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					         Name/Surname :                                                                  21.07.2010
         ID          :                               ( ) Electrical ( ) 2nd Education ( ) Computer
                                   INTRODUCTION to COMPUTERS                      Duration: 1 hour
                                         1st MIDTERM

1. The electronic circuitry that stores data and         6. The device used in a data communication
  instructions permanently is called                     network to perform the conversion between
                                                         analogue and digital signals, is called a ______
   a.   CPU
   b.   Northbridge chip                                    a.   Front end processor.
   c.   RAM                                                 b.   Modem.
   d.   Keyboard                                            c.   Decoder.
   e.   ROM                                                 d.   Multiplexer.
                                                            e.   Ram
2. Northbridge chip connects CPU to ______
                                                         7. Read Only Memory (ROM)
   a.   RAM
   b.   USB Bus
                                                                 I. Is volatile
   c.   PCI Express Bus
                                                                 II. Is programmable
   d.   Ethernet
                                                                 III. Is mounted on the mother board
   e.   IDE and SATA disks

3. Northbridge chip communicates with the CPU
                                                                    a.   I and II
through the ________
                                                                    b.   I, II and III
                                                                    c.   Only I
   a.   SCSI
                                                                    d.   II and III
   b.   PCI
                                                                    e.   Only II
   c.   FSB
   d.   ISA
                                                         8. SRAM ______
   e.   South Bridge
                                                         a. is used for cache memory
4. When the electrical power is disrupted or cut
                                                         b. is cheaper than DRAM
off, data and programs are lost in/on (the) ______
                                                         c. is made of capacitors that must be recharged
                                                         d. stores data permanently
   a.   Compact disk
                                                         e. All of the above
   b.   Hard disk.
   c.   Memory.
                                                         9. A folder has a file. Which command deletes file and
   d.   Secondary storage.
                                                         this nonempty folder in MS-DOS?
   e.   BIOS
                                                         a. “DEL folder” firstly. “DEL file” secondly.
5. Which command displays a list of files and
                                                         b. “DELETE file” firstly. “DELETE folder”
subdirectories in a directory in MS-DOS?
                                                         c. “RD folder” firstly. “DEL file” secondly
   a.   SUB
                                                         d. “DEL file” firstly. “RD folder” secondly
   b.   MKDIR
                                                         e. “ERASE file” firstly. “DEL folder” secondly.
   c.   DIR
   d.   ATTRIB
   e.   CD

Name/Surname :                                                                      21.07.2010
ID          :                                   ( ) Electrical ( ) 2nd Education ( ) Computer

10. ______mode is used to conserve energy. When the           13. Which is the correct order with respect to capacity?
computer is placed in this mode it switches to a low-
power state. All files and applications that you had              a. Cache < Register < CD < DVD <Hard disk
open remain open but certain devices, including the               b. Cache < Register < DVD < CD <Hard disk
monitor and hard disks, turn off. Everything that is in           c. Register < Cache < CD < DVD <Hard disk
the computer’s memory stays there. It is not saved to             d. DVD > Hard disk > Register > Cache >CD
the hard drive. This mode is ideal when you are taking            e. Register >DVD > CD > Cache >Hard disk
a short break but it is not the ideal solution when you
will be away from your computer for longer periods of         14. The ________ utility helps you protect data from
time.                                                         accidental loss if your system experiences hardware or
                                                              storage media failure.
   a. Hibernate
   b. Logged off                                                       a.   Formatting
   c. Log on                                                           b.   Defragmenting
   d. Stand by                                                         c.   Spooling
   e. Shut down                                                        d.   Scandisk
                                                                       e.   Backup
11. Which statement is true about the NTFS file
system?                                                       15. Which tools in Windows XP Professional allows you to
                                                              end process tree?
a. Once you have converted an NTFS file volume to
FAT32, it cannot be returned to an NTFS volume.                   a.   Task Manager
                                                                  b.   System Monitor
b. Once you have converted a FAT32 file system to                 c.   System Information
NTFS, you may not convert it back to FAT32 without                d.   Computer Management
reformatting the volume.                                          e.   Services

c. The NTFS file system is preferred for all dual             16. You are the desktop administrator for your company.
booting systems.                                              You install a new driver for the network adapter card on
                                                              your Windows XP Professional computer. When you restart
                                                              the computer, monitor displays a STOP error with no text
d. The NTFS file system is supported by Windows 95.
                                                              before you are able to log on. Every time you restart the
                                                              computer, a STOP error halts the star process.
e. The NTFS file system is supported by Windows 98.
                                                              You need to correct the error without affecting the user data
12. _______ will verify and repair (optional) the             on the computer. You also need to restore the original
integrity of the file system on any chosen volume.            network adapter driver. What should you do?
This utility should also be one of the first steps in
troubleshooting a failing hard drive.                         a. Restart the computer with Last Known Good
   a. Hibernate                                               b.Restart the computer by using Recovery Console and stop
   b. Defragmenting                                              the Network Connection Service.
                                                              c. Format computer with Windows XP Professional CD.
   c. Check disk
                                                              d.Restart the computer by using a Windows XP Professional
   d. Stand by
                                                                 bootable floppy disk and disable the network adapter.
   e. Format
                                                                 Restart the client computer and enable the network
                                                              e. None of the above.

Name/Surname :                                                                          21.07.2010
ID          :                                       ( ) Electrical ( ) 2nd Education ( ) Computer

17. You are a help desktop administrator for your company.         20. _______ tool provides if you are connected to a
A graphic designer name Cemal installs a new application           network, you can view network status and see how
and an updated video driver on his Win XP Professional             your network is functioning.
                                                                      a.   Task Manager
After the installation, Cemal restarts his computer and logs          b.   Local Security Policy
on. However, when he moves Windows and dialog boxes                   c.   Event Viewer
the display is distorted.                                             d.   Services
                                                                      e.   Disk Defragmenter
You need to find the correct driver for the new application.
Meanwhile, you need to ensure that Cemal can run his other                                     GOOD LUCK
application without video distortion. What should you do?
                                                                                  Senior Lecturer Yıldıray ANAGÜN
    a. Use Device Manager to roll back the video driver.
    b. Restart the computer with the Last Known Good
    c. Restart computer with VGA Enable Mode.
    d. Restart computer with Debugging mode.
    e. None of the above.

18. You want to open Adobe Acrobat Reader program
in Windows XP but an error is occurred. Which log
should you examine?

    a. The System Log.
    b. The Application Log.
    c. The Authentication Log.
    d. The Security Log.
    e. The Events Log

19. _______ combines several Windows administration
utilities into a single console tree, providing easy
access to a specific computer's administrative
properties and tools.

    a.   Task Manager
    b.   Local Security Policy
    c.   System Information
    d.   Computer Management
    e.   Services

Name/Surname :                                               21.07.2010
ID          :            ( ) Electrical ( ) 2nd Education ( ) Computer

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