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                                                                  January 2009                     n   SPECIaL SHOW ISSuE

   Health Expert Dr. Andrew Weil Backs                         Bissinger’s Handcrafted Chocolatier                          Rodelle Vanilla Welcomes Cocoa Powder
   Lucini Italia’s Olive Oil                                   Stays True To Its All-Natural Roots                          To Its Family Of Fine Baking Products
   David Neuman, President of                                  The following article originally appeared in the             Chocolate or vanilla? Salt or pep-
                                                               Nov. 28, 2008 issue of Ladue News, a lifestyle and
   Lucini Italia®, provides insight                            society publication in St. Louis, Mo.                        per? Ginger or Mary Ann?
   into the brand’s relationship                                                                                              Thanks to Rodelle, at least
   with Andrew Weil, M.D., and the                             Ken      Kellerhals, President,                              one of these questions can be
   shared belief that healthful and                            Bissinger’s Handcrafted Choc-                                answered, “Both.” The company
   tasteful go hand-in-hand.                                   olatier, talks about the company’s                           famous for its high quality vanilla
                                                               natural products and expansion.                              product line is launching a cocoa
   GN: You just returned from a trip                                                                                        powder made from Ivory Coast
   to Italy with Dr. Andrew Weil,                              By Meredith Boggess                                          cocoa to compliment its vanilla
   one of America’s foremost health and wellness experts.      Ladue News, St. Louis, Mo.                                   products. It’s scheduled to hit
   What was the reason for the trip?                                                                                        grocery store shelves in Q1 2009.
                                                               LN: What makes Bissinger’s different from other                “Adding cocoa was a natural progression for us,” says
   DN: It was part of our ongoing relationship with Dr.Weil.   chocolate companies?                                         Joe Basta, Vanilla Vice President. “We’ve been providing
                                        Continued on PagE 30                               Continued on PagE 30                                                 Continued on PagE 30

   Jardine Foods Provides Consumers                            Infuse Your Cocktails With                                   Straus Organic Dairy Continues
   With All-Natural Products                                   Tea Forté’s Products                                         Growth Despite Recession
   Jay Kemper, President and CEO,                              Peter Hewitt, founder of Tea                                 Straus Family Creamery, the first certi-
   Jardine Foods, highlights the                               Forté, discusses the company’s lat-                          fied organic dairy west of the Mississippi,
   company’s products, distribution                            est product, Cocktail Infusions, as                          continues to see strong sales growth in the
   and what sets them apart from                               well as the unique products that                             Natural Channel with its line of organic
   other companies.                                            offer consumers a one-of-a-kind tea                          dairy products including cream-top milk,
                                                               experience.                                                  European-style yogurt, European-style
   GN: Tell our readers a little about your company. What’s                                                                 butter and ice cream. In particular, the
   your main line of business?                                 GN: What was your inspiration                                cream-top milk sold in glass bottles and
                                                               for Tea Forté?                                               European-style yogurts continue to surge.
   JK: We are the producer and marketer of the all-natural                                                                     Straus Glass Bottle Milk, sold in returnable bottles, is
   D.L. Jardine’s Super Premium gourmet salsas, barbecue       PH: My original vision was modest—just to reinvent the       increasingly popular among consumers seeking to mini-
   sauces, marinades and chili mixes. We also produce and      entire tea ceremony, a centuries old tradition! I wanted     mize their carbon footprint. Straus estimates that in 2008
   market a variety of complementary categories such as hot    to bring fresh inspiration to a category with a long, rich   alone, its glass bottle consumers prevented approximately
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   OOBA: The Innovative Sparkling                              Fischer & Wieser Specialty Foods:                            Partners Offers A ‘Tasteful’
   Hibiscus Beverage Makes A Splash                            Family Company Holds Values                                  Cracker That Is Delicious,
   On Retail Shelves Nationwide                                Through Decades Of Growth                                    Gourmet And Affordable
   OOBA is a remarkable new spar-                              Fischer & Wieser Specialty Foods, Inc. is celebrating 40     These award-winning crackers and crisp-bread style
   kling beverage with the ancient                             years in business.                                           crackers are priced from only $2.79 to $4.29 a box, and in
   healing power of hibiscus. This                                “We are a gourmet food company that grew out of a         this economic climate, we are all looking for value, quali-
   modern, healthy, one-of-a-kind                              peach orchard,” says Case D. Fischer, President and CEO      ty and taste. With these crackers you can have it all. They
   product offers consumers a                                  of Fischer & Wieser Specialty Foods. “Everyday of the        are all natural, kosher certified and made with home-
   refreshing new beverage choice                              past 40 years we have celebrated our best moments in         made ingredients like the freshly roasted garlic, which
   that delivers big on flavor.                                business. It is blessing that we have been able to main-     creates Partners delicious Roasted Garlic and Rosemary
      Designed with a wide range of                            tain our values and our business in a varying economy—       Wisecrackers. Partners’ product line offers crackers to
   customers in mind, it’s a truly                             a blessing and a challenge.”                                 make everyone from the connoisseur entertainer to the
   delicious and functional beverage—something that is            Case admitted that over the years things have come        afternoon snacker satisfied with their purchases.
   rare in the marketplace. OOBA is a healthier alterna-       along that have made Fischer & Wieser reinvent itself.          Partners, a tasteful choice company, features all natu-
   tive for traditional soda drinkers. But because of its      “It is easy to want to change with every gust of wind,” he   ral artisan style flat breads and crackers with flavors that
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  4     SHOW nEWS                                                                                                   January 2009     gOurmEt nEWS

                                                  Show News
Forever Cheese sources Sisters’ Gourmet brings
quality products, adds the family’s favorite
exceptional new items recipes to your kitchen
Forever Cheese sources unique, excep-         believes that this combination, along with    Lisa sorensen, President of sisters’ Gour-    that we can per-
tional quality cheeses and specialty          their philosophy, sets them apart from the    met, discusses the company’s expansion,       sonally know all
foods from Italy, Spain and                               rest of the importers in the      strengths and new products rolling out here   of our customers.
Portugal. They started with                               marketplace.                      at the show.
the Pierluigi’s family’s Fulvi                               A great part of their suc-                                                   GN: What are
Pecorino Romano, one of the                               cess is in the way they source    GN: Tell us a little about your company       some     of   the
rarest to be produced in Lazio;                           products. Forever Cheese has      and how you started.                          strengths of your
and they branched out to oth-                             their finger on the pulse of                                                    company?
er unknown treasures from                                 the countries with which they     Ls: About 14 years ago, my sister Suzy
Italy and then pioneered Spanish cheeses      work. Their track record has shown great      and I started selling handcrafted items       Ls: All of our
and accompaniments. Forever Cheese’s          success with many of the products that        in gift shops and craft shows. Our cookie     recipes are family
goal has been to take the time to intro-      they have chosen to introduce in the mar-     mixes started as an extension of that idea    favorites and have
duce products representative of the coun-     ketplace. People look to Forever Cheese to    in my kitchen. We never intended on hav-      withstood the test of time, so we know
tries they’ve chosen to highlight. Not only   continually invigorate product selections     ing a gourmet food business, but they sold    they will work for our customers. We use
do they focus on product uniqueness and       with their newest, most exciting finds.       so well and it just grew very naturally. We   only the best quality ingredients that you
quality, they also focus highly on their        This year may be one of a few challenges.   have intentionally tried to grow very slow-   would use in your own kitchen.
service to the customer. Forever Cheese                             Continued on PagE 29    ly and keep the business small enough                              Continued on PagE 24
gOurmEt nEWS                  Januaray 2009                                                                                            SHOW nEWS            5

                                              Azar Nut Company offers full line
                                              of specialty nuts and nut mixes
               Anna Wolfe
   65 West Commercial Street #207
          Portland, ME 04101
                                              After 100 years experience with      Azar is introducing two specialty   flavor profiles developed by      proprietary ingredients for many
                                              award-winning foodservice nuts       nut lines: Gold Label (seven tra-   Chef James Brisson, Azar’s CIA    well-known restaurant chains.
         207-775-2372, ext. 12
                                              and dried fruit, Azar Nut Com-       ditional nut offerings packaged     trained culinary professional).   Working hand-in-hand with
                                              pany has expanded its horizons       in re-sealable cans) and Flavor        For several years, Azar        companies who directly serve
       aSSOCIatE EdItOr
                                              to include specialty nut products.   Sensations (five cutting-edge       Nut Company has developed                     Continued on PagE 32
           Jenna Crisostomo

              Lee M. Oser

             Kate Seymour

       PuBLISHIng OffICE
           1877 N. Kolb Road
             P.O. Box 1056
           Tucson, AZ 85715
           Fax 520-721-6300

     advErtISIng OffICES
        New England & Canada
             James McNeil
         207-775-2372, ext. 11

       Pacific Region & Mountain
            Rich DiGiacomo
    3388 S. Centinela Ave., Suite 22
         Los Angeles, CA 90066

            Midwest & East
  NY, NJ, PA, CT, RI, WV, VA, DC, DE, MD
             Bonnie Nelson
              55 Scenic Dr.
    Hastings-on-Hudson, NY 10706
           Fax 914-478-4916

PrOduCt WraP-uP & CLaSSIfIEd
              Elysia Hansel

    PrOduCtIOn dIrECtOr
             Valerie Wilson

    CIrCuLatIOn dIrECtOr
            Lorrie Baumann

             Gourmet News
             P.O. Box 30520
           Tucson, AZ 85751

            mEmBEr Of:

              Lee M. Oser
  6     SHOW NEWS                                                                                                     JANUARY 2009      GOURMET NEWS

California Olive Ranch launches
                                                                                                                                                             COR will ship each of
                                                                                                                                                          its EVOO varieties in this
                                                                                                                                                          new package—Arbequina,

new packaging, Olio Nuovo
                                                                                                                                                          Arbosana and its propri-
                                                                                                                                                          etary EVOO blend.
                                                                                                                                                             Distributed       nation-
                                                                                                                                                          ally, COR certified extra
Revolutionary New Food Service Packages                                                     Fancy Food Show.                                              virgin olive oils are gen-
California Olive Ranch (COR) has intro-                                                        The improved design, with 100 percent                      erally priced lower than
duced two new packages for its award-                                                       nitrogen flush, preserves the oil freshness                   other branded products
winning, certified extra virgin olive oil                                                   and flavor consistency, while increasing                      of comparable flavor and
(EVOO) designed specifically for the                                                        the shelf life of the oil up to a year.                       value. The five-gallon size
foodservice industry.                                                                          The new packaging is six percent more                      is priced at a seven percent
   The innovative technology utilizes the                                                   compact for easier storage and lower-                         advantage compared to the
wine industry’s bag-in-the-box design                                                       per-unit shipping costs. It boasts an                         2.5-gallon size.
wherein the bag collapses as the olive                                                      improved spout design that virtually
oil is dispensed preventing oxygen from      packaging for extra virgin olive oil.          eliminates drips and waste. Package labels                    It’s Like Enjoying
coming in contact with the oil.                Available originally in a 2.5-gallon size,   were also redesigned to be 100 percent                        Liquid Olives!
   California Olive Ranch is the first and   COR is introducing their five-gallon size      UPC scanable and meet all federal food                        For the first time in its
only U.S. olive oil producer to use this     with the identical technology here at the      label nutrition requirements.                                        Continued on PAGE 25

Flaxseed oil & flax: The Premium Gold
                                                                                                                                            proprietary True Cold Milled® flax flour
                                                                                                                                            in bulk.
                                                                                                                                               Not only are the Miller’s passionate

connection for healthy living
                                                                                                                                            about their farm, but due to an illness that
                                                                                                                                            affected one of their own family members,
                                                                                                                                            they have a deep interest in alternative
                                                                                                                                            and natural living. This created an oppor-
From the rolling plains of central North     stuff! Premium Gold Flax Products is a         Miller Family Farm is one of the largest        tunity that was able to connect an already
Dakota there is a flax company with a        company that came to being from a fifth        flaxseed growers in the USA. This allows        established farming operation with a new
mission to educate and prove that natu-      generation, 104-year-old family farm that      them to provide the best flaxseed possible      and very important passion for natural
ral ingredients can be easily incorporated   knew they had a lot to offer. Hailing from     for their customers, along with plenty          healthy living, and thus Premium Gold
into your daily routine; and their exper-    the prairies of North Dakota, the No.1 flax    of options whether you are interested in        Flax was born. Due to their location and
tise is flaxseed. Talk about knowing their   growing region in the United States, the       their retail line of products or their unique                         Continued on PAGE 32
  GOURMET NEWS       JANUARY 2009                                                                                                 SHOW NEWS             7

Hammond’s Candies                                                                          Pepper Creek Farms &
showcases new                                                                              Bella Vista Farm is at
products & packaging                                                                       the organic forefront
at Fancy Food Show                                                                         Pepper Creek Farms is a family-based
                                                                                           business founded in 1984, which origi-
                                                                                           nally produced eight products sold local-
                                                                                                                                         organically. They insist on using only
                                                                                                                                         certified organics that are nurtured and
                                                                                                                                         packaged without the use of synthetic
Since 1920, Hammond’s Candies has             a nutmeg-flavored                            ly. However, due to their award-winning       chemicals including pesticides, herbicides
worked to please retailers. This year is no   cane with golden                             flavors and small batch concept, they now     and fungicides. Farmers and processors
exception with new products, flavors and      brown striping.                              produce more than 155 different products      that are certified organic have their pro-
updated packaging.                               Hammond’s       is                        distributed worldwide, and they are dedi-     cedures verified by an independent orga-
   Cocktail Sticks, the new rage in the       also producing two                           cated to quality control in every aspect of   nization and meet or exceed a rigid set of
Hammond’s Candies line are soft sugar         new wine-themed                              their production. Extremely selective with    defined standards.
candies that complete your martini or         canes to its line up                         their fruits and vegetables, they choose         Bella Vista Farm offers a variety of deli-
mixed drink by adding a touch of flavor.      this year, Cham-                             only the freshest, ripest available, allow-   cious jam flavors that brings out the true
Not only do they add flavor, but you can      pagne and Red                                ing them to produce a special product for     taste of organic freshness. Using only 100
sip your martini through the stick. These     Wine. Hammond’s                              a very discriminating palate.                 percent fully-ripened organic fruit, organ-
bright colored candies come in sour apple,    expects the canes to do well in wine shops      Choose from flavor-packed Pepper Jel-      ic evaporated cane juice and natural pec-
lemon lime, fresh mint and pomegranate.       and specialty stores. “We’re really focus-   lies, Red Pepper & Carrot Relish, Joycie’s    tin, they hand cook each recipe in small
   “They add a new twist of flavor for your   ing on improving and promoting our best      Spicy Beets, creamy Gourmet Honey Mus-        copper kettles to preserve the color, tex-
cocktail; they will complement today’s        products,” Schuman adds.                     tard, award-winning salsas and sauces, six    ture and flavor and ensure superior qual-
most popular drinks,” says Andrew Schu-          Already popular Cocoa Stirrers are get-   great-tasting Dip Mixes, Premium Pep-         ity. Bella Vista Farm guarantees freshness
man, President of Hammond’s Candies.          ting some fresh flavors. This candy stick    percorns and Gourmet Sea Salt, Cocktail       and quality in all their products! Products
   Other new innovations at Hammond’s         melts right into your hot beverage, add-     Mixers and Rim Dippers, Gourmet Cocoas        are packed in handsome wooden crates,
include adding two new flavors, pear          ing flavor and sweetness to your coffee or   and a wide assortment of Sprinkles for        and they’ll handle all the details of pack-
and pomegranate, to the all-natural line      cocoa. This year’s assortment will include   every occasion.                               aging and shipping, including enclosing a
of lollipops and candy canes. In addi-        Vanilla, Chai, Cherry and Peppermint.           Bella Vista Farm is the organic divi-      gift card with your message.
tion, Hammond’s will release a limited-          For more than 75 years, Hammond’s         sion of Pepper Creek Farms and feels             Pepper Creek Farms and Bella Vista
edition candy cane specifically for 2009,                           Continued on PAGE 28   very strongly about farming their land                              Continued on PAGE 28
  8      SHOW NEWS                                                                                                     JANUARY 2009      GOURMET NEWS

The hunt is on: Madelaine creates a whole
new way to have fun with chocolate!
The Hunt Is On!™ is a new, proprietary line      player to hunt for the next reward until        Halloween, 16 bunnies and eggs for          case pack is sure to sell out quickly.
of chocolate games created and                             all 16 pieces of chocolate are        Easter. Designed to be played alone            A privately-held company based in
developed by Madelaine Choco-                              discovered. Hence the line of         (keep all the chocolate for yourself) or    Rockaway Beach, N.Y., Madelaine Choc-
late Novelties, Inc. A brand new                           chocolate games has been aptly        with friends (share the goodies), these     olate Novelties has earned its reputation
concept in seasonal confection-                            named The Hunt Is On!                 interactive chocolate games are sure to     as a manufacturer of gourmet chocolate
ery, these interactive chocolate                              Haunted hunt™ (item num-           delight kids of all ages, so it’s a won-    novelties by using premium chocolate
games are a twist on the tradition-                        ber 92057) and egg hunt™              derful family activity. Of course, the      made in the U.S. and the highest qual-
al Christmas advent countdown                              (item number 98057) are the           hunts can be given as party gifts to be     ity ingredients available. Madelaine also
calendars. Instead of looking for                          first in this series of unique        played at the party or enjoyed after all    features an extensive line of panned
numbers from one to 24, play-                              “hunts” for every season and          the guests have gone home. Delivered        products—chocolate and candy coated
ers have to solve rhyming riddles                          every day. Each beautifully-          in shelf-ready displayers that hold 10      nuts, fruits and specialty centers. In
hidden behind each door to discover the          designed package features 16 assorted           games each, the small footprint fits eas-   addition to a roster of customers that
chocolate rewards. One riddle leads the          chocolate rewards: 16 characters for            ily in any retail location and the small                         Continued on PAGE 10

Boyajian introduces new items:
                                                                                                                                             offers a sweet, aromatic flavor with mild
                                                                                                                                             heat, while Habanero Oil has a robust
                                                                                                                                             flavor with intense heat. Both hot oils

hot oils, dipping oils and vinegars
                                                                                                                                             answer a growing demand for spicy
                                                                                                                                             cooking and finishing oils, infused with
                                                                                                                                             real peppers, not extracts or flavorings.
                                                                                                                                             The Dipping Oils, a new category for
Boyajian Inc., longtime makers of specialty      three bread dipping oils and two vinegars.      We taste every batch to ensure quality.”    Boyajian, feature Italian Herb Dipping
foods including infused oils, vinegars, Asian    “Our new products are the result of cus-        New hot oils include Jalapeno Oil (pure     Oil, Herbs de Provence Dipping Oil and
oils, pure citrus oils and natural flavorings,   tomer feedback and market trends,” says         olive and extra virgin olive oil infused    Moroccan Blend Dipping Oil. All three
will roll out new items here at the Winter       company President John Boyajian. “And,          with jalapenos) and Habanero Oil (pure      have a pure olive and extra virgin oil base
Fancy Food Show. New offerings under             like the rest of our line, these products are   olive and extra virgin olive oil infused    and are loaded with herbs and spices. The
the Boyajian brand include two hot oils,         all-natural and made here in our plant.         with habanero chilies). Jalapeno Oil                            Continued on PAGE 28
 10     SHOW NEWS                                                                                                       JANUARY 2009        GOURMET NEWS

Gourmet Stalwart, Lucini Italia, continues
to bet on top shelf ‘Extra Virgin’
Much like the vodka business, each year      health “buzz” of extra virgin olive oil.       with better ones to slip past the technical      properly referred to as the peppery finish,
countless new brands enter the extra vir-       Well this year things are going to get      benchmark. This shouldn’t really matter          which is used to evaluate the quality of the
gin olive oil trade. From small esoteric     interesting because the law in California      because, again with the vodka analogy,           olive harvest, the process and the freshness
Mediterranean brands trying to get in        changed. “Extra virgin” olive oil is now a     people can taste the difference between a        of the oil (remember age is a bad thing).
on the action to iconic U.S. brands like     legal definition based primarily on an acid-   top shelf version and a lower tier industrial       In 1998, Lucini Italia introduced Premi-
Crisco™, everyone seems to like the idea     ity level of 0.8 percent, making it slightly   version…it’s all in the burn. Well actu-         um Select Extra Virgin Olive Oil® to the
of a premium priced oil that leverages the   more difficult to blend lower quality oils     ally, in the case of extra virgin olive, it is   American market and set the bar for extra
                                                                                                                                             virgin. Since, Lucini® has grown to domi-
                                                                                                                                             nate the super premium category, become
                                                                                                                                             the celebrity chef favorite (without any
                                                                                                                                             sponsorship deals) and has continued to
                                                                                                                                             educate consumers that extra virgin olive
                                                                                                                                             oil can be the only oil they need (and not
                                                                                                                                             ‘olive oil’ or ‘light’ versions). In 2008,
                                                                                                                                             Cooks Illustrated magazine picked Lucini
                                                                                                                                             as the “top recommended” brand.
                                                                                                                                                Interestingly, this year, Lucini Italia has
                                                                                                                                             decided to introduce something novel,
                                                                                                                                             a less familiar option–infused extra vir-
                                                                                                                                             gin olive oil. Why? For a company that
                                                                                                                                             has dedicated the past 10 years convinc-
                                                                                                                                             ing Americans to scramble their eggs
                                                                                                                                             with extra virgin olive oil! According to
                                                                                                                                             David Neuman, company President, it is
                                                                                                                                             “to highlight the capability of extra virgin
                                                                                                                                             olive to carry flavor and offer people new
                                                                                                                                             entry points into the brand. Some consum-
                                                                                                                                             ers continue to think that if they are not
                                                                                                                                             cooking Italian they don’t need an extra
                                                                                                                                             virgin. This is simply not the case. We
                                                                                                                                             want to inspire people to bake pound cake
                                                                                                                                             with our Delicate Lemon™ oil or to sauté
                                                                                                                                             Thai noodles with the Fiery Chili™ oil. It
                                                                                                                                             is about providing new inspirations.”
                                                                                                                                                The four flavors are Delicate Lemon,
                                                                                                                                             Robust Garlic, Tuscan Basil and Fiery Chili.
                                                                                                                                             All are 100 percent natural and produced
                                                                                                                                             over the course of a 28-day artisan infusion
                                                                                                                                             process using Lucini Premium Select Extra
                                                                                                                                             Virgin Olive Oil. Made with the purest essen-
                                                                                                                                             tial oil from fresh lemons, fresh basil and fresh
                                                                                                                                             garlic, only aromatic flavor is transferred to
                                                                                                                                             the extra virgin. No water or potentially
                                                                                                                                             contaminating particulates are used. This is
                                                                                                                                             completely a 100 percent natural, super pre-
                                                                                                                                             mium extra virgin olive oil, except now with
                                                                                                                                             an additional flavor dimension.
                                                                                                                                                As they begin to hit specialty stores they
                                                                                                                                             have also begun to gain praise. The food
                                                                                                                                             critic Phil Lempert, the “supermarket guru,”
                                                                                                                                             gave the Tuscan Basil oil a glowing review.
                                                                                                                                             Purists among us may find it hard to under-
                                                                                                                                             stand, but just think back to the first martini
                                                                                                                                             you ordered with a top shelf infused vodka…
                                                                                                                                             more of good thing is always a good thing.
                                                                                                                                                They must be tried! For more informa-
                                                                                                                                             tion, visit Neuman and his team at booth
                                                                                                                                             1447 or

                                                                                                                                             Continued from    PAGE 8
                                                                                                                                             includes chocolate, gourmet, specialty
                                                                                                                                             shops and many fine department stores
                                                                                                                                             throughout the country, Madelaine has
                                                                                                                                             been at the forefront of high volume
                                                                                                                                             co-manufacturing for industry-leading
                                                                                                                                             brands and also serves the high-end
                                                                                                                                             private label market. All Madelaine prod-
                                                                                                                                             ucts are certified Kosher (dairy). The
                                                                                                                                             entire Madelaine selection can be seen
                                                                                                                                             online at
                                                                                                                                               For more information, stop by
                                                                                                                                             booth 772.
  GOURMET NEWS       JANUARY 2009                                                                                               SHOW NEWS           11

Lesley Elizabeth’s                                                                        World Harbors has
seasoning blends                                                                          it all: zest, fun and
combine flavor,                                                                           affordability
gusto and quality                                                                         Visitors in search of the most global
                                                                                          variety of flavors at this year’s Winter
                                                                                          Fancy Food Show, and the most afford-
Are you ever frustrated making a wine        dips and fresh salsas is quick and sim-      able, should stop by World Harbors, Inc.
list selection or contemplating a pur-       ple with products for Black Bean Dip,        (booth 4844), where the leading specialty
chase at the wine shop, attempting to        Salsa Verde, Pico de Gallo and Chunky        food brand in the sauce and marinade cat-     crisp and distinctive classic New England
match the wine with the meal? This is        Guacamole. Other popular products            egory is featuring products from its three    flavors of apples and maple together in a
the same as opening your cupboard at         include Sundried Tomato Pesto and            popular brands, Buccaneer Blends™ (new        sauce perfect for any meat.
home, seeking that “just right” com-         Basil Garlic Pine Nut Pesto. These two       to market this year), World Harbors® and      •	 Fra Diavlo BBQ Sauce ‘fires the grill
bination of herbs and spices to make         dry mixes are completed by adding            Acadia Naturals®.                             and warms the soul’ with a full-bodied
a dish or meal extra special. When it        olive oil and water to create a fresh and       With the introduction of Buccaneer         and spirited combination of five spicy
comes to creating a complimentary            simple pesto, ready to toss with pasta or    Blends—the new barbecue and steak             peppers.
blend of herbs and spices, let Lesley        add to your favorite recipe. Internation-    sauce line—World Harbors has made it          •	 Honey Mango BBQ Sauce brings the
Elizabeth do the work and you will get       al seasoning selections include Herbes       even easier, healthier and more exciting      tropical flavor of the Caribbean to the
the praise.                                  de Provence, Bouquet Garni, Moroccan         to cook for family and friends. The dual      table with delicious mango, tangy ginger
   Lesley Elizabeth Inc. has 20 years of     and Greek seasonings.                        sauces and marinades, which feature the       and sweet honey.
experience selecting and combining herbs       As an added benefit, many of the sea-      distinct and tasty flavors of the Caribbean   •	 Mesquite BBQ Sauce takes you to the
and spices to produce seasoning blends       soning blend items produced by Lesley        and North America, are inspired by the        Deep South with its rich and smoky out-
to enhance everyday meal preparation.        Elizabeth are low in sodium or you can       sense of taste and adventure of the origi-    door BBQ flavor.
These blended herbs and spices have          choose from six no-salt seasonings.          nal Buccaneers, who were among the first      •	 Pirate’s Original Steak Sauce is a
resulted in more than 30 varieties of sea-     The same techniques are used to blend      BBQers to grill beef and pork:                blend of red, ripe tomatoes and sweet
soning blends.                               herbs and spices to be added to extra vir-   •	 Sticky Rum BBQ Sauce is a one-of-a-        fruity raisins combined with the tartness
   This continually expanding assort-        gin olive oil, grape seed oil or blended     kind, sweet taste of brown sugar, allspice    of oranges, limes and tamarind.
ment of seasoning blends includes inter-     oils to make more than 20 varieties of       and rum.                                      •	 Swashbucklin’ Spicy Steak Sauce
national and regional favorites. Making                          Continued on PAGE 32     • Apple Maple BBQ Sauce features the                               Continued on PAGE 26
 12     SHOW NEWS                                                                                                           JANUARY 2009       GOURMET NEWS

Dairyfood USA, Inc.                                                                          Sneak a peek into what
offers quality,                                                                              the public will find in
shelf-stable cheese                                                                          America’s stores tomorrow
For more than 50 years, Dairyfood USA,        from naturally smoked cheeses to cheese        In 2008, Natural Products Expo West/Sup-            nutrition bars, dinner rolls and desserts.
Inc. (formerly Stauffer Cheese/Lacto-         dips and spreads, the entire line can often    plyExpo was named one of the 50 fastest-            •	 Healthy	 omega-3	 fats:	 from	 capsules	 and	
prot USA, Inc.) of Blue Mounds, Wisc.,        be mistaken for a natural product.             growing trade shows in North America                culinary oils to breakfast and dinner foods.
has been producing high quality, shelf-          Dairyfood USA, Inc. features their          by Tradeshow Week magazine. This year               •	 Exotic	 ingredients	 and	 novel	 flavors:	
stable cheese products for the specialty      onsite Research & Development Labora-          the trade show will feature more than               from ‘Superfruits’ mangosteen, goji berry,
food industry. The company’s history          tory, giving them the versatility to cus-      3,200 exhibits from over 1,900 companies            yumberry and acai to yerba mate.
dates back to 1950 when Alex Stauffer         tomize and formulate products to their         showcasing the latest products in natural           •	 Healthy	kid-sized	foods:	drinks,	snacks	
began production of highly unique,            customer’s specifications. Their research      and specialty foods, healthy ethnic foods,          and everything in-between.
shelf-stable cheese components in the         team is constantly exploring and striving      organics, health and beauty, natural living,        •	 Probiotics:	 conveniently	 packaged	 in	
U.S. Throughout the years, the compa-         for product improvement in addition to         beer, wine and spirits, and pet products.           shots, drinks and bars.
ny’s product line has evolved and taken       developing items that run parallel to the         “Each year, Natural Products Expo
on many shapes and flavors. Stauffer          latest trends. Combining new technol-          West gives a sneak peek into what the               Education starts Thursday, March 5 with
Cheese was the first cheese company in        ogy with old world processes has been an       public will find in America’s stores tomor-         the Fresh Ideas Organic Marketplace, an
the U.S. to offer beautifully packaged        excellent recipe for producing only the        row,” says Fred Linder, President of New            event set in an outdoor farmers’ market
foil cheeses, links and bars in a shelf-      highest quality of shelf-stable cheeses.       Hope Natural Media.                                 atmosphere for buyers of certified organic
stable format…all offering a 12-month            Stop by booth 1245 and feel free to            Occurring at the Anaheim Convention              products, as well as the all-new Eco Bazaar
self life. Today, Dairyfood USA, Inc.         give their items the taste test. While you     Center, March 5-8, the event will feature           highlighting eco-fashion and green living
produces more than 300 different fla-         are there, pick up their most recent Gift      thousands of new natural, organic and               products. Peter Sagal host of NPR’s “Wait,
vors and packaging variations for a vari-     Food Component Catalog, featuring              healthy products from the following cat-            Wait…Don’t Tell Me” will host a keynote
ety of markets, including gift, snack,        not only their award-winning cheeses,          egories to help your business grow:                 panel of industry leaders Saturday, March 7.
transportation and retail.                    but more than 300 other gourmet food           •	 Gluten-free:	 breads,	 brownies,	 cereals,	      Registration for qualified retail buyers, bro-
  The appeal of Dairyfood’s shelf-stable      products as well.                              pastas and snack foods.                             kers and distributors is free until Jan. 30.
product line is the fact that they have all      For     more      information,      visit   •	 Certified	 Fair	 Trade:	 personal	 care	 prod-     For more details on Natural Prod-
of the characteristics of natural cheese, or               ucts, rice, teas, chocolate, snacks and coffee.     ucts Expo West/SuppyExpo, visit www.
especially in taste and texture. Ranging                            •	 Whole	 and	 sprouted	 grains:	 pizza,	 
 14      SHOW NEWS                                                                                                          JANUARY 2009        GOURMET NEWS

If you’re looking for     Premium tea business
DeFranco’s Espresso       remains strong
Secrets, visit booth 3219 despite continued
                          economic downturn
DeFranco’s Espresso Secrets® is a line of all
natural, single-origin luscious dark choc-
olate confections married to rich espresso
                                                delight. Only the best beans are selected
                                                and roasted sufficiently to insure a textual
                                                distinction between the bean and choco-
coffee. The simple concept driving the          late, representing the epitome of this          When talking about micro-brew beers, most        paper and cardboard to add to their range
company is to use only the finest avail-        classic combination. The delights are           of us probably do not think of tea; two leaves   of loose teas and tea pots. “Every day we
able coffee and chocolate ingredients to        packaged in a 50 gram, specially sealed         and a bud tea company’s Richard Rosenfeld        get more inquiries for loose tea,” says Jen
manufacture products that are both sin-         box to ensure freshness.                        does. “Even when times are tough, you are        Hensley, the company’s Customer Service
fully rich and healthy.                            DeFranco’s Espresso Secrets product line     not going to trade in your Fat Tire Amber        Supervisor. “It is the most economical
   The flagship item, DeFranco’s Espresso       is produced by Chocolate Fantasies Inc.,        Ale for a Bud,” he says. Tea, according to       way to enjoy premium tea.”
Secrets, is a 12 gram, 55 percent dark          an American corporation. The ingredients        Rosenfeld, runs parallel to this. “Our busi-        Organic is still a key word in the tea busi-
chocolate cup containing the “Secret”—a         are all natural and of Colombian single         ness has continued to grow across all chan-      ness. “You must have a strong organic offer-
liquid center of real Colombian espresso        origin. They are made from the abso-            nels, even in the past few months.”              ing,” adds Pilakowski, “consumers continue
coffee. This delicious                                            lute finest cacao and cof-       two leaves and a bud tea company is           searching out well-priced organic products.”
confection is a perfect                                           fee beans available on the    a four-year-old company that has built a            “Everything we add to the line now is
complement to a meal or                                           planet. The manufactur-       market niche for itself in the crowded tea       organic,” says Hensley.
as a treat for the choco-                                         ing process is controlled     category by focusing solely on premium              With so many choices in tea, it seems
late gourmand. Since real                                         from the fields to the fac-   teas. They are especially known for their        difficult for a retailer to decide on what to
coffee is used, it is a per-                                      tory to guarantee premi-      Whole Leaf Organic Tea Sachets. “Tea             carry. A “Good–Better–Best” range with
fect energy booster in the                                        um quality.                   sachets are probably the fastest growing         an eye towards each of the sub-categories
office or at home. The                                               The company is dedi-       sub-category,” says Kent Pilakowski, the         is the company’s suggestion. “Certainly
product is sold as a three-                                       cated to the high art of      company’s Director of Sales for Grocery          you need your basic tea bags, but a store
piece package, a 13-count                                         combining, in an exqui-       and Natural. “They offer a great way for         also needs better tea and premium tea to
shared consumption bag                                            site taste sensation, rich    the consumer to enjoy a full leaf tea expe-      draw today’s tea consumer.” A basic range
or as individual pieces in a                                      espresso coffee and dark      rience with the convenience of a tea bag.”       includes the “must have’s”: Breakfast tea,
counter display jug.                                              chocolate. This marriage         Tea sachets are certainly a growing           Earl Grey and Jasmine (the company’s
   DeFranco’s Espresso Secrets Bar™ is a        of traditional flavors creates a candy that     market. Tea brands at all levels of the          best-seller); Green tea; a range of Herbal
decadent, 65 percent dark chocolate single-     is hard to resist. Beyond the luscious taste,   market are following the lead of compa-          Teas or Infusions; and specialty teas such
serving, 12-gram solid bar that is infused      the health benefits of both dark chocolate      nies like two leaves in offering tea sachets.    as White Tea and Red Tea (Rooibos).
with finely ground espresso coffee bean         and coffee have been widely reported.           Even industry giants like Lipton now offer          The most important thing, according
bits. This delightful combination is at once    The medical press has long viewed both          some range of higher priced tea bags. And        to Hensley who interacts with consumers
savory and rich, and contains naturally         of these ingredients as powerful anti-          consumers are reluctant to “trade down”          every day, is a super-high quality product.
occurring flavonols and caffeine. It is sold    oxidants, virtually a health food. DeFranco’s   once they have gotten a taste of a better        “We get ‘love letters’ and phone calls dai-
as a five-bar package for the convenience       Espresso Secrets lines of products represent    product. This follows trends in other cat-       ly. Folks have tried our tea in a café and
of the consumer. Again, the ingredients are     the best of gourmet treats and they are, at     egories including beer.                          can’t live without it. They are looking for
all single origin and all natural.              the same time, delicious and healthy.              two leaves and a bud also sees growth         retailers who carry two leaves.”
   DeFranco’s Espresso Secret Beans™               For more information, stop by                in loose tea. Loose tea sales are up signifi-       There’s a saying—“life is too short for cheap
is a dark roasted espresso coffee bean          Espresso Secrets booth 3219, or visit www.      cantly and the company will launch a new         beer.” Well, it may be the same for tea.
enrobed in a 59 percent dark chocolate                            line of eco-friendly “non-tin tins” made of         For more information, stop by booth 2901.
 16      SHOW NEWS                                                                                                      JANUARY 2009      GOURMET NEWS

Starr Ridge is back as                                                                          Satisfaction guaranteed:
Urban Oven, award-                                                                              surrender to Chocolates
winning recipe returns                                                                          VALOR & savor tradition
with new delights                                                                               Steeped in tradition, value and quality,
                                                                                                Chocolates VALOR combines excep-
                                                                                                tional tastes and aromas into their
                                                                                                                                              pleasure. Bite after bite, Chocolates VALOR
                                                                                                                                              releases pleasure, one that’s enriched with
                                                                                                                                              emotions, an “adult pleasure.”
When Starr Ridge disbanded in early                “For those familiar with Starr Ridge,        exquisite chocolate.                             Celebrating its 125th anniversary in
2008, Gene Williams, founder of Urban           there’s an immediate recognition in the            More than a company, Valor’s legacy        2006, Chocolates VALOR products range
Oven and former Starr Ridge production          taste and texture of our crackers,” says        encompasses family and a passion unlike       from chocolate bars to drinks. Taza To Go,
manager, realized there was a major void        Linda Anne Marty, Urban Oven repre-             no other for chocolate, thus making the       the company’s premium drinking choco-
left in the gourmet cracker market.             sentative and long-time colleague. “The         Valor family the leading chocolate manu-      late is made from flavors of the taza bar.
   Armed with his experience from Starr         response has also been amazing by those         facturers in Spain. Sold all over Spain and   No preparation is needed when wanting a
Ridge and rights to the award-winning           who are new to the brand. The level of          exported to more than 30 countries world-     soothing cup of this chocolate favorite.
recipe, Williams launched the Tempe,            quality that goes into our crackers makes       wide, Chocolates VALOR surpasses luxury,         Ready to drink, Taza To Go can simply
Ariz.-based Urban Oven last June. The           all the difference.”                            giving indulgers pleasure—but not just any                            Continued on PAGE 29
company currently produces five gour-              Williams and Marty have also zeroed
met cracker products including, Classic         in on enhancing the customer experience

                                                                                                The art of natural
White, Olive Oil, Rosemary Parmesan,            by offering flexibility in ordering and
Asiago and Lemon Black Pepper.                  payment options. To ease the ordering
   Not wanting to disappoint the cult-          process and accommodate a variety of

                                                                                                decadence never
status following Starr Ridge had garnered, he   end-users, Urban Oven offers bulk, cater-
worked to keep the recipe intact. While the     ing and foodservice ordering, as well as
crackers mirror Starr Ridge’s unique, slight-   payment terms and mixed-case options.

                                                                                                tasted this good
ly thick texture and bold flavor, Williams         The business model has proven success-
was determined to make a few improve-           ful for the duo so far and they have already
ments. He experimented with higher-quality      made a name for the company in several
ingredients and slight level changes until he   national and international markets. Since
found a recipe that increased shelf stability   establishing last June, distribution has        Caramoomel Products Inc. was found-           and married Alex Dudka. There they
without compromising the flavor customers       grown to 700 retail clients, adding, on aver-   ed in 1990 by Antonia and Alex Dudka          founded and ran a successful organic
had grown to love.                              age, 125 new clients each month.                using traditional family recipes to cre-      poultry and vegetable farm which had
   “We wanted to capitalize on the success         “We’re continually looking to expand         ate a selection of tasty gourmet snack        two retail outlets in Buenos Aires.
of Starr Ridge, but also focus on improving     our reach in the gourmet markets and            spreads. All fruits and vegetables used         In Canada, they found success again
the product,” Williams says. “We made it        looking forward to the continued, steady        in these very popular treats are grown        with Caramoomel by adapting recipes
our mission to shift the focus back to the      growth ahead,” Williams says.                   on their farm.                                handed down from past generations to
customer and use only the highest-quality          Williams, though he exhibited under             Antonia, the company’s main fine food      create wholesome spreads and sauces.
ingredients. It’s this attention to detail      the Urban Oven name at the Summer               creator, hails from a family that has been    From the first delicious jars of Dulce de
that separates Urban Oven from the rest.”       Fancy Food Show in New York last year,          growing quality foods for three genera-       Leche and Apple Butter, to best seller
   For the all-natural crackers, Urban          still featured the Starr Ridge banner and       tions. As a young girl, she worked the        Veggie Caviar, “Caramoomel has built a
Oven also utilizes local ingredients when       cracker line. This year, however, he will       family farm, took produce to city mar-        reputation for high quality and strong
possible and hand weighs and packs them         debut the Urban Oven products.                  kets learning to deal both with the land      value in a product line filled with full,
into boxes made from recycled materials.                               Continued on PAGE 32     and urban trends. In Argentina she met                             Continued on PAGE 32
  GOURMET NEWS       JANUARY 2009                                                                                                   SHOW NEWS             17

TinPax unveils new look, Mellace Family Brands
customer experience      adds to its Mama
on            Mellace’s Naturals line
& in booth 558                                                                              Mellace Family Brands, a snack food inno-
                                                                                            vator known for diverse product lines that
                                                                                            include tree nuts, peanuts, snack mixes
                                                                                                                                           uncomplicated snack, simply better.”
                                                                                                                                              Mama Mellace’s Naturals were launched
                                                                                                                                           in July 2008 and featured three offer-
In 2008, the management team at TinPax           This new site offers dynamic resources     and enrobed chocolate items, announced         ings—Sea Salt Almonds, Sea Salt Cashews
Corporation determined that their Web         for clients, including up to the minute       the addition of several new items and fla-     and Fruit and Nut Mix. All of the nuts
site had to further portray and advance       information on a variety of topics such as    vors to Mama Mellace’s Naturals, a line of     in the line are oven or kettle-roasted for
their position in the market as a custom      steel prices and the overall positive envi-   natural nuts and fruit snacks from its Mama    a better quality snack compared to the
design source for tin packaging. Tinpax.      ronmental role that tin packaging plays.      Mellace’s Old World Treats brand on Dec.       industry standard of oil-roasted nuts. The
com was redesigned with a new image              Visiting TinPax at a trade show is a       17, 2008. The new items include Natu-          new items are packaged in three or four-
and an entirely new interface created         completely hands-on experience for the        ral Almonds, Tuscany Almonds, Chipo-           ounce pillow pouch bags for portability.
specifically to fit the clients’ needs. The   client as well. “So many times at shows,      tle Almonds, Cinnamon Almonds, Smoked          The cashew flavors are three ounces and
most important aspect of the business,        the products are behind glass or just         Almonds, Garlic Pistachios, Jalapeño Pista-    the pistachio, almond and macadamia nut
custom tins, is highlighted by showing        pictures in a catalog–it was important        chios, Salted Pistachios, Sea Salt Macadamia   flavors are four ounces.
multiple images of specific projects. This    to us in redesigning the booth to allow       Nuts, Salt & Pepper Cashews and Sweet &           The line of Naturals enriches the lives of
has put hundreds of photos at the cus-        the clients to be able to pick up a tin and   Salty Cashews. The natural, healthy snacks     others through the Mama Cares Founda-
tomer’s fingertips to assist them in their    feel the cover fit, feel the embossing,”      are oven or kettle-roasted for more crunch     tion and Opportunity International, which
creative process.                             says Dave Heeman, Account Executive.          with no added oils, no butter, no cholester-   seek to transform lives and provide microfi-
   Vice President of Sales, Joseph Mar-       “There are a hundred different tins right     ol, no trans fat and no preservatives.         nance services for poverty-stricken families.
lovits, explains, “We wanted to have an       in front of the client for them to examine       “The Mama Mellace’s Old World Treats        The Mama Cares Foundation will donate
interactive tool so that clients could walk   and even take home with them in many          brand is all about simple, homemade good-      two percent of each purchase to Opportu-
step by step through our site and indicate    cases.” Your best chance to visit with        ness and natural ingredients,” says Mike       nity International’s mission to transform the
the items that they prefer while we are       TinPax Corporation at a trade show is         Mellace, President and Chief Executive         lives of those in chronic poverty.
able to help guide them through the pro-      here at the Fancy Food Show.                  Officer. “With these new items and flavors        For more information on purchasing
cess, keeping a focus on the overall goals       With more than 20 years experience in      of Mama Mellace’s Naturals, we continue        or carrying the Mama Mellace’s Naturals
for their project.”                                                 Continued on PAGE 25    to build on that promise by making an                                 Continued on PAGE 32
 18     SHOW NEWS                                                                                                   JANUARY 2009      GOURMET NEWS

Del Sol Food Company offers 13 dressing varieties
For more than 25 years, the family            all natural and of those, two are fat-free     pure canola oil and contains no trans-fats     BRIANNAS popular Rich Poppy Seed
owned and operated Del Sol Food Com-          (Rich Santa Fe Blend and Lively Lemon          or high fructose corn syrup. This one is     dressing is the No.1 selling specialty
pany, Inc., has been delighting salad         Tarragon) and one is sugar free (Real          sure to become another favorite with         dressing flavor in the U.S. with their
lovers with their “BRIANNAS” Fine             French Vinaigrette).                           their customers.                             Blush Wine Vinaigrette coming in at
Salad Dressing. Del Sol Food Company             Be sure and stop by Del Sol Food’s             BRIANNAS dressings can be found in        No.3. BRIANNAS Fine Salad Dress-
produces 13 varieties of delicious, pre-      booth 974N here at the Fancy Food Show         all 50 states in most of the major grocery   ings are now the No.1 specialty dress-
mium dressings. Made with family pride        and taste their newest flavor, Champagne       store chains, as well as many indepen-       ing brand in the nation (according to
in small batches from only the freshest       Caper Vinaigrette. The Del Sol Fam-            dent stores. In addition, BRIANNAS has       I.R.I. Report 52 Week Period Ending
ingredients, all of the flavors are made      ily blended champagne vinegar, honey,          a growing international business in the      Oct. 5, 2008).
with heart-healthy canola oil and con-        Dijon mustard and crushed capers to cre-       United Kingdom, Canada, Mexico, Tai-           For more information, stop by booth
tain no trans-fats or high fructose corn      ate another delectable dressing. Like all      wan, India, Sweden and numerous other        974N, call 979-836-5978 or visit www.
syrup. Ten of BRIANNAS dressings are          their others, it is all natural, made with     foreign countries.                 

Best Cheese Corporation now
                                                                                                                                          Goudas, plus other classics from Hol-
                                                                                                                                          land. Founded in 1994, Best Cheese has
                                                                                                                                                       developed a nationwide

imports Uniekaas Cheese
                                                                                                                                                       network of brokers and
                                                                                                                                                       distributors. The prod-
                                                                                                                                                       ucts appear in more than
                                                                                                                                                       60 retail chains across the
Best Cheese Corporation, the well-known       softer than Swiss, Alpenhorn is wonderful      group of international                                    country, including Whole
importer of Dutch Parrano, now imports a      for snacking and works well in a fondue        products. The brands                                      Foods, Sam’s Club, Cost-
new cheese from Holland produced by the       pot. Pair after dinner on the cheese desert    include       Parrano,                                    co, Trader Joe’s, Safeway,
Dutch cheese maker, Uniekaas.                 plate with fruit and a glass of port.          Leerdammer, Arina,                                        Albertsons, A&P, Kroger
  Alpenhorn, also 100 percent cow’s              This new delicious Dutch cheese is          Uniekaas Amsterdam                                        and more.
milk, is the new Uniekaas cheese that is      now in store cheese cases. Best Cheese         Reserve and Leg-                                             For more information,
a marriage between Dutch Gouda and            Corporation imports innovative spe-            endairy, a new line                                       stop by booth 2507 or visit
Swiss Emmental. Mild and nutty and a bit      cialty cheeses from Holland and a select       of Dutch specialty                              

B.T. McElrath offers exciting new line
                                                                                                                                          the Passion Fruit & Tangerine Bar is a
                                                                                                                                          marbled tablet of dark and white choco-
                                                                                                                                          lates infused with his masterful blend of

of chocolate bars in fresh packaging
                                                                                                                                          tropical fruit aroma.
                                                                                                                                             Like the truffle that bears its name, the
                                                                                                                                          Chile Limón Bar is inspired by the cul-
                                                                                                                                          ture and the cuisine of Latin America.
Enthusiasts of that most beloved treat, the   distinctively flavored marbled bars here at    B.T.’s 70 percent dark chocolate bar         Lime-infused dark chocolate and chili-
chocolate bar, will have a new source for     the Fancy Food Show in San Francisco.          captures that sense of giddy anticipa-       infused milk chocolate weave a tapestry
their favorite indulgence. B.T. McElrath, a      Also arriving are updated package designs   tion through its blend of European and       of mole sauces, Mayan culture and tropi-
Minneapolis-based chocolatier known for       and two-piece packages for their line of       Colombian chocolates. The 40 percent         cal evenings.
his award-winning truffles, is introduc-      award-winning handcrafted truffles.            milk chocolate bar is a proprietary blend       The Salty Dog Bar is B.T.’s butter toffee
ing chocolate bars featuring traditional         We hear the word “chocolate” and it’s       of French stone-milled chocolate.            pieces drenched in 70 percent dark choc-
milk and dark chocolate, as well as three     like someone’s about to tell us a secret.         Inspired by the Passion Fruit Truffle,    olate and sprinkled with sea salt.
                                                                                                                                             The packages feature beautiful graphics
                                                                                                                                          and photography, with each bar telling its
                                                                                                                                          story through unique descriptions penned
                                                                                                                                          by local writer Dennis Cass.
                                                                                                                                             The three-ounce break-away bars are
                                                                                                                                          packed 10 per case in an attractive POP
                                                                                                                                          display box and have a suggested retail
                                                                                                                                          price of $3.99.
                                                                                                                                             “Our truffles and toffees have been a hit
                                                                                                                                          for years and now you can enjoy my flavor
                                                                                                                                          combinations in these beautiful and deli-
                                                                                                                                          cious chocolate bars,” says Chocolatier
                                                                                                                                          Brian T. McElrath. “We have taken the
                                                                                                                                          idea of the basic chocolate bar and turned
                                                                                                                                          it on its head. If you love milk chocolate,
                                                                                                                                          then we hope to turn you on to dark. If you
                                                                                                                                          love dark chocolate, we hope to remind
                                                                                                                                          you of the seductiveness of milk. If you
                                                                                                                                          like your flavors simple, we invite you
                                                                                                                                          to revel in the complexity of our Passion
                                                                                                                                          Fruit & Tangerine or Chile Limón. If you
                                                                                                                                          think you know toffee you’ll be surprised
                                                                                                                                          with our whimsical Salty Dog Bar.”
                                                                                                                                             Also a vibrant new look appears on the
                                                                                                                                          B.T. McElrath Truffle line packaging, fea-
                                                                                                                                          turing brightly colored artwork, product
                                                                                                                                          photography and compelling descriptions
                                                                                                                                          that tell the story on each package.
                                                                                                                                             Other revisions include new, 10-count
                                                                                                                                          case packs and two-piece clear-view
                                                                                                                                          truffle boxes.
                                                                                                                                             The new B.T. McElrath truffles are
                                                                                                                                          available in a four- or five-piece box for a
                                                                                                                                                                Continued on PAGE 32
 20      SHOW NEWS                                                                                                       JANUARY 2009     GOURMET NEWS

Sauté Butters:                                                                                   Fischer & Wieser
DFS Gourmet Foods                                                                                reinvents gourmet
introduces new                                                                                   When Fischer & Wieser Specialty Foods,
                                                                                                 Inc. set out to create new packaging and
                                                                                                                                               their Gourmet line.
                                                                                                                                                  “We updated the packaging, but not

product category
                                                                                                 rebrand the well known and successful Fis-    so drastically that people wouldn’t rec-
                                                                                                 cher & Wieser Gourmet line, the inspira-      ognize us,” says Jonathan Pehl, Director
                                                                                                 tion came directly from the consumer. “Our    of Marketing and Branding. “We kept the
                                                                                                 entire focus when we decided it was time      descriptive copy on the side of the label,
DFS Gourmet Foods is quickly gaining             Chowder and Brandy Basil Tomato Soup.           to update packaging was on the consumer,”     but added suggested usages to help answer
popularity in the grocery and specialty          For the dairy department, there is Parmesan     says Case D. Fischer, President and CEO of    the consumers question of what do I do
foods industry. Under the “Chef Shamy            Basil Garlic Butter, Cinnamon Brown Sugar       Fischer & Wieser Specialty Foods.             with it? Also, we added Fischer & Wieser
Gourmet” brand, their focus is on all            Honey Butter and Vanilla Bean Honey But-           “Operation Gourmet Re-invented”            family secrets which are cooking tips and
natural, convenient foods with great and         ter that have a distinct and rich taste. They   became an internal goal for Fischer &         simple recipes that we’ve picked up over
unique tastes. Chef Shamy’s products             also have introduced a new line of mouth-       Wieser. Taking cues from mainstream           the last 40 years.”
include heat and serve gourmet soups, fla-       watering sauces and marinades including         grocery, specialty industry and being in         Changes made to the packaging include
vored butters and sauces and marinades.          Brandy Lobster Sauce, 6 Cheese Alfredo          the gourmet food business for 40 years,       a custom glass bottle embossed with ‘Fis-
   The big buzz around the Chef Shamy            Sauce, Ginger Chili Pot Sticker Sauce, Man-     Fischer decreed that this was to be an evo-   cher & Wieser,’ a slightly more contempo-
brand is a new category called Sauté But-        darin Pineapple Teriyaki Sauce and Cherry       lution, not a revolution in packaging.        rary label design and a focused ampersand
ters. Sauté Butters provide a new and easy       Lime Sweet & Sour Sauce.                           “We call the changes ‘Gourmet Rein-        to refresh and personalize the logo.
way for the consumer to cook and season             Chef Shamy’s products are all-natural,       vented,’” says Deanna Fischer, Chief Mar-        Changes also occurred to Fischer &
a gourmet meal at home while saving time         without any preservatives, fillers, hydroge-    keting Officer. “We are not changing our      Wieser’s overall line up. Best known for
and money. Sauté Butters are made with real      nated oils or trans-fats. DFS Gourmet Foods     Gourmet line just giving it an updated        sauces and grilling glazes, a significant
creamery butter blended with fresh herbs         is “All About the Taste.” They proudly offer    look and expanding its offerings; we didn’t   presence is now seen in other categories
and spices. Whether using Lemon Dill, Baja       their products to the grocery and specialty     set out to reinvent what gourmet products     such as appetizers, salsas and mustards.
Fajita or Garlic Herb Sauté Butter while         foods industry, with confidence that your       are, but to adapt to the changing ways that      “We are constantly in product develop-
cooking steak, chicken, fish, vegetables, rice   business will enjoy new profits.                consumers interpret them.”                    ment,” says Case. “We have listened to
or potatoes, the seasoning is done!                 Take a taste at booth 2637 and hear             What Fischer & Wieser found was that       our customers and developed 20 plus new
   Other Chef Shamy products include             about special show pricing!                     some people were unsure just how to use       products that will help them be chefs in
Gourmet, Heat & Serve, Brandy Crab                  For more information, call Kevin at 801-     their products. They have addressed the       their own kitchens!”
Bisque, Brandy Lobster Bisque, Clam              244-9314 or visit            issue in the marketing and packaging of                             Continued on PAGE 26
 22     SHOW NEWS                                                                                                         JANUARY 2009      GOURMET NEWS

Arizona Vanilla Company introduces
                                                                                                                                                Vanilla uses virgin gourmet vanilla beans,
                                                                                                                                                not post-extracted vanilla beans. Then a
                                                                                                                                                proprietary process is used to enhance

Totonac Vanillas here at WFFS
                                                                                                                                                the existing natural oils that bring out
                                                                                                                                                the best in the vanilla product. A final
                                                                                                                                                pasteurization process gives the Totonac
                                                                                                                                                Pure Ground Vanilla a one year shelf life.
Arizona Vanilla Company is a rapidly          all things vanilla entitled, “Simply Vanilla.”     same, nor made the same way. Totonac              Totonac Vanilla Paste uses the Totonac
growing purveyor of fine vanilla prod-        This love of cooking led her to find a way         Pure Vanilla Extract is made using a cold      Pure Ground Vanilla and cold extracted
ucts. Their Totonac Gourmet Fresh line        to procure fine vanillas. She then decided         percolation process. There are two basic       Totonac Pure Vanilla Extract in combina-
of products includes vanillas from India,     to share this knowledge with everyone else         methods to produce a vanilla extract, cold     tion to create vanilla paste that is triple
Uganda, Madagascar, Mexico, Tahiti, as        and Arizona Vanilla was born.                      or warm percolation. Warm alcohol per-         strength (3-Fold). This means that only a
well as several other island nations. The        The Totonac Vanillas are a continuation         colation will produce extracts in a short      third of the normal amount needs to be
Totonac Gourmet Fresh vanilla products        of this search for the finest vanilla and vanil-   period of time. This is great for costs, but   used in any application. This aromatic
are an integral part of the Arizona Vanilla   la products. Currently, the Totonac Vanil-         not so great for flavor. Warm percolation      and flavorful product will create flavor,
Company vanilla brands. Arizona Vanil-        las brand includes vanilla beans, vanilla          tends to extract bitter top notes in the       aroma and presentation in applications
la Company works directly with vanilla        paste, pure ground vanilla and pure vanilla        vanilla. Cold percolation, on the other        from ice cream to cheese cakes.
growers to ensure the highest quality and     extracts from five different growing regions       hand, takes around four weeks to product          Arizona Vanilla’s Totonac Gourmet
freshest products are delivered to their      around the world. Each region imparts its          an extract. The payoff for this extra time     Fresh Vanillas are superior vanilla prod-
wholesale and retail customers.               own unique flavors and aromas to the vanil-        to produce is a smoother, richer, creami-      ucts used by discriminating chefs, in the
   Arizona Vanilla Company was founded        la products. Each of the vanilla products are      er vanilla, with none of the bitterness of     finest restaurants, bakeries and creamer-
in 2005 by Patty Elsberry and her husband,    produced to exacting standards and brings a        some of the other pure vanilla extracts.       ies around the world.
Eric. Patty is a native Honduran who loves    unique view of vanilla to the consumer.              Totonac Pure Ground Vanilla is more             For more information, stop by booth
to cook. She has co-written a cookbook for       All pure vanilla extracts are not the           than just ground up vanilla beans. Arizona     876 or visit

Now in their 60th year, Madelaine’s new
packaging showcases traditional favorites
As Madelaine Chocolate Novelties, Inc.        rabbits, hearts and other shapes for their                                                        Vice President, Sales and Marketing.
enters its 60th year, it is launching a       seasonal chocolate purchases.                                                                       Madelaine’s popular gift sticks, which
new line of packaging that conveys the           The new Signature Line features beau-                                                          feature a wide variety of Madelaine’s
high quality of its products. Now Made-       tifully foiled chocolate leaves, stars, pres-                                                     gourmet chocolates, have been re-
laine’s most popular shapes for autumn,       ents or hearts in a gold-trimmed clear box,                                                       designed as well. Clean, contemporary,
Christmas and Valentine’s Day are avail-      nestled in a subtle, black-on-black striped                                                       color-coordinated labels enhance each
able in elegant signature gift boxes and      frame and secured with a gold-accented                                                            package and proudly identify it as a
redesigned gift sticks.                       black band.                                                                                       “Madelaine” premium chocolate. They
   A gourmet chocolate manufacturer,             “The elegance of the packaging and                                                             make wonderful gifts or gift enhancers
Madelaine has raised the bar for chocolate    the beauty of the foils are sure to attract                                                       for every day and every season, stock-
novelties by using only premium chocolate     customers. The detail of the molded                                                               ing stuffers for Christmas or basket fill-
made in the United States, and wrapping       chocolate reinforces the impression of                                                            ers for Easter. Both the signature line
each highly detailed piece in beautifully     exceptional quality, and the gourmet                                                              and the gifts sticks are delivered in
designed Italian foils. The result is that    taste of the premium chocolate turns                                                              shelf-ready displayers. The small foot-
there are many consumers nationwide           every initial purchaser into a loyal                                                              print of each displayer fits easily into
who insist on Madelaine Santa’s, Easter       repeat customer,” says Joan Sweeting,                                                                                 Continued on PAGE 32
 24      SHOW NEWS                                                                                                       JANUARY 2009      GOURMET NEWS

An open letter from the                                                                           SISTERS’                                     affecting your business?

                                                                                                                                               LS: We feel very blessed that our busi-

Kamarianakis Estates
                                                                                                                                               ness has not been affected seriously. Our
                                                                                                  Continued from PAGE 4                        products are somewhat inexpensive and
                                                                                                  GN: What makes your company unique?          they are very gift-able. They are a great
                                                                                                                                               choice for the consumer who wants to
The Fancy Food Show is a “coming-                 in history to thrive. Like many in our          LS: We started out hand-layering our         purchase several gifts for a reasonable
together” of a great community—                   community, our secrets were discovered          cookie mixes in mason jars. This has         price. They are also a great comfort
the specialty food industry; visionary            in nature, and handed down generation to        become our trademark, even though            food, especially during the fall months
artisans, craftsmen and producers; dedi-          generation.                                     we have branched out and have a lot          when people love to bake. It is a great
cated merchants, distributors and retail-            In 2008—and after 30 years of private        of other products to offer. We still         family activity to bake a cake or a batch
ers; passionate connoisseurs, journalists         production—we launched Artemis Organ-           hand-layer and hand-measure all of our       of cookies on a long winter evening and
and food enthusiasts—all sharing a com-           ic Olive Oil, our family’s private reserve,     layered mixes. We are still a small fam-     then enjoy them together.
mon passion for creating great food and           to public and critical acclaim. This year       ily-owned operation, so our customers
the greater meaning that comes alive in           we introduce our latest creation: “Twisted      almost always deal directly with me or       GN: How do you plan to succeed moving
every authentic food experience.                  Pit.” This collection of daring olive oil       with my husband, Rob.                        forward?
   Our work does more than simply feed            infusions is made with the highest qual-
people. It celebrates the joy in crafting great   ity organic Greek olive oil, all inspired by    GN: What are some of the challenges          LS: Well, as you know the costs of many
food experiences that bring us together in        our family’s love of creativity in the kitch-   you face?                                    ingredients have risen sharply over the
family and community. Our specialty food          en. We hope the Twisted Pit Collection                                                       last year, but we have held our prices the
community values strength in partnership,         will surprise and inspire more great food       LS: When we started this business, we        same for three years and we plan to hold
respect for land, support for individual cre-     adventures and conversation.                    never dreamed that we would see any          them for 2009. Fortunately, our increased
ativity and a genuine desire to help others.         Stop by our booth, 3549, to sample the       significant competition from overseas. To    volume has allowed us to do this with-
As we carry forward the methods hand-             exquisite taste of Artemis Organic Olive        our surprise, a few years ago we started     out affecting our ability to remain profit-
ed to us by our forefathers, we also add          Oil and the exciting flavors of our Twisted     seeing layered baking mixes coming in        able. It is also important to introduce new
new innovations to produce an authentic           Pit Collection.                                 from China. As you can imagine, that         products every year, and we have a lot of
expression of our food tradition.                    From all of us at Kamarianakis Estates,      seems to have faded because of customer      new products at this show, as well as some
   We at Kamarianakis Estates live by             we wish you a healthy, happy and pros-          concerns about the quality of the ingredi-   re-designed packaging. I think the most
a simple set of values based on family,           perous 2009.                                    ents. Growth has been another challenge,     important factor for success, though, is
friendship, health and community. We                                                              but one that we always welcome. In one       to maintain a good relationship with the
have worked passionately to create a mod-         Chris Kamarianakis,                             five-year period, we had to move three       customer. We hope to see all of our great
el of sustainable organic farming based on        Partner, Kamarianakis Estates                   times to larger facilities.                  customers at this show!
our forefathers’ methods—methods that   
enabled some of the greatest civilizations        Toronto, Dec. 21, 2008                          GN: How is the difficult economy             For more information, stop by booth 475.
  GOURMET NEWS       JANUARY 2009                                                                                                            SHOW NEWS             25

Introducing Landrin Waferatto!
                                                                                                                                                    Hawaii. In the four months of its opera-
                                                                                                                                                    tions, Landrin USA has won many friends.
                                                                                                                                                    The consumers rave about the mouth-
                                                                                                                                                    watering taste of the products, and the
The Winter Fancy Food Show is being           Russian Imperial Court, one of only two             most cutting-edge production techniques           company’s clients love its superior client
used as a launching platform for the          confectionery suppliers to His Imperial             available. These qualities have allowed           service, marketing support, full EDI com-
unveiling of the 2009 Landrin Waferatto       Highness the Russian Emperor, and                   Landrin to grow into a multimillion               patibility and ability to make immediate
Collection, which includes a total of six     sold its products in many European                  dollar international enterprise, with its         deliveries from California and New Jersey
new and exciting flavors.                     and Asian markets.                                  products currently sold in more than 50           distribution centers.
  While new to the U.S., the 160-year-           Today, Landrin maintains the traditions          countries worldwide.                                 Make sure to try the new Waferattos,
old Landrin name has a wealth of              of the Georg Landrin brand by continuing              Landrin launched its operations in the          which are being handed out by beautiful
history in European confectionery             to make products from the highest quality           U.S. in the fall of 2008 and is already wit-      models at booth 3331. Additional informa-
excellence. In the 19th century, Georg        ingredients, sourced from the best West-            nessing its Waferatto Gold and Classic fly        tion can also be found on the company’s
Landrin was an official supplier to the       ern European suppliers, and utilizing the           off the shelves in stores from Alaska to          Web site,

Big Acres Gourmet Foods sports
                                                                                                                                                    & Rubs are all natural and preservative, and
                                                                                                                                                    MSG free. Big Acres Stellar Steak Spice &
                                                                                                                                                    Rub spices up steaks, ribs, hamburger and

a new look, wins awards
                                                                                                                                                    fajitas, bringing new flavors and opportuni-
                                                                                                                                                    ties to the kitchen and grill. Big Acres Hot &
                                                                                                                                                    Spicy Barbeque Sauce (now called “Chipo-
                                                                                                                                                    tle Maple BBQ”) is a classic barbeque sauce
Melanie’s Fine Foods, maker and dis-          and chief saucier, Melanie Yunk.                    Hot & Spicy Barbeque Sauce took home 2nd          flavored with molasses, honey and maple
tributor of gourmet goodies for the             The updated look is designed to                   and 3rd place, respectively, at the 2008 Scovie   syrup with a chipotle pepper kick. These
kitchen and grill, spiced up its Big Acres    enhance shelf presence with a gourmet               Awards, an international competition for          products are part of the Big Acres Gour-
Gourmet Foods line of gourmet sauc-           and artisan look and feel. Also, the new            superior products hosted by Fiery Foods &         met Foods line that includes six sauces:
es with a new logo and label design, a        bottle is designed with less glass material         BBQ Magazine. These awards mark the 5th           Chipotle Maple BBQ, Chipotle Peanut,
sleeker, more stylish bottle and a photo      to reduce waste.                                    and 6th Scovie Awards for Big Acres Gour-         Mango Peach Chile, Milagro Mole, Rich
and quote from the company’s founder            Big Acres Stellar Steak Spice & Rub and           met Foods. Added in 2006, Big Acres Spices                               Continued on PAGE 34

Bellina Estates’ Bellindora Vinegar                                                                                                                 TInPaX
                                                                                                                                                    Continued from

line now in Northern California
                                                                                                                                                                     PAGE 17
                                                                                                                                                    the metal packaging industry, the team
                                                                                                                                                    at TinPax Corporation is far from being
                                                                                                                                                    a new enterprise. Combining unique
Bellina Estates is a new company with Old        Bellindora has a bold new twist                       Bellina Estates is a steadily growing        packaging ideas with high-end manufac-
World beliefs, and there is quality and       on all-natural and Made in the U.S.                    company ready to expand into your area.        turing, they are an effective resource to
genuine customer satisfaction in every        products that includes a line of Cal-                    Available in 250 ml bottles for              see the client’s beginning ideas through
product that they produce.                    ifornia Balsamic Vinegar’s infused                     retail and 32-ounce plastic con-               to the end package. TinPax Corporation
  Their line of Bellindora Vinegar’s has      with Fig, Apple, Peach, Pomegran-                      tainers for foodservice, they offer            ultimately gives their clients their exact
made its entrance in the Northern Califor-    ate and Champagne Pear Vinegar.                        something for everyone.                        package at a very competitive price with
nia marketplace, being voted Best of the         Their vinegar’s will give any                         For more information, stop by booth          reliable and timely delivery.
Best in 2008, presented by the Russian-       meal the extra flavor that you                         411, visit or              For more information, stop by booth
Speaking Community of Sacramento.             are looking for.                                       email              558 or visit

                                                 Launched nationally through Whole                natural ingredients. All three flavors are        companies, last August. Together, they
                                              Foods Markets last October, OOBA’s first            available in elegant, yet fun 16-ounce            assembled a world-class team and a
Continued from   PAGE 1                       two flavors, Hibiscus with Orange and               bottles—big enough to quench any                  dynamic strategy for OOBA. In the past
unique health properties and attractive       Hibiscus with Lime, became instant hits             thirst, but satisfying for those who like to      six months they have begun to execute
packaging, OOBA will also appeal to the       with children and adults—with many                  continually sip and savor.                        their plan, rolling the product out both
more health-minded, trend-conscious           stores selling out in just the first few               OOBA is the brain child of John-David          nationally, and in Canada, and they are
shopper looking for something new             weeks. Not only is it great on its own              Enright. Until just 10 months ago, John-          positioning the company to be ready for
that provides real health giving ben-         during the day, but it can also be enjoyed          David (better known as JD) was a senior           unprecedented growth.
efits. OOBA is loaded with antioxidants       at night as a wonderful mixer as well as a          executive in the biopharma industry for              With additional products in devel-
and the hibiscus extract has been sci-        great “mock-tail.”                                  more than 22 years.                               opment and exciting marketing plans
entifically proven to be beneficial for          OOBA’s newest flavor, Hibiscus, will                During JD’s tenure with one of these           scheduled for 2009, expect to see more
cardiovascular health.                        be rolled out in the first quarter of 2009.         companies, he learned all about the               from OOBA in the months to come.
   OOBA is so unlike anything else on         Buyers from specialty, natural and con-             health-giving benefits of a particular               For sales and distribution informa-
the market, a product that consum-            ventional grocery store chains across               variety of hibiscus. Rather than spend            tion, contact James Curley V.P. of Sales
ers will want to buy again and again.         the country have already recognized                 the rest of his professional life develop-        at or 773-
A blind taste test of more than 1,300         OOBA’s unique selling potential and                 ing this variety into a pharmaceutical            338-6655. For additional information
American shoppers showed that OOBA            have committed to launching it at their             product, he plunged into the beverage             about the company and its market-
was preferred over POM and SoBe 96            stores. As a result, the products will be           industry and founded HIBIX Corpora-               ing efforts contact Janet DiGiovanna,
percent of the time. DataMonitor listed       available through multiple distributors             tion to launch OOBA.                              Chief Marketing Officer at janet@ooba
OOBA as one of the top 10 trends to           by March as well.                                      JD engaged DASH Advisors, LLC,        or 415-460-0199, or visit
watch in 2009.                                   OOBA Hibiscus has only five, 100-percent         advisors to innovative food and beverage

CalIfORnIa                                       Olio Nuovo differs from other olive oils
                                              because it is bottled fresh—directly from
                                                                                                  olives with a bit of Koroneiki varietal.
                                                                                                     CA Olive Ranch’s EVOO differs from
                                                                                                                                                       SHD cultivation enables mechanical
                                                                                                                                                    harvesting of olives—dramatically reduc-

OlIvE RanCh                                   the press—with some of the fruit particles
                                              still suspended in the oil.
                                                                                                  other brands because of its fresh, aromatic
                                                                                                  flavor and distinctly grassy tones. Consum-
                                                                                                                                                    ing the harvest-to-crush time—versus
                                                                                                                                                    traditional manual harvesting techniques.
Continued from   PAGE 6                          The suspended fruit gives the oil a par-         ers frequently describe it as “liquid olives.”       Because an olive begins to ferment
history, California Olive Ranch will accept   ticularly intense, fresh olive flavor. It is also      COR achieves this profile through a            immediately when picked, reducing the
pre-orders here at the Fancy Food Show for    the reason why Olio Nuovo has a much                cultivation process called “Super High            harvest-to-crush time produces signifi-
its world-class Olio Nuovo (new oil) ship-    shorter shelf life–just four months–and             Density” (SHD). The method involves               cantly greater olive oil quality and con-
ping in November 2009. Olio Nuovo will be     why COR only bottles the oil to pre-order.          planting more than 675 olive “bushes”             sistency year after year.
available in 500 ml bottles, 2.5-gallon and      Olio Nuovo is usually harvested in late          per acre on a trellis system across large            For more information, visit www.
five-gallon foodservice packages.             October and consists mostly of Arbequina            acreages, similar to vineyards.         
 26     SHOW NEWS                                                                                                       JANUARY 2009       GOURMET NEWS

Bradley Smoker, the short story
                                                                                                                                             telling people to eat better—eat more fish,
                                                                                                                                             more lean meats, nuts, cheeses, to hold
                                                                                                                                             up on processed foods and more. At the
                                                                                                                                             same time, consumers are watching their
Bradley has been making smoke for more         company that has created a convenient        and enthusiasts alike.                           budgets, not eating out at restaurants, and
than 30 years. The art of Food Smoking         method of food smoking for professionals        The list of what done with Bradley            instead buying bulk foods and entertain-
has been their primary business and they       and backyard enthusiasts. For those who      Smokers and the Bradley Smoking Bis-             ing at home. Bradley Smokers is a com-
have sold more than 100,000 food smok-         have tasted great smoked food, but have      quettes is truly endless. You may want to        pany and product line that is at the right
ers across North America.                      never made it themselves, the Internet,      add a little smoke flavor to your favorite       place and right time, offering a natural
  Food smoking is not new; people from         and primarily Bradley Smokers Web site,      grilled steak or barbecue, try some great        alternative product line to a very highly
every corner of the earth have preserved, is a fantastic        jerky’s, or prepare homemade smokies as          educated and reactive consumer market.
and smoked food they have caught or            place to learn the basics, but also trade    a natural snack for the kids.                       For more information, visit www.
grown for centuries. Bradley is the only       knowledgeable information from experts          Every nutritionist on the planet is 

                                               Argentine Style Chimchurri, Australian       distributes an all-natural sauce and mari-       Roasted Garlic Tuscan Grill and Wild &
                                               Style BBQ, Cuban Style Mojo, East Asian      nade brand called Acadia Naturals, which         Spicy Raspberry Jerk.
Continued from  PAGE 11                        Style Thai, Pacific Fusion Maple Wasabi      is made with evaporated cane juice as the           Affordable, easy to use and tasty, each
blends the same savory ingredients as          (new), Prairie Fire Steakhouse (also new),   sweetener, expeller pressed canola oil,          World Harbors product is also Kof-K Kosher
Pirate’s Original, with a variety of pungent   French Style Honey Dijon, Hawaiian           extra virgin olive oil, organic soy, GMO         certified parve and most importantly, healthy.
hot peppers, including chipotle and ancho.     Style Sweet ‘n Sour, Hawaiian Style Teri-    free starch, sea salt, lots of herbs and spic-   None has added MSG or aspartame; all are
                                               yaki, Island Mango, Jamaican Style Jerk,     es, and other natural ingredients. They’re       low in calories, contain no trans-fat and most
For more than 18 years, millions of indi-      Maine’s Own Lemon Pepper & Garlic,           preservative-free and virtually fat-free,        are fat-free. You’ll find World Harbors in
viduals throughout the U.S. and beyond         Mediterranean Style Italian Grill, Mexi-     and they are also as good poured on as           almost every major retail store throughout
have relied on World Harbors to trans-         can Style Fajita, Oriental Style Cheriyaki   they are grilled or baked. Flavors include       the U.S., in select international markets and
form their everyday meals into unforget-       Glaze and Tropical Style Hot Teriyaki.       Garam Masala, Madras Curry, Ginger               at
table experiences. World Harbors offers          In keeping with its mission to promote     Blueberry Teriyaki, Roasted Red Pep-                For more information, stop by
16 global inspired flavors including           a healthier lifestyle, World Harbors also    per Sweet ‘n Sour, Adobo Honey Ancho,            booth 4844.

                                               changed from the day our Web       in every major distributer in the country          The evolution of Fischer & Wieser’s
                                               site went up in 1998. All generations are    and they are constantly expanding their          Gourmet line will begin rolling out in
Continued from  PAGE 20                        becoming familiar with social networking     national and international distribution.         January. Visitors to the Winter Fancy
  In addition to the packaging changes,        like MySpace and Facebook and Fischer        The Original Roasted Raspberry Chipotle          Food Show 2009 can sample all the
Fischer & Wieser is expanding their pres-      & Wieser will be there also,” adds Pehl.     Sauce is the No.1 specialty condiment in         new products and see the evolution in
ence in the worldwide Web. “A lot has             Fischer & Wieser products are already     Texas and rising in the U.S. ranks.              progress at booth 476.
 28     SHOW NEWS                                                                                                      JANUARY 2009      GOURMET NEWS

TEA FORTÉ                                                                                                                                    HAMMOND’S
                                              the Asian ceremony, the warmth of the          infusers with three innovative blends of
                                              European tradition and tosses in the           fresh teas, herbs and spices developed spe-
Continued from  PAGE 1                        festive, relaxed entertaining spirit of        cifically for infusing cocktails. Pour your     Continued from  PAGE 7
history. Using the key senses—taste, aro-     America. Our design-driven accessories         favorite spirit over the infuser and all the    Candies has offered confection lovers a
ma, touch, visual appearance—I set out to     and award-winning infuser complete the         fresh, natural, exotic flavors are released—    quality handmade product, but this year,
re-imagine the whole tea experience.          contemporary tea experience.                   no hot water is needed! There is Lemon-         the new packaging will complement these
                                                                                             grass Mint, Lavender Citrus and Silkroad        handcrafted candies. The new bags with
Sparing no expense, I created teas that       GN: What would you say makes your              Chai. The flavors and colors are phenom-        black or brown details will be accom-
were really exciting and flavorful, with      company different?                             enal. We have developed easy, fun recipes       panied by a bow and hangtag instead of
exotic ingredients. It became a treasure                                                     to be used at home, or you can create your      stickers—no better way to showcase these
hunt to find the most precious teas from      PH: Innovation—that is what gets me up         own favorite cocktail.                          nostalgic treats.
remote estates and exotic, unusual ingre-     every day! From our flavor-forward teas,                                                          Don’t miss Hammond’s Candies located
dients, like the freshest baby ginger root.   hot tea experience, Tea-Over-Ice and           GN: What is next for Tea Forté?                 at booth 3517. It’s a real treat!
I then blended these fabulous ingredients     now Cocktail Infusions, we’re constantly                                                          For more information, visit www.
to create flavor-forward, really delicious    working to be innovative.                      PH: Our strong sales in 2008 reinforce my
teas. Once I had perfected the teas, I set                                                   belief that an extraordinary cup of tea is
out to satisfy the other senses and define    GN: What are Cocktail Infusions?               an essential, in good times and bad. We
the contemporary tea experience.
                                              PH: This is our newest introduction,
                                              launching here at the Fancy Food Show.
                                                                                             all need to treat ourselves and those close
                                                                                             to us with a soothing, restorative pause
                                                                                             in our busy lives. I am honored to pro-
                                                                                                                                             BELLA VISTA
                                                                                                                                             Continued from  PAGE 7
GN: What do you mean by ‘the contem-
porary tea experience?’                       Cocktail Infusions are an innovative way       vide this respite. And alcohol sales are        Farm is located at 1002 S.W. Ard Street,
                                              to naturally infuse exotic cocktails.          counter-cyclical, so this economy should        Lawton, Okla., 73505. For more informa-
PH: Tea is a beverage rooted in thou-                                                        be great for Cocktail Infusions!                tion, stop by booth 659, call 866-Best-
sands of years of tradition. I wanted         GN: Tell us more.                                                                              Jam (237-8526) or 580-536-1300, fax
to create a ritual for today. Tea Forté                                                      For more information, stop by booth 887 or      580-536-4886 or go to www.peppercreek
gracefully infuses the Zen simplicity of      PH: We have filled our signature leaf-topped   visit                or

                                              is seeing increasing demand for organ-         mix contains Live and Active Cultures           started in 1941 by Bill and Ellen Straus
                                              ic dairy products in foodservice. New          and is available in Original European-          and is currently run by their son Albert.
Continued from  PAGE 1                        Straus foodservice innovations include         style tart, Vanilla and Chocolate. The          Straus transitioned to organic back in
13 million plastic milk bottles from end-     the introduction of new organic frozen         mix is shipped refrigerated and is ready        1993, becoming the first organic dairy
ing up in landfill.                           yogurt mix and new organic soft-serve ice      to pour right into the machine.                 in the Western U.S. The dairy operates
   Straus European-style Yogurt is the        cream mix. Both product lines have been           Other foodservice items include an           a methane digester which turns the cow
best-selling organic yogurt in its category   developed to meet the growing demand           organic ice cream mix base for hard-pack        manure into electricity, which, in turn,
and was recently named Best Whole Milk        for organic options at frozen yogurt and       ice cream, barista milk designed for use in     powers the dairy. Straus also implement-
Yogurt in America. Made without stabiliz-     ice cream shops. The recent explosion of       making espresso-based drinks and award-         ed its own non-GMO project back in 2006
ers or additives, Straus yogurt contains      consumer demand for yogurt contain-            winning organic butter for use in organic       to guarantee all of its products are free of
live and active cultures and has a smooth,    ing beneficial live and active cultures for    food manufacturing.                             genetically-modified organisms.
creamy texture that actually pours out of     digestive health has prompted a flood             Straus is one of the few dairy brands           To learn more about Straus, stop by
the cup.                                      of new frozen yogurt shops across the          left that owns its own cows and processes       booth 1666 or visit www.strausfamily
   In addition to growth at retail, Straus    country. Straus Organic Frozen Yogurt          its own products. The Straus dairy was

                                                Adding to its existing vinegars, Boyajian    used on fresh fruit and cheese. Fresh New       New items are sold in eight-ounce bottles,
                                              now offers Pomegranate Vinegar and Sweet       England apples give Sweet Cider Vinegar         12 to a case and foodservice sizes. Some
Continued from  PAGE 8                        Cider Vinegar. The rich flavor and bold col-   its unique taste. It brings the aroma of a      items are available in one-ounce bottles.
colorful, aromatic oils are ideal for dip-    or of pomegranate is ideal as a salad dress-   fall harvest to the table in any season and        For more information, stop by
ping with crusty, fresh bread, and can        ing base or in marinades and reductions for    is best served as a dressing for field greens   booth 246, call 800-965-0665 or visit
enhance sauces or marinades.                  pork and chicken. A reduction can also be      with walnuts and crumbled blue cheese.
  GOURMET NEWS        JANUARY 2009                                                                                                   SHOW NEWS             29

                                               Our steam-jacketed kettles [which have         overall financial health has allowed us to    two, and achieved full commercial viabil-
                                               carefully aged like a cast iron skillet]       be relatively unaffected by the troubles so   ity from a capacity perspective. We can
Continued from   PAGE 1                        produce our products in 300 gallon or          many businesses are having during this        maintain our points of differentiation and
sauces, drink mixes, stuffed olives, jalap-    smaller batches with minimal agita-            time of economic stress.                      be a nationally viable brand. This has been
enos and pickles. The D.L. Jardine’s Super     tion. In doing this, it prevents ‘bruising’                                                  achieved through very smart investment
Premium products are sold nationally to        or ‘roughing’ the fruits and vegetables,       GN: What distinguishes your products          in the asset base outside of our kitchen
specialty, gift and gourmet shops. In addi-    which is critical to producing a super         from the competition?                         and cooking protocols.
tion to these very important and loyal cus-    premium product. Through our small
tomers, D.L. Jardine’s products are sold to    batch production we are able to maintain       JK: We have several unique selling prop-      GN: What is the nature of your com-
department stores that feature a gourmet       very large pieces of fruit and vegetable in    ositions. First, we are bifurcating our       pany’s distribution?
foods department. Based on our high qual-      our salsas. We chop, slice, dice and roast     brand strategy and recipe sophistication.
ity and all-natural recipes, D.L. Jardine’s    many of our produce ingredients at our         D.L. Jardine’s is a genuine Super Premium     JK: Our distribution base is an important
is embraced by retailers who emphasize         27-acre ranch in Buda, Texas.                  Brand with unique formulas that is prop-      component of our 30 years of corporate
quality, all-natural and organic goods. We                                                    erly positioned for the specialty, gourmet    stability and represents a primary oppor-
have also developed a second brand of          GN: What was the most significant event        and all natural/organic market place. 7 J     tunity for our near term business expan-
premium salsas and barbecue sauces. We         or series of events affecting your company     Ranch is a very good, high-quality, pre-      sion. The distribution base for our D.L.
market these high quality products under       in the past year?                              mium brand that is well suited for the        Jardine’s Brand is fundamentally sound
the 7 J Ranch logo and make these avail-                                                      traditional channels we spoke about ear-      within the independent specialty, gift and
able for traditional food trade channels       JK: Like many food manufacturers we            lier. This provides clarity to our retail     gourmet shop owners. It is important we
such as grocery, mass, club, hardware,         had a rapid escalation in our cost of doing    partners and sets an appropriate expecta-     monitor this business carefully as it has a
dollar, drug, etc.                             business. We were first impacted by fuel       tion to their customers [consumers]. We       fair amount of turnover with new stores
                                               and energy where surcharges skyrock-           do not try to be all things to all people     opening while others retire from their
GN: What makes your company unique?            eted [that has now normalized]. Next,          at all times. Second is the product in the    current businesses. An area where we
                                               we were hit by substantial and long-term       jar. If ever, it is seldom equaled. We have   are underserved [and will be a 2009 focal
JK: Our company approach is: Quality           increases in raw [all fruits and vegetables]   remained dedicated to fresh production—       point] is with a few of the national and
First. We have been successfully doing         and packing materials and packaging            small batch production with perfectly         large regional retailers emphasizing a wide
this for 30 years! Each production day         materials [glass and corrugated]. It is of     aged kettles. Our recipes are designed to     selection of all natural and organic prod-
we receive several thousand pounds of          the utmost importance that we prioritize       give the consumer multi-layered and spe-      ucts. As for our 7 J Ranch Brand, we have
fresh produce. Most of our fresh-made          gaining operational effectiveness and effi-    cific releases of taste and texture when      a solid and rapidly growing distribution
products ship to our customers within          ciency to avoid frequent and substance         enjoying our products. Our fruits and         base in grocery. Accelerating that growth
a couple of weeks after being produced.        increases in our selling price. We are         vegetables are never over-worked in our       and extending it to other traditional food
Oftentimes, our salsa products are the         very proud of the extraordinary effort of      small batch processes. Therefore you get      trade channels is an important business
freshest choice a consumer has at the          our entire Jardine’s team. We come out         bigger, fresher, more flavorful pieces of     priority over the next three years.
retailers’ shelf. We combine that with a       of this time of cost uncertainty stronger      fruits and vegetables in every bite. Third,
dedication to small batch production.          and healthier than we have ever been. Our      we have achieved differences one and          For more information, stop by booth 3722.

                                                 Consistent with this philosophy,               The ultimate fast food, Partners crackers   to your party fare.
                                               Partners, a tasteful choice company,           are a quick and easy snack at home or on         Today, most everyone is looking for
Continued from   PAGE 1                        works at being a “green” environmen-           the go, and they’re not simply convenient,    simple ways to improve their health and
include Walla Walla Sweet Onion, Sun           tally conscious company. Partners has          they are an affordable way to make every      their diet while not giving up taste. Flavor-
Dried Tomato, Herb and more. Hearty            converted to all green electric power          snack or meal a little more special. Part-    ful and nutritious, Partners crackers are
and heart friendly, these crackers are         sources for production, buys cartons           ners crackers are available in a delicious    the scrumptious solution. Partners crack-
great for appetizers, snacks or part of a      made with only sustainable forest              assortment of healthful, all-natural and      ers are the convenient and healthier fare
whole meal. In fact, Partners newest prod-     products and green power sources, and          organic varieties that complement every-      to improve your eating habits, watch your
uct line, Partners Artisan Hors D’oeuvres      recycles most of its production waste,         thing from traditional cheeses and soups      budget and still enjoy the finer things in
Crackers, was named 2008 September             and all food waste, which goes to a            to the most exotic dips and spreads.          life. Who knew crackers could be so fabu-
Snack Food of the Month by Snack Food          chicken feed manufacture. Buying Part-           Whether it’s a holiday celebration or a     lous, healthy, satisfying and affordable?
& Wholesale Bakery.                            ners crackers is something to feel good        neighborhood get-
   Partners, a tasteful choice company, is a   about, and they give you a world of eat-       together,     cheese
16-year-old, family-owned business with        ing and entertaining opportunity.              and Partners crack-
a food philosophy of made from scratch           While specialty Partners crackers can        ers are one of the
products using fresh, all-natural ingredi-     be found in gourmet grocery markets and        most perfect pair-
ents to create crackers that are naturally     upscale cheese departments across the          ings around. They
wholesome, baked to a crispy crunch,           country, for countless Partners custom-        are simple to serve,
without preservatives or hydrogenated          ers, high-quality Partners crackers are a      easy to enjoy and
oils. This is real food, naturally.            must buy on the regular grocery list.          add that final touch

                                               reinforcing certain sectors that have proven to be excellent perform-
                                               ers for them; but overall, they will not change who they are. They
Continued from   PAGE 4                        will continue to drive the market, highlighting who they are, their
The economy is obviously weak and people       passion for excellence and uniqueness, their commitment to their
are apprehensive. But, Forever Cheese will     customers along with a positive outlook that all is cyclical and good
not change their approach much. They           times will return. It’s very important to remember that food is an
have added some jarred items in smaller        escape; and Forever Cheese’s category tends to the luxury. When
sizes. They are highlighting value items       people dine out less they entertain more in the home. And Forever
but not stopping the introduction of arti-     Cheese will be right there to offer them the fun, the fabulous and
san or other unique items that still may be    the entertaining.
in a higher price range. Forever Cheese is        For more information, visit

                                               drink as a fondue or topping on top of fruits or ice cream. Taza can
                                               also be used for baking and preparing a flavorful chocolate martini!
Continued from   PAGE 16                          Known as “Valor,” don Valeriano Lopez Lloret in 1881 estab-
be poured into your favorite mug and           lished Chocolates VALOR in Villajoyosa. Back then, chocolate
placed in the microwave on low. Taza To        was sold door to door and considered a family production. More
Go can also be served cold.                    than a century later, Valor’s chocolate techniques were passed
   A versatile chocolate drink, Taza To Go     down through generations, creating and crafting a renowned and
is available in two different sizes—31.75      prestige, worldwide company.
ounces and 15.4 ounces. Taza can be served        For more information about Chocolates VALOR, stop by
hot or cold, or you can use the chocolate      booth 756 or visit
 30      SHOW NEWS                                                                                                            JANUARY 2009       GOURMET NEWS

                                                 to best concentrate the flavor and pre-           cooking styles while, and perhaps more          a cheese as part of its organic pantry?
                                                 serve the integrity of the land. All of this      importantly, that we capture and protect
Continued from   PAGE 1                          is something Andrew believes in.                  the legendary health benefits of olive          DN: Well first of all, it tastes amazing. Our
As you may know he endorses our Luci-                                                              fruit. Our groves are ancient, the organic      certified organic three-year Parmigiano
ni Italia Organics™ products and so we           GN: Why did Dr. Weil pick your olive              olives are handpicked at the peak of ripe-      Reggiano is truly an extraordinary example
decided this harvest season to tour most         oil to endorse? He must have had lots of          ness and the harvest is crushed within 24       of the art of cheese. It is a very compelling
of the small farms and producers who have        offers to choose from.                            hours. Lucini Italia extra virgin olive oil     story, the 700-year history and the special
dedicated their lives to making traditional                                                        has an acidity level of less than half of       place, the people who make this cheese. I
artisan foods that are both healthful and        DN: It has taken him most of his career           what is required by law. We produce a           certainly believe that this was a highlight
responsible. For example, we visited our         to endorse a food brand. Lucini Italia            verdant, ‘green’ extra virgin that is full of   of our trip with Dr. Weil. It actualizes his
prized organic Tuscan heirloom toma-             Organics was among the first he com-              polyphenols [anti-oxidants] and Oleo-           philosophy of integration. From the land,
toes farm on an estate in Bolgheri. Grow-        mitted to. He was an educated consumer            canthal [non-steroidal anti-inflammatory        to the special cows and process all work
ing next door to our tomato plants are           when he came to the table, having traveled        agents] both which foster healthy eating,       together to create something that is whole,
some of Italy’s most prized ‘Super Tuscan’       the world and tasted the best olive oils          robust living and have been a founda-           that is rich with flavor and, in moderation,
wines so you can imagine the richness in         from around the world. Dr Weil imme-              tional food in Mediterranean households         an exemplarily addition to any diet.
the soil. Our tomato plants only produce         diately understood that our extra virgin          for generations.
four pounds of fruit instead of the typical      olive oil had a traditional Tuscan tasting                                                        For more information, stop by booth 1447
industrial 10 to 11 pound yield in order         profile appropriate for a wide range of           GN: Why did Lucini Italia decide to include     or visit

                                                 taste our chocolates against what we per-         have been fortunate in the past year to         turns our visions into realities.
                                                 ceive as our top 10 competitors. I get a lot      develop sales relationships with Sur La
Continued from   PAGE 1                          of volunteers for that job!                       Table, Wegmans, Bloomingdales and               LN: Is chocolate recession-proof?
KK: If it’s not 100 percent natural, we                                                            Crate & Barrel.
don’t want it in our products. And that’s        LN: How has Bissinger’s fared on a                                                                KK: I don’t know, but it’s the ultimate
true of our non-chocolate ingredients,           national level?                                   LN: Are the wholesale products different        comfort food—and a way for people
too. For example, most chocolate-                                                                  from your retail merchandise?                   to treat themselves without breaking
covered cherries are made with mara-             KK: We’ve secured exclusive deals with                                                            the bank.
schinos, which are brined in a liquid that       corporate names like Courvoisier and Ben          KK: Our wholesale lines have different
isn’t natural. We use fresh black cherries       and Jerry’s. Plus, we were given the ‘Best        packaging, but in some cases they’re the        LN: How did you get into the chocolate
because we’re committed to everything            Confection’ trophy among 2,000 entrants           same products. Take for instance our            business?
we make being completely clean.                  at the annual Fancy Food Show!                    chocolate mice. They’ve been a St. Louis
                                                                                                   holiday tradition for years. This year we       KK: I followed my passion. I started
LN: It sounds like you have a pretty             LN: Tell us how you’ve expanded in the            introduced them as a wholesale line and         out in banking, which was an industry
fun job.                                         last few years.                                   sold 20,000 boxes!                              I enjoyed, but I knew I wanted my own
                                                                                                                                                   business. So I purchased Bissinger’s in
KK: It has its moments. Last week, we            KK: We saw opportunity for growth                 LN: Who are the brains behind all these         1995 with a group of investors. I’ll tell
completed our biennial internal taste test,      and we took advantage of it, particu-             new products?                                   you what I tell my kids—whatever you
which is basically a week of eating choc-        larly with our wholesale products. We                                                             do in life, make sure you love it. I love
olate non-stop. We have our top people           started locally—by offering certain               KK: We have Dave Owens and his wife Mar-        going to work every day.
involved, as well as five or six outside tast-   Bissinger’s products on the shelves               garet Kelly doing recipe and product devel-
ers, which this year included a contribut-       of Straub’s and Whole Foods, but we               opment, and of course Terry Wakefield, our      For more information, stop by booth 1678
ing editor from Bon Appetit. We blindly          have also expanded nationally. We                 chief chocolatier, is the food scientist who    or visit

                                                 company’s mission has evolved to include          the area have gone to digging a well at an      vanilla paste, extract or the bean itself—and
                                                 sustainability practices. A portion of their      orphanage near Kampala.”                        now cocoa powder, too. We believe strongly
Continued from   PAGE 1                          proceeds is donated to Conservation                 Rodelle intends to take their Malagasy        that in order to do that well and effectively;
serious bakers—both home and com-                International, who in turn, partners with         and Ugandan pilot programs to the Ivory         we need to invest not only in our communi-
mercial—with the highest quality vanilla         FANAMBY, a non-governmental orga-                 Coast, to benefit cocoa growers and their       ty of Fort Collins, but also in the communi-
available. It just makes sense to give our       nization in Madagascar, one of Rodelle’s          communities. At this time, those practices      ties who support us. They’re hand-in-hand
customers another great product for their        primary vanilla sources. FANAMBY sup-             are in development and should be imple-         relationships. It boils down to the adage of
pantries. That’s how our cocoa was born.”        ports the vanilla growers to protect area         mented within the next year.                    doing well by doing good,” states Basta.
  Rodelle’s commitment to superior               biodiversity and improve standards of liv-          Closer to home, Rodelle has been a               Rodelle’s extensive line of pure vanilla
products is seen throughout the entire           ing. The organization is developing strate-       contributor to the Food Bank of Larimer         extracts includes organic and alcohol-
growing and extraction process. Work-            gies for community development that will          County, whose services have become              free products, vanilla paste and Bourbon
ing closely with the growers, they over-         increase the value of natural ecosystems          more critical in these tough economic           vanilla beans. They also have a gourmet
see hand pollination of each orchid, hand        and productivity to ensure sustainability         times. Their electricity is generated from      extract made from a blend of their high-
picking of every bean, as well as the cur-       and long-term community management.               wind power, offsetting the facility’s car-      est quality vanilla beans from all over
ing process. The vanilla beans undergo             “We’ve become very involved with water          bon emissions by eight tons annually. A         the world. The cocoa powder is the first
an advanced, highly technical heat per-          sanitation in Uganda,” explains Basta. Not        new facility is under construction, utiliz-     in a product line that promises discern-
colation process. The end result is a very       having access to clean water causes a vari-       ing sustainable green building techniques       ing chefs the best choices available in the
pure, very concentrated extract.                 ety of health issues. It doesn’t have to be       and will be fully occupied in March.            retail marketplace.
  In the more than 70 years that Rodelle         that way. Rodelle has made this a priority          “Our bottom line goal is to give our cus-        For more information, stop by booth
has been producing vanilla products, the         and some of the funds we’ve invested in           tomers the very best product we can; be it      1190 or visit

                                                 most noticeable of which will be a pack-             The company is also publishing a collec-     team members,” Case says. “We are all
                                                 aging change. Not to worry all you F&W            tion of recipes in commemoration of their       foodies here, and we love for employees
Continued from   PAGE 1                          fans, they say all your favorites will still be   anniversary. Many of them can already be        to try new flavors, go to new restaurants
says, “but we have always maintained our         close at hand. “My explanation is kind of         found on their Web site,,         and bring back ideas to create new prod-
core values and determination to create          girly,” says Deanna Fischer, Chief Market-        but for those that prefer the time-honored      ucts that will move our customers.”
good products and provide excellent cus-         ing Officer, “but the best way to describe        tradition of collecting recipes, they prom-        The Fischers explain that although
tomer service, and it has served us well.”       the change is ‘the same great product in a        ise this will be a collection you won’t want    their business manufactures and dis-
   Fischer & Wieser approached their             new outfit.’”                                     to pass up.                                     tributes specialty foods, their mission
40-year mark the same as many people                Inside the new packaging will be Fis-             Fischer & Wieser’s 40th anniversary          is, and always has been, to improve the
and companies, with examination of their         cher & Wieser staples, like The Original          will culminate during peach season this         lives of their customers. “We hope our
past, present and future. Their past served      Roasted Raspberry Chipotle, as well as            summer, with celebratory festivities at the     products will continue to help people
them well, and they feel it is time they         some new flavors sure to tickle your taste        company’s country store, Das Peach Haus,        become chefs in their own kitchens
take the next step in building upon that         buds. “We are making some changes to              in Fredericksburg, Texas.                       and encourage families to spend time
strong foundation.                               our Gourmet line, but we consider it an              “This year more than ever, I am thank-       together.” Deanna adds.
   The immediate future brings with it           evolution, not a revolution—Gourmet               ful for what makes Fischer & Wieser truly          For more information, stop by
some changes for their Gourmet line, the         reinvented,” Fischer says.                        unique: the entrepreneurial spirit of our       booth 476.
 32     SHOW NEWS                                                                                                     JANUARY 2009       GOURMET NEWS

                                             Cinnamon Glazed Almonds and the                 offers the Gold Label line, a collection of      Unlike many nut lines which are pea-
                                             Asian Inspired Cocktail Blend (a mix of         favorites from their loyal customers. Each    nut based, the Azar lines include all
Continued from PAGE 5                        almonds, macadamias, rice crackers, gin-        of the products has something special:        types of nuts. “We think that the spe-
the gourmet public has given Azar a solid    ger wasabi peanuts and cashews). The line       Jumbo Cashews (180 count), Hickory            cialty nut category needs to cover the
sense of where the public palate is, what    is packaged in six-ounce designer bags,         Smoked Almonds, Honey Roasted Pecan           whole spectrum,” Stewart says. “Pea-
flavors are especially sought after and      each with a 12-month shelf life.                Halves, Ginger Wasabi Peanuts, Premium        nuts are a convenient, popular snack,
where the market is going. Recently, the        “Our expectations of this line are huge,”    Mixed Nuts (Cashews, Pecans Walnuts,          but tree nuts offer variety and wonder-
company decided to market directly to        says Gary Stewart, Vice President of Sales.     Macadamias and Brazil Nuts) and Apple         fully different taste alternatives.”
the salty snack and nut segments of the      “We plan to keep the line fresh, adding         Cinnamon Nut Crunch (granny smith                Azar Nuts are sold primarily through
specialty food market.                       new products as flavor trends change.           apples, roasted pecans, toffee-coated         distributors, but may be bought directly
   The Flavor Sensations line features       Specialty Food Customers are always             walnuts and cashews, and yogurt-covered       from the company as well.
Maple Sugar Walnuts, Honey Chipo-            looking for something different.”               raisins). Each six- to eight-ounce can           For more information, stop by booth
tle Pecans, Jalapeno Cashews, Whole             For the more traditional palate, Azar        boasts a 12-month shelf life.                 1341 or visit

                                             to come by, luckily it is found in a large      disorders, skin disorders, inflammatory       and is on the forefront of providing the
                                             quantity in flax.                               bowel syndrome, asthma, menstrual             very best flaxseed products for you and
Continued from PAGE 6                           Omega-3 plays a crucial role in brain        pain, and pre-menstrual symptoms and          your family. From Dash O’ Flax the non-
the affect flax had on their loved one’s     function especially cognition, behavior         inflammation. Preliminary evidence sug-       perishable condiment that you shake over
health, marketing flaxseed was an easy       and normal growth and development.              gests that omega-3 fatty acids and other      cereals, salads and more to TCM Flax
decision for the Millers.                       Flaxseed/flax oil studies suggest that       naturally occurring ingredients in flax-      Flour with its terrific flavor and texture to
  Flax contains essential fatty acids        omega-3, fiber and lignans found in the         seed may also prove helpful in protecting     the introduction of Sena’s Gourmet deli-
(EFAs), meaning your body needs them         flaxseed hull may be helpful in treating        against certain infections and a variety of   cious natural flaxseed cookies and pure
but does not make them. For this reason      a variety of conditions including; heart        other conditions. Keep your eye out for       Flax Hull Lignans which will be the next
these EFAs, more specifically omega-3,       disease, high cholesterol, high blood           cutting-edge research on colon, breast        big product as a natural safeguard against
6 and 9 must to be obtained from food.       pressure, stroke, diabetes, arthritis, osteo-   and prostate cancer as well.                  disease. Remember Premium Gold—the
Many foods contain the omega-6 fatty         porosis, depression, attention deficit/           The development team at Premium             company with your health in mind.
acid, however omega-3 is a little harder     hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), eating           Gold Flax Products has you in mind              For more information, visit booth 2910.

                                             Mushroom, Tarragon & Chive and All              package is completed with a pour spout        quality pasta dish is packaged in a dis-
                                             the Peppers are excellent for bread dip-        making this product ideal for the gift        tinctive acrylic cylinder making this

                                             ping, but work just as well for dressings,      and gift basket business.                     item perfect for gift baskets and mail
                                             marinades and sautéing.                           Meal prep becomes a snap with Lesley        order customers.
Continued from PAGE 11                         Lesley Elizabeth Oils are available in        Elizabeth pasta, rice, beans and grains,         With an assortment of 80 products,
seasoned dipping and grilling oils. Les-     four bottle sizes from five to 12 ounces.       which all include specially selected          numerous packaging options, private
ley Elizabeth Specialty Oils include many    The tall, decorative 12-ounce oil bottles       seasonings to compliment each prod-           labeling and custom product develop-
traditional favorites like Basil & Garlic,   are filled with an abundance of herbs           uct. Packaging pasta and pesto blends         ment, Lesley Elizabeth Inc. is a must.
Roasted Garlic and Mediterranean Herb.       and spices, and finished with a compli-         together make up four flavors of the best        For more information, stop by booth
Unique seasoned oil varieties like Forest    mentary mix of oils and vinegars. The           selling Pasta-for-Two®. This restaurant       3200 or visit

                                             innovator that produces the highest             panned chocolate items. These products        Brands has made social responsibility a
                                             quality and most desirable products             have propelled the company’s growth,          top priority. Through the Mama Cares
Continued from PAGE 17                       using unique processes and recipes. The         placing it on the Inc. 5000 list and earn-    Foundation, the company has provided
line, call Tony Bagato, Vice President of    company’s 42,000-square-foot state-             ing its founder Entrepreneur of the Year      assistance to many individuals, families
Marketing, at 760-448-1940, ext. 104.        of-the-art facility located in Carlsbad,        award recognitions from both the Carls-       and organizations in need.
                                             Calif., manufactures a diverse product          bad Chamber of Commerce and Ernst &             For more information, stop by booth
About Mellace Family Brands                  line that includes Kosher tree nuts,            Young (as a finalist for San Diego). Since    704 or visit www.mellacefamilybrands.
Mellace Family Brands is a snack food        peanuts, snack mixes and enrobed or             its founding in 2001, Mellace Family          com and

Continued from PAGE 22
                                                                                             In addition to a roster of customers
                                                                                             that includes chocolate, gourmet, spe-
                                                                                             cialty shops and many fine department
                                                                                                                                           high-end private label market. All
                                                                                                                                           Madelaine products are certified
                                                                                                                                           Kosher (dairy). The entire Madelaine
any retail location.                         premium novelty chocolates. The com-            stores throughout the country, Mad-           selection can be seen online at www.
  A privately held chocolate company         pany also features an extensive line of         elaine has been in the forefront of high
based in Rockaway Beach, N.Y., Mad-          panned products—chocolate and candy             volume co-manufacturing for indus-              For more information, stop by
elaine earned its reputation producing       coated nuts, fruits and specialty centers.      try-leading brands and also serves the        booth 772.

                                                                                                                                           communicating to us how much they
                                                                                                                                           like them.”
                                                                                             Continued from  PAGE 16                          “The satisfaction of our consumers is
                                                                                             real, natural essences,” cited daugh-         not only good business sense; it is a mat-
                                                                                             ter Catalina Dudka, who has taken the         ter of pride. We only create food prod-
                                                                                             family tradition to heart. “Our prod-         ucts we’d serve at our table; therefore
                                                                                             ucts stand out in taste; we specialize        we are also welcome at theirs,” beams
                                                                                             in layers of flavor like fine wines, and      Catalina, who now partners with her
                                                                                             make sure the ‘Mmmm…’ factor is very          mother, Antonia, to make Caramoomel
                                                                                             high. Consumers are very loyal to our         products the best all natural, fine foods
                                                                                             products and continue to prove this by        in today’s market.

                                                                                             B.T. McELRATh
                                                                                             Continued from  PAGE 18
                                                                                                                                           URBAN OVEN
                                                                                                                                           Continued from   PAGE 16
                                                                                             suggested price of $10.                          “The Fancy Food Show is a great oppor-
                                                                                               For more information, contact McElrath      tunity for us to re-establish some of the Starr
                                                                                             or Christine Walthour at B.T. McElrath        Ridge connections, but also introduce new
                                                                                             Chocolatier, Inc. Minneapolis, Minn. 55413,   clients to Urban Oven and let people know
                                                                                             call 612-331-8800, fax 612-331-2881,          the crackers are back,” says Williams.
                                                                                             email, visit          For more information, stop by booth
                                                                                    or stop by booth 2943.           232 or visit
 34     SHOW NEWS                                                                                                     JANUARY 2009      GOURMET NEWS

Toffee kids win prestigious Gold sofi Award
At just 16 and 17 years old, Brandini           Leah and Brandon started the busi-          known, are a local success story in the        Wendy Weldon, L.A. Regional Candy
Toffee founders Leah Post and Bran-          ness to help finance a class trip to Italy     Palm Springs area, and are becoming            Buyer for Costco.
don “Brandini” Weimer are the young-         their sophomore year of high school.           known throughout Southern Califor-                Brandini Toffee sells handmade
est entrepreneurs to receive the cov-        Challenged by their parents to raise half      nia. They have appeared in numerous            almond toffee for retail, wholesale, cor-
eted Gold sofi™ Award. The duo won           the money, they went to work refining          stories in magazines and newspapers,           porate gifts, gift baskets and online. Visit
for Outstanding Chocolate for their          a recipe Brandon had been making for           and on radio and television. In Febru-         the Brandini Toffee Web site for their
gourmet toffee. The award is from the        family and friends. They replaced milk         ary 2008, they appeared on the Martha          complete product line including private
National Association for the Specialty       chocolate for rich, dark chocolate, and        Stewart Show. This summer they are             label gifts and testimonials from around
Food Trade, a non-profit trade associa-      roasted their own almonds. The final           making appearances in Costco stores in         the world. See pictures from their trip to
tion established in 1952.                    contribution to the recipe was from Don        Los Angeles and Orange County, on a            Italy and read stories about their adven-
   “I can’t believe we actually won!” said   Calendar of Marie Calendar’s fame after        traveling Brandini Toffee road show.           tures in starting a new business.
Brandon Weimer of Brandini Toffee.           trying an early version.                         “Brandini Toffee is a great up-and-             For additional information on Brandini
   Brandon and Leah were presented              “This is what took our toffee to the next   coming company and we look forward to          Toffee, contact Maggie Post or visit www.
with their award, a gold chef statue, by     level,” explained Leah Post, “but we can’t     helping them grow their business,” said
noted Chef Jacques Pépin at a special        tell you what that is.” Within six weeks
ceremony during the last 54th Summer         Brandon and Leah sold enough toffee to

                                                                                            BIG AcRES
Fancy Food Show in New York City.            family, friends and their community to                                                        Sauces are produced in California and can
This year’s contest was the most com-        pay for their tickets and spending money.                                                     be found online at or by
petitive yet, with a record 2,191 entries    In the spring of 2007, they visited Rome,      Continued from  PAGE 25                        calling 650-593-9301.
across 32 categories. The field was nar-     Florence, Assisi and Pisa.                     & Mild BBQ and Ginger Teriyaki Marinade          Founded in 2002 by Melanie and Kent
rowed to 150 Silver Finalists by a panel        Their unexpected success prompt-            (formerly Teriyaki Marinade). The line also    Yunk, Melanie’s Fine Foods is the manu-
of specialty food experts last spring.       ed them to enlist their parents to help        includes three rubs: Fancy Fish, Perfect       facturer of the award-winning Big Acres
The gold winners were then selected by       build the company. The two families            Poultry and Stellar Steak.                     Gourmet Sauces and Spices & Rubs. The
more than 250 retailers and restaurant       contribute to the business. Leah’s father         Melanie’s Fine Foods, Inc., makers and      Yunks attribute Melanie’s 14 years of
buyers in a judging event at the Fancy       designs the packaging and manages              distributors of gourmet goodies for kitchen    international high-technology experience
Food Show, which is owned and oper-          the Web site. Her mother is in charge          and grill, offers a select line of specialty   and her passion for gourmet food, along
ated by the NASFT.                           of public relations and oversees events.       sauces, spices and unique grilling and cook-   with Kent’s award-winning marketing
   “sofi” stands for specialty outstand-     Brandon’s father manages sales and             ing tools to gourmet food connoisseurs         knowledge to the direct success of their
ing food innovation. Companies must          production. His mother is in charge of         throughout the United States. Its award-       business. The company’s mission is to
be members of the trade group to enter a     shipping, accounting and staffing. The         winning products include only all-natural      bring its line of all-natural specialty prod-
product for an award.                        toffee kids, as they have come to be           and preservative-free ingredients. Big Acres   ucts to gourmet fanatics nationwide.
 42      SHOW NEWS                                                                                                                                     JANUARY 2009     GOURMET NEWS

Innovation meets olive oil                                                                                         Advertiser index
                                                                                                           AdvERTiSER                                    PAGE      WEb SiTE                        bOOTH NUMbER

and vinegar for healthy
                                                                                                           American Roland Food Corp.                    36                         872
                                                                                                           Arizona Vanilla Company                       14                     876
                                                                                                           Artemis Olive Oil-Kamarianakis Estates 43                        3549

cooking and eating
                                                                                                           Australian Made, Australian Grown             27                3430-3443
                                                                                                           Azar Nut Company                              14                         1341
                                                                                                           Barhyte Specialty Foods                       22                            272
                                                                                                           Bellindora Vinegars                           29                     411
                                                                                                           Best Cheese Corporation                       8                     2507
Oil Misters are the new alternative to tradi-       calories, no matter which ones, leads to               Bissinger’s Handcrafted Chocolatier           10                        1678
tional oil and vinegar, or cooking sprays.          weight gain and counteracts any possible               Boyajian Inc.                                 22                        246
                                                    health benefits.” What’s more, the USDA                B.R. Cohn Olive Oil Company                   16      703
Say goodbye to the traditional pouring of           MyPyramid recommends only about 5-8                    Bradley Technologies Canada Inc.              13                     4449
oil and vinegar and toss out your aerosol           teaspoons of healthy oils each day.                    Brothers International Food Corp.             39                1652
cooking sprays, dressings and butter! The              With an overwhelming need to control                B.T. McElrath Chocolatier, Inc.               18                        2943
new trend is to mist your foods, salads and         calorie intake while still eating nutrient-            California Olive Ranch                        10               562
pans with an oil or vinegar mister. Accord-         rich diets, misters offer the perfect solu-            Caramoomel Products Inc.                      9                        4333
ing to a major report from the U.S. Depart-         tion of portion control with the added                 Chilean Trade Commission/Prochile             35                           4431
ment of Agriculture released last year,             health benefits of all natural oils and vine-          Chocolate Fantasies, Inc.                     22                   3219
Americans’ consumption of added fats                gars. “These misters are a great addition to           Dairyfood USA Inc.                            10                      1245
and oils has increased 63 percent between           healthy eating,” comments Aaron. In fact,              Deep River Snacks                             3                   4611
1970 and 2005 (Dietary Assessment of                weight control centers nationwide have                 Del Sol Food Company, Inc./BRIANNAS           32              974
Major Trends in U.S. Food Consumption,              already discovered the benefits of misters             DFS Gourmet Foods                             26                         2641
1970-2005). This dramatic increase in fat           to help their clients lose weight. In addi-            Fischer & Wieser                              1                              476
intake puts us at an increased risk of heart        tion to organic extra virgin olive oil and             Forever Cheese Inc.                           4                     4710
disease and obesity.                                canola oil for high heat cooking, these                Gourme’ Mist                                  33                         348
   A common problem with trying to add              misters come in authentic barrel aged,                 Hammond’s Candies                             14                   3517
flavor to healthier foods is we often add           balsamic vinegar to perk up your food for              HannahMax Baking                              31                         5002

too much salad dressing or too much oil             fewer calories.                                        HiBix Corporation                             19                      2640

in our sauté pan. Luckily, there are some                                                                  Jardine Foods                                 6                      3722
                                                       Misters are a great natural alternative to
                                                                                                           Kehe Food Distributors                        44                           656
revolutionary products on the market                salad dressings or marinades which usu-
                                                                                                           Landrin USA, Inc.                             21                        3331
that make portion control with healthy              ally contain several additives, artificial
                                                                                                           Lesley Elizabeth                              10                   3200
oils much easier. Rather than buying a              ingredients and preservatives.
                                                                                                           Lucini Italia Company                         11                            1447
bottle of oil or vinegar that you pour,                If you are looking for a more Eco-
                                                                                                           Madelaine Chocolate Novelties Inc.            2                 772
a mister allows you to spray the olive              friendly product, misters are a “Green-
                                                                                                           Mellace Familly Brands                        17                704
oil or vinegar onto your food or in the             er” alternative to aerosol cooking spray.
                                                                                                           Mrs. McGarrigle’s Fine Foods Inc.             15                           4339A
pan. Whether you are cooking or top-                They spray just like an aerosol, but do                New Hope Natural Media                        16                            N/A
ping your foods, misters allow easy por-            not contain any of the unhealthy addi-                 Norseland, Inc.                               40                         4707
tion control for healthier cooking. These           tives or chemicals that aerosol sprays                 PARTNERS, a tasteful cracker                  23                  4008
non-aerosol sprays offer a fine, continu-           do. Empty aerosol cans are extremely                   Pepper Creek Farms                            28                   659
ous mist to lightly coat sauté pans, dress          damaging to the environment. These                     Premium Gold Flax Products & Packaging Inc.   14                   2910
up salads and flavor veggies, fish, meats           eco-friendly misters are available in a                Rodelle Vanilla                               12                    1190
and breads. They provide even cover-                one time use disposable mister (recycla-               Sisters’ Gourmet, Inc.                        28                     475
age, while using less product for fewer             ble packaging) and can easily be found                 Sprouted Almonds, LLC                         41                   4745
calories and fat. Each one-second spray             in the oil and vinegar section of your                 Sprucewood Handmade Cookie Co.                15                 4339B
has less than five calories. “While certain         natural or specialty food store. The dis-              Straus Family Creamery                        24              1666
fats–think canola and olive oil—get the             posable misters are preferable over the                Tea Forté                                     5                           887
green light for promoting better health,            refillable kitchenware misters because                 Teatulia                                      37                          1450
drenching foods in these oils can add up            there are no hassles of clogging, clean-               The San Francisco Chocolate Factory 34                                401
to way too many calories. Picture a salad           ing and refilling, and the bottle is 100               TinPax Corporation                            28                             558
drowning in dressing or a piece of bread            percent recyclable.                                    two leaves and a bud tea company              28                  2901
dipped in oil—every tablespoon means                   Please go to page 33 to see the ad                  Urban Oven                                    20                          232
an extra 100-140 calories,” says Shara              for Gourmé Mist TM. For more infor-                    VALOR USA Inc.                                16                               756
Aaron, MS, RD, a nutritionist specializ-            mation call 866-502-8472 or visit                      Victoria Packing Corporation                  18                   4419
ing in weight control. “Over-consuming                                        The Vyant Group                               38                        5018
                                                                                                           World Harbors                                 7                      4844

      A Special Advertising Section           GOURMET MARKETPLACE                                                                                                            A Special Advertising Section

Introducing Flavor Sensations! Five new nut offerings including:    Natural Products Expo West is the world’s largest natural, organic           Lizzie’s Kitchen flavored dipping and grilling oils are made with an
Jalapeno Cashews, Honey Chipotle Pecans, Cinnamon Almonds,          and healthy products trade show, showcasing the bestsellers of today         abundance of seasonings and a touch of Balsamic vinegar. Use for
Maple Sugar Walnuts and Asian Signature Blend, (deluxe mixed        and the trends of tomorrow. The 2009 event will take place March             bread dipping, salad dressings, marinades or tossed with pasta. Visit
nuts with a hint of wasabi). New designer packaging. All products   5-8 at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, Calif.                      the Web site to view more than 80 products available with Lesley
Kosher with 12-month shelf life; available in case packs of 24.                                                                                  Elizabeth, Lizzie’s Kitchen and private labels.
                  Azar Nut Company                                                Natural Products Expo West                                                             Lesley Elizabeth Inc.
         800-351-8178                                  866-458-4935                                                800-684-3300
          Winter Fancy Food Show Booth #1341                                                                                                                     Winter Fancy Food Show Booth#3200

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