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Regular and Special Meeting                                                           November 18, 2008

                          INYO COUNTY BOARD OF EDUCATION

                                        I. PRELIMINARY ACTION

       The meeting was called to order at 1:00 p.m. at the George Lozito Conference Center in Bishop,

       Chris Langley led the flag salute.

       Roll call established a quorum with the following members present:

       Chris Langley, President         Harry Petersen, Vice President
       Mary Kemp, Member                Alden Nash, Member           Lynn Cooper, Member

       Staff:         Terry McAteer            Dan Munis            Nan Gering

       Public:        Barry Simpson            Sue Kinney

                                  II.       PUBLIC COMMENT SESSION

T. McAteer introduced Bishop Elementary Superintendent Barry Simpson. Barry said that he was proud
that the bond measure was passed for the district’s solar project. He said due to the district being in
Program Improvement, Bishop Elementary is working closely with the county office on the District
Intervention Team (DAIT) pilot. He said strategies are being incorporated to raise test scores. Barry also
said through Professional Learning Communities (PLC) they are using an on-line assessment reporting
system (OARS) to look at data weekly and to re-teach where needed. He said that new instructional
materials have been purchased for English Learners. T. McAteer said that Bishop Elementary is also
using a phone alert system and a web-based substitute system.

                                            III. ACTION SESSION

       1.  Approval of Consent Agenda (2008-132)
           M. Kemp moved, seconded by A. Nash, to approve the minutes of the October 21, 2008
           Regular Meeting. Motion carried 5-0.
County Board Meeting
November 18, 2008
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      1.   Budget Revisions (2008-133)
           D. Munis distributed a handout with the account code structure including management
           codes and reviewed the budget revisions. L. Cooper moved, seconded by M. Kemp, to
           approve the budget revisions in batches 0096, 0107, 0110, 0128, and 0135.
           Motion carried 5-0. The board adjourned to the Special Meeting.
      2.   Resolution 2008-12 Authorizing the Superintendent to Enter into Any Contract with
           Union Bank of California, N.A. (2008-134)
           D. Munis explained that this resolution is procedural to switch to Union Bank to facilitate
           transfers. M. Kemp moved, seconded by A. Nash, to approve Resolution 2008-12
           Authorizing the Superintendent to Enter into Any Contract with Union Bank of California.
           Motion carried 5-0. The board reconvened in the Regular meeting session.

      1.   Truancy Update
           T. McAteer said a truancy ordinance is coming before the County of Inyo and City of
           Bishop that will result in tickets for students who are truant. He said he would notify the
           board when it is on the agendas.
      2.   SARB Update
           T. McAteer explained the SAARB process. He said the law exists and we are going to start
           to enforce it more stringently and give some teeth to the SARB process.
      3.   Jill Kinmont Boothe School Update
           T. McAteer explained his strategies for handling deficits and probable mid-year cuts in
           terms of two difficult years ahead. He said the county office expects to see the loss of
           $200,000 due to mid year cuts for Bishop High, Bishop Elementary, Death Valley and the
           county office. He outlined his philosophy for offsetting deficit programs with revenue
           producing programs and for Basic Aid and Revenue Limit districts. Terry suggested a
           board meeting in January or February at the Bernasconi Education Center to discuss
           alternatives for the property.
      4.   Community Reads Update
           T. McAteer said Farewell to Manzanar is the book that has been selected for the
           Community Reads project to take place in January, February and March. Terry thanked
           Lynn Cooper for her active participation on the project.
      5.   Update on Move to New COE Offices
           T. McAteer said things are good with the move. The Special Education staff has moved in.
           He invited the board to visit.
      6.   Countywide Sub Pool Update
           T. McAteer distributed the first countywide substitute list and said the purpose is to save
           both district staff and substitute teachers labor.
      7.   AB 1200 Workshops
           T. McAteer said the workshops were valuable and thanked those who had attended.
      8.   Charter Update
           T. McAteer said enrollment is less than was anticipated. A trip is scheduled in December
           to visit and provide assistance.
      9.   Death Valley School District Update
           T. McAteer said he would be visiting Death Valley with Liz Graham, and Nan Gering to
           assist the district staff with business office and personnel/credential issues and to speak
County Board Meeting
November 18, 2008
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              with the Death Valley board regarding redrawing boundaries, reducing size of the board,
              and/or changing to an at-large election of board members.
       10.    Coordinated School Calendar
              T. McAteer said he is working on a more collaborative calendar among the districts and
              adding a county office in-service day.
       11.    Student Voting Day Update
              T. McAteer distributed results of the Student Voting Day.
       12.    Dental Program Update
              T. McAteer said he and Mary Kemp visited the dental program in Lone Pine. He said the
              program has been successful in covering all grades but with funding coming to an end, the
              superintendent would continue to provide the screening program but limit grade levels. He
              said the big issue is lack of dental service providers. He thanked Sue Kinney for her good
              work with the dental screening program.
       13.    ROP Bicycle Repair and Farm Project
              T. McAteer said he is working with Inyo County Probation to have one of the ROP
              teachers work with Keith Bright School students to teach bicycle repair skills and have the
              students repair stolen bicycles to give to the community. Terry said he is also working with
              the Sheriff to start a farm on the jail property and also to provide an instructor to teach one
              period of gardening at Keith Bright School.
       14     Baby Think It Over
              T. McAteer said Baby Think it over is a teen pregnancy prevention program that uses
              computerized dolls.
       15.    Board/Superintendent Roundtable Reports
              T. McAteer invited the board to join the ICSOS department heads at noon on December 16
              before the board meeting. On January 7th, there will be a presentation by Scott Plotkin of
              CSBA at Whiskey Creek. Terry said Mr. Plotkin is a member of the Education Coalition
              who meets with the Governor and legislature regarding education funding and issues.
              L. Cooper said she is happy the Arts Council will partner with the City of Bishop during
              December to March to provide three four-hour Saturday programs including arts, movie
              and dinner. H. Petersen said he attended the ROP/Cerro Coso articulation program.

                           V. DISCUSSION/CONSULTATION SESSION

       The next regular meeting will be on Tuesday, December 16, 2008, at 1 p.m. at the Inyo County
       Superintendent of Schools Conference Room in Independence, California.

                                       VI. ADJOURNMENT
       The meeting adjourned at 3:05 p.m. to Tuesday, December 16, 2008, at the Inyo County
       Superintendent of Schools Conference Room in Independence, California.

Respectfully submitted,

Dr. Terence K. McAteer, Inyo County Superintendent/
Secretary to the Board

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