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									                         Wildcats Dance Team – The “Lakettes”

                                     2011-2012 Season
Welcome to the 2011 - 2012 Lakettes Dance Team season! This is going to be an exciting new
year! Get ready to work hard, make great friends, and endure one of the most rewarding
challenges we hope to bring to your high school experience. As a team, we all have the same
goal; to work hard to be the best dancers that we can and of course, try to win meets! We need
to all maintain positive and productive attitudes at all times in order to have a successful

Coaches Info

Please call or email with any questions to your coaches.

Karen Barthol         651-213-2615          kbarthol@chisagolakes.k12.mn.us

Shannon Hejny         651-213-2514          shejny@chisagolakes.k12.mn.us

Shira Ben-Haim        651-213-2584          sbenhaim@chisagolakes.k12.mn.us


Dancers are expected to follow the Minnesota State High School League rules and regulations.
Any dancer who chooses to engage in any consumption of illegal substances or alcohol will be
punished with suspension according to the MSHSL: 1st offense = suspension for 2 weeks or 2
performances (whichever is longer), 2nd offense = dismissal from the team.

We follow all Minnesota State High School League rules and regulations. Please visit their
website for full information. www.mshsl.org

Dancer Fees

Members of the dance team are accountable for the following fees:

       Activity fee $170 High School, $100 Middle School
       Warm-ups: $83.00 for full warm-up, $50 for jacket only and $33 for pants only
       Shoes: $30 each for Jazz and Kick
       Tights: Kick $15 for 1 pair of body tights, Jazz $15 for 2 pair tan
       Make up - $25 for eye shadow/lipstick/blush, $5 for just new eye shadow
       Team Wear – $6 - $66
       Parent/Fan Wear (optional but fun and encouraging to the dancers when their team’s
        spectators all match and stick out in a crowd)
      Pictures: Yearbook pictures and Panoramic pictures available but not mandatory
      Booster Club membership fee (optional)


Dance practices are all mandatory! Dancers can only be excused from a practice or part of a
practice for an academic reason or family reason. If you have an excuse to miss a practice, you
must clear it through a coach prior to the absence with a note/pass, phone call, or email. Any
dancer who misses a practice for an unexcused reason will be unable to dance in the following
dance event and will lose their ability to letter. If a dancer reaches 2 unexcused absences, they
will be dismissed from the team.

Team dinners are a part of the schedule for all dancers. Dancers are expected to attend each
dinner and not disregard them. If a dancer has an issue/conflict with a team dinner, they need
to address it to a coach prior to the dinner.


All dancers are expected to always have exceptional behavior when on the Lakettes; whether
it’s during meets, practices, team functions, or in school/community. Dancers who exhibit poor
behavior will receive verbal warnings from their coaches and a parent/guardian will also be
notified. Poor behavior can include the following: disrespecting a coach, teacher, or fellow
dancer, repeatedly disrupting practices or meets by talking or being late, swearing, making poor
“team” choices (ie: threatening to quit before a meet, etc), and any other behaviors that your
coach feels is unacceptable.

SENIORS DO NOT GET SPECIAL PRIVILLEGES! Any senior who treats other dancers who are
younger than her differently or poorly will be dealt with by their coach.

Facebook or other social networking sites are not to be used in a negative way towards any
dancer, coach, or the team as a whole. Dancers who are reported to the coach in violation of
this may be sat or removed from the team.

Also, coaches have final decisions in everyday activities. If your coaches give you a direction for
a practice or performance, such as how to wear hair, make up, what outfit to wear, etc, it is
expected that you comply with the coach. Not following directions and/or persuading others
not to follow their coaches’ directions is unacceptable.

Warning System

Girls will be given warnings for their poor attitudes. The warnings are as follows:
      1st warning – point out behavior to dancer coach to dancer

      2nd warning – private conversation between coach and dancer

      3rd warning– private conversation between coach and dancer, dancer is sat for practice,
       parent is notified

      4th warning – private conversation between coach and dancer, dancer is sent home from
       practice unexcused, parent is notified

      5th warning – dancer is dismissed from the team, parent and administration are notified


Team performances should not be posted on any internet source (You Tube, Facebook, etc) at
any time by a dancer or a parent. This includes:

      Performances at meets, basketball games, practices, or school functions

Communicating with your Coach

Coaches should be contacted by a parent or dancer outside of practice for an emergency only.
Any dance/team related business can be communicated with a coach via email or office phone
to be taken care of at the earliest convenience.

Captains of teams are the correct source of communication for dancers. Coaches’ cell phones
may not be called or texted by and parent or dancers with the exception of the captains.

Practice Expectations

We all need to be on the same page when it comes to practices. We are here to work hard and
all reach the same goal, but we also need to enjoy our time together. Therefore, we need to
work together and understand completely what is expected from everyone.

      It is crucial that everyone is at practice on time and ready for practice!
      Hair in pony tail or bun!!!!!!
      Wear dance pants or shorts (wear tights if you wear ANY shorts), a sports bra, and a t-shirt over
       your sports bra
             o Bra straps, cleavage, butt cheeks, and stomachs are not welcome at practice.
             o Mondays – Thursdays: wear all black, Fridays and Saturdays: wear anything
             o Some days you will be assigned to wear street clothes – dates TBD
      Bring jazz shoes and tennis shoes everyday
      Cell phones are not allowed in the practice space. If a dancer is expecting a phone call from a
       parent, they need to leave their phone with the coach while in practice.
           No gum
           Warm-up clothes are acceptable, but only during warm-up and stretch time
           Water bottles should be brought everyday
           Don’t bring your bad day to practice; if you need to cool off during practice, ask a coach to take
            a walk instead of getting confrontational or negative/counter productive
           Dancers are not to ask for a practice off or to leave early; that right is the coaches’ only

Dancers who are late, forget necessary materials, or come unprepared to practice will result in extra
practice kicks done by the whole team. Multiple girls being ill-prepared for practice will result in
multiples of extra kicks for the whole team (ie: forgetting tennis shoes =20 extra kicks, 3 girls forgetting
their tennis shoes=60 kicks)

Dancers who come to practice with poor attitudes will be asked to sit during practice. Sitting due to a
poor attitude is a behavioral sanction and can count against a dancer for lettering. Dancers who are
injured or sick (but not contagious) are expected to be at practice and sit for their participation.

If a dancer misses a practice for any reason, she is responsible for learning the material before the next
practice returned so that the practice can function as needed. If a dancer comes to practice unprepared
from being absent, she will sit for the practice and will not be able to dance until she gets the make-up
help that she needs.

Any dancers who exhibit a negative or destructive attitude during the season towards the team
as a whole, a coach, or an individual dancer will be confronted and possibly sat for meets
coming up. A dancer must have a healthy existence in the team in order to dance or remain on
the team.

If a dancer has an issue regarding dance or something that is/will effect dance, they need to
address with a coach before other dancers and/or students. Coaches do not like finding out
about problems from other dancers and not from those who are experiencing the problems.
Dancers should expect there issues to be addressed immediately, not tell a coach and ask them
not to say anything. If an issue can be handled without a coach, dancers will be expected to
attempt to handle it first before a coach gets involved.

Meet Expectations

         No jewelry or nail polish is allowed during meets
         Be courteous and friendly to other teams and coaches
         Pay attention to the time and where your coaches tell you to be and when
         Be mindful of the coaches’ instructions and follow them at all times
         Get your hair and make-up done with your partner or group before leaving the dressing
         Follow time constraints given by the coaches at all times
     Dancers must wear warm-ups and tennis shoes and bring everything on their check list
     All dancers, regardless of which team they are on or if they are dancing or not, are
       required to attend each meet to support those dancing. Missing a meet will result in an
       unexcused absence for the dancer.
           o Dancer may miss a meet for the following reasons only
                    Contagious illness
                    Coach pre-approved school event
                    Family Emergency

Being able to dance at a meet is a privilege, not a right. Dancers may be sat for meets for a
number of reasons, including missing practices (even for excused reasons), poor attitude, team
misconduct, or frequent misbehavior (being off-task at practices and meets, being late several
time to practices and meets, etc.) A dancer’s ability to perform at a meet is left to the
discretion of the coaches who make decisions for the betterment of the team as a whole, not
for individual dancers.

Family Vacations
Dancers are allowed to miss up to 3 dance days (whether they are practice days or meet days)
for a family vacation. After the 3 days have passed, the absences will be unexcused.

    Bus times for leaving CLHS to go to a meet must be met by all parents and dancers in
      order for the team to remain on schedule. If your dancer is late for the bus by the
      coaches’ watch, the bus will leave without you and you will be responsible for getting
      yourself to the meet within 20 minutes of the bus arriving to the meet.
    If a parent wants to take you home after a meet is done without having you ride the bus
      back to CLHS, the following things need to happen:
          o A parent must send a note or email to the coach at least 2 days prior to the
             meet. Notes or email sent the day before cannot be accepted. A list of dancers
             who turn in a note at the accepted time will be submitted to the Athletic
             Director for his signature. If a dancer is not on the AD approved list, then they
             will not be allowed to leave with a parent under any circumstance.
          o Your coach must see you with your parent before you leave the meet and they
             must sign you out.
                   Violations of this will result in the dancer not being able to leave with a
                     parent from future meets.
    Dancers will be instructed to call their parents when they leave a meet with an
      estimated time of when the bus will arrive at school. Parents: you are expected to meet
        the bus at the school and are responsible for being on time to pick up your dancer. It is
        unacceptable not to be available when your dancer needs to be picked up. Coaches are
        obligated to wait for you until you come and get your dancer; this is not to be abused.


Please do not wash the costumes on your own during the dance season. They need to be
laundered carefully and will be done by the coaches at the end of the season. If you would like
to have your costume washed anytime during the season, please give it to a coach so that it can
be taken care of for you.


       The method of choosing captains and presenting them if left to the coaches’ decision
        based on their knowledge of the girls on the team. Candidates for being a captain
        should have persistent positive attitudes, show initiative and interaction in and out of
        practice with the team, communicate well with coaches and other dancers, and take
        leadership with their actions and words in and out of practice. Captains are not always
        necessarily the best dancers on the team.

Captain Expectations

       #1 Captain expectation: captains will always put the team first before her individual wants and
        will never use the team to get her individual wants

       Varsity captains must be in high school and have been on the team for at least 1 year (including
        the previous year). JV captains may be new to the team and do not have to be in high school.

       Captains are expected to maintain at least B- grades throughout the entire season.
       Captains are expected to lead warm-ups when a coach is unavailable or help lead warm-ups
        with coaches
       Captains are expected to have positive and motivating attitudes at all times during practices and
       Captains are expected to check in with the coaches once a week to maintain understanding
       Captains are expected to keep the team on task at all times during practices
       Captains are expected to be available to help dancers learn missed choreography
       Dancers are expected not to use captains for inappropriate reasons

Lettering Info

Lettering privileges are available to Varsity Dancers only (a dance who dances on one JV team and one
Varsity team is considered a Varsity dancer). In order to letter, a dancer must earn a total of 50 lettering
points throughout the season on top of meeting some required criteria. This criteria and possible points
to be earned or lost are as follows:

       Required: No unexcused absences

       Required: Eligible to dance the entire season grade wise

       Required: participating in practices everyday (ie: injured but still taking notes, stretching, etc.)

       Required: Costumes turned in and locker cleaned out by assigned date

       Required: Attend or be excused from all dance team dinners

       Go to at least one Dance Team basketball performances that you are not in (10 points total)

       Participate in OR attend the State Dance Tournament (10 points)

       Help out with Dance Team Booster Club Fundraiser during the Winter Season (10 points)

       Watch our performances from a meet and take notes on it; ½ page notes per performance (5
        points for our performance, 5 points for another team, 10 points max per meet)

       Attend optional clinics throughout the season (5 points each)

       Go to other CLHS sporting events to support our school’s teams, must have proof that you went
        – signed ticket stub, etc. (2 points per event)

       Be late for the bus for a meet! = Minus 10 points

       Being tardy without a pass to practice during the week = Minus 2 points each time

       Dress code violation = Minus 2 points each time

       1 unexcused absence = unable to letter

       Lettering remains at coaches discretion

Dancers must keep track of their lettering points by filling out a lettering form and getting it signed by
the coach. Then, she may add up her points on a spreadsheet available in the locker room.

JV/Varsity Alternates

When deemed fit by the coaches, dancers may be asked to dance with another team within the Lakettes
(ie a JV kick dancer might be asked to dance for the Varsity Kick dance for a meet). This is not necessarily
a permanent move and all possible moves are to be left to the coaches’ discretion only.

Although Sections is a Varsity-only level competition, all JV dancers are expected to attend the meet to
support their team.

Honorable Mention and All-Conference Awards

Dancers who win Honorable Mention and All-Conference are chosen by the coaches. The number of girls
who win awards depends on how well the team does in the Conference Standings. Dancers who want to
win these awards need to standout to the coaches in several ways: leadership, dance ability, team
rapport, and overall attitude and positive contribution to the team. Honorable Mention and All-
Conference Awards are given out at the End of the Year Banquet in February.
This will be a great year for the Lakettes Dance Team! Please see coaches Karen, Shannon, or Shira
with any questions, comments, or concerns. Welcome to the LDT 2011 – 2012 season!

I have read and understand the rules and expectations of the Chisago Lakes “Lakettes” Dance Team and
agree to adhere to them while on the team.

______________________________________                 _______________________________________

Dancer Name                                            Dancer Signature

I have read and understand the rules and expectations of the Chisago Lakes “Lakettes” Dance Team and
agree to adhere to them while my daughter is on the team.


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