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									                             West Wyalong Public School
                            Phone: 69722157      Fax: 69722818
                         Email: westwyalon-p.school@det.nsw.edu.au
                    School Website: www.westwyalon-p.schools.nsw.edu.au

         Monday 19 May 2008                                          Term 2 Week 4

   From the Principal’s Desk                                  Dates For Your Diary

Welcome to Week 4!
This week I would like to congratulate the      Week 5 – Education Week
students of West Wyalong Public School.         Tuesday 27 May
Many students have been receiving their         My Fiends and I performance
“Blue Awards” at our whole school               Wednesday 28 May
assemblies and it is a pleasure to see a mix    Open Day, Book Fair & Open Classrooms
of girls and boys, Primary and Infants
obtaining these awards. This shows that so
many children at West Wyalong Public
School continually display good manners,
show respect for their peers and teachers
and consistently produce quality work. It is
the students who make our school such a
pleasant place to be. So thank you and
congratulations to all or you ….keep up the
great work!                                              WHEN: Tuesday 20thMay 2008
Next week is Education Week- a time we                      10.55am till 11.15am
use to celebrate the wonderful things             WHERE: COLA – West Wyalong Public School
happening in Public Schools. All classes         THEME: Come dressed as your favourite Nursery
have been busy preparing a multicultural                 Rhyme/Fairy Tale Character
extravaganza for you.
                                                             GOLD COIN DONATION
Please keep next Wednesday 28th May free
                                                  All proceeds go to the local branch of Can-Assist.
if you can and drop in to watch our            If you are unable to attend our morning tea but
performances, visit your child’s classroom,    would like to donation towards this worthwhile
go to the Book Fair or share lunch with                            cause we have
your child.                                    attached a donation envelope to the newsletter.
We love to see you here!
Have a good week.

Ruth Pidgeon                                           Check out school website……….
Acting Principal.
                                                       Just Google” West Wyalong Public “ or
                                                       go to:www.westwyalon-
                              SCHOOL NEWS
                                             INDUSTRIAL ACTION THURSDAY 22ND MAY
                                 Due to the Government’s proposed changes to our existing statewide staffing
        Sport Dates
 Friday 30 May
                                 system, the NSW Teachers Federation has proposed industrial action
 District Cross Country          for the full day of Thursday 22nd May.
 Wednesday 21 May                This stoppage will have minimal impact on lessons for students in
 Rugby Union Trials
 Please contact Miss Norris      Kindergarten to Year 4 at West Wyalong Public School.
 for                             However, due to Middle School, this stoppage will impact on
 further information
 Tuesday 27 May
                                 lessons for Years 5 and 6 and only minimal supervision can be
 Mortimer Shield – Young         provided for these students.
 Friday 20 June
 School Athletics Carnival

                                                                      My Friends and I
                                                          Positive strategies to deal with Bullying
    ACTIVE AFTER SCHOOL                                               Tuesday 27th May.
Active After School activities will            Visiting performers will be coming to our school to put on a
                                                             school called “My Friends and I”.
be on as normal on Thursday                     It will enhance our personal development program and is
22nd May from 3.15pm to                       intended to reinforce positive strategies to deal with bullying.
                                                                 Cost is $4.00 per student.
4.20pm regardless of the
                                                All students received a note and payment envelope today.
industrial action.
Thanks Nikki, Tracy and Kim.

             2008 International Competitions and Assessment for Schools

           Subject               Closing Date           Competition Day                Amount

   Computer Years 3-6            6th August             27th August                    $6.00

   Science Years 3-6             10th April             29th May                       $6.00

   Maths Years 3-6               25th June              29th July                      $.600

   Spelling Years 3-6            6th May                12th June                      $8.00

   Writing Years 3-6             6th May                12th June                      $11.00

   English Years 3-6             4th July               12th August                    $6.00

                              (Late orders cannot be accepted)
Our school is participating in the Last Every $10
Community Software Plan(CSP). This will be the                    FOUND
last opportunity to purchase EdAlive software at             A pair of girls gold
$10 per title. Many students at our school have          framed glasses in a silver
benefited from EdAlive software in the past.                 Looney Tunes case.
Through the CSP parents can purchase software              They can be collected
for only $10 (RRP $49.95).                                  from the front office.
Leaflets have been attached to the newsletter.
       No cash payments will be accepted.
ORDER PAYMENTS ARE MADE TO                                     Year 6 Fundraiser – Mothers Day
EDALIVE – NOT THE SCHOOL.                                                    Raffle
Please return your order to school NO LATER                   Congratulations to Ashley Watt who
THAN FRIDAY 30TH MAY.                                             was the winner of the quilt.
                                                              Our thanks to Sandra Nicholson who
                                                              donated the quilt and came along to
                                                              our assembly to present it to Ashley.
          Old stockings for a
         Kindergarten Science                                              Student Banking
             experiment.                                                      tomorrow

                                   WEDNESDAY 28th MAY 2008
                                         There will be:
                              11.30am: Multicultural Performances
                                  12.30pm: Open Classrooms
                                     Book Fair in the Library
                                   1.15pm: Multicultural lunch

Canteen Roster – Term 2     Canteen is open for recess and lunch Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
                            Volunteer helpers are asked to arrived at 10am on their rostered day.
Week 4
Monday 19 May                      Wednesday 21 May                    Friday 23 May
Michelle Job                       Julianne Lawrence                   Paul Jones
Junita Davis                       Michelle Clothier                   Sharon D’Elboux
Week 5
Monday 26 May                      Wednesday 28 May                    Friday 30 May
Carmel Payne                       Kylie Smith                         Lisa Guy
Vanessa Fixter                                                         Carla Ridley

                            A new menu is attached to today’s newsletter.
                                            LUNCH BAGS
If you choose not to send your child’s lunch order in a paper lunch bag we will need to add 5c to the
lunch order to cover our costs. Please take this into consideration when ordering.

                       WEST WYALONG PUBLIC SCHOOL
               Can you spare a few hours on a Monday, Wednesday or Friday?
                             Why not help out in the school canteen?
          The children love it when Mum, Dad or Grandparents are on canteen duty.
   We need more volunteers for Terms 3 and 4 as some of our helpers left us at the end of
                     last term and we would love to keep our canteen open.
  If you are interested in volunteering or already are a volunteer could you please complete
  the form below and return it to school as soon as possible or ring the school on 69722157
                       to leave your name and the days you are available.

 Name…………………………                                           Phone……………………

 I can volunteer on the following day/s (Please circle)

 Monday                              Wednesday                           Friday

 I can work (Please circle)

 Once a week           Once a fortnight            Once a month          Once a term
                                 Merit Awards

                         KM: Alana Donaldson Joe Fixter Dylan McCartney
                                KS:Katie Vincent Kimberley Wright
                   1-2Yellow:Samantha Tough Zackary Steele Maddison O’Meley
                        1-2Blue:Kayleigh Sandow Joshua Harvey Kelly Lyons
                       1-2Red: Emily Steele Josh Staniforth Karla McCartney
               3-4B:Will McMartin Abigail Moore Wilhelm Morreau Maddison Collins
                       3-4W:Tammie Hopkins Tamara Fitzhenry Jesse Mason
                             4-5M:Kadi Lord Jarrod Lyons Corey Fuller
                         5-6N: Aidan Cattle Matt Clothier Sarah Trethowan
                       5-6R: Travis Edwards Nicketa Spackman Grace Fixter

                                Blue Certificates
                                  Billy Jones Sarah McCaskie
                                        Rebecca Cumming
                             Zac Sharpe Jodie Adler Reece Turner
                                    Max Jones Ava Mavrodis
                               Campball Collins Hannah Whyte
                             Abigail Moore Mitchel Cattle Allanah
                          Clothier Jack Mitchell Chloe VandenBergh-
                              Webb Joshua Harvey Tyler Turner
                            Chelsea Wood Tom Apolony Harrison
                                     Thomas Beryl Kawatt
                                Caitlyn Barber Chloe Fitzhenry
                                   Scott Higgins Emily Rootes
                              Mitchell Widdows Azanyah Sannga
                           Stephanie Cattle Connor Edwards Jakob
                          MacKander Nick Hampton Jesse Fitzhenry
                                         Paige Pressler

          Book Awards                                             Smiley Badge
Chelsea Collins Erica Davis Toby Rees                                 Kheely Turner
                               West Wyalong Public School
                                      Canteen Menu
                     The Canteen is open on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays only.

              Pieces of cut up fruit: watermelon                   .10c
                                       orange                      .10c
                                       apple                       .10c
              Jatz with cheese/vegemite                            .10c
              Frozen Fruit Yoghurt                               $1.50
              Jelly Cups                                            .60c
              Red Rock Deli Chips                                  .80c
              Plain, Light & Tangy, Chicken chips                  .80c
              JJ Snacks                                            .80c
              Zooper Dooper Ice Blocks                             .40c
              Billabongs                                         $1.50
              Small Juices                                       $1.00
              Large Juices                                       $1.50
              Flavoured Milks (Straw, Ban, Choc)                 $1.20
              Water                                              $1.00

                                       Lunch/ Lunch Orders
Crunch Lunch                 $2.50                  Hot Food
(meat,lettuce,tomato,cheese,                        Chicken Bites        3 for $1.00, 6 for $2.00
carrot,beetroot,pinapple,mayo)                      Large Sausage Roll                      $2.00
                                                    Pizzas                                  $2.00
Sandwiches                                          Large Meat Pie                          $2.00
Salad Sandwich                 $2.50                Small Sausage Rolls                        .60c
(meat,lettuce,tomato,cheese)                        Small Meat Pies                            .60c
Cheese                         $1.20                Hot chicken Roll & Gravy                $2.50
Meat                           $1.80                Pizza Roundas                           $2.00
Egg Sandwich                   $1.20                Lasagna                                 $3.00
Vegemite                       $1.20                Hot Dogs                                $2.00
                                                    Mini Hot Dogs                           $1.00
                                                    Roasted chicken pieces                     .65c
                                                    Corn cobbettes + butter                   .60c
                                                    Chicken burger                          $3.00
                                                    (Cheese, lettuce, gravy or mayonaise)
                                                    20c extra optional fillings

 Toasted Sandwiches            $1.50                                       Hot Drinks

+ 20c extra fillings                                Cup-a-Soup                             $1.00
: ham & cheese, pineapple, spaghetti                Hot Chocolate/Strawberry               $1.20

Lunch Bags – If you choose not to send your child’s lunch in a paper lunch bag please add 5c to the lunch
              order to cover our costs. Please take this into consideration when ordering
       West Wyalong Winter Wind
           and String School
          THURSDAY 10TH JULY –
         SATURDAY 12TH JULY 2008
        9AM-4PM Thursday & Friday
            9am-12.30 Saturday
        2pm Saturday-Public Concert                                    YOU CAN CONTROL YOUR
                                                                       Did you know there are approx 14, 300 avoidable
       Violin, Cello, Double Bass, Flute, Clarinet, Sax,               hospitalisations arising from asthma every year, not to mention
                           Trumpet,                                    the urgent visits to Accident and Emergency Departments and
           any other band instrument and Guitar                        GPs.
                    Cost- $150 per student
            Morning and afternoon tea provided                         People are hospitalised each week from asthma. In most cases
                    Some billets available                             asthma exacerbations are worse than they should be. With
                                                                       correct medication, knowing triggers for asthma and advice from
                          Venues                                       the doctor, asthma can be controlled.
      St Mary’s School England Street West Wyalong
                             And                                       Asthma triggers
                                                                       • Colds and flu
     Services & Citizens Club Auditorium Monash Street
                                                                       • Cigarette smoke
                       West Wyalong                                    • Exposure to cigarette smoke (passive smoking)
                                                                       • Exercise/activity
                         Contacts                                      • Inhaled allergens (e.g. pollens, moulds, animal dander and dust
                  Marilyn Widdison 69723498                            mites)
                   Margaret Bolte 69755135                             • Environmental factors (e.g. dust, pollution, wood smoke and
                                                                       bush fires)
                                                                       • Changes in temperature and weather
                                                                       • Certain medications (e.g. aspirin)
                                                                       • Chemicals and strong smells (e.g. perfumes, cleaners)
                                                                       • Emotional factors (e.g. laughter, stress)
            BRING HOME A BROTHER OR A SISTER                           • Some foods and food preservatives, flavourings and
 In June and July 2008, students aged 15-18 years, from over 15        colourings (uncommon)
  countries will be arriving in Australia to study at local schools
for 2,3,5 or 10 months . Opportunities exist to act as a host family   Every person’s asthma is different. Not all people will
                                                                       have the same triggers, nor will they react to every trigger listed
   in a volunteer/unpaid capacity. Hosting can be a temporary,         above. You may not always know what triggers your child’s
                      short or long term basis.                        asthma. It is helpful to identify triggers in order to avoid them
   To learn more about this opportunity call Student Exchange          however this is not always possible (e.g. colds and flu). Your
          Australia on 1300 135 331 or visit our website:              doctor or local Asthma Foundation will assist you.
                                                                       Visit the Asthma Foundation NSW website and register for your
                                                                       free information pack now and be one step closer to controlling
                                                                       your child’s asthma!
                                                                       T: 1800 645 130
                    BINGO NIGHT
                                                                       E: ask@asthmansw.org.au
                    Friday 23 May
                                                                       W: www.asthmansw.org.au
                 7pm at the S&C Club
              $8 for Bingo Card + supper.
                  Get a table together
                   All ages weclome
We had a great day last Friday participating in the annual Aussie Rules/Netball gala day. All of our children
in Years 3-6 were involved in one of the sports (7 netball teams, 5 Aussie Rules teams) and this would not
have been possible without the dedicated parent helpers who helped on the day – thank you, once again to all
of you.

It was great to see some girls having a go at AFL and some boys trying their hand at Netball.

We must also thank the local Netball Association for continuing to organise the day which provides the
opportunity for all children to play team sport in an environment that encourages fun participation and good
        Drama Camp
Recently several of our students
accompanied by Miss Anderson
attended a Drama Camp, which
was organised by CAP for
primary students in our district.
It was run by an international
Drama Coach. The children
participated in activities on
teamwork, mime and creating
characters, and everyone had a
great time and learnt a lot about

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