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									cellular telephone
        - Cellular telephone is a type of short-wave analog or digital telecommunication in which a
subscriber has a wireless connection from a mobile telephone to a relatively nearby transmitter. The
transmitter's span of coverage is called a cell. Generally, cellular telephone service is available in urban
areas and along major highways. As the cellular telephone user moves from one cell or area of
coverage to another, the telephone is effectively passed on to the local cell transmitter.

A cellular telephone is not to be confused with a cordless telephone (which is simply a phone with a
very short wireless connection to a local phone outlet). A newer service similar to cellular is personal
communications services (PCS).

personal digital assistant
         - PDA (personal digital assistant) is a term for any small mobile hand-held device that
provides computing and information storage and retrieval capabilities for personal or business use,
often for keeping schedule calendars and address book information handy. The term handheld is a
synonym. Many people use the name of one of the popular PDA products as a generic term. These
include Hewlett-Packard's Palmtop and 3Com's Palm Pilot.

Most PDAs have a small keyboard. Some PDAs have an electronically sensitive pad on which
handwriting can be received. Apple's Newton, which has been withdrawn from the market, was the
first widely-sold PDA that accepted handwriting. Typical uses include schedule and address book
storage and retrieval and note-entering. However, many applications have been written for PDAs.
Increasingly, PDAs are combined with telephones and paging systems.

Some PDAs offer a variation of the Microsoft Windows operating system called Windows CE. Other
products have their own or another operating system.

       - The term smartphone is sometimes used to characterize a wireless telephone set with special
computer-enabled features not previously associated with telephones.

In addition to functioning as an ordinary telephone, a smartphone's features may include:

       Wireless e-mail, Internet, Web browsing, and fax
       Intercom function
       Personal information management
       Online banking
       LAN connectivity
       Graffiti style data entry
       Local data transfer between phone set and computers
       Remote data transfer between phone set and computers
       Remote control of computers
       Remote control of home or business electronic systems
       Interactivity with unified messaging



Cell Phone:
       - Uses a wireless connection to a transmitter tower located within a radius of a
            few miles.
       - Not to be confused with a simple cordless phone that communicates wirelessly
         to the base in your home located perhaps a few feet away.
       - Must be plugged in to recharge batteries but doesn’t sync with your computer.
       - Some can be used for text messaging or as a walkie-talkie

PDA (Personal Digital Assistant):
        - A device generally used for keeping organized with a calendar, addressbook
        and other features.
        - Usually has a larger display screen than a cell phone
        - Usually includes a stylus, sometimes a small keyboard for entering text and
        navigating the installed operating system: Palm, Handspring, Windows CE,
        Windows mobile 5, etc
        - May be referred to as a “Pocket PC” if running a windows OS
        - Can be used as a stand-alone device or it can be connected to a computer
        periodically to synchronize files, email etc.
        - Some PDAs are enabled for Web access if you use it on a local wireless
        - confusion – On some PDAs an attachment might be installed that would allow
        you to make phone calls – lines are blurred.

       - A combination of Cell phone and PDA – Cell phone with computing capabilities
       - need carry only one device
       - runs an OS
       - has a small keyboard
       - Can synchronize with your computer automatically over the cell provider’s
       - Can get web access over the cell provider’s network. no wireless LAN


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