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10:00 AM           Anonymous
My laptop computer, a NEC 440T, comes up with a message: "cannot find operating system" when
I try to start it. Hard drive or system files. Tell him to bring his recovery disks.

10:00 AM      Anonymous
I have 3 computers I would like to combine into one. Sounds like a challenge, & I love a challenge.

10:00 AM        Anonymous
1. The temporary files are accumulating. Some files I delete, but I freeze when computer asks the
question: "Are you sure...?" No, I am not sure at all.
I can add a line to Autoexec.Bat that wipes Temp files and Temp Internet Files every time he boots.
2. When I shut down computer, a message appears that something "exceptional" happened.

10:00 AM      Anonymous
PC works fine but attempts to install “Microsoft 98” fail to activate program.

11:00 AM        Anonymous
Compaq computer (WinME) freezes up, sometimes at StartUp. It has rarely done this until I
installed Symantec Internet Security. I have to cut power and re-plug. WinME automatically runs
a scan. Most times that gets it running, but occasionally it gets to the desired website and is frozen
and I have to start all over again. Concerned that frequent unplugging may be harmful.
Remove Symantec Internet Security. Update Internet Explorer. Pray.
Best thing I can think of is to uninstall Symantec; it's caused problems for a lot of people.

11:15 AM       Anonymous
Need the dust cleaned from the fans and a program transferred from an old computer to a new one.
Also would like Windows Explorer to open to My Computer rather than My Documents. Thanks.

11:30 AM        Anonymous
Dell laptop:
1. Periodic failure to shutdown properly and then blue screen at next start up.
May be a program running in the background.
2. I think I downloaded Ad-Aware, but not sure I installed it. We have it on a CD
3. My display sometimes turns pink. Usually after a move (Win98 SE). Flaky video card?

11:45 AM     Anonymous
My eMachine has problems copying to a disk at times, and the dial up modem will not disconnect.
May be a bad Hard Drive
12:00 PM        Anonymous
1. Laptop-Compaq/Presario 700, WinXP/Home, AMD Athlon4 1600 + 585Mhz, 20Gb hard drive,
240Mb RAM. I want to double the memory, what kind should I buy & bring?
2. Still new to Internet & need to clean-up icons on screen/remove advertising programs/old AOL
program & safeguard computer by proper configuration.

12:15 PM       Anonymous
When powered up, screen says "please insert disk". Dale suggested I buy a motherboard battery
and hard drive and bring along with restore CD in case needed.

12:30 PM        Anonymous
The computer thinks a disk is inserted. It says take the disk out, but there isn't one there.
Startup files on hard drive? Sounds like it could be a bad Hard Disk.

12:45 PM      Anonymous
Computer starts, but cuts off before I can do anything. CPU fan? Start by booting in safe mode.

1:15 PM         Anonymous
Slow boot/errors Wuauclt has caused error in <unknown>/System freezes/ME op sys-Dell.
Also trying to set up home network with Microsoft hub. Update Internet Explorer from Safe Mode.
To work on the network, we’ll need the hub, the wires, and every computer that’s going to be on
the network – probably more than we can deal with in 2 hours.

1:30 PM        Anonymous
I have an older 486 Solex laptop which, I believe, needs a new clock battery. I hoped someone
could point that out and suggest where I might purchase another. We can – may even have a fairly
new battery we can install. We should refer to Laptops Plus. I have business cards in the clinic.

1:45 PM         Anonymous
Computer has message "Operating System not found" when logging on. Will not budge. Has to be
shut off by disconnecting power at power strip. Startup files on hard drive, CMOS settings, or hard
drive itself. We will need the recovery disks or Windows disk.

2:15 PM        Anonymous
I have an older model Packard Bell IBM compatible computer. Recently I have been unable to
make connection to my ISP (MSN). Thus I don't have access to the Internet, nor can I send or
receive e-mail on this computer. Bring us your MSN settings and CD, we’ll reinstall (after
checking the modem). MSN has been having problems lately. This may be part of his problem.

2:30 PM       Anonymous
Numerous error messages. CD Rom just quit working. Error messages say that the program has
performed an illegal operation. Sometimes the printer comes on when the system is turned on and
sometimes it will not come on. Bring a returnable CD or CD-RW; we’ll try to fix yours in DOS
and Windows, but we’ll have a replacement if needed. Update Internet Explorer to fix the error
messages. Bring the printer – maybe we can help, maybe not.

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