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					Indonesia Travel - Talamau Mount

Located in the Village of Mount Talamau Pinagar, District Kinali,
West Pasaman, West Sumatra Province, Indonesia. Talamau mountain with an
altitude of 2982 meters above sea level (asl), is the highest mountain in the
province of WestSumatra. Characteristics of Mount Talamau including one from
the volcano, but Talamau including mountain inactive. The mountain is in store
charm that unfortunately miss tuk.

Virgin forest, the birds singing in a Meandering tingkahi combined with the beauty
of the lake are dozens scattered around the mountain region, making the long
journey of the tourists would not be so vain.

Based on research results Research Center for Geotechnology Indonesian Institute
of Sciences (LIPI), Mount Talamau come from different rock types, namely
volcanic rocks Galau product (mixture) Talamau, that of Major Elements showing
igneous rocks in the region can be divided into four types, namely types alkaline
rocks (basalt), intermediate (andesite), slightly acidic (dacitic), and granite (acid).

Mount Talamau covered by some type of forest vegetation consisting of the family
Dipterocarpaceae and Lauraceae family forests. Dipterocarpaceae family consists
of plants kemaduh (Laportea stimuli), passion fruit (Passiflora sp.), Soursop
(Annonaceae), Senggani (Melastoma sp.). In addition, growing flowers blooming
edelwis complementary types of plants that bloom on the slopes of Mount

In the woods there are a variety of creatures such as birds and animals. Birds that
exist are: hornbill (Buceros rhinoceros), Sumatran sempidan (Lophura inornata),
kestrel birds (Black-thighed Falconet), chicken red hutam (Red Junglefowl). While
the wildlife species of animals are often seen in these mountains are: pig beard
(Sus barbatus), yellow neck weasel (Martes flavigula), gibbon (Hylobates
muelleri), white forehead langur (Presbytis frontata), squirrel three colors
(Callosciurus prevostii), and squirrel mountain (Tupaia montana), bears (Helarctos
malayanus), striped skunk (Hemigalus derbyanus), the stone cat (Felis marmorata),
deer (Cervus unicolor) and clouded leopard (Neofelis nebulosa) is often called by
local people with a tiger Campo.

In addition to the diversity of flora and fauna, in the forests on the slopes of this
mountain there is also a waterfall that is large enough that the local community is
named Waterfall Puti WhaPS Geni. The existence of a waterfall which has a 109 m
high, the course will further add to the beauty of the panorama of Mount Talamau.
In the midst of thick forests of Mount Talamau or not far from the mountaintop,
there are 13 lake.
The 13-lake are: Talago Puti thought the Moon, Talago Tapian Sutan Bagindo,
Talago Tapian Puti Mambang surau, Talago Siuntuang Already, Talago Youngest
Puti, Talago Rajo god, Talago Animal Talago Lumuik, Talago Blue, Talago
Mandeh Rubiah, Talago Imbang Langik, Talago Cindua Mato, and Talago Buluah
Parindu. The water is crystal clear lake is one of the springs are often utilized by
the climbers for consumption. In place of guide services are available to guide the
tourists. In addition, also available 5 heading for a place to rest.

To achieve this mountain can be done from both directions ie from Rao (Border-
North Sumatra West Sumatra) and Padang. Because of the city of Padang many
transportation routes tesedia Padang-West Pasaman, the tourists who want to travel
to Mount Talamau usually use this route. The tourists can use public transport with
a travel time of approximately 6 hours. After arriving at the site, the tourists can
start climbing. The starting point of the climb can be done from three points,
namely: the village Pinagar, Malampah and Kinali with long time climbing about
12 hours.

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