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					                                                                                   MAKING GRAFFITI
Making Graffiti is actually quite easy and looks very effective when you add it to images. First you need a graffiti
font one I like is Tag Extreme which I downloaded from one of the font sites.

1.   First write your graffiti using the font then go to the layers palette and Control Click on the layer thumbnail to
     get the font selection.
2.   Then create a new layer above the text layer and switch off the text layer eyeball.
3.   With the selection still active pull a gradient across it. I chose a rainbow gradient and that works quite well.
4.   Create a new layer above your gradient layer, choose a suitable colour and with the selection still active stroke
     the selection. Edit>Stroke Selection.
5.   At that stage you can merge down if you wish but you can also try putting a fire outer glow layer style on the
     gradient layer. That makes an interesting effect.
6.   I normally make the graffiti in its own file then Select>All Edit>Copy Merged and Edit>Paste into the main
7.   Experiment with the blend mode … until you find one that looks good. Try Multiply or Overlay.
8.   Here are a couple of images in which I use graffiti.