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					                                                SC DHEC - Environmental Quality Control (EQC)
                                                                 90                                                                   SC DHEC – EQC Bureau of Air Quality
                                                                                                                                                 2600 Bull Street
                                                                              Reece                                                            Columbia SC 29201
                                                                        PM Air
                                                                 Bureau of III Quality                                                        Phone: 803-898-4123
                                                                          43222/AH55/09                                                         Fax: 803-898-4117
                                                                       November 16, 2011                                                             Web Site:

                                                                         Bureau Chief
                                                                      September 16, 2008
                                                                         Myra Reece


                       Assistant Bureau Chief          Public Participation                                 Assistant Bureau Chief
                           Renee Shealy                   Coordinator                                    Rhonda Banks Thompson, PE
                           803-898-4299                  Lawra Boyce                                            803-898-4391

  Division of Air           Emissions,             Admin and                               Admin and             Engineering
   Assessment,             Evaluation &             Records                                 Records            Services Division                   Air Compliance
  Innovations, &          Support Division                                                                         (Page 4)                         Management
    Regulation               (Page 3)               Supervisor                             Supervisor                                                  Division
     (DAAIR)                                    Bethany O’Hara-Na                         Barbara Lake              Director                           (Page 5)
     (Page 2)                 Director             803-898-9564                           803-898-4119         Elizabeth J. Basil
                           Henry J. Porter                                                                       803-898-4126                          Director
    Director                803-898-4138           Personnel                               Personnel                                                R. Keith Frost
 Robert J. Brown                                   Coordinator                             Coordinator                                              803-898-4115
  803-898-4105                                                                                                Piedmont Permitting
                                                 Octavia Brown                            Linda Chavis                                                Technical
     Air Quality                                 803-898-4339                             803-898-4283        Sandhills & Forestry                   Management
    Innovations               Air Toxics                                                                      Products Permitting

                                                                                           Hazel Snow                                                  Asbestos
Air Regulation & SIP     Information Services                                             803-898-4123          Coastal Plain &
    Management                                                                                                 Power Permitting
      Section                                                                                                                                     Source Evaluation
                         Emissions Inventory
                                                                                                               General Permitting
Air Data Analysis &                                                                                               & Support                          Enforcement

    Air Quality
   Standards &

                                              SC DHEC - Environmental Quality Control (EQC)

                                                            Bureau of Air Quality

                                              Division of Air Assessment, Innovations, & Regulation
                                                                                                                                     Air Quality
   Air Quality
                                                                                                                                    Standards &
    Section                                                            Director                                                       Section
                                                                    Robert J. Brown
   Manager                                                           803-898-4105
Michael Monroe                                                                               Air Data Analysis &                Nelson Roberts
 803-898-3261                      Air Regulation &                                                Support                       803-898-4122
                                   SIP Management
                                        Section                                                  Manager
     Debra                                                          Administrative             Tommy Flynn                          Brian Barnes
 Briggs-Monroe                        Supervisor                      Support                  803-898-3251                         803-898-7099
  803-898-3752                       Maeve Mason                   Renee Baecker
                                     803-898-2230                   803-898-4132
                                                                                                  Elzbieta                           Lisa Clark
 Marian Nanney                                                     Bureau Training               Covington                          803-898-0717
  803-898-4852                       Alan Hancock                    Coordinator                803-898-4334
                                                                                                                                Leslie Coolidge
    Matthew                                                                                     Joel Hodges                      803-898-3208
   Polkowsky                         Andrew Hollis                                              803-898-4131
  803-898-4116                       803-898-4196
                                                                                                                                    Michael Juras
                                                                                                Clay Lawson                         803-898-4385
   Jack Porter                       Tony Lofton                                                803-898-7410
  803-898-3829                       803-898-7217
                                                                                                                                     Adam Page
                                                                                               Renee Glenda                         803-898-1423
Channell Webster                    Melinda Mathias                                              Madden
  803-898-4372                       803-898-3269                                              803-898-3822

                                   Mallori McAllister                                         Shoumik Rahman
                                    803-898-4123                                                803-898-1425

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                                              SC DHEC - Environmental Quality Control (EQC)

                                                           Bureau of Air Quality
                                                 Division of Emissions, Evaluation, and Support               Inventory

    Manager                                                                                                    Manager
   John Glass                                                                                                Lynn Barnes
  803-898-4074                                                          Director                             803-898-4298
                                                                     Henry J. Porter
   John Allard                                                                                            Carla Bedenbaugh
  803-898-4197           Air Toxics                                                                         803-898-4279

Wesley Behrend          Heinz Kaiser                                                                          Larry Bunn
 803-898-4216           803-898-4089                                                                         803-898-4301
                                                       Sherry Branham                  Information
                                                        803-898-3055                     Services
Reba Glymph-Fant           ENG II                                                                          Chris Cheatham
  803-898-3210          803-898-4338                                                                        803-898-3827
                                                                                       David Curtis
Veronica Gorman        H Reed Corley                                                                        Chip Lominick
  803-898-3847         803-898-1422                                                                         803-898-4086
      (PT)                                                                             Todd Barrett
                         Denise Hall                                                                        David McClard
 Mary Ruth Hall         803-898-3204                                                                         803-898-3723
 803-898-4379               (PT)                                                       John Daraban
                                                                                                            Linda Morgan
   Paul Martin         Melissa Poage                                                                        803-898-4288
  803-898-4088         803-898-3235                                                    Brian Payne
                                                                                                              Jeff Nuovo
Richard Monteith      Angel Thompson                                                                         803-898-4085
  803-898-4124         803-898-4058                                                    Ernest Pulley
                                                                                                          Annie Richardson
 Tracy Price, PE       Connie Turner                                                                        803-898-4296
  803-898-4466         803-898-0341

                                                                                                          Elisa Faulk Vincent
 Gregory Quina        Mary Peyton Wall                                                                       803-898-4123
 803-898-3405          803-898-4064                                                                               (PT)

 Stephen Smutz         Pamela Welch                                                                         Chad Wilbanks
  803-898-7854         803-898-2483                                                                          803-898-4106

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                   List of Responsibilities
                                           SC DHEC - Environmental Quality Control (EQC)                                                 General Permitting
                                                                                                                                            & Support
    Permitting                                              Bureau of Air Quality                                                                Manager
                                                                                                                                          Fatina Washburn
Steve McCaslin, PE                                      Division of Engineering Services                                                        Clark

  David Abusah                                                           Director                               Coastal Plain &
                                                                    Elizabeth J. Basil                                                        Dennis Camit
  803-898-4170                                                                                                 Power Permitting
                          Sandhills &                                 803-898-4126                                                            803-898-4284
                       Forestry Products
                                                                                             James Little          Manager
    JoAnna                Permitting
                                                                                                               Veronica Barringer             Jerisha Dukes
  Cunningham                                                                                 803-898-4123
                                                                                                 (PT)            803-898-4127                 803-898-4292
  803-898-3248            Manager
                      Katharine Buckner                       Public Info Spec
                        803-898-3213                            Karen Lee
                                                               803-898-4055                                     Jamel Boatright               Alyson Hayes
Michael Daugherty                                                                                                803-898-4359                 803-898-3836
                          Bob Brown                                                          Jason Garrick
                         803-898-4129                            Program Asst                803-898-0391
                                                                                                                  Christopher                 Kirk Schneider
   Team Leader                                                   Eve Leitzsey                                       Hardee                     803-898-4023
  Utpal Patel, PE                                                803-898-3826                                    803-898-0039
   803-898-4062          Hank Kirkland                                                      Diane Humphries
                         803-898-0457                                                         803-898-0048
                                                                                                                                              Pam Whiteside
                                                                                                                 Jane Deaton                   803-898-4276
 Susan Peterson                                               Public Info Spec                                   803-898-4123
  803-898-0873          Jeremy Lawson                         Soraya Purvis                  Wanda Parnell
                         803-898-0390                          803-898-7678                  803-898-1296

  Randy Price                                                                                                   Jidida Douglas
  803-898-4057                                                                              James Robinson,
                         Team Leader                                                               PE
                         James Myers                                                          803-898-0660
Michael Robertson        803-898-4621             Tawanna Reid
                                                  803-898-8718                                                    Jerry Freck
  803-898-1236                                                                                                   803-898-7787
                                                                                            Omari Thompson
                          Hetal Patel                                                        803-898-0968
George Robinson          803-898-3850           Mareesa Singleton
  803-898-4135                                    803-898-4113
                                                                                            Sheila Watts, PE
                         Renard Perry                                                        803-898-1161
 Janelle Trowhill        803-898-4188            Shauna Stevens           Melissa McIndoe
  803-898-4108                                    803-898-0662             Dawkins, PE
                                                                          RO 2 Greenville   Stephanie White
                       Snezana Popova                                      864-241-1090

                                                                                            Diana Zakrzwski

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                     List of Responsibilities                                    4
                                                   SC DHEC - Environmental Quality Control (EQC)

                                                                Bureau of Air Quality
                                                         Division of Air Compliance Management                             Enforcement
 Dawn Jordan                                                                                                                  Manager
 803-898-4075                                                           Director                                           Randy Stewart
                                                                     R. Keith Frost                                         803-898-4112
                                                                                                 Source Evaluation
 Carol Boney
 803-898-3837                                                                                                             Matthew Brewer
                                                                                                     Manager               803-898-4293
                                                                                                  Michael Shroup
Shera Brigman                           Asbestos                      Administrative
 803-898-4021                                                                                                              Kevin Renwick
                                                                        Support                                             803-898-4036
                                     Manager                          Martha Autry                 Anna Bozard
                                    Robin Mack                        803-898-3919                 803-898-4010
Sheila Buckman                     803-898-4270                                                        (PT)                 Brian Smith

                                    Christopher             Administrative                          Jake Frick
  Sara Fenzel                         Carney                   Support                             803-898-3897          Karonda Williams
 803-898-2484                      803-898-1094            Carmen Figueroa                                                 803-898-4348
                                                                                                  Tondrae Garrett
 Sarah Goode                       James Hinkle                                                    803-898-3901
 803-898-2231                      803-898-7586

Anthony Keeler                   Steven Wagstaff                                                  Elton Guinyard
 803-898-3848                     803-898-4123                                                     803-898-2295

Cindy Kilpatrick                    Miles White                                                     Urva Patel
 803-898-4118                      803-898-3835                                                    803-898-4123

Trevor Michael                                                                                   Morgan Shephard
 803-898-2496                                                                                     803-898-4163

                                                                                                  Derek Williams

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             List of Responsibilities

                                           Renee G. Shealy – Assistant Bureau Chief

           Division of Air Assessment, Innovations, & Regulation                          Emissions, Evaluation, & Support

                          Director: Robert J. Brown                                           Director:   Henry J. Porter
Sections:                                                              Sections:
       Air Quality Innovations                                               Air Toxics
       Air Regulation and SIP Management                                     Emissions Inventory
       Air Quality Standards & Assessment                                    Modeling
       Data Analysis & Support                                               Information Services

Functions:                                                             Functions:
Regulation Development & Review                                        NESHAP/MACT Standards
State Implementation Plan                                              Area Source GACT Standards
Environmental Assessments                                              Residual Risk Standards
Regulation Updates                                                     Risk Assessment Reviews
Regional Haze                                                          Standard No. 8 Modeling
Attainment/Non-attainment Issues                                       Standard No. 8 Applicability Determinations
Early Action Compacts                                                  EPCRA Tier II
Mobile Sources/Transportation/Diesel                                   EPCRA Toxic Release Inventory
EPA Air Planning Agreement                                             MACT Compliance Inspections & Compliance Reviews
Performance Partnership Agreement                                      112r Risk Management Plan Reviews
Climate Change/Global Warming                                          112r Risk Management Plan Compliance Inspections
Strategic and Operational Planning                                     Emission Inventory Development and Review
Accountability Reporting                                               Inventory Fees
Outreach/Education Resources                                           Emissions Projections
Staff Training                                                         FOI Data Retrievals for Emissions and Modeling Data
Indoor Air Quality Customer Service                                    Emissions Factor Data Management
Air Annual Report                                                      Modeling for Construction, Operating, & PSD Permits
Annual Accountability Report                                           Modeling for Small Business Facilities
Strategic Planning                                                     Regional Photochemical Modeling (SIP Modeling)
“Take a Break from the Exhaust”                                        Class I Area Visibility
Small Gas Engine Exchanges                                             Ozone Forecasting
Ozone Forecast Distribution                                            Meteorological Support
B 2 @ School                                                           Special Studies
Local Government Collaboration                                         Computer Support
Webpage Development                                                    Network Administration
Grants                                                                 EFIS Development/ Support
Geographic Information Systems                                         Web Support
State DERA Grant Administration                                        Expedited Review - Modeling
The Climate Registry
Ambient Monitoring Plans
Ambient Network Assessments
Statistical Analysis
Ambient Air Monitoring Trends
Exceptional Events

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                                      Rhonda B. Thompson, P.E. – Assistant Bureau Chief

                        Engineering Services Division                                                    Compliance Management Division

                        Director: Elizabeth J. Basil                                                           Director: R. Keith Frost
Sections:                                                                            Sections:
       Piedmont Permitting                                                                 Enforcement
       Sandhills and Forestry Permitting                                                   Technical Management
       Coastal Plains and Power Permitting                                                 Source Evaluation
       General Permitting and Support Permitting                                           Asbestos

Functions:                                                                           Functions:
Review and issue construction and operating permits for stationary sources,          Compliance Review & Tracking
including:                                                                           I/I Report Review
     o Pulp and Paper Industry                                                       Inspection Quality Assurance & Oversight
     o Forest Products                                                               Special Investigation Coordination
     o Utilities                                                                     Title V Tracking
     o Chemical plants                                                               Compliance Audits
     o Textile Mills                                                                 Operations Data Management
     o Asphalt Plants                                                                Compliance Monitoring
     o Concrete Batch Plants                                                         Technical & Compliance Assistance
     o Mining Operations                                                             Compliance & Enforcement
                                                                                     Certification Reviews
Issue Prevention of Significant Deterioration, Non attainment NSR and MACT                o Minor/Other Sources
permits.                                                                                  o Asbestos, Open Burning, Federal Facilities,
                                                                                          o Air Toxics, Title IV, Title V, Title VII
Issue Title Operating Permits                                                        EPA Compliance Coordination
                                                                                     Source Tests
Issue General Construction Permits for Asphalt Plants and Textile Greige Mills       CEM Certification & Audits
                                                                                     Compliance Assurance Monitoring
Issue Registration Permits                                                           Asbestos Abatement
                                                                                          o NESHAP & State Regulations
Expedited Review – Permits                                                                o Project Licensing
                                                                                          o Oversight Inspections
Create applications and other forms for permitting activities                             o Worker Licensing
                                                                                     Asbestos Training
                                                                                          o Training Course Audits
                                                                                     Asbestos Outreach
                                                                                     FOI Data Retrievals

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