Chalk and Wire at Miami University

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					Chalk and Wire at Miami University
   •   Navigate to
   •   Log into system using your Miami username—but put your username in ALL CAPS
   •   Your password the first time is the default password set by Miami’s IT which is 8
       numbers long: your 2 digit birth month, followed by your 2 digit birth day, followed by
       the last four digits of your SSN. Once you log in for the first time you will need to change
       your password. “Change Password” is located on the black command toolbar on the
       upper right of the screen.

Now you are on your Dashboard! Click on the “My Portfolios” tab

                                          Under “My Portfolios” you will see “Add New Portfolio”—click on


                                    At the top of this page will be your name, and a drop down menu to
                                    chose a Table of Contents (TOC). Choose the name of your program for
                                    your key assessment entries. Chalk and Wire calls these ”department.”
                                    If you can’t see your TOC, click on Can’t See Your TOC. When you set
                                    up an individual portfolio, choose “Open Customizable Table of

                                    Next, you will have many design options. For your key assessment
                                    portfolio, you should choose the Miami Branded Theme. It is at the
                                    bottom right of the choices. When you set up an individual portfolio,
                                    you can choose your own theme.
                                 From here on out, the “Add Content” and “Add
                                 Page” buttons are your best friends. Your TOC
                                 for your key assessments is already set up. For a
                                 customized portfolio, you will create your own
                                 TOC. When you do, add page adds a new page
                                 that you will name to your table of contents
                                 (you can add pages under pages as well). Add
                                 Content allows you to add info to that page!

On the “Add Content” page you can upload videos, sound bites, and pictures
that you have on your computer—simply click on the “browse” button and
select the file, then upload it. It will then appear under “choose existing” and
you can choose it for inclusion in your portfolio! (Currently files cannot be over
100mb in size, so if your video is large, be sure to compress it first. You can also
embed video that’s hosted somewhere else on the Web such as at sites like

Once you have added content to a page, a small pencil will appear on the page
just above the content. You can click on this to edit your page.

                                   At the bottom of the “Add Content” page you
                                   can upload and add an “Artifact” or a
                                   document—Chalk and Wire will store the
                                   document on your dashboard under the
                                   Artifact Library tab, and you can include a link
                                   to it in your portfolio!
At the top of the page, there is also a “Share Page” tab—click on this to email a link to your
portfolio to whomever you like!

But the MOST IMPORTANT thing about Chalk and Wire is to always SAVE your work—if you
navigate away from a page without saving everything you have done is lost!!!! And when you
navigate to another part of the Chalk and Wire site, use the return button on the page, not the
back arrow.

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