Stage 1 - Desired Results

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					                                              Understanding by Design
                                      Stage 1 - Desired Results
                                DATA AND STATISTICS – UNIT ONE
Standards:                                                                                                 CS
M7D1. Students will pose questions, collect data, represent and analyze the data, and interpret results.
M7A3. Students will understand relationships between two variables.
Standard Elements
**Formulate questions and collect data from a census of at least 30 objects and from samples of varying
** Construct frequency distributions
**Analyze data using measures of central tendency (mean, median, and mode), including recognition of
**Analyze data using appropriate graphs, including pictographs, histograms, bar graphs, line graphs, circle
graphs, and line plots, box and whiskers plot and scatter plots, some of which may be prior knowledge from
6th grade.
**Analyze data with respect to measures of variation (range, quartiles, interquartile range).
**Analyze and draw conclusions about data, including a description of the relationship between two
**Plot points on a coordinate plane
**Describe how change in one variable affects the other variable.

Understandings: (ENDURING)                                  Essential Question(s):
What will students understand as a result of this    U      Overarching/Topic/Guided Questions             Q
                                                            What is the best way to describe a set of data
    Students will understand what conclusions              using the measures of central tendency?
    can be drawn from data based on the graphs,
    measures of central tendency and measures of            Why is data graphed in different ways?
                                                   What type of relationship can be formed from
    Students will understand how to use graphs to two sets of data?
    show a relationship between two sets of data.
                                                   What is meant by the center of the data set,
                                                   how is it found and how is it useful when
                                                   analyzing data

                                                            In what ways are sample statistics related to the
                                                            corresponding population parameters?

                                                            What conclusions can be drawn from data?
Students will know…                                  Students will be able to…

                                                        1) compute the measures of central
   1.) measures of Central Tendency of a set of            tendency: mean, median, mode &
       data.                                               outliers

   2.) measures of Variation: range, interquartile      2) compute the measures of variation:
       range, lower quartile and upper quartile            range, interquartile range, upper and
                                                           lower quartile

   3.) elements of the coordinate plane                 3) analyze appropriate graphs.
   4.) types of graphs : bar graphs, line graphs,
       stem and leaf plots, scatter plots, box and      4) create a box and whiskers plot using
       whisker plot, and line plots                        measures of variation.

                                                        5) draw conclusions and distinguish a
                                                           correlation between two sets of data.

                                                        6) plot points on a coordinate plane.

                                                        7) create a scatterplot

                                                        8) create a stem and leaf plot

                                Stage 2 - Assessment Evidence
Performance Task(s):
                                                T    Other Evidence:

                                                     **Think Pair Share
Performance Tasks:                                   **Opening Questions daily as review                             **Vocabulary
Data Analysis Math 7 Unit 1                          **Scatterplot Hands on Lab
                                                     **Study Guide for post test
   1.) “When is Your Birthday?”                      **Football Jersey (pictograph) practice
   2.) “Where’s the Middle”                          **Value of car – graph scatterplot
   3.) “Time for Work” Task                          **Quizzes
   4.) “The Eyes Have It”                            **Placemat Activities
   *Finding Measures of Central Tendency*            **Ticket out the Door - correlations
   *Finding Measures of Variation*                   **The Eyes Have It Project
   *Creating a Box and Whiskers Plot*                **Unit Test/Post test
                            Stage 3 - Learning Plan

Teacher Resources: Holt Mathematics Course 2 Chapter 7
Week One:
    Introduce Data and Statistics
    Birthday Task!

Week   Two
      Introduce Measures of Central Tendency – Mean, Median, Mode, Range, Outliers
      Performance Task – Where’s the Middle?
      Performance Task – Time for Work!
      Scatter plot Hands on Lab – introduce correlations
      8-2 worksheet
      Football Worksheet – pictograph practice

Week   Three
      Cornell Notes on Box and whisker plots
      Reteaching Chall. WS on box and whisker plot
      “The Eyes Have It” Performance Task
          o Collect Estimates
          o Calculate Measures of Central Tendency
          o Find method of displaying data
          o Find Measures of Variation
          o Create Box and Whiskers Plot
          o Final Project Due (The Eyes Have It)!

Week Four
   Stem & Leaf Plots – MPG Worksheet – practice
   Quiz over Measures of central tendency and variation
   Study Guide
   Review Game
   Unit 1 Test – Data and Statistics

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