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					                                           TERM DATES for 2009
                       Term 3     Tuesday, 28th July             to    Friday, 25th September
                      Term 4      Tuesday, 20th October          to    Friday, 11th December

                                              CALENDAR DATES
             Stories Rising From The Flames                      7.30pm     Saturday,        15th August
             Next Information Evening                            7.30pm     Tuesday,         18th August
             School Photos                                     Tuesday & Wednesday           15th & 16th Sept
             Musica Viva                                         1.50pm     Thursday,        17th Sept
             Class 7 – Uluru Excursion                                               21st to 25th Sept
             Spring Fair                                                    Saturday,        31st Oct
             Class 10 – Borneo Trip                                             23rd Nov – 6th Dec

             Class 1 – Tiffany Reynolds                         Individual interviews Wks 4 to 7
             Class 4 – Tim Nixon                                Individual interviews Wks 3 & 4
             Class 5– Leonie Mahon                              6.00pm      Tuesday,         18th August
             Kindy – Heather van Zyl                             7.30pm     Thursday,        27th August

             Craft Circle                               9.15am – 11.30am    Wednesday
             Winter Market Day                         10.00am – 2.00pm     Sunday,          30th August
             Trivia Night                                        7.30pm     Saturday,        5th September

                      Office Hours Monday to Friday        :     8.30 am – 4.00 pm
                                       School Hours        :     9.00 am – 3.00 pm
                                 Children supervised       :     8.30 – 9.00 am
                    Kindergarten/Bus Area supervised       :     3.00 – 3.20 pm
Parent’s Pastoral Care/Counselling (Tues & Thurs)          :     Call Jonathan on 0404 103 662 or through
                                                                 the office
CCRSS 2009                                                                      the ARGO note
                                  NEW GUARDIAN FOR 2010
             College of Teachers is pleased to announce Britt Daly as the Class Guardian for
             Class 8, 2010. Britt has been with us all year teaching Maths & Chemistry. She
             completed her Masters at Glenaeon Rudolf Steiner School in Sydney, taught Maths
             & Science to the High School there and has been with our school in the High School
             since the beginning of the year. She is well liked by the students and we are very
             pleased not only that she has come to our school but that she has now accepted the
             Guardian position for next year.

                                         SCHOOL MINI BUS
             The school mini bus pick up from Woy Woy station to the school and back in the
             afternoon has now been running successfully since the beginning of term - Yipee! .
             We still have a few spare seats. The bus runs up the Kariong hill to the Freeway, so
             if there is anyone interested in the Bay area or Kariong we could make a stop on the
             way. If you still haven't booked your seat please email Suzanne
             or Elia or call Elia 0416115108.

                              AN ARTICLE FROM
             These days anyone who has been in Steiner education since the 1980’s often has a
             strange sensation: what was once our small voice in the wilderness is now being
             broadcast back to us from on high as a whole new perspective on education.
             Glenaeon has been pioneering a creative, imaginative, child-centred education for
             over 50 years, and often had to justify its approach against the demands of the
             education authorities and the wider community’s very traditional views.
             Today we hear many people using the same language the Steiner schools pioneered
             and the most recent is Sir Ken Robinson, a leading thinker on education, creativity
             and innovation, who argues that education should become more creative: he says it
             is an economic imperative in a world where imagination and innovation are crucial
             to the future. He suggests that education systems around the world are too narrow
             and backward looking. Sir Ken has been consulted by governments and major
             corporations and chaired a commission for the Blair Government to define an
             education strategy for Britain’s future. He has just published a book called The
             Element: How Finding Your Passion Changed Everything. He was interviewed on
             the ABC last week and here are selections from the transcript.
             KEN ROBINSON: …I always find this kind of axiomatic. I mean, they practice
             what generally people call “child centred education”. And I think, well, why would
             you even call it that? I mean, what else could it be? But they give kids a very
             structured environment in which they can play, think creatively and work
             collaboratively…And you see similar principles in other systems. Some, like
             Montessori and Steiner and Waldorf all have different takes on it. But the premise
             is the same: that in early years education, children need time to play, to socialise, to
             try new things out and to let their imaginations run. And what they find of course
             is not that this puts these kids at a disadvantage, but they learn with a greater
             appetite later on.

CCRSS 2009                                                                      the ARGO note

             Q: You’ve identified the syndrome you called the “cram school’, which you say is
             flourished all over the world, where small children are essentially drilled in the
             basics Maths, English and so on – to give them a competitive edge over other kids.
             What’s your view on that?

             KEN ROBINSON: This cramming thing is really worrying, I think, because it
             assumes that if our children follow the path we followed and that we know how
             that’s going to work, all will come right for them. And the whole purpose really of
             the book I’ve written is to show that it won’t, that we need to think differently.

             But I’ll give you – I mean, a good example of it. I live in Los Angeles. And not long
             after I arrived there, about eight years ago, I saw a policy paper which said – I think
             the title – well, I know was. The title was “College begins in kindergarten”. No it
             doesn’t. I mean, if we had more time, I could go into this, but it doesn’t. You know,
             kindergarten begins in kindergarten. You know, but – there was a friend of mine
             who once said he ran a great theatre company for kids. He said a three –year-old is
             not half a six-year-old. A six-year-old is not half a twelve-year-old. They’re six.
             You know, but in some parts of the world – I’m sure this is true in the big
             metropolitan centres in Australia, kids are being interviewed for kindergarten. I
             mean, what are they hoping to find out? What are they looking for at the
             interview? You know, evidence of infancy?

             Q: But at the floor of all of this is ambition, and behind the ambition is anxiety.

             KEN ROBINSON: It is exactly that, yes. And I’m saying that the problem is it
             manifests itself very often in parents, in my view, pushing their kids in the wrong
             direction, pushing them against the grain of their talent, you know, because the
             assumption is we’ve got to keep at the program, they’ve got to do conventional
             academic work, they’ve got to go to a good university, they’ve got to do a law degree.
             And presumably the assumption once we’ve all got law degrees, the whole world
             will get back on its axis. But the truth is, people’s live are not linear like that. They
             develop much more organically. Any many of the people I interviewed for the book
             – I’m sure it’s been true of your life, you know, that people have got to where they
             have got by following their particular talents and interests and passions. And so
             what I’m arguing for is that at the heart of our education systems, of course we need
             high standards, of course we need to cover common ground, but instead of
             promoting conformity, we should be promoting diversity of talent.

             Q: And the key to all of that is imagination and you’re saying that our systems as
             we know them, our education systems, are at least as much about suppressing
             imagination as the are about encouraging it.

             KEN ROBINSON: Yes, and we could re-engineer that. We could revivify
             education if we did this deliberately. And corporations have a big responsibility
             here because they need to stand up and start to say politically what I know they say
             to me all the time, which is we need people who can think differently. And if we get
             that message – if we get that connection between economic, personal and social
             development, then we will have the revolution that we’ve been waiting for.

CCRSS 2009                                                            the ARGO note

             “The indicators for verbal dyspraxia are those associated with making
             and co-ordinating the very precise movements of over one hundred
             muscles which come together to make the speech apparatus work in
             unison to create clear articulation. …..

             …. Normally, early childhood development follows an orderly,
             predictable inter-related sequence, which is directly related to a child’s
             intellectual and learning capabilities. Each developmental stage
             assimilates part of the previous one, so full function is dependent on
             the level achieved in the stage below. Logical conclusions may be
             drawn to show that children’s learning and behaviour may be affected
             if any of the natural developmental stages of early childhood are
             omitted, with laterality (or sidedness) being the final stage of
             development in the central nervous system.

             Dyspraxia is to do with movement. In the adjustment or release of
             total movement comes fine motor control. It could be that primal
             reflexes have not been released in the very young child. Any infant in
             its first few months can perform basic movement. The potential is
             there. Tired, exhausted children stem from too early an introduction to
             head learning (brain work). Television for example and computers at
             too young an age, not understood and mastered, but used as playthings,
             attractions and diversions, can be detrimental to normal development,
             and children can become adult too soon. Lack of natural play stops the
             inter connection between inner and outer activity. Therefore, what they
             are learning cannot become imprinted or stay in the brain.

             To help find these underdeveloped skills, the child with co-ordination
             difficulties has to experience for himself how to balance, move, speak,
             and then to give or respond through expression.”

             Recent publicity has been given to neuro-plasticity – the brain that
             changes itself. Science is catching up on what movement therapists,
             eurythmists, Extra Lesson therapists and many Steiner and other
             teachers have known long before present research. It may be a
             blessing for parents and their children to discover that a diagnosis (eg
             dyspraxia, dyslexia, ADHD, ADD, etc) is not a life sentence, but an
             indicator that developmental hurdles have been blocked or may need
             to be crossed.

             Jonathan Anstock
             Adapted from Take Time (Robinswood Press, 2000)
             Mary Nash-Wortham and Jean Hunt

CCRSS 2009                                                                        the ARGO note

          The content of the following notices does not necessarily reflect the views of the
                                 Central Coast Rudolf Steiner School


Winter Special $25 for half hour lesson. Qualified teachers available for Piano, Keyboard, Guitar,
Drums, Bass, Flute, Recorder, Vocals etc.

Phone: 4388 6864, Mobile: 0415 167 156
Bay 5/9 Apprentice Drive, Berkeley Vale

Brass Tuition. Including AMEB & HSC as well as regular student workshops and performances. All
levels catered for. Contact Sharyn or Peter on (02) 4362 3017. 20+ years teaching experience

One blue iPod has been handed in, found on the school bus. Inquiries at the School office .

Promoting the appreciation, education, benefits, culture and freedom for all NATURAL plants and herbs …..
Ethical * Sustainable * Co-Creative * Organic * Aware * Informative * Fair Trade *

Products, Gatherings & Ideas. The Whole of life approach Call Nikki 0415 207 887 or Bjay 0425 213 544

Children’s learning support (Steiner Primary Curriculum) and remedial movement therapy. Catch-up,
strengthen, consolidate or learn new faculities. Jonathan Anstock 0404 103 662. Private practice, Bateau

         The healthy social life is found when in the mirror of each human soul,
         The whole community finds its reflection and when in the community.
                             The virtue of each one is living.

     POSITIONS VACANT                                                              LOVE THE
                                                                                 SCHOOL SHOP?
   Nominations for PCN Executive members
                 are now open.                                                New & exciting opportunity to
    All parents (old and new) are welcome                                    have lots of fun within the school
            to be on the Executive.                                                     community.

                                                                              School Shop Co-ordinators roles
   We need more parents to be involved so we can                                       up for grabs!
   continue to build a strong, supportive parent
   community, working together with the common                                 Leanne & Shahrin are moving
   goal to give our children the best educational                             onto a new venture and would
   environment possible.                                                         love to see the school shop
                                                                              nurtured and loved by people
                                                                              who have as much passion for it
  In order for the PCN to continue operating,                                            as they did.
         we MUST fill the positions of
            President and Secretary.                                          Please contact either of them for more
                                                                                            details on
                                                                                    0423 403 979 – Leanne or
     Ideally general positions would also be filled,                                 0405 839 694 – Shahrin
      to allow the PCN to be as active as possible.

                                    PCN NOMINATION FORM

I,………………………………………………………….……..……..wish to nominate …………………………….…………………………………………….
      (your name)                                                         (nominees name or ‘myself’)

for the position of …………………………………………………………………..……………………………………………………………………………………
on the PCN Executive.

Nominees contact number:…………………………………………………………………………….

If you wish to nominate but are unable to return the slip, or have any further questions, please contact the
Temporary Guidance Officer: Jodie James on 4374 1569 or email

                                     Join our
                                     Our Craft Circle meets on
                                     Wednesday mornings
                                     from 9.15 to 11.30 in the PCN room (under
                                     Heather’s Kindy). Bring your little ones along -
                                     there is plenty to play with.
                                     Week 4 we are completing our hanging lavender
                                     bells, (these are on display in the PCN window).
                                     There will be kits available if you would like to
                                     At present we are working hard towards the
                                     Spring Fair. We’d really love some company!
                                     We hope to see you there.
                                     If you would like some projects to do at home or
                                     want to know how to help, please call Alison on
                                     0435007692 or Gina on 43293774.
  Our Winter Market is
 looking great with lots
     of stallholder
  It’s not too late for your
 class to grab a stall—more

   refreshments would be
Contact Vanessa on 0406429192.
   Vanessa would also like a
                                            PLAY AND TOYS
  couple of volunteers to help
                                                in the
 out on the day. Give her a call
        if you can help.

  We had some great busking at
                                            YOUNG CHILD’S
        the Autumn Market.
 If you’d like to busk this time,
 fill in the form from the Office.       An Early Childhood Talk by
                                               Ebba Bodame
                                           FRIDAY 21ST AUGUST
                   SPRING FAIR NEWS                                                                          Sat 31 Oct
                                                                                                             11 weeks to go!
                                              14 August 2009

Calling all foodies and funsters...                                                                        Is your class in
                                                                                                           the Craft Club?
Haven’t your heard? We need a rep from every class to join each of the three
groups: FOOD, FUN & CRAFT. They’ll be getting strategic about planning and                                     This year we’re
organising the key areas of the Fair.                                                                        spreading the joy of
                                                                                                           crafting and every class
Foodies needed to get together and look at all the refreshments (food                                      is providing something
hall, coffee, chai, snacks, drinks, etc) and work out what we want to offer and                                     to sell.
how best to provide it. Fear not, the Foodies won’t be manning these food                                   Class 3 parents have
stalls all day—as always there will be a roster so everyone can choose                                      started planning the
their 2 hour shift.
                                                                                                            finest Lucky Dip in
Funsters needed to get                                                                                            the land!
together and look at all the                                                                                And for the first time,
activities; choose the most popular                                                                        thanks to the parents of
ones which are the best use of                                                                              Class 2, we will have a
volunteers and cater to all age                                                                                 Children’s
groups—then create everything we
need to stage them. Chariot race                                                                              Craft Corner—
anyone?                                                                                                     a special place where
The Stalls:                                                                                                only children under 10
                                                                                                             can buy little things
Thanks to April Hammer (class 6) the White Elephant Stall is covered. Hold                                   made just for them.
onto your bric-a-brac we’ll let you know when we’re ready for it. Would you
be able to manage the Clothing Pool or Cake Stall? Or have you got another                                  So what’s your classes
idea—I’d love to hear it!                                                                                    creative inspiration?
So don’t delay—we’re working on a short lead time this year. Email me today                                   Is there something
and let me know how you want to get involved.                                                                from the curriculum
Thanks,                                                                                                    you can work with the
Ange Rosemann                                                                                                 children to create?
Spring Fair Coordinator
                                                                                                               (such as crochet,
                                                                                                             felting, leatherwork,
What’s a nature based playground?                                                                                 woodwork)
For children, contact with nature is essential for the healthy development of their                         Or perhaps parents in
minds and bodies. When the landscape and vegetation of a play setting allow children                            your class have
to immerse themselves in the elements of water, sand, trees, grass, rock then they are                     particular skills to share
offered endless opportunities for openness, diversity, manipulation, exploration and                           and translate into
wildness. Research shows playing in nature, as opposed to on play equipment, is                                  saleable items.
                                 critical, especially during middle childhood, for                            Check out the Etsy
                                 developing the capacities of creativity, problem                              website if you’re
                                 solving and healthy emotional and intellectual                            wondering what people
                                 development. Nature-based playgrounds are site-                            are making and selling,
                                 specific, fostering open-ended play which is creative
                                                                                                           and join the worldwide
                                 and inventive. Unlike play equipment, they cater to a
                                 wide range of ages, supporting healthy interaction                         movement celebrating
                                 between age groups. Find out more at                       handmade!
                                   or Google “nature based playgrounds” or “landscape based playgrounds”

        Spring Fair Coordinator:       Ange Rosemann Ph 4388 6064 email:
              TRIVIA NIGHT!!
          Sat 5th September.
      Please book tickets NOW.
           Cut off date is 21st August.
A wonderful night for Adults to have fun and win some
                     great Prizes!
               Venue: Eurythmy Hall @ School

                         Time: 7:30pm
                       Doors Open: 7pm
                    BYO: Food and drink.

          No price change from last year!
        $80 - For a table of 10 (organised by you).
          Must be purchased before the night
             $10 per person - PRE PURCHASED
                 (we can place you on a table)
                        + Free Lucky Door Ticket

  Payment via the Office - please see attached Payment Slip   Slip
  Tickets can be purchased on the night but the cost will be $15
     TRIVIA NIGHT.                      5th September - Prize Donations needed please.
                            We are looking for some fantastic prizes for our trivia night.
        If you are able to donate a prize, please contact Su-Anne 0243920370;;
                            or Julie 0243892440,
                                         All Types of donations gratefully received.
Some suggestions:
* Vouchers or product from your Business
* Alcohol (as its an Adults only night)
* Donate a gift voucher: ie massage, manicure, cd’s dvd’s
* Artwork
* Craft
The more donated gifts, the more prizes we have, the more games we can play and a greater variety of raffle
items to win. Which of course in turn makes more profit for school.
                                      Raffle tickets on sale on the night.

Can you help out with the organising? ie: set up; being a judge; working out games.
Please let Su-Anne or Julie know as we would love to have your help. Thank you ☺

                     TRIVIA NIGHT - PAYMENT SLIP
       Please complete slip and return with payment in an envelope to Office
        by Friday 21st August. For late payments, please contact Su-Anne.
 Group Booking Name: _________________Contact Number:______________
 Are you paying for the group of 10, if so, please list names:

 1                                                               6
 2                                                               7
 3                                                               8
 4                                                               9
 5                                                               10

 If paying separately:
 Your Name: _______________________________________

 Number of Tickets: ___________________________________

 Contact Number: ____________________________________________________

              PAID - Cash/Cheque - Please make cheque payable to ccrss P&F - please circle