NBCAF Scholarship Application 2011 The Northern Baltimore County by linxiaoqin


									NBCAF Scholarship Application 2011
The Northern Baltimore County Art Foundation is committed to promoting art and art awareness
in Northern Baltimore County (Hunt Valley to the PA line). NBCAF is proud to award a $2000
scholarship to a graduating high school student who resides in the North County and will attend a
4 year college in pursuit of a baccalaureate degree in fine arts.

Selection Committee Jurors:
Diane DiSalvo
Director of Cultural Programs
Stevenson University

Jean Kane
Senior Graphic Designer in Productions
The Virginia Museum of Art

Murray Taylor
Working Artist
Frostburg University, Cum Laude

Cheryl Stratmann Bubier
Working Artist
MFA Pratt Institute


Criteria for application includes:
    ✔ Name, address, e-mail and phone.

   ✔ Proof on residency in the North County via two documents: one must be an addressed
     utility bill or copy of current driver's license.

   ✔ Copy of high school transcript.

   ✔ On a sheet of paper please write the sentence and sign with your name, address, phone and
     signature: “I authorize the NBCAF to reproduce any of my submitted images for
     promotional purposes for the foundation. This does NOT include sale or licensing of my

   ✔ 10 quality images of work produced in the last two years reproduced digitally and saved to 4
     CDs. Each work shall be identified with artist's name, title, size and medium. Please include
     a digital file on each of the 4 CDs that lists each work in chronological order with artist's
     name, title, size and medium.

   ✔ 4 copies of a letter of recommendation
   ✔ Thoughtfully answer two (2) of the following questions. Please include the question and
     answer on the same 4 CDs described above as well as 4 printed copies:

          1. What artist/artists have been most influential in your art making?

        2. Discuss your creative process for making art.

        3. What contributions would you like to make to the world of visual art?

        4. Recount an instance while making art that provided you with a
           “breakthrough” in understanding, whether that be in technique,
           content, style or philosophy.

         5. Where do you see yourself the year following college graduation?

Submissions must be received by March 18, 2011. Please clearly identify all submitted material with
your name and phone number.
Mail submissions to:

      16706 Remare Road
      Monkton, MD 21111

Recipient will be required to provide proof of acceptance to a 4 year college as a full-time student
with the intent to declare art as a major. Recipient's artwork will be used for future promotion of
the scholarship.

For further information please forward questions to:


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