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					                                                                                    SOUL CALENDAR         52 weekly verses
                                                                                                 G i v e n b y R u d o l f S t e i n e r i n 19 2 5 .

                                                                                            Translated from the German original by Brian Keats

1                                              2                                                  3                                                     4                                                   5
When out of world widths                       In the outwardness of the senses                   The waxing human I                                                                                        In light, that out of spirit deeps
                                                                                                                                                        I feel the being of my being:
The sun speaks to human mind            1      Loses mind might its ego existence;      2         Itself forgetting                             3                                                  4                                               5
                                                                                                                                                        So speaks perception,                               In space fruitfully weaving
And joy out of the soul deeps                  Human offspring                                    And of its foundation mindful,                        In the sun clear world                              The gods’ creation reveals:
With light itself unites in vision,   26 52    Find spirit world again,                           Speaks to the world all:                   24 50      It unites itself with floods of light;                                                  22 48
Then drift out of self hood’s veil
                                                                                     25 51                                                                                                       23 49      The soul being appears in it
                                               Your own seed is in it,                            In you, liberating myself                             It wishes to bestow warmth                          Expanded into the world existence
Thoughts into space expanses                   But your soul fruit                                From my egohood’s shackles,                           For clarity of thinking
And dimly bind                          27                                              28                                                     29                                                 30        And has risen up                      31
                                               Within yourselves must find.                       Fathom I my real essence.                             And human and world                                 From narrow selfhood’s inner might.
Human Being to spirit existence.                                                                                                                        In oneness firmly bind.

6                                       6      7                                                  8                                                     9                                                   10
It is arisen out of egohood                    My Self, it threatens to escape,                   It grows the senses might                             Oblivious of my own will traits,           9        To summer’s heights
My Self and finds itself             21 47     By world light mightily attracted.           7     In bond with the gods’ creation,         8            Summer heralding world warmth                       Rises sun’s shining being itself;       10
As world revelation                            Now step you my intuition                          It presses thinking’s forces                          Fills my spirit and soul being;         18 44       It carries my human feeling
In forces of time and space;           32      Into your rights enforcingly,          20 46       To dream’s dullness down.            19 45            Lose myself into light                              With it into widths of space.         17 43
The world, it indicates to me everywhere       Replace for me thinking’s might,                   When divine being                                     Bids my spirit vision,                              Perception intuiting within me
                                                                                                                                                                                                  35        Arouses itself, dimly calls to me,
As godlike archetype                           That in the senses sheen                 33        With my soul wants to unite,            34            And force enfilled intuitiveness suggests to me:                                            36
My own image’s truth.                          Will lose itself.                                  Must human thinking                                   Lose yourself, in order yourself to find.           In time you will realize:
                                                                                                  Humbly still itself to dream existence.                                                                   A divine being feels you now.

11                                             12                                                 13                                                    14                                                  15
It is in this sun hour                 11      The world’s glowing beauty,             12         And when I am in the sense heights,           13      To sense revelation surrendered      14             I feel as if enchanted
For you, the wise lore to discern:             It compels me out of soul deeps                    So flames in my soul deeps                            I lost ego being’s drive,                           In world appearance of spirit’s weaving.
To go through feeling yourself,       16 42    To release to world flight            15 41        The gods’ word of truth
                                                                                                                                              14 40     Thought dream, it seemed           13 39            It has in sense dimness               15
Surrendered to world beauty;                   The ego-life’s divine forces;                      From spirit’s fire worlds:                            Numbly me the self to rob,                          Enfolded my ego being,
Lost be can the human I                37      Myself to let loose,                               In spirit grounds seek intuitingly                    But rousing world thinking           40             To bestow on me the force,          12 38
And find itself in world I.
                                                                                       38         Your spirit kinship to find.                  39      Already draws near within sense sheen.
                                               Trustingly seeking myself only                                                                                                                               That my I, placed in its limits,
                                               In world light and world warmth.                                                                                                                             Is mightless to give itself.
16                                             17                                                 18                                                    19                                                  20
To shield spirit gift within,          16      It speaks the World Word,                          Can I the soul widen,                                 Mysteriously the newly received                     Thus I first feel my existence,        20
My intuition bids me sternly,                  That I through sense doors                         So that she herself unites                            To enfold within my memory,                         That far from world existence
So that ripening divine gifts         11 37    Was allowed to lead into soul grounds: 17          With received World Germinating Word?                 Shall be my striving’s broader purpose: 19          In itself extinguishes itself,       7 33
In soul grounds fruiting                       Infuse your spirit depths                          I intuit, that I force must find,     18              It shall strengthening ego forces                   And building solely from grounds,
Bring fruits for self hood.                    With my World Widths,                10 36         The soul worthily to fashion,                         Rouse within me                                     In itself, must slay itself .
                                       42                                                                                              9 35                                                    8 34                                                46
                                               To find one day Me in you.                         To mould herself to a spirit mantle.                  And in becoming give myself to me.
                                                                                                                                                44                                                     45
21                                             22                                                 23                                                    24                                                  25
I feel unfamiliar fructifying might            The light from world widths              22        The sense enticements                         23      Soul being becomes aware of itself,                 I may now to myself belong
Strengthening itself, to lend my Self to me.   It lives enforcingly on within:                    Dampen themselves autumn like;                        Continually creating itself;              24        And lucently spread inner light      25
I perceive the seed ripening             21    It turns into soul light               5 31        The dim veil of fog                                   The World Spirit, it strives on                     Into the darkness of space and time.
                                                                                                  In light revelation blends itself.          4 30                                               3 29
And intuition light full weaving               And shines into the spirit deeps                                                                         With new life in self cognizance                    Being of Nature draws to sleep;    2 28
In selfhood’s might within.            6 32    For fruits to bear,                                I see in the expanses of space                        And creates from soul darkness                      The soul’s deeps shall waken
                                               That Human Self from World Self
                                                                                        48        The autumn’s winter sleep.                   49       Will fruit from sense of Self.            50        And wakefully carry sun glowing
                                                                                                  The summer has to me                                                                                                                           51
                                       47      Lets ripen in the flow of time.                    Itself surrendered.                                                                                       Into cold winter flowing.

26                                             27                                                 28                                                    29                                             29   30
Nature, your maternal existence,       26      Into my being’s deeps penetrate:                   I can feel my own essence’s widths    28              The thinking’s shining                              The thinking’s ripe fruits
I carry it in my will’s being;                 A stirred intuition filled yearning,               Freshly enlivened within,                             To kindle force enfilled within oneself, 50 24      Sprouts for me in soul sunlight,
And my will’s fire might,             1 27     That self contemplating I find myself, 27          And force filled thought rays       51 25             Interpreting life’s sense full experiences          In self consciousness certainty
It steels my spirit’s drives,                  As a gift of seed from summer sun                  Out of soul sun might                                 From world spirit’s force wellspring,               All feelings transform themselves.   49 23
So that they birth Self feeling                Warmingly living in autumn mood 52 26
                                                                                                                                                                                                   3        I can experience joyfully
                                       52                                                         Loosening life expended riddles,                      Is to me now summer legacy,
To carry myself in me.                         As my soul’s driving force.                        Lending fulfillment for many a wish, 2                Is autumn repose and also winter hope.              Autumn’s wakening spirit:               4
                                                                                        1         To the wings of hope already lamed.                                                                       Winter will in me
                                                                                                                                                                                                            Rouse the soul’s summer.

31                                      31     32                                                 33                                                    34                                                  35
The light from spirit deeps,                   I feel my own force fructifying                    Thus initially I feel the world                       To feel newly standing ego existence                Can I recognize the existence,
Strives outwards like a sun.         48 22     That lends me to the world with strength;          That separate for my soul’s witnessing, 33            Full of mystery within                              That finds itself again
It becomes life will force                     I feel my ego being force-filling                  Is only frosty empty life                             Enlivening the inheritance of ages:
                                                                                                                                                                                             45 19          In soul’s creation urgings?
                                                                                      32                                                  46 20         It shall rouse world forces                         I feel, that might is lent to me,    44 18
And shines into the dullness of senses, 5      Turning itself to clarity                          Manifesting itself without might,
To let loose forces,                           In life’s destiny weaving.                         In souls creating itself anew,                        To pour into my life’s external works 8             To humbly immerse the Self
That creative might from soul drives
                                                                                     47 21        Solely in itself, could find but death.   7           And in becoming imprint me into existence.          As a member into the World Self.       9
Allow to ripen in human works.
36                                             37                                                 38                                                    39                                                  40
In my being’s deeps speaks                     To carry spirit light into world winter night      I feel the spirit child in soul womb   38             To spirit revelation surrendered                    And when I am in spirit deeps,
                                       36                                                                                                                                                         39                                                40
Urging towards revelation                      Strives blissfully my heart’s drive,               Freed from enchantment.                               Gain I the World Being light.                       Then in my soul grounds
Mystery full the World Word:                   That lucently soul seeds                   37      It has in heart brightness           41 15            Thought force, it grows                             From heart’s world of love
                                      43 17                                                                                                                                                      40 14                                            39 13
Fulfill your labour’s aims                     In World Ground roots,                             Begotten the Holy World Word                          Clarifying to give me myself,                       The egohood’s empty delusion
With My spirit light,                          And God’s Word in sense gloom           42 16      The heavenly fruit of hope,            12             And rousing releases in me                          Is filled with World Word’s fire force.
To offer up yourself through Me.       10      Tones transfiguring all existence.                 That jubilantly grows in world extents                From thinker might Self sense.            13                                              14
                                                                                       11         Out of my being’s godly ground.

41                                             42                                                 43                                            43      44                                                  45
                                                                                       42                                                                                                                                                          45
                                                                                                                                                                                                            It sets itself thinking’s might
The soul’s creation might                      It is in this winter gloom                         In wintery deeps                      36 10
                                       41                                                                                                               Grasping new sensations                             In bond with spirit birth,
Strives out of heart’s ground,                 The soul’s strong drive             37 11          Warms the spirit’s true being;                        Single minded in full draught of spirit birth,      It clears dull sense enticements
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                34 8
In human life divine forces                    The revelation’s own force,                        It offers to world appearance                                                                    44
                                      38 12                                                                                               17            Soul clarity is filling,                            Into full clarity.
For righteous acts to enflame,                 To guide into darkness                             Might of existence through heart’s forces;                                                                                                      19
                                                                                     16                                                                 Bewildering sprouting world becoming                When soul fullness
She herself to shape                           And intuitingly to fore feel,                      The soul’s fire in human core
In human love and human work.          15      Through heart’s warmth, senses’ revelation.
                                                                                                                                                        With my thinking’s will shaping.         35 9       Wants to unite itself with World Becoming,
                                                                                                  Strengthening defies the world cold.                                                                      Sense revelation must
                                                                                                                                                                                                       18   Receive the light of thinking.

46                                             47                                                 48                                                    49                                                  50                                     50
The world, it threatens to benumb      46      Quickening desire-to-become sense sheen,           In light, that out of world heights                   I feel the force of World Existence:                It speaks to human I,
The soul’s own born force;
                                                                                                                                                                                                   49       Revealing itself mightily
                                               Will arise out of World Womb.         47           Of soul mightily wants to flow,
                                                                                                                                                        Thus speaks thought clarity,                                                          29 3
Now step you, remembrance,            33 7     It finds my thinking’s force                       Appears certainty of world thinking,                  Recalling its own spirit’s waxing                   And its being’s forces loosening,
From spirit deeps lucently up                  Prepared through the divine forces, 32 6           Loosening soul riddles,                               In darkest world nights,                 30 4       World Existence’s desire-to-become:
                                                                                                                                            31 5                                                            In you my life carrying
And strengthen my beholding,                   That enforcingly live within me.                   And assembling its mighty rays,                       And to the nearing world day
That only through will forces          20                                                         Rousing love within human hearts.                      It tends the rays of hope within.         23       Out of its enchantment spell,
                                                                                       21                                                      22
Can it uphold itself.                                                                                                                                                                                       Accomplish I my true aim.

51                                             52                                                The course of the year has its own life with which the human soul can accompany. Opening the soul to the influences that speak to it, can bring about
Into the inwardness of the human being,        When out of the soul deeps                        a sensitivity to the spiritual forces growing within it, and help us realise the union between the World and our own Self.
The senses riches gush.                        The spirit turns itself towards World Existence    How to start: The Calendar begins on Easter Sunday with verse 1, if you live in the Northern Hemisphere, and verse 27 if you reside in the Southern.
The World Spirit finds itself                  And beauty wells from widths of space, 52         The verse is read and contemplated for a week. On the following Sunday the next verse is worked with, and so on. You will find next to each verse a
As mirror image of human eye,                  Then draws from heaven’s extents                  lemniscate (figure 8) symbol surrounded by four numbers. The TOP number is the primary verse for the week. You can choose to work the current
                                   28 2
That its force out of itself                   The life force into human bodies         27 1     week’s polar verse as well and the BOTTOM number references it. The verses also belong in a complementary set of four which is expressed in the LEFT
Must newly create itself.                      And working mightily, unites                      and RIGHT numbers. You can work with all four. These are ways of approaching the Soul Calendar. There are no fixed rules or expectations. It is up to
                                       25      The spirit being with Human Existence.            each individual to find their own way of working with these verses.
                                                                                                 Each German word has a consistent translation throughout to enable the reader to follow the manifold word threads through the year’s course.