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Orienteering Minnesota


									                       Volume 34, Issue 1         PRESIDENT’S COLUMN
                January-February 2010
                                                  President’s Letter January 2010
                                                  MNOC concluded 2009 with a strong finish           what evolution has designed in for us
                                                  at the Possum Trot in early December. Par-         namely running around in nature instead of
                                                  ticularly impressive were the second place         sitting in front of the TV / computer. So
                                                  finish by Tom Puzak, 4th by Andrei Karpov          keep on hunting those orange and white
                                                  (who now knows he can run > 8 k at a               flags in the woods in 2010 to keep in good
                                                  time), 5th by Justin Bakken, 6th by Peter          physical and mental shape.
                                                  Curtis . On the women’s side the 1st place
                                                  of Kelly Brinkman and 2nd place of Molly
                                                  Moilanen were outstanding. MNOC had 9              We have an excellent fun line up of events
                                                  of the top 20 finishers (out of 36 starters        being planned for 2010; the winter meets
                                                  for the 15 km goat style race). All those          are already confirmed on January10th (Lake
                                                  blue and white MNOC jerseys racing off at          Elmo) and February 14th (Tamarack). Plus
                                                  the start and then coming in at the finish         we have our educational offerings in March
                                                  looked real good! (watch for another batch         to help boost the energy level and skill level
                                                  of buying of MNOC jerseys very soon).              in the spring.
                         Orienteering Minnesota

                                                  With the long Xmas holidays, I had time to         Have a great 2010 and may you achieve and
                                                  catch up on my reading. "Born to Run" is a         exceed your personal goals!
                                                  fascinating look at natural running (think
                                                  close to barefoot compared with heavily
                                                                                                                                      Ian Harding
                                                  cushioned/supportive shoes). It certainly
                                                  gives food for thought if you (as most of us
                                                  do at some time) experience those nagging
                                                  foot/leg injuries and need to figure out a
                                                  better way. I am not sure that I can go bare-
                                                  foot outdoors in MN in January but may
Bimonthly Newsletter

                                                  give it a go in the spring. With all the talk of
                                                  health care, obesity, nature deficit disorder
                                                  the book "Last Child in the Woods" was
                                                  also a very interesting read. In our headlong
                                                  rush into technology sometimes we seem to
                                                  ignore the fact that human beings have
                                                  evolved over millions of years to be hunter
                                                  gatherers and built the way we are. Luckily
                                                  we have a sport that makes good use of

                                                  Inside this issue:
                                                  Map Quiz                                                                   2

                                                  Board Meeting Notes                                                        3

                                                  New Map and Mapping Techniques                                             4

                                                  A Word About Orienteering and Invasive Species                             5

                                                  Orienteering Classes and Skills Clinic                                     5

                                                  Possum Trot 2009                                                           6

                                                  Upcoming Events                                                            8
                                                                                       ABOUT THE NEWSLETTER
                MNOC Club Officers
                     P R E S I DE N T / MA P P I N G CHA I R
                                      I an H ar ding
                                                                                       Looking forward to 2010
                2 4 Bert ha C ou rt * M ah to medi, MN 5 51 15                         2009 was a good year, with many fun local orienteering meets, and
                 6 5 1 .7 79 .6 14 3 * e - mail: map s@mnoc .o rg                      even some out-of-state events, such as the US National Champion-
                                                                                       ships, and the Possum Trot in Kansas, where MNOC dominated the
                                      S E CR E TA R Y                                  podium! But I want to look ahead at 2010 and all the events to
                                  J ulie Tanner F is cher                              come. In March, we have the annual Skills Development Clinic, of-
           5 5 33 1 3th Av e So ut h * M in n eap o lis , MN 5 54 17                   fered in partnership with Three Rivers and Hyland, preceded by two
              6 1 2 .7 28 .0 67 8 * e -mail: 93 75 8 31 @mn oc .o r g                  sessions of the Intro to Orienteering class at REI (see page 5 for
                                                                                       details.) The annual Adventure-O is taking place July 10, at an undis-
                                      TR E A S UR E R                                  closed location within 2-hour drive from the Twin Cities. And, of
                                     Sam Medda ugh                                     course, there’s the regular meets, starting with one at Lake Elmo on
                                                                                       January 10th. Remember that the winter meets are in a score-o for-
                    1 7 40 Ky llo L ane * E agan , MN 5 51 22
                                                                                       mat, with mass start at noon, and registration between 11:30 and
          6 5 1 .4 54 .8 25 6 * e -mail: s meddau gh@usf amily .n et                   11:45.
            V .P . C OM P E TI TI ON & P AR KS LI A I S ON
                                                                                       We also start 2010 with a complete issue with educational articles
                                     J ustin B akken                                   and success stories. Thanks to Tom Puzak for a great narrative of his
   3 1 31 E xc els io r Blvd, Apt 5 04 * M in neapo lis , MN 55 416                    experience at Possum Trot! Julia shared her knowledge to help us
      6 5 1 .2 83 .1 20 2 * e-mail: justinbakken @yaho o.c om                          understand how our tramping through different parks can impact
                                                                                       vegetation, and what we can do about it. And Ian shared information
                                   V .P . P UB LI CI TY                                on the new mapping technology that we’ll soon have available.
                                     Molly J ohnst on
           3 0 37 4 2n d Av e Sou th * M in neapo lis , MN 55 40 6                     As always, race and meet reports are welcome by me, as the editor,
              6 1 2 .2 76 .0 45 3 * e -mail: 54 73 8 01 @mn oc .o r g                  and by all the MNOC members who enjoy this newsletter. Tell us
                                                                                       about your winter adventures with your family or teammates! Send
                                  CO UR S E S E TTI N G                                your stories and photos to the email listed below by February 26th.
                                       J im Mullin
                                                                                       Enjoy the snow while it lasts! Happy 2010!
        4 6 35 V inc ent Av e So ut h * M in n eap o lis , MN 5 54 10
              6 1 2 .9 26 .3 05 0 * e - mail: mu llin @u mn .edu
                                                                                                                       Verónica Jaralambides-Polston
                    A DV E N TUR E R A CI N G LI A I S ON                                                         
                                     Mike C ar lson
         8 8 81 Ir v in g Av e Sou th * Bloo min gto n , MN 55 4 31
                                                                                       HOW TO
              6 1 2 .4 14 .3 40 7 * e -mail: mc ar l9 9 @ju no .c o m

                                     WE B M A S TE R                                                           Map Quiz
                                       Pete C ur tis
              5 9 8 L inco ln Av e # 20 2 * St Pau l, MN 5 51 02
                                                                                                   Do you recognize the mapped area?
              6 5 1 .6 02 .0 71 3 * e -mail: c o mp as s@mnoc .or g                     The picture shows a portion of a park in Minnesota, just west of
                                                                                                             the visitor’s center.
                                   S CO UT LI A I S ON                                              Find the answer at the bottom of page 8.
                                     C ole Peter s en
            1 1 67 3 L angfo r d C irc le * Bur nsv ille, M N 5 53 3 7
   9 52. 882 .17 81 * e - ma il: c o le _ pe te r s en @ fr ei gh t ma ste r s. c om

                              N E WS LE T TE R E DI TOR
                        Ver óni ca J ar alambid es - Po lston
     6 1 2 .2 70 .0 85 4 * e -mail: v ero jar alamb ides @y ah oo .c o m

                             E Q UI P M E N T M A NA G E R
                                    P o s i t io n O pe n

                 M N O C Y A HO O G RO U P
          http://gr oups. yahoo .c om/gr oup/MNO C /
     Sign up to the MNO C Yahoo Gr oup to stay in-
     f or med of r ecent new s and ev ents —both w hen
    they happen an d when the y have to be canc ele d.

Or i ent eer in g Mi nn es ot a                                                                                                                         Page 2

MNOC Board Meeting Minutes –September
Date: September 24, 2009                                                         just on edges; camping not until 2011, small amt of parking,
Location: Ian’s house                                                            will eventually have small entrance building. Ian planning on
The meeting was called to order at 7:30 p.m.                                     getting together with Greg Lennon to contract LIDAR by do-
Present: Ian Harding, Julie Tanner Fischer, Mike Carlson, Sam Med-               ing a flyover with radar. USGS will eventually LIDAR the
daugh, Todd Peterson.                                                            whole country.
                                                                                WOB needs to be updated; have brand new contour data
1.  Approval of minutes: Reviewed to-do’s from last meeting.                     from Washington County but haven’t checked it against old
    Discussed contact lists and whether we should be using mem-                  maps.
    bers list rather than Yahoo. Decided that member’s only list                Lebanon Hills: trails around Jensen Lake.
    should be used for newsletter and member’s only events.                     Tierney’s Woods: extend to the west by using existing USGS
    Currently Verónica and Sam have ability to send/update. Mike                 contours, can use for small events with parking lot, or bigger
    made motion to approve the July 2009 minutes as amended,                     events using other lot.
    Ian seconded; motion accepted unanimously.                                  Nerstrand park has been extended east; east & SW not com-
2. Recent Events:
                                                                                 plete; current map is centered too far west with not all OOB
    Rogaine at Savanna Portage State Park (August 15, 2009):
                                                                                 areas marked.
    About 50 participants; ending up being very wet for a short
                                                                                Battle Creek West – Winthrop XC ski trail area. Any contro-
    while – camping was subdued until rain let off around 8 p.m.
                                                                                 versy re: steep areas – avoid erosion areas. Ian to check re-
    Park was intent on use of boot brushes, Ian bought some for
                                                                                 garding areas that we should avoid.
    event participants to use.
    Lake Elmo North sprint (August 26, 2009): The two courses                   Tamarack update as well.
    made good use of northern park areas. Over 30 participants.                 Ian still needs to meet with Eagle Bluff area near Lanesboro.
    Lake Maria (September 12, 2009): 110 participants: mos-             5.       Web site: Need Rogaine results; need to change Possum
    quitos out in full force with lots of stickers but Shaun McKinlay            Trot on our schedule and add link.
    set a great course for a first time with an excellent vetter to     6.       Newsletter: Issue should be coming out soon.
    back him up (Carl Nordgren). More volunteers were needed            7.       2010 schedule preliminary ideas: Justin working on dates.
    for control retrieval.                                                       Ian to confirm March 27th with Hyland. Mike would like to do
3. Upcoming Events:                                                              AR Tune Up at Nerstrand/River Bend/Cannon River Wild
    Nerstrand (September 27, 2009): Will be e-punch.                             Area/DNR bike trail (Rails to Trails), some county parks. For
    Camp Ripley (October 17-18): Mike gave an update – every-                    regular meet, he proposed doing only a short and long course
    thing on course.                                                             to minimize work or have another person assist setter/vetter.
    US Champs (October 23-25): Ian to send email regarding                       Couldn’t use mountain bikes in inclement weather in park
    carpooling leaving Friday and hotel rooms. Ian to confirm with               itself. Suggested doing Camp Ripley again next year. Need
    Kevin number of MNOC volunteers needed for start on Sat-                     setter/vetter for Adventure Race in July – Justin, Jerritt? Dis-
    urday. Todd to plan event via OTNT at either Lebanon Hills                   cussed different venues for Rogaine, up north has lower
    or Afton for any travelers attending both Ripley & US Champs.                temps, less buggy, and less vegetation. Use Straight Lake if
    Katherine Abbott Park (November 11, 2009): Fun event with                    completed in time. Drummond? Telemark? Mike to confirm
    micro-o, sprint-o; treats afterward.                                         with Jason re: Wild AR events. Discussed having different
    Battle Creek Regional Park (November 22, 2009): Justin to                    formats beyond regular meets.
    reserve warming hut.                                                8.       Equipment:
    Possum Trot (December 12-13, 2009): Need to change date                     Bought boot brushes
    on website.                                                                 Rented e-punch, flags, and brushes to Wild 24 hr AR; sold Jay
    November adventure runs: Polstons and Stephen Regenold                       Cooke maps.
    planning? Need to choose dates and locations and run by             9.       Financials: Reviewed YTD budget and current account bal-
    Justin – ideas: Hyland, Tierney Park?                                        ances reports – discussed variances from budget.
4. Mapping update: Ian has talked to Kevin Teschendorf and he
    is ready to go forward with these projects:                         Mike made the motion to adjourn, Sam seconded, motion accepted
   Ian spent time with park manager of Interstate Park – he does-      unanimously. The next meeting will be November 11, 2009 at Ian’s
    n’t have LIDAR data but would like us to obtain and use for         after Katherine Abbott meet. The meeting adjourned at 9:24 p.m.
    orienteering. Manager is responsible for Straight Lake near
    Luck WI: a 4000 acre area similar to Telemark, DNR new              Respectfully submitted,
    park; unimproved area; old growth hardwood forest; wetlands,        Julie Tanner Fischer
    small lake, good topography, contiguous, no private holdings        November 9, 2009

 Or i ent eer in g Mi nn es ot a                                                                                                            Page 3

 New Map and Mapping Techniques for MNOC
MNOC has been waiting for the new LIDAR (light detection and
ranging – using near infrared laser) data to become available for
suitable orienteering venues. This represents a more rapid (if
available) and much cheaper way to get the detailed contour data
used for our base maps (compared with the old method of stereo

We now have been able to get at no cost the full Lidar elevation
data on a 1 meter x 1meter grid for Mille Lacs Kathio State Park,
near Onamia, MN. This large park of 45km2 has about 14 km2
(or 3000 acres) of elevated glacial moraine type terrain sur-
rounded by lakes, marshes and streams. There are some Native
American historic sites and restricted areas within the park but
these are typically close to the Rum River which flows through
the park. I have hiked in the park on and off trail and it is very
open woods and interesting terrain. We have also consulted with
the park authorities and they welcome us coming there for a

The Lidar elevation data (kindly tracked down by Greg Lennon of Mille Lacs Kathio State Park – draft O base map 12-2009
USOF) was supplied as a very large 1.8 gigabyte file of x,y,z point
data. After chopping this file into manageable pieces (no easy task)
each 200 Megabyte piece (data for about 8 km2) was loaded into
OCAD 10 to provide a digital elevation model (DEM – basically eleva-    Hopefully we will have enough of the map completed to be able to
tion and UTM coordinates) for every point on a 1 meter grid. Each       hold a MNOC meet at Mille Lacs Kathio in 2011.
section then was analyzed and smoothed 1.5meter contours gener-
ated; this took about 1 hour of number processing for each section on   In the meantime we are checking availability of similar Lidar data
a PC.                                                                   for the rest of our region (currently about 15% of the state has
                                                                        Lidar data available in a patchwork of projects across the area).
I took a sample section of the LIDAR contours and ran around part of    There is a state funded project to complete the Lidar survey of the
the park using this contour only map in early December. The results     state by late 2011 and we hope to be able to benefit from that
are very good and all manner of detail is there on the map and on the   effort.
                                                                        Thanks again to Jim Dickerson and Greg Lennon for their support
Jim Dickerson (MNOC member and analyst at MN Geospatial Infor-          for this effort.
mation Office) got me georeferenced data files for all the wetlands (by
type), trails, and aerial photos. These have now all been synched and   For those interested in learning about mapping we will hold a basic
loaded up into the Ocad map file to form a comprehensive data set for   mapping class in the spring at a small local park (to prepare a sprint
the field checking. This field checking work will confirm this and sup- map for MNOC). More details at in February.
plement it with what is actually on the ground (especially in terms of
marshes, boulders, ditches and man made objects). Field work is ex-                                                             Ian Harding
pected to start this spring. In the meantime here is a sample of the
map so far; it needs some tidying up (removal of 75% of the form lines
for clarity), adding of tag lines, trimming of wetlands and addition of
field survey data but it shows how the general nature of the terrain
very well. This is far superior to what is available from USGS and
other sources.

Or i ent eer in g Mi nn es ot a                                                                                                          Page 4

    A Word about Orienteering and Invasive Species
   Many of us who orienteer are interested in our parks                                                                    managers spend a lot of time and
   and the native habitats they preserve as more than a                                                                    resources every year trying to
   great place to orienteer. We appreciate them for their                                                                  control or eradicate populations of
   beauty and for the plant and animal communities they                                                                    invasive plants. You have probably
   harbor. Unfortunately our natural areas are threatened                                                                  noticed this in several parks, par-
   by several invasive species. This can affect our use of                                                                 ticularly with buckthorn removal.
   the park for orienteering and also diminishes the eco-
   logical integrity of the parks as habitat. Think about                                                                     Here is where we come in; we
   running through buckthorn infested woods. That’s not                                                                       being outdoor enthusiasts who
                                   fun! Then there is garlic                                                                  run, hike, bike, or even boat in
                                   mustard. A forest under-                                                                   parks around the metro, around
                                   story filled with garlic                                                                   the state or around the country.
                                                                   Wild Parsnip
                                   mustard is a forest where                                          Photo by Paul E. Berry. We are one of the animals that
                                   the native wildflowers are                         From Wisconsin Vascular Plants Website  inadvertently move seeds around
                                   pushed out by aggressive                                                                   often, in our case, from one park
                                   competition for resources                                                                  to another. We can all be more
                                   like light and moisture. That’s not pretty!         conscientious about not being a vector of invasive species – i.e.
                                   And a new threat is the wild parsnip                someone who spreads them around. And it is pretty simple really,
                                   which is just beginning to invade metro             even if you don’t know a single invasive species by sight, you can
                                   area parks. This invasive species causes            still help prevent their spread. Invasive weed seeds are most likely
                                   large bubbling blisters when the plant oil          to stick in mud on your shoes or cling to your clothing, so here is
                                   gets on skin and is then exposed to the             what you can do: clean soil and mud and visible plant parts from
                                   sun. That’s just miserable!                         your clothing, shoes, bike tires, and boat. Doing this at home in the
                                                                                       middle of your lawn is ideal. If any seeds should happen to germi-
                                    These and many other invasive species              nate, they will be mowed down. Or you can knock mud off at the
                                    have arrived in our region by many                 park of origin before going to a new park. A third option is to
Garlic Mustard
                Photo by O. Pichard means. Some invasive species were im-              knock the mud off on a hard surface, sweep it up and dispose of it
                    From Wikipedia ported on purpose as ornamental plants              in the trash. Being a little more thoughtful about how we as orien-
                                    for landscaping. Europeans brought other           teerers and adventure racers engage with the parks we use will
                                    plants here as food or medicinal plants.           help ensure an ongoing positive relationship between MNOC and
   Some arrived by accident as seed in the soil of other potted plants.                our metro area parks.
   The seeds of established plants are moved around passively by gravity,
   wind or water. Seeds can also be moved by birds and animals on their                                                                           Julia Bohnen
   fur, feathers or feet and in the stomachs of animals and are then
   dropped or excreted in a new location. Some of the parks we orien-
   teer in are more degraded by invasive species than other parks. Park

    Orienteering Classes & Skills Development Clinic
    This March, MNOC will be offering the class Intro to Orienteering at REI Roseville and REI Bloomington. This is a FREE class!
    Donations to the MNOC map fund are much appreciated. Tell your friends to come take advantage of this great opportunity, so they
    can then try out their newly-acquired skill at the Annual Skills Clinic.

                   Monday March 15, 7 PM: REI Roseville                                     Wednesday March 24, 7 PM: REI Bloomington

    On Saturday March 27, in partnership with Three Rivers Parks and REI, MNOC is offering the Annual Orienteering Skill De-
    velopment Clinic: Classes and short courses for beginner, intermediate and advanced to learn and practice the lifetime skill of ori-
    enteering. Pre-register on-line with MNOC $13 or by calling Three Rivers Parks at (763) 559-6700 . On-the-day registration is $18.
    Sprint course with e-punching at 2pm-3pm.

    Note: Beginners who attend either of the classroom sessions at REI (3/15 or 3/24), can skip the classroom session at Hyland and go straight to the outdoor

    Or i ent eer in g Mi nn es ot a                                                                                                                          Page 5

  Possum Trot 2009
The thirteenth annual Possum Trot weekend            did not own running shoes apart from her               true test was tomorrow. Other MNOC rac-
took place on December 12 and 13, down in            worn out road runners, and Molly suggested             ers seemed to have similar experiences, racing
beautiful Knob Noster State Park (Missouri).         we check out the Sunflower Bike Shop before            well but feeling as if this were just a tune-up
The Minnesota Orienteering Club sent a               the 1pm start of the short-course event.               to tomorrow’s main event.
strong 12-person contingent
down to partake in the action                                                                                   After a quick cool-down around the cam-
which included the short-course                                                                                 pus, including a trip by the stunning Bob
Kansas Orienteering Champion-                                                                                   Dole building, we hopped in our cars and
ship event on Saturday, followed                                                                                headed over to the Free State Brewery
by the ―Goat‖ style Possum                                                                                      for an outstanding lunch. This was Molly’s
Trot on Sunday.                                                                                                 pick and it was excellent. Molly and Biz
                                                                                                                have traveled to this area often for adven-
The MNOC crew commuted                                                                                          ture racing put on by Bonk Hard Racing.
down to the event in several                                                                                    The group made its way back to the Holi-
cars. Pete Wentzel, Andrei                                                                                      day Inn Express, some of us hopped in the
Karpov, Kelly Brinkman and I                                                                                    hot tub (complete with numerous per-
left early on Friday hoping to                                                                                  formance enhancing mold spores on the
arrive at our destination in time                                                                               walls and ceiling) while everyone else got
to enjoy a relaxing evening. The                                                                                ready for the big PTOC holiday party that
weather concerned me as snow                                                                                    night.
had been falling here and across
the nation, accompanied with                                                                              Gifts Stolen
some of the coldest tempera-         “When I looked up I couldn’t find anyone but Mark Everett; I         Again we hopped in our cars—there was
tures of the year which were         was incredulous.”                                                    a lot of car time this weekend—and
making being outside like being      Thomas Carr, Tom Puzak, and Mark Everett                             headed to Kansas City to a nice little pizza
in a deep freezer. However as                                           PHOTO SUBMITTED BY Tom Puzak
                                                                                                          place for the evening’s festivities. After a
we headed south on Friday,                                                                                bunch of us geeked-out on Frogger, Miss
passing many cars and trucks in the ditches,                                                         Pac Man, Big Buck Hunter, and other old-
the sun was shining bright and my mood and          The bike shop was in a gorgeous historic         school arcade games, it was time for the high-
the temperature started to climb.                   building in downtown Lawrence, KS. The           light of the evening: the gift exchange.
                                                    shopping expedition went well, as Kelly and
We arrived safely and checked into the Holi-        Molly and Pete all found shoes on sale. Some     There were some great gifts in the mix this
day Inn Express in Lee Summit, MO. Fun fact: of the boys and I had fun trying out the mini-          year including the following: a set of LED
I grew up in Lee Summit, MO, so technically I       rock climb wall and looking at all the nice bike lights, travel Scrabble, an emergency car kit,
was on my home-turf—would this prove to             gear and accessories, but we weren’t here for    Smart Wool socks, a couple bottles of booze,
be an advantage?                                    shopping, it was time to put on our game         hot orienteering pants, lots of chocolate, and
                                                    faces.                                           the coolest gift of them all, an old skool
We met up with the rest of the group at the                                                          ―Orienteer!‖ headband.
hotel. The rest of the MNOC contingent,             Just a Tune-up
Molly Moilanen, Justin Bakken, Waima Azizi,         We headed over to the Kansas University          As the first few tables picked and stole gifts, it
Ian Harding, Mike Carlson, Julia Bohnen, Pete       campus and checked in for the Kansas Orien-      was entertaining. I stole an awesome LED
Curtis, and Jim Mullin. As I unpacked my            teering Championships 3.3km race. This was       light set, that was quickly stolen back from
room I visualized success on the map. I could       slightly longer than the 2k sprints of years     me, but I ended up with what I wanted: the
hear myself talking to the media afterwards:        past, and I was very eager to get on the map.    headband!
―Tom, to what do you attribute your success         There was a bit of snow on the ground and
at the Possum Trot?‖ ―Well Marv, last night I       the sun had tucked behind the clouds, but        The game wrapped up, the pizza was polished
stayed at a Holiday Inn Express.‖                   conditions were certainly better than they had off, and again we were hopping in the car to
                                                    been in days past. The course start was on       travel back to the hotel. It was the eve of
We all congregated in the ―party room,‖ a           campus, so buildings, roads and a large cen-     The Race and we needed to get prepped.
slightly larger room that Ian graciously offered trally located construction site would prove        Again we congregated in the ―party room,‖
to us, where Justin Bakken (Biz), Molly             to be helpful features to use while navigating   but this time there was a hint of tension and
Moilanen, Kelly Brinkman and I were staying.        the course. I had the first start time of the    excitement in the air.
We had some awesome boxed wine, beers,              regular race, there were a few runners on a
and enough Christmas cookies and chocolate          different short course before me, but I was      We discussed strategy, marked our punch
to fuel the 11-mile (if we were lucky) race         laying the first tracks in the snow other than   cards, and generally obsessed about every-
through the woods for which we were pre-            speedy pre-runner Mark Everett.                  thing orienteering related. I especially en-
paring.                                                                                              joyed the lessons that Andrei shared with
                                                    My race went well, I finished in 21:35 in 5th    us—he was trained very well in Russia as a
Saturday morning was sunny and relatively           place, and felt pretty good on the map—but       youth, and enjoys teaching others his speedy
warm as we headed to Panera for breakfast.          this wasn’t what the weekend was about, the      secrets.
After fueling up, I realized that newbie Kelly                                                                                            (Continued on page 7)

  Or i ent eer in g Mi nn es ot a                                                                                                                      Page 6
(Continued from page 6)                                                        to pass up. Biz, Pete and Kelly agreed, and we ran straight from CP 7
                                                                               to CP 10, never looking back. On the way into CP 12 Biz had been
The alarm clock shrieked at 6:30am Sunday morning, and Biz, Molly,             flirting with the possibility of leaving us behind—his fitness evident by
Kelly and I awoke with a hunger for possum. We readied ourselves,              the grueling pace he set up the steep banks deep in the Knob Noster
grabbed our gear and a quick breakfast with the group in the hotel.            woods. Out of CP 12, he was running a bearing too westerly for my
Then it was back into the cars for the trip to Knob Noster and The             liking, so Pete, Kelly and I left him. We found CP 13 without Biz in
Main Event.                                                                    sight; Pete and I assumed it was more likely he was ahead. He had run
                                                                                                            the previous 12 CP’s like a man possessed, a
The Possum Goat                                                                                             man who placed second last year and planned
The morning’s weather was                                                                                   on winning this year.
overcast and cool, but actu-
ally pretty great considering                                                                             We kept ripping through brush, plowing up
what had been going on in                                                                                 and down hills, hopping streams and dominat-
Minnesota. Also there had                                                                                 ing re-entrants as we ticked off check-point
been a chance for snow or                                                                                 after check-point. Pete was stronger than I
drizzle in the forecast                                                                                   for much of the second half of the trot, run-
(deemed ―snizzle‖ in the                                                                                  ning at a good clip while staying on the map
local KC forecast) so every-                                                                              extremely well. I worked to stay on the map,
one was relieved when there                                                                               checking Pete’s routes as he led, but rarely
was no precipitation in sight.                                                                            found even the slightest deviation from the
                                                                                                          ideal route. I was able to help Kelly stay with
At the pre-race meeting we                                                                                us as she was running very well considering it
were told this year’s event                                                                               was her first goat race ever!
was the biggest turn-out in
Possum Trot history with 50                                                                                   I suffered from Lyme’s disease for much of the
-something competitors in                                                                                     fall, but after completing my antibiotic treat-
                                    “After fueling up, I realized that newbie Kelly did not own               ment just a few days prior, I knew I had fully
the field, and the anxious
                                    running shoes apart from her worn out road runners… “
crowd huddled around the            Molly Moilanen, Kelly Brinkman, and Sharon Crawford
                                                                                                              recovered when two thirds into the race I
start area waiting with bated                                            PHOTO SUBMITTED BY Tom Puzak         began to feel my strength build. The endor-
breath for the maps. We                                                                                       phins infused strength into my legs the further
were allowed to look at them for a few minutes before the start, some- we progressed. As we turned northward back towards the finish, I
thing new, at least to me. I had been waiting this morning for quite a             knew that if an opportunity were to present itself to, I had it in me to
while, most of the fall. I love goat events and consider this one of the           run faster. Pete and I separated ourselves from Kelly as we picked up
best opportunities to race against a quality field that draws from many            the pace after CP 20. As he and I started closing in on the last few
different states. I trained specifically for this race with Biz and others         CP’s, suddenly there was an opportunity for separation. At CP-26 Kelly
this fall—it often lingering in the back of my head as I finished hill sprints was long gone, and Pete made a navigation decision that I decided to
strong with my heart thumping out of my chest.                                     deviate from. I double checked my location on the map and crashed
                                                                                   northward to CP 27.
The race drew competitors from Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Kansas,
Colorado, Alaska, Kentucky, and elsewhere. The course had 30 check- And the Winners Are…
points, allowed two ―skips‖, covered approximately 15.1km, included                It was a rush spiking the remaining three CPs and breathlessly barreled
600m+ of elevation, and was, as usual, a monster. Suddenly all of that             through the finish line without as much as a hiccup. When I looked up I
didn’t matter though, it was 8:58am and out came the maps. Some                    couldn’t find anyone but Mark Everett; I was incredulous. My highest
MNOC teammates and I ―fiended‖ on the map, strategizing and conjec- expectations had me finishing in the top five, but never on the podium.
turing about where our two skips would be best utilized. Two minutes Everett, a former U.S. orienteering national team member, had posted
flew by and at 9am sharp, we were off.                                             amazing time of 1:53, but I was excited with my 2:01.

The course started by a lake and the majority of the group chose the           Tom Carr, Eric Buckley and Jason Plunkett cracked the top ten finish-
same easterly path around the pond. Andrei took off like a gazelle with        ers, but MNOC members dominated the rest of the leader board. My
Biz, Pete Curtis, I, and many others in hot pursuit.                           second-place finish was followed by: Andrei Karpov (4th), Justin Bakken
                                                                               (5th), Pete Curtis (6th), Ian Harding (8th), Pete Wentzel (12th), Mike Carl-
The terrain was great orienteering terrain. Tough, with considerable           son (14th), Waima Azizi (21st), and Jim Mullin (34th). The MNOC
elevation, but generally fairly open and free of buckthorn. This allowed       women also had a strong showing with Kelly (1st woman, 9th overall),
for a blistering pace. The first six checkpoints flew by. A small group        Molly (2nd woman, edging out Sharon Crawford, 19th overall), and Julia
including Andrei, Biz, Pete Curtis, Kelly, and me, was running out in          (4th woman, 31st overall).
front of most of the field of competition and setting a strong early pace.
Although I looked for him at the start line, I did not see Mark Everett.       Overall it was a great weekend. Andrei, Waima, Pete Wentzel and
He quickly showed himself as he came storming out of the woods ahead           Kelly experienced their very first Possum Trot (side note: there was
of me on the way to CP 2. I guessed that some of the strong competi-           supposed to be some sort of first-timer initiation which disappointingly
tors including Tom Carr, Eric Buckley, Jason Plunkett and maybe a few          never occurred, something should be done about that), MNOC mem-
others were out there ahead of us, but I didn’t see them, so for the           bers ran the course like thoroughbred racehorses, and we proudly took
time being they were forgotten.                                                home two packages of canned possum and one stuffed possum.

Biz and Pete were the strongest of this early group, as we separated           Thanks to PTOC for another great race that was worth the road trip!
ourselves from everyone else after about CP 5. I made the impulsive
decision to skip CP 8 and 9, a bit early for my liking, but too tempting                                             Tom Puzak and Kelly Brinkman

   Or i ent eer in g Mi nn es ot a                                                                                                                  Page 7
 M in n e so t a Or ie n te e r in g Cl u b

        for meet and race results!

   Sen d yo ur st or ies ab out meet s ,
r aces , t r ips or ot h er advent ur es to
    v ero jar alamb ides@yaho o .c om
s o we c an inc lu de t h em in th e n ex t      Orienteering Weekend at Camp Ripley
                                                 For results and more pictures from the Camp Ripley weekend, visit
      is su e of t h e n ews let ter !                                                                                        PHOTO BY: Todd Peterson


Winter 2010: 90-minute Score O’s
Save the dates! Don’t miss these great winter events.
    Registration at 11:45 am
    Mass start at 12 pm
    Course closes at 1:30 pm (subject to adjustment on the day depending on snow and weather conditions).
    Control retrieval starts at 1:30 pm
    Format: 90 minute score O (beginner/intermediate and advanced levels.)
    Travel: on foot, snow shoe or X-C (suitable for off-trail use). No travel allowed on ski trails except using skis; controls
        will be located off-trail.

In the event of severely cold winter weather (wind chill warning -15ºF or colder) forecast for 12 noon on the day, or severe winter storm warn-
ing announcements by the NWS on the National Weather Service Minneapolis website MNOC winter events may
be canceled/postponed. Check at the MNOC website news section ( for last minute updates if in doubt on the day of the meet.

Sunday, January 10               Lake Elmo Park Reserve, Lake Elmo, MN              Winter Score-O
Mass start: 12 pm;
Register at 11:30-11:45 am

Sunday, February 14              Tamarack Nature Center, White Bear                 Winter Score-O
Mass start: 12 pm;
                                 Lake, MN
Register at 11:30-11:45 am

Friday, March 5 -                St Louis, MO and Farmington, MO                    Gateway Grunt and 2-day A-meet: An MNOC contingent
Sunday, March 7                                                                     will be attending (by plane and/or automobile); watch both
(not hosted by MNOC)                                                                MNOC website and SLOC A-meet for updates.

                                                                                                         MAP QUIZ: Nerstrand Big Woods State Park

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