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            Can You Catch a Fish on a Moonbeam?

Background: Moonbeam Fishing Supply Company is developing a new fishing
lure that will attract fish using a glowing part on the lure. They claim that
the fish will see the glow and will be attracted to the lure. However, they
are wondering how the lure will be affected by different water
temperatures. They are hiring you to find out how the temperature of the
water will affect the amount of glow.

   1. Problem: How does the temperature of the water affect the glow of
      the glow stick?

   2. State Your Hypothesis:

   3. Test your hypothesis:
         a) supplies: 2 baby food jars, 2 glow sticks, ice, water, warm
            water, 1 shoe box, paper towels, 1 thermometer, pencil, forceps
         b) procedure:
                   Fill one baby food jar with room temperature water and
            use thermometer to find its temperature. Place 1 glow stick in
            the control jar. Place control jar under the correct place in the
            shoe box.
                   Take the other baby food jar and fill it with ice. Use the
            thermometer to take its temperature. Place the other glow
            stick in the variable jar. Place the variable jar under the
            correct place in the shoe box. Close the shoe box lid and look
            through the holes at the glow of the glow stick.
                   Record your results in the chart below. Put the ice back
            and repeat with cold water and with warm water.
4. Analyze the data:

      a) Temperature of the control water = ______°C

       Type of water      Temperature of     How does the
                          water              glow compare to
                                             the control?

       Cold Water

       Warm Water

5. Draw a conclusion

   Is your hypothesis correct or incorrect? Why?

6. Communicate your results

      a) How does the water temperature affect the amount of glow
         that the glow stick gave off?

      b) Should fisherman use this type of fishing lure in the cold
         waters from mountain streams in Alaska? Why or why not?

      c) What water temperature range do you think would be the best
      to use this fishing lure? Why?

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