewy> guys, i m looking for a laptop, 13 to 15", i3 at least,
better no ati card (nvidia or intelHD is fine for me) and a HUGE
touchpad. Apple is not an option (toooooo expensive)
[18:55] <andre_> hi, having some trouble installing mysql thro "gem
install mysql", keeps telling me "no definition for multiple stuff" got
no idea whats going on
[18:55] <dr-willis> tasos99: that is nasty
[18:55] <chewy> any suggestions?
[18:56] <xulli> Do you know how to do the auto fill (tap button) incase
sensitive in the bash (terminal)?
[18:56] <chewy> i can t use the web for this, cause i NEED a big
touchpad, and this is not a criteria... :(
[18:56] <tasos99> dr-willis: it is :D, well i need to find a way to run
fsck bypassing the fact that it is '' mounted ''
[18:56] <xangua> !hardware | chewy
[18:56] <ubottu> chewy: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see
https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving
hardware detection, see
[18:56] <kyle__> chewy: I got a lenovo g470, i5, intel graphics. Only
thing that doesn't work under linux is the SD card reader. So far this
has been a great laptop.
[18:56] <mkanyicy> andre_: have you tried to use software center or
[18:57] <urlin2u> chewy, this is support not which computer you should
get, look on the web.
[18:57] <dr-willis> tasos99: i would suggest one if the 'system rescue
live cds' or trying some alt live cd like tinycorelinux
[18:57] <chewy> ok i m sorry. but then i could avoid asing for support
later :)
[18:57] <Guest68384> dr-willis, im trying this :-
http://www.supergrubdisk.org/wiki/SGD_Howto_make_Custom only when i do
step 4 for making the iso it fails to boot under qemu? # genisoimage -o
/tmp/custom.iso /tmp/custom-iso/
[18:58] <urlin2u> chewy, a faulty cause and effect my friend.
[18:58] <tasos99> dr-willis: System rescue live cs will not have any
problems with it?
[18:58] <tasos99> cause i already have a rescue live cd
[18:58] <Guest68384> the folder name boot-isos changes to boot_iso ?
[18:58] <dr-willis> Guest68384: ni idea. i normslly make custom flash
drives. not cd ir dvss
[18:59] <Guest68384> kk thanks
[18:59] <dr-willis> tasos99: one way to find out
[18:59] <orchata> Hi guys. I created a wireless network to share in my
room with my friends. But they do not see it. I am on a laptop with
ubuntu 11.04 and everybody else is using win7
[19:00] <dr-willis> orchata: an ad hoc network?
[19:00] <urlin2u> orchata, with a router?
[19:00] <orchata> Nope, I am on a laptop with an ad-hoc
[19:01] <dr-willis> i recall some linux wireless drivers not working with
ad hoc
[19:01] <mkanat> What's the standard partition editor on Ubuntu?
=== Andy80-Owl is now known as Andy80
[19:01] <dr-willis> never dud get my linux laptop and other linux top to
[19:02] <ActionParsnip> mkanat: gparted
[19:02] <xangua> gparted mkanat
[19:02] <_s0rta-gnu> gparted
[19:02] <mkanat> Awesome, thanks you guys.
[19:02] <andre_> hi, having some trouble installing mysql thro "gem
install mysql", keeps telling me "no definition for multiple stuff" got
no idea whats going on
[19:02] <dr-willis> what no fdisk? ;)
[19:02] <prakas> there is possibly a bug idk. when a shell script has a
line starting with sudo and i run the shell script without sudo, it
doesnt ask me to input the root password and automatically runs the
command as non-root. has anyone tried this?
[19:02] <pr0ton> why doesnt this work? find . -name "*.info"
[19:02] <ActionParsnip> dr-willis: or parted :)
[19:02] <pr0ton> i want to search for files with a .info extension?
[19:03] <Pici> pr0ton: find /path/ -iname "*.info"
[19:03] <pr0ton> doesnt work
[19:03] <Pici> pr0ton: Why not?
[19:03] <prakas> i didn't have the issue with ubuntu 10.04. it always
asked me to enter the password when running the shell script if contained
sudo inside
[19:03] <pr0ton> Pici, it should be recursive for me
[19:03] <ActionParsnip> pr0ton: iname is all i can advise extra
[19:03] <Pici> pr0ton: find is normally recursive.
[19:04] <pr0ton> the files are actually just .info
[19:04] <pr0ton> they're not like, a.info or anything
[19:04] <pr0ton> maybe ubuntu hides files with a . as first character?
=== _s0rta-gnu is now known as _myself_shavin
[19:04] <ActionParsnip> pr0ton: could make a file with the extensions so
it will at least find that
[19:04] <Pici> pr0ton: Linux normally hides files which start with . Use
ls -a to see them, find should bring them up though.
[19:05] <ActionParsnip> pr0ton: * will include hidden files
[19:05] <pr0ton> ActionParsnip, and the command would be?
[19:06] <ActionParsnip> pr0ton: touch findme.info
[19:06] <pr0ton> no, u said, "* will include hidden files"
[19:06] <pr0ton> touch creates a file
[19:07] <stillParsnip> pr0ton: put it in a folder someplace
[19:07] <pr0ton> ?
[19:07] <mkanyicy> pr0ton: your find syntax was OK
[19:08] <GhostWolf> hi all, i know theres a simpler way to get samba
installed and configed with 11.04, i just did a fresh install cause i was
having a bad hard drive. how would i do that if anyone can help
[19:08] <stillParsnip> StillParsnip: this is actionParsnip. Went through
a dead area
[19:08] <pr0ton> mkanyicy, it doesnt show .info files though
[19:08] <Pici> pr0ton: Are you sure they exist?
[19:08] * meta-coder is here.
[19:08] <pr0ton> yes
[19:08] <pr0ton> they're in a symlinked folder though
[19:08] <pr0ton> however when i checked for json
[19:08] <stillParsnip> GhostWolf: sudo apt-get install samba
[19:08] <pr0ton> it showed my json files under the symlinked directory
[19:09] <Pici> pr0ton: find doesn't normally traverse symlinks.
[19:09] <pr0ton> so i cd'd and ran it
[19:09] <pr0ton> it worked
[19:09] <pr0ton> just read man pages
[19:09] <pr0ton> i need to add a -H or something
[19:09] <GhostWolf> stillParsnip, ok but what bout configuring it? do i
need tostill do that as i remember doing alot of stuff for samba before
[19:09] <stillParsnip> pr0ton: ahh (mental note)
[19:09] <mkanyicy> pr0ton: try this: 'find . -type f | grep .info'
[19:09] <meta-coder> I found a bug in banshee. Where can I report?
[19:10] <Pici> prakas: Can you pastebin the script you are running?
[19:10] <MonkeyDust> meta-coder: launchpad
[19:10] <Pici> !bugs | meta-coder
[19:10] <ubottu> meta-coder: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its
derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> »
- See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to
report bugs.
[19:10] <stillParsnip> GhostWolf: i always use smb.conf but i believe
nautilus can configure shares
[19:10] <urlin2u> meta-coder, you need a launchpad account I believe.
[19:10] <meta-coder> Pici: Banshee can be called a part of Ubuntu or its
[19:11] <GhostWolf> stillParsnip, ok
[19:11] <meta-coder> urlin2u: Ok, I'll get a launchpad account soon.
[19:11] <mkanyicy> pr0ton: that should definitely work if you have .info
files in your 'pwd'
[19:11] <Pici> meta-coder: its part of Ubuntu.
=== david is now known as Guest46780
[19:11] <pr0ton> mkanyicy, ok, i fixed it... thanks a lot
[19:11] <mkanyicy> pr0ton: ok
[19:12] <prakas> Pici: hold on let me see
[19:12] <gdoteof> I have a pretty fresh 11.04 install and my sound is
coming out of my speakers whether or not my headphones are plugged in
[19:12] <meta-coder> I have trouble making Ubuntu detect ADSL2+ modem. I
know DSL is "obsolete," but where I live it isn't.
[19:13] <luite> is it obsolete?
[19:13] <stillParsnip> GhostWolf: http://paste.ubuntu.com/683782
[19:13] <GhostWolf> stillParsnip, also last time i installed 11.04 i
remember someone told me that samba should be into system settings, i
don't see anything in system settings that has samba.
[19:14] <meta-coder> How to make Ubuntu detect ADSL when connected
through USB?
[19:14] <stillParsnip> GhostWolf: the bottom sections are all i add :-)
then use: sudo smbpasswd -a andy    to set password
[19:14] <GhostWolf> stillParsnip, i already have a bookmark of that
[19:15] <BluesKaj> meta-coder, maybe considered "obsolete" in some large
urban areas , but it's still very much in use everywhere else
[19:15] <andre_> hi, having some trouble installing mysql thro "gem
install mysql", keeps telling me "no definition for multiple stuff" got
no idea whats going on
[19:15] <stillParsnip> meta-coder: run: lsusb     use the 8 character hex
id to find guides
[19:15] <GhostWolf> stillParsnip, i really don't need that part as i said
i already have a bookmark of it.
[19:15] <Cypher2> hello
[19:15] <Pici> andre_: That is literally what it says?
[19:16] <meta-coder> stillParsnip: lsusb will give me a 8 charater hex
[19:16] <Cypher2> sorry to barge in... i am experiencing an issue with
bzr push
[19:16] <stillParsnip> GhostWolf: that's all i know of samba shares.
Simple and effective
[19:16] <Cypher2> i would like to commit a fix to a couple bugs
[19:16] <stillParsnip> meta-coder: yes
=== agoole is now known as agoole22
[19:16] <Pici> Cypher2: No need to apologize, feel free to ask (all on
one line please).
[19:16] <meta-coder> stillParsnip: Should I run lsusb while the router is
connected or when it is not?
[19:16] <agoole22> I just did an update, and my touchpad stops working
sporatically, anyone else experience this ?
[19:17] <GhostWolf> stillParsnip, well meaning of simple it should've had
had something in the system settings, least for 11.04 i remember that
part and someone from here telling me to open that but theres nothing on
system settings for samba
[19:17] <stillParsnip> meta-coder: while connected. Usb router sounds
[19:18] <Cypher2> alright here goes... i fixed ubuntu-mono, tested my
local build, committed changes and am ready to push. the error is as
follows: nathanel@Mercury:~/build-area/ubuntu-mono$ bzr push
[19:18] <Cypher2> Permission denied (publickey).
[19:18] <Cypher2> bzr: ERROR: Connection closed: Unexpected end of
message. Please check connectivity and permissions, and report a bug if
problems persist.
[19:18] <meta-coder> stillParsnip: On some forums I read running lsusb
before and after connecting the router helps in identifying something..
[19:19] <Pici> Cypher2: ehh, I suspect this is a better question for
#launchpad, Theres some environment variable that I think you need to set
before you can do that.
[19:19] <Pici> Cypher2: Can't remember what it is though.
[19:19] <prakas> Pici: just pasting a line with sudo inside the script
doesnt work. can i paste here
[19:19] <meta-coder> Pici: I have the router drivers for windows. Can I
make the drivers work under Wine in Ubuntu?
[19:19] <Pici> meta-coder: no
[19:19] <prakas> Pici: it asked me to enter root password in 10.04
[19:20] <Cypher2> understodd, yet i have difficulty finding an answer.
all the variables i've attempted to set do not work: ssh-add
[19:20] <prakas> Pici: but in 11.04 it doesnt ask me the password
[19:20] <Pici> prakas: It should still ask you in any other release.
[19:20] <meta-coder> Pici: S
[19:20] <prakas> Pici: #!/bin/bash
[19:20] <prakas> ls -l
[19:20] <prakas> sudo cp test.desktop
[19:20] <agoole22> what packages could break my touchpad ?
[19:20] <Pici> prakas: Are you sure that sudo is not currently caching
your password when you run it?
[19:20] <meta-coder> Pici: *oh typo
[19:20] <prakas> Pici: it doesnt ask me to enter the root password
[19:20] <Pici> prakas: Does it copy the file?
[19:21] <prakas> Pici: no and doesnt show errors either
[19:21] <trism> Cypher2: did you: bzr lp-login nathanel.titane; yet?
[19:21] <Cypher2> ya
[19:21] <prakas> Pici: but running the shellscript with sudo does copy it
[19:21] <Cypher2> im on the same session ive used to pull and fix
[19:21] <meta-coder> Pici: I want a list of all possible gcc -l arguments
like -lm for math.h, etc I couldn't find it it man pages..
[19:21] <Pici> prakas: are you in the same path as test.desktop
[19:22] <prakas> Pici: yes on the same directory
[19:22] <prakas> Pici: i am running it as ./scriptname
[19:22] <Pici> meta-coder: I don't know what they are. contrary to
popular belief, I don't know everything.
[19:22] <trism> Cypher2: you don't need to login to pull to commit to
your local repo, just to push, so that doesn't necessarily mean anything
[19:22] <Pici> prakas: and you see the output from the ls -l ?
[19:22] <agoole22> which packages handle the mouse functions ?
[19:22] <agoole22> I tried using the older kernel
[19:22] <agoole22> but to no avail
[19:22] <lucidguy> Anyone see anything wrong with this ip/interfaces
config? Ubuntu 10.04 system. Everytime I bring up eth1 system is unable
to reach the net. http://paste.ubuntu.com/683788/
[19:22] <Cypher2> i know.. meaning the login was done already, did it
again to make sure.. still error
[19:22] <prakas> Pici: yes it shows the ls -l :P anything that is
prefixed sudo doesnt ask me the password
[19:23] <prakas> and runs it in non-root
[19:23] <meta-coder> HEY all, I want a list of all possible gcc -l
arguments like -lm for math.h, etc I couldn't find it it man pages..
[19:23] <prakas> Pici: running the script with sudo works but it is not
[19:23] <Pici> prakas: So it gives you an error that it can't copy the
[19:24] <Guile> Hi meta-coder!
[19:24] <prakas> Pici: yes and the file doesnt get copied
[19:24] <meta-coder> What is the difference between 'sudo' and 'gksu' ?
[19:24] <tvaldes> I've just upgraded a comp from an old version of ubuntu
(8.x?) to 10.04. I used to be able to gksudo nautilus and type in
burn:/// to run CD/DVD creator as root. It doesn't seem to work anymore..
I've tried several variations. Anyone able to help me out?
[19:25] <agoole22> I'm having troublse with my mouse losing
functionality...anyone have a clue /
[19:25] <agoole22> ?
[19:25] <prakas> Pici: is it a bug of 11.04?
[19:25] <urlin2u> agoole22, can you explain that in more depth?
[19:25] <prakas> or they intentionally disabled it
[19:26] <meta-coder> What's new in Ubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot)?
[19:26] <Cypher2> any idea? i'm no exspert but i do know my way around
and have yet to understand what's going on with this error
[19:26] <agoole22> urlin2u: I can move the mouse, but I can't click on
anything, or move windows
[19:26] <agoole22> urlin2u: but sometimes it'll let me click the power
off button
[19:26] <Pici> prakas: Can you try running sudo -K   and then running
your script again?
[19:26] <agoole22> urlin2u: I can also click links
[19:27] <auronandace> !gksudo | meta-coder
[19:27] <ubottu> meta-coder: If you need to run graphical applications as
root, use « gksudo », as it will set up the environment more
appropriately. Never just use "sudo"! (See
http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)
[19:27] <prakas> Pici: i didnt enter the root password before
[19:28] <trism> Cypher2: no idea, I would ask in #launchpad as Pici
suggested (I would also try pushing something to
~username/+junk/branchname to see if you can push anywhere)
[19:28] <prakas> Pici: just rebooted it should ask me the password
[19:28] <urlin2u> agoole22, are you plugged into a hub or the computer,
or wireless?
=== esigeen is now known as xsign
[19:28] <Pici> prakas: did you run sudo -K yet?
[19:28] <agoole22> urlin2u: this is the pad, on the laptop
[19:29] <prakas> Pici: let me start the netbook hold on
=== nosa is now known as nosa-j
[19:29] <urlin2u> agoole22, so it's not a mouse but the touchpad?
[19:29] <Cypher2> the junk push fails also.. i've tried.. nada... i.m
actually on the launchpad question page and the only thing it suggests is
switching from username to lp name... which in my case is not registered
for some weird reason... also simple ssh does not connect with same error
[19:29] <Rockj> Q: grub2 in ubuntu - how are you actually supposed to be
able to set the preferred kernel to boot? is there an "easy" way to
actually do this ?
[19:30] <agoole22> urlin2u: yeah, sorry, the touchpad on the laptop, and
its buttons
[19:30] <urlin2u> agoole22, not sure I don't use the touchpad.
=== xangua2 is now known as xangua
[19:30] <Pici> Cypher2: I don't see that you've asked your question in
#launchpad yet though.
[19:30] <agoole22> urlin2u: could it be the window manager ?
[19:30] <Guile> meta-coder: Regarding your questiong, -lm is not just a
gcc option... the -l parameter is for including libraries, and libm is
the common name of math library.
[19:30] <tasos99> how to fsck a mounted filesystem?
[19:31] <urlin2u> Rockj, what are you trying to get as the default and
what are all of the OS's involved.
[19:31] <Cypher2> meaning im on
[19:31] <Rockj> urlin2u: ubuntu 11.04 , trying to make the vserver kernel
the default one to boot up
[19:31] <meta-coder> Guile: SImilarly I want to know all the lib
available to be included as is -lm.
[19:32] <Guile> meta-coder: So, there is no list for which -lx you can
use. The filename to the library which is indicated after -l can be any
name, also you can use your own created library.
[19:32] <Pici> Cypher2: Yes, but you're trying to push to launchpad, so
it is probably best to ask them about any known issues or tips.
[19:33] <Guile> meta-coder: when you yous -lm gcc looks for libm.a which
is commonly at /usr/lib/libm.a
[19:33] <Cypher2> k.. i will
[19:33] <Guile> meta-coder: So you can just use ls -1 /usr/lib/*.a for
knowing which values you can use. :) Gotcha?
[19:34] <meta-coder> Guile: What is libz for? What header files does it
support? And does libm has only math.h and not any other header file?
[19:34] <tasos99> how to force fsck a mounted filesystem?
[19:34] <urlin2u> Rockj, this might help read carefully.
[19:34] <prakas> Pici: it doesn't work
[19:34] <prakas> Pici: what version of ubuntu are you using. does sudo
inside shell script ask you the password when running it non root
[19:35] <prakas> Pici: it worked in 10.04 and 10.10 and 7.04 dont know
why its not working in 11.04
[19:35] <prakas> Pici: no error messages in dmesg either
[19:35] <Guile> meta-coder: libm has only a header file, commonly named:
[19:36] <tvaldes> Can someone help me run CD/DVD creator as root in
10.04? "gksudo nautilus burn:///" isn't working, and it did in older
versions... Thanks!
[19:36] <meta-coder> Guile: Thanks dude.. :)
[19:36] <BarkingFish> tasos - forcing an fsck on a mounted FS is a very
bad idea, fsck can severely damage a mounted filesystem. Whatever you
do, it's at your own risk
[19:37] <Guile> meta-coder: you are welcome.
[19:37] <_s0rta-gnu> I have a fresh Ubuntu 10.04.03 install, and I can
not change the default open application for any damn mime type. It's
sooooo annoying. What is so hard about telling ubuntu to open an mp3 with
audacious instead of totem ??? ROAR! No other ubuntu does this.
[19:38] <kyle__> tasos99: If you used LVM, and have free space to make a
snapshot partition, lookup making an LVM snapshot. You can safely run
fsck on the snapshot, to see if the fsck is neccesary.
[19:39] <urlin2u> _s0rta-gnu, mp3 right click properties open with
[19:39] <tasos99> kyle__: the filesystem is severely damaged, and shows
up as mounted, when its not
[19:39] <_s0rta-gnu> yeah. that doesn't do anything urlin2u
[19:39] <tasos99> im booting from a live CD.
[19:39] <_s0rta-gnu> it will do it one time, but does not save the change
like it should
[19:40] <kyle__> tasos99: Ahhh. Well, then I'd fsck, and pray. If it's
that dammnaged, it's probably the only way you're going to get your data
back. (And you DID check to make sure the live cd didn't auto-moun it or
[19:40] <Symantic> hello everyone.
[19:40] <tasos99> kyle__: it did NOT automount it
[19:40] <urlin2u> _s0rta-gnu, really if you choose audacious it does not
[19:40] <tasos99> i can either mount it or unmount it
[19:40] <Symantic> is there any way to fix the mouse lag when you press a
[19:40] <orazio> hi, ubuntu freeze with SSD drive
[19:40] <kyle__> tasos99: :) Good. Just had to check
[19:40] <Symantic> or is it because hardware interupt causes it.
[19:40] <tasos99> but fsck doesnt want to start, cause its 'mounted'!
[19:40] <kyle__> tasos99: Check /etc/mtab
[19:41] <tasos99> umount /dev/sda6 sais that /etc/mtab says that its not
[19:41] <Pici> prakas: This works as expected on my 11.04 server:
[19:41] <Symantic> does everyones mouse lag when they press a key?
[19:41] <_s0rta-gnu> yeah. seriously. I even unchecked "always open with"
and rechecked it. Does nothing. Changed it in
~/.local/share/applications/mimeapps.list, nothing.
[19:41] <meta-coder> How can I implement SteadySate/ Deep Freeze on
Ubuntu natty ??
[19:41] <kyle__> Symantic: Mine doesn't when you press a key.
[19:42] <tasos99> Symantic: This is a protection for laptop, so you dont
click anything while typing
[19:42] <Symantic> bah
[19:42] <kyle__> tasos99: Sadly that doesn't work on mine, touchpad is
always active.
[19:42] <tasos99> Symantic: you can disable it with System->Preferences-
>Mouse Preferences->TouchPad->1st option
[19:42] <Symantic> thank you
[19:43] <_s0rta-gnu> @daavis -- you can always force a dismount with
umount anyway to be safe.
[19:44] <Symantic> better than perfect tasos99
[19:44] <andre_> trying to do sudo ./bin/passenger-install-nginx-module
[19:44] <andre_> getting an error, do i have to install everything as
[19:44] <andre_> error is /usr/bin/env: ruby: No such file or directory
=== Maro__z is now known as Maro__
[19:47] <user> Anyone their?
[19:47] <dfcnvt> Ahola, I'm having a problem with firefox browser, when I
press (F6) for url to type in, it doesn't jump to it. I think it's the OS
that sort of prevent from this happing.
[19:47] <dfcnvt> happening*
[19:47] <usr13> _s0rta-gnu: Is your system fully updated?
[19:48] <dfcnvt> Any idea how to jump in for URL to type in?
[19:48] <user> Having this problem: Failed to fetch
-7_0.81-4_i386.deb 404 Not Found
[19:48] <dfcnvt> (I don't want a mouse to click in the url)
=== Edwin is now known as Guest66053
[19:49] <dfcnvt> Anybody? I hope not all of you use the mouse to get to
the url bar for fill in site... :\
[19:49] <xangua> user use main repisitories
[19:50] <user> I did a clean installation and added some PPA and did a
download then this happend Failed to fetch
-7_0.81-4_i386.deb 404 Not Found
[19:50] <dfcnvt> Ah, nevermind (found problem via google)
[19:50] <Guest68384> Q) How do i make a bootable iso from folder ?
genisoimage -o /tmp/custom.iso -R /tmp/custom-iso/
[19:50] <user> Now I can't sudo apt-get install ANYTHING
[19:50] <Guest68384> the base image is supergrub2disk..
[19:51] <BluesKaj> user, try a different repos server
[19:51] <monstro> hi everyone,
[19:51] <monstro> I have 2GB RAM DDR3 and the command "free -mt" showed
just free: "17" I'm using the 11.04. Why just 17MB free? strange!
[19:52] <user> Ok let me try that
[19:52] <oCean> user: did you run sudo apt-get update
[19:52] <oCean> user: because the package you mention is actuall a
build1: libiso9660-7_0.81-4build1_i386.deb
[19:52] <user> I can install anything from the software centre
[19:52] <monstro> What's the best way to measure?
[19:52] <user> Does this make any sence?
[19:52] <oCean> user: sudo apt-get update does not install, it updates
the repo metadata
[19:52] <usr13> user: sudo apt-get update
[19:53] <rumpe1> andre_, so install ruby
[19:53] <dfcnvt> user, did you type that command line, "apt-get update"
in your terminal? What was the result?
[19:53] <user> I allready did an update and upgrade...still nothing
[19:53] <Guest66053> Q: try to link airport express with ubuntu 11.04.
Using pulseaudio -k after startup to find the AE. But ubuntu find it 2
times? And i can't select them, sound preferences hanges. Anybody a
idea?? Thanks
[19:53] <dfcnvt> user, switch to su then try "apt-get update"
[19:53] <usr13> user:
-7_0.81-4_i386.deb does not exist on the server
[19:54] <monstro> anyone can I help me?
[19:54] <oCean> user: run apt-cache policy libiso9660-7
[19:54] <user> It updates with no problem
[19:54] <usr13> user: See:
[19:54] <oCean> usr13: no, as I said it's a newer version
[19:54] <usr13> o
[19:54] <oCean> user: run the apt-cache policy command
[19:54] <user> NO Run command
[19:54] <oCean> user: apt-cache policy libiso9660-7
[19:55] <dfcnvt> user, yea, you'll need to type such "apt-cache search
[19:55] <oCean> user: then see what is Candidate
[19:55] <user> libiso9660-7:
[19:55] <user>    Installed: (none)
[19:55] <user>    Candidate: 0.81-4
[19:55] <user>    Version table:
[19:55] <user>       0.81-4 0
[19:55] <FloodBot1> user: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com
to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.
[19:55] <dfcnvt> user, if you find something you'd like to install, then
do so, "apt-get install NAME_HERE" from the list of apt-cache...
[19:55] <oCean> user: and that^ is weird, since it should read Candidate:
[19:56] <oCean> dfcnvt: that is not his problem
[19:56] <usr13> user: sudo apt-get install pastebinit
[19:56] <Guest68384> Q) Whats the missing geniso command from this :-
[19:56] <oCean> user: please paste the output for sudo apt-get update in
a pastebin
[19:57] <dfcnvt> oCean, thx for pointing out, i shall stop 'helping'.
[19:57] <user> sudo apt-get install pastebinit (Is Running)
[19:57] <user> Ok finished
[19:57] <oCean> dfcnvt: helping is always good :) he's already one step
[19:57] <usr13> user: sudo apt-get update | pastebinit
[19:57] <Cypher2> i posted the qion.. hope i get an answer soon :(
[19:57] <oCean> user: go to http://paste.ubuntu.com and paste the output
=== adam_ is now known as echo083
[19:58] <usr13> user: Paste resulting URL here.
[19:58] <Pici> Cypher2: You still haven't asked in #launchpad. /joiin
#launchpad     to get there, and then ask.
[19:59] <Pici> Cypher2: you'd need to spell join properly, but that would
[19:59] <user> http://pastebin.com/RDFtZDw4 It tells me spam
[20:00] <monstro> I have 2GB RAM DDR3 and the command "free -mt" showed
just free: "17" I'm using the 11.04. Why just 17MB free? strange!
[20:00] <monstro> What's the best way to measure?
[20:00] <wafflesburger> how can i figure out my build stirng
[20:00] <brontosaurusrex> monstro: ls -l ?
[20:00] <brontosaurusrex> no, df -h i mean
[20:01] <Pici> brontosaurusrex: that has nothing to do with RAM
[20:01] <LearnUbuntu> What is the new path for /etc/gdm/custom in 11.04?
[20:01] <oCean> user: weird, you 'hit' the universe repo fine. The output
of apt-cache policy is still the same as before?
[20:01] <brontosaurusrex> Pici: ups
[20:01] <monstro> I have just 17MB of RAM
[20:01] <Pici> monstro: You should take a look at
http://www.linuxatemyram.com/ or
http://sourcefrog.net/weblog/software/linux-kernel/free-mem.html to
understand how Linux manages memory.
[20:01] <monstro> 17MB ram free
[20:01] <genii-around> wafflesburger: What kernel and architecture you
are on?
[20:01] <urlin2u> user, spam?
[20:01] <user> So what should I do now?
[20:01] <Pici> monstro: You should be looking at the '-/+ buffers/cache'
[20:02] <oCean> user: The output of apt-cache policy is still the same as
[20:02] <user> I'm out of options
[20:02] <urlin2u> user, where?
[20:02] <wafflesburger> 2.6.38-8-generic
[20:02] <orazio> My fresh installed ubuntu crashes (freeze) soon after
login. After I push some keys on the keyboard and before login a lot of
"udevd worker   did not a ccept message". Errors are related????
[20:02] <wafflesburger> and amd64
[20:02] <user> This is a brand new installation
[20:02] <oCean> urlin2u: pastebin sometimes reports that
[20:02] <oCean> user: The output of apt-cache policy is still the same as
[20:02] <usr13> user: apt-cache policy libiso9660-7 |pastebinit
[20:02] <monstro> Pici, okay
[20:02] <urlin2u> oCean, I didn't see it.
[20:02] <usr13> user: ... and paste resulting URL here
[20:03] <user> http://pastebin.com/e9BkvwcD
[20:03] <genii-around> wafflesburger: Can you elaborate on "build string"
[20:03] <oCean> urlin2u: no not to you, to someone posting
[20:03] <Guest66053> Q: what is the right place tot ask audio question
for 11.04?
[20:03] <wafflesburger> mind if i pm you genii-around
[20:03] <Cypher2> no sorry.. my kbd skipped... it was "question"
[20:03] <knightstalker> Guest66053,probably here
[20:03] <urlin2u> oCean, I didn't see it in the pastebin post
[20:03] <Antonjo> Can you help me installing the prism (p54) driver
[20:03] <Antonjo> ?
[20:04] <oCean> user: ok, I have NO idea why it does not get updated.
[20:04] <Guest66053> Knightstalker thanks!
[20:04] <wafflesburger> i'm tring to configure / compile something
[20:04] <genii-around> wafflesburger: Actually, yes. My policy is to give
assistance in the main channnel only.
[20:04] <Guest66053> Q: try to link airport express with ubuntu 11.04.
Using pulseaudio -k after startup to find the AE. But ubuntu find it 2
times? And i can't select them, sound preferences hanges. Anybody a
idea?? Thanks
[20:04] <wafflesburger> and i need to specy a --build flag
[20:04] <user> This keeps on happening to me...weird crap allways popsup
[20:04] <wafflesburger> an example flag was "--build=x86_64-pc-linux-gnu"
[20:04] <wafflesburger> how can i determine which string i need there
[20:04] <user> Now I'm stuck AGIAN
[20:05] <oCean> user: well, you could try to remove the PPA's from your
sources, since those are never officially supported.
[20:05] <BiKER-JENS> hallo all, im new with ubuntu where does my file
"land" when i do the mv file.extension .file.extenseion ?
[20:05] <oCean> But I don't see in this case how they could cause this
[20:05] <genii-around> wafflesburger: So then to find out what
architecture your machine is, is in the result of: uname -p
[20:05] <oCean> BiKER-JENS: in your current directory, that is in the
directory where you issue the command
[20:06] <wafflesburger> its x86_54 genii-around but what abotu the rest
of that string :P
[20:06] <wafflesburger> 64*
[20:06] <DangerOnTheRangr> BiKER-JENS: Yep. It's just not displayed by
default in Nautilus, since the leading "." indicates that the file is
[20:06] <user> Those are the lastest releases?
[20:06] <BiKER-JENS> arghh okay
[20:06] <BiKER-JENS> thanks then :p
[20:06] <user> I'm going to try a diffrent coutrie's server
[20:06] <BiKER-JENS> thats why ls cant show it :p
[20:07] <DangerOnTheRangr> BiKER-JENS: Use "ls -a"
[20:07] <genii-around> wafflesburger: The one you gave should work
[20:08] <wafflesburger> okies
[20:08] <BiKER-JENS> nice for all the info :D
[20:08] <Antonio007> I need to install the p54 driver-module can you help
[20:08] <BiKER-JENS> thanks!
[20:08] <nitroghost> helo!
[20:08] <usr13> Antonio007: What is p54
[20:08] <usr13> ?
[20:08] <nitroghost> got a question, wonder if i can get some feedback
[20:08] <Antonjo> prism driver
[20:08] <nitroghost> i've got a netbook
[20:09] <usr13> Antonio007: prism WiFi NIC?
[20:09] <nitroghost> and ubuntu 10.04
[20:09] <Antonjo> yes
[20:09] <trism> Antonjo: the p54 firmware is in linux-firmware-nonfree,
the drivers are included by default
[20:09] <usr13> Antonio007: What version of Ubuntu do you have installed?
[20:09] <nitroghost> and flash videos and contents were somewhat slower
than windows
[20:09] <usr13> Antonio007: lsb_release -sc
[20:09] <usr13> show us
[20:10] <nitroghost> wondering if that got fixed or "faster" on the
latest version?
[20:10] <Antonjo> ubuntu 11, but I upgraded the kernel to version 3
[20:10] <usr13> Antonjo: There is your problem. The new kernel
[20:10] <Antonjo> just a minute, ì'l tell you
[20:10] <user> How is Ubuntu 11?
[20:10] <Cypher2> joined launchpad.. no answer...
[20:10] <adrenalink> I disabled apache process startup on boot from
webmin and now Firefox does not load any page..How can I solve this?
[20:12] <Antonjo> sb_release -sc   ->   Natty
[20:12] <Antonjo> lsb_release -sc   ->   Natty
[20:13] <klj613> i've got a NTFS hdd attached (path: /media/Media)
however PHP cant chmod it. (i dont want to remove chmod as in production
it wont be on NTFS). it has got a umask of 000. what can i do?
[20:13] <trism> Antonjo: we don't support custom kernels here, although
there is no reason it shouldn't work assuming you have the firmware from
linux-firmware-nonfree and properly enabled the drivers
[20:13] <user> No that my APT-GET INSTALL doesn't work anymore what will
happen to all the downloads I just did. About 300MB
[20:13] <klj613> i thought i solved the problem before by using the ntfs-
3g driver
[20:14] <Antonjo> The fact is this: the usb stick is US-robotics
[20:14] <Antonjo> I tried nediswrapper
[20:14] <trism> Antonjo: for the stock natty kernel, you need to make
sure to update to 2.6.38-11 since there is a bug in versions less than
2.6.38-10 which will cause p54 to fail to connect
[20:14] <Antonjo> but after, say 3 minutes, the system hangs
[20:15] <user> YIPPEEEE, I change country servers and it's working. South
Africa's Server is DOWN
[20:15] <BarkingFish> Antonjo, which kernel are you using?
[20:16] <monstro> I'm using the 11.04 with ubuntu classic and it consume
many RAM. Is possible to make tunning for decrease the use of memory.
[20:16] <ExtraBob> Hello To install ubuntu 10.10 on my computer from a
dvd i need to select the noapic option, how if at all possible do i
select that same option from an usb stick for ubuntu 11.04? And I do not
have Ubuntu currently installed so I cant upgrade
[20:16] <monstro> ?
[20:16] <Antonjo> unpgrading and ungrading 2.6.38, 2.6.39 etc. now i am
on 3.04, but the system keeps freezing when I plug the stick in the usb
[20:17] <monstro> I have 2GB of RAM and the 11.04 consume about 1GB. :-(
[20:17] <user> Who here used the 200 Line Kernel Patch? Is it worth it?
[20:17] <usr13> monstro: Well, how does the system run?
[20:17] <BarkingFish> I didn't even know there was a 3.04 kernel, i'm
still running 2.6.38-11
[20:17] <BarkingFish> :)
[20:17] <usr13> monstro: Is it performing ok for you?
[20:17] <ExtraBob> Hello To install ubuntu 10.10 on my computer from a
dvd i need to select the noapic option, how if at all possible do i
select that same option from an usb stick for ubuntu 11.04? And I do not
have Ubuntu currently installed so I cant upgrade
=== nosa is now known as nosa-j
[20:18] <usr13> monstro: You could switch to xfce    sudo apt-get install
[20:18] <BarkingFish> Antonjo, is this a custom kernel you're using?
[20:18] <Antonjo> ok I can boot as you with ...38 again, the problem is
which is the proper kernel for ndiswrapper?
[20:18] <Antonjo> I can boot, as you know, with ...38 again, the problem
is which is the proper kernel for ndiswrapper?
[20:18] <BarkingFish> Antonjo, I have ndiswrapper running 2 sticks here
on 2.6.38-11 and they both work fine
[20:18] <andaluz> Hello guys, I installed thunderbird 5 with lightning
calendar. I encountered a problem when trying to sync my calendar. To
configure location I had to do this:
[20:19] <monstro> usr13, yes, its performace ok.
[20:19] <BarkingFish> you should have no problems
[20:19] <user> ExtraBob Just do an normal installation and deeper in the
installation you will be asked about the partitioning
[20:19] <usr13> Antonjo: Boot the stock kernel
[20:19] <usr13> monstro: Very well then. Enjoy your new system.
[20:19] <BarkingFish> brb
[20:19] <andaluz> however the result is:
[20:19] <TeleportLisa> Hello everyone. I just installed 11.04 and it does
not seem to recognise my cd-rom at all. Any thoughts?
[20:19] <ExtraBob> Hello To install ubuntu 10.10 on my computer from a
dvd i need to select the noapic option, how if at all possible do i
select that same option from an usb stick for ubuntu 11.04? And I do not
have Ubuntu currently installed so I cant upgrade
[20:20] <user> GREAT...I thought I was home free: E: Sub-process
/usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)
[20:20] <usr13> TeleportLisa: eject   #Tell us what happens
[20:20] <andaluz> Somehow lightning adds %20 to my email address
[20:20] <usr13> TeleportLisa: or what error you get...
[20:20] <andaluz> Does anyone know how to work around this?
[20:20] <Antonjo> is stock for natty 2.6.38 ?
[20:20] <user> E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)
WHat does this mean?
[20:20] <TeleportLisa> this is the response I get
[20:20] <TeleportLisa> eject: tried to use `/media/cdrom' as device name
but it is no block device
[20:20] <TeleportLisa> eject: unable to find or open device for: `cdrom'
[20:21] <iwantfroyo> ExtraBob: Ubuntu 11.04 probably won't need noapic
(the bug probably would've been fixed), but when booting off USB, hit
'esc' during the purple screen with the icons at the bottom.
[20:21] <th0r> andaluz: that is usually added when there is a space in
the name/title
[20:21] <Gnarls> whats up noobuntus?
[20:22] <brontosaurusrex> what is the latest version of chrome stable?
[20:22] <andaluz> th0r, you are right. But, I don't add spaces at all,
that's the whole problem. On MS Windows I did the same, which is
processed well
[20:22] <ExtraBob> iwantfroyo no the bug is not fixed, when booting from
the usb stick it crashes, when booting from the usb the scren is black
not purple like 10.10 and i cant seem to find anyway to find a noapic
option or any other option for that matter
[20:23] <andaluz> I think it's a bug...
[20:23] <usr13> TeleportLisa: What type of CDROM is it? IDE? or...?
[20:23] <usr13> TeleportLisa: Is this a desktop computer or laptop or...?
[20:24] <mongy> ExtraBob, the option is in the F6 menu same as the cd
isnt it
[20:24] <TeleportLisa> Laptop computer. It's the internal cd-rom, Philips
brand I think. It
[20:24] <iwantfroyo> ExtraBob: I'm not sure then. Can you access Grub2
from the USB? (Hitting esc right after the BIOS screen, before the purple
[20:24] <iwantfroyo> mongy, he said he can't get to the purple screen.
[20:24] <TeleportLisa> it's a Gateway computer
[20:25] <usr13> TeleportLisa: ls -l /dev/cdrom | pastebinit
[20:25] <usr13> TeleportLisa: or just tell us what   ls -l /dev/cdrom
[20:25] <user> OMG I'm gonna Fu@!*ing BOOT this pc out the Fu@!ing
window...THEN all my problems are fixed.
[20:25] <hydro_> omg i am so lost. Icannot install nvidia
drivers...anybody know how to disable xserver
[20:26] <iwantfroyo> ExtraBob, if you can get to Grub2, you can edit the
first option to include noapic. I'm not sure if this works from a
liveusb, though.
[20:26] <TeleportLisa> ls: cannot access /dev/cdrom: No such file or
[20:26] <TeleportLisa> The program 'pastebinit' is currently not
installed. You can install it by typing:
[20:26] <ExtraBob> iwantfroyo i can get the options try ubuntu install
ubuntu test memory etc etc, BUT the screen is black and white in 11.04
not pink like 10.10 and for me there are no extra options like in 10.10
when you hit f6 over try ubuntu there came up a little square with
several option including noapic but this for me from an usb stick does
not exist in ubuntu 11.04
[20:26] <TeleportLisa> sudo apt-get install pastebinit
[20:26] <TeleportLisa> so should I install?
[20:26] <usr13> yes
[20:26] <Antonjo> usr13: I tried a live Puppy and my stick worked out of
the box. In Puppy with lsmod I saw
[20:26] <Antonjo> mac80211       99898 2 p54usb,p54common.
[20:26] <Antonjo> So I think that I do not need ndiswrapper, is it?
[20:27] <mneptok> user: profanity, even obfuscated, is not welcome
[20:27] <iwantfroyo> ExtraBob, I'm not sure if Grub2 is installed on the
USB, but you might be able to get to it before hitting the purple screen.
esc is the trigger key.
[20:27] <usr13> Antonjo: No, you don't need ndiswrapper
[20:27] <trism> Antonjo: correct, you shouldn't need ndiswrapper, but you
will need linux-firmware-nonfree, because the p54 firmware was moved
there and it is not installed by default
[20:27] <hydro_> .anybody know how to disable xserver
[20:27] <ExtraBob> iwantfroyo i say again in ubuntu 11.04 the screen is
not purple but bacl and white
[20:28] <TeleportLisa> ok installed and re-entered command. got this
[20:28] <TeleportLisa> ls: cannot access /dev/cdrom: No such file or
[20:28] <iwantfroyo> ExtraBob, and I'm not talking about the screen that
asks you the language and whether you want to install or try. I assume
you know what Grub2 looks like?
[20:28] <TeleportLisa> You are trying to send an empty document, exiting.
[20:28] <BarkingFish> trism, can I just check, the linux-firmware-
nonfree, do you know if there's any firmware in there for atheros usb and
rtl8192cu sticks?
[20:28] <Antonjo> because it is full of tutorials for my stick us
robotics suggestig ndiswrapper
[20:29] <iwantfroyo> And as long as you can get to the screen that asks
if you want to install or try (since it seems that's what you're talking
about), then you should be able to edit the menu option from there to
include noapic without using F6.
[20:29] <user> Does anyone have the Skype pluging for Rhythmbox? The only
freaking place to download it is closed.
[20:29] <trism> Antonjo: prism54 chipsets used to require ndiswrapper
[20:29] <root> .
[20:29] <usr13> TeleportLisa: Have you done updates yet?
=== root is now known as Guest23150
[20:29] <TeleportLisa> yes, yesterday
[20:29] <BarkingFish> at the moment, I have 2 usb wifi sticks, an Atheros
AR5523 and an RTL8192 stick, both using ndiswrapper. I'd prefer not to
run it at all if I can help it.
[20:29] <trism> BarkingFish: I'm sorry, I do not know, I just have a
bunch of p54 cards and they need the isl firmware
[20:30] <BarkingFish> ah, ok
=== nosa is now known as nosa-j
[20:30] <BarkingFish> I know about the ath5k module, but that only
supports inbuilt cards. It's running my inbuilt wifi right now.
[20:30] <ExtraBob> iwantfroyo for me everything is black and white this
option of selecting language does not exist for me in the 11.04 version
on an usb stick like it did in 10.10 there is no colour in the 11.04 usb
stick version there is no pink
[20:30] <usr13> TeleportLisa: sudo fdisk -l | pastebinit
[20:30] <tvaldes> Can anyone help me burn a DVD as root? gksudo nautilus
burn:/// used to work, but now it doesn't in 10.04. I need to preserve
permissions and can't archive/compress before burning. Thanks!
[20:31] <iwantfroyo> ExtraBob, so excluding the language-screen popup
(actually, I don't think this exists in Natty), can you edit menu
entries? (I think it's either TAB or 'e')
[20:31] <usr13> tvaldes: You should not have to burn CD as root
[20:31] <user> http://www.stud.fit.vutbr.cz/~xhruby16/rb-plugin/   Can
anyone that have the Skype plugin for Rhymbox mail it to me please
[20:31] <Antonjo> trism: i used ndiswrapper, but it freezes everything,
then i discovered that with puppy nothing hangs and this line (mac80211
99898 2 p54usb,p54common. ) suggests it is because of no ndis
[20:31] <TeleportLisa> http://paste.ubuntu.com/683834/
[20:31] <usr13> tvaldes: pastebinit /etc/group
[20:31] <iwantfroyo> ExtraBob, what I mean is, does it say anywhere: "Try
Ubuntu," "Install Ubuntu," "Memory Check," "etc."
[20:32] <iwantfroyo> ExtraBob, even if it's black and white, it should
[20:32] <ExtraBob> iwantforyo yes i wrote that :) i can select try ubuntu
install ubuntu test memory etc etc
[20:32] <ExtraBob> iwantforyo and all of this is in black and white not
pink like in 10.10
[20:32] <iwantfroyo> ExtraBob, sorry. I must've missed it. Oops. I think
it might actually supposed to be black for Natty. It certainly is for
Ubuntu Studio and Xubuntu.
[20:33] <iwantfroyo> ExtraBob, is it that it's black that is the issue?
[20:33] <AsSlowAsHell> does anyone know of a good channel for discussing
security strategies? I would like to talk to someone to check if my
strategy for securing commuications between pre-trusted devices using AES
over open ad-hoc 802.11g has flaws (most definately does, I can name a
few but have ideas for fixes)
[20:33] <trism> Antonjo: yes, you should use the p54 modules included
with the kernel instead of ndiswrapper with recent kernels, download and
install linux-firmware-nonfree and linux-image-2.6.38-11-generic from
packages.ubuntu.com and it should work fine
[20:33] <Pici> AsSlowAsHell: ##security would be a good start
[20:34] <AsSlowAsHell> Pici, oh wow, thank you
[20:34] <usr13> TeleportLisa: pastebinit /proc/scsi/scsi
[20:34] <AsSlowAsHell> Pici, that didn't come up in my /list security
=== fr0sted-bnc is now known as fr0sted
[20:34] <TeleportLisa> http://paste.ubuntu.com/683839/
[20:34] <BarkingFish> trism, sorry to bother you again, but how do you
use the firmware once you've installed the package? Where do I put it and
so on?
[20:35] <fr0sted> yo all
[20:35] <fr0sted> :)
[20:35] <ExtraBob> iwantfroyo the issue is that there is no noapic option
that i can find and without it i cant use ubuntu 11.04 because it simply
wont load and freezes, in ubuntu 10.10 by selecting the noapic option
would make ubuntu 10.10 run nicely and not freeze during startup
[20:35] <BarkingFish> it looks like the nonfree package actually does
have firmware which will run both of my usb wifi sticks so i can shift
[20:35] <usr13> TeleportLisa: Well, I don't know. You might reboot and
see if it comes up.
[20:36] <iwantfroyo> ExtraBob, you can hit 'e' to edit the entries, and
just add 'noapic' to the end. You don't have to have the option in 'F6'
to do it.
[20:36] <trism> BarkingFish: it should be detected automatically and used
if available (for my cards, there is a line in dmesg that will list when
the firmware is detected, or missing)
[20:36] <iwantfroyo> ExtraBob, Just make sure you edit the option you're
going to select. It doesn't do it universally.
[20:36] <mongy> ExtraBob, not sure on your hardware but have you tried
nomodeset ?
[20:36] <TeleportLisa> i've tried that already. Oh well. I'll post on the
support forum and see if anyone knows. Thanks though :)
[20:36] <BarkingFish> excellent, thank you trism
[20:37] <BarkingFish> I'm going to drop out and nail ndiswrapper for a
moment, reboot and see whether the system picks up anything from the new
[20:37] <BarkingFish> back in a while :)
[20:37] <trism> BarkingFish: good luck
[20:37] <BarkingFish> thanks
[20:37] <BarkingFish> see you in a bit
[20:37] <ExtraBob> iwantfroyo i cant edit any option that is the point i
cant edit the option pressing f1-f12 does nothing but gives a peeping
[20:38] <iwantfroyo> ExtraBob, You don't have to hit those. Just press
'e' while over the option you want to boot.
[20:38] <Antonjo> After installing linux-firmware-nonfree, do i need some
modprobe xxxxx command ?
[20:38] <usr13> TeleportLisa: It might be broke.
[20:39] <usr13> Antonjo: You may need to reboot
[20:39] <TeleportLisa> It works fine when I switch back over to windows
[20:39] <trism> Antonjo: when you plug in your card the modules should be
loaded automatically
[20:39] <Antonjo> usr13: ok
[20:39] <trism> Antonjo: but yeah, you should reboot if ndiswrapper is
already running
[20:39] <Antonjo> plug before reboot?
[20:40] <ExtraBob> iwantfrotyo are you telling me that by pressing the
letter E over and option for example try ubuntu or install ubuntu in the
usb stick boot menu a window will open that allows my to select different
boot options
[20:40] <usr13> Antonjo: Yea, ... doesn't matter
[20:40] <trism> Antonjo: shouldn't matter, you may want to hold off
plugging in until after you reboot so you can watch /var/log/kern.log and
see the detection messages
[20:40] <ExtraBob> mongy what is nomodset
[20:41] <oCean> !nomodeset | ExtraBob
[20:41] <ubottu> ExtraBob: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset,
which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black
screen or show corrupted splash screen. See
http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this
[20:41] <mongy> ^ im too slow, yeah that lol
[20:41] <ExtraBob> iwantfrotyo are you telling me that by pressing the
letter E over and option for example try ubuntu or install ubuntu in the
usb stick boot menu a window will open that allows my to select different
boot options
[20:41] <ExtraBob> mongy what you wrote is above my pay grade please dumb
it down
[20:42] <tvaldes> usr13: I don't think adding myself to the root group
will do it for me to be able to copy/burn some of the files I'm working
with... They're rsync'd from a remote server and many of the users/groups
don't exist on the local machine. But in any case, I'm no expert:
[20:42] <mongy> ExtraBob, its a paramter, like noapic is
[20:42] <mongy> ExtraBob, give it a try
[20:42] <ExtraBob> mongy i do not understand what you wish me to do
[20:42] <iwantfroyo> ExtraBob, sorry, I didn't get an alert because you
didn't type my name right, so I'm a bit late.
[20:42] <ExtraBob> iwantfroyo my bad of course and i apologize
[20:43] <heat> hi, i need help on ubuntu 10.04.3 LTS. I have some trouble
with motd and ssh. I can"t see motd with ssh
[20:43] <TeleportLisa> Another question though. It seems that my desktop
keeps changing colors on its own. Sometimes my menu bars and terminal
background are black, sometimes they are white. Also the icons for some
applications seem to change as well. What is causing this?
[20:43] <iwantfroyo> ExtraBob, what happens is a text box (of sorts) will
appear under it with a bunch of techie stuff. Just add 'noapic' to the
very end.
=== nick9892 is now known as StuBb0rn
[20:44] <ExtraBob> iwantfroyo do you wish me to type on the keyboard and
add the word by pressing down on the keyes the word noapic after a code
[20:44] <usr13> tvaldes: What is your user name on this PC?
[20:44] <bastidrazor> heat: motd is run by scripts now.. located in
[20:44] <iwantfroyo> ExtraBob, yes. You type it at the very end.
[20:44] <usr13> tvaldes: who
[20:45] <ExtraBob> iwantfroyo so you want me to select the option try
ubuntu from the usb stick then press e then type in noapic and then what
press enter?
[20:45] <heat> bastidrazor : yes i knowd i do some script all th e
journey in this folder and now i can't see the result (it work with on
[20:45] <iwantfroyo> ExtraBob: You don't select it. You go down to it
with the arrow keys, hit 'e' to edit, type 'noapic' at the end, and press
[20:45] <tvaldes> usr13: Sorry, it's ivinteractive
[20:46] <Safe_> Can you boot into a windows drive with a live-usb stick
and move some pictures to the usb-stick, then boot into another windows
drive and move the pictures toi t?
[20:46] <ExtraBob> iwantfroyo i will try that now, logging off cheers
[20:46] <gsr> Hi all. I have ubuntu 11.04 and apache2. I want to enable
/home/*/public_html for apache, so I followed these instructions:
apache/. However, now I'm getting 403: Forbidden on localhost/~myuser.
The perms on /home/myuser/public_html are 0755, and its ownership is
[20:46] <iwantfroyo> ExtraBob: Cheers.
[20:47] <GhostWolf> hi all, i have installed samba, even configed the
smb.conf file and it shows up in vista laptop, but when it pops up for
username and password and i type my username and password for ubuntu it
tells me login unsuccessful
[20:47] <Safe_> Or rather, how would I go about saving files from a
windows disk using a live usb-stick?
[20:48] <BluesKaj> iwantfroyo, hope he remembers to do update-grub
[20:48] <usr13> tvaldes: cdrecord -scanbus | pastebinit #And paste
resulting URL here
[20:48] <iwantfroyo> BluesKaj, update-grub won't help after only doing
that. You have to edit /etc/default/grub and THEN run update grub. :)
[20:49] <BluesKaj> still editing grub
[20:50] <tvaldes> usr13: http://pastebin.com/nij9hys1
[20:50] <GhostWolf> is there anything else im missing if im trying to get
vista to reconize my ubuntu pc? i believe i did everything correctly but
when i went to vista and mapping the network drive it just prompts a
username and password and then tells me the username and or password is
not correct
[20:51] <GhostWolf> btw as i also just realized, since i changed the
smb.conf file should i restart samba? if so how do i go bout doing that
maybe thats the problem i have?
[20:52] <Antonjo> trism: With live puppy, issuing lsmod |grep p54, I saw
[20:52] <Antonjo> http://pastebin.com/riyRSmaK
[20:52] <Antonjo> Now lsmod |grep p54 gives a blank line
[20:53] <rumpe1> GhostWolf, somehow the deamon has to know, that there's
a new config to read. I don't use samba, but maybe "sudo service samba
restart" will do the trick.
[20:53] <usr13> tvaldes: You will need to install a CD or DVD Writer
before you can burn CDs
[20:53] <celldee> Ghostwolf: sudo service smbd restart
[20:53] <trism> Antonjo: can you pastebin the dmesg output when you plug
in your card?
[20:53] <Antonjo> ok
[20:54] <GhostWolf> rumpe1, ok, all i know is i did it before, but in
11.04 i also remembering that there was samba in the system settings and
i just did a fresh install cause i had a problem with an old hdd
[20:54] <BarkingFish> trism, unfortunately, the autodetection was a
spectacular failure
[20:54] <GhostWolf> celldee, would that work if i only installed samba?
meaning someone earlier just told me to do sudo apt-get install samba and
nothing else
[20:54] <ExtraBob> iwantfroyo pressing the keyboard letter E does nothing
run ubuntu option is slected, pressing tab gives a code line int he
bottom, pressing tab and then typing in the word noapic does also nothing
and the thing starts to run and freezes
[20:55] <BarkingFish> neither of my devices were picked up, but firmware
exists in the nonfree setup for both pieces of equipment. Any ideas on
what I do now?
[20:55] <TeleportLisa> It seems that my desktop keeps changing colors on
its own. Sometimes my menu bars and terminal background are black,
sometimes they are white. Also the icons for some applications seem to
change as well. What is causing this?
[20:55] <celldee> GhostWolf: You can check to see if Samba is running -
sudo service smbd status
[20:55] <usr13> TeleportLisa: Could be that your video card is
[20:55] <GhostWolf> celldee, ok just one second
[20:56] <oxseyn> Banshee just crashed on me, then continued to crash
every time I attempted to start the application. I removed it and
reinstalled it using apt, but it still crashes on startup. Any idea what
I can do?
[20:56] <GhostWolf> celldee, it is, says its start/running
[20:56] <trism> BarkingFish: did you look at the dmesg output when
plugging in your card?
[20:56] <BarkingFish> trism, yes, there was none.
[20:56] <usr13> TeleportLisa: Maybe your PC needs a good cleaning?
[20:56] <celldee> GhostWolf: OK so restart it and see what happens
[20:57] <GhostWolf> ok celldee just did. im going to try again on vista
see if it lets me connect with the username/password. i haven't set the
password or username but its weird how vista asks me for it
[20:57] <ExtraBob> iwantfroyo pressing the keyboard letter E does nothing
run ubuntu option is slected, pressing tab gives a code line int he
bottom, pressing tab and then typing in the word noapic does also nothing
and the thing starts to run and freezes
[20:57] <trism> BarkingFish: which wireless usb device is this?
[20:57] <TeleportLisa> usr13: is there some way to check if it's
overheating? and by cleaning do you mean like physically with alcohol or
something, or cleaning up files and things
[20:58] <usr13> TeleportLisa: I mean physical cleaning. Is this a
Desktop or Laptop computer?
[20:58] <TeleportLisa> laptop computer
[20:58] <iwantfroyo> ExtraBob: weird.
[20:58] <phpcip> ey guys
[20:58] <BarkingFish> trism, the first one is a Siemens Gigaset USB 108
(129B:160C) and the second is an RTL 8167, using the 8192cu firmware
[20:58] <phpcip> I have a strange question if you feel up to the
[20:58] <iwantfroyo> ExtraBob: What works on one version won't work on
[20:58] <usr13> TeleportLisa: Yea, the motherboard could be overheating.
[20:58] <ExtraBob> iwantfroyo is it possible that a dvd version of 11.04
would give more options
[20:59] <iwantfroyo> ExtraBob: Try some more options.
[20:59] <BarkingFish> the Siemens stick is using AR5523 chipset, trism
[20:59] <Antonjo> trism: dmesg you required:
[20:59] <StrangeCharm> when my laptop running natty is connected to an
external vga display and i close the screen before unplugging the
display; when i reopen the screen, it shows only black and white vertical
stripes about 5px wide. the only way to resolve it is to close the screen
again, plug it in, open the screen and then un-plug it. how can i make
this not happen?
[20:59] <iwantfroyo> ExtraBob: It's possible. I think that they have
different boot screens.
[20:59] <yacc> Any idea how to make Ubuntu (10.04LTS) probe freshly my
[20:59] <phpcip> what I'm trying to do is block access to my website,
based on certain urls or URL regex from specific IP addresses.
[20:59] <ExtraBob> iwantfroyo i can not try any options that is the
problem there for me is no way to try more option because there are no
options to choose from
[20:59] <usr13> TeleportLisa: But that is just one of several
possibilities, but is the most-likely one.
[20:59] <iwantfroyo> ExtraBob, you can still type them in.
[20:59] <tvaldes> usr13: I seem to be able to burn cd's using either
CD/DVD creator (burn:///), brasero, and gnomebaker as the normal user. Is
there something else I need to install?
[20:59] <Dinux17> I have a major problem
[21:00] <iwantfroyo> ExtraBob: The Ubuntu Wiki has something on boot
commands. Wait a moment.
[21:00] <ExtraBob> iwantfroyo :)
[21:00] <TeleportLisa> usr13: what is a way to solve that? not running
two OS?
[21:00] <yeats> !details | Dinux17
[21:00] <ubottu> Dinux17: Please give us full details. For example: "I
have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do
..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."
[21:00] <usr13> tvaldes: pastebinit /proc/scsi/scsi    #And paste
resulting URL here
[21:00] <iwantfroyo> ExtraBob:
[21:00] <iwantfroyo> ExtraBob: a bit down the page,
[21:01] <trism> Antonjo: odd, try: sudo modprobe p54usb; and then
plugging it in again
[21:01] <Antonjo> ok
[21:01] <Dinux17> I accidently deleted a quarter million project on a
Linux server
[21:01] <iwantfroyo> ExtraBob, there's a screenshot that shows some of
the options. You can type them in.
[21:01] <Dinux17> dollar*
[21:01] <GhostWolf> celldee, still a no go, it keeps saying username and
or password are not correct. but i haven't added a username or password
to samba's config file. just changed the Workgroup to MSHOME and added
some info at the end to show the directory of where the files go to
[21:01] <iwantfroyo> ExtraBob, You might want to write them down, though.
[21:01] <Dinux17> can I recover that?
[21:01] <celldee> GhostWolf: If you look in /var/log/syslog do you see
any error messages?
=== cereal_|Away|Awa is now known as cereal
[21:01] <mneptok> Dinux17: good ting you spent a little of that .25M on
backups, right?
[21:02] <BarkingFish> Dinux17, I don't think that's something we can help
with. The only thing to check if you've deleted it, is that you haven't
emptied the trash folder on the server
[21:02] <ezyang> Hello all. I would like to publish a new version in a
PPA of a package for Natty, in lieu of a previous maintainer. There have
been no changes, and this is a source only package. What do I do?
[21:02] <ExtraBob> iwantfroyo i think possibly i will just install the
10.10 ubuntu version since i know it works :)
[21:02] <cereal> anyone know why my lucid box is not autoconfiguring an
ipv6 address?
[21:02] <BarkingFish> If you have, good luck, cause your bank account
will have a massive $250k hole in it
[21:02] <genii-around> Dinux17: Since it has such a good budget, might
want to just pull the hd and send it to a data recovery lab
[21:02] <NoReGreT> im' getting an error message after login, i have no
idea to which process it belongs to, is there any way for that ? the
error: http://i.imgur.com/CxIar.png
[21:02] <tvaldes> usr13: http://pastebin.com/7drNmzUa
[21:02] <Dinux17> deleted using shell, there is no trashbin
[21:02] <cereal> I don't have ufw installed, and I see the icmp6 router
advertisements :(
[21:02] <kdog> libreoffice is opening my spreadsheet in the wrong
workspace. Anyone else seeing this happen?
[21:02] <iwantfroyo> ExtraBob: No harm in that. I don't really like Natty
anyways. Running Lucid right now.
[21:02] <BarkingFish> Dinux17, I suspect you'll find that's gone then.
[21:03] <Dinux17> genii-around, they are not happy with that, not at all
[21:03] <BarkingFish> As genii-around said, data recovery lab may be your
only option
[21:03] <yeats> Dinux17: then it's probably something for data forensics
[21:03] <GhostWolf> celldee, im trying to connect to ubuntu from vista,
theres a file i need and its a huge file that is compressed and i can
connect with my xp os thats on another hdd on this pc, but that hdd is
smaller and doesn't allow me to copy it to xp
[21:04] <Dinux17> are there no recovery prodecures or programs?
[21:04] <Dinux17> like photorec?
[21:04] <yeats> d
[21:04] <usr13> tvaldes: You say that you are able to burn cd's "using
either CD/DVD creator (burn:///), brasero, and gnomebaker" on THIS
[21:04] <yeats> Dinux17: not really - the best solution for that kind of
thing is regular backups
[21:05] <trism> BarkingFish: from a quick search, it doesn't seem like
the ar5523 driver is included in the kernel yet (although the info I
found may be outdated), http://wiki.debian.org/ar5523 describes how to
build the work-in-progress one (may be better off with ndiswrapper if it
is working though)
[21:05] <CyberWorld> Moving parts that including cd/dvd/blu-ray drives go
out often
[21:05] <youngin> You know after a while when you use your keyboard, keys
(especially the space bar) gets these shiny grease spots, that remain
even after you try to clean them. Why is that?
[21:05] <Dinux17> backups where placed on the same server
[21:05] <tvaldes> usr13: Yes, definitely on this computer in its current
[21:06] <ezyang> Or, if someone can recommend a more relevant channel,
that would also be helpful.
[21:06] <usr13> tvaldes: Really?
[21:06] <ExtraBob> iwantfroyo i made a post about my questions in the
forums, maybe you can answer some or all or maybe you can ask your
friends or everyone :)
[21:06] <usr13> tvaldes: What is the problem we were just now tryint to
[21:06] <usr13> *trying not tryint
[21:06] <celldee> GhostWolf: Are you seeing the file via Samba from XP?
[21:06] <Safe_> youngin, the plastic warp because of the moisture from
your fingers
[21:07] <youngin> Yeah, but why won't it come off. It's like its atoms
have merged with the keyboard plastic, what the fuck?
[21:07] <Zoopee> Hello, folks.
[21:07] <Safe_> youngin, no as I said, the plastic gets distorted because
the moisture disfigure it, it can't be cleaned off
[21:07] <youngin> Safe_: oh i see.. plastic warp..
[21:07] <youngin> thats fucked up
[21:07] <improveupon> gr33tings. i still have this problem: linux keeps
crashing, it cannot detect a hard drive, and windows never crashes like
this. after linux crashes, you have to use sysrq, then it runs POST and
it says no hard drive, reseat your hard drive to resolve. you manually
power off and reboot and it's fine.
[21:07] <youngin> thanks though!
[21:07] <yeats> ezyang: probably #ubuntu-devel, though they probably
aren't doing PPAs
[21:08] <tvaldes> usr13: I'd like to burn a data DVD as root, but receive
various errors/problems depending on how I try to go about it. The files
I'd like to backup are rsync'd from a remote server with permission
preserved, so I'm not sure how else to do it.
[21:08] <BluesKaj> youngin, , pls watch the language
[21:08] <Zoopee> Assuming that I am required to use NetworkManager for
some stupid reason, is there a way to make it do something useful like
disconnect from WiFi when a wired Ethernet interface comes up?
[21:08] <ezyang> OK, thanks.
[21:08] <youngin> BluesKaj: shut up man
[21:08] <ExtraBob> cheers all i am logging
[21:08] <usr13> tvaldes: Is it a Desktop computer?
[21:08] <improveupon> everyone tells me it is the drive, but again,
windows never does this.
[21:08] <youngin> Safe_: why dont they make undistortable plastic?
[21:08] <BarkingFish> trism, i'll keep what i have for now then. Thanks
for the help anyway :)
[21:08] <BluesKaj> !language | youngin
[21:08] <ubottu> youngin: Please watch your language and topic to help
keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.
[21:08] <Zoopee> (i.e. when I plug in a cable and it succeeds toget an
address and usable settings by DHCP)
[21:08] <Safe_> youngin, too expensive/not possible? not really a ubuntu-
specific question though :)
[21:09] <youngin> keys with the same type of plastic through and through
[21:09] <tvaldes> usr13: yes, it's ubuntu 10.04 Desktop.
[21:09] <celldee> GhostWolf: Sorry I have to go now my daughter needs to
be collected. Hope you get to the bottom of the problem.
[21:09] <youngin> ubottu: you got it!
[21:09] <ubottu> youngin: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm
intelligent :)
=== fayimora_ is now known as fayimora
[21:09] <youngin> oh its only a bot, in that case
[21:09] <youngin> ubottu: shut the fuck up
[21:09] <keithb> Zoopee: My Network Manager seems to do that
automatically, at least the one time I checked it
[21:09] <youngin> hehe
[21:09] <usr13> tvaldes: Which is the burner? The Sony or the other one?
[21:10] <Antonjo> trism: it is working!!!!!
[21:10] <Antonjo> Out of curiosity: google ubuntu/linux usb USR5422, they
all claim using ndiswrapper which hangs. Let's spread the word.
[21:10] <Zoopee> keithb: cool; unfortunately mine doesn't. Any idea
where this would be configured?
[21:10] <Antonjo> trism, usr13 Thanks (and some thanks to Puppy distro
[21:11] <Zoopee> All I find to control it is the UI provided by the nm-
applet menu, which only lets me configure a few things such as IP
addresses and to what networks to connect automatically.
[21:11] <iwantfroyo> ExtraBob, I made a post on your thread.
[21:11] <trism> Antonjo: excellent! you're welcome
[21:11] <usr13> tvaldes: The information you have sent me so far
indicates that they are not writers. Neither one of them are identified
as "writer".    See: http://pastebin.com/nij9hys1 &
[21:11] <LearnUbuntu> Where is my sessionsx? Under 11.04?
=== ymasory is now known as ymasory-away
[21:13] <keithb> Zoopee: I'd start with /etc/NetworkManager/*
[21:13] <ChogyDan> anyone know anything about making an s-video out port
work on an nvidia card?
[21:13] <yacc> What do I need to do when I install a new graphics card
into an existing box?
[21:14] <Brutus-> Hi, i'm watching the fstab man. There is write 'for
more documentation ... have a look at nfs(5)' . What does nfs(5) mean?
[21:14] <ChogyDan> yacc: is it nvidia or ati?
[21:14] <yacc> ChogyDan, which driver? (Nvidia offers a choice of 3: nv
old opensource, nouveau new opensource, nvidia closed source)
[21:14] <POVaddct> Brutus-: section 5 of the manpages (man 5 nfs)
[21:14] <usr13> tvaldes: You have two DVD readers, first is the Sony the
other is Atapi So, which one is the DVD Writer?
[21:15] <ChogyDan> yacc: nvidia, closed source
[21:15] <tvaldes> usr13: I know they both say "CD-ROM" and not DVD-RW or
whatever it is that indicates them as writers, but one definitely is a
writer, and the other is not. It even pops up with "Blank DVD-ROM" and
asks to write to it... Is there an easy way to figure out which is which?
I'm looking into it now. I appreciate all the help!
[21:15] <yacc> ChogyDan, then nvidia-settings is your "tool of choice".
[21:15] <usr13> tvaldes: Which one is it? The Sony? Or the other one?
[21:15] <POVaddct> Brutus-: manpages are divided into sections. for
example, section 1 is user commmands, section 5 is config files, section
8 is admin commands.
[21:15] <ChogyDan> yacc: wait, are you answering my question?
[21:16] <yacc> ChogyDan, in my case it's one last try to make Nouveau
work with my onboard 7050 nvidia, and afterwards if that does not work, a
PCIe ATI Radeon will be installed.
[21:16] <Brutus-> POVaddct, when i write man 5 nfs on terminal says there
is not man for nfs :(
[21:16] <yacc> ChogyDan, trying, at least by adding what I know.
[21:16] <ivan83> hello people
[21:16] <tvaldes> usr13: I'm working on it.. The faces of the drives are
void of any branding.. Just the typical DVD-RW logos.
[21:16] <ivan83> :)
[21:16] <usr13> tvaldes: You should be able to look at the front of the
drive. One of them should say Sony
[21:16] <ChogyDan> yacc: well, the kernel will detect drivers
automatically for all the opensource and installed stuff
[21:16] <hostdream> hello, is there a way to make a ubuntu mirror on a
centos ? (with rsync)
[21:17] <usr13> tvaldes: Well, if you don't know, I don't either.
[21:17] <tvaldes> usr13: It's the Sony DDU1615
[21:17] <ChogyDan> yacc: I am looking at the nvidia-settings prog, but I
don't see anything. Hence my need for help unfortunately :(
[21:17] <yacc> ChogyDan, my current happyness level with nvidia is not
exactly high: nouveau relies on KMS, when the KMS noveau module gets
loaded, my LCDs go into powersaving mode, and to get them back from
blackness, I need to reboot.
[21:17] <POVaddct> Brutus-: if you want to look up some nfs specific
mount options, look into man mount
[21:17] <usr13> tvaldes: So the Sony is the burner. Right?
[21:18] <ChogyDan> yacc: try the closed source driver
[21:18] <yeats> Brutus-: 'sudo apt-get install nfs-common' - then you'll
be able to do 'man nfs'
[21:18] <yacc> ChogyDan, going with nv, by disabling nouveau KMS, I end
with a Xserver that uses only one LCD, and the other LCD displays nice
memory dump graphics, ...
[21:18] <tvaldes> usr13: Sorry, jumped the gun there. NOT the sony...
The other is a LiteON 20x DVD burner.
[21:19] <yacc> ChogyDan, and going with nvidia-173, now that's the
curious one, the box started to freeze since then :(
[21:19] <usr13> tvaldes: So what is it you want to put on a one? An iso?
[21:19] <PeterVenkman> Is someone familiar with a "sink callback failure"
related to pavucontrol?
[21:19] <Brutus-> POVaddct, yeats, thank you
[21:20] <yacc> ChogyDan, so I can choose nonworking LCD panels (Nouveau),
one working LCD panel (nv), or two working LCDs (nvidia) with random
crashes (with no kernel oops, and SysRQ not working, hard dead).
[21:20] <ChogyDan> yacc:
[21:20] <ubottu> Launchpad bug 195139 in nvidia-kernel-common (Ubuntu)
"NVIDIA GeForce 7050 onboard VGA on nForce 610i unsupported"
[21:20] <Antonjo> A little piece of advice by you experts.
[21:20] <Antonjo> In my insane efforts to get my driver working I keep on
upgrading kernel.
[21:20] <Antonjo> Now I get to 3.0.4. With lubuntu and no apps opened I
use 63 mega out of 211.
[21:20] <Antonjo> In any case everything seems smooth. Do you advise to
[21:20] <Antonjo> *** i_is_broke (~idk@c-98-212-244-
55.hsd1.il.comcast.net) has joined #ubuntu
[21:20] <Antonjo> *** stevesmall (~steve@74-94-136-2-
NewEngland.hfc.comcastbusiness.net) has joined #ubuntu
[21:20] <tvaldes> Just some files backed up from a remote server. The
thing is they're rsync'd with permissions preserved, so I'm unable to
copy/burn them unless I can do so as root. Many of the users/groups on
the remote server do not exist on the local machine.
[21:20] <Antonjo> <PeterVenkman> Is someone familiar with a "sink
callback failure" related to pavucontrol?
[21:20] <Antonjo> *** pawz
(pawz@is.stuck.in.a.box.like.schroedingers.cat) has left #ubuntu
[21:20] <FloodBot1> Antonjo: Please don't flood; use
http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.
[21:20] <tvaldes> usr13: Sorry, forgot to flag your name in that last
[21:20] <yacc> ChogyDan, it worked before, and it's Ubuntu 10.04 not 7.10
[21:21] <Antonjo> something wrong with my irc client
[21:21] <NoReGreT> im' getting an error message after login, i have no
idea to which process it belongs to, is there any way for that ? the
error: http://i.imgur.com/CxIar.png
[21:21] <usr13> tvaldes: What software are you using?
[21:21] <PeterVenkman> Antonjo: is that a yes?
[21:21] <usr13> tvaldes: Do you have it all in one directory?
[21:22] <usr13> tvaldes: If so, what is the name of the directory?
[21:22] <tvaldes> usr13: I was hoping to use the standard CD/DVD burner
that ubuntu tries to use by default.
[21:22] <Antonjo> SORRY ALL. Ssomething was wrong with my irc client and
i reposted some of your lines
[21:22] <zeus_> Hi all, i've just installed ubuntu on my pc. I'd like to
have an interface similar to windows. Excuse me but i do not like Unity.
What do i have to install ?
[21:22] <yacc> ChogyDan, even funnier is that "Hardware drivers" or
whatever the tool is called in English tells me "no propertary drivers
used" while I run nvidia-173 :)
[21:23] <xangua> !classic | zeus_
[21:23] <ubottu> zeus_: The default interface in Ubuntu 11.04 is !Unity.
To switch back to regular !GNOME: log out, click your username, click the
Session box at the bottom of the screen, and select "Ubuntu Classic".
[21:23] <edbian> zeus_: log out, click your name, change the session, log
[21:23] <xangua> or try kde
[21:23] <ChogyDan> yacc: there is a ppa to use updated drivers, that
might be an option for you. It looks like 185 is the latest for your
[21:23] <tvaldes> usr13: I mirror the remote server's web directory in
one called "file_backups" on the local machine
[21:23] <yacc> ChogyDan, well, I'd be more than happy with nouveau if I
could make it work, ...
[21:23] <yacc> Anyway time to reboot into Nouveau land, ...
[21:24] <zeus_> edbian: ohh ! Excuse for stupid question ... As you can
see i'm a newbie !
[21:24] <edbian> zeus_: no worries :) not stupid!
[21:24] <kyle__> Remember, there are no stupid questions, just stupid
children who ask them.
[21:25] <usr13> tvaldes: Are you going to use blank CD or blank DVD?
[21:25] <zeus_> kyle__: ok i'll feel free to not feel myself a children
[21:25] <tvaldes> usr13: blank DVD
[21:26] <tvaldes> usr13: At times, blank DVD-DL
[21:26] <kyle__> zeus_: I couldn't help it, I love that quote.
[21:27] <TheMatrix3000> How would someone launch their own private cloud?
[21:28] <PeterVenkman> sink callback failure.....anyone know what to do
with it?
[21:28] <TheMatrix3000> fill it back up
[21:28] <nitroghost> i've got a netbook with ubuntu 10.04 and flash
videos, contents were somewhat slower than windows. I was wondering if
that got fixed or "faster" on the latest versions?
[21:29] <Zoopee> keithb: can't find any hints of that there; do you
have any lines in there on your system that appear to be responsible for
this behaviour?
[21:29] <NoReGreT> TheMatrix3000: try TOR's hidden services
[21:30] <rww> TheMatrix3000: For Ubuntu's implementation, see
http://cloud.ubuntu.com/ (which I don't know much about). #ubuntu-server
may also be useful.
[21:30] <rww> NoReGreT: Tor isn't "cloud computing" :P
[21:31] <NoReGreT> right, but it's private =)
[21:31] <xangua> nitroghost: flash sucks in linux
[21:31] <linxeh> flash sucks period
[21:31] <POVaddct> xangua: flash sucks in any OS. and it is a big
security hole.
[21:31] <usr13> tvaldes: ls -l /dev/dvd* | pastebinit
[21:32] <keithb> Zoopee: No nothing, come to think of it it should be in
the routing table, normally the wireless interfaces have a higher routing
"cost" than wired and this is what leads to the wired interface being
[21:32] <Zoopee> keithb: ah, I didn't mean that
[21:33] <linxeh> POVaddct: to be fair, most things are security holes :)
=== ubuntu__ is now known as Bash
[21:33] <IGITIHI> Hello there! I have serious problem with LUbuntu, I
can't even boot. Can anybody help? Here's the description:
[21:33] <tvaldes> usr13: http://pastebin.com/mPnHYq9f
[21:34] <Somelauw> Would anyone know if it is possible to shrink a vfat
partition and put a ext4 partition on the remaining space?
[21:34] <edbian> Somelauw: yes it is possible
[21:35] <usr13> tvaldes: dvdrecord --scanbus | pastebinit
[21:35] <yeats> Somelauw: or you could just reformat the vfat drive to
ext4 and skip the shrinking ;-)
[21:35] <Somelauw> edbian: thanks. Is there a big risk of data loss?
[21:35] <NoReGreT> im' getting an error message after login, i have no
idea to which process it belongs to, is there any way for that ? the
error: http://i.imgur.com/CxIar.png [this was a mounted SDCARD, and
ubuntu here is a VM]
[21:36] <edbian> Somelauw: There is a small risk of data loss
[21:36] <keithb> Zoopee: gtg, sorry but good luck
[21:36] <NoReGreT> any help?
[21:36] <Somelauw> yeats: I can't put all those files on the harddrive of
my laptop (not enough space)
[21:36] <Somelauw> So, I want to gradually convert it to ext4.
[21:36] <tvaldes> usr13: dvdrecord is not installed. I'll install now.
[21:38] <tvaldes> usr13: http://pastebin.com/N2HGwTKY
[21:39] <Somelauw> Using gnu parted?
[21:39] <LearnUbuntu> How can i run application to the screen, via SSH? i
tried this: $ export DISPLAY=":0.0" && terminal
[21:39] <tbocs> Somelauw, yes use gparted on live usb.
[21:39] <LearnUbuntu> But failed $ export DISPLAY=":0.0" && terminal
[21:40] <isaac> Hi guys, I'm an uber noob and followed a tutorial how to
host a website with ubuntu(not server just normal, cus I'm a super noob),
and since I can't host on port 80 I had to use a different port, 8080 so
now I have to add :8080 to the end of the url. Is there a way to make it
automatically go to 8080 instead of 80?
[21:40] <isaac> Thanks in advance :)
[21:40] <tbocs> LearnUbuntu, what do you mean? run X-window apps through
[21:41] <LearnUbuntu> tbocs, yes i am connected from my laptop to Ubuntu
11.04 via SSH. Where my Monitor is showing Ubuntu desktop. But using
remote SSH i want to run $ export DISPLAY=":0.0" && terminal (the
terminal which fails).
=== fr0sted is now known as fr0sted-bnc
[21:42] <Somelauw> Or fdisk
[21:42] <tbocs> LearnUbuntu, hmmm ... I doubt if you can run the whole
desktop like that.
[21:43] <LearnUbuntu> tbocs, normally yes in Fedora works. But dont know
Ubuntu way.
[21:43] <tbocs> LearnUbuntu, I enjoy using the remote desktop program in
the Ubuntu ...
[21:43] <travelton> isaac: Why not setup the site on 80?
[21:43] <tbocs> LearnUbuntu, Do you need to add things to the ssh
command? like -X or -Y?
[21:43] <tbocs> !remote-desktop
[21:43] <usr13> tvaldes: mkisofs -o file_backups.iso file_backups ;
growisofs -dvd-compat -Z /dev/dvdrw1 file_backups.iso
[21:43] <tbocs> !remotedesktop
[21:43] <LearnUbuntu> tbocs, i am using VNC, ssh -X (But that is not i am
trying now). I want to run application in that remote Desktop
[21:44] <isaac> travelton, that port is blocked even if I forward it.
[21:44] <isaac> I can use any other port, though.
[21:44] <isaac> or most
[21:44] <isaac> I mean.
[21:44] <TheMatrix3000> !cloud
[21:44] <ubottu> The Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud (UEC), powered by
Eucalyptus, is highly configurable and customizable to a variety of
environments. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEC
[21:44] <tbocs> tbocs, Sorry can't help you then.
[21:44] <Somelauw> I have no experience in either
[21:44] <travelton> isaac: You won't be able to forward to 8080 unless
you have control of 80. I'm really interested in why 80 would be blocked.
You should research further to figure out why 80 is being blocked.
[21:45] <travelton> isaac: Can you describe the symptoms when you
attempted to host on 80?
[21:45] <usr13> tvaldes: See if that gives any errors.
[21:45] <LearnUbuntu> tbocs, is it not like /etc/sudoers?
[21:45] <LearnUbuntu> Something like root     ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: ALL
forgot.. it
[21:46] <isaac> travelton, I have it set so that it can use port 80, and
8080. http://epicmilk.com/ <-doesn't work but add :8080 it does
[21:47] <travelton> isaac: What tutorial did you use?
[21:47] <tbocs> LearnUbuntu, sorry no idea about that.
=== cereal is now known as cereal|Away
[21:47] <LearnUbuntu> tbocs, no worries, i can hack
[21:48] <ubuntuec2> I just signed up for a EC2 account and using natty
AMI. After creating a new user, I cannot login: Permission denied
(publickey). How can I solve it?
=== pothos_ is now known as pothos
[21:49] <isaac> travelton, http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/build-linux-web-
[21:49] <zeus_> another question. Flash plugin is missing. What to do ?
[21:49] <BiKER-JENS> whats the best antivirus for a ubuntu server? clamAC
[21:50] <BiKER-JENS> clamAV*
[21:50] <travelton> isaac: Do you have a router? If so, you might be able
to port forward to 80 -> 8080... What kind of router do you have, maybe I
can help...
[21:50] <usr13> tvaldes: LearnUbuntu export DISPLAY=:0.0
[21:50] <Logan_> !best | BiKER-JENS
[21:50] <ubottu> BiKER-JENS: Usually, there is no single "best"
application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending
on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take
polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask
BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.
[21:51] <isaac> I have a d-link. Right now I just have it in the dmz to
see if it would work like that
[21:51] <isaac> The desktop hosting the site, I mean.
[21:51] <BiKER-JENS> haha
[21:51] <littlegirl> Hey there, my son uses Ubuntu Lucid Lynx and
recently grabbed whatever updates Ubuntu offered. He hadn't opened a
terminal window since then, and when he did so today, the color settings
were different. Should he be concerned, or could they have been adjusted
by the update?
=== pothos_ is now known as pothos
[21:51] <LearnUbuntu> usr13, failed
[21:52] <BiKER-JENS> Logan_, I'm thinking about cpu and ram ussage
[21:52] <usr13> LearnUbuntu: Are you in a ssh session?
[21:52] <LearnUbuntu> usr13, yes sun      pts/0        2011-09-06 22:46
(ip hidden)
[21:52] <zykotick9> littlegirl, i'd actually say that would be "unusual"
for an update to have done. Using Edit / Profile Preferences you could
change it back if you wished.
[21:52] <usr13> LearnUbuntu export DISPLAY=:0.0    Failed?
[21:52] <isaac> Thanks a bunch btw, travelton :D
[21:52] <Logan_> BiKER-JENS: Sorry, I don't use anti-virus.
[21:52] <BiKER-JENS> hehe bad boy ;-)
[21:53] <travelton> isaac: That's probably your problem. You should setup
port forwarding so that any requests that hit port 80 on your router
translate to 8080 on your desktop.
[21:53] <LearnUbuntu> usr13, export DISPLAY=:0.0 && terminal ; The
program 'terminal' is currently not installed. You can install it by
typing: apt-get install rsplib-tools
[21:53] <travelton> isaac: no problem! It's just a matter of getting that
setup.. I would really caution you against setting up your desktop under
DMZ. You're basically turning off your firewall for your desktop.
[21:53] <littlegirl> zykotick9: He's done that now. He's just wondering
why it changed. Now I seem to remember the default terminal color for
Ubuntu is a white background with black writing, right? That's what it
changed to, so I'm thinking it went back to default as a result of the
[21:53] <usr13> LearnUbuntu: sudo apt-get install rsplib-tools
[21:53] <zykotick9> LearnUbuntu, gnome-terminal perhaps? or xterm?
[21:53] <LearnUbuntu> usr13, export DISPLAY=:0.0 && firefox ; same
[21:53] <usr13> LearnUbuntu: Do as it says.
[21:54] <LearnUbuntu> zykotick9, same filed
[21:54] <usr13> LearnUbuntu: You only have to run export DISPLAY=:0.0
once (per session)
[21:54] <LearnUbuntu> usr13, let me do that..
[21:54] <zykotick9> littlegirl, i suppose that's possible - updates
shouldn't typically change "user" settings however
[21:54] <Bash> Is it not possible to install programs on a live usb
[21:54] <isaac> travelton, Yeah I was planning on eventually just
forwarding the ports I needed... To do the 80 to 8080 thing, do you think
it'd be in Application rules? The Application Rules option is used to
open single or multiple ports in your firewall when the router senses
data sent to the Internet on a outgoing "Trigger" port or port range.
Special Applications rules apply to all computers on your internal
[21:54] <littlegirl> zykotick9: True. Is it something he should be
concerned about that the settings did change?
[21:55] <zykotick9> Bash, you can install stuff - it just won't be
[21:55] <LearnUbuntu> usr13, error: cannot open display: :0.0   firefox
when i tried
[21:55] <luc_> hi im new to linux is the a way or a program that has
virtual drive on it like daemon tools
[21:55] <zykotick9> littlegirl, i wouldn't personally be worried no.
[21:55] <Bash> zykotick9: even if I have a hefty amount of "persistant"
[21:55] <littlegirl> zykotick9: Okay, thanks!
[21:55] <usr13> LearnUbuntu: See my PM
[21:55] <zykotick9> Bash, persistant space if for file storage, not
[21:55] <Bash> Darn.
[21:55] <hostdream> hello, I'd like to create an ubuntu mirror (for local
installs) and like to know how to only rsync the version I need (Lucid)
and not the whole repo rsync://ftp.acc.umu.se/ubuntu/ ?
[21:56] <Logan_> !info gmountiso | luc_
[21:56] <ubottu> luc_: gmountiso (source: gmountiso): This is Gmountiso,
a PyGTK GUI to mount your cd images. In component universe, is optional.
Version 0.4-0ubuntu3 (natty), package size 16 kB, installed size 176 kB
[21:56] <travelton> isaac: Application rules sounds right. I'm not 100%
sure tho. Every router calls it something else ;)
[21:56] <aj00200> Where can I find python3-gobject for Ubuntu 11.04
[21:56] <Bash> zykotick9: But irssi stayed even after I booted into the
usb stick, does it differentiate between small enough programs?
[21:57] <zykotick9> Bash, if you want to use a USB drive as a real
desktop, i'd personally recommend doing a full install onto the USB (vs
persistence) [NOTE installing onto USB requires specifically telling grub
where to install]
[21:58] <travelton> isaac: Your best bet might be trial and error. But it
looks like you have Apache setup and working... Good job!
[21:58] <anirban> Hello gentlemen.
[21:58] <jamiewan> BiKER-JENS:
[21:58] <travelton> isaac: If you get frustrated, just take a step back
and read this awesome blog: http://495west.com/post/9885249988/the-wrong-
[21:58] <anirban> My evince can't open djvu books. :( Any help?
[21:58] <zykotick9> Bash, re:irssi - i'm not sure, where did you install
irssi to? That could certainly make a difference. Persistence is not
something I've used extensively, after initial testing i decided full
installs to USB where more useful for me personally.
[21:59] <Bash> zykotick9: That sounds reasonable, was a long time ago I
tinkered with ubuntu, would it suffice to use a 4gb stick if I want some
smaller programs + some space for file keeping?
[21:59] <anirban> Nevermind, I installed the debugging symbols and it
[21:59] <Bash> zykotick9: I just used apt-get install irssi and it stayed
after a reboot.
[22:00] <isaac> travelton, Thanks :D! I had an application rule of 80
trigger and 8080 firewall, and it was causing the site to not let me
connect every other time I tried pretty much. Hopefully it was just cus
it was in the dmz or something though. And thanks for the blog link :D.
[22:00] <travelton> isaac: Other way around... 80 should be the
firewall... Right?
[22:00] <zykotick9> Bash, FYI ubuntu's requirements state 5GB minimum HD
space - i've done a lot of Ubuntu installs onto 4GB and have always run
out of space quickly (you could of course use Minimal install media and
make Ubuntu much smaller, but that's not the typical desktop anymore)
[22:01] <isaac> travelton, it opens the firewall port when it senses the
trigger port, I think. So it's how I had it, right?
[22:01] <Bash> zykotick9: I wouldn't need the extras, as media players or
compiz or anything, just the barebones, but if you say it's too small I
will get a 16gb stick instead
[22:02] <travelton> isaac: Oh. That's why... Application Trigger doesn't
sound right.
[22:03] <zykotick9> Bash, 4GB too small for standard Desktop, but you
COULD use minimal to install a smaller environment - i use 8GB quite
comfortable for my Virtual Machines
[22:03] <travelton> isaac: I have to run, but I'll be happy to help you
further. If you DM me, I'll send you my email address.
[22:03] <Bash> zykotick9: Right, I'll get 16gb just to avoid problems.
[22:04] <lsaac> travelton, What else could it be? and I disconnected cus
I was playing with the router and it had to reset XD
[22:04] <cozmoz> hey, if I want firefox to use VLC media player for all
my files, how do I do that?
[22:04] <Bash> zykotick9: One last question, as I will use this live
ubuntu only to retrieve files from broken windows disks, is it possible
to transfer files from this one to a seperate windows disk?
[22:05] <zykotick9> Bash, i don't see why not...
[22:05] <travelton> isaac: I have to run, but I'll be happy to help you
further. If you DM me, I'll send you my email address.
[22:05] <Bash> zykotick9: Perfect. Thanks for your help!
[22:06] <neeraj> How can I prevent/delete desktop icons of the hard dirve
which I mount?
[22:06] <lsaac> travelton, DM?
[22:06] <zykotick9> lsaac, he meant PM (Private Message) i'm sure
[22:07] <travelton> isaac: Yes, sorry. PM
[22:07] <zykotick9> lsaac, if they meant Dungeon Master I got nothin' ;)
[22:07] <LearnUbuntu> How do i install Sun java? (not openJDK) failed
e.g: https://gist.github.com/1199138
[22:08] <lsaac> zykotick9, :P
[22:08] <zykotick9> LearnUbuntu, since oracle just pulled the plug on
Distros being able to install Java you need to go through them to install
it (if possible, I'd recommend you use OpenJDK if at all possible)
[22:08] <trism> neeraj: in gconf-editor: I think it is,
/apps/nautilus/desktop uncheck volumes_visible
[22:09] <IGITIHI> Hi to al! I can' boot Ubuntu, I get "Ntp server - No
such file or directory". Any help?
[22:10] <aj00200> does anyone know where I can get python3-gobject for
11.04? I'd like to start work on my 11.10 apps before it is released.
[22:10] <LearnUbuntu> zykotick9, thank you, you are right but i used
Fedora where transparency failed. So was trying to test this JNLP sample
from Oracle in latest Ubuntu e.g:
[22:10] <zykotick9> IGITIHI, NTP stops Ubuntu booting? That's hard to
[22:10] <coraxx> What does one do, if one wants to contribute to
Linux/Ubuntu with driver-development ...in this particular case USB
scanner-drivers for SANE ?
[22:11] <aj00200> coraxx: i'm just guessing but you might want to find
the SANE website or see if they have a project on Launchpad
[22:11] <tomodachi> coraxx: i guess you could start by checking out who
is the package maintainer for the ubuntu package, then google yourself
upstream to some sources, where you can commit your code
[22:11] <tomodachi> at least thats why I would do
[22:11] <zykotick9> LearnUbuntu, good luck. I'm one of those people that
try to avoid Proprietary or non-distro based installs. I've also never
had too much use for java, so little personal experinece. Hope you get
it all working.
[22:12] <LearnUbuntu> zykotick9, no worries!! thanks
[22:13] <IGITIHI> zykotick9: I have no idea what ntp is but that's when
the boot process stops. That's the last message I get. But I messed my
system up, trying to switch from Ubuntu to LUbuntu. Any ideas? How could
I repair it?
[22:13] <zykotick9> IGITIHI, ntp - Network Time Protocol - it autosets
the time
[22:14] <TAndriamirado> IGITIHI: IMO it's not ntp's fault. Maybe your
root partition couldn't be mounted (or have errors), so a critical system
component couldn't run. Try to start in failsafe mode, or, better: boot
with a live-cd and verify your filesystems. Beware what you do ;-)
[22:14] <coraxx> tomodachi, aj00200 thanx both :-) .. I was looking for a
way to learn how to do it (I can program of course). I wanted to know if
there was like a "scanner template" that I could develop on, so I can add
drivers for unsupported scanners ...by maybe reverse-engineering (I have
found a beta version of a tool that can monitor the USB traffic in
Microsoft Windows) ... if there is a way to...
[22:15] <coraxx> ...utilise that info into a driver, that would be great
[22:15] <zykotick9> IGITIHI, the real stopage "probably" comes right
after that and you might not see it? Would be my guess. If it's just
NTP i would imagine there is a timeout, and after that occured, the
system would boot. Good luck.
[22:15] <NoReGreT> im' getting an error message after login, i have no
idea to which process it belongs to, is there any way for that ? the
error: http://i.imgur.com/CxIar.png [this was a mounted SDCARD, and
ubuntu here is a VM]
[22:16] <TAndriamirado> IGITIHI: before trying to force filesystem
verifications, mount the filesystem containing /var/log and see what
/var/log/messages and/or /var/log/syslog says
[22:16] <coraxx> aj00200: I have found this in Launchpad -->
=== rypervenche_ is now known as rypervenche
[22:17] <IGITIHI> TAndriamirado: Thanks, I'll try that right away!
[22:17] <zykotick9> NoReGreT, something in Gnome (sorry i don't know what
either, based on your screencap) it trying to mount, what I guess is some
removeable media that isn't present. Best of luck - i personally have no
[22:17] <mmyers> Good afternoon. I have a quick question, if anyone has
a few minutes to help me out.
[22:17] <Somelauw> Can parted deal with ext4 filesystems?
[22:18] <zykotick9> Somelauw, i'm SURE
[22:18] <coraxx> aj00200: ...they talk of an API, which sounds VERY
interesting. I just wish there were more details outthere on the web
about how to create USB drivers in Linux for hardware that is not
supported but you own....so you might be able to get reverse-enginering
data from.
[22:18] <Somelauw> And vfat?
[22:18] <TAndriamirado> IGITIHI: BUT the 1st thing to verify is: your
BIOS system date/time. It already happened to me that a faulty bios
date/time caused the ext4 filesystem to not being able to be mounted, NOR
repaired (which 'd be dangerous!).
[22:18] <zykotick9> Somelauw, i'm NOT SURE - but Yes
[22:18] <NoReGreT> zykotick9: yeah i guessed that far, but why is it
mounting on startup.. i can't find anything in fstab for taht..
[22:19] <zykotick9> Somelauw, FYI you've named to format types, where are
somewhat independent of partitions - which parted is designed to work
[22:19] <mmyers> I'm trying to install ubuntu onto a Mac Mini. One of
the previous model, not the brand new ones. When I boot to the disk, I
get the purple ubuntu installer screen, and then I suddenly get booted
out to a blank console with a flashing cursor before any user input can
occur. The drive clicks around for a while, then goes silent, and
nothing ever happens.
[22:19] <zykotick9> NoReGreT, it's GNOME - not fstab related!
[22:19] <zykotick9> NoReGreT, it's not startup - it's login ;)
[22:19] <NoReGreT> I see
[22:20] <NoReGreT> ah right right :)
[22:20] <mmyers> Anyone have any idea what's going on with that?
[22:20] <aj00200> coraxx: i might be able to help you understand the
process to reverse engineer something like this.
[22:21] <coraxx> aj00200: VERY COOL ... I am _ALL_ ears :-D
[22:21] <Brutus-> Hi, i created the directory /media/ZAZA. Then i typed
umask 007 && touch /media/ZAZA on terminal. But when i try to enter in
that dir the permission is denied. Why?
[22:21] <zeus_> hi all, i still need help. in my ubuntu 11.04 desktop
performance are low. Can i install KDE or do you think i'll same results?
In your experience is kde faster than gnome ?
[22:21] <aj00200> coraxx: first, you need a way to get the USB data. You
mentioned a windows tool, you will need this. I am looking for a way to
do this on linux now
[22:22] <tab1293> is there any bash operator that is opposite to the "*"?
so instead of listing all mp3 files like "ls *.mp3" list everything
except mp3 files
[22:22] <aj00200> coraxx: it appears that wireshark can capture USB data
[22:22] <zeus_> tab1293: ls -l * | grep -v -e ".mp3"
[22:22] <coraxx> aj00200: to tool I was reffered to was this one -->
[22:23] <Brutus-> zeus_, gnome is faster than kde. Are you using Unity?
[22:23] <zykotick9> Brutus-, don't try to use umask like that? umask
determines the default file creation permissions for all system files
(i'm not even sure you can use it on a per-folder basis - i believe that
requires ACLs) - good luck
[22:24] <zeus_> Brutus-: Unity and gnome seems to be the same (probably
unity is a little bit slower)
[22:24] <aj00200> coraxx: so, depending on how much you can understand
about the protocol that is used (wireshark should help with that) you can
move between windows and linux coding as you go if you don't understand
something or doing a lot at once
[22:24] <coraxx> aj00200: yes, but If the data was already in Linux then
there wouldn't be a problem ;-) .... to see the device work proberly it
will have to go the MS Windows, right ?
[22:24] <Brutus-> zykotick9, i used umask because chmod didn't get
[22:24] <TAndriamirado> tab1293: 'ls --hide *mp3' (man is your friend ;-
[22:24] <aj00200> coraxx: yes, but it always helps to have a cross-
platform alternative
[22:24] <Brutus-> zykotick9, What can i do?
[22:24] <coraxx> aj00200: *go the = go through
[22:24] <zeus_> tab1293: you can also use find with "!"
[22:24] <zykotick9> Brutus-, you should describe (to the channel) what
you WANT to do.
[22:25] <coraxx> aj00200: does Wireshark run in MS Windows ?
=== lake is now known as raven
[22:25] <aj00200> coraxx: yeah, it works
[22:25] <mneptok> TAndriamirado: if i ever start a sysadmin magazine for
the gay male crowd, it will be called "Man Is Your Friend"
[22:25] <zeus_> TAndriamirado: You're right !
[22:25] <vahni> i see in gnome-settings->appearance which fonts i am
using. how can i know to which X-fonts this translates, as i want to use
the same fonts as in gnome also in xterm?
[22:25] <coraxx> aj00200: AAAAAHHHH...very cool ...I didn't now that ...
then of course that would be the better choice
[22:25] <coraxx> aj00200: *now=know
[22:25] <tab1293> ok thanks zeus_ and TAndriamirado
[22:26] <TAndriamirado> mneptok: ;-)
[22:26] <Brutus-> My problem is that i created a folder but i can't
access to the folder. What can i do to access to it?
[22:26] <TAndriamirado> zeus I hope so ;)
[22:26] <aj00200> coraxx: I think you understand the process from there.
Of course, you will need to find a way to read/write usb data in your
[22:26] <zeus_> tab1293: you're welcome
[22:26] <Brutus-> the permission is ok
[22:26] <zykotick9> zeus_, for "grep -v" a big, thank you! i've always
wanted to do that.
=== rene is now known as Guest19274
[22:26] <TAndriamirado> tab1293: U're welcome
=== Guest19274 is now known as MrGarfield
[22:27] <zykotick9> Brutus-, what filesystem are we talking EXT?/FAT/NFTS
[22:28] <Brutus-> zykotick9, nfst
[22:28] <Brutus-> zykotick9, nfts
[22:28] <zykotick9> Brutus-, i can't help - FYI you can't apply POSIX
permissions to NTFS
[22:28] <szal> Brutus-: did you mean: ntfs?
[22:28] <Brutus-> szal, ys :)
[22:28] <Brutus-> szal, yes :)
=== bmoore1 is now known as BMooreCO10
[22:29] <szal> NTFS doesn't know Unix permissions; you need to apply
umask, dmask and/or fmask at mount time
[22:30] <szal> !ntfs-3g | Brutus-
[22:30] <ubottu> Brutus-: ntfs-3g is a Linux driver which allows
read/write access to NTFS partitions. Installation instructions at
[22:30] <Brutus-> szal, I added two rows to /etc/fstab to automount
[22:31] <zykotick9> szal, FYI in your statement you should technically
replace your word Unix for POSIX
[22:31] <Brutus-> szal, when i write mount -a i don't get errors but
partition aren't mounted
[22:32] <Brutus-> *partitions
[22:32] <Brutus-> *partisions
[22:32] <szal> zykotick9: whatever, I don't think we need to be so nit-
picky about this ;)
[22:32] <Brutus-> :D
[22:33] <onicrom> hello peoples, anyone seen a situation with an ldap
config where the root user can do username lookups, but non-root users
[22:33] <LearnUbuntu> zykotick9, thanks. by doing this "sudo apt-get
install openjdk-6-jdk openjdk-6-jre openjdk-6-jre-lib icedtea-plugin
openjdk-6-jre-zero" the "Translucent" works without any problem.
[22:33] <zykotick9> LearnUbuntu, NICE - that's good to hear actually.
Big thanks for the update :)
[22:33] <usr13> onicrom: What is a username lookup?
[22:34] <onicrom> user13 id
[22:34] <onicrom> or getent passwd
[22:34] <boba__> is it save to resize linux home and root partitons?
[22:34] <zykotick9> LearnUbuntu, if you run into any shortcoming with
OpenJDK/JRE you should report them as bugs. Now more then ever,
OpenJDK/JRE is important!
[22:35] <usr13> boba__: I would classify it as a little risky but doable.
Backup your data.
[22:35] <LearnUbuntu> zykotick9, i was tired with Fedora yum openJDK
Translucent did not ever worked. But with Ubuntu worked like charm, i am
very happy with this.
[22:35] <LearnUbuntu> Thanks again for the direction.
[22:36] <boba__> usr13: does it make a difference if you enlarge them or
shrink them... I personally want to enalrage them since I am running out
of space...
[22:37] <zykotick9> LearnUbuntu, may I PM you?
[22:37] <LearnUbuntu> Sure zykotick9
[22:37] <usr13> boba__: Shrinking is a little riskier I would say, but
only because you may bump the end of the data storage area.
[22:38] <boba__> usr13: thanks
[22:38] <Malang> how we can register our nick for freenode server use
[22:39] <usr13> boba__: I would venture to say that you'll have something
well in excess of a 95% success rate.
[22:39] <Brutus-> I followed the ubuntu tutorial to automount partitions
at boot but when i digit mount -a to check if everything is ok nothing
happens and partitions don't get mounted. What do i wrong?
[22:39] <usr13> boba__: I would call it pretty safe, but any time you
start changing the partition tables, there is a risk.
[22:39] <onicrom> usr13, another interesting thing, my own user is both
local and in ldap, when i type 'id' i can see the gid numbers but no
names, so its querying ldap
[22:41] <boba__> usr13: do you by any chance know how much space
virtualbox plus windows xp on it would require? I currently have only 2.7
G on my linux root partition ... virtualbox will be host on my ubuntu...
and want to be able to run windows xp in it
[22:41] <zykotick9> !register > Malang
[22:41] <ubottu> Malang, please see my private message
[22:42] <boba__> usr13: on the other hand i have a dual boot with both
windows and ubuntu where the windows has 12 G partition that I might
delete it and give it to the linux root and home
[22:44] <usr13> boba__: I'm pretty sure 2.7G is not enough. 12G or more
will suffice, (i think...)
[22:45] <boba__> usr13: so I should add these 12 G to the root partition
[22:46] <boba__> usr13: the home partition is irrelelvant for the virtual
box memory requirements
[22:46] <boba__> usr13: ?
[22:46] <benzipperer> Hi: I'm looking for help getting sound out of my
laptop's headphone jack. #alsa is not responding to my query. Anyone up
to help or have suggestions for other forums for support?
[22:47] <z3ro3x> What's the easiest way to reuse an encrypted home after
a fresh install? I'd rather not overwrite /home during a re-install.
[22:47] <supNow> benzipperer: Do your speakers work?
[22:48] <benzipperer> supNow: thanks. yep. internal speaker is fine.
headphone jack used to work fine on 10.04. I did a fresh install of 11.04
and am having trouble with headphones only.
[22:48] <benzipperer> supNow: sorry, yes, the external speaker (connected
to the headphone jack) works fine on another machine.
[22:48] <zykotick9> benzipperer, do the headphone not work? or do they
not turn the speakers off?
[22:49] <supNow> benzipperer: generally in a laptop the headphone jack
trips the speakers off
[22:49] <benzipperer> zykotick9: when I plug into the headphone jack I
get no output to headphones and no output to speakers. So the speaker
sound is turned off.
[22:49] <supNow> benzipperer: have you tried other headphones?
[22:50] <mneptok> benzipperer: check the mixer levels and make sure the
'phones jack is not muted or low
[22:50] <zykotick9> benzipperer, if the speakers turn off automatically
when you plug the headphones in - you really need to check that the
headphone are not muted, or turned down!
[22:50] <linxeh> and check that alsa hasnt done its usual trick of being
utterly wacky on anything but the original developers computers
[22:50] <benzipperer> mneptok: that may be the problem. unforutnately I
can't find any options in either alsamixer or sound preferences for
headphone jack
[22:50] <zykotick9> mneptok, +1
[22:51] <supNow> lmao @ linxeh
[22:51] <linxeh> mneptok: it's likely to be called something else, like
"door bell output"
[22:51] <benzipperer> zykotick9: how do I check the muting or levels of
the headphone?
[22:51] <linxeh> mneptok: or "subwoofer"
[22:51] <supNow> rofl
[22:51] <mneptok> linxeh: uhhhh .... wha'?
[22:51] <mneptok> linxeh: please try to follow along.
[22:51] <supNow> right click your sound icon and click prefrences
[22:52] <linxeh> oops sorry wrong guy :)
[22:52] <benzipperer> supNow: OK. now what do I look for?
[22:52] <mneptok> linxeh: the person you *want* to address may be
labelled "doorbell" or "subwoofer"
[22:53] <linxeh> mneptok: not at all, it was benzipperer. I was
suggesting that most distros, ubuntu included, frequently end up with
alsa devices misconfigured such that the headphones appear as the
"subwoofer" output, or the "doorbell" output.
[22:53] <supNow> benzipperer:
[22:54] <dirty-harry> hi, is it possible to provide only access to
external drives e.g. usb-flash for open/save dialog for kioskmode
[22:55] <Masken{> I'm looking for a command-line program for sending
email via SMTP, that doesn't exit until the mail is actually sent.
[22:56] <adamkex> what package is the panel with, "File, Edit, View, etc"
which is on the top like a Mac?
[22:56] <melhuishj> Would anyone be willing to help me with an ssh issue?
[22:57] <benzipperer> supNow: thanks. I see the headphones in ALSA
mixer.. they are up at 100.
[22:57] <benzipperer> supNow: I also see in sound preferences -> output -
> connector, an option for analog headphones.. when I select that the
internal speaker turns off. I still get no output to headphones.
[22:59] <benzipperer> supNow: I notice if that I'm listening to the
headphones while I plug them into the laptop I get a small, initial burst
of sound, but then nothing.
[22:59] <supNow> benzipperer: I wouldn't be able to technically help
furthur, but it sounds like hardware (headphones) rather than the alsa
mixer being it works when the headphones are unplugged.
[22:59] <benzipperer> supNow: so I guess I'm getting some initial burst
of output to headphones but it disappears. kind of weird.
[23:00] <supNow> sometimes the jacks are not compatible
=== jrib is now known as Guest8135
[23:00] <supNow> try outting the jack in partially and see if you get any
type of sound in one side
[23:00] <supNow> putting*
[23:01] <michael_p> morning all is there away to remove gnome from ubuntu
and install kde4
[23:01] <supNow> try another set of headphones if available
=== Guest8135 is now known as jrib
[23:01] <miraenvigado> hello, i've got 2 questions
[23:01] <melhuishj> michael_p, yeah, I did it once, but it wasn't pretty
[23:01] <benzipperer> supNow: OK, what you say makes sense except that
this worked yesterday with 10.04 and now not 11.04. I will try to find
another external cable/set of headphones to see if that coincidentally is
now incompatible.
[23:02] <melhuishj> miraenvigado, and they would be?
[23:02] <supNow> benzipperer: did you update or clean install?
[23:02] <aj00200> Anyone know where I can get pygobject for Python 3 on
Ubuntu 11.04 - i can't use the beta for development yet
[23:03] <miraenvigado> i want to install or open the gnome printer
[23:03] <jrib> aj00200: I would just use easy_install or pip
[23:03] <miraenvigado> in xubuntu 10.04
[23:03] <melhuishj> miraenvigado, does KDE not have a printer manager?
[23:04] <benzipperer> supNow: clean install.
[23:04] <miraenvigado> i dont know
[23:04] <supNow> benzipperer: strange, I experienced sound issues myself
after an upgrade but worked fine on same system with clean install
[23:05] <miraenvigado> i tried to find it but i didnt find anything
[23:05] <supNow> benzipperer: I would go back to hardware or wait for
someone better knowledged
[23:05] <benzipperer> supNow: well, I really appreciate your help,
[23:05] <supNow> np! :)
[23:06] <melhuishj> See if you can find this: Application Launcher ->
Applications -> System -> Printing
[23:06] <melhuishj> I'm not sure because I don't use KDE though
[23:07] <miraenvigado> i could
[23:07] <miraenvigado> but it isn't gnome printer admin
[23:07] <tab1293> is it better to have album artwork embedd or just
stored as cover.jpg?
[23:08] <OerHeks> miraenvigado, open your browser, localhost:631 for
printing manage
[23:08] <deamonboy> t/join#love
[23:08] <aj00200> jrib: ok, I'll see if it is there
[23:08] <miraenvigado> and what else
[23:09] <michael_p> melhuishj what did you do to uninstall gnome
[23:09] <benzipperer> supNow: one additional note that I'm not sure
matters: when I have internal speaker sound, and then plug in headphones,
I get no sound (either through headphones or internal speaker) but the
alsamixer levels don't visibly change. when I select Analog Headphones in
unity sound preferences -> output ->connector , the alsamixer "Front"
levels get muted (and still no audible sound anywhere).
=== billy is now known as protozoa
[23:11] <melhuishj> Fair enough....ummm, the only sure way I can think of
to get the gnome print manager is to install the entire gnome
environment...though let me search for a minute and see if I can find the
exact program...
[23:12] <miraenvigado> ok thanks
[23:12] <melhuishj> michael_p, if you want to get rid of Gnome entirely,
you could do something like apt-get remove gnome*, but I wouldn't
recommend that...would installing Kubuntu be an option?
[23:12] <szal> miraenvigado: system-config-printer-gnome
[23:13] <miraenvigado> soory Mr. but it is Xubuntu not Ubuntu
[23:14] <michael_p> maybe but it took hours to instal;l this
[23:14] <miraenvigado> <szal> sorry Mr. but it is Xubuntu not Ubuntu is
very different
[23:15] <OerHeks> !xubuntu
[23:15] <ubottu> Xubuntu is Ubuntu with Xfce instead of !GNOME. More info
at http://www.xubuntu.org and http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/ - To
install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop » - Join
#xubuntu for support - See also: !Ubuntu and !Xubuntu-Channels
[23:15] * OerHeks was thinking ubuntu problems
[23:15] <luc_> does anybody know how to mount a iso
[23:16] <Monotoko> hey guys....there's a really nice map I've found that
tracks day and night across the world live (Powered by Google) I was
wondering if it was possible to make it my desktop background and still
be live?
[23:16] <miraenvigado> <ubottu> where i can join to a xubuntu channel?
[23:16] <szal> miraenvigado: didn't you say further up that you want the
Gnome printer admin GUI?
[23:16] <szal> miraenvigado: that's what I gave you
[23:16] <Monotoko> miraenvigado, #xubuntu
[23:16] <miraenvigado> <szal> you're right sorry
[23:17] <basso> anyone running ubuntu on a 27 inch screen?
[23:17] <miraenvigado> thank to all
[23:17] <melhuishj> michael_p, I understand, let me check for a safer
solution real quick.
[23:17] <melhuishj> miraenvigado, it might still install, it runs on GTk
after all and I believe Xubuntu does too, but I'm not positive
[23:18] <superlou> I'm trying to get filesharing to work between to
computers running 11.04. I can navigate the shared folders in nautilus,
but when I try to open them, I get Failed to open "folder_name", Failed
to mount windows share.   In the terminal, "smbclient
// --no-pass" returns "tree connect failed:
NT_STATUS_BAD_NETWORK_NAME". Anyone else having a similar condition?
[23:19] <Masken{> Found it:
[23:19] <melhuishj> michael_p, try this: apt-get remove gnome gnome-utils
gnome-core gnome-desktop-data gnome-desktop-environment
[23:19] <melhuishj> But before you do, make sure KDE is up and running
[23:19] <melhuishj> Because that probably will remove gnome entirely
[23:20] <melhuishj> On that note, why not just keep them both?
[23:21] <luc_> hi can anybody tell me how to mount a iso file with gmount
[23:21] <miraenvigado> <melhuishj how can i know if kde is running?
[23:23] <melhuishj> You should be able to log out and then select KDE as
your DE, if that works then you're ok. If not, you need to make sure KDE
is installed before you remove gnome, otherwise you may be stuck in the
lovely world of command line interface only
[23:25] <michael_p> thats ok i need to get use to comands mirgrating from
[23:26] <melhuishj> Yeah, but theres a difference between getting used to
them and being stuck in them. If KDE is in fact installed, then you
should be ok to execute the above command
[23:27] <AlessonZaire> Michael didn't like Unity? XD
[23:27] <th0r> melhuishj: you do realize that leaving both installed
won't hurt anything
[23:27] <nCrazed> AlessonZaire for the first time in my life I wanted to
punch the screen as opposed to person next to me
[23:27] <melhuishj> Indeed, and I suggested that earlier, but since he
didn't comment on it I assum ehe intends to remove it
[23:28] <AlessonZaire> nCrazed excuse me?
[23:28] <nCrazed> [00:28:42] <AlessonZaire> Michael didn't like Unity? XD
[23:28] <michael_p> be back
[23:28] <AlessonZaire> nCrazed some people do take offense easily and/or
for no reason so please feel free to punch your screen as much as you
like :)
[23:29] <nCrazed> well, my initial impression was: "this looks nice,
what's the fuss about"
[23:29] <nCrazed> then I tried to find window menus on a not maximized
window -_-
[23:30] <Godzy> hi everybody
[23:31] <Godzy> i would have a noob question on connecting ubuntu to
internet via wifi
[23:31] <Godzy> anyone ?
[23:31] <melhuishj> Yes?
[23:31] <Godzy> ah ok great
[23:31] <michael_p> ok it removed the applications but not the desktop
[23:32] <Godzy> so the question is pretty simple : how do you connect to
wifi with ubuntu
[23:32] <Godzy> ?
[23:32] <Godzy> i configured the connection...
[23:32] <Godzy> but nothing happens
[23:32] <melhuishj> michael_p, but you can get into KDE?
[23:33] <melhuishj> Godzy, what do you mean by nothing happens?
[23:33] <yeats> !wifi | Godzy - in case it helps
[23:33] <ubottu> Godzy - in case it helps: Wireless documentation,
including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at
[23:33] <luc_> hi does any body know how to mount a pc game iso with
[23:34] <Godzy> thanks for the link
[23:34] <Godzy> nothing happens means : i configured the connexion, with
the right adress, right wpa2 key
[23:34] <Godzy> and i'm not connected
[23:35] <michael_p> havent worked that out still reading
[23:35] <Godzy> i don't even know how to ask it to connect (if need be)
[23:35] <StevenR> Godzy: I click the little wireless icon, pick my
network from the list, it prompts me for the key and that it.
[23:36] <melhuishj> Well, you might want to get that working...I believe
apt-get install kubuntu-desktop will install everything kubuntu has...
=== nick is now known as Guest87731
[23:36] <melhuishj> Its much easier than trying to install KDE I think
=== Malang is now known as malang
=== OffToHades is now known as BarkingFish
[23:36] <Guest87731> hello how do i install open office in ubuntu 10.10 i
downloaded it from the webpage now how do i install it
[23:37] <jrib> Guest87731: don't you already have it...?
[23:37] <BluesKaj> melhuishj, kubuntu-desktop install default apps , not
everything kubuntu has ... that's optinal
[23:37] <Guest87731> jrib i went to the home page downloaded the version
i want which was is swedish 64 bit debian now how do i install it
[23:38] <Godzy> StevenR: the thing is : i don't have any wireless or even
connexion icon on the toolbar
[23:38] <jrib> Guest87731: why aren't you using APT? Ubuntu has
openoffice in its repositories
[23:38] <Guest87731> jrib i have no idea what that is, can you guide me
how to get the swedish 64 bit version?
[23:38] <Godzy> to configure it I go in System/ Administration/ Network
[23:38] <jrib> !software | Guest87731
[23:38] <ubottu> Guest87731: A general introduction to the ways software
can be installed, removed and managed in Ubuntu can be found at
https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoftwareManagement - See also
!Packages, !Equivalents
[23:39] <jrib> Guest87731: read about how to use the package management
system on that page
[23:39] <melhuishj> BlueKaj, you are right, but it was a lot easier for
me to install kubuntu-desktop than regular KDE
[23:39] <jrib> Guest87731: you want to always use ubuntu's repositories
whenever possible (like in this case)
[23:39] <Guest87731> jrib i know how to click system manage add programs
but not how to find this specific version
[23:39] <yeats> Godzy: you shouldn't have to do that - there should be an
icon in the upper right that you can click
[23:40] <jrib> Guest87731: install open office using "add programs".
There are several language packs for open office as well, just find the
swedish one
[23:40] <Guest87731> jrib where do i find the add programs is it in the
ubuntu software ceter window?
[23:41] <jrib> Guest87731: yes, that
[23:41] <Godzy> yeats: i only have a blutooth icon there
[23:41] <melhuishj> michael_p, I hope you figure it out, I have to go!
[23:41] <Guest87731> jrib in the software center i found open office but
it installed an older us version which is not what i want
[23:41] <usr13> Guest87731: There are two places, The Software Centre
and the Synaptic Package Manager
[23:42] <jrib> Guest87731: Like I said, install the language pack for the
language you want
[23:42] <usr13> Guest87731: libreOffice is a replacement for OpenOffice
[23:42] <jrib> Guest87731: do you have your OS language set to swedish or
do you want the OS in english and only OpenOffice in swedish?
[23:42] <usr13> Guest87731: I recommend libreOffice
[23:42] <Guest87731> jrib i want os in english which i ahve and open
office in swedish
[23:43] <Guest87731> usr13 i found the synaptic manager
[23:43] <usr13> Guest87731: In Snaptic Package Manager you should fine
[23:43] <jrib> Guest87731: then check if there is a configuration option
for OpenOffice or just start it with a modified LANGUAGE environment
[23:43] <usr13> *find not fine
[23:44] <jrib> usr13: is that true for 10.10
[23:44] <Guest87731> usr13 it looks very complicated and i want open
[23:44] <Monotoko> is it possible to reload the desktop background
automatically? I have an image that will be updated every 5 minutes, and
I would like the desktop to also update
[23:44] <usr13> Guest87731: That's fine, use OpenOffice then. They are
both about the same.
[23:44] <Monotoko> well...reload the desktop background at
all...automatically I'd just use a script for XD
[23:44] <Guest87731> jrib i have no idea of what you just wrote , i know
how to click and follow instructions but what you just wrote is to me the
same as gurken smurken i the fudurken
[23:44] <yeats> Godzy: this is a bug filed for 10.04, but it may be
relevant to your issue:
[23:44] <ubottu> Launchpad bug 589362 in network-manager-applet (Ubuntu)
"duplicate for #577678 NM-applet doesn't start" [Undecided,Confirmed]
[23:45] <usr13> jrib: What is your question?
[23:45] <Ziber> Where is apt.conf? I seem to have to increase Cache-Limit
[23:45] <Monotoko> I'm on 10.10 if that helps
[23:45] <Guest87731> usr13 how do i get swedish open office to my
computer then what do i click and how
=== hacked is now known as vinces
[23:45] <jrib> usr13: Guest87731 is on 10.10. In 10.10 is the office
suite in the repositories open office or libre office?
[23:45] <yeats> Godzy: sorry - that was a duplicate bug report of this:
[23:45] <ubottu> Launchpad bug 589362 in network-manager-applet (Ubuntu)
"NM-applet doesn't start" [Undecided,Confirmed]
[23:46] <usr13> Guest87731: libreOffice should already be installed, (by
[23:46] <Guest87731> usr13 i want open office in swedish :) how do i get
[23:46] <usr13> Guest87731: You will have to install the language package
[23:46] <Guest87731> jrib i dont understand what you wrote
[23:46] <Guest87731> usr13 and how exactlly do i do that
[23:47] <Guest87731> usr12 i have downloaded the file open office for
linux debian 64 bit from the open office home page and unpacked the file
now where do i click to isntall it
[23:47] <Yakooza> Ok guys, I did something really dumb and used my
primary partition as swap space when installing Ubuntu. Now my windows
partition is unbootable and files inaccessable. How can I recover that
partition back?
[23:47] <Guest87731> usr13 i have downloaded the file open office for
linux debian 64 bit from the open office home page and unpacked the file
now where do i click to isntall it
[23:48] <usr13> Guest87731: In the Synaptic Package Manager you should
find openoffice.org-l10n-sv
[23:48] <usr13> Guest87731: Use the search option and you can find
anything you want.
[23:48] <Guest87731> usr13 yes i did find that should i click to install
[23:49] <michael_p> i say over 100 files
[23:49] <Guest87731> usr13 is that the complete open office program or
just the swedish lanugage files which by themselves are useless?
[23:49] <usr13> Guest87731: You should install from the package manager.
[23:50] <usr13> Guest87731: sudo apt-get install openoffice.org
[23:50] <usr13> Guest87731: It is two separate packages.
[23:50] <Guest87731> usr13 and is that the complete open office or just
the language files
=== alpha is now known as Guest65638
[23:50] <usr13> Guest87731: Two separate packages.
[23:50] <Guest87731> usr13 ok i see now
[23:51] <Ziber> Upon trying to run 'apt-get update', I receive the
following error message (http://paste.ziber.org/63124). I am on 10.04
[23:51] <mitchell> Hi I am trying to move my Ubuntu data over to another
partition so I can delete my windows partition. Can anyone help?
[23:51] <Guest87731> usr13 but the files which i have downloaded into my
downlaoded folder is there a way to dubble click any of that to install
open office?
[23:51] <chris215> hey, do you guys think computer janitor is useful?
[23:52] <usr13> Ziber: df | pastebinit
[23:52] <yeats> Ziber: how's your overall disk space?
[23:52] <Ziber> usr13, yeats: 9.4G available
[23:52] <mitchell> I have plenty of room if that is what you are asking
[23:52] <Ziber> usr13, yeats: RAM is a bit low, though.
[23:52] <yeats> mitchell: that is what I was asking
[23:53] <usr13> Ziber: df | pastebinit   #Paste resulting URL here
[23:53] <Guest87731> usr13 but the files which i have downloaded into my
downlaoded folder is there a way to dubble click any of that to install
open office?
[23:53] <mitchell> Yes. Is there something I need to download or what?
[23:53] <Ziber> usr13: Alright, fine. http://pastebin.com/r0a4qgnR
[23:53] <yeats> mitchell: this thread looks relevant:
[23:54] <usr13> Guest87731: sudo apt-get install openoffice.org
[23:54] <usr13> Guest87731:    .... and hit enter
[23:54] <Guest87731> usr13 i tried that got an error message
[23:55] <usr13> Guest87731: What error message? (Show us) (If it's more
than one line use pastebin)
[23:55] <usr13> !pastebin | Guest87731
[23:55] <ubottu> Guest87731: For posting multi-line texts into the
channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use
http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from
command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also
the channel topic.
[23:55] <Ziber> usr13: Any ideas?
[23:56] <yeats> mitchell: sorry - that was meant for Ziber
[23:56] <yeats> Ziber: http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/debian-
[23:56] <Dice-Man> hello
[23:56] <Guest87731> usr13 http://paste.ubuntu.com/683949/
[23:56] <mitchell> I was looking at it and it wan`t my problem lol
[23:56] <Ziber> yeats: okay, lets see here
[23:56] <yeats> :-)
[23:56] <Dice-Man> how to make my ssh server availaible over the internet
[23:56] <jrib> !ssh | Dice-Man
[23:56] <ubottu> Dice-Man: SSH is the Secure SHell protocol, see:
https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH for client usage. PuTTY is an SSH
client for Windows; see:
http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/ for it's homepage. See
also !scp (Secure CoPy) and !sshd (Secure SHell Daemon)
[23:56] <Dice-Man> jrib: thanks a lot but i already saw these pages
[23:57] <jrib> Dice-Man: what is your question?
[23:57] <agoole22> hi, sometimes my ubuntu stops registering click
actions from my touchpad
[23:57] <agoole22> how can I look into this ?
[23:57] <Pici> Dice-Man: just forward port 22 from your router to the
server running ssh.
[23:57] <Dice-Man> Pici: how to do this ?
[23:57] <Dice-Man> Pici: i don't really grasp what port forwarding is, i
think i need some scheme
[23:57] <Guest87731> usr13 i closed synaptic manage and then the code
[23:58] <Pici> Dice-Man: Its not really within the scope of this channel,
but you may want to take a look at http://portforward.com
[23:58] <mitchell> Any ideas on how to copy over my Ubuntu data to a new
partition without re-installing?
[23:58] <Guest87731> usr13 i dont see anything new in my menu and the old
open office is still in english and the isntallationw as very fast i dont
think it worked
[23:59] <Ziber> yeats: I put that value in, and yet the error still
exists. And doesnt seem to recognize that I've updated it.
[23:59] <usr13> !movehome |mitchell
[23:59] <ubottu> mitchell: Your home directory is where all of your
personal files are usually kept. For moving your home directory to a
separate partition, please see:
[23:59] <Guest87731> usr13 it didnt work i will try something else
[23:59] <mitchell> Thank you ubottu, i will look into it

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