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Catherine V. (Kay) Quinn, CFP®, CPA
Kay Quinn Financial, LLC
2000 Glen Echo Road, Suite 209
Nashville, TN 37215

Contact: Beth Alexander
Company: Financial Services: CapStar Bank
What: Private banking, marketing for the bank, and community & investor relations.

Contact: Alan Hayes
Phone: 615.370.6078
Connection to St. Cecilia: Alan coordinates the interns, but Don Miller (of Miller in the title) is the connection. He is a
friend of Mrs. Honeycutt’s family. Yu Jin Yeon interned there in 2010.

Contact: Bridget Brodbeck
Company: American Constructors
Phone: 615.329.0123
Connection to SCA: Bridget graduated from SCA in 2001.

Contact: Kristen Winston
Organization: Kristen Winston Catering
Phone: 294-4370
Connection to SCA: Joanna Johnson interned with her in 2010.

Contact: Anne Schultz
Organization: Anne’s Cakes
Phone: 837-1093
Connection with SCA: Anna Vaughn interned with her in 2010.

Contact: Heather Peterson
Company: Naticreme (bakery in Franklin)
Phone: 612-242-0620
Connection to SCA: Lynn Ryan interned with her in 2011.

Contact: Michelle & William Gawley
Relationship to SCA: Their niece is Paige (senior) and their children go to Overbrook.
Contact: or 293-5685

Contact: Debbie Sanders
Location: The Picnic Café
Phone: 297-5398
Connection to SCA: Maddie Sturgeon interned there last year.

Contact: Dr. David Snodgrass
Organization: Snodgrass-King Pediatric Dental (Cool Springs)
Phone: 771-1111
Connection with SCA: Anna Kate Read interned with him in 2009.

Contact: Kristen Dillard
Dentist: Dr. Carlisle
Phone: 615-329-4790 x106 – no Friday;
*Not open on Fridays.

Contact: Dr. Lisbeth Bradley
Phone: 778-0810
Connection to SCA: Nina Yabut interned there in 2011. Also is the dentist for Chenoa Jacobs, Director of Alumnae

Education, Pre-school
Contact: Angela Siefker, Ellen Herman
School: Overbrook
Phone: 292-5134
Relationship to SCA: Mrs. Siefker’s daughter attended SCA. Betsy Brewer interned with her in 2011; Emily Warren
interned with her in 2012.

Contact: Suzanne Armbruster, Susie Gilles
School: St. Henry
Phone: 352-1328
Relationship to SCA: Clare Simpson and Hayley Robinson interned with them in 2009.

Contact: Stephanie Braeuner
School: St. Henry School
Phone: 352-1328
Connection to SCA: Kayla Karlovic interned with her in 2011.

Education, Kindergarten
Contact: Sally Luton, Dolly Millican
School: St. Henry’s School
Phone Number: 352-1328
Relationship to SCA: Both had daughters who are SCA alums.

Contact: Pier Vaughn
School: Overbrook School
Phone Number: 292-5134
Relationship to SCA: Daughter Anna is in the Class of 2011 at SCA.

Contact: Nancy Mattingly
School: St. Bernard Academy (Kindergarten)
Phone Number: 385-0440
Relationship to SCA: Daughters (Mary ’02 and Becca ’05) graduated from SCA.

Education, 1st Grade
Contact: Georgina Saxon
School: Overbrook (1st Grade)
Phone Number: 292-5134
Relationship to SCA: Daughters (Katherine & Ali) graduated from SCA.

Education, 2nd Grade
Contact: Donna Jones
School: Westmeade Elementary School (2nd Grade)
Relationship to SCA: St. Cecilia alum.

Contact: Pat McKinley
School: St. Matthew (2nd Grade)
Phone: 646-0378
Relationship to SCA: She knows me and is a good friend of my mother’s (Alice Yopp).

Contact: Betsy Roberts Donlon
School: St. Pius X Classical Academy
Phone: 255-2049
Connection to SCA: Married to Overbrook Teacher, David Donlon. Bridget Simpson interned with her in 2011.

Education, 3rd Grade
Contact: Ms. Robyn Biga, (St. Henry)
Phone: 352-1328
Relationship to SCA: Robyn is an SCA alumna.

Contact: Sonia Fernandez
School: McGavock Elementary
Connection to SCA: Sonia is an SCA alum; her mom (Ellen) also works at Overbrook.

Contact: Gena Moran
School: Harding Academy
Phone: 356-5510 ext. 372
Connection to SCA: Olivia Drinkwater interned with her in 2011.

Education: Grade 4
Contact: Heather Graffam
School: Liberty Elementary School
Phone: 668-2221
Connection to SCA: Izzy Jackson interned with her in 2011.

Education: Grades 5-8
Contact: Donna Braniff
School: St. Henry School (8th Grade)
Phone: 352-1328
Relationship to SCA: Mary Crum (senior) interned with her in 2009.

Contact: Patty Richards
School: St. Matthew School (7th Grade)
Phone: 662-4044
Relationship with SCA: Katelyn Miller interned with her last year.

Education, Art
Contact: Miss Ann Ripley
School: Overbrook School
Phone: 292-5134

Education, Science
Contact: Julie Petcu
School: St. Matthew (Science Enrichment)
Phone Number: 646-0378
Relationship to SCA: Daughter Anna attended Overbrook with me; she used to work at Overbrook.

Education, Music
Contact: Rachel Burkey
School: St. Henry
Phone Number: 352-1328
Connection with SCA: Rachel used to teach at SCA and is a 2004 SCA alum.

Education, Computer
Contact: Catherine Stuart Vrettos
School: Harding Academy
Connection to SCA: Catherine is an SCA alumna.

Contact: Carrie Sharbel
Company: Carrie’s Coffee
Phone: 292-5245
Connection to SCA: Elizabeth Donlon interned there in 2011.

Contact: Kimberly Novosel
Company: Always the Host Events
Phone: 627-8497
Connection to SCA: Paige Gawley interned with her in 2011.

Contact: Alison Bryant
Company: Classic Party Rentals
Phone: 641-1111
Connection to SCA: Sarah Babb interned here in 2010.

Contact: Ellen Hollis
Field: Does event planning for Vanderbilt and the Schermerhorn
Phone: 260-5836
Connection to SCA: Friend of Chenoa Jacob (Director of Alumnae Relations)

Contact: Jayne Bubis
Field: Event Planning
Phone: 370-0550 (home); 424-8824 (cell)
Connection to SCA: Mother-in-law of 2003 alum, Kelly Bright. Mrs. Honeycutt’s connection.

Contact: Jennifer Kuykendall (Director of Human Resources)
Location: Hermitage Hotel
Mentor: Jacqueline Taylor (
Contact: Suzanne Sevier (Sevier Skirts)
Phone: 750-5013 (shop number)
Contact: Sam Dalton
Organization: Watkins College of Art & Design
Phone: 383-4848
Connection to SCA: Recommended by Mrs. Gronefeld (she teaches there in the summers with him).

Contact: Katie Worden
Company: MooTV
Phone: 255-9957
Connection to SCA: Alwyn Mothershed interned with her in 2010.

Name: Haylee Hall
Place: Belcourt Theatre
Contact: 846-3150 ext. 16 or
Connection to SCA: Kaitlin Cockerham interned with her in 2011.

Contact: Susan Cowden
Title: Assistant Commissioner for Workforce Development TN Department of Labor and Workforce
Content: Government, Social Services, Leadership
Connection to SCA: Susan is a 1981 SCA alumna and expressed interest in having an intern.

Contact: Polly Grammer
Location: Peachtree Farm in Arrington, TN
Relationship to SCA: Adri Duke interned with her in 2011.

Contact: Lydia Snipes
Phone: 726-1141
Relationship to SCA: Lydia is a very good friend of Mrs. Honeycutt’s. Allyson Raymond interned with her in

Contact: Gloria Houghlan (Daughter, Sara Jo, Class of 2001)
Cell: 943-4342
Writer for N Focus

Contact: Beth Alexander (294-1615) => Ellen Nelson (419-9089)
N Focus

Contact: Mary Hance (Ms. Cheap)
Organization: The Tennessean
Connection to SCA: Daughters went to SCA; Maggie Ward interned with her in 2011.
Contact information: 253-8282;
Contact: Mike Yopp
Company/Organization: Waller, Lansden, Dortch, and Davis
Phone Number: 850-8815
Relationship to SCA: This is my dad. He may not be able to be your mentor, but he can find you one at his firm.

Contacts: Allegra Montgomery, Assistant District Attorney
Julia Tucker, Assistant District Attorney
Jennifer McMillen, Assistant District Attorney
Company/Organization: District Attorney’s Office
Phone Number: 862-5500
E-mail (Jennifer):
Relationship to SCA: Gina Thompson interned with Allegra and Maryam Yoon interned with Julia in 2008. Jennifer is an
SCA Alumna.

Contact: David Smith
Title: Juvenile Court Clerk
Phone: 862-7980
Connection to SCA: Ferlicia Ranellucci interned with him in 2011.

Contact: Bob Burns
Firm: Howell and Fisher
Phone: 244-3518
Connection to SCA: Trixie Yabut interned with him in 2011.

Contact: Vanessa Bryan (Public Defender)
Company/Organization: 21st Judicial District State of Tennessee (Franklin)
Phone: 790-5519
Relationship to SCA: Angellena Berberich-Eerebout interned with her in 2011; sister of Mrs. Simon.

Contact: Amy Siegenthaler Pierce
Connection to SCA: Amy is a 1984 alumna.

Contact: Ann Cannon
Company: Redpepper, Inc.
Phone: 320-9335 ext. 127
Connection with SCA: Francesca Napolitano interned there in 2009.

Contact: Ronda Helton
Company: Nashville Symphony
Phone: 687-6500
Connection to SCA: Allie Fitzpatrick interned with her in 2011.

Contact: Rachel Donahue
Title: PR Account Executive
Company: cabedge
Phone: 942-9937 (work)
Connection to SCA: Rachel Brunette interned with her in 2011.
Contact: Linda Claire Guttery
Company: Qwertcorp
Phone: 255-3199 ext. 12
Connection to SCA: Maddie Clark interned with her in 2011.

Medicine, Allergist
Contact: Scott Fortune
Company: Allergy & ENT Associates of Middle Tennessee, P.C.
Phone: 889-8802
Connection to SCA: Elizabeth Gobbell interned with him in 2011.

Medicine, Cardiologist
Contact: Dr. John McPherson
Hospital: Vanderbilt
Connection to SCA: Hailey Turner interned with him in 2011.
Contact information: 322-8000

Medicine, Obstetrics
Contact: Dr. John Macey
Company/Organization: Nashville OB/GYN Associates
Phone: 284-7755
Relationship to SCA: Elizabeth Oman interned with him in 2009.

Medicine, General
Contact: Joann Ettien
Organization: Women’s Hospital at Centennial Medical Center
Phone: 342-5023
Connection to SCA: Ellie Fike interned with her in 2011.

Contact: Jan Price
Organization: VUMC
Phone: 936-3636
Connection to SCA: Vian Pulous interned with her in 2011.

Contact: Dr. Walter Clair
Phone: 322-2318
Relationship to SCA: Ann Quigley interned with him in 2009.

Contact: Dr. and Dr. Ely
Phone: 463-3114
Relationship to SCA: Daughter Taylor is in the Class of 2012. They both practice different kinds of medicine and
indicated interest in having an intern. Olivia Glascoe interned with them in 2011.

Contact: Deborah Martin (Heart Institute)
Phone: 322-5000
Relationship to SCA: Katie Hobbs interned there in 2009.

Contact: Dr. John Morris
Phone: 936-1043
Relationship to SCA: Annie Shepherd interned with him in 2009.

Medicine, Oncology
Contact: Dr. Seth Cooper
Organization: Tennessee Oncology
Phone: 385-3751
Connection to SCA: Allyson Raymond interned with him in 2010.

Medicine, Pediatrics
Contact: Debra Friedman
Organization: Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital
Email: debra.l.friedman@Vanderbilt.Edu
Connection to SCA: Katy Wahl interned with her in 2011.

Contact: Dr. Tim Carr
Organization: Pediatric Associates of Franklin
Connection to SCA: Caitlin Perry interned with him last year; parent of an Overbrook student.
Contact information: 351-9152 (that is his cell);

Contact: Dr. Anne-Marie Hain
Group: Maryland Farms Pediatrics in Brentwood
Phone: 373-3337
Connection to SCA: Recommendation of Mrs. Betbeze.

Contact: Dr. Paul Hain
Group: Pediatric Hospitalist at Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital
Phone: 936-0257
Connection to SCA: Recommendation of Mrs. Betbeze.

Contact: Dr. David Engler
Group: Centennial Pediatrics (Clarksville)
Phone: 648-1912
Connection to SCA: Parent of an Overbrook student.

Contact: Dr. Nancy Beveridge or Dr. Katharine Schull or Dr. Frank Haraf
Group: Children’s Clinic of Nashville (Publix Shopping Center right by school)
Phone: 297-9541
Connection to SCA: Several staff members (including Mrs. Pike and Mrs. Jacobs) take their children there.

Medicine, Surgery
Contact: Dr. Richard Miller
Hospital: Vanderbilt
Connection to SCA: Katie Rollins interned with him in 2011.
Contact information:

Contact: Tim Coyle
Company: Dark Horse Production
Phone: 791-5030
Connection to SCA: Father of Savannah Crow. Marcela Gomez interned in 2011.

Contact: Betsy Walker
Company: CMA
Phone: 244-2840
Connection to SCA: Lucy Burt interned there in 2011.

Contact: Lindsay Puddy
Company: Audio Productions
Connection with SCA: Jim Reyland (owner) has two daughters who attended SCA. We sent several students to intern with
them in 2010, including Nicole Campeotto & Rachel Davis.

Contact: Tori Harris
Company: Naxos of America, Inc.
Phone: 615-465-3810
Connection to SCA: Approached Sister Thomas Aquinas about having an intern.
Specifics: Marketing/Press department (digital/social media department) – publishes classical music

Contact: Stuart Holt
Title: Director of Education and Outreach
Company: Nashville Opera
Phone: (615) 832-5242
**Arts Administration Work not production.

Contact: Andra Moran
Group: Ammo Music – Creative Arts & Performing Artists
Connection to SCA: Caitlyn Lovell interned with her in 2011 – you might talk to Caitlyn Lovell about her
experience and see if she has a phone number to contact her.

Contact: Ronnie Criss
Location: Frist Center for the Visual Arts
Phone: 744-3247
Relationship to SCA: Rachel Davis interned with him in 2011.

American Cancer Society
Contact: Tammy Fuller
Phone: 615-341-7310

American Red Cross
Contact: Tom Peters
Phone: 250-4316

Arthritis Foundation
Contact: Dorothy Scobey
Phone: 254-6795 ext. 110

March of Dimes
Contact: Lynda Berretta
Phone: 399-3200 x19
Connection to SCA: Larisa Yackow interned there in 2011.

Company: Nashville Humane Society
Contact: Celia Stephens
Phone: 354-6345
Relationship to SCA: Annabelle Absar interned there in 2008; Abby Morrison interned there last year.

Contact: Leslie Turner
Company/Organization: The Lost Boys Foundation of Nashville
Phone: 256-8302
Relationship to SCA: Elaine Davis interned there in 2009.

Contact: Bob Jacobs
Company/Organization: Boys and Girls Club of TN
Phone: 833-2368
Relationship to SCA: Bob is the husband of Chenoa Jacobs, our Director of Alumnae Relations.

Contact: Judy Frudenthal
Company: Oasis Center
Phone: 327-4455
Relationship to SCA: Amelia Furbish interned with her in 2010.

Contact: Amy Coffey
Company: American Diabetes Association
Phone: 298-3066 ext. 3339

Contact: Lisa Shinn
Company: Vanderbilt Oncology at 100 Oaks
Phone: 881-2314
Connection to SCA: Elizabeth Hallock interned with her in 2011.

Contact: Andrea Bracikowski
Company/Organization: Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital
Phone: Home is 370.1670. Cell is 406.9371
Connection to SCA: Daughter graduated in 2005.
***IMPORTANT: If you want to work at Vanderbilt, contact these people and make sure they are okay with you
interning, then let me know ASAP because there is some important paperwork you’ll need to fill out.***

Contact: Jeff Miller
Company: Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital
Connection to SCA: Savannah Starbuck interned with some of Mr. Miller’s nurses in 2011.
Contact information: 835-4072;

Contact: Janet Lucas
Group: Vanderbilt Hospital (Myelsupression Unit)
Connection to SCA: Mary Gaines Welton interned there last year.
Contact information:
Contact: Nicole Powell
Location: St. Thomas Hospital
Contact information: 615.222.3028 (office);

Contact: Jamie Pope (Class of 1975)

Contact: Tom Uchida
Company: Uchida Photography
Phone: 662-0706
Relationship to SCA: Miranda Laszewski interned there in 2011.

Contact: Erin Mackay Maddox
Company: Elite Sports Medicine & Orthopaedic Center (Baptist)
Connection to SCA: Her mother used to teach choir at SCA; Lauren Cieler interned with her last year.
Contact information: 342-0246;

Contact: Miller Greathouse Tallent
Company: Results Physiotherapy (West Nashville Shopping Center)
Connection to SCA: Mom graduated from SCA; Lindsey Tipps interned with her in 2011.
Contact information: 356-0710;

Contact: Rachel Price
Company: Dixon Center of Chiropractics (Bellevue)
Connection to SCA: Abby Locker interned with her in 2010.
Contact information: 646-1003

Contact: Mr. Dana Duff
Organization: Tennessee Orthopedics Alliance (TOA; by Baptist)
Connection to SCA: Daughter Rachel is a senior; Lin Marzialo interned with him in 2011.
Contact information: 329-6600;

Contact: Megan Wakefield
Organization: Star Physical Therapy (Bellevue & White Bridge)

Name: Shelby Crisan
Organization: Bridgestone Arena/Predators (Event Coordinator)
Connection to SCA: Annie Shepherd interned with her predecessor (Christy Whitney) in 2010.
Contact Information:

Contact: Rachel Dean
Company: Nashville Scene
Phone: 844-9245

Contact: Theresa Meeks Laurence (SCA Alum)
Company: Staff Writer for TN Register

Contact: Ellen Nelson
Company: N Focus Magazine

Contact: Mary Hance (Ms. Cheap)
Organization: The Tennessean
Connection to SCA: Daughters went to SCA; Maggie Ward interned with her in 2011.
Contact information: 253-8282;

Contact: Meredith Mazanek
Company: Mix 92.9 / Jack FM
Phone: 259-4567
Relationship to SCA: Lauren Duke interned with her in 2009. Allison Osborne interned with Trent Pender in 2008 at Jack

Contact: Jessica Cohen
Company: WSIX/WNRQ
Phone: 664-2484
Relationship to SCA: Avery Bond interned with Jessica in 2008.

Contact: George Plaster
Company: WGFX, 104.5 The Zone
Phone: 244-9533
Relationship to SCA: Alexandra Koehn interned with George in 2008.

Contact: Spyros Kalams (Associate Professor of Medicine & Microbiology & Immunology at Vandy)
Connection to SCA: Daughter, Alyssa, is in the Class of 2012
Contact information: 661-4327;
Contact: Lisa Mendes (Director of Cardiovascular Medicine Fellowship Training Program, Associate Professor of
Connection to SCA: Daughter, Alyssa, is in the Class of 2012

Contact: Penny Richardson
Connection to SCA: Alumna
Phone: 681-4603

Contact: Lisa Weiland (SCA Class of 1979)
She is an alum and her sister is a Sister. She has tons of connections with sports management at Vanderbilt. She
said to contact her to let her know exactly what you are looking for. Call her as soon as you can, any day after
Contact information: 243-7179;

Contact: Dana Duff (TOA)
Phone: 329-6600
Relationship to SCA: Dad of Rachel Duff; Natalie Goodrum interned with him in 2010.
Contact: Valerie Smith
Company: Tennessee Bureau of Investigation
Phone: 744-4246
Relationship to SCA: Abby Morrison interned with Ms. Smith in 2009.

Contact: Jessika Malone (Class of 2002) works in the Theatre Department at Belmont and has several connections around
town. She is willing to help anyone who is interested to find an internship:

Contact: Cathy Street
Organization/Location: Street Theatre Company
Connection to SCA: Alwyn Mothershed interned there in 2011.
Contact information: 554-7414;

Contact: Claire Syler
Nashville Shakespeare
Contact information: 255-2273 x. 1125 or
Connection with SCA: Revel Lannom interned with her in 2010.

Contact: Mary Theobald
Company: Caldwell Travel
Phone: 646-8418
Relationship to SCA: Mary Ann Bilhartz interned with her in 2009.

Contact: Michelle Dube
Organization: Channel 2
Phone: 369-7249
Connection with SCA: Lynn Ryan interned with her in 2010; she also knows my mother (Alice Yopp).

Contact: Jamie Vaughan
Company: Fox 17 news nashville
Phone: 369-1717
Connection to SCA: Stacy Case ( is friends with Chenoa Jacobs, Director of Alumnae Relations.
Additional Contact: News Director: Roberta Petterson (

Contact: Kristen Forrest
Company: Taillight (Producer)
Phone: 400-6035
Connection to SCA: Erin Penney interned there in 2011.

Contact: Dr. Richard Jones
Company: Cool Springs Animal Hospital
Phone: 377-4959
Relationship to SCA: Allison Goodwin interned with Dr. Jones in 2009 & Katherine Ray interned with him in 2010.

Contact: Dr. Kitty Parker
Company: Nashboro Animal Hospital
Phone: 360-9222
Relationship to SCA: Raina Burley interned with her in 2008.

Wayne Sullivan (Animal Care Center of Brentwood) & Lisa O’Neill
Contact: Mel
Location: Animal Care Center of Brentwood
Mrs. Honeycutt has called and they are interested but need more specifics.
Phone: 371-1242

Cheekwood Animal Hospital
Phone: 352-5775
Contact: Jennifer (Dr. Chris)

Contact: Dr. Todd Hurst
Company: Harpeth Valley Animal Hospital
Connection to SCA: Abby Beasley interned there in 2011.
Contact info: 673-0100

Contact: Dr. David Edwards
Company: Belle Meade Animal Hospital
Phone: 352-4370

Contact: Tonya Trotter
Organization: Reimer Gallery
Phone: 752-6030
Connection to SCA: Cate Hargrove interned there last year.

Contact: Rick Schwartz
Location: Nashville Zoo at Grassmere
Phone: 833-1534
Relationship to SCA: Beccah Flowers interned there in 2009.

Owl’s Hill Nature Center (near Scales Elementary)
Phone: 615-370-4672

Contact: Bill Staley
Organization: Nashville Catholic Youth Office
Phone: 615-327-0674

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