ERHS Band Booster Meeting � Minutes by kh8fliW2


									                              ERHS Band Booster Meeting – Minutes
                                     Thursday, September 11th, 2008 - 7:00pm
                                     Booster Website:

                  In attendance: Michael Fleischmann, Marc Sandusky, Larry & Carol Stover, Rene &
                  Elizabeth Vargas, Cathy Afable, Paul McCormick, Maria Duncan, Lia Cardon, Amy &
                  Tony Moyer, Kyler & Tamara Krebs, Ricardo & Judy Pulido, Lori Ivony, Joan Tyler,
                  Drew Simon, Chris & Donna Lorenz, Dawn & Doug Cummings, Jeanette Romasanta,
                  Rusty Flora, Ed Dillon, Candyce Albright, Nohema Cortez, Cathy Afable, James Swift,
                  Michelle Wells, Dan & Lydia Kray, Jeanette Raymundo, Sandra Grant, Chuk Wong,
                  Mark & Nedenia Lane, Valerie DeLatorre, Chioma Ikonte

Larry Stover welcomed returning and new parents, introduced the Board and Committee Chair
members – meeting was called to order at 7:10 pm

Maria Duncan read the minutes from the August 7th meeting. Minutes were approved by Amy Moyer
and Rene Vargas.

Paul McCormick provided and Treasurers report:
   Beginning balance on August 1st was $$18,906.45
   Ending balance on August 31st was $$14,872.70
   Paul reviewed the money made during the August fundraising events
           o Mustang Marketplace - $250.00
           o Car Wash - $376.00 - A lot of students showed up at this event. The total amount
               credited to each students ASB account was $10.74.
           o Bingo for July - $890.00
           o Soccer event broke even – Thanks to all the parents who volunteered for this event!
   With the number of students to participate in car washes, it has been suggested that these be
     broken up into multiple area’s next time so the kids can earn more money into their ASB accounts.
   Strongly suggests that only checks be placed in the lock-box and that you include a note on what
     the check is for.
   If you must submit cash, please make sure your child gets a receipt from Mr. Fleischmann!
   The boosters have also set up a P.O. Box (P.O. Box 7653, Norco, CA 92860) that you could use to
     submit payments, please be sure to include what the payment is for and your child’s name.

Larry discussed the SCSBOA Event:
   October 28th – Tuesday night from 4:00 – 10:00.
   This is a very labor intensive event, but a big money maker for the boosters and we will need every
      parent to volunteer! Some of the areas that will need staffing include concessions, parking,
      directing buses, getting bands on / off the field, hospitality, etc.
   Fourteen bands can participate (in addition to ERHS), but we can have the show with 10 bands.
   Mr. Fleischmann is contacting the local schools that we sent invites to for finalize.
   This year we will have 6 large events that we will need all parents. Smaller events can be run with
      8 – 10 people, but large events need everyone!
   We will be contacting all parents via a phone tree, emails, letters, etc so please plan on participating
      – your children will really appreciate it!
   We will be discussing in more detail at the October meeting and getting volunteers / staffing
      finalized at that time.
   Programs for the Event: Again, this is a large money maker for us. Programs sell at these events
      for $3.00 - $5.00 each. They are souvenirs for the students / parents and a lot of people buy them.
    To pay for the printing of these programs, we need to sell ad space. The letter regarding ad space,
     along with the prices is on the booster website. PLEASE print some of these letters and ask
     everyone you know if they would like to buy an ad.
    Purchasing an ad covers the cost of that ad running in all 5 of our programs this year (Marching
     Band, Winter Guard, and Winter Drum Line events).
    Parents, Grandparents, Friends, etc. can also purchase an ‘Instrument Ad’ which is a personalize
     shout-out to that special someone. Please consider purchasing one of these for your child. The
     $25.00 you spend will be well worth it!

Elizabeth Vargas provided a uniform update:
   (Moment of silence for 9/11)
   Elizabeth reiterated the need for all parents to become involved and help the kids during the shows
      to get them on / off the field. Mr. Fleischmann does a phenomenal job at teaching our students to
      be all they can be and with a little help from us; we can make our students shine!
   All but one new student has places their uniform orders as of today. Elizabeth will be calling that
      students parent to close out the uniforms final order.
   Show shirts will be arriving next Friday (9/19) and will be handed out after band practice on the
      22nd. All but four returning members have ordered their show shirts.
   Reminder: There are no socks listed in the accessory order form. BLACK socks (not booties) are
      required to be worn with the uniform. Please make sure your child has a couple pairs in their
      gig bag.
   Some extra black socks and gloves have been purchased by Elizabeth. If your student does not
      have these accessories on performance day, they can be purchased for $3.00. They must have these
      to perform!! (Note: Percussion do not need gloves)
   All students are responsible for bringing all their uniform accessories to every performance! The
      band gets marked down in points if they are not dressed properly!!
   The last call for Booster Polo Shirts, Show Shirts and Sweatshirts was given.

Cathy Afable provided a Color Guard update:
  Color Guard costumes came in yesterday (9/10). The girls will be in their costumes for the band
     picture this year!
  Gloves are due to arrive on September 16th and Shoes and Body tights are scheduled to arrive
     tomorrow (9/12).
  Flag bags are scheduled to be complete in early October. These take longer with all the sewing
  Please let Cathy know if you have ordered something that you have not received yet (taking into
     account when the orders are due in).
  Thank you to all parents who sent in their fair-share payments on 5/11 and 8/11

Marc Sandusky provided a Ways and Means update:
  Bingo on September 17th. Sign up sheet was posted at the meeting and will be posted onto the
     website. We now need to have 11 volunteers for each Bingo instead of 9 as Best Buy and the
     College Students will not be joining now.
  Bingo has started to ding the groups without the proper staffing. If you sign up, you need to show
     up. One group was fined $500.00 for not having enough people.
  Upcoming Bingo dates are 9/17, 10/1, 10/22, and 11/26. Please try to volunteer; we make good
     money at these events when they are properly staffed.
  Mustang Marketplace has been moved back to the morning instead of evening now that track has
     taken it over again. This event is not very busy and a lot of the vendors have not been satisfied
     with the lack of attendees.
  Hoping to find out more at the first Climate Booster meeting next week.
     Once our 501(c) 3 is in place, hoping to set up ‘Family Fun Night’ at the local restaurants.
      Restaurants will donate 10% - 35% of the proceeds made during these events. Some require a flyer
      and some will donate a percentage based on anyone eating there that night.
     Students will begin selling Entertainment books next week. Money your child earns selling these
      will be put directly into their ASB accounts. Students will receive 1 book to show to potential
      buyers. They will have 2 weeks to sell as many books as they can. Money must be taken with
      order and will be turned into ASB after the 2 weeks are up. Books will be given to the student at
      the time they turn their order in. Books are $20.00 and each student will receive $10.00 in their ASB
      account for every book sold. Books are for the Inland Empire area, but you can purchase books
      within other counties, states online and your student can still receive credit for those sales.
     Looking to sell cookie dough later in the season, but before February when the Girl Scout cookies
      go on sale!
     Back to School Night is next Thursday, September 18 th. We will be selling Funnel Cakes and Kettle

Larry Stover provided an update on the By Laws:
   The updated by-laws are available on the booster website.
   Majority of the changes were due to typos, references to a 7 member board when we only have 5,
   Please review the ‘existing’ and ‘new’ by-laws. The extent of modifications to the existing
      documents prohibited the updates to be made within that document, so a new version was created.
   The board will be taking questions and looking for a vote at the October booster meeting to ratify
      the changes.

Larry Stover provided an overview of the budget:
   Parents can go on the booster website to view the budget. Contact Larry if you have any questions.
   Mr. Fleischmann and the board have worked very hard to try to keep the fair share contributions
      low. Our program has the largest budget with ERHS at $90K.
   Annual Budget Summary has been broken into three categories of revenue and expense:
            o Category 1 represents the fair share contribution for each student. This is the annual
                 fixed cost component of the program. These contributions pay for the instructors.
            o Category 2 is discretionary and funded through Booster Club fund raising events
                 through the year.
            o Category 3 represents the cost of the personal costumes for our Color Guard and Drum
                 Line. These costumes are the person possession of the student, therefore be a cost to the
   The Board has learned that all labor costs need to be paid through the district. 1099 requirements,
      etc. mandates this. This being said, fair share payments made to-date by your child will be
      submitted to the ASB and credited to your child’s account. Go forward you will need to submit
      your fair share payments directly thru the ASB. Mr. Fleischmann will have scheduled times during
      the month where students can go to ASB and deposit funds. Your student will receive a receipt for
   With the amount of students, parents in this program and once the 501(c)3 is in place, we hope to
      someday not have a fair share needed. But to do that, every parent needs to be involved and
      participate in the events, help get local sponsorships, etc.
   Note that this is a budget and subject to change, be manipulated throughout the year as necessary.

Updates from Mr. Fleischmann:
  Band pictures will be taken next Wednesday, September 17th. PSS Imaging will be taking this
     year’s picture. They took the Jazz / Concert pictures last year and did a great job. Envelopes to
     purchase portraits will be handed out tomorrow (9/12). Students will have the option of purchases
     a Marching Band Picture, Individual Pictures, Buddy Pictures (which could be put in a program
    Have received a request to have the band play for a private party. Working on negotiating a price.
    The Reno Jazz trip will not be doable this year since the day we are due to leave is the last day of
     star testing and will not be approved. Looking into other options: Jazz Festival at Valencia, Santa
     Barbara Jazz Festival, Lake Arrowhead Jazz Festival, or Sonoma County Jazz Festival.
    The Jazz band will be playing at Back to School Night next Thursday, September 18 th.
             Call Sheet is located on the Band (student) website.
    Band (student website) has all the information your students need to know.
             Call Sheets which are posted about a week in advance of every event. This is a parent
                information sheet which tells you when the event will be, where it will be, what your
                student needs to wear, approx. time of departure / return, etc.
             ‚The Weekly‛. This is a one page document that provides you with information on
                upcoming events. Rehearsals, shows, general announcements, etc. It also has day to day
                happens for that week.
             Mr. Fleischman’s email and office number are also located on ‚The Weekly‛
  Need a carpet iron to fix the carpet in the color guard room.
         Larry indicated we can rent one from Home Depot.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:10pm.
The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, October 9th, 2008 at 7:00PM in the band room.

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