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LBCC 2012 Catalog Extract


This file contains pages extracted from the Long Beach City College 2012 Catalog. The extracted pages included information on enrollment and fees.

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                               YouR checklist foR enRollment

1   LBCC Application for Admission                                • In-person in the Counseling Office at LAC M221
    • Online at:                         or PCC GG100
      click on:                       on the right side
      of the homepage.                                        6   Class Registration
    • Call (562) 938-4485 to receive a LBCC                       • Online at
      Student I.D. number and password.                             7 AM-11 PM, seven days a week.
                                                                    CHECK that all your prerequisite requirements
2   Assessment Testing                                              have been met! If the prerequisite was not taken
                                                                    and passed at LBCC, submit a transcript to the
    NEW FIRST-TIME LBCC STUDENTS:                                   Admissions and Records Office.

•   Assessment & Orientation is mandatory
                                                              7   Payment for Classes and Fees
      before you can register for classes - go to:                              Pay for your classes, health, College Services
                                                                  Card, and parking fees.
•   Make an appointment for the Assessment Test                   • Online at
      online with your student I.D. number at:
                                                                    Click on: Pay for Classes on the right
    OR                                                              side of the LBCC homepage.
    • Call (562) 938-4049 LAC or (562) 938-3920 PCC               LBCC accepts                           ONLY
    OR                                                            OR
    • In-person at (LAC) Room N-109, (PCC) GG-100                 • In-person at the Cashier’s office N104 (LAC)
                                                                    or GG116 (PCC)
3   Orientation                                                     Priority Registration Students must pay their
    Complete LBCC Orientation
                                                                    fees online by 10 PM on December 19, 2011 or
    • Online with your student I.D. number at
                                                                    4 PM in person on December 19, 2011.
    • Call (562) 938-4963                                     8   Books
                                                                  • From your PeopleSoft/OLE account, use the
4   Financial Aid                                                   Textbook Express link on your “My Class
    Complete the Free Application for Federal                       Schedule” screen to view/buy your textbooks
    Student Aid (FAFSA):                                            OR
    • Online at:                                   • Buy books online at
    • BOG Fee Waiver Application on pages 139-142                   OR
    • For assistance, call:                                       • BUY in-person at the Viking Campus Stores
      (562) 938-4257 Liberal Arts Campus (LAC)
                                                                      LAC in Trailer I      (562) 938-4223
      (562) 938-3955 Pacific Coast Campus (PCC)
                                                                      PCC in Building GG (562) 938-3106
5   Educational Planning
    Make an appointment to see a counselor:                   9   Go to Class
    • Online at (click “online counseling”)
    • Call (562) 938-4560 (LAC) or 938-3920 (PCC)             10 Call (562) 938-4353 if you need further assistance

L O N G                       B E A C H                       C I T Y                   C O L L E G E

                The Student Success Centers
             Get support in your coursework at both campuses.
     Visit the Success Center site at:
                  We provide the following services at the Success Centers

    Supplemental Learning Assistance                                             Other Services

        Directed Learning Activities (DLA)                                       Tutoring
   Work individually on a learning activity                         Drop in or make an appointment for
       to enhance skills for your class.                           one-on-one or small group assistance.
 Get	feedback	from	Success	Center	experts.
                                                                         Success Center Resources
                       Workshops                                         Visit	a	Success	Center	today	
      Participate	in	specialized	workshops	                                and use our other services
          taught by a faculty member.                                       and resources including:
                                                                         		•	 Textbook	Check-out	
                                                                         		•	 Instructional	Software	
              Directed Study Groups*
                                                                         		•	 Study	Areas	
       Participate in a small group activity
                                                                         		•	 Basic	Skills	Development	
         with	a	Success	Center	expert	
                                                                         		•	 Workshops
        to enhance skills for your class.
     *Limited availability - check website or in Center.

            Have You Visited a Student Success Center Today?
              Liberal Arts Campus                                         Pacific Coast Campus
Multidisciplinary Success Center                              Multidisciplinary Success Center
2nd	fl	oor	Building	L		-		Room	L212			(562)	938-4699           2nd	fl                              	
                                                                   	oor	Building	LL	-	Room	LL206			(562)	938-3991
Monday	thru	Thursday:	           8	AM	-	8	PM                  Monday	thru	Thursday:	      8	AM	-	8:30	PM
Friday:	                         8	AM	-	2	PM                  Friday:	                       8	AM	-	2	PM
Saturday:	                      10	AM	-	2	PM                  Saturday:	                    10	AM	-	2	PM

Math Success Center                                           Career Technical Education Center (CTE)
1st	fl                                 (
     	oor	Building	D		-		Room	D103					562)	938-4228                                                   (
                                                              Building	II	-	Room	II-133																	562)	938-3125
Monday	thru	Thursday:	 7:30	AM	-	8:30	PM                      Monday	and	Tuesday:	                 9	AM	-	3	PM
Friday:	                         9	AM	-	3	PM                  Wednesday	and	Thurday:	              9	AM	-	6	PM
Saturday:	                      10	AM	-	3	PM                  Friday:	                              9	AM	-	1PM
                                                              Saturday:                                   Closed
Writing and Reading Success Center
Downstairs	Building	E																							(562)	938-4520
Monday	thru	Thursday:	                  8	AM	-	8	PM                 Call or Come in Today!
Friday:	                                8	AM	-	2	PM
Saturday:	                            10	AM	-	2	PM

                                                       fees and costs
                   Enrollment Fees                                                              Student Health Fee
     Enrollment fees are based on your residency status.                        A $18 health fee is mandatory and will be charged
Residency requirements are listed in the current college                      upon registration, unless the student meets the
catalog or at The final determination                           exemption described below:
regarding residency status is made by the LBCC
Admissions Office.                                                            • Any student who depends exclusively on prayer for
     Some fees (enrollment and student health) are                              healing in accordance with the teachings of a bona
determined by the State of California and are subject                           fide religious sect, denomination, or organization.
to change without notice.                                                       Documented evidence of such an affiliation is
     The required cost of attending LBCC includes these                         required.
fees: enrollment, student health, and additional material
and/or facility use (if applicable). To determine the cost                       The Student Health Services Office is located on the
of attendance, see the chart on page 9. Costs for books,                      Liberal Arts Campus in Room Q120 and on the Pacific
supplies, housing, and other tangible materials are NOT                       Coast Campus in Room AA101. Each office is staffed
included.                                                                     by a registered nurse.
                                                                                 All students under 18 years of age will need a signed
                                                                              parent/guardian permission form in order to be seen
         College Services Card Fee                                            in the Student Health Services department. Forms
                                                                              are available in the Student Health Centers on both
     Obtaining a College Services card is optional. For                       campuses.
a fee of $20, first-time Spring 2012 students will obtain
                                                                              Student Health Services include: tuberculosis
a college services sticker which is used to obtain a
                                                                              testing, glucose testing, cholesterol checks, physicals,
Student ID card in the college student center on either
                                                                              immunizations, clinic referrals, prescriptions, pregnancy
campus. In following semesters, students pay $20 to
                                                                              tests, vision screening, blood pressure checks, first
the cashier to obtain a current college services sticker                      aid treatment, health counseling, over the counter
which is used to validate the student ID for the current                      medications for colds, flu and headache, health related
term. The student can receive their sticker paying online                     programs such as the annual LBCC Health Fair. Insurance
OR in person at Cashier’s Office on either campus.                            coverage for accidents occurring on campus or at off
     All students must have a current college services                        campus, college sponsored events ($50 deductible).
sticker to use the following services: Campus-to-                             An additional nominal fee is charged for Physicals and
Campus Shuttle bus, library check-out, open-access                            Immunizations.
computer labs, scholarship eligibility, discount tickets
to theme parks, purchase of bus passes and other on-                                        For an appointment, call:
campus activities.                                                                  LAC (562) 938-4210 PCC (562) 938-3992
     Students who choose not to use the services
available must contact the Cashier’s Office and request                                             Additional Fees
a “Surrender of Benefits”; the $20 fee will be removed
from the student’s account; however, students will be                          Some claSSeS require material or facility uSe feeS.
denied the services listed above.                                                  These fees must be paid upon registration.
     See the Cashier’s Office regarding lost or damaged                                        FOR EXAMPLE:
cards. A $5 fee is charged for a replacement card.

                                                                              COMIS 1A            Using the IBM Microcomputer                    1.0
 For students who register via the web, a college services sticker will
                                                                                  Transfer to CSU, see a counselor for limitations
 be mailed to the home address as listed in the contact information               Students must attend both class listings-lec/lab components.
 frame on your online “Student Center” page.
                                                                                  **Note: $2.50 material fee paid at registration**

                                    Success Begins Today!
                                        fees and costs (continued)

               RESIDENT - Spring 2012 Registration Fee Chart - RESIDENT
                      Units        1        2       3          4      5       6        7      8       9
Enrollment ($36 per unit)        $36      $72    $108    $144      $180    $216     $252   $288    $324
  College Services Card          $20      $20     $20     $20       $20     $20      $20    $20     $20
           Student Health        $18      $18     $18     $18       $18     $18      $18    $18     $18
                    TOTAL        $74     $110    $146    $182      $218    $254     $290   $326    $362
  with Parking Fee ($25)         $98     $134    $180    $206      $242    $278     $314   $350    $386
                      Units       10       11      12      13        14      15       16     17      18
Enrollment ($36 per unit)       $360     $396    $432    $468      $504    $540     $576   $612    $648
  College Services Card          $20      $20     $20     $20       $20     $20      $20    $20     $20
           Student Health        $18      $18     $18     $18       $18     $18      $18    $18     $18
                    TOTAL       $398     $434    $470    $506      $542    $578     $614   $650    $686
  with Parking Fee ($25)        $423     $459    $495    $531      $567    $603     $639   $675    $711

             NON-RESIDENT - Spring 2012 Registration Fee Chart - NON-RESIDENT
                      Units         1        2       3         4       5       6       7       8       9
Enrollment ($36 per unit)         $36      $72    $108    $144      $180    $216    $252    $288    $324
Non-resident ($183 per unit)     $183     $366    $549    $732     $915    $1098   $1281   $1464   $1647
 Capital Outlay ($5 per unit)      $5      $10     $15     $20       $25     $30     $35     $40     $45
   College Services Card          $20      $20     $20     $20       $20     $20     $20     $20     $20
           Student Health         $18      $18     $18     $18       $18     $18     $18     $18     $18
                     TOTAL       $262     $486    $710    $934     $1158   $1382   $1606   $1830   $2054
   with Parking Fee ($25)        $287     $511    $735    $959     $1183   $1407   $1631   $1855   $2079
                      Units        10       11      12      13        14      15      16      17      18
Enrollment ($36 per unit)        $360     $396    $432    $468      $504    $540    $576    $612    $648
Non-resident ($183 per unit)    $1830    $2013   $2196   $2379     $2562   $2745   $2928   $3111   $3294
 Capital Outlay ($5 per unit)     $50      $55     $60     $65       $70     $75     $80     $85     $90
   College Services Card          $20      $20     $20     $20       $20     $20     $20     $20     $20
           Student Health         $18      $18     $18     $18       $18     $18     $18     $18     $18
                     TOTAL      $2280    $2502   $2726   $2950     $3174   $3398   $3622   $3846   $4070
   with Parking Fee ($25)       $2303    $2527   $2751   $2975     $3199   $3423   $3647   $3871   $4095

L O N G                         B E A C H                  C I T Y                 C O L L E G E
                             fees and costs (continued)
                   Parking Fee                        Fee Payment
The fee for a Spring 2012 parking permit is $25.             The easiest method of payment for Priority Registration
Parking privileges and fees are optional. Students who       is by credit card (Visa, MasterCard or Discover).
purchase a parking permit are entitled to park a car or
motorcycle in campus lots designated for students.           You have two (2) options to pay:
                                                             By credit card (Visa, MasterCard or Discover)
After completing your online registration, go back to        OR
your “Student Center” and click on: Opt for Parking          In person at the Cashier’s Office on either campus.
in the “Finances” section, then click to select the term
from the pull-down menu.                                             Deadline for payment of enrollment fees is
                                                                     December 19, 2011 by 4:00 PM in-person
                                                                     or 10 pm online.
                                                             You will be dropped from all of your classes (both enrolled
                                                             and wait listed) if you fail to meet this deadline.

                                                             DURING OPEN REGISTRATION (January 3-6, 2012),
                                                             Whether enrolling in-person or online you must pay
                                                             your fees immediately at the time of enrollment.

                                                             Online Fee Payment Using a Credit Card
                                                             After completing your online registration, go back
                                                             to your “Student Center” and click on:
                                                             Make a Payment in the “Finances” section.
     VALID PERMIT           VOID - Do Not Use
                                                             • Complete all the fields on the screen. If you leave
                                                               required fields blank, you will be prompted to
                The current                                    return and complete all information.
         PARKING TICKET FINE is $49
                     (subject to change)                     • The Credit Card Authorization process will confirm
  Parking without a VALID permit or using a VOID permit        the payment or generate a message if there is a
   will result in your vehicle being cited and/or towed.       problem or issue with your transaction.

A parking permit may be purchased at the Cashier’s Office    • Go to your online “Student Center” page to view
or online any time during the semester. Display the VALID      your account summary.
parking permit from the vehicle’s rear-view mirror.

If you did not pay for parking, but you paid for a College
Services Card, you will receive a voided parking permit in           NOTE: It is your responsibility to review your
the mail. A picture of a voided permit is shown above. If            account summary and make sure that all your
you change your mind and decide to purchase a parking                fees have been paid so you are not dropped.
permit, see the Cashier’s Office at LAC or PCC.
                                                             When you are finished, click on “Sign out” in the upper
   Daily ParKiNG PermitS are aVailaBle for $1                right-hand corner of the screen.
           from DiSPeNSerS locateD iN
               lBcc ParKiNG lotS

                             Success Begins Today!
                                  fees and costs (continued)
         Student Account Status                            Third Party Assistance
Account summaries are available online at any time at your  and BOG Fee Waiver
online “Student Center” page. Your account summary total
will reflect all fees and charges as outlined on pages 8-11         If you have a third-party payment authorization
in this Schedule of Classes.                                        (Veteran’s assistance, rehabilitation, scholarship,
                                                                    military contracts, tuition agreement, employer
              Delinquent Accounts                                   sponsored tuition), bring your signed form to the
Debts from past terms can be brought into good standing             Cashier’s office BEFORE the payment deadline.
by making a credit card payment (Visa, MasterCard, or
Discover) via the Web. Please contact the Cashier’s Office          The Board of Governor (BOG) fee waiver pays
if your hold remains after one (1) hour.                            only for the enrollment fees. It does not cover the
                                                                    college services card, health, facilities, materials,
This does not apply to ASB or Library debts. These debts must
                                                                    and parking fees.
be cleared by the Cashier’s office or the Library, respectively.

                Refund Payments                                                   for Students
    A check is the only form of payment that Long                       The scholarship program rewards excellence,
    Beach City College uses to issue refunds.                           academic achievement and service to the college
    Therefore, if you use a credit card to pay for                      and community by giving honor, recognition
    any registration transaction and you later drop                     and financial support to deserving students.
    any or all of your classes, within the required
    refund period, we will NOT credit your credit
    card account. You will receive your refund                                Applications will be available at:
    check during the refund period.
    Refunds will automatically be mailed to the
    address listed on your online “Student Center”                         The Scholarship Office is located on the
    page.                                                               second floor of Building “O2” at the Liberal
                                                                        Arts Campus and in Building EE157B at the
                                                                             Pacific Coast Campus or call us at:
                                                                                      (562) 938-4267

                   For more information, visit:

L O N G                        B E A C H                           C I T Y                  C O L L E G E

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