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									For Immediate Release: January 14, 2009

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Courtney O‟Neill
Special Events Coordinator

Partners in Excellence at NCH

On Tuesday, January 13 2009, Nantucket Cottage Hospital threw a reception to
recognize the staff and clinicians who, in the opinion of their co-workers,
exemplify excellence and service.

The Partners in Excellence Award was created by the Hospital‟s affiliate, Partners
HealthCare thirteen years ago. This year, NCH joins the program for the first

The award process involves a long period of open nominations. Anyone in any
department of the Hospital may nominate whomever they find deserving. The
detailed nomination forms are then reviewed by a Nominating Committee (made
up of staffers and clinicians from many departments.) Then the individual and
team winners are announced.

The 2009 Partners in Excellence Award winners from Nantucket Cottage
Hospital are

Individual—Quality Treatment and Service
Joanne Bushong, RN, NP
Department Head, Outpatient Clinics
Wendy Turbini
Chef, Food Services

Team—Outstanding Community Contributions
Rehabilitation Services
      Sherry Rowsey, Dept Head
      Kelly Facteau
      Pedro Amaral
      Mary Chalke
      Gail Connolly
      Jan Doughtery
      Jaimee Lavin
      Arniel Nevins
      Nanci Norton
      Angela Wagner
In his remarks to the meeting, Chuck Gifford, Dir. Community Relations and
Marketing, highlighted why each of the award winners were chosen.

Of Joanne Bushong, Gifford says, “In August 2008, thirty two different
physicians served the community through what we call „clinics‟. Each physician
has a different approach and personality. Each has specific requests. Each prefers
a specific examination room and set-up for their practice. It takes a tremendous
amount of work behind the scenes to make all of this happen. Only a person who
cares about quality, treatment and service could pull this off. That person is
Joanne Bushong.

Of Wendy Turbini, Gifford says, “Wendy Turbini is a great asset to our NCH
family. A calm, consistently cheerful presence, Wendy prepares and serves meals
to all patients, family and staff, often fulfilling individual requests and changes
without complaint. She absolutely spoils us with her exceptional cooking skills.
We all look forward to her daily meals—they are well beyond what anyone might
expect from a hospital cafeteria. A team player in every sense of the word, Wendy
takes tremendous pride in her work, and it shows.”

Of Rehabilitation Services, Gifford notes, “Nantucket is a small community.
When it comes to Rehabilitation, it would be perfectly respectable to offer just
Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapies using a „we can‟t be everything to
everybody‟ approach. The NCH Rehabilitation Team does not operate that way.
They go above and beyond for our community and offer much more than the
basics. For example, NCH also offers Aquatic Therapy and Vestibular
Rehabilitation. They provide inservices for the Parkinson‟s Support Group and
Balance and Fall Prevention inservices at the Saltmarsh Center. For the schools,
they offer an internship for High School students and are the primary source for
pediatric patients to supplement their program. Additionally, the department
offers Prenatal Exercise and Childbirth Education classes. In conjunction with
Visiting Nurses of Nantucket, they provide prompt treatment for patients who are
ready for the next step in their recovery.” Rehab Services also saves summer
vacations. Gifford notes that “People in the community have told me that they
can come to Nantucket because we offer Rehabilitation Services—otherwise, they
would have had to stay home.”

The ceremony featured remarks from NCH President and CEO, Sylvia Getman
and from Jeff Davis, Sr. Vice President of Human Resources at Massachusetts
General Hospital.

The award winners will be part of a permanent plaque in the halls of NCH. They
were also gifted with personal plaques and flowers from Flowers on Chestnut.
Wendy Turbini‟s colleagues in the NCH kitchen created a beautiful celebratory
high tea for all invitees to enjoy.

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