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									                                           Black Hills Alliance for Music
                                                           Meeting Minutes

                                                              May 11, 2009

The meeting was called to order at 7:07p.m in the BHHS Band Room. The members were welcomed. Sue Smith
started with a motion to elect Roxanne Roberts as President, more than one seconded the motion, and it was voted upon and
approved unanimously by the members present. Everyone then introduced themselves and mentioned their student.
Attending the meeting:

Teachers                                      BHAM Officers                             Others in Attendance

Band Director -Andrew Landowski               Roxanne Roberts – President (Voted In)    Sue Smith

Choir Director – Kathleen Alviar              Janet Brislawn –Treasurer                 Kasha Benavente

Orchestra Director – Mr. Dorwin (absent)      Christy Brand – Secretary                 Julie Hinchcliff

                                              Cathy Mitrovich – Choir Liaison           Dana Encheff

Choir- Kathleen reported that no plans have been made. She is planning to take a leave of absence soon due to her
husband’s cancer. She stated that the choir still owed a balance of approximately $200.00 from the last choir trip. It
was moved to pay off the balance of the choir bill to the ASB of approximately $200.00. It was voted upon and approved by all
members present.

Orchestra- No Report due to Mr. Dorwin not being present; he leads a community orchestra on Monday

Band – Andrew reported:
           At the Large School Band Festival held at Olympia HS on 3/26, the Concert Band received an ―Excellent‖
            rating and the Symphonic Band received a ―Superior‖ rating.

           Jazz Band placed 4th in their division at the NW Jazz Festival at the Mt. Hood Community College, Oregon
            on 5/9.

           District has cut band budget by $1700.00 for next school year. So to make up the difference, we’ll have to

           Good News—No music positions will be cut for the next school year.

           A group of band parents led by Melanie Proctor raised about $1,045 at the BHHS Booster Club Spring
            Auction on 3/21 at the South Puget Sound Community College. All these proceeds are dedicated to buying
            new band uniforms.

           Paul and Andrew plan to tour the elementary schools in trying to get more kids involved in the programs. They will be
            taking the band and orchestra students from the high school on May 22. It was moved to pay for the two buses needed for
            this field trip. It was voted upon and approved by all members present.

        Andrew plans on working on the website.

        Number of students is increasing…. 18 woodwinds; 2-3 percussion ….total w/o color guard is 79 students.

        Color Guard Auditions for high school is set for 5/12 and 5/14 (1:40-3:00p.m. 8th grade auditions will be
         the Thursday after the Victoria trip. They are looking for positive attitudes.

        Marching Band Camp set for August 12,13,14,15, 17, and 18 (9:00 a.m – 5:00 p.m.) Information will be
        mailed out and will be put on the website. The days were split due to conflicts with student schedules.

        Has a bill from Westside Music for instrument repairs for $759.28. It was moved to pay the Westside Music bill. It was
         voted upon and approved by all members present.

        Suggested of having a goal for a future band trip. Something every 2 – 4 years. This could be addressed at a
         later meeting.

        He has pens to sell as a band fundraiser. They will cost $10 each.

Dry Cleaning needs to be done on the marching band uniforms. The dickeys, gloves, and collars are in need of
cleaning (washing machine). It was suggested they be divided up among parents to take home and washed in
washing machines for those who are willing to help. Sue Smith suggested that she or Andrew send out an email to
make arrangements for the cleaning. This approach is cheaper than sending them out.

Andrew brought up concerns with the sponsor letter and concession fundraisers for next year. The individual
accounts are difficult to keep track of and they don’t help every band student. He feels that he has made every effort
to bring down the overall costs of participating in band. He reviewed last year’s fees (08-09) and the first year is the
hardest with buying shoes ($27), sweatshirt ($27), and cleaning fee ($15). Sophomore, Junior, and Senior year --
cleaning fee ($15). He proposed that we end the 50 percent of sponsor letters and student concession money that goes back to the
students and put it all back into the band account to be used to help the whole program not just individuals. The scholarship
program would still be in place for those kids that might need help. It was moved to end individual student accounts. It was voted
upon and approved by all members present. Concessions were addressed and everyone agreed to have parents sign in to
keep track of which program (band, choir or orchestra) and hours worked. Also everyone felt that background
checks should be done on individuals volunteering for the concession. It was moved that a background check be done on
any volunteer, including chaperones and concession workers. It was voted upon and approved by all members present. It was also
reported by Julie Hinchcliff that there are 4 home football games this coming season.

Janet proposed to have the bylaws reviewed by a committee. Cathy Mitrovich was unsure if the bylaws were even
registered with the state. Cathy Mitrovich, Janet Brislawn, and Roxanne Roberts volunteered to be on the

The Treasurer Report was handed out, and Janet stated that the majority of the entrees were done by the former Treasurer, Teri
Schold but the last 6 were added by her. It was also moved that Cathy Mitrovich would audit the financial books. It was voted
upon and approved by all members present.

As the year ends several large billings were due and teachers had questions about payments, so Janet reviewed the
BHAM Bylaws about large disbursements: ―The Treasurer is granted the authority to approve expenditures of
$250.00 or less. Any expenditure over $250 must have the written approval of the President either through a co-
signature on the check, e-mail authorization, or other written approval. Disbursements over $350.00 shall have the
approval of the Board of Directors.‖
A proposal to put together a budget was announced and we agreed that the board members would schedule a
meeting and draft up a budget for the 09’-10’ school year and present it at the next BHAM meeting.

Janet reported that the equipment trailer, which is ensured with State Farm Insurance, has only one driver, Dale
Smith, listed on the policy. She also stated it wouldn’t raise our rates by having more drivers. The only reason for
rates to go up would be if any individual has had a ticket or an accident in the last two years. Janet motioned that 5
drivers (Andrew Landowski, Dale Smith, Sue Smith, Dana Encheff, and Mark Proctor) be added to the State Farm Insurance
Policy for the equipment trailer. It was voted upon and approved by all members present. Janet passed out a copy of the
current trailer procedure. Sue Smith volunteered to take it home and review it with her husband, Dale Smith and
bring it back to the next meeting with a proposal of changes to be voted on by the members. Janet requested that a
date be added on the revision. She asked that all papers be dated from now, for tracking purposes.

Janet also shared that her son, Colin Brislawn, who helps Mr. Landowski with the music webpage, is willing to post
calendar events, notices, etc. for BHAM, too. He finds it easiest to do if items are in digital format, e.g. e-mails or
word documents. Please include the date when the posting needs to be completed, too. His e-mail address is:

Andrew and Kathleen left the room at 8:00p.m. and the remainder of the members discussed end of the year
activities (teacher appreciation gifts). The meeting ended at 8:30 p.m.

                                        Motions made and approved:

                                    Roxanne Roberts voted in as BHAM President.
                                    Pay off the choir trip bill to the ASB office, which is approximately $200.00.
                                    Pay for two buses that would be split between Paul and Andrew for the tour to the
                                    Elementary schools on May 22.
                                    Pay Westside Music $759.28 for instrument repairs.
                                    To end individual student accounts
                                    Background checks will be required for all chaperones and concessions volunteers.
                                    For Cathy Mitrovich to audit the financial books.
                                    To have 5 drivers(Andrew Landowski, Dale Smith, Sue Smith, Dana Encheff, and Mark
                                    Proctor) on the State Farm Insurance Policy for the equipment trailer.

Christy Brand
BHAM Secretary


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