Department of Anthropology, University of Kent MSc in Ethnobotany by shelseaZvansky


									                  Department of Anthropology, University of Kent
                              MSc in Ethnobotany

                     Research Proposal and Methods Portfolio


The Methods Portfolio consists of four elements, as follows:

1.      Research proposal and a standardised research ethics protocol: (due
        March 27, 2005), plus a presentation at the student research day (March
        23-24, 2006):

        A standardised research proposal: A form and guidance will be provided.

        A standardised research ethics protocol:
        a. Statement showing understanding of the legal and regulatory frameworks
           relevant to research topic and location.
        b. Draft consent agreement for research with local communities, and
           collection and, if necessary export, of botanical or zoological voucher

2-3.    Two assignments from Research Methods classes and Methods
        workshops: These are chosen by the student in discussion with your
        supervisor. These might include mock data collection forms, questionnaires,
        analyses of mock data sets, results of practical exercises, etc.

     4. Fieldnotes on one participant-observations of social events (such as drinks
        after the research seminar, a party, family meal and so on). The form of the
        field notes should be chosen in consultation with supervisor. Follow Bernard
        2002 and seek out other references.

Assessment: There is no limit on the length of the methods portfolio assignments,
the research proposal does have a word limit. The research methods portfolio
(including the research proposal) is equivalent to one of the six required coursework
assignments. You are not marked on your presentation, but you should take it
seriously and do a polished, professional presentation. Each element will be marked
out of 100 and an overall mark determined by dividing by four. (See page 39-41
Greenbook for additional details.)

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