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                                                                        PARENTS’ CREED

I will do more than belong . . . . . . . . . . . . . I will participate.
I will do more than care . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . I will help.
I will do more than believe . . . . . . . . . . . . . I will practice.
I will do more than be fair . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . I will be kind.
I will do more than forgive . . . . . . . . . . . . . . I will forget.
I will do more than dream . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . I will work.
I will do more than teach . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . I will inspire.
I will do more than earn . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . I will enrich.
I will do more than give . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . I will serve.
I will do more than live . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . I will grow.
I will do more than be friendly . . . . . . . . . . . . I will be a friend.
I will do more than be a citizen           . . . . . . . . . . I will be a patriot.


             Henry Heights Elementary School
                          3600 Louisiana Avenue
                       Lake Charles, Louisiana 70607
                             (337) 477 - 5020

School Fax                           Calcasieu Parish School Board
477-7058                             217-4000

School Cafeteria                     Calcasieu Parish Transportation
477-0608                             217-4330

School Counselor’s Office            Child Welfare and Attendance
477-6255                             217-4230


Learning goes on both in the home and the school, and it is the relationship between two
institutions that determines most of the successful learning for children. Research
shows that informal education at home makes more of an impact than formal education
at school. The highest achieving children come from homes where parents show
interest. It is extremely unusual for a child to master tasks at school without support at

It is very clear that the home environment is the most powerful factor in determining the
level of achievement of the student, the student’s interest in school, and the number of
years of schooling the student will receive. There is no doubt that the home accounts for
more variations in students than does the quality of instruction of the school.

If parents wish to improve the learning of their children, the home environment is the
only place where they are likely to have some degree of control. Parents need to
understand what environments affect their children’s learning and how they can support
their learning. The following processes in the home environment affect the child’s
learning at school:

             The structure of activities and time in the home.
             The priority given to reading, school work, and other educational
             The encouragement given for school work.
             The parents’ knowledge of the child’s educational strengths and
             The parents’ help when needed.
             The availability of books and materials.
             The availability of a quiet place to study.
             Family discussion of television programs, books, news, and other sources
              of information.
             The use of libraries, museums, and other community cultural and
              scientific resources.
             Correct language usage.
             The parents’ knowledge in the child’s school work and activities.
             The parents’ expectations for the child.

                                                     PRINCIPAL’S MESSAGE

Dear Parents and Students,

The faculty and staff at Henry Heights Elementary School welcome you and your
family. We are pleased to have you as partners in this educational year. As the
year progresses, and you become either more informed or more puzzled, we
encourage you to call the school and talk with those who might be of help. If
your questions deal with in-class events, please address your concerns with your
child’s teacher. If they deal with the overall program, curriculum, or activities,
please contact me directly.

One of our goals is to see that the parents and guardians of students – like the
students themselves – feel at home at Henry Heights. To accomplish that, notes,
flyers and newsletters will be sent home throughout the school year, providing
you with information about events and activities.

It is our sincere desire to provide our students with the most efficient learning
environment possible.


Mike Juneau


Students need to be in attendance each school day. The State of Louisiana
requires that students be in attendance a minimum of 154 days in order to be
eligible for promotion. Students with 20 or more absences are eligible for
retention. When students are absent, they should bring a written excuse from a
physician or a parent when returning to school. Makeup work is the FULL
responsibility of the student. A student has three days to make up work for each
day of absence.


When students are tardy, they miss valuable instructional time, and it interrupts
the regular classroom routine. Please make sure that students are not tardy,
unless it is absolutely necessary. Oversleeping is not a good excuse for

Students arriving at school after 7:50 a.m. should report to the office
accompanied by a parent or guardian. The exact time of arrival must be
documented on a sign-in/sign-out log. Students must receive an admit from the
school clerk.

Excessive tardies will be reported to the proper authorities for follow-up.


It is most important that students spend the entire day at school. The school asks your
cooperation in scheduling “doctor’’ and “dentist’’ routine appointments around school
time. If you find it necessary to check your child out, please come to the office first. No
student will be dismissed from class without approval from the office. Students are not
allowed to check out after 2:30 p.m.

The faculty believes that all students at Henry Heights Elementary can and want
to behave properly. Since it is our responsibility as teachers to provide them with
the best learning environment, we can’t allow a student to disrupt or stop another
student from learning. Neither can we allow a child to engage in behavior
detrimental to the harmony of the school.

In order to guarantee all students at Henry Heights a learning climate they
deserve, the parish has now gone to a Positive Behavior Support system of
Discipline (better known as “PBS”). (please see attached documents). Feel free
to contact your child’s teacher or administration for more information in regards to
this new system of discipline.

                                                   DRESS AND GROOMING

All students are expected to act with maturity in their dress and grooming by
avoiding extremes. No item of clothing will be considered proper for school wear
that distracts or disrupts classroom and school decorum.           The teacher
determines if the clothing distracts from the normal routine. Teachers may
contact parents for a change of clothing if distractions occur. On “Free Dress”
days, children are not allowed to wear clothing that may be considered too
mature for their age group. Girls are not allowed to wear “gaudy” jewelry or
makeup or long fingernails. Earrings worn by boys are not allowed. Children in
all grades are allowed to wear shorts to school during warm weather providing
the length is appropriate.

(Refer to the attached Calcasieu Parish Uniform Policy)


Guidelines for acceptable, normal, good grooming should be taught and enforced
in the home by the parents as part of their responsibility in training their children
for responsible citizenship.

All students are expected to be responsible in their dress and grooming by
avoiding extremes and manifesting self-discipline with regards to these
regulations. Cooperation of parents is expected.

The policy of the Calcasieu Parish School Board shall be that no mode of attire
will be considered proper for school wear that distracts or disrupts classroom and
school decorum. The Board feels it is the responsibility of each student to use
good judgement in one’s total appearance so that the attention of others is not
distracted from the purpose of school.           Cleanliness shall be a basic
consideration. For health and safety reasons, students must wear shoes to

Any substantial complaint concerning the dress code shall be dealt with by the
school administration.


Students attending Pre-K thru 12 schools in Calcasieu Parish shall be required to
wear official school uniforms. Uniforms shall be the same for all schools, as

             Uniform shirts will be white, hunter green or navy blue polo/golf
              style shirts (short or long sleeves with a collar) or shirts that button
              down the front with a collar. No emblem, logo, decoration, or
              decorative trim is allowed. High School and Middle School
              Administrators have the option to choose a uniform shirt in one of
              the school’s colors.
             White, hunter green or navy blue, turtlenecks with no emblem, logo,
              decoration, or decorative trim are acceptable. Turtlenecks can be
              worn separately or under uniform shirt.
             T-shirts (solid white, hunter green, or navy blue) will be allowed
              under the uniform shirt.
             Spirit shirt/club shirt may be worn on day/s determined by the
              school administrator.
             Administrators may option to have students wear the official school
              logo on the school’s designated shirt.
             Shirts must be tucked in at all times.
             Khaki (shades may vary) or navy blue pants, skirts, shorts, skorts,
              or jumpers must be uniform style and color (no blue jeans, no

           corduroy or wind-suit materials, no sweat pants, no stretch pants or
           leggings, no spandex, no baggy pants, no bell-bottoms, no
           carpenter or cargo styles, no hip-huggers, no side-knee pockets).
           Emblems, logos, or decorations are not allowed.
          Pants, shorts, and skorts must measure (front and back) no shorter
           than three inches above the knee. Skirts and jumpers must
           measure no shorter than three inches above the knee.
          Belts should be black, brown, navy blue, hunter green, or khaki with
           no emblem, logo or decoration and must be worn with slacks and
           shorts that are designed to have belt loops. Belts must be visible
           and worn around the waist.          Belts are optional for pre-k,
           kindergarten and first grade students.
          Socks (or stockings for girls are required and should be hunter
           green, navy blue, khaki or white with no emblem, logo or decoration
           and must cover ankle and be visible. Middle and High School
           students are not required to wear socks or stockings with sandals.
          Appropriate shoes must be worn and not include thongs. Sandals
           are not allowed in elementary grades.
          Acceptable outerwear for classroom is limited to include sweater,
           sweater vest, sweatshirt, and light jacket. During class time,
           jackets are to remain open – not zipped or buttoned. Colors for
           classroom outerwear include khaki, navy blue, hunter green and
           white. No emblem, logo, or decoration is allowed on classroom
           outerwear. The uniform shirt must be worn under outerwear.
          Heavy coats and jackets worn to and from school and/or outdoors
           are not restricted, but recommended to colors of navy blue, white
           khaki and hunter green.
          No headwear shall be worn on campus with the exception of knit
           caps in extremely cold weather.

Other Dress Code Regulations:

          Prohibited items include bandannas, hair rollers, extremes in hair
           styles, psychedelic hair colors, lines, letters, or designs shaved in
           the head.
          Sunglasses, nose rings, visible body piercing, and excessive or
           inappropriate jewelry are prohibited.
          Prohibited items include excessive and inappropriate makeup,
           painted faces, inappropriate tattoos, and stick-on tattoos.
          Clothing worn is not to be suggestive or indecent.
          Clothing, jewelry, and general appearance are not to be of the type
           that would cause a disturbance or distract or interfere with the
           instructional programs.
          Clothing, jewelry, and general appearance are to be such as not to
           constitute a health or safety hazard.

Principals may declare spirit or club days and allow students to wear school spirit
shirts, or dress up days (i.e., when school pictures are scheduled) or allow
students to wear other uniforms such as Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, cheerleaders,
band, chorus, etc. Other questions about uniforms should be referred first to the
school authorities, then to the central office staff.

                                                          SCHOOL VISITORS

All parents are welcomed and encouraged to eat lunch with their children.
Please notify the cafeteria manager at 477-0608 when you plan to have lunch
with your child.

All visitors must report to the office prior to going anywhere on campus.

All school employees are required to ask parents to show a visitor’s pass.

                                 Illness At School

It is important that the office knows who to contact in case of an illness or an
emergency at school. Please include at least three (3) persons and their
numbers on the Emergency and Medical Information Form to be contacted in
case of emergency. If a child has a chronic illness, such as asthma or an
allergy, this information should be on file in the office and the teachers should be
informed each year.

If at any time during the school year, your telephone number, your address or the
emergency number given the school office change, please notify the school
office and your child’s teacher immediately.

                                   Late Check In

If a parent keeps a child home in the morning due to illness, the child will not be
allowed to return to school until the following day. This policy applies even if the
child begins to feel better.

                             Hospitalization of Student

For any student who has been discharged from the hospital or has a medical
condition which requires careful observation at school, the school will need a
statement from the student’s physician. The statement must indicate the date
the child may safely return to school, any physical restrictions, and a diagnosis, if
known. The student may not return to school without this physician’s statement.

Guidelines mandate that the following procedures be followed if your child needs
to take doctor-ordered medication during school hours. They must have the
Official Parent Authorization Form completed and on file. This form must be
updated for long-term medications. No medication is permitted to be given or
taken without this completed form. Students are not allowed to keep medication
in desks, purses, etc. All medication must be in its original container clearly
marked by the pharmacy (usually upon your request, the pharmacist will give you
a separate container to use at school). All medication will be kept in the office;
absolutely no over-the-counter drugs (aspirin, aspergum, cough drops, cough
syrup, decongestants, ear drops, chap sticks, etc.) will be administered at school;
and absolutely no medication will be transported on a school bus. Additionally, it
is the responsibility of the child to come to the office at the time medication is
needed. It is strongly suggested that a note be sent to the child’s teacher
notifying them of the illness and medication. Parents/guardians may come to the
office to give medication to their children and sign the necessary form.


Students are expected to behave in an orderly, respectful manner while waiting
for, boarding, riding and/or disembarking from buses.

Students in grades 3-5 who are picked up in an automobile shall depart from the
Louisiana Avenue side of the school. Students in grades K-2 are picked up at
the School Street entrance.

Parents are requested to use the Recreation Center parking area when visiting
the school.

Bicycles are to be placed inside the building and not left on the ground. Children
must walk their bikes across the street and crosswalks. Children must also walk
their bikes across entrances to the parking lots. The school is not responsible
for stolen bicycles.

Pupils should not bring knives, hair rakes, matches, toys or electronic games
and/or devices to school.

Fighting is not allowed at school at any time.

                                   Traffic Regulations

The safety of every boy and girl is to be a matter of serious concern at all times.
To assure the safety of children while attending school or under school
supervision, the school has formulated the following guidelines to provide safety
conditions most favorable for the children at Henry Heights Elementary School.

The parents’ cooperation is requested by the faculty and staff to assure the rules
are followed.

            Please do not park on the neutral grounds.
            Please do not park under the front entrance awning or the School
             Street awning.
            Do not park in the handicap parking space.
            Children are instructed to cross the street at the crosswalks under
             guard supervision.
            Students must be dropped off directly under the “Drop Off” sign on
             the School Street side (not at the gate in the parking lot).
            The south parking lot is for teachers only.
            Only buses and day care vehicles may use the north bus dock.

                                                     ARRIVING AT SCHOOL

The school day begins at 7:50 a.m. and ends at 2:50 p.m. each day. Breakfast
is served each school day beginning at 7:20 and ends at 7:40. After breakfast,
students in Pre-K will go to the Pre-K room.       Kindergarten students will report
to the Kindergarten classroom with the assigned duty teacher. Students in
grades 1-2 will sit in the third grade hall. Students in grades 3-5 should report to
the Multi-Purpose room. Teachers are on duty each morning to supervise
students. Students who do not ride a bus and do not eat breakfast should not
arrive at school before 7:30.


The cafeteria, provided by the school for the benefit of its students, is operated
on a non-profit basis. Students who bring their bag lunches eat at the tables with
students who purchase lunches from the lunchroom program. Pupils using the
cafeteria are responsible for cleaning up their table by removing all dishes,
cartons, and lunch sacks. For the cost, better meals are difficult to find. The
school encourages parents who are eligible to allow their children the opportunity
of eating lunch and breakfast without cost.

Parents may eat with their children but should notify the child’s teacher and the
cafeteria manager. The lunchroom program is subsidized by both Federal and
State governments. If you have a question concerning the cafeteria, please
notify Ms. Jackson at 477-0608. In order to decrease the amount of time
teachers spend on collecting lunch money, we use a collection system that is
currently in use in several Calcasieu Parish schools. The system has proven
successful at Henry Heights, resulting in teachers and students receiving
additional time to focus on academics. The success of the system depends on
the cooperation of our parents. We request that parents pay their children’s
lunch accounts by the month or by the week. Please, do not pay by the day.

      Parents are asked to pay for lunches on the following days:

                Kindergarten and First Grade . . . . . . . . . Monday

                Pre-K and Second Grade . . . . . . . . . . . . . Tuesday

                Self-Contained and Third Grade . . . . Wednesday

                Fourth and Fifth Grade. . . . . . . . . . . . . Thursday

During the school year, room mothers and parents give two (2) major parties for
the children. A major party is given at Christmas and at Easter. Small treats are
distributed during the minor holidays.

Both Christmas and Easter parties are limited to the last 30 minutes of the
designated day prior to the holiday. We request that parties not begin prior to
2:00 p.m.

Parents should contact the room mother chairperson if they wish to volunteer
their services.

                                                 ABOUT THE CLASSROOM

                                Progress Reports

Progress reports are sent home to parents at the beginning of the fourth week in
each six-week grading period. Even though a student may be achieving below
average at this point, he/she still has time to improve by the end of the grading
period.    This may be an opportune time to schedule a conference with your
child’s teacher to discuss what can be done to improve his/her performance in
those subjects.

                                  Report Cards

At the end of each six-week grading period, a report card is sent home. This is a
record of your child’s academic progress, attendance and conduct.

Please review your child’s progress with him/her and return the report card
envelope to the school on the following school day, signed in the designated
space. It is very important that these be returned promptly and in good condition.

                                Pupil Progression

The Calcasieu Parish School Board has adopted a program for pupil progression
based upon how well the students master minimum performance standards. The
plan prescribes standards for promotion for students in all grades. If at any time
you would like to review this plan, a copy is available in the principal’s office.

                               Care of Textbooks

Textbooks are very costly and the most valuable assets in the education of our
students. Please emphasize the importance of proper care and use of textbooks
and library books to your child or children. Students who damage, misplace, or
destroy textbooks and/or library books will be required to pay for their

We do realize that payment for damaged or lost books is often a hardship on the
family, so please encourage students to preserve or protect their books.

                                 Assessment Fee

Students entering any grade at Henry Heights will be asked to pay an
assessment fee. We ask that you make a special effort to pay this fee during the
first week of school. With the inclusion of an art program, an art fee is included in
the assessment fee. Students in French Immersion have an additional fee.


In order for students to have a successful day at school, they need certain
materials and supplies. A supply list will be provided in your child’s report card at
the end of the school year. If you child is new to our school, please pick up a list
in the office. In addition, please check with your child on a weekly basis to
ensure that his/her supplies are holding up.

Since there is very little space at each desk, some students are asked to
purchase chairbacks. Chairbacks are very handy in helping students keep up
with their supplies.

                                                         SPECIAL SERVICES
At Henry Heights Elementary, our goal is to address the individual needs and
interests of every child in attendance. Many services are offered in order to meet
varied needs of our students. Students in grades K-4 who are in need of
additional help in reading and math are serviced by tutors. Currently we have 6
tutors in our school and a CAI Manager.

The CAI Lab (Computer Assisted Instruction) is available to all students in grades
2-5 including Special Education classes.

Our Special Education Department meets the needs of students who have been
evaluated and who demonstrate a need for special services.

French students are selected on the basis of academic capability in grades 4 & 5.

                        The French Immersion Program

Our school has the unique distinction of being one of only three schools in
Calcasieu Parish to offer French Immersion to its students. Although the learning
of French is not a goal that every parent may want for their child, this program
provides a wonderful opportunity to open international thinking to those who
participate. Once a second language is learned, it becomes easier to learn a
third or fourth. This immersion program therefore gives our students one more
advantage in choosing careers in the competitive job market.

French Immersion students are a part of a regular English speaking homeroom.
The students are taught the English language arts (reading, spelling, writing,
language) with an American teacher for the same amount of time as any other
student in that grade level. The French students are then dismissed to their
French teacher, who conducts the remainder of the subjects in French.

Parents often ask if the French students are achieving as well as those students
who are not in French. Each year all of our students are tested. Results thus far
have shown that French Immersion students do as well as the English students
or better. Most of these students’ scores exceed the national average in all
areas tested.

                         Accelerated Reader Program

Students in grades 1-5 will be participating in the Accelerated Reader computer
program. Students will read stories on their levels with the opportunity to
advance to higher levels. Each story has a point value which students earn after
mastery of the comprehension of the story. The points are tallied and each child
receives a reward at the end of each month.

                                Gifted Program

SPARK (Seeking Purposeful Analytical Realistic Knowledge) is the local name
for the program for academically gifted students in Calcasieu Parish. The
identification of gifted students begins with a referral by a teacher, friend, or
parent of the students with approval of the local school committee (SBLC). A
screening test is given and if a student’s scores are high enough on this or on
ITBS, iLEAP, or LEAP, then a full evaluation is given by a Pupil Appraisal team.
Once a student is classified as academically gifted, an Individual Educational
Program (IEP) conference is held and the student is placed in the program.
Evaluations by local psychologists are accepted for review by Pupil Appraisal.


DIBELS (Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills) must be administered
to all K-3 students three times per year within the fall, winter and spring
assessment periods designated by the state.


Scantron is a pre-test/post-test for Mathematics and English Language Arts in
grades 3-5.

                                    4-H Club

The 4-H Club is a group of young people in a school or community who want to
improve their heads, hearts, hands and health. This club is open to all students
in grades 4 & 5.

                                   Chess Club

Henry Heights has sponsored the Henry Heights Knights Chess Club since 1995
for grades 3-5. Each year about 24 students participate in the club to develop
their critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Chess also helps to develop
character, confidence and mental discipline. Each year Henry Heights makes a
strong showing at tournaments. Beginning Fall 2007, a club for grades K-2 will
be organized.

                          Extended Daycare Services

The purpose of the Extended Daycare Program is to provide parents of
elementary age students at Henry Heights Elementary School with the option of
after school child care. This service is offered to students currently enrolled at
Henry Heights.

The increased number of students who have both parents employed demands
that the school provide child care services. Many students are not appropriately
supervised after school due to the economic necessity of both parents working.

The goal of the program is to provide a healthy and secure environment for
children attending Henry Heights. It is the intent of the program to provide an
atmosphere which will afford each child an opportunity to enhance his
intellectual, personal, social and physical development. We believe that it is the
responsibility of Extended Day to facilitate successful experiences which will
promote a positive self-concept and generate an attitude of mutual respect and

     If a child lives with criticism,
          He learns to condemn.

     If a child lives with hostility,
          He learns to fight.

     If a child lives with ridicule,
          He learns to be shy.

     If a child lives with shame,
          He learns to feel guilty,

     If a child lives with tolerance,
          He learns to be patient.

     If a child lives with encouragement,
          He learns confidence.

     If a child lives with praise,
          He learns to appreciate.

     If a child lives with fairness,
          He learns justice.

     If a child lives with security,
          He learns to have faith.

     If a child lives with approval,
          He learns to like himself.

     If a child lives with acceptance
          He learns to find love in the world.

Dear Parents,

It is very important that your child knows who is picking him/her up in the
afternoon, prior to the beginning of the school day. Please, unless it is an
emergency, do not call the school to give a message to your child. It is VERY
IMPORTANT to protect his/her instructional time. With approximately 425
students in our school we get many of these calls each day. Each time a child is
called to the office for a message, the entire class is disrupted and instructional
time is lost.

It is very important that your child does not arrive at school earlier than 7:20 a.m.
Also, it is very important that your child is picked up on time in the afternoon.
Students are not allowed to wait alone. When your child is not picked up on time,
an adult or adults must wait with your child which takes away from planning time
for the next day. If you cannot pick up your child on time, we are asking that you
enroll him/her in our Extended Daycare Program. The program begins as
classes are dismissed and concludes at 6:00 p.m.

In the event that you need to set up a conference with your child’s teacher,
please write a note to the teacher expressing your concern and send it with your

Let’s all work together in making Henry Heights Elementary the very best school
for your child.


Mike Juneau

                            DROP OFF AREAS
Pre-K, Kindergarten, First and Second Grades -- School Street:

Students must be dropped off below the drop off sign. Students are not to
enter the gate leading from the parking lot.

Third, Fourth and Fifth Grades -- Louisiana Avenue:

Students must be dropped off on the front porch. Students are not to be
dropped off on the street.

Bus Dock:

This area is for buses and day car vans only.

                             PICK UP AREAS

Pre-K, Kindergarten, First and Second Grades -- School Street:

Students are to wait on the porch until parents drive up under the awning.
Walking across the parking lot is not allowed. Parking on the street to pick
students up is not allowed.

Third, Fourth and Fifth Grades -- Louisiana Avenue:

Students are to wait on the front porch until the parents drive up under the

Bus Dock:

Buses and day care vans only!


Dear Parents,

The State of Louisiana requires that students are in school daily for 370 minutes.

It has been brought to my attention that several students have been arriving at
school late and are checking out early.

The school day begins at 7:50 a.m. and ends at 2:50 p.m. Classes are
dismissed as follows:

              Pre-K and K -- 2:40 p.m.
              First and Second -- 2:45 p.m.
              Third, Fourth, and Fifth -- 2:50 p.m.

Excessive tardies can lead to suspension. Each time that your child is tardy or
checks out of school early, he/she misses important instructional time.

In the event that your child has a dental or doctor’s appointment, he/she will be
allowed to check out early, but a written excuse from the doctor/dentist is
required when your child returns to school the next day.


Mike Juneau

                                                    CPSS POLICIES

CPSS Cell Phone Policy

No student, unless authorized by the school principal or his/her
designee, shall use or operate any electronic telecommunication
device, including any facsimile system, radio paging system, mobile
telephone system, intercom, or electromechanical paging device in any
elementary, middle, or secondary school building or on the grounds
during the instructional day or in any school bus used to transport
public school students A violation of these provisions may be grounds
for disciplinary action, including but not limited, to suspension from

Cell phones and all other telecommunication devices must be turned
off, stowed away, out of sight and not used during the instructional
day or while riding a school bus. For the purpose of this policy, the
instructional day will be defined to be the time students arrive on
campus in the morning till the time they are officially dismissed in the
afternoon. On field trips, telecommunication devices may be
possessed/used at the discretion of the Principal or his/her designee.

This section will be placed in the Code of Conduct for Middle and High

“Use/Turned On” shall result in:

First offense:
      a one day suspension

      confiscation of the cell phone

Second offense:

      two day suspension

      confiscation of the cell phone

Third offense:

      a three day suspension

      confiscation of the cell phone

Fourth offense:

      shall result in a recommendation of an expulsion hearing

“Visible possession” shall result in:

First offense:

      a one day ISI

      confiscation of the phone

Second offense:

      a one day suspension

      confiscation of the phone

Third offense:

      a two day suspension

      confiscation of the phone

Fourth offense:

      may result in a recommendation of an expulsion hearing

This section will be placed in the Code of Conduct for
Elementary Students

Use of cell phones by an elementary student shall result in:

      Confiscation of the cell phone and parent called.

      Option to use ISI for repeat offenders.

All confiscated phones shall be returned to a parent or guardian
when a request has been made and a release form provided by
the school has been signed. Parents must sign the release form
in person.

Ref: La. Rev. Stat. Ann. ''17:239, 17:416, 17:416.1

CPSS Acceptable Use Policy

                                                        FILE: IKDC

                                  PRAYER IN SCHOOLS

The Calcasieu Parish School Board shall permit school authorities of each
school to allow an opportunity, at the start of each school day, for those
students and teachers desiring to do so to observe a brief time in silent prayer
or meditation.

Public schools shall be prohibited from adopting or using any official or
standard prayer. Voluntary, student-initiated, student-led prayer in accordance
with the religious views of the student offering the prayer may be permitted,
however. No student attending the school shall be required to participate in
any religious activity at school.

No law, rule or policy shall deny to any student attending a public elementary or
secondary school the right to participate in voluntary, student-initiated, student-
led prayer during school or on school property, before or after school or during
free time. Athletic teams shall not be prohibited from engaging in voluntary,
student-initiated, student-led prayer.

No law, rule or policy shall prevent any student who attends a public
elementary or secondary school and who is responsible for or presiding over a
meeting of a school organization or assembly from calling upon a student
volunteer to offer an inspirational quotation or statement, offer a voluntary
prayer, or lead in silent meditation, at the sole option of the student volunteer.

A student organization shall not be denied recognition or any privilege or
benefit solely because it is religious in nature, has a religious affiliation, or has
no religious affiliation.

School officials shall be prohibited from censoring for religious content the
speech of a high school student invited to speak at a commencement
ceremony at the school he/she is attending.

When student volunteers are called upon to offer an inspirational quotation or
statement, offer a prayer, or lead in silent meditation, such students shall be
selected at random by a student from among student volunteers without
respect to their individual religious beliefs or lack thereof. No student shall be
called upon to offer an inspirational quotation or statement, offer a voluntary
prayer, or lead in silent meditation unless the student chosen has volunteered
to do so.
Revised: December, 1995
Revised: August, 1999
Revised: June, 2002


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