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 Critical Mass NYC tipsheet in                                    QUESTION: Resources for
 English, document                                                 connecting corporations to
 Submitted by jenna on Wed, 04/27/2005 - 10:57pm                  QUESTION: afropessimism
                                                                  QUESTION: US Veteran
Here is a tipsheet for riding in Critical Mass and not             Suicides
getting arrested.                                                 QUESTION: public opinion,
                                                                   social movements, economic
The idea is to print it 4 to a page, but you have to tell          crisis
your printer! Select 4 on the Pages Per Sheet option.             QUESTION: Bay of Pigs,
You can print the flier in English on one side and
Spanish on the other. If you need help with this, e-mail more...
Jenna with your phone number.
                                                         Unanswered Questions
Go back to the main Critical Mass page to get the file
in Spanish or in pdf.                                             QUESTION: The 2012 NDAA
                                                                   bill and it's rejected
Bookmark/Search this post with:                                    ammendments.
                                                                  QUESTION: Police Dissent
                                                                  and Resistance
                                                                 QUESTION: US positions
                                                                   leading up to Rio+2-
                                                        more...

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