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Blog post No: 9

Awake tummy tuck with lipo

Let’s assume you are on a proper diet and continuing physical exercise program too.
Thus, you may have been able to reach close to your desired body weight. But what about
the body fat localized to one particular area, your abdomen? It can also be lump of
unwanted fat in your belly, hips, buttocks or thighs regions. How to keep off that extra
weight in a quick yet safe manner and then continue the diet plan?

Diet and Exercise is not enough:

Believe it or not, there are millions of people aim to flush away extra fat deposits just by
maintaining proper diet plan and regular exercising. Are you sure about their success
rate? Many a time people get fade up with the life-long process of hard routine exercise,
yet don’t get relief from those accumulated fats.

Liposuction- The first step towards safe weight loss

Thanks to the wonders of medicine. Liposuction- a popular cosmetic surgery can
vacuum out the excess body weight (by removing fat deposits) within an hour or two.
This process is specifically designed for the stubborn and persistent pockets of fat,
resistant to diet and exercise. It is a safe procedure performed by licensed, experienced
professional on an outpatient basis. The pain or swelling after liposuction is so minimal
that you can have a ride home after the procedure.

Tummy tuck followed by Liposuction

Once you are free from additional fat accumulation, it is the time to contour the skin,
tissue and muscle. Abdominoplasty (medically termed as Tummy tuck) is the surgical
procedure that flattens your abdomen by eliminating excess fat and skin and then tightens
the loose muscles of the abdominal wall. Tummy tucks are effective for most of the
people who have recently lost weight, but have skin folds or weakened abdominal
muscles causing saggy, pouched appearance. Interestingly, this technique can be
performed by applying tumescent anesthesia and mild sedation while you are awake.
Even if you have experienced multiple pregnancies and desire to improve your sagging
skin stretched during pregnancy; tummy tuck is an excellent option to choose.

Thus liposuction followed by awake tummy tuck can give you all that “crepe” looks and
a firmer body contour. This is a complete make-over for you. Sometimes people get
confused with the difference between these two cosmetic procedures. To clarify them,
Tummy tuck does not cause weight loss. After a person has wiped out significant amount
of weight through Liposuction and want to have the final beauty touch should go for
Tummy tuck.

We have the services from board certified plastic surgeons who would evaluate you to
determine suitable procedure, discuss options in detail. At True Aesthetic center, Dr.True
and his staff are committed to help you achieve cosmetic and health improving
objectives. Apart from cosmetic surgeries you can also get your anti-aging and
gynecological procedures done successfully. Call us at 817-399-8783 today to fix an
appointment and consult with the doctor for all of your queries.


Blog post No: 10

Skin tightening techniques without surgery

If you have already planned to get yourself body contouring done this Christmas eve, you
are at the right place today. You must have visited few cosmetics surgeons with the
question- “Should I require tummy tuck or laser tightening? Which one can remove my
loose skin and stretch mark without claiming long recovery time?”

As experienced with number of patients, many plastic surgeons have their own views on
effectiveness of “Tummy tuck Vs Laser tightening”. The basic question is whether you
are willing to accept miniscule lower abdominal scar (at the bikini line) as a trade for
tighter abdomen or not. If you don’t wish to go under knife, yet want to experience the
benefit of tummy tuck to certain extent, non-surgical tummy tuck can get you the results.

Let us understand how new laser liposuction technology has enabled laser tummy
tuck or non-surgical tummy tuck in properly selected patients.

What is new laser tummy tuck?

This is a laser liposuction formula that can effectively boil down fat and stiffen
abdominal skin. Well, this is most successful on younger and thinner patients who have
lost their weight rapidly. Even older patients with significant excess skin and fat can
achieve impressive results following no surgical excision or tummy tuck.

How does this laser tummy tuck function?

This new laser technique applies a 925nm and blend of 925/975nm laser wavelengths
which is then passed through a small fiber into the fat beneath the tummy skin. The fat
selectively absorbs the 925 nm laser ray and gets melted down. The combination of
925/975nm laser tightens the tissue below the skin and thus pulls the skin tighter against
the underlying abdominal muscles.
Prior to this recent improvement, laser liposuction machines used 1064 nm or 1308 nm
wavelength. Now 925 nm wavelengths of laser rays shows 5 times better absorption of
fat than 1064 nm and 3 times more than 1308 nm wavelengths. Means, it has got more
effective in fat removal and skin tightening process.

What are the advantages?

Laser tummy tuck neither require large incisions or any surgical procedures on the
abdomen. So there is no worry of having permanent scar or any side effect like bleeding,
infection, contour deformities. However there is a slight risk of skin burn and thermal
injury because laser produces heat. These unexpected problems are very rare with great
tumescent techniques.

Whether you intend to do surgical or non-surgical tummy tuck the most important step is
to choose a good cosmetic surgeon doing all the greatness to your favor. In any type of
cosmetic surgery the success rate depends on the specialized surgical training and
experience of the surgeon, latest technical tools applied and aesthetic understandings.

Dr. Robert True has been performing such procedures for patients in the Dallas Forth
Worth and mid cities area of Texas. In fact he has instructed many of the physicians the
art of liposuction and body contouring procedures. Call his office today at 817-399-8783
for an appointment.


Blog post No: 11

Restoring youthful looking skin

There are certain things in our life we can never thought of compromising with. Healthy
glowing skin aesthetics is one among those needs you always wish to get satiated. You
may find plenty of beauty treatment procedures performed by skin care experts
(Dermatologists) and medi-spas professionals for varying degree of skin damages. But,
how do you select the best one for your skin rejuvenation?

Visit a skin aesthetic center:

It is better not to get trapped by over-voiced marketing messages of skincare product
manufacturers, unless you are pretty sure about your skin health type. First, visit a skin
aesthetic center, know the type of skin damage and its cause, and finally consult a doctor
for the exact healing process.

Know the skin damaging agents:
In general our skin gets exposed to number of environmental stress and harmful agents
round the years. Sun’s harmful UV rays may cause photo-damage resulting in wrinkles,
pigmentation (age spots), fine lines, skin burn, dry skin and many more after-effects.
Even Acne, rosaceae may also disfigure your skin texture.

Know your treatment secrets:

Radiant youthful looking skin can be achieved in two ways- 1) maintaining a healthy
skincare habit and 2) Using the right skin rejuvenating products prescribed by skin
experts. Natural beauty comes from both outer skin health improvements and inner body
health. Since the treatment formula varies from person to person, just buying a good anti-
aging cream or a branded sun protection essential don’t ensure that you have the right
solution at hand. If you have multi-skin issues, don’t compromise with personalized

Skin treatment both at skin center and home:

To get naturally beautiful and radiant skin tone there is well researched and multi-tested
skin rejuvenating products, you can apply at home. If you are held from Dallas Fort
Worth area and want to know what would fit to your skin problem, call at 817-399-8783
today to make an appointment at True Aesthetic center.

You can look for both the options Facial rejuvenation and quality dermal care products
here. Let us see what both of these two have to offer you

Facial rejuvenation for age-management:

Botox cosmetic: To reduce unsightly developed wrinkles on the forehead and frown lines
between the eyes

Smartxide Dot laser resurfacing: to decrease aging spot and reduce acne scars

Facial fillers: To reduce deep creases around your mouth and wrinkles over your lips

Chemical peels: to remove small imperfections of your face by stimulating collagen

Acne photo facials: To remove the effects of acne-causing bacteria and exfoliate the skin

Microdermabrasion: To make your skin hydrated, smooth and tight.

Skin products for the best clinical effect:
At True Aesthetic center you will find individually tested skin care products for sun-
damaged skin, anti-aging therapy, acne condition, rosacea problem, daily eye-care,
antioxidants, moisturizer etc. You may not need everything at a time. So speak to Dr.
Robert True before you conclude any of the option.

However to get the maximum benefits also concentrate on your routine healthy practices
and food habits.

Blog post: 12

Correcting Stress Urinary Incontinence

If you are a woman over 60 years of age and still don’t have bladder symptoms, you are
the luckiest one for sure. This bladder problem is popularly known as Urinary
incontinence that women are most likely to experience than men. In fact one among
every 3 women is suffering from this common and distressing problem.

Seriousness of this disease:

Do you know Incontinence is costly to both the patients and nursing home industry? In
fact more than 50% of the nursing facility admissions are due to incontinence in the US.
Should you be later in getting quality consultations from Gynecologist, Obstetricians or
Urologists at your nearest Medicare center, you are doing nothing but worsening the

When and how does it happen?

It can break out when you exercise, jump, run rigorously or from abdominal pressure
during coughing and sneezing. Few cases like Polyuria, uncontrolled diabetes mellitus,
enlarged prostate, brain disorders may potentially causes Urinary incontinence.

Physiologically in normal condition urethral pressure exceeds bladder pressure helping
the urine to be in the urinary bladder only. Then any abdominal pressure gets transmitted
to both Urethra and bladder equally leaving the total effect balanced. If bladder pressure
rises and urethral pressure falls due to many physiological or behavioral changes, it
causes Urinary incontinence leaking out the urine from the bladder.

Early diagnosis and quality treatment are mandatory
So you must not get panicked if you have such involuntary leakage of urine. However,
you can not keep quite as well, because urinary incontinence leads to higher incidence of
many other major health problems like obesity, diabetes, high depression and limited
activity level. Thus it can have profound impact on your quality of life as well as
financial status.

For medical investigation an urogynecologist or a specialized urologist can suggest the
type of incontinence you have, straining and discomfort, use of drug, recent surgery or
any illness if you have. Physical examination will include whether you have symptoms
like tumor blocking the urinary tract, stool problem, poor sensation etc. Patients may
need to undergo the tests like Stress test, urinalysis, blood test, ultra sounds,
urodynamics, cystoscopy etc.

The treatment options vary from conservative treatment, behavioral therapy, medications
to therapy based on the correct diagnosis. Absorbent pads, urinary catheters may provide
relief to the women suffering from incontinence. Thorough evaluation can easily indicate
the problem in the early stage and with proper consultation only it gets cured most of the
time. Even if a surgery is required it is done quickly on an outpatient basis.

So, no more pain, agony or mental disturbance even if you experience the common
incontinence problem. To get this inconvenience evaluated and treated effectively Dr.
Robert True has arranged multi-specialty facilities for women in the Dallas Fort worth
Metroplex area of Dallas. To live a life with gorgeous look, call him today at 817-399-


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