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Community Conversation: SHERIDAN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL 05/19/2009
Please remember: Write participants’ comments under the appropriate section and press “return” with each
new participant’s comments. Write exactly what participants say. Don’t summarize or paraphrase if
possible (don’t worry about spelling or grammar). Quotes are very useful! We are as interested in why
people value certain areas as we are in what those areas are. Participant’s responses to questions should
remain anonymous throughout note taking.

SFUSD and PEEF Overview questions from participants?

Prinipal, 1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th, K, Pre, LSP, site support, spec ed

how do you decide how much money each school gets? [Brian: depends on program – in SLAM, governed
by master plan approved by board, how to ramp up per pupil, etc. All SLAM have some per pupil allocations
for materials, and then for FTEs, based on need and other resources available]

1. What else do students still need to succeed that they may not be getting?
   (take notes here)

Really need a technology teacher; our children need more technology – bc we live in a technological world
and they can’t even get that in the classroom; and getting someone to help us – just now I spent hours,
something went wrong w/ the computer; we had a teacher for about 6 weeks before they took it away and
we learned more than in a whole year – it was fabulous. [Brian: hearing PD?] But not just go to a workshop,
someone in-house.

I would add also parents, community support. A lot of our children come from families with very little
knowledge or access to technology; make it more equitable and make children ready for the 21st century –
[why] just to make our community on an equal standing with other communities.

Important to have enough resources for the technology; there’s a lot of software we don’t have; in addition
to a tech teacher, we need the resources.

Healthier food options at lunch, specifically a salad bar – would be great. We spend a lot of time talking to
kids about healthy choices, but it would help to have health choices. If they eat better, they are healthier,
have better energy level, brains work better.

Need full-time counselor. We have our LSP. Our children need on-going counseling; not just learning
issues, but emotional issues involved. Need to be pro-active and giving health-related services to our kids.

A little faster with helping those kids.

I know 4 and 5 grade kids have art; should be for lower grades, also. More formal standards-based activities,
bc they don’t have a chance to do that a lot.

Software mentioned, but still have lots of keyboard and mice missing – in TX every classroom had a smart
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Spring 2009

                           San Francisco Unified School District • City and County of San Francisco
board, and that’s important these days. Want to appeal to every different type of learner, and the more ways
to approach, the better.

For technology, film, like documentary filmmaking, useful skill for their careers. And, a civics/government
program, teaches them legal issues, people think elem kids don’t need that, but these are things that affect
them every day, like police, legal. Also teaching them critical thinking skills.

One issue is the lack of enough books in my classroom (lots of nodding heads in agreement], so some
resource to purchase library books. I like to teach guided reading, but I don’t have enough books. And, I
was almost a little surprised at the lack of resources for science. We have emphasis on math, English and
language arts, but our resources for science are underfunded. [Another says; we have a whole room with
these resources] But I don’t have the training for this.

More people in the classrooms, like paraprof staff; our funds do not allow for that. The more people in the
class, the more you can pull for small groups, differentiated instruction, kids learn better.

I like the [previous points]: books, we don’t have choices to use; we force the anthologies down their
throats. We need a decent selection for the kids to read. They should be able to go to the bookstore and buy
these books, they love these books, once in a while they get a book. They come to school and do not have
the experience of being read to; they don’t know that reading can be a joy. In the classroom, it’s “you have
to read this!” Some kids still love the books they read in K; there is a reason for that. Maybe we should pay
people to come in (credential programs) to come in and read to our kids; it will [do lots of good things ---
didn’t get this]

Students need more individualized attention. I once visited a student that got placed; 3 K classes had 5 paras
that got paid for. Somehow to bridge that gap, that would be ideal.

Can this be unrealistic? I think we should have days that we get paid for that we can be in our classroom to
prep for our classes without the kids. And then overtime pay – to get paid for the hours we work past 3pm.

I come from NY, and one thing I ove is that we have 2 subs that we have on-staff. Very large school, but
these subs were always avail to come in when there is training. We can leave the students with someone

The most valuable thing I’ve had in the past was having [Mrs. DeLuca>>] every day for 20 minutes or 40
minutes, every day, to take the kids, you could see 3 or 4 children who just needed that extra help.

(Facilitator may ask follow-up questions as needed)
     Why is that important?

     What would that look like?

     What difference would that make?

2. What impact has PEEF had on student success? (take notes here)
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Spring 2009

                         San Francisco Unified School District • City and County of San Francisco
Our LSP is a having a wonderful impact that we would like full-time. When she’s here, she’s making bulletin
boards, and running girls’ groups, and doing things that teachers don’t have time to do. Also part of SART
[Student Attendance Review Team], health and nutrition.

Impact as a classroom teacher: it affects the child and the learning. It helps the child in their learning, so we
see it directly. Lots of children have different types of issues; they may be coming to school late; so when
those issues are dealt with, when they have the different girls groups, it affects the learning so we see it in
the classroom.

Some of my girls go to the girls group – they are eager to work with Ms. Megan, so when they come back
they have an attitude from negative to positive. Seeing another one of my issues, so it really helps, with
mental and emotional stress, which helps the educations which makes us happy.

We have two reading coaches – is that under there? Assuming it’s our reading coach; unf get her on ly once
or twice a week, when she’s hear she’s teaching the teachers how to try new strategies to reach moer
children. Teachers get better instruction and students learn better.

School nurse has had terrific impact on our school. Does a lot of health education, not just for students, but
for parents as well. Can really address health-related issues for student and parents. Goes from class to class
to teach children about asthmas.

Calls doctors, gets medication, things teachers can’t do, gets asthma plans, so if child has any meds, or
anything they need, she has it all there for the teacher.

Also, having the PE teacher – [lots of affirmation from others]. They’re getting specific grade-level
instruction on P.E. Not just “oh, 20 minutes extra, let’s play steal the bacon.”

If we need prep time or to work with other students, the PE teacher is instructing

The woman who comes to do choral music with the kids – knocks what I can do out of the park. A
professional who can teach skills, reading music, they are so passionate. The kids love it.

Same thing with our ballet teacher, too.

Past 5-7 years we’ve been using the OARS SYSTEM, but the school has learned a lot thru analyzing the
scores, really informs the teaching instruction. Might be losing that.

With OARS, need release days to evaluate. Reading First pays for release days currently with OARS, so this
needs to be continued.

Would be nice to know what we’re using ahead of time, not in August.

How’s the Everyday Math going in the district?

[More comments on tech needs]
The schools n the West side have Techies with wi-fi, we don’t have that – what’s up with that?
The Elmo [lots of talk about this and smart boards]
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Spring 2009

                         San Francisco Unified School District • City and County of San Francisco
Contracted tech teachers.
Some schools are teaching kids to do Powerpoint in 5th grade; we’d like to teach this to our kids.

Gardening supplies, teacher.

(Facilitator may ask followup questions as needed)
Have all students had access to PEEF supports?
Does PEEF help students become “joyful learners?” If so, how?
Has PEEF supported parents in their student's education? If so, how?
Has PEEF supported staff in their student's education? If so, how?

3.      What priorities did participants suggest?

Capture what the post-its say and anything participants say about them. Again, capture why they prioritize
programs and supports as well as the priorities themselves.

Paraprofessionals (11)
Technology (18)
LSP (15)
Formative assessment (5)
Healthier foods (3)
Books (4)
More coaches for all teachers (1)
Science teacher (1)
More educational field trips (1)
More prep days (1)
More paid teachers work days (2)
Classroom library funding (1)
Translation & interpretation (1)
Incentives for volunteers (2)
Reading first program (1)
Civic & legal program (1)
 Sustainability by gardening (1)

Tech people, stuff
Release days, for planning
Paid volunteers
Teacher prep days/work days
More field trips
More coaches
More guided reading books
More reading on computer
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Spring 2009

                         San Francisco Unified School District • City and County of San Francisco
Reading First
Health food

Top priority:

Full-time counselor, bc inconsistency of PT is detrimental to what they’re doing bc it’s not enough
FT LSP, but I’m going to go for healthier food, if they weren’t pumped up on horrible stuff, they’d
have a better day
More technology, as a teacher, more software and hardware, more comps in the class
Tie: :SP and technology; computers and somebody teaching it, and recourse for teachers in
Nurse: bc when medical issue comes, it’s very important; when emergencies arise, if she’s here, she
takes care
Instead of tech teacher, would prefer that teachers become knowledgeable themselves, so teachers
can teach their own students when funds run out
LSP and nurse bc prior to placement of LSP to school, RSP had to do collection of medical records,
and home visits, etc. Having LSP helps treat children more holistically

Good tech teacher and who teach kids and us, and should be top priority.

4 day work-week at least once a month, and on 5th day, teachers could collaborate; it would be cost-
effective for the district and teachers would not mind working one 10 hour day; they do it anyway.

Tech and LSP – tied

Tech, LSP and third tie, which is a nurse. Initially I said technology, but now I think that every
elementary school should have a nurse. There is no reason why every ES does not have a nurse
every day; kids do not plan to have an asthma attack on certain days.

LSP – I think that a lot of emotional stress that the kids go thru, a lot of students fo not have access
to education if they can’t work all day and be present in the class, and its distracting. So it’s very

Nurse – because she can catch the ailment before it gets out of hand.

LSP and nurse are important, but I’m going for tech. All the classrooms needs to be connected,
better educate the students and better prepare them for the future.

Need all of them. Can’t decide. [Want to highlight one?] “No. Give me all or give me death!”

If you use stickers or verbal votes, which post-its have stickers next to them? How many? Why?
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Spring 2009

                         San Francisco Unified School District • City and County of San Francisco
What did participants say about the priorities the group talked about?
What did they notice about the sheet?
What values do they see in each others’ choices?

4.      Do you have any additional questions?

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Spring 2009

                         San Francisco Unified School District • City and County of San Francisco
Discussion Leader Reflection Worksheet
Please take some time to reflect on the conversation. Did you notice anything about the process that we
should remember that is not in the notes above (one person said the same point ten times, other dynamics
about who spoke and who didn’t)?

What were people’s perceptions of the Public Education Enrichment Fund? Were different views
represented in the conversation? If so, what were they?

What questions do people have about Public Education Enrichment Fund?

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Spring 2009

                         San Francisco Unified School District • City and County of San Francisco

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