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									Spring 2008 / ECHOES • 1
           ECHOES From The President...
     Volume 63                                        Number 1
     (USPS) 041-960                                 Spring 2008

                  Thomas A. Kinchen, President
                                                                                                                Fruits of
                         Managing Editor
            R.C. Hammack, Senior Vice President                                                                  Faithfulness
         Sandra K. Richards, Director of Marketing
                         Graphic Designer                                                                      Dear Friends,
                          Stephen R. Powell
                                                                                                                  In this issue of Echoes we take
                       Laura-Leigh Clements                                                                    the time to look at where we have
                                                                             been, where we are and where we are going. I am reminded that
                                                                             in all of these areas of time there is the constant fact of the faith-
                                                                             fulness of God’s people as they have supported the work of The
                                                                             Baptist College of Florida. This support has come from many
                                                                             perspectives: students, alumni, trustees, faculty, staff, and a mul-
                                                                             titude of friends in various places. The College is the grateful
                                                                             recipient of the Fruits of their Faithfulness.
                                                                                During the last year we have seen the hand of our Lord displayed
                                                                             in many ways in the life of the College. During 2007 we received
                                                                             $1,418,029.32 in individual gifts. This is the largest amount that
                                                                             we have ever received in a year in which we received no estate
                                                                             distributions. I want to thank each individual who took part in this
     Echoes is published quarterly by The Baptist College of Florida, 5400
     College Drive, Graceville, FL 32440-1898. Periodical Postage paid at    wonderful blessing to the College. As I think of all of the folks
                  Graceville, Florida and additional offices.                who support The Baptist College of Florida, I am reminded of the
      If you would like to receive Echoes, please send name and              example of my faithful mother.
          address to BCF Echoes Editor, 5400 College Drive,                     One of my prized possessions is a small glass jar with a metal
                      Graceville, FL 32440-1898
                                                                             lid attached. In the jar are two worn pennies. As a boy, I worked
                SEND ADDRESS CORRECTIONS TO:                                 twelve-hour days for a total salary of $4.00. We were paid in cash
                             BCF                                             each day. When I arrived at the back door of our house with my
                     5400 COLLEGE DRIVE
                   GRACEVILLE, FL 32440-1898                                 $4.00 I was met by my mother who was holding her Tithe Jar.
                      Statement of Mission                                   By the time that I passed into the house I had $3.60, and the tithe
    The Baptist College of Florida shall operate within the context
                                                                             for the day was safely tucked into the jar. (Mama was more than
    of a Christian worldview to promote, provide for, operate                happy to make change.) Each Sunday she carried the Tithe Jar to
    and control a program of education and training for ministers
    and other religious workers through awarding certificates and            church and poured the contents into the offering plate. Mama and
    associate and baccalaureate degrees in a co-educational post
    secondary setting.
                                                                             her Tithe Jar were standard fixtures in our little country church.
    To fulfill its mission, the college seeks to develop those qualities        While I was serving as Executive Director of the West Virginia
    in students that contribute to effective ministry. In the area of
    personal growth, we seek to foster a desire for knowledge;               Convention of Southern Baptists, I wrote about Mama’s Tithe Jar.
    develop cultural awareness by introducing students to a wide
    range of knowledge; nurture the ability to acquire, evaluate,            After she had read the article, Mama called to confess that she
    assimilate, and use information; and promote personal and
    social maturity.
                                                                             apparently had not been as faithful as I had described her to be.
    For spiritual growth, we provide the resources for gaining               She had gone to the barn and found the old jar stored away and
    biblical and religious data; we also assist students in learning
    and living the Christian life. In terms of professional growth,          noted that inside there were still two pennies. Apparently the last
    students are enabled to gain the credentials that enhance
    opportunities for ministry, and they learn to master a specialized
                                                                             time that she took the jar to church two pennies did not fall into
    body of knowledge.                                                       the offering plate. I immediately asked that she let me have the
    At the same time, we encourage positive attitudes toward
    ministry and foster both an awareness of and a loyalty to the            jar, and she was kind enough to do so.
    Southern Baptist heritage.

2 • ECHOES / Spring 2008
    Each time that I look at that old jar with its two   Florida during the last year. There are literally hun-
time-worn pennies, I am reminded of the faithfulness     dreds more who have given of themselves in various
of countless individuals across our Southern Bap-        ways. My prayer for each of you is that our Lord’s
tist Convention and beyond. They are quietly going       richest blessings will be yours. Also, I want to ex-
about their lives with no real fanfare from the world    press my enduring gratitude for all that you have
around them. They will never be written up in any-       done and will continue to do in the life of this most
one’s Who’s Who, but I want to pause to thank each       special school.
of these faithful servants of our Lord. Thank you for
loving Him. And thank you for your support of His        God Bless You,
work through your church and The Baptist College of
Florida. Your faithfulness is a constant reminder for
all of us that our Lord has chosen to work through His
people to accomplish His purposes.                       Thomas A. Kinchen
     During the past year the support of the Baptist     President
College family has been felt in a great number of ar-
eas. We had a record number of graduates in 2007.
These folks are working literally around the world as
a result of the support of God’s people. The new stu-                                         BCF President
dent class for January 2008 is the largest enrollment                                       Thomas Kinchen
of new students for a spring semester in the history                                       presents the Presi-
                                                                                            dential Excellence
of the College. Once again the support of God’s peo-                                       in Preaching Award
ple is overwhelming. We have been able to purchase                                            to BCF Senior
new property for student housing, renovate current                                             Shawn Miles.
housing, construct a new Prayer Chapel, endow new
scholarships and make many more advances in King-
dom service. None of these things would be possible
without the faithfulness of our Lord’s people as they             Baptist Center for
have given sacrificially of time, talent and treasure.
   The lists in this issue of Echoes will name many of
                                                                Expository Preaching
those who have supported The Baptist College of             The Board of Trustees of The Baptist College of
                                                         Florida (BCF) gave their enthusiastic and unanimous
                                                         approval for the establishment of a Baptist Center
                                                         for Expository Preaching on the Graceville campus.
                                                         According to BCF President Tom Kinchen, the col-
                                                         lege has a deep and abiding commitment to educat-
                                                         ing and training students to share the good news of
                                                         Jesus Christ through whatever means possible. He
                                                         added, “Absolutely essential to this ministry is the
                                                         training of well-informed, Bible-based, Christ-cen-
                                                         tered preachers.”
                                                            In addition to leading current students in classroom
                                                         instruction, the center will be a vehicle for engaging
                                                         a much broader audience in the discussion and de-
                                                         velopment of expository preaching. The Baptist Cen-
                                                         ter for Expository Preaching will have a website at
                                                A resource
                                                         center, conferences and seminars, and new publica-
                                                         tions from the college will focus upon the art and
                                                         practice of expository preaching.

                                                                                    Spring 2008 / ECHOES • 3
   Fruits of Faithfulness...

                                    Hammack                                                         Parker
                              The Christian and the                                             Peace and War
                                  Social Order
                                               Preaching Series and Conference
                                              Focus on Baptist Faith and Message
                                    At a time in which our identity as Southern Baptists is under great
                                scrutiny and attack, The Baptist College of Florida is leading out in focus-
                                ing on our distinctiveness as a denomination. Throughout the 2008 Spring
                                Semester members of the College family will preach on the articles of the
                                Baptist Faith and Message. During these times of worship and instruction                Sullivan
      lism an                   the focus will be on bringing the College family to a greater appreciation           Coopera
                 d Missio                                                                                                      tion
                         ns     of who we are and how we are to live out that identity in an increasingly
                                alien environment. According to BCF President, Tom Kinchen, “If we do
                                not know what we believe and why we believe it not only will our witness
                                be weakened, but our people will become vulnerable prey for those who
                                would promote false teachings.”

                                   The series of chapel messages began on January 30, 2008, with Dr.
                                James Newell preaching on our doctrine of The Scriptures. Across the
          Long                  campus there has been an excitement about the special emphasis in chapel.
   The Kin                                                                                                          Stewards
           gd                   Response to the first session has been overwhelmingly positive. You can                        hip
     Last Thom and
             ings               download the complete preaching schedule online at
                                Everyone is welcome to attend chapel services at The Baptist Collge of

                                On January 31, 2008, the newly established Baptist Center for Expository
                                Preaching at the College hosted a one-day conference on Baptist Doctrine.
                                This doctrinal study for 2008 is focused on the Baptist Faith and Message.
                                Pastors and lay leaders from across North Florida and South Alabama gath-
          Jumper                ered for a presentations concerning theology and preaching relating to our
  Salvation                                                                                                 The Scriptu
The Church,The Family
                                doctrine. The sessions were led by Dr. Mark Rathel and Dr. John Thomas. God             res
                                                                                                            and God the
 and The Lo and Baptism         The conference which received very positive reviews served as a fitting in-              Father
            rd’s Supper
                                naugural event for the Baptist Center for Expository Preaching.

       Man                                                                                                      God’s Purp
  The Lord’s Day                                      Rathel                         Richards                             ose of Grace
                                                 God the Son                     Religious Liberty
4 • ECHOES / Spring 2008                       God the Holy Spirit
                                                              Jerry E. Oswalt
                                                          Preaching and Pastoral
                                                          Ministry Lab Dedication
                                     Rarely does a College have the opportunity to highlight one of its main emphases
                                   and honor a distinguished leader in one event. On January 29, 2008, The Baptist
                                   College of Florida dedicated its new Preaching and Pastoral ministries Lab and
                                   honored Dr. Jerry E. Oswalt for a career of distinguished service.
                                     Oswalt served from 1991-2005 at BCF as Vice Presi-
     Dr. and Mrs. Jerry E. Oswalt
                                   dent for Academic Affairs, Professor of Preaching and
Dean of the Chapel. Tom Kinchen, BCF President, described Oswalt as “a skillful
preacher, a compassionate pastor, and an exemplary professor.”
   The Jerry E. Oswalt Preaching and Pastoral Ministry Lab will serve as the site
for regular college classes as well as special conferences and seminars. The lab will
serve as the home of the college’s recently formed Baptist Center for Expository
   A special service of praise, worship, and dedication was held in the R. G. Lee
Chapel on the BCF campus. Among those participating in the service along with                    Deborah Oswalt Jones

Oswalt and Kinchen were Dr. Mark Long, Assistant Professor of New Testament and
Greek and former student of Dr. Oswalt’s; David and Deborah, Oswalt’s children; and other members of the
                                   college family.
                                     In a message entitled ‘Partaking of the Glory’ Oswalt
                                   encouraged the congregation with Scripture from 1 Pe-
                                   ter 5:1-11. He assured the body of Christ that they will
                                   partake of the glory that is to be revealed and motivated
                                   them to feed God’s people, lead people in the Scrip-
                                   tures, and bleed for Christ’s sake. All three of these
                                   characteristics describe the person who will surely par-
                                   take in the glory of God.
          Jerry Oswalt and           The service culminated with President Kinchen pre-             David Oswalt
     BCF President Tom Kinchen    senting a dedication plaque with the inscription “Jerry E.
     Oswalt Preaching and Pastoral Ministry Lab” to be prominently displayed on the new building.

                                                                                The Alabama Baptist Singing Men
 BCF President Tom Kinchen with New 2008 Trustee Officers: Vice Chair-
 man - Howard Gates, pastor of First Baptist Church of Fort Walton Beach,             will be performing in the
 Secretary - Luther Beauchamp, attorney and member of First Baptist Church
 of Chiefland, and Chairman of the Board - Larry Taylor, attorney and member
                                                                               R. G. Lee Chapel on March 26 @ 10 a.m.
 of First Baptist Church of Leesburg.                                                   Everyone is welcome!

                                                                                                  Spring 2008 / ECHOES • 5
Fruits of Faithfulness...                                      “And the Lord
 “What if His people                                             added to their
    prayed?”                                                        numbers...” more than BCF
    graduate and lead                                             The Lord continues to call the faithful to The Bap-
    singer of Casting                                          tist College of Florida as recruitment numbers rise!
    Crowns Mark Hall’s                                         New student enrollment for the spring semester set
    song, it’s a mandate                                       an all time record as over eighty new students began
    and BCF students are                               l       studying and preparing for areas of ministry. In an-
                                          Prayer               nouncing the record enrollment, Tom Kinchen, BCF
    serious about praying!
       On any given day you can find students huddled in       President, congratulated the new students and wel-
    their dorm rooms, gathered together in married apart-      comed them to the honor roll of those who have stud-
    ments, and holding hands at the gazebo praying for the     ied at the College during its sixty-five year history.
    college, praying for fellow students, faculty, and pray-   “I am absolutely overwhelmed by the working of our
    ing for churches and national leaders.                     Lord in the hearts and lives of this generation,” stat-
       Now, through the generosity of the faithful, a 24/7     ed Kinchen. “Increasing numbers of individuals are
    Prayer Chapel is almost complete. It will provide a        surrendering to God’s leadership for service. As their
    venue that will only be used for prayer... Join with us    numbers increase our resolve at BCF increases to do
    in praying for The Baptist College of Florida and what     all that our God allows us to imagine to give them the
    God is doing here! You can rest assured that we are        highest quality education and training for ‘Changing
    praying for YOU!                                           the World through the Unchanging Word.®’”

     BCF Fall 2007 Graduating Class...                Row 1 (l to r): Dr. Thomas A. Kinchen (President),
     John Phipps (Marshall), Rachel Biss, Ashley Henderson, Kristy Hancock, Cheryl Schweers, Brandi Webb,
     Sharon Mark, Lisa Buckner, Rachel Maddox, Bethany Allen, Callie Kendrick, Sara Strehlow, Rebekah
     Faircloth, April Frazier, Lousie Bump, Rebecca Brown, Teresa Zona. Row 2 (l to r): Brittany Bettis,
     Frank Pais, Nathan Ziglar, Nathan Mattox, Casey Nowlin, Garrett Davis, Jonny Peace, Nathan Salter, Ryan
     Carter, Gerald Martin Jr., Joseph Thompson, Scott Rumley II, Carl Newman, Candice DuBose, Michelle
     Leitner, Thomas Lawson (Marshall), Dr. R.C. Hammack (Senior Vice-President). Row 3 (l to r): Steve
     Nelson, Alex Felton, Gary Holmes, Michael Ward, Alan Bryan Jr., Joey Braswell, Jesse Ottesen, Karl
     Hudson, Michael Rogers, Robert Davis, James Manning, John Russo, Patrick Raulerson, Terry Stewart,
     Michael Stewart, Noah Raulerson, Jean-Ernst Camille.

6 • ECHOES / Spring 2008
                                      Faculty and Staff
                                                                       BCF Welcomes
                                                                         Bill Floyd
Dr. Patrick Malone has accept-
ed a position at Florida State
University in the Education De-
partment. Malone has served
for over 22 years at The Baptist      Dr. Kimberle Moon, Voice
College of Florida as Dean of         Professor at BCF, led the Na-
Enrollment, Registrar, Direc-         tional Anthem during the An-
tor of Institutional Research,        nual Vision Summit held in
Music Division Chair and Pro-         Tallahassee, FL.
fessor of Music. He has cham-
pioned and mentored BCF stu-                                             Accepting the position of Develop-
dents that are now serving all                                         ment Associate, Floyd will be work-
over the world. Thank you Dr.                                          ing closely with the Vice-President
Malone for your faithfulness                                           for Development Mr. Charles Park-
and service.                                                           er. This position is central to BCF’s
                                                                       expanding college program.
                                                                         Floyd comes to BCF from the First
                                                                       Baptist Church of Jasper, Florida,
                                                                       where he served as pastor for almost
                                                                       six years. Bringing a wealth of ex-
                                                                       perience, Floyd has served in lead-
                                      Dr. Mark Rathel has led con-     ership positions for more than forty
                                      ferences on Islam in Way-        years as pastor, minister of music
                                      cross, GA; Panama City, FL;      and youth, and director of missions.
                                      and Tallahassee, FL. He is       Floyd has a deep love for the col-
                                      currently writing a series in    lege having served for six years as
Dr. Julie N. Knowles is featured                                       a trustee.
in the Spring 2008 Biblical Il-       the Florida Baptist Witness on
                                      the Baptist Faith and Message       Floyd and his wife of thirty-eight
lustrator. The title of her article                                    years, Gail, are a welcome addition
is Polygamy in the Ancient Near       and conducting conferences
                                      in Alabama and Florida.          to the BCF family and to the Gracev-
East.                                                                  ille community.

  The Baptist College of Florida will be hosting the 2008
   Southern Baptist Bivocational Ministers Association
                Celebration on April 18-19.
 For more information access the website at
                                                                                 Spring 2008 / ECHOES • 7
Fruits of Faithfulness...
    Changing Supporter’S
      their wOrlD, T•r•i•b•u•T•e
    Through his                                                                       An AnnuAl report of giftS to the BAptiSt
                                                                                      College of floridA iS puBliShed eACh yeAr.

                                                                                      All giftS reCeived during the preCeding
                                                                                      CAlendAr yeAr Are inCluded. the purpoSe iS
                                                                                      to expreSS AppreCiAtion to thoSe who hAve
                                                                                      ShAred on BehAlf of StudentS, fACulty, StAff,
                                                                                      And truSteeS.  extreme CAre iS exerCiSed to

                                                                                      inSure ACCurACy. your ASSiStAnCe in thiS
                                                                                      regArd iS grAtely AppreCiAted, pleASe CAll
                                                                                      (800) 328-266 ext. 416 for queStionS, or
                                                                                      to provide AdditionAl informAtion. giftS to
                                                                                      BCf Are An inveStment in the prepArAtion of
      - the 2008 preSident’S report                                                   men And women for ChriStiAn ServiCe. Sup-
                                                                                      porterS Are reCognized in CAtegorieS on the

                                             Fellow’s Circle                          following pAgeS for their fAithfulneSS!
       Benefactor’s Circle
          Gifts of $10,000 & above           Gifts of $5,000-$9,999

    Sammy Bailey                         Beulah Baptist Association                                           Founder’s CirCle
    Alma D. Butler Estate                Daniel J. & Jane Bayse                                               Gifts of $1,000-1,999
    Warren & Patricia Carmichael         Walter D. & Jacqueline Draughon
    B. R. Chamberlain Foundation         Donald R. & Anne Graham
    Christ Is Our Salvation Foundation   James S. Hallford                                                Jeanette H. Bailey
    Ann Courson                          Roger C. & Sandra Richards                                       Baptist Foundation of Alabama
    Elizabeth W. Daniels Estate          Wiley & Betty Richards                                           Karen J. Beauchamp
    James A. Davis Estate                Marion Roche                                                     W. B. & Noveta Beeson
    Alfred I. duPont Foundation, Inc     Jerry A. & Bobbie J. Wyrick                                      Shirley J. Bussey
    Doris Forrest                                                                                         Fran Carlton
    James Kevin & Kimberli Hargnett                                                                       Lota G. Coffel
    Jerry & Pam Hickox                                                                                    Evelyn M. Collier
                                              Patron’s CirCle                       Ray Howard            Wayne L. Cottrell
    Richard K. & Karen O. Hodgin
                                             Gifts of $2,000-$4,999               BCF Ambassador          Willis & Elizabeth Coulliette
    Pick Hollinger Trust
    Jeffrey L. Howard                                                                                     Tom Crutchfield
    Ray & June Howard                    Applied Performance Research,     Bobby Y. & Tara Franklin       Roy M. & Carol Dowdy
    Gena H. Johnson                        LLC                             R. C. & Barbara Hammack        Neal & Mary Faircloth
    Dwight W. Kelley                     R. Harold & Jackie Brantley       Harmony Baptist Association    Bill & Polly K. Floyd
    Thomas A. & Ruth Ann Kinchen         John Burley                       Mary C. Harris                 Mary C. Grosskurth
    Cleota B. Lenert                     J. Michael & Nancy Burns          M. G. Nelson                   Jean D. Hancock
    J. Thomas & Rosa C. Owens            Doyle E. & Debbie Carlton, III    Poole Management Company       Thomas H. & Helen Holcomb
    Charles R. & Betty Parker            James David & Connie Coggins      Dale E. Rice                   James H. & June Ingoldsby
    Santa Rosa Baptist Association       Terence D. & Emilee Cutler        Shupe Estate                   Chris & Angie Jernigan
    Paul L. & Laura J. Shelton           J. Nixon & Linnea Daniel, III     Ted & Barbara Spangenberg      Martha G. Kennon
    Larry E. & Frances Taylor            H. Jeff & Ernestine Davis         Charles N. Suttles             George & Libby Lane
    Thomas L. & Sabrina Williams         EMCA Inc., Crestview, FL          Lawrence D. & Donna Worth      Bruce Harry & Robin Litzell

8 • ECHOES / Spring 2008
Charles A. & Dorothy Litzell        Helen S. Sanders
Gail D. Mann                        James M. Scott
Philip & Charlene Martin            Keith J. & Patricia Shamrock
William Stuart & Frances McArthur   Jerry F. & Helen Sowell
Martha Kay McRae                    William A. & Joan Timmons
Ralph C. & Betty Meloon             Barbara Tomlinson
Jerry W. Nash                       David H. & Dianna R. Troyer
Donald R. & Sarah Odom              David & Laura Watford
The First Orlando Foundation Inc.   Woodham Plumbing Co, Inc.
Angus Dennis & Martha Pledger
Jack W. & Judy Ready                    SuStainer’S CirCle
Laura & (Max) Robinett                  For Gifts of $250-$499
Marcus D. & Linda Shackelford
William E. & Teresa Sheffield
Elaine W. Smith                   Richard L. & Heather Allen
Helen Touchton                    Larry L. & Gayle Bazer
W. Judson & Linda Vaughn          Bethel Baptist Association
H. A. & Muriel Watson             Eddie Blalock
Richard F. & Linda Wheatley       Marshall M. & Laura L. Blick     Fruits of Faithfulness... Establishment of the J. T. &
Samuel J. & Patricia Wirrick      Howard A. & Margaret Budden       Charlotte Owens International Student Scholarship
Laurita H. Woodham                Joe M. Butler
                                  Buford E. & Judith S. Cox
                                  Dorothy B. Crowell
       President’s CounCil                                              Ten-A-MonTh Club
                                  Hugh & Shirley Dampier                                           Michael E. & Judy M. Keister
       For Gifts of $500-$999                                            Gifts of $120-$249
                                  Hubert Scott & Tamara Ellison                                    Robert K. Kirkland
                                  Florida Campers On Mission                                       Dorothy P. Lewis
BCF Faculty Wives Auxillary       Bartlett H. Ford                 J. L. Adams                     Kyle S. & Cara Luke
Melvin & Carol Jan Beasley        Josephine C. Garrett             Kay S. Albritton                Stan S. & Leslie S. Martin
R. Luther & Vera Beauchamp        David Kyle & Jennifer Giddens    Apalachee Baptist Association   Quinn McAlister
Martha S. Boyette                 Darwin & Cheri Gilmore           Wade R. & Amy B. Arthur         Wanda Lou McDonald
Shaun P. & Alison Braley          Rachel J. Godwin                 Betty L. Bamberg                Brady E. & Nancy R. Mendheim
Catherine D. Bugg                 John Roy Gough                   Wendell Elwin Beall             Robert A. & Bobbie H. Miller
Rose Marie Chapman                Harry L. & Ruby Holmes           Michael D. & Sharon Beck        Carl Allen Newman
Jimmy & Sue Clanton               Donald R. & Patricia S. Hood     Doyle Bell                      Mike & Stephanie W. Orr
Gary R. Crofton                   Randall & Irma James             R. T. Blackstock                Willie B. & Pat Parker
Billye A. Dowdy                   G. Robin & Terry Jumper          Monica Bonnie Blazuk            Peoples Bank
Florida Baptist Children’s Home   Nicholas G. & Kimberle Kudyk     Ronald W. & Judith Branning     Paul E. Puckett
Rebekah Lynn Fries                Joyce Lee                        Lynn & Annie Lois Bridges       Earnest G. & Melba Purser
Hank & Carol Frisbie              James H. & Pat Lewis             Chris & Mary J. Burghoff        F. L. & Oneita Revell
Georgeanna Geyer                  Patrick R. & Jackie Malone       Bush Paint & Supply             Cathy Brock Revell
Elouise S. Green                  Noel F. & Peggy Morris           Meroe S. Camp                   Kathryn B. Schmidt
Charles M. & Patricia C. Grimsley Douglas L. & Noveta Nellums      Bobby & Charlotte Carpenter     Edwin E. Scott
Jackie E. Hayes                   Robert L. New                    Arthur Donald Cheverie          John Edward Shaffett
Biff Hobbs                        Dennis L. & Avis L. Newton       Lettie A. Chinaris              Lois Shotwell
Angus S. & Anne J. Hudspeth       Thomas C. & Jackie S. Pennell    Donald L. & Elsie L. Clark      Rocky & Irene Smith
C. Paul Jones                     Christy Parker Priest            John A. & Mary R. Clark         Arthur S. & Lois Spaw
Gena L. Keszthelyi                Eula Saylor                      David Craig & Karen Conner      Thomas C. Speck
Christopher B. & Stephanie King   Lynwood & Brenda Seay            James S. & Joan Dickson         Amanda Janelle Spicer
Max L. & Sue Laseter              Southern Baptist Foundation      Martha Sue Diehl                Susanne S. Stimson
Mark T. & Stephanie Long          Gus & Ginger Spanos              Richard L. Elligson             Collean H. Stokes
Grace M. Manring                  Daryl E. & Tina M. Tomlinson     C. Alan Floyd                   Olan & Rose Ann Strickland
Francis J. & Martha Martin        Hugh & Julia Troyer              Gregory A. & Sarah Ford         Frank G. & Jan Taylor
Mike M. & Ruth McHargue           Virginia Crop Improvement        Suzanne Frazier                 James L. Terpo
Robert L. McMillian                 Association                    Veronica Freeman                John L. & Elizabeth Ann Thomas
Kimberle I. Moon                  Frances D. Ward                  Travis Rick & Dawn Freeman      Jane D. Thomas
Louis L. & Carla E. Nester        Robert H. & Susan J. Wellner     Henry & Judy O. Fullington      Laura L. Tice
James O. & Roberta Newell         Michael D. Wiggins               Howard & Suzanne S. Gilbert     Peter J. & Linda Tilbe
Mark A. & Angela Rathel           Rhoten & Jimmie Willhoit         Tommy & Margaret Green          Doris M. Tolson
Homer Jack & Michele Roddenberry Bobby & Janie Williams            Denise Grimsley                 Cliff & Joyce M. Troyer
Jessica C. Sammons                Fred & Cathy P. Williams         Clifford H. Grow                Charles J. & Julianne Ward, III
                                                                   Dennis S. & Dorothy Hall        Barbara H. Williams
                                                                   Ann B. Hall                     Robert I. & Susan M. Wilson
   “I am a voice shouting in the                                   John E. Harrell                 S. Adrian & Charline Wingate
                                                                   Edward O. & Geraldine           Stephen D. & Charlotte
      wilderness...” John 1:23                                       Heptinstall                    Wolgamott
                                                                   Max F. & Shirley Hildebran

                                                                                                   Spring 2008 / ECHOES • 9
   Fruits of Faithfulness...                                           Mindy Michelle Nettles
                                                                       Mary S. Nicholson
                                                                                                          Alice C. Becky Wheeler
                                                                                                          Kimela Suzanne Whitfield
                                                                       J. Clyde Parlier                   Ken & Ginny Whitten
                                     Lawrence T. Fitzgerald            Robert L. & Gwen Parrish           Stephen J. Wigh
                                     Eloy & Luci Flores                Bill & Gloria Peacock              Gerald N. Wilkerson
                                     Dwight M. Folmar                  Drew & Rachel Peacock              John Harold & Virginia Williams
         Friend’s CirCle             Harry L. & Beverly Fuller         Austin E. & Ida A. Pearce          Pauline Williams
          Gifts up to $119           Patrick W. & Laura Fuller         David Peavy                        James H. & Patricia Williams
                                     James W. Garrett                  Ralph C. & Joann Perdue            Rickie Dean & Christina Wilson
                                     Robert Herman Glass               Amanda Leigh Perrone               Brooks & Jane F. Wooten
                                     Albert & Angela E. Glover         Jennifer M. Pickler                Roland & Sarah M. Yates
     Wendell E. & Kay F. Abernathy   William M. & Hilda Goodson        Joshua Evan Pierce                 Neila Anne Young
     Joseph C. & Rhonda Alain        Wayne H. Graddick                 Charles H. & Helen M. Pollard      Leon & Jewell Zalenski
     Arrow Mortgage Company LLC      Grady’s Seafood House             Bebe Elizabeth Puckett             Lucian W. & Layel Zelazny
     John M. & Marilyn Ballard       Daniel Kyle Graham                Larry D. & Susan Reese
     James K. & Louise Baucom        Marilyn C. Grant                  Patricia P. Render
     Vernon E. & Jean Beachum        Michael W. & Lynn Grimes          Irma Revell
     Roy I. & Sue T. Beard           Jack Dempsey & Grace Hagans
                                     Ellen A. Haigler
                                                                       Richard & Maridean Reynolds                  HONOR
     Christopher James Bell                                            Dorothy Rhodes
     Julie D. Bender                 Larry & Carol Jean Haire          Alva S. Rhodes                                GIFTS
     Christopher & Lisa N. Bishop    Anne Hamilton                     Lawrence M. & Charlotte Richter
     C. Dean & Linda W. Black        Ray O. & Ann Hammons              Joyce Riley
     James W. & Amy C. Black         J. Thomas & Annette Harper                                          DR. J. D. ALLEN
                                                                       Elinor E. Roberts
     Terry J. & Lois Blakeslee       H. Oscar & Minnie Harrison                                            Mr. & Mrs. Jesse L. Sharpe
                                                                       Paul D. & Laura Robinson
     Amy Teresa Boe                  William Roy Hartley                                                 JUSTIN & GLADYS BAYSE
                                                                       Denny R. & Nancy Rogers
     Mary Alice Bolton               Patricia Hatcher                                                      Rev. Daniel J. & Mrs. Jane Bayse
                                                                       Danny W. & Joy Rogers
     Miriam H. Boston                Virgil B. Hay                                                       TRAP & GAIL BOWEN
                                                                       Kitty Jeanette Rutland
     Trap & Gail Bowen               Janie H. Helland                                                      Dr. & Mrs. Thomas A. Kinchen
                                                                       Joshua Issac Ryals
     Dale R. & Mary Bowling          Stan & Linda Herrington                                             DAVID BRASHER
                                                                       Roy Lee & Judy Saint
     Allene Boyett                   G. Steve & Jean H. Highsmith                                          Kernal R. Brasher
                                                                       Doug Sandlin
     Kenneth W. & Linda Brackin      Homer L. Hines                                                      MRS. ANNIE LOIS BRIDGES
                                                                       Mary Lou Schmidt
     Allie Mae Brannon               Rod V. & Cindy Hodge                                                  Kay Albritton
                                                                       Cecil & Peggie Seagle
     Kernal R. & Eleanor Brasher     Ruby M. Holley                                                      BYKOTA SS Class First Baptist Greensboro
                                                                       James T. & Barbara Sealy
     Howard & Marie Britt            Stanley C. Houston                                                    David & Carolyne Melton
                                                                       Sarah T. Senterfitt
     Alcus R. & Betty Brock          Doris T. Howell                                                     MR. HUGH CATER
                                                                       Ivey Sewell
     Bobby M. & Tracy L. Bromlow     Karl & Suzanne N. Hudson                                              Rachel Godwin
                                                                       William E. & Martha Sexton
     James R. Brookins               Evelyn Hughes                                                       REV. JEFF CROOK
                                                                       Lona M. Sexton
     C. Richard & Elizabeth Broome   John D. & Sarah T. Hughes                                             Mr. & Mrs. James H. Williams, Jr.
                                                                       Charles H. Sexton
     Deborah A. Brown                Marion Betty Jackson                                                BILLY LOUISE DAVIS
                                                                       Jesse L. Sharpe
     Jackie R. Brown                 Elbert & Ann Johnson                                                  Charles & Betty Parker
                                                                       Rheba I. Shaw
     Ivey E. & Nancy Brown           Jane Webb Johnson                                                   JAYCESON DuBOSE
                                                                       Paul & Mary Shaw
     D. E. Bryant                    Alison R. Jones                                                       Dorothy P. Lewis
                                                                       Richard L. & Linda Shepherd
     Jimi E. & Sidney Buck           Earl & Betty Jones                                                  HOLLY FLYNN
                                                                       John R. & Annette Shoemaker
     Tim D. Bullington               Leo H. Kell                                                           Mike & Sharon Beck
                                                                       Hank Sims
     Walter D. & Sue Burnett         Stephen D. & Janis B. Kelley                                        DENISE GRIMSLEY
                                                                       Daniel G. & Pamela Sims
     Alton Butler                    Annah Lauren Kelley                                                   Charles & Pat Grimsley
                                                                       A. Frank Sledge
     BYKOTA Women’s Class FBC        Robert H. & Doris M. Kenney                                         DR. & MRS. JERRY HALEY’S
                                                                       George E. & Claire Smith
     Ann P. Bynum                    Mazie Ketner                                                          50th Anniversary
                                                                       Jerald D. & Sherry Smith
     Robert J. & Deborah Camp        Ken & Jan Kilpatrick                                                  Joyce M. & Cliff Troyer
                                                                       Billy D. & Sharon W. Smitherman
     Mark A. & Rebecca S. Carnell    Jeffrey S. & April R. Kirkland                                      DR. TIMOTHY KELLEY
                                                                       Shirley R. Snedeker
     Jimmy E. Carter                 Julie N. Knowles                                                     Annah Kelley
                                                                       Wanda Sons
     Lester D. & Glenice R. Clark    Bryson H. Langford                                                  DR. & MRS. THOMAS A. KINCHEN
                                                                       Pierre D. St. Louis
     John D. & Dawn M. Clements      Larry Latta                                                           Trap & Gail Bowen
                                                                       Avis S. Stephens
     Larry M. & Genelda Clinton      George D. & Helen Lawson                                              Jim & Nancy Robinett
                                                                       Michael James Stewart
     Joann Cone                      Helen L. Lee                                                        PARKER & CAROL LANGSGTON
                                                                       William & Elizabeth Suber
     Robert J. & Virginia M. Cook    Joyce A. Lee                                                          Charles & Betty Parker
                                                                       Russell I. & Elizabeth Sullivan
     Edith Bollinger Cowan           J. T. Manry                                                         CHARLES & DOTTIE LITZELL
                                                                       Benjamin Wayne Sutton
     Jack Ronald & Jan Cunningham    Maranatha Christian Ministries                                        Harry & Robin Litzell
                                                                       Lanis E. & Hilda M. Taylor
     William M. Daughtry             C. Truitt & Susan Martin                                            LAUREN McDOUGAL
                                                                       John Russell & Cynthia Thomas
     James E. & Shirley Davis        Charles Truitt & Mary L. Martin                                       Mike & Sharon Beck
                                                                       Frances Tidwell
     Sara M. Davis                   Shauna Rae McCoy                                                    EDDIE MYERS
                                                                       James M. & Christina Todd
     Doris Davis                     Leonard & Kathryn McGowan                                             Charles & Betty Parker
                                                                       Zilphie L. Townsend
     Charles A. & Billie Dickson     John R. & Jan McNeil                                                DR. & MRS. GLEN OWENS
                                                                       Rodney & Tonya Trawick
     George A. Dobbs                 Helen M. Mellon                                                       Tom & Jackie Pennell
                                                                       James W. & Vivian Trimble
     Bobbie Kern Dotson              David L. & Carolyne Melton                                          DRS. J. T. & CHARLOTTE OWENS
                                                                       John B. & Terri Turner
     Larry D. & Verna Durfee         Johnnie & Alice Messer                                                Paul & Laura Shelton
                                                                       Louise Vann
     Douglas M. & Alene Edwards      Shaun Stephen Miles                                                   Richard & Karen Hodgin
                                                                       Oby L. Vann
     Thomas H. Egleston              Tommy Joe & Dianne Mills                                              Thomas & Rosa Owens
                                                                       Rodney D. & Dottie Varella
     Jonathan B. Erp                 Johns Virgil Mixson                                                 LYNN & SHARON PIPPEN
                                                                       Charles H. & Lois Walker
     H. Frank Erwin                  George A. & Donna L. Moore                                            Charles & Betty Parker
                                                                       Tommy & Molly Watson
     Doyle Rhett Everage             James F. & Lola B. Moreland                                         MRS. LAURA ROBINETT
                                                                       Kathryn P. Weed
     Deanna H. Faurot                Robert W. & Frances Morrison                                          Jim & Nancy Robinett
                                                                       John E. & Janis West
     Jerry D. Fields                 Ashley B. Nail                                                      DR. & MRS. CECIL SEAGLE
                                                                       Pencie W. Wester

10 • ECHOES / Spring 2008
  Jim & Nancy Robinett                FBC Graceville Twix & Tween        PENNY NEHLS                            MRS. VERA PITTS
REV. TED SPANGENBERG, JR.                 Class                           Lynn & Annie Lois Bridges              Martha G. Kennon
 Kathryn B. Schmidt                MRS. VONCILE FARRINGTON               STEVE & ALICE NESTER                   WOODROW PORTER
MRS. JIMMIE SPANN                    Rev. & Mrs. Adrian Wingate           Mr. & Mrs. Louis Nester                Bill & Gloria Peacock
 Mr. & Mrs. Charles J. Ward, III   GENE GARRETT                          BOBBY ODOM                             JOHN POWELL
DR. & MRS. JOHN SULLIVAN             Joyce M. & Cliff Troyer              Dr. & Mrs. R. C. Hammack               Rachel Godwin
 Tom & Jackie Pennell              MRS. JOAN GAY                          Mr. & Mrs. Charles R. Parker          MRS. RETHA POWELL
 Jim & Nancy Robinett                Dr. & Mrs. Wiley Richards            Dr. & Mrs. Wiley Richards              Dr. & Mrs. Thomas A. Kinchen
MISS LAURA L. TICE                 LUCILLE GIBSON                        MRS. SHELVIE OSWALT                     Dr. & Mrs. R. C. Hammack
 Kay Albritton                       Joyce M. & Cliff Troyer              Dr. & Mrs. Thomas A. Kinchen           Mr. & Mrs. Charles R. Parker
DARRELL & TINA TURNER              A. B. GREEN                            Dr. & Mrs. R. C. Hammack               Mr. & Mrs. Kyle Luke
 Charles & Betty Parker              Robert J. Cook                       Mr. & Mrs. Charles R. Parker           Mr. & Mrs. Josh Pierce
MITCHELL & EVA RATCLIFF            EVELYN P. GREENWOOD                    Bill & Polly Floyd                     Mr. & Mrs. Lynn J. Bridges
 Charles & Betty Parker              Joyce M. & Cliff Troyer              John D. & Sarah T. Hughes             MRS. DIANE REASONER
ANDY WAITES                        MR. WENDEL GRIFFITH                    Mr. & Mrs. Brady E. Mendheim            Dr. & Mrs. Walter Draughon
 Mike & Sharon Beck                  Joyce M. & Cliff Troyer              Frances Tidwell                       MRS. DOROTHY REGISTER
                                   MAC PEARL & PAUL GRIMES                Dale & Kitty Bowling                   Martha Kay McRae
                                     Rachel Godwin                        Charles & Helen Margaret Pollard      MRS. LORETTA RICHARDSON
       MEMORIAL                    JOHN GLENN HALL
                                     Mrs. Ann B. Hall
                                                                          Linda Sue Golden
                                                                          Kitty Jeanette Rutland
                                                                                                                 Gail Mann
                                                                                                                CATHERINE ROBERTS
         GIFTS                     IRENE PELHAM HARRIS                    Billie & Charles A. Dickson            Charles & Pat Grimsley
                                     Dr. & Mrs. Wiley Richards            Pencie W. Wester                      MR. R. H. ‘BOB’ ROBERTS
                                   ELLENMARIE HAZELL                      Fred & Cathy Williams                  Elinor E. Roberts
                                     Dr. & Mrs. Wiley Richards            Tom Crutchfield & Service Drug        MR. W. MAX ROBINETT
   Gail Mann
                                   BESSIE HELTON                             Girls                               Walter, Sue & Lynn Burnett
                                     Charles R. Parker                    Stanley C. & Linda Houston             Truitt & Mary Laura Martin
  Mr. & Mrs. Russell I. Sullivan
                                   MRS. JAN HOBBS                         Dr. & Mrs. Paul D. Robinson            Mr. Bryson H. Langford, Jr.
                                     Martha G. Kennon                     Jerry D. Fields                        Robert H. & Doris M. Kenney
  Gail Mann
                                   MRS. JACKIE HODGES                     Steve & Era Fields & Family            Jimmy & Roselynn Carter
                                     Dr. J. E. Hodges                     Joe & Rita Kimbell Family              Mary Alice Bolton
   Betty L. Bamberg
                                     Ralph C. & Joann Perdue, Jr.         First Baptist Church of Malone         John & Annette Shoemaker
                                     Virginia Crop Improvement            Jane D. Thomas                         Mr. & Mrs. Steve Highsmith
  Dr. & Mrs. Wiley Richards
                                        Association                       Suzanne Frazier                        Jane F. Wooten
                                     Helen Lee                            Zilphie L. Townsend                    Mr. & Mrs. Gerald N. Wilkerson
  Janie Helland
                                     First Baptist Church of Callaway,    Angela Edwards                         Mrs. Laura Robinett
                                        P.C.                              George A. ‘Andy’ & Donna Moore         Neila Anne Young
  Rev. & Mrs. Adrian Wingate
                                     Virginia Tech CSES Dept,             Frank & Jan Taylor                     Mrs. Ann P. Bynum
                                       Blacksburg, VA                     Mark & Leshia Taylor                   Miss Bebe Elizabeth Puckett
  Lynn & Annie Lois Bridges
                                     Austin & Ida Pearce                  Clay & Sheri Taylor                    Sara M. Davis & Family
                                   ANNIE RUTH HOPKINS                     Nathan & Ashley Taylor                 Wendell E. & Kay Abernathy
  Mr. John Roy Gough
                                     Florida Campers on Mission           Stan & Linda Herrington                Richard & Meridean Reynolds
                                   GUS E. JOHNSON                         Dr. & Mrs. Walter Draughon             Mr. & Mrs. C. Truitt Martin, Jr.
  Lynn & Annie Lois Bridges
                                     Gena H. Johnson                      Charles & Jullianne Ward               Mr. & Mrs. Harry L. Fuller III
                                   MRS. MARGARET JOHNSON                  Jane Webb Johnson                      Mrs. Joyce A. Lee
  Mr. John Roy Gough
                                     Florida Campers on Mission           Mrs. Joyce Lee                         Mr. & Mrs. H. Frank Erwin
                                   JANETTE PRIEST JONES                   Don & Anne Graham                      Mac & Charolette Richter
  Mrs. Ann Courson
                                     Charles R. & Betty Parker            Damascus Baptist Church                Helen Mellon
                                   MR. CHARLES JUMPER                     Gail Mann                              Susan Wynn
  Edith B. Cowan
                                     Gail Mann                           MR. EMORY CLIFFORD PARISH,              Ms. Mary S. Nicholson
                                   MRS. CAROLYN KELLEY                       SR.                                 Doug & Alene Edwards
  Florida Campers on Mission
                                     Charles R. Parker                    Dr. & Mrs. Wiley Richards              Daniel Edwards
                                     Dwight W. Kelley                    AL PERRY                                Kelly & Miranda Gaines
  Rev. & Mrs. Adrian Wingate
                                   REV. JAMES F. KELLEY                   Gail Mann                              Jim & Nancy Robinett
                                     Annah Kelley                        MR. BILL PITTS                         WILLIAM “BILL” SANDERS
  Gary R. Crofton
                                   REV. JESSE C. KENNON                   Dr. & Mrs. Wiley Richards              Mrs. Helen S. Sanders
                                     Martha G. Kennon                     Gail Mann
  Tom Crutchfield
                                   MRS. AMELIA LAMBERT
                                     Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Miller
  Ruby M. Holley
                                     Charles M. & Patricia Grimsley
  Mrs. Pauline Williams
                                   DR. J. W. LEE
  Mr. & Mrs. John E. West
                                     James S. & Joan Dickson
  Evelyn Hughes
                                     FBC Graceville Twix &
  D. E. Bryant
                                       Tween Class
  Miriam H. Boston
                                   RONNIE L. LUNSFORD
  J. Clyde Parlier
                                     Martha Kay McRae
  Ralph & Betty Meloon
                                   MR. BOB MALLORY
                                     Florida Campers on Mission
  Joyce & Cliff Troyer
                                   MR. HAL McDONALD
                                     Dr. & Mrs. Wiley Richards
  Martha G. Kennon
                                     Gail Mann
                                   MR. DALE MCSWAIN
  Betty Jones
                                     Gail Mann
                                   MR. DAVID MURPH
  Rev. & Mrs. Doyle R. Everage                                                   BCF student Dustin Malphurs participates in the campus wide
                                     Joyce & Cliff Troyer
                                                                                                       Blood Drive!

                                                                                                             Spring 2008 / ECHOES • 11
   Fruits of Faithfulness...                                            J. Nixon Daniel, Jr.
                                                                        J. Nixon Daniel, Sr.
                                                                                                            Archie Linderman
                                                                        Harold A. Dann Memorial             N. Edward Mann
                                                                        Charles & Martha Davis              J. G. Manuel
                                                                        John Dicks                          Thomas E. (Marty) Martin
     Joyce M. & Cliff Troyer
                                        EndowEd                         John H. Dicks Memorial              Judson & Nellie McElroy
                                                                        Arminta M. Donaldson                Earl H. Merritt Memorial
     Susan & Robert Wilson            ScholarShipS                                                          Earl H. Merritt Memorial Annual
    MARY JOYCE SEGERS                                                   Jacqueline Perry Draughon Inter-
                                                                        national                            L. Don Miley
     Jerry & Bobbie Wyrick
                                                                        Walter D. Draughon, Jr.             F. H. Morgan
                                    Alabama Alumni                                                          G. W. & Mary Frances Morrow
     Joyce M. & Cliff Troyer                                            Alfred I. duPont Foundation
                                    Alabama/Balkum Baptist Church                                           Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church
    GERTA SIMPSON                                                       Mattye E. DuPree
                                    Charles F. & Willa Albright         Floyd & Lottie Dykes                John L. Murrell
     Martha Kay McRae
                                    Rev. Timothy I. Alexander                                               Bertie Nalls
    MRS. SALLY SITTON                                                   Calvin & Claudia Edeker
                                    Winfred Allen                                                           F. H. Nelson
     Mr. & Mrs. Danny W. Rogers                                         A. M. & Mae Everett and Lillian
                                    Ben and Barbara Amlong                                                  Warren J. Nubern Memorial
    DR. MARK D. STEPHENS                                                S. Nagy
                                    Anderson Family Endowed             Faculty Wives                       Opdyke
     Dr. & Mrs. Thomas A. Kinchen
                                    Anderson Family Foundation, Inc.    C. W. Fambrough                     Jerry and Shelvie Oswalt
     Dr. & Mrs. R. C. Hammack
                                    Anderson Family Foundation                                              Edward and Evelyn Owens and
     Mr. & Mrs. Charles R. Parker                                       First Baptist Church, Eau Gallie,
                                    Angus Lane Anderson & Mary Shy                                            James and Willie McCormick
     Mr. & Mrs. Kyle Luke                                               Melbourne, FL
                                    Anderson                                                                J. T. & Charlotte Owens International
     Mr. & Mrs. Josh Pierce                                             Shelby Foster Fisher
                                    Lucile Anderson                     Baptist College of Florida Alumni     Student
     Marion Betty Jackson
                                    A. B. & Hilda Andrews Family                                            Memorial Music
    MR. ISOM STURGILL                                                   Association
                                    Antioch Baptist Church                                                  Violet Pearson
     Dr. & Mrs. Wiley Richards                                          Florida Campers on Mission
                                    Appalachee/Gadsden County Baptist   Doris Forrest                       M. G. & Ethel P. Piggs
     Mrs. Joyce Lee
                                            Association Hispanic        Mr. & Mrs. L. V. Graham Memorial    Leonard G. Ratzlaff
     Gail Mann
                                    Helen G. Argo                       Graves/O’Quinn                      Rice-Savell
                                    Agnes P. Axson Memorial                                                 Charlie Richards
     Gail Mann                                                          Herman F. Greer
                                    Judge W. L. Bailey                                                      Max and Laura Robinett
    MARSHA TIMMERMAN                                                    Greenwood Baptist Church
                                    Bailey-Cox Music                                                        Marion C. Roche
     Noveta Beeson                                                      Dalton Hagler, Sr.
                                    Christopher M. Barber                                                   Barbara Ross
     Marcus & Linda Shackelford                                         Lillie J. Haire
                                    June Esther Bateman                                                     C. H. St. John
    REV. J. NEAL TOLSON                                                 Hall, Hoffman, & Leary Memorial
                                    W. O. Beauchamp, Jr. Memorial                                           James M. Scott
     Doris M. Tolson                                                    Flora Jo Hall Memorial
                                    Leroy Benefield                                                         James H. & Voncile B. Senterfitt
    WILLIAM E. TOUCHTON, JR.                                            Lona Eloise Hallford Memorial
                                    Dr. & Mrs. Leroy Benefield                                              Sherrer Annual
     William & Helen Touchton                                           T. J. & Mary Frances Harris
                                    Jeff & Mina Bloodworth                                                  Serena Shutt
    MR. LAMAR TOWNSEND                                                  Thomas Granville Hayden
     Lynn & Annie Lois Bridges      T. S. Boehm                                                             Jefferson Lee Smith Memorial
                                                                        Violet Hayward
    ALDEN VERNON                    Irene S. Boman                                                          Jim & Mabel Southerland
                                                                        Carlton & Lydia Herndon
     Mary C. Harris                 Olene Braxton                                                           Southern Baptist Foundation
                                                                        Hickox Memorial
    MRS. FANNIE WARD                J. Walter & Missouri Brewer                                             Jerry & Helen Sowell
                                                                        Lois B. & John Hipps
     Marcus & Linda Shackelford     Homer A. & Irma W. Brinkley                                             Spangenberg
                                                                        Dr. & Mrs. J. E. Hodges
    MR. JUDSON WARD                 Rev. & Mrs. Howard C. Browning                                          L. D. & D. N. Spivey
                                                                        Grace Hudspeth
     Mrs. Frances D. Ward           James Madison Bullock Memorial                                          St. Andrew Baptist Church and Mark
                                                                        Earl Hutto Foundation
    MELBA WELCH                     Timothy & Christopher Burns                                               & Angie Rathel Honorarium
                                                                        M. Dewitt & Theresa Jackson
     Mr. & Mrs. Jim Robinett        Robert Edward Chapman, Sr.                                              Arthur Stainback
    DAVID WEST                      Chatlos Foundation                                                      Lloyd and Eva Mae Stanland
                                                                        W. K. Jenkins
     Dr. & Mrs. Wiley Richards      Thomas Perkins Clifford                                                 Gerry Strawn
                                                                        Gus E. & Gena H. Johnson
    VONCILE CAMPBELL                Jesse W. Clopton, Sr.                                                   John & Nancy Sullivan
                                                                        J. S. Judah & Mrs. Lula Dillard
     WHITFIELD                      Bill Cook                                                               Harold & Mary Ann Taylor
     Dr. & Mrs. Wiley Richards      Julian & Cammie Cole                                                    Kay S. Taylor
                                                                        Dwight & Carolyn Kelley
    MR. & MRS. DOUG WILLIAMS        Evelyn Collier Education                                                Lanis E. Taylor
                                                                        Jesse Craig Kennon
     Elaine W. Smith                Harrison Conley                                                         Purvis N. Taylor
                                                                        Ketner Family
    MRS. RUBY YEITER                Thomas B. Conrad                                                        Thacker Family
                                                                        Ruth Ann Kinchen
     Jim & Nancy Robinett           Joe & Ann Courson                                                       Eugene Thompson
                                                                        N. B. Langford
    TINA ZELLER                     Verna Whitfield Crews                                                   Tolson Bivocational Ministers’
                                                                        David Lauen Music
     Mary C. Harris                 George E. Crowell                                                       Austin Lavon Tomlinson
                                                                        Dr. J. W. and Joyce Lee
    MR. DAVID ZUMALT                Eleanor Crutchfield Memorial                                            William E. Touchton, Jr.
                                                                        M. J., P. J. & W. P. Lee
     Mary C. Harris                 Hugh & Shirley Dampier                                                  O. H. Townley
                                                                        Philip W. Lett
                                                                                                            Mr. & Mrs. W. B. Townley, Sr.
                                                               A Pair o’ Doc’s...                           Eva Rebecca Vaughn
                                                                                                            C. N. Walker
                                                                                                            Gladys Wasdin
                                                               Join Dr. Rich Elligson, Mis-                 Glen Watford
                                                               sions Professor, and Dr. John                Pencie W. Wester
                                                               Thomas, Preaching Professor,                 James Whitworth
                                                                                                            Margaret Willsey
                                                               on WFBU’s Friday Morning                     Luther Ray Woodward
                                                               Wake Up Show @ 7:00 a.m.!                    Yates

                                                               FM 94.7 or

12 • ECHOES / Spring 2008
        Heritage                      Myrtle Dame
                                      Bertha C. Daniel
        Society                       Charles Yow Davis
                                      Jewell Davis
                                      Mae S. Davis
Heritage Society members are
                                      Martha Elizabeth Connally Davis
among the faithful who have           Jacqueline Louise Perry Draughon
bequest to The Baptist College        Walter D. Draughon, Jr.
                                      Col. & Mrs. Syril Faine
of Florida or have included the
                                      Mary White Folks
college in their will or estate       Doris Forrest
plan. Members are listed on a         Rev. & Mrs. Clifford H. Grow
                                      James S. Hallford
plaque located adjacent to the
                                      Violet Hayward                               The New Administration Building
“Tree of Life” in the Graceville      Eta J. Hilton                                         is almost complete!
Building. To become a member,         Mr. & Mrs. Harry Holmes
                                      Gus & Gena Johnson
the college should receive                                              Wiley & Betty Richards      Irene Hale Skinner
                                      Thomas Tapley Jones
written notification by letter        Dr. & Mrs. Thomas A. Kinchen      Lewis & Mabel Rogers        Conrad St. John & Ruth B.
or a copy of a part of the trust      Charles & Dorothy Litzell         John H. Ross, Sr.              St. John
                                      Mr. & Mrs. Arthur McDougal        James M. Scott              Elmer G. “Bud” & Norma Taylor
agreement, will, or codicil that                                        Dillard F. Sebastian        Alice Fay Rackley Warren
                                      Lucius Henry McMullen
lists the college as a beneficiary.   Henry Messer                      Charles D. Shore            James H. Warren, Sr.
                                      Mamie “Happy” A. Mitchell         Lois Shotwell               Sam Weeks
Nora Alexander                        Leona B. Newman                   Carrol & Lois Shupe         Laurita H. Woodham
Winifred Allen                        Charles A. & Lenore Pearson
Benjamin S. Beach                     Shoffie Riley Newton Phillips    Find out how you can join the Heritage
Mary Leitha Elkin Bell
Willard & Marguerite Boman
                                      Lela M. Prescott                 Society or begin an Endowed Scholarship at
                                      Anne Rathje
Gary & Freda Crawford                 Arthur Rathje                    BCF today! Call (800) 328-2660 ext. 416.
Verna Whitfield Crews                 Rev. & Mrs. John H. Reynolds

                                                                                                 Spring 2008 / ECHOES • 13
   Fruits of Faithfulness...

                    Joe (81) and Joyce
                  Blocker and their son, Lee,
                  have recently moved to
                  Washington, IN. Joe is the
      Principal of Grace Christian School, a                        To update your information contact
      ministry of Grace Baptist Church where  or call 800.328.2660 (ext. 446)
      Joe serves as Associate Pastor. They can
      be reached at 809 State Hwy 257
                                                 Jeff Jones (96) is currently serving as   at 3017 Rush Ave, St. Joseph, MO 64506;
      Washington, IN 47501; email: Block-
                                                 Pastor of First Baptist Church of Vil-    phone: (816) 271-9497; email: micah@
                                                 la Rica, Georgia. He can be reached;
                                                 at 1483 W. Hwy. 78, Villa Rica, GA
      Scott Hilliker (82) has recently moved
                                                 30180; phone: 770-809-9125; email:        Melissa Howard Kent (01) is now
      and can be reached at 1520 Waterford
                                                                  serving at Journey Church in Millbrook,
      Lane, Tuscaloosa, AL 35405; phone:
      (205) 391-0795; email: rbcscotth@                                                    AL as the Minster to Preschool. She can
                                                 Michael Tickel (99) is serving in         be reached at 8918 Pennington Place,
                                                 Gainesville, FL. He can be reached        Montgomery, Al 36117; phone: (334)
                                                 at 1105 Ft. Clarke Blvd, Apt. 1012,       399-2002; email: melissankent@gmail.
      David Teems, Sr. (85) received his
                                                 Gainesville, FL 32606; phone: 352-        com.
      doctorate in Theology and is currently
                                                 333-3127; email:
      serving at Friendship Baptist Church in

      Live Oak, Florida. He can be reached                                                 Jeremy Dyer (02) can be reached at 1053
                                                               Kyle S. Luke (00) has       NW Redwood Pl, Redmond, OR 97756;
      at 18595 144th Street, Live Oak, FL
                                                             taken a position as De-       phone: (541) 350-2691; email: jndyer@
      32060; phone: (386) 776-2907 or (386)
                                                             velopment Officer at
      776-1010; email: daveeddy@wind-
                                                             The Florida Baptist Chil-
                                                 dren’s Home. He can be reached at

                                                                                           Eric Linton (05) and his wife Stephanie
                                                 (850) 878-1478 ext. 210 or (850) 766-     currently reside in Hoover, AL. Eric is
                  Paul (94) and Cheryl Fries
                                                 5498; email: kyle.luke@fbchomes.          attending the Beeson Divinity School
                are now serving as Church
                                                 org.                                      (MDiv) at Samford University. Stephanie
                Planters in Wisconsin. Paul
                is the pastor of Heartland                                                 is one year into her MA in Biblical
                                                 Micah (01) and Tracy Fries have moved     Counseling through the Master’s College
      Church in Richland Center. They can
                                                 to St. Joseph, Missouri where Micah       (Santa Clarita, CA) via Summer Institute
      be reached at http://heartlandchurch.
                                                 is the Senior Pastor at Frederick Blvd    Program (SIP). She is also the Spa
      name; email: or
                                                 Baptist Church. They can be reached
                                                                                                     avis (66) p
      Benny E. and Cyndi C. Anthony (95)                                             Ch arles Y. D             GA.
      own and operate Anthony Christian
                                                                                     a way in Ga
      Academy in N. Ft. Myers, FL. They can
      be reached at email: anthonyacademy@       C                                        . H
                                                                                                            night (76
                                                                                               . David K Dec. 4,
                                                                                                                       ) or pastorbanthony@                                 ife of BCF Rev                    on                             Sh annon  Pollard, w passed passed away                      pastor at
                                                              E  ric (97),                  . H   e was the Church
                                                  graduate                 7. She is 2007 th Baptist
      Katherine Spillman (95) is currently                    ec. 19, 200                       e                        -
      working for the State of Florida             away on D er husband and Rehob oving to Jackson
                                                               yh                             e m                      as-
                                                   survived b               , Lydia, befor                  rved as p
      providing social services to pregnant
                                                               d ren, Noah                       here he se           ptist
      women and their newborns.She is an            three chil                          ville w           rview Ba is
                                                    and Ann  a.                         tor   for Rive             rs. H
                                                                                                       r 25 yea
      active member of The Family Church
      in Gainesville, FL, providing ministry
                                                                           tte passe d Church fo            y be reac
      through audio/visual and photographic
                                                     Larry (J  oe) Ouelle 7. Joe wife, Gail, ma , Jackson-
                                                                            00                                 0
      services. She can be reached at 5745                       v. 20, 2                           Box 2640
                                                     away No                    nce at at PO 32226.
      SW 75th Street #233, Gainesville, FL                           maintena             ville, FL
      32608; phone: (352) 505-6228; email:            worked in rs.
                                                                   ye a                       BCF for 8

14 • ECHOES / Spring 2008
Director of N-Vogue Spa & Salon. Eric is     BUDD Builders...Hard at work
a college minister at Hunter Street Bap-
tist Church in Hoover, where he has been      on the BCF campus!
since January of 2006.

John Campbell (05) is currently serving as
Senior Pastor at Central Baptist Church of
Jupiter, FL. Chrissa Anne Campbell was
born on Sept. 24, 2007 joining the Camp-
bell family! Then can be reached at 5665
Shirley Dr., Jupiter, FL 33458; phone:
(561) 748-4394 or (561) 747-1590; email
                                            A sure sign of winter at BCF is the long awaited return of the BUDD
Blu Berner (05) is currently serving as a (Building Under Divine Direction) Builders. Each year this group of
Youth/Associate Pastor in Spokane, WA. retirees from Missouri comes to Graceville and for approximately three
He can be reached at 12104 E. 27th Ave., months makes the College and the community a far better place to live
Spokane Valley, WA 99206; phone: (509) and work.
926-6042 or (509) 926-0575; email: blu@
                                            This year the BUDD Builders are involved in finishing construction of
                                          The Prayer Chapel, renovation of a conference room, repair and renova-
                                          tion of buildings in Heritage Village, construction of new student hous-
                                          ing, renovation in the R. G. Lee Chapel, and numerous other projects.
       BCF Alumni...                        According to BCF President Tom Kinchen, “To call the BUDD Build-
                                          ers retirees is a misnomer. They are the most energetic, joyful, focused
  Check out the alumni and productive folks I know. They present a wonderful example of
    pages on the BCF                      Christianity in action. From the time they leave until they return the
   website. We will be common question that I face on campus and in the community is ‘When
                                          are our friends from Missouri coming back?’”
 updating the site and
 adding your contact
 information to keep
in touch! Also, if you
haven’t received your
 new ALUMNI Mug,
please fill out the form
 online and get yours

   BCF ChApel ServiCeS CAn
  now Be heArd on wFBu AT
 10 Am.! For more inFo, Con-
 TACT 800.328.2660 exT. 415.

                                                                                      Spring 2008 / ECHOES • 15
16 • ECHOES / Spring 2008

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