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Dracula 4th by nuhman10


									Dracula Handout by David Wu, John Chan, and Martin W. Pd.4
Plot Summary of Dracula:
      Jonathan Harker, a young Englishman, travels to Transylvania to complete a real estate transaction with Count
Dracula. The natives of the land give Harker religious charms because they believe that Dracula is a vampire. On his
arrival to the Mansion of Dracula, Harker is greeted warmly by Dracula. However, Harker soon realizes he is a
prisoner in Dracula’s mansion, and that Dracula possesses supernatural powers such as climbing on walls, turning
into a bat, and controlling wolves. Harker manages to escape but ends up in the hospital. Dracula begins to travel to
Britain and terrorize the villages. Lucy, a friend of Mina, receives marriage proposals by three men. She chooses
Arthur Holmwood over Dr. Seward and Quincey Morris. Lucy, being a sleepwalker, walks into a cemetery, and gets
attacked by Dracula. She becomes very sick, and medical transfusions provided by Van Helsing, a famed doctor, and
John Seward is futile. She dies and turns into an undead, which is a vampire. She terrorizes little kids. However, Van
Helsing, Seward, and Holmwood are able to track her down. Lucy is decapitated and punctured through the heart
with a wooden stake before the children can become vampires. The men, along with the restored Jonathan Harker,
plan to kill Dracula by hunting down the boxes of earth, which Dracula sleeps in during the day in order to survive.
Dr. Seward continues to treat his insane patient, Renfield. Renfield has a yearning to travel to Dracula’s new mansion
and serve him. However, he is killed by Dracula. One night, Mina, who is Harker’s fiancé, gets attacked by Dracula.
Dracula forces her to drink his blood. Van Helsing fears that she will become a vampire. The men destroy a large
quantity of the 50 boxes, but a few are remaining in ships. Van Helsing constantly hypnotizes Mina to discover
Dracula’s position. They hunt down Dracula in a gypsy cart, and kill him. Van Helsing is able to purify Dracula’s
castle and kill the three vampire ladies. The three women return to an eternal state of purity and innocence. During
the process, Quincey Morris dies due to the gypsies’ resistance. After the process, Mina is healed and gives birth to a
boy. She names it Quincey in honor of Quincey Morris.
Description of main characters:
Count Dracula- The main antagonist of the story who attempts to regain his former glory by moving to London and
preying on women. He is immortal and has ancestry that dates far back. In the beginning of the book, he is a very old
man, but regains his youth through consuming blood. He has a wide variety of supernatural spells. However, he is
very restricted. He cannot be in sunlight. His powers are useless during sunrise and sunset. Crosses or Holy
Communion wafers can prevent Dracula from advancing
Lucy Westenra- She is a young and good-hearted lady that becomes the first victim of Dracula. After she dies of her
illness, she transforms into a devilish being that preys on children. She has become a vampire, but is quickly killed by
her husband and friends.
Mina Harker- The wife of John Harker and another victim of Dracula. Mina is considered to be Dracula’s foil
because of her purity. She remains greatly devoted to her husband and worries about him deeply when he was ill. In
the book, she records many diary logs and letters.
Van Helsing- Van Helsing is the main protagonist. He is filled with great knowledge, ranging from vampire hunting
to the medical field. He is called upon by John Seward, his former student, when Lucy's illness appears. He is a very
devout Catholic and is able to rid the Earth of Dracula.

Settings: Eastern Europe, Transylvania, May to November of 1980, Dracula’s mansion, Dr. Seward’s Asylum,
London, cemeteries, and ships.
Female sexuality seen in pgs 39,186,392, and 391
Alcohol and Bribery seen in pg 294,279, and 376
Christian Protection seen in pgs 263,279, and 26

Social Ills:
Growing sexual desires of women seen in pgs 222, 186, 39, and 225
Men are the protector of women seen in pgs 271, 371, and 151
Science and Superstition seen in pgs 382, 131, 223, 200, and 201

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