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					The Right Foods for You
                                                                                                             Food & Nutrition Center

Gluten is the generic name for certain types of proteins that are found in common cereal grains (such as
wheat, barley, rye, spelt, kamut, triticale, and their derivatives). Because it is found in a lot of foods, grocery
shopping can seem very difficult if you need to avoid gluten due to celiac disease or an allergy or intoler-
ance. But rest assured, it’s not impossible to live gluten-free. To help you choose the right foods—and make
shopping easier—we’ve created a list of gluten-free Publix brand products. But remember: ingredients can
change, so always read package labels carefully. For more information, pick up our Gluten Free guide, avail-
able at your local Publix.

  TA B L E O F C O N T E N T S                                DAIRY
  Dairy.................................................. 1
                                                              BUTTER AND MARGARINE                     Publix Natural Cheeses (Cont’d)
  Fresh ................................................. 3     Publix Butter / Margarine /               Italian 6-Cheese Blend, Shredded
  Frozen Foods .................................... 4           Spreads                                   Mexican 4-Cheese Blend,
                                                                   Butter, Salted and Unsalted            Shredded
  Grocery ............................................. 6
                                                                   Butter, Whipped, Salted and            Monterey Jack
  Health and Beauty ............................ 9
                                                                   Unsalted                               Monterey Jack with Jalapeño
                                                                   Corn Oil Margarine Quarters            Peppers
                                                                   Homestyle Spread – 48%                 Monterey Jack & Cheddar,
                                                                   Vegetable Oil                          Shredded
                                                                   Homestyle Squeeze Spread               Mozzarella
                                                                   – 60% Vegetable Oil                    Muenster
                                                                   It Tastes Just Like Butter Spread      Provolone
                                                                   – 70% Vegetable Oil                    Ricotta
                                                                   Original Spread Quarters – 70%         Swiss
                                                                   Vegetable Oil
                                                                                                       Publix Processed Cheeses
                                                                   Sweet Cream Butter
                                                                                                          Cheese Spread
                                                                                                          Deluxe American Cheese Slices
                                                                                                          Imitation Mozzarella Cheese,
                                                                Publix Natural Cheeses (all               Shredded
                                                                forms – block, chunk & shreds)            Singles – Pasteurized Process
                                                                   Cheddar, Extra Sharp                   American Cheese Food
                                                                   Cheddar, Mild                          Singles – Pasteurized Process
                                                                   Cheddar, Medium                        American Cheese Food – thick
                                                                   Cheddar, Sharp                         slice
                                                                   Colby                                  Singles – Pasteurized Process
                                                                   Colby Jack                             Swiss Cheese Food

Shopping lists were compiled from products that are available in Publix Super Market stores. These products may not be available in
Publix GreenWise Market®, Publix Sabor® or Pix™ stores. Because the products listed were evaluated using manufacturer-provided
nutritional information, and product formulations can change at any time, Publix cannot guarantee the accuracy of the nutrition
information provided. Customers are encouraged to read the product labels to obtain the most accurate nutrition information. The
information provided is intended to be nutrition and dietary guidance only and not medical advice. Publix cannot guarantee the
absence of gluten in all products listed under the heading “gluten-free products” because such products may be processed on shared
equipment and cross-contamination may occur during processing at the manufacturing facility.                                                     Pg. 1 of 10                        Revised: 7/31/2008
The Right Foods for You
                                                                                   Food & Nutrition Center

   Publix Specialty Cheeses             Publix Cottage Cheese (Cont’d)       Publix Fruit on the Bottom
      Asiago Wedge                         Low Fat with Pineapple            Yogurts
      Blue Crumbled                        Fat Free                             Banana FOB
      Creative Classic Queso Blanco                                             Black Cherry FOB
                                        Publix Sour Cream – all styles
      Creative Classic Queso de Freir                                           Blackberry FOB
                                           Fat Free
      Crumbled Feta                                                             Blueberry FOB
      Crumbled Goat                                                             Cherry FOB
      Crumbled Reduced Fat Feta                                                 Guava FOB
                                        Publix Sour Cream Dips
      Feta Chunk                                                                Mango FOB
                                           French Onion Dip
      Garden Jack Stick                                                         Mixed Berry FOB
                                           Green Onion Dip
      Gorgonzola Crumbled                                                       Peach FOB
                                           Guacamole Dip
      Garlic and Herb Cheese Spread                                             Pineapple FOB
      Grated Parmesan                   Publix Yogurts                          Raspberry FOB
      Horseradish Jack Stick               Black Cherry Creamy Blend            Strawberry FOB
      Hot Pepper Cheese Spread             Blueberry Creamy Blend               Strawberry/Banana FOB
      Parmesan, Grated                     Creamy Blends                        Tropical Blend FOB
      Parmesan Wedge                       Peach Creamy Blend
                                                                             Publix Limited Edition Yogurt
      Reduced Fat Feta Chunk               Strawberry Creamy Blend
                                                                                Black Cherry with Chocolate
      Reduced Fat Pepper Jack              Vanilla Creamy Blend
                                                                                Egg Nog
      Salsa Jack Stick                  Publix Active Fat Free Yogurt           Pumpkin Pie
      Shredded Parmesan                    Fat Free Light “Active” Peach        Strawberry with Chocolate
                                           Fat Free Light “Active”
                                                                             Publix Multi Pack Yogurts
CREAM AND CREAMERS                         Strawberry
                                                                                Creamy Blends Black Cherry &
   Publix Ultra Pasteurized Cream          Fat Free Light “Active” Vanilla
                                                                                Mixed Berry
   Products (liquids)                   Publix Fat Free Light Yogurts           Creamy Blends Blueberry &
      Coffee Creamer                       Apple Pie Light                      Strawberry Banana
      Fat Free Non-Dairy Creamer           Banana Crème Pie Light               Creamy Blends Peach and
      Fat Free Half & Half                 Blueberry Light                      Strawberry
      Half & Half                          Cappuccino Light                     Kids / Blue Raspberry & Cotton
      Heavy Whipping Cream                                                      Candy
                                           Caramel Crème Light
      Whipping Cream                                                            Kids / Grape Bubblegum &
                                           Cherry Light
                                           Cherry Vanilla Light
                                                                                Kids / Strawberry & Blueberry
CREAM CHEESE / DIPS                        Coconut Crème Pie Light
                                                                                Kids / Strawberry Banana &
   Publix Cream Cheese, all styles,        Honey Almond Light                   Cherry
   all flavors                              Key Lime Pie Light
      Regular                                                                Publix No Sugar Added Yogurts
                                           Lemon Chiffon Light
      Regular, soft – all flavors                                                Blueberry NSA
                                           Mandarin Orange Light
      Fat Free – all styles                                                     Cranberry Raspberry NSA
                                           Peach Light
                                                                                Peach NSA
      Light, Soft – all flavors             Piña Colada Light
                                                                                Strawberry NSA
      Neufchatel                           Raspberry Light
                                                                                Vanilla NSA
                                           Strawberry/Banana Light
CULTURED PRODUCTS                          Strawberry Light                  Publix Yogurt Smoothies
   Publix Cottage Cheese – all             Vanilla Light                        Fat Free Light Mixed Berry
   styles, all flavors                      Wild Berry Crumb Cake Light          Fat Free Light Strawberry
      Large Curd, 4% milkfat
                                        Publix Fat Free Plain Yogurt
      Small Curd, 4% milkfat
      Low Fat                             Pg. 2 of 10                      Revised: 7/31/2008
The Right Foods for You
                                                                                      Food & Nutrition Center

DESSERTS                                    Publix GreenWise Market             Publix GreenWise Market Beef
   Publix Dessert Toppings                  Organic Milk                        (Cont’d)
       Whipped Heavy Cream,                    Fat Free                            Outside Skirt Steak
       aerosol can                             Reduced Fat                         Porterhouse Steak
       Whipped Light Cream,                    Whole                               Rib Eye Roast, Boneless
       aerosol can                          Publix GreenWise Market                Rib Eye Steak, Bone-In
       Whipped Topping, Fat Free,           Soy Milk                               Rib Eye Steak, Boneless
       aerosol can                                                                 Rib Roast
   Publix Gelatin                              Chocolate                           Round Cubes
       Sugar Free Black Cherry & Cherry        Vanilla                             Rump Roast
       Gelatin                                                                     Shoulder Roast, Boneless
       Sugar Free Raspberry & Orange                                               Shoulder Steak
       Sugar Free Strawberry Gelatin
                                          FRESH                                    Sirloin Flap Meat
                                                                                   Sirloin for Kabobs
   Publix Pudding                         MEATS                                    Sirloin for Stir Fry
       Chocolate Pudding                    Publix Bacon                           Sirloin Tip Roast
       Fat Free Chocolate-Vanilla Swirl        Bacon - all varieties               Sirloin Tip Side Steak
       Pudding                                                                     Sirloin Tip Steak
       Fat Free Chocolate Pudding
                                            Publix Beef
                                                                                   Strip Steak Boneless
                                               Beef Pot Roast with Home-Style
       Rice Pudding                                                                T-Bone Steak
                                               Gravy, Fully Cooked
       Sugar Free Chocolate-Vanilla                                                Tenderloin Roast
                                               Premium Certified Beef
       Swirl Pudding                                                               Tenderloin Steak
       Tapioca Pudding                      Publix Chicken                         Top Blade Roast, Boneless
                                               All Natural Fresh
                                                                                   Top Blade Steak
EGGS                                        Publix GreenWise Market Beef           Top Round
   Publix Eggs                                 Beef Back Ribs                      Top Round for Stir Fry
   Publix Egg Stirs                            Beef Cubed Steak                    Top Round London Broil
                                               Beef for Stew                       Top Round Steak
   Publix GreenWise Market
   Organic Cage-Free Eggs                      Bottom Round                        Top Round Steak, Thin Sliced
                                               Bottom Round Steak                  Top Sirloin Steak, Boneless
MILK AND MILK PRODUCTS                         Brisket Flat                        Top Sirloin Filet Steak
                                               Chuck Eye Steak                     Tri Tip Roast
   Publix Egg Nog
                                               Chuck Roast, Boneless               Tri Tip Steaks
                                               Chuck Short Ribs
       Low Fat                                                                  Publix GreenWise Market
                                               Chuck Short Ribs, Boneless       Chicken
   Publix Instant Nonfat Dry Milk              Chuck Steak, Boneless               Boneless Chicken Breast
   Publix Milk                                 Eye Round                           Boneless Chicken Thighs
       Chocolate                               Eye Round Steak                     Chicken Cutlet
       Fat Free                                Flank Steak                         Chicken Drummettes
       Fat Free Plus                           Flap Meat                           Chicken Drumsticks
       Low Fat                                 Flat Iron Steak                     Chicken Fillet
       Low Fat Chocolate                       Ground Chuck                        Chicken Sausage, Herb and
       Reduced Fat                             Ground Chuck Patties                Tomato
       Whole                                   Ground Round                        Chicken Sausage, Hot Italian
                                               Ground Round Patties                Chicken Sausage, Mild Italian
                                               Ground Chuck for Chili              Chicken Tenderloin
                                               Inside Skirt Steak                  Chicken Thighs                                  Pg. 3 of 10                    Revised: 7/31/2008
The Right Foods for You
                                                                                     Food & Nutrition Center

   Publix GreenWise Market               Publix Hot Dogs                      Publix GreenWise Market
   Chicken (Cont’d)                         Beef Hot Dogs                     Vegetables
      Chicken Wings                         Beef Franks                          Organic Baby Arugula Salad
      Ground Chicken                        Meat Hot Dogs                        Organic Baby Lettuce Salad
      Skinless Chicken Drumsticks           Meat Franks                          Organic Baby Romaine Salad
      Skinless Chicken Thighs                                                    Organic Baby Spinach Blend
                                         Publix Pork
      Split Chicken Breast                                                       Organic Baby Spinach Salad
                                            All Natural Fresh Pork
      Whole Chicken                                                              Organic Fresh Herb Salad
                                            Pork Loin in Teriyaki Sauce,
   Publix GreenWise Market Pork             Fully Cooked                         Organic Mix Baby Greens
      Butterfly Pork Chop                                                         Organic Romaine Hearts
                                         Publix Sausage
      Boston Butt Roast                                                          Organic Spinach
                                            Fresh Bratwurst
      Boston Butt Roast, Boneless                                                Organic Carrots
                                            Fresh Chorizo
      Cajun Pork Sausage                                                         Organic Carrot Chips
                                            Fresh Italian, Hot
      Center Cut Pork Loin Chop                                                  Organic Carrot Shreds
                                            Fresh Italian, Mild
      Center Cut Pork Loin Roast,                                                Organic Baby Carrots
                                            Fresh Turkey Italian, Hot
      Boneless                                                                   Organic Juicing Carrots
                                            Fresh Turkey Italian, Mild
      Center Cut Pork Rib Chop                                                   Organic Snack Carrots
                                         Publix Turkey                           Organic Mushrooms
      Center Cut Pork Roast
                                            Fresh Young Turkey, Whole            Organic Portabella Mushrooms
      Cubed Steak
                                            Fresh Young Turkey Breast            Organic Portabella Mushrooms,
                                            Fully Cooked Smoked Turkey           Sliced
      Pork Back Ribs
      Pork Chop, Boneless
                                            Fully Cooked Smoked Turkey,
      Pork for Stew                         Whole
      Pork for Stir Fry                     Ground Turkey                   FROZEN
      Pork Ham, Rump Portion
      Pork Ham, Shank Portion
                                            Ground Turkey Breast            FOODS
      Pork Ham, Whole                  PRODUCE                              FRUITS
      Pork Kabobs                        Publix From Concentrate Juices       Publix Frozen Fruits
      Pork Loin, Crown Roast                Orange                               Blackberries
      Pork Picnic                           Orange with Calcium                  Blueberries
      Pork Sage Sausage                     Ruby Red Grapefruit Juice            Cherries, Dark Sweet
      Pork Shoulder Country Ribs
                                         Publix Not from Concentrate             Cranberries
      Pork Spare Ribs
                                         Juices                                  Mixed Berries
      Pork Steak
                                            Premium Orange Juice                 Mixed Fruit
      Pork Steak, Boneless                  – Original, Calcium Plus, Old        Peaches, Sliced
      Romano Pork Sausage                   Fashioned, Grove Pure                Raspberries
      Sirloin Cutlets                       Premium Ruby Red Grapefruit          Strawberries, Sliced, Sweetened
      St. Louis Pork Spare Ribs
                                         Publix Salads                           Strawberries, Whole
      Whole Pork Tenderloin
                                            Classic Blend
   Publix Ham                               Cole Slaw Blend                 ICE CREAM AND NOVELTIES
      Hickory Smoked Ham, Semi-             European Blend                    Publix Ice Cream
      Boneless, fully cooked                Italian Blend                        Chocolate
      Honey Cured Boneless Ham              Packaged Blends                      Chocolate Marshmallow Swirl
      – with Brown Sugar Glaze
                                            Romaine Lettuce Heart                Chocolate Peanut Butter Swirl
      Honey Cured Bone-In Ham
      – Brown Sugar Glazed                  Spinach                              Fudge Royal
      Honey Cured Bone-In Ham – with                                             Neapolitan
      Brown Sugar Glaze Mix Packet                                Pg. 4 of 10                    Revised: 7/31/2008
The Right Foods for You
                                                                                  Food & Nutrition Center

   Publix Ice Cream (Cont’d)          Publix Premium Ice Cream           Publix Sherbet (Cont’d)
      Vanilla                         (Cont’d)                                 Sunny Orange
      Vanilla Strawberry                 Strawberry                            Tropic Pineapple
                                         Vanilla                               Tropical Swirl
   Publix Low Fat Ice Cream
      Chocolate                       Publix Premium Homemade
      Fudge Royal                     Ice Cream                        JUICE
      Neapolitan                         Butter Pecan                    Publix Frozen Juice
      Vanilla                            Chocolate Chip                        Frozen Concentrated Orange
                                         Double Chocolate Chunk
   Publix Ice Cream Novelties
                                         Strawberry                    MEATS / POULTRY
      Banana Pops                                                              Frozen Boneless Skinless
      Cream Pops                                                               Chicken Breasts
      Fudge Bar                       Publix Premium Light Ice Cream           Frozen Boneless Skinless
      Fudge Sundae Cups                  Butter Pecan                          Chicken Cutlets
      Ice Cream Bar                      Chocolate                             Frozen Chicken Breast
      Ice Cream Squares                  Coffee Almond Fudge                   Tenderloins
      No Sugar Added Fudge Pops          Neapolitan                            Frozen Chicken Wingettes
      No Sugar Added Ice Cream Bars      Strawberry
      No Sugar Added Ice Cream           Vanilla                       POTATOES
      Squares                         Publix Premium Limited Edition     Publix Frozen Potatoes
      No Sugar Added Ice Pop          Ice Cream                                Crinkle Cut Fries
      Orange, Cherry and Grape           Buckeye’s & Fudge                     Golden Fries
      Junior Ice Pops                                                          Shoestring Fries
                                         Caramel Mountain Tracks
      Red White and Blue Junior                                                Southern Style Hash Browns
                                         Egg Nog
      Ice Pops
                                         French Silk Duo                       Steak Fries
      Toffee Bar
                                         Maple Walnut                          Tater Bites
      Twin Pops
                                         Monkey Business                       Tater Puffs
      Vanilla Cups
                                         Peppermint Stick
   Publix Premium Ice Cream              Rum Raisin                    VEGETABLES
      Banana Split                                                       Publix Frozen Vegetables
                                      Publix Premium Low Fat
      Bear Claw                                                                Broccoli, Chopped
                                      Frozen Yogurts
      Black Jack Cherry                                                        Broccoli, Cuts
                                         Black Cherry
      Butter Pecan                                                             Broccoli, Spears
                                         Butter Pecan
      Cherry Nut                                                               Brussels Sprouts
      Chocolate                                                                Carrots, Whole Baby
      Chocolate Almond                                                         Carrots, Crinkle Cut
                                         Peanut Butter Cup
      Chocolate Cherish Passion                                                Cauliflower
      Chocolate Chip                                                           Collard Greens, Chopped
      Coffee                                                                   Corn on the Cob
      Dulce de Leche                                                           Corn, Cut
                                         Vanilla Orange
      French Vanilla                                                           Field Peas w/ Snap
      Heavenly Hash                   Publix Sherbet
                                                                               Green Beans, Cut
      Mint Chocolate Chip                Cool Lime
                                                                               Green Beans, French Cut
      Neapolitan                         Exotic Fruit Medley
                                                                               Green Peppers, Diced
      Otter Paws                         No Sugar Added Sunny Orange
                                                                               Lima Beans, Baby
      Peanut Butter Goo Goo              Peach Mango Passion
                                                                               Lima Beans, Fordhook
      Santa’s White Christmas            Rainbow Dream
                                                                               Okra, Cut
                                         Raspberry Blush                             Pg. 5 of 10                     Revised: 7/31/2008
The Right Foods for You
                                                                                        Food & Nutrition Center

   Publix Frozen Vegetables              Publix Marshmallows                     Publix Sodas / Bottled Water /
   (Cont’d)                              Publix Morsels                          Beverages (Cont’d)
      Okra, Whole Baby                                                               Spring Water
      Onions, Diced                                                                  Tagless Tea Bags
                                            Semi-Sweet Chocolate
      Peas                                                                           Tea Bags – all varieties
                                            Milk Chocolate
      Peas, Blackeye                                                                 Tonic Water
                                         Publix Plain Yellow Corn Meal
      Peas, Butter
      Peas, Crowder                      Publix Sugar                          CANDY
      Peas, Green                           Granulated                           Publix Candies
      Peas, Petite                          Light Brown                              Butterscotch Discs
      Peas, Purple Hull                     Dark Brown                               Double Dipped Chocolate
      Rhubarb                               Powdered, 4X                             Covered Peanuts
      Spec. Butter Beans                    Powdered, 10X                            Lollipops
      Spinach, Chopped                                                               Gummi Worms
      Spinach, Cut Leaf                BAKING PRODUCTS                               Party Time Mix
      Spinach, Leaf                         Publix Coconut Flakes                    Peanut Butter Bars
      Squash, Cooked                                                                 Pixy Stick Candy
      Squash, Yellow Sliced
                                       BEVERAGES AND ADDITIVES                       Smarties Candy
      Turnip Greens, Chopped             Publix Coffee Creamers –                    Sour Worms
      Turnip Greens w/ Diced Turnips
                                         Powder variety                              Spearmint Starlight Mints
                                            Non-Dairy Creamer                        Starlight Mints Candy
   Publix Frozen Vegetable Blends           Non-Dairy French Vanilla flavored         Strawberry Bon Bons
      Alpine Blend                          Creamer
                                                                                     Super Bubble Bubble Gum
      California Blend                      Non-Dairy Lite Creamer
      Del Oro Blend                                                              Publix Chocolate Covered
                                         Publix Sodas / Bottled Water /          Peanut Brittle
      Gumbo Mix
      Italian Blend
                                            Black Cherry Soda
      Japanese Blend                                                           CANNED FRUITS
                                            Cherry Cola
      Mixed Vegetables                                                           Publix Fruits
                                            Citrus Hit Soda
      Oriental Blend                                                                 Applesauce - Chunky, Cinnamon,
                                            Club Soda                                Old Fashioned, or Unsweetened
      Peas and Carrots
                                            Coffee – all varieties                   Apricot Halves Unpeeled in
      Roma Blend
                                            Cola                                     Heavy Syrup
      Soup Mix w/Tomatoes
                                            Cream Soda                               Bartlett Pears in Heavy Syrup,
                                            Decaffeinated Tea Bags                   Halves and Slices
                                            Deli Iced Tea, Sweetened                 Chunky Mixed Fruit in Heavy
                                            Deli Iced Tea, Unsweetened               Syrup
GROCERY                                     Deli Old Fashion Lemonade                Fruit Cocktail in Heavy Syrup
                                            Diet Cola                                Lite Bartlett Pear Halves in
BAKERY PRODUCTS                             Diet Ginger Ale
                                                                                     Pear Juice
   Publix Bakery                                                                     Lite Chunky Mixed Fruit in
                                            Diet Tonic Water
      Buttercream Icing                                                              Pear Juice
                                            Ginger Ale
      Chocolate Whipped Topping                                                      Lite Fruit Cocktail in Pear Juice
                                            Grape Soda
      Cream Custard (Natilla)                                                        Lite Yellow Cling Peaches in Pear
                                            Lemon Lime Seltzer                       Juice, halves and slices
      Decorator Colors                      Lemon Lime Soda                          Mandarin Oranges in Light Syrup
      New York Style Cheesecake,            Orange Soda
      6-inch round (plain)                                                           Mandarin Oranges in Gel
                                            Raspberry Seltzer                        Maraschino Cherries
      Whipped Topping
                                            Root Beer                                Pineapple (all styles)                               Pg. 6 of 10                          Revised: 7/31/2008
The Right Foods for You
                                                                                           Food & Nutrition Center

   Publix Fruits (Cont’d)                 Publix GreenWise Market                   Publix Salsas (Cont’d)
       Raisins                            Organic Vegetables (Cont’d)                  Southwestern Black Bean
       Yellow Cling Peaches in Heavy         Pinto Beans                               and Corn
       Syrup, halves and slices              Soy Beans                                 Thick & Chunky – Hot
       Whole Cranberry Sauce                 Sweet Peas                                Thick & Chunky – Medium
   Publix GreenWise Market                   Tomato Paste                              Thick & Chunky – Mild
       Organic Unsweetened Apple             Tomato Sauce                           Publix GreenWise Market
       Sauce                                                                        Organic Salsa
                                        CONDIMENTS                                     Medium
CANNED VEGETABLES                         Publix BBQ Sauce                             Mild
   Publix Vegetables                         Hickory                                Publix Vinegar
       Baked Beans                           Honey                                     Red Wine Vinegar
       Beets                                 Original                                  White Distilled Vinegar
       Carrots                            Publix Honey
       Corn, Whole Kernel                    Clover Honey                         DELI PRODUCTS
       Golden Sweet                          Orange Blossom Honey                   Publix Deli Condiments
       Corn, Cream Style Golden              Wildflower Honey                           BBQ Sauce
       Green Beans
                                          Publix GreenWise Market                      Fresh Ground Peanut Butter
       Green Beans, Veggi-Green
                                          Organic Honey                             Publix Deli Pre-pack Sliced
       Green Lima Beans
                                          Publix Ketchup                            Lunch Meats
       Kidney Beans, Dark and Light
                                                                                       Beef Bologna
       Pork & Beans                       Publix GreenWise Market
                                                                                       Beef Bottom Round Roast
       Potatoes, White                    Organic Ketchup
                                                                                       Cooked Ham
       Sweet Peas                         Publix Marischino Cherries                   Corned Beef
       Sweet Peas, Small
                                          Publix Mayonnaise                            Extra Thin Sliced Honey Ham
       Mixed Vegetables
                                          Publix Mustard                               Extra Thin Sliced Oven Roasted
                                             Classic Yellow                            Turkey Breast
       Tomatoes, Crushed
                                             Deli Style                                Extra Thin Sliced Smoked Turkey
       Tomato Paste                                                                    Breast
       Tomatoes, Peeled Whole                Dijon
                                                                                       German Bologna
       Tomato Sauce                          Honey Mustard
                                                                                       Hard Salami – Reduced Fat
       Tomatoes, Sliced, Stewed              Spicy Brown
                                                                                       Honey Kut Ham
       Tomatoes, Diced with Roasted       Publix GreenWise Market                      Low Salt Ham
       Garlic & Onion                     Organic Mustard                              Olive Loaf
       Tomatoes, Diced with Green            Creamy Yellow                             Peppered Beef
       Chilies                               Spicy Brown                               Pickle & Pimento Loaf
   Publix GreenWise Market                   Tangy Dijon                               Smoked Turkey
   Organic Vegetables                     Publix Olives                                Spanish Style Pork
       Black Beans                           Ripe, Colossal, Large, Small              Sweet Ham
       Corn, Whole Kernel                    Green Olives, all sizes and styles        Tavern Ham
       Crushed Tomatoes
                                          Publix Pickles                               Turkey Breast
       Diced Tomatoes, Basil, Garlic,
                                             All varieties                             Virginia Brand Ham
       and Oregano
       Diced Tomatoes, Regular            Publix Salsas                             Publix Deli Fully Cooked Turkey,
       Garbanzo Beans                        All Natural – Hot                      Whole
       Green Beans                           All Natural – Medium                   Publix Deli Fully Cooked Turkey
       Kidney Beans, Dark Red                All Natural – Mild                     Breast                                 Pg. 7 of 10                         Revised: 7/31/2008
The Right Foods for You
                                                                                        Food & Nutrition Center

   Publix Deli U.S.D.A. Choice            Publix Dry Beans (Cont’d)             Publix Oils
   Cooked Beef Bottom Round                  Great Northern Beans                    Canola
   Roast                                     Green Split Peas                        Corn
   Publix Deli Rotisserie Chicken            Large Lima Beans                        Olive
      Apple Wood Smoked                      Lentils                                 Peanut
      Barbecue Flavored with Barbecue        Light Red Kidney Beans                  Vegetable
      Seasoning                              Navy Beans                         Publix Vegetable Shortening
      Barbecue Flavored with Barbecue        Pinto Beans
      Seasoning and Sauce                    Small Red Beans                  RICE
      Lemon Pepper Flavored with
      Lemon & Herb Seasoning                                                    Publix Rice
                                        DRY FRUITS                                   Long Grain Brown Rice
      Original Roasted
                                          Publix Dry Fruit                           Long Grain Enriched Rice
   Publix Deli Salads                        Dinosaurs Fruit                         Medium Grain White Rice
      Carrot                                 Rescue Heroes Fruit                     Precooked Instant Boil In Bag
      Chicken                                Sharks Fruit                            Precooked Instant Brown Rice
      Chicken Tarragon                       Snoopy Fruit                            Precooked Instant White Rice
      Chunky Chicken                         Veggie Tales Fruit                      Yellow Rice Mix
      Cranberry Orange Relish
      Egg                               JUICES                                SALAD DRESSING
      Ham                                 Publix Juices                         Publix Salad Dressings, bottled
      Marshmallow Delight                    Apple                                   Balsamic Vinaigrette
      Santa Fe Turkey                        Cranberry Apple Juice Cocktail          Caesar
   Publix Potato Salads                      Cranberry Juice Cocktail                California French
      German                                 Reduced Calorie Cranberry               Chunky Blue Cheese
      Greek                                  Juice Cocktail
                                                                                     Creamy Parmesan
      Homestyle                              Grape
                                                                                     Fat Free Italian
      New York Style                         Grape-Cranberry Juice Cocktail
                                                                                     Fat Free Thousand Island
      Southern Style                         Pineapple
                                             Raspberry Cranberry Juice
   Publix Deli Side Dishes                                                           Lite Caesar
      Garlic Redskin Smashed Potatoes                                                Lite Honey Dijon
                                             Ruby Red Grapefruit
   Publix Deli Snacks                                                                Lite Ranch
      Deli Popcorn                                                                   Lite Raspberry Walnut
                                             White Grape
      Deli Crunchy Cheese Curls                                                      Ranch
                                          Publix GreenWise Market                    Thousand Island
      Deli Jumbo Cheese Puffs
                                             100% Organic Apple Juice                Zesty Italian
   Publix Deli Soups                         Organic Cranberry
      Broccoli and Cheddar                   Organic Grape                    SALTY SNACKS
      Chicken Tortilla                       Organic Lemonade
                                                                                Publix Chips / Snacks
      Potato Cheddar and Bacon               Organic Tomato
                                                                                     Corn Chips, King Size
      Spring Vegetable
                                                                                     Crunchy Cheese Curls
                                        OILS AND SHORTENINGS                         Crunchy Cheese Puffs
DRY BEANS                                 Publix Cooking Sprays                      Lightly Salted Rice Cakes
   Publix Dry Beans                          Butter Flavored                         Potato Chips, Dip Style
      Baby Lima Beans                        Garlic Flavored                         Potato Chips, Original Thins
      Black Beans                            Lemon Flavored                          Potato Chips, Salt & Vinegar
      Blackeye Peas                          Olive Oil                               Mini Caramel Rice
      Garbanzo Beans                         Original Canola                                 Pg. 8 of 10                         Revised: 7/31/2008
The Right Foods for You
                                                                                      Food & Nutrition Center

   Publix Chips / Snacks (Cont’d)        Publix Spices
      Mini Cheddar Rice                     Adobo Seasoning with Pepper
                                                                             HEALTH AND
      Mini Ranch Rice                       Adobo Seasoning without
      Unsalted Rice Cakes
      White Cheddar Rice Cakes              Black Pepper                     NON-FOOD PRODUCTS
      White Corn Tortilla Chips,            Chili Powder                       Publix Free and Clear Fabric
      Restaurant Style                      Cinnamon                           Softener Sheets
      Yellow Corn Tortilla Chips,           Garlic Powder
      Round Style                           Garlic Powder with Parsley       NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENTS
   Publix GreenWise Market                  Garlic Salt                        Publix Nutritional Drink
      Blue Tortilla Chips                   Ground Ginger                      Supplements
      Yellow Tortilla Chips                 Ground Red Pepper                      Balanced Nutritional Drink –
                                            Italian Seasonings                     Chocolate, Chocolate Plus,
   Publix Nuts
                                            Lemon & Pepper                         Strawberry, Strawberry Plus,
      Almonds, Sliced                                                              Vanilla, Vanilla Plus
                                            Minced Onion
      Almonds, Salted
                                            Onion Powder                       Publix Vitamins
      Almonds, Natural Whole
                                            Paprika                            A
      Cashews, Dry Roasted
                                            Parsley Flakes                         Vitamin A 8,000IU Natural
      Cashews, Halves & Pieces
                                            Salt                                   Softgel, 100 CT
      Cashews, Halves & Pieces,
      Lightly Salted                        Seasoned Salt                          Antioxidant with Zinc Tablets,
                                            Taco Seasoning Mix                     60 CT
      Cashews, Whole
                                            Whole Basic Leaves                     Animal-shapes Chewables,
      Mixed Nuts
                                                                                   60 or 300 CT
      Mixed Nuts, Deluxe                    Whole Bay Leaves
                                                                                   Animal-shapes Chewables
      Mixed Nuts, Dry Roasted               Whole Black Pepper
                                                                                   Children’s Complete, 60 CT
      Mixed Nuts, Lightly Salted            Whole Oregano
                                                                                   Animal-shapes Chewables with
      Peanuts, Dry Roasted, Lightly                                                Iron, 60 or 300 CT
      Salted                           SPREADS AND SYRUPS                          Animal-shapes Chewables with
      Peanuts, Dry Roasted, Salted       Publix Chocolate Syrup                    Vitamin C, 300 CT
      Peanuts, Dry Roasted, Unsalted     Publix Jams / Jellies / Preserves     B
      Peanuts, Oil Roasted, Honey           All flavors                             Vitamin B Complex Natural with
                                                                                   Vitamin C Tablets, 100 CT
      Peanuts, Salted Party              Publix Pancake Syrup
                                                                                   Vitamin B Complex 300mg with
      Pecans                                Butter Flavor
                                                                                   Vitamin C Caplets, 130 CT
      Pistachios                            Lite Butter Flavor
                                                                                   Vitamin B100 Natural Time-
      Sunflower Seeds, Raw-Shelled,          Lite Maple Flavor                      Release Tablets, 60 CT
      All Natural                           Maple Flavor                           Vitamin B12 1,000mcg Time-
      Sunflower Seeds                     Publix Peanut Butter                      Release Tablets, 60 CT
      Walnuts                               Creamy                                 Vitamin B12 500mcg Synthetic
                                            Crunchy                                Tablets, 100 CT
SPICES                                      Old Fashioned Creamy                   Vitamin B150 Natural Tablets,
                                                                                   50 CT
   Publix Extracts                          Old Fashioned Crunchy
                                                                                   Vitamin B50 Natural Tablets,
      Almond                                Reduced Fat Spread Creamy              100 CT
      Lemon                                 Reduced Fat Spread Crunchy             Vitamin B6 100mg Synthetic
      Vanilla                                                                      Tablets, 100 CT                                Pg. 9 of 10                      Revised: 7/31/2008
The Right Foods for You
                                                                                          Food & Nutrition Center

   C                                       E (Cont’d)                              M (Cont’d)
       Vitamin C 250mg Natural with            Vitamin E 400IU Synthetic               Multi-Vitamin Prenatal Tablets,
       Rose Hips Tablets, 100 CT               Softgels, 100 or 300 CT                 100 or 200 CT
       Vitamin C 500mg Fruit                   Vitamin E 1,000IU Synthetic             Multi-Vitamin Men Tablets,
       Chewables, 100 or 180 CT                Softgels, 100 CT                        100 CT
       Vitamin C 500mg Natural with            Echinacea Caplets, 90 CT                Multi-Vitamin Tablets,
       Rose Hips Caplets, 100, 250, or         Evening Primrose Oil Softgels,          100 or 365 CT
       500 CT                                  75 CT                                   Multi-Vitamin with Calcium Iron
       Vitamin C 500mg Natural with                                                    Tablets, 100 or 300 CT
       Rose Hips Tablets, 100 CT                                                       Multi-Vitamin with Iron Tablets,
                                               100% Fiber Capsules by
       Vitamin C 500mg Synthetic                                                       100 or 365 CT
                                               Guardian Drug
       Caplets, 100, 250, or 500 CT                                                    Multi-Vitamin Senior Tablets,
                                               Ferrous Sulfate Tablets,
       Vitamin C 500mg Synthetic                                                       80 CT
                                               100 or 125 CT
       Organic Chewables, 100 CT                                                       Multi-Vitamin Stress with Zinc
                                               Fish Oil Softgels, 60 CT
       Vitamin C 500mg Synthetic                                                       Tablets, 60 CT
       Tablets, 100 or 250 CT                  Flax Seed Oil Softgels, 100 CT
                                               Folic 400mcg Natural Tablets,       N
       Vitamin C 500mg Synthetic Time-
                                               250 CT                                  Niacin 100mg Synthetic Tablets,
       Release Tablets, 100 CT
                                                                                       100 CT
       Vitamin C 1,000mg Natural with      G
                                                                                       Niacin 250mg Time-Release
       Rose Hips Tablets, 60 or 100 CT         Garlic High-Potency Odorless            Tablets, 100 CT
       Vitamin C 1,000mg Synthetic             Tablets, 30 CT
       Tablets, 100 CT                         Garlic Oil 3mg Softgels, 100 CT
       Calcium 400mg with Vitamin D            Gelatin Synthetic Caplets,              Panax Ginseng Caplets, 50 CT
       Caplets, 100 or 300 CT                  100 CT                                  Potassium 99mg Natural Caplets,
       Calcium 500mg Natural with              Ginkgo Biloba 120mg Caplets,            100 or 250 CT
       Vitamin D Tablets, 100 CT               50 CT                                   Potassium 99mg Natural Tablets,
       Calcium 500mg Oyster Shell with                                                 100 CT
                                               Ginseng Softgels, 60 CT
       Vitamin D Tablets, 160 CT                                                   S
                                               Glucosamine Chondroitin
       Calcium 600mg Tablets, 60 CT            Double-Strength Caplets,                Saw Palmetto Softgels, 50 CT
       Calcium 600mg with Soy Tablets,         150 or 240 CT                           Selenium 200mcg Tablets,
       60 CT                                   Glucosamine Chondroitin                 100 CT
       Calcium 600mg with Vitamin D            Sodium-Free Caplets, 110 CT             Vitamin, Mineral, Herbs
       Tablets, 60 CT                          Glucosamine Chondroitin Triple-         Menopausal Supplement
       Calcium Citrate Caplets, 60, 120,       Strength Caplets, 80 CT                 Caplets, 30 CT
       or 220 CT                               Glucosamine Complex Caplets,            Zinc 50mg Natural Caplets,
       Calcium Magnesium Zinc                  120 CT                                  100 or 250 CT
       Caplets, 100 or 250 CT                                                          Zinc 50mg Natural Tablets
       CO Q10 50mg Softgels, 30 CT                                                     100 CT
                                               L-lysine 500mg Natural Tablets,
       Cranberry Caplets, 90 CT                100 CT
   E                                                                             ORAL HYGIENE
       Vitamin E 200IU Blended                 Magnesium 250mg Natural
                                                                                   Publix Dental Floss
       Softgels, 100 CT                        Tablets, 100 CT                         All flavors
       Vitamin E 200IU Natural                 MSM with Glucosamine Caplets,
       Softgels, 100 CT                        60 CT
       Vitamin E 200IU Synthetic               Multi-Vitamin Century Advantage
       Softgels, 100 CT                        Tablets, 75 or 120 CT
       Vitamin E 400IU Blended                 Multi-Vitamin Century Senior
       Softgels, 100 CT                        Tablets, 100 or 300 CT
       Vitamin E 400IU Natural                 Multi-Vitamin Century Tablets,
       Softgels, 50 CT                         130 or 300 CT                                Pg. 10 of 10                          Revised: 7/31/2008

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