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					                                         Course Adoption Form for Accredited Courses
                                         Choose one of the following:
                                          adoption of units as per course document
      B S S S
                                          adoption of units with a different combination of units
The college is entered on the National Register to award Certificates delivered by this course.
                               Yes  No (Adoption of V courses only)
Course Title: Dance                                      Classification: A
Framework: Performing Arts - 2009                        Course Area: 9020 Course Code:
Dates of Course Accreditation:                           From       2011         to        2015
Identify units to be adopted by ticking the check boxes
     Unit Prefix                     Unit Title                                                        Value     Length
                                    Dance Foundations                                               1.0           S
                                    Introduction to Dance                                           0.5           Q
                                    Dance History                                                   1.0           S
                                    Dance in Perspective                                            0.5           Q
                                    Contemporary Dance                                              1.0           S
                                    Pioneers of Dance                                               0.5           Q
                                    World Dance                                                     1.0           S
                                    Dance from Other Cultures                                       0.5           Q
                                    Theatrical Dance Styles                                         1.0           S
                                    Dance for Stage and Screen                                      0.5           Q
                                    Dance Production                                                1.0           S
                                    Theatre Elements in Dance                                       0.5           Q
                                    Dance and the Media                                             1.0           S
                                    Dance and Visual Literacy                                       0.5           Q
                                    Dance in the Community                                          1.0           S
                                    Dance in Society                                                0.5           Q
                                    Dance in Our Time                                               1.0           S
                                    Popular Dance                                                   0.5           Q
                                    Dance in Australia                                              1.0           S
                                    Home-Grown Dance                                                0.5           Q
                                    Self-Directed Dance Studies                                     1.0           S
                                    Independent Dance Studies                                       0.5           Q

 Adoption The course and units named above are consistent with the philosophy and goals of the
 college and the adopting college has the human and physical resources to implement the course.
 Principal:                                               / /20     College Board Chair:                         / /20

BSSS Office Use
 Entered into database:                     /     /20
College specific combination of units.
     Unit Prefix Unit Title              Value   Length
Supporting Statement
Please provide the Assessment Task Types table for the new unit combinations and how any
duplication of content will be addressed.
Reasons for Adoption of the course
For V courses indicate the certificate the college will award.