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                                  CHEMICAL GLOW PRODUCTS PACKING LIST
Produc                                                       Spec.                                                            available
                                  Products        Item No.                           Packing Description                                      Remark
t series                                                     (Dia.x                                                            Colour
                                                             L)mm             2000pcs/foilbag×24bags=48000pcs/ctn;
                                                                                Meas:43.5x41.5x30cm;G.W: 13.4kgs           R,B,G,Pi,Y,Or,
                             1" Mini Glow Stick    3025      Ø3X25
                                                                          2pc/foilbag×150bags×24boxes/ctn=3600bags/ctn         Ol,Pu
                                                                               50×39×36.5cm          G、W:10kgs
                               1.5" Mini Glow                                    Meas:33x39x36.5cm; G.w:10.3kgs            R,B,G,Pi,Y,Or,
                                                   4539      Ø4.5X39
                                    Stick                                                                                      Ol,Pu.
                                                                               Meas:50×39×36.5cm G.W:10.3kgs
                             2" Glow Stick         5050      Ø5X50               500pcs/box×20boxes=10000/ctn;             R,B,G,P,O,Y
                                                                          1pc/foilbag×250bags×4boxes/ctn=1000bags/ctn                     With cord
                                                   7575W                                                                   R,B,G,Pi,Y,Or, and connector
                                3" Glow Stick                Ø7.5X75             Meas: 45.5×41×34cm G.W:8kgs
                                                                           100pcs/foilbag×10bags×4boxes=4000pcs/ctn            Ol,Pu.
                                                   7575                         Meas: 33×29×34cm G.W:14.4kgs
                             4" Extra Slim
                                                  75100ES Ø7.5X100       150/box;1800pcs/ctn; (41.5x27.5x23); G.W:11kgs;   R,B,G,P,O,Y
                                                  10110C                                                                   R,B,G,Pi,Y,Or,
                                                           Ø10x110            Meas: 33×29×34cm G.W:11.7kgs
                              4" Clip Glow Stick                         1pc/foilbag×200bags×4boxes/ctn=800bags/ctn
                                                 10110WC                                                                     Ol,Pu,W.
                                                                              Meas:41×45.5×34cm G.W:11.2kgs
                                                                                25pcs/tube×32tubes=800pcs/ctn                               With cord
                              4" Slim Glow Stick                               Meas:55×28×24cm. G.W:11.5kg                                  and connector
                                                  10100S                1pc/polybag×100bags×12boxes/ctn=1200pcs/ctn        R,B,G,Pi,Y,Or,
                               4" Spiral Color-            Ø10x100

                                                 3c-10100                     Meas: 41.5×27.5×23cm G.W:11kgs                 Ol,Pu,W.
                               tube Glow Stick                          1pc/foilbag×250bags×4boxes/ctn=1000bags/ctn                         With cord
                                                                              Meas: 45.5×41×34cm G.W:14.3kgs                                and connector
                                4" Taper Glow                                 Meas: 33×29×34cm G.W:11.7kgs                 R,B,G,Pi,Y,Or,
                                                          Ø10-12x100     1pc/foilbag×200bags×4boxes/ctn=800bags/ctn                          With cord
                                     Stick       12100W                                                                      Ol,Pu,W.
                                                                              Meas:41×45.5×34cm G.W:11.2kgs
                                                                             50pcs/foilbag×24bags/ctn=1200pcs/ctn          R,B,G,Pi,Y,Or,
                             5" Slim GlowStick    10125S Ø10x125
                                                                              Meas: 32×32×27cm G.W:18kgs                   Ol,
                             6" Extra Slim                                   50pcs/foilbag×24bags/ctn=1200pcs/ctn          R,B,G,Pi,Y,Or, With cord
                                                 75150ES Ø7.5x150
                             Glow Stick                                       Meas: 32×32×27cm G.W:18kgs                   Ol,Pu,W.
                              6" Slim Glow Stick 10150S                       25pcs/tube×24tubes/ctn=800pcs/ctn
                                                                              Meas: 55×28×19cm G.W:13.2kgs                 R,B,G,Pi,Y,Or,
                               6" Spiral Color-     3c-    Ø10x150
                                                                         1pc/foilbag×150bags×4boxes/ctn=600bags/ctn          Ol,Pu,W.
                               tube Glow Stick    10150S                      Meas: 41×45.5×34cm G.W:12kgs
                                                                         1pc/foilbag×150bags×4boxes/ctn=600bags/ctn        R,B,G,Pi,Y,Or,
                              6" Clip Glow Stick 10150C Ø10x150
                                                                             Meas: 41×45.5×34cm G.W:12.5kgs                   Ol,Pu,W.
                                                                     12pcs/tube×24tubes=288pcs/ctn; Meas:42x28x19cm;       R,B,G,Pi,Y,Or,
                              6" Fat Glow Stick 15150F Ø15x150
                                                                                           G.W:13kg                        Ol,Pu,W.
                                6" Taper Glow    20150     Ø15-20                                                          R,B,G,Pi,Y,Or,
                                                                              Meas: 33×45.5×34cm G.W:13kgs
                                     Stick                  x150         1pc/foilbag×150bags×4boxes/ctn=600pcs/ctn           Ol,Pu,W.
                                                                              Meas: 41×45.5×34cm G.W:17.4kgs
                             6" Taper Glow                 Ø15-20        1pc/foilbag×150bags×4boxes/ctn=600pcs/ctn
                                                 20150HW                                                                   R,B,G,P,O,Y
                             Stick 30Min High               x150              Meas: 41×45.5×34cm G.W:17.4kgs
                             8" Slim Glow Stick   10205S                       25pcs/tube×24tubes/ctn=600pcs/ctn           R,B,G,P,O,YB
                             8" Spiral Color-       3c-      Ø10x205
                                                                               Meas: 42×28×24cm G.W: 14.5kgs                  、Y、G
                             tube Glow Stick      10205S
                                                                       12pcs/tube×24tubes=288pcs/ctn; Meas:42x28x24cm;     R,B,G,Pi,Y,Or,
                             8" Fat Glow Stick    15205S     Ø15x205                       G.W:15kgs                       Ol,Pu,W.
                                         10305S                     25pcs/tube×24tube/ctn=600pcs/ctn         R,B,G,Pi,Y,Or,
                  12" Slim Glow Stick              Ø10x305
                                        3c-10305                    Meas: 42×28×35cm G.W:15.3kg              Ol,Pu,W.
                                                                     12pcs/tube×24tubes=288pcs/ctn           R,B,G,Pi,Y,Or,
                  12"Fat Glow Stick     15305F     Ø15x305
                                                                     Meas:42x28x35cm G.W:19.8kg              Ol,Pu,W.
                                                                    25pcs/tube×24tube/ctn=600pcs/ctn         R,B,G,Pi,Y,Or,
                  15" Slim Glow Stick 10375S       Ø10x375
                                                                     Meas: 42×28×42cm G.W:19kg               Ol,Pu,W.
                                     4539ND Ø4.5x39

                                                                1pc/foilbag×250bags×4boxes=1000pcs/ctn;      R,B,G,Pi,Y,Or, With cord

                                     6050ND   Ø6x50
                    Glow Necklace    7550ND Ø7.5x50                 Meas: 41x45.5x34cm; G.W:7.8kgs                Ol.       and connector
                        Drop         7575ND Ø7.5x75
                  (Pendant Necklace) 75100ND Ø7.5x100           1pc/foilbag×250bags×4boxes=1000pcs/ctn;      R,B,G,Pi,Y,Or, With cord
                                     10100ND Ø10x100
                                                                    Meas: 41x45.5x34cm; G.W:7.8kgs                Ol.       and connector
                                     10150ND Ø10x150
                                         5205a                        42×28×33cm        G.W:16kgs

                   8" Glow Bracelet      5205b                      50pcs./tube×50tube/ctn=2500pcs/ctn       R,B,G,Pi,Y,Or,
                                                    Ø5x205                                                                     connector
                      (Dia: 5mm)         5205c                       42×28×33cm        G.W:16.8kgs               Ol,Pu.
                                        3c-5025               2pcs/foilbag×50bags×10boxes/ctn=500bags/ctn
                                                                  Meas:41.3×29.8×47.6cm G.W:11kgs
                                         6205a                     Meas:42×28×33cm         G.W:15.8kgs
                   8" Glow Bracelet      6205b                     30pcs/tube×50tubes/ctn=1500pcs/ctn        R,B,G,Pi,Y,Or,
                                                    Ø6x205                                                                     connector
                      (Dia:6mm)          6205c                       Meas:42×28×35cm G.W:12.7kgs                 Ol,Pu.
                                        3c-6205               2pcs/foilbag×50bags/ctn×10boxes=500bags/ctn;
                                                                     Meas:42×28×35cm G.W:13kgs
                   Tri-connect Glow                                 25pcs/tube×24tubes/ctn=600pcs/ctn
                                    616205GB       6x16x205                                                  Single, 3colors   connector
                        Bracelet                                      Meas: 42×26×33cm G.W: kgs
                                      5275a                                                                       single
                                      5275b        Ø5x275                                                        2colors       connector
                                                                       Meas:39x30x38cm; G.W:
                    2pcs connected    5275c                                                                      3colors
                    Glow Necklace     6275a                                                                       single
                                      6275b        Ø6x275                                                        2colors       connector
                                                                       Meas:39x30x38cm. G.W:
                                      6275c                                                                      3colors
                                     5275Wa                    2pcs/bag×30pags×12boxes/xtn=360bags/ctn            single

                                     5275wb        2xØ5x275                                                      2colors       connector
                                                                Meas: 43.8x34.3x38.7cm G.W: 10kgs
                    2pcs connected   5275wc                                                                      3colors
                    Glow Necklace    6275Wa                                                                       single
                                     6275Wb        2xØ6x275                                                      2colors       connector
                                                                Meas: 43.8x34.3x38.7cm G.W: 10.7kgs
                                     6275Wc                                                                      3colors
                                         5580a                 Meas:                 cm      G.W: kgs
                                         5580c                     50pcs/tube×12tubes/ctn=600pcs/ctn         R,B,G,Pi,Y,Or,
                                                    Ø5x580                                                                     connector
                                        3c-5580                    69×30×12cm        G、W:10.7kgs                 Ol,Pu.
                                        5580W                        100pcs/tube×8tubes=800pcs/ctn
                  22" Glow Necklace                                69×30×16cm        G、W:13.4kgs
                                         6580a                      69×30×12cm        G、W:8.4kgs
                                         6580c                      75pcs/tube×8tubes/ctn=600pcs/ctn         R,B,G,Pi,Y,Or,
                                                    Ø6x580                                                                     connector
                                        3c-6580                      Meas: 69×30×16cm G.W: kgs                   Ol,Pu.
                                        6580W                 2pcs/foilbag×50bags×10boxes/ctn=500pcs/ctn
                                                               Meas:                 cm      G.W: kgs
                                                              2pcs lightsticks+1frame/foilbag×500bags/ctn;
                                        5180EG 2xØ5x180                                                      1-color
                                                                 Meas: 41.3x29.8x47.6cm; G.W: 11kgs.
                   Glow Eye-glasses
                                                              2pcs lightsticks+1frame/foilbag×500bags/ctn;
                                        5205EG 2xØ5x205                                                      1-color
                                                                Meas: 41.3x29.8x47.6cm; G.W: 11.9kgs.
                                                                1set(3pcs+1frame)/foilbag×150bags/ctn;     1-color
                    Glow Hair-pin       5205HB 3xØ5x205                                                    2-color
                                                                 Meas:50x39x36.5cm         G.W: 6.6kgs.    3-Color
                      Glow Ball                          12 lightsticks+2connectors/foilbag×12bags×12boxes 1-color
                                        5205LB 12xØ5x205                                                   2-color
                     Glow Latern                         =144bags/ctn; Meas:55x32x48cm;G.W:17.5kgs         3-Color

                    Glow Monster                              2pcs+Mouthpiece/foilbag×100bags×4boxes/ctn     R,B,G,Pi,Y,Or,
                                        4539MM 2xØ4.5x39
                       Mouth                                  =400bags/ctn Meas:33×29×34cm G.W: 4.4kgs           Ol,Pu.
                                                   5100ER 2xØ5x100

                                 Glow Circle                           =800bags/ctn Meas:41×45.5×34cm G.W:12.5kg      R,B,G,Pi,Y,Or,
                                  Earrings                              2pcs+2connectors/foilbag×150bags×4boxes/ctn       Ol,Pu.
                                                   5150ER 2xØ5x150
                                                                       =600pcs/ctn Meas:41×45.5×34cm G.W:11kgs
                                  Glow Stick                            2pcs+2connectors/foilbag×250bags×4boxes/ctn   R,B,G,Pi,Y,Or,
                                                   4539ED 2xØ4.5x39
                                  Eardrops                             =1000pcs/ctn Meas: 33x29x34cm G.W:5.5Kgs           Ol,Pu.
                                                   3025FR    Ø3x25                                                                     small frame
                              Glow Frame Finger-                       =1200pcs/ctn Meas: 41x45.5x34cm G.W:6.6Kgs     R,B,G,Pi,Y,Or,
                                     ring                                    2pcs+1frame/foilbag×300bags×4boxes           Ol,Pu.
                                                   3025FR    Ø3x25                                                                     big frame
                                                                       =1200pcs/ctn Meas: 41x45.5x34cm G.W: 8Kgs
                                Glow Stir Stick                       1pc+1set frame/foilbag×40bags×12boxes           1-color            the outer
                                                   7225GSS   Ø5x205   =480bags/ctn Meas: 43.8x34.3x38.7cm             2-color          tube:7x210m
                                                                      G.W:6.8Kgs                                      3-Color                m
                                                   4539GDS Ø4.5x39        Meas: 43.8x34.3x38.7cm       G.W:5.5kgs
                                                                           100pcs/inner box×12boxes=1200pcs/ctn;
                                                                                                                                       the outer
                                Glow Drinking                                  Meas:36x24x25cm; G.W: kgs              R,B,G,Pi,Y,Or,
                                                                           1pc/foilbag×50bags×12boxes=600pcs/ctn                     tube:7x225m
                                 Straw Stick                                                                               Ol,
                                                                          Meas: 43.8x34.3x38.7cm       G.W:11kgs                           m
                                                   5205GDS   Ø5x205
                                                                           100pcs/inner box×12boxes=1200pcs/ctn;
                                                                               Meas:36x24x25cm; G.W: kgs
                                                                            250pcs/inner box×12boxes=300pcs/ctn;
                                Glow Coaster       10317GC Ø103x17
                                                                         Meas:45.5x43.5x35cm; G.W/N.W: / kgs
                                Ice Cream Glow                              120pcs/foilbag×24bags/ctn=2880pcs/ctn
                                                   8125IC    Ø8x125                                                   R,B,G, Or,Y,Ol
                               Stick/Palo Plastico                       Meas: 31x31x27cm G.W/N.W:14.5/13.5kgs
                              Glow Lollipop Stick 5090GL     Ø5x90

                                                                       1pc/polybag×6pcs/inner box×12boxes=72pcs/ctn

                               Glow Cup(12oz)      GUC375    375ml                                                      R,B,G,Or,Y
                                                                       Meas: 52.8x37x46.5cm;G.W/N.W.: 11.7/10.7kgs
                              6010012                        25pcs/inner box×24boxes=600pcs/ctn;
                               Glow Holy Cross                                                           R,B,G,P,O,Y
                               GHC                          Meas:49x45x33cm; G.W/N.W.:11/10kgs

         2" Round Glow        5210GB                       50pcs/inner box×12boxes/ctn=600pcs/ctn
                                           Ø52x10                                                        R,B,G,P,O,Y
               Badge             R                      Meas:41.5x27.5x23cm G.W/N.W.:5.6/4.6kgs
         3" Round Glow        8010GB                         50pcs/inner box×12boxes=600pcs/ctn
                                           Ø80x10                                                        R,B,G,P,O,Y
               Badge             R                     Meas: 46.5x36.8x27.5cm G.W/N.W.:11.5/ kgs
        2.5 inch Glow Star     6410                        50pcs/inner box×12boxes/ctn=600pcs/ctn
                                            64x10                                                        R,B,G,P,O,Y
               Badge            GBS                    Meas:41.5x27.5x25.5cm G.W/N.W.:5.5/4.5kgs
                                                             50pcs/inner box×12boxes=600pcs/ctn
       3" Star Glow Badge 8210GBS Ø82x10                                                                 R,B,G,P,O,Y
                                                        Meas: 46.5x36.8x27.5cm G.W/N.W.:11/ kgs
        Small Heart Glow 6010GB                            50pcs/inner box×12boxes/ctn=600pcs/ctn
                                            60x10                                                        R,B,G,P,O,Y R,B,G,P,O,Y
               Badge             H                     Meas:41.5x27.5x25.5cm G.W/N.W.:5.5/4.5kgs
        3 inch Heart Glow 7810GB                             50pcs/inner box×12boxes=600pcs/ctn
                                           Ø78x10                                                        R,B,G,P,O,Y
               Badge             H                      Meas: 46.5x36.8x27.5cm G.W/N.W.:11/ kgs
        2" Rectangle Glow 425610                              50pcs/box×18boxes/ctn=900pcs/ctn
                                          42x56x10                                                       R,B,G,P,O,Y
               Badge           GBR                          Meas:37.5x35.5x19.5cm     G.W/N.W.:
                              883013                            50pcs/box×24boxes=600pcs/ctn;
        Small Glow Bottle                 88x30x13                                                       R,B,G,P,O,Y
                                GB                     Meas: 41.5x27.5x23cm. G.W/N.W.: 11.5/10.5kgs
                              1204016                           50pcs/box×12boxes=300pcs/ctn;
         Big Glow Bottle                 120x40x16                                                       R,B,G,P,O,Y
                                GB                       Meas: 41.5x27.5x23cm. G.W/N.W.: 6/5.5kgs
         Glow Winebottle 8210GW                              50pcs/inner box×12boxes=600pcs/ctn
                                           Ø82x10                                                        R,B,G,P,O,Y
                Cap              C                     Meas: 46.5x36.8x27.5cm G.W/N.W.:11.5/ kgs
       1.5" Mini Fish Float 4539FW Ø4.5X39

                                                          n                    Meas:50×39×36.5cm

       4" Fishing Stick on                              1pc/foilbag×250bags×4boxes/ctn=1000bags/ctn
                             10110FC Ø10X110                                                           R,B,G,P,O,Y
       Clip                                             Meas: 45.5×41×34cm G.W/N.W.:14.3/13.5kgs
       6" Fishing Stick on                               1pc/foilbag×150bags×4boxes/ctn=600bags/ctn
                             10150FC Ø10X150                                                           R,B,G,P,O,Y
       Clip                                             Meas: 41×45.5×34cm G.W/N.W.:12.5/11.5kgs
Please note: 1. The color red,green,blue, yellow,orange,pink, purple,Olive,white,Aqua can be available
             2. The packing in this list is nutrel , and the customerized packing of colorful design is available and will
                be quoted seperately according ot the design.
             3. Other specifications can be produced at the buyer's request and will quoted seperatedly.

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