XMoveWindow plugin by Odz0bg


									              The XMoveWindow plugin
Created by badubo, this plugin allows you to integrate display windows (video player, lyrics display,
comics reading software …) into Xlobby in an optimized way: like magnetized windows on a
magnetic grid: size, parametrable position of the window...

        Create the display area for Media Player Classic (for example)
Copy the XMoveWindow.dll file in the plugin folder of Xlobby then launch Xlobby: go in the
module screen in which you wish to put the XMoveWindow plugin. Once on the display
page (here for example we took the video-clip screen) we open the skin editor (Pause
Attn key on the keyboard)

On top of it we see: Skin Editor (clips): between brackets the name of the screen is recalled:
Screen/Add tab.
(1) In the Text zone, the plugin should be called: write this code for Media Player Classic:

Media Player Classic: plugin>XMoveWindow>MediaPlayerClassicW or

Zoom player: plugin>XMoveWindow>TMainForm

Milkdrop for foobar2000: plugin>XMoveWindow>foo_vis_bacon_embedomatic

(2) Then press the Add button: this will create a text zone in the top left corner of the screen:
with the mouse cursor, click on the top left corner, this will show you the zone that will appear
selected in dotted lines.
The red arrow in the image below shows you the created text zone.

Do not close the skin editor but go now in Item/Default tab
(1) The plugin zone appears selected in blue

(2) The name of the screen: here clips

(3) The ID zone: the text to be recopied in the ID zone must be composed of 3 parts: the name of
the screen in which must appear the plugin zone (you just have to recopy the name which appears
in top between brackets) followed by the underscore sign (_) then by the name of the window
class: here MediaPlayerClassicW or MediaPlayerClassicA thus the ID zone will have to contain
the following text:

It will have to be: name of the screen_name of the window class

(4) Adjustments of the window size and its position in the screen: you just have to modify values
to change the size and/or the position of the display window.

(5) Leave this box checked
Here is the final result.

Revision 2 by C-moi (04/09/2005)
Translation : mryoyo (04/09/2005)

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