Business Contract Hire Finance Proposal by lizzBialorucki


Staffcars Limited
Blackburn Rovers Enterprise Centre
Ewood Park, Blackburn
Lancashire, BB2 4JF
Tel 0870 80 30 814
Fax 0870 80 30 894

                                                Business Contract Hire Finance Proposal
                                                                           Please complete as fully as possible
Vehicle Details
 Make and Model
 Annual Mileage                                          Payment Profile               E.g. 3+35                No of vehicles
 Contract Length                                         Monthly Payment               £                        Deal Number

Company and Contact Details
                                                                        Contact Name
 Company Name
                                                                        Contact Telephone
 Trading Name of                                                        Contact E-Mail
 Parent Co (if appl)                                                    Business Telephone
                                                                        Business Fax
 Address                                                                Business E-mail
                                                                        Nature of Business
 Postcode                                                               Date Established
 Sole Trader / Partnership / Ltd Co / PLC (please circle)               Business Premises                Leasehold / Freehold (Please circle)

Directors/Partners/Sole Trader:                                  Person 1                                           Person 2
 Title (Mr / Mrs / Miss etc)
 First Name / Middle Name
 Date of Birth
 Marital Status

 Home Address

 Home Telephone Number                                                                 *Important                                          *Important
 Mobile Telephone Number
 Time at Current Address                                     Years                  Months                         Years               Months
 Owner / Tennant

 Previous Address (if less than 3
 years at current address)

 Marital Status
 Number of Dependants
If a person has had more than 2 addresses in the past 3 years please give details on a separate sheet and send with this form

Bank Details
 Name of Bank
                                                                            Account Name
                                                                            Account Number
 Postcode                                                                   Sort Code                                 /           /            ____
DATA PROTECTION NOTIFICATION: By signing this document you agree that we may search the files of any licensed credit reference agency who
will keep a record of that search. This is so we can assess your application for finance. If you choose to proceed we will disclose information about
you and the conduct of your account at the time to any licensed credit reference agency. This information may be used by other lenders in assessing
applications for finance from you and members of your household and occasionally for fraud prevention and tracing orders. We may also disclose
information about you and your conduct of this agreement at any time to any motor trader, insurance company, vehicle recovery tracing agent, lawyer,
law enforcement agency, mailing agency and associated companies and their respective agents and contractors. The information provided is a true
and accurate record of the information requested. Deals may occasionally be subject to an Administration Fee, which is non – negotiable.
Please sign the form below and either FAX it back on 0870    80 30 894, scan and E-MAIL it to or post it back to us

  Please sign here                                               Please print name here                                            Date:

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